(2018-03-29) Hugs Don't Make Everything Better
Hugs Don't Make Everything Better
Summary: Ashton seeks out Besa in the Attic, which is a popular spot
Date: IC Date (2018-03-29)
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Attic Floor Winbarry Estate

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?

It is evening time, and the estate is mostly quiet. The lower floor still has activity in the library and Billiards room, but little elsewhere. Ashton's mood has been increasingly restless tonight. He tried to do a little research downstairs, but there was just too much going on for him to concentrate so he left. No longer in the mood to do school work, he literally three his messenger through the door of his dorm room onto his bed, before deciding to go look for Besa. He has really been trying to give the Egyptian boy time, he has questions that have just been getting louder and louder in his head. He is wearing a pair of black cotton shorts, a faded black Rolling Stones tour shirt. His bare feet moving up the stairs. He's not sure if Besa is up here, but he knows that he normally hides out up here. He chews on his lower lip for a moment, building up his nerve, "Um Besa… you up here? I'd really like to talk, if you're willing…"

Besa's sitting lotus style meditating after several hours of pricing with his sword today. His arms are tired. He's already dressed in sleepy flannel pants and a goth tee shirt that was a hand me down from Sky. It's hard being little, sometimes. Dark eyes open to show he's aware, and the circles underneath his eyes tell that he's not been sleeping well again. "I am here." His voice sounds…odd, like maybe he wasn't here a few moments ago. There's no sign of Cocao tonight. Even emotion service dogs need a night off every once in a while. And she's been pulling all nighters lately.

Sure, even service dogs need a day off. But that's where plant-boys can pick up the slack! Trevor's not really sure where Besa will be, but he figures that the attic is a good place to start. So, Ashton has someone following him. It's a small boy with a greenish-brown tinge to his skin and hair, and green eyes. He's dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, and white socks. He's quiet, since there's someone else calling up to Besa. They're looking for the same person! He blinks at Ashton, but waves pleasantly.

Ashton reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "Okay, I suppose the next question should be whether or not, you're willing to talk with me. I asked Rain to let you know that I wanted to talk to you, but only if you were willing and that if you wanted, I'd leave you alone and try to stay away from you, unless we're forced otherwise like for class or something. He sticks his hands in his pockets as he stops a bit away from Besa, not getting too close. His mind is focus and scattered at the same time, so right now he doesn't notice Trevor.

Besa's brow furrows slightly, "Sky told me, not Rain." But then again, the twins are kinda connected he supposes. "I am willing." He takes a deep breath, but then stops before it's deep enough to hurt his chest. "You may sit." But then his head tilts and he is looking being Ashton, "Hello Trevor. Are you well?" While he looks tired and his voice is drained, he does smiles softly at the plant boy. "I am sorry Cocoa is not with me tonight." He knows Trevor likes the dog. And Cocoa likes him!

Trevor doesn't seem to mind Ashton not noticing him. It sounds like Ashton's got some serious things on his mind, so he doesn't want to disturb him. Besa's words, though, get a smile. "That's okay," he replies. "I was looking for you. Do you need hugs, since she's not here?" He has a kind of a simple-sounding voice. Also… really. Who just up and randomly OFFERS hugs, just like that?

Ashton's head snaps in the direction of Trevor. Nodding to the plant boy, Ashton offers a weak smile, "Good to see you again, Trevor." He glances back to Besa. "If you're sure… " He sits down on the floor, where he is, keeping the distance. He frowns, "Well, I guess asking one is like asking both of them, huh?" There is a slight smile that he and Sky at least spoke. At least something positive did come out of it. "Um.. can you tell me exactly what that thing said.. I.. I don't remember much of the spell too well. Everything was .. kind of hazy… " Yeah, he apparently does remember the incident and the demon at least, if not the details of it.

"For me and not Cocoa?" Inconceivable! He motors for Trevor to come over, "Your presence is pleasant. If I need a hug, I will definitely ask for one, thank you, Trevor." Besa may need one after talking with Ashton. His smile fades as he looks back to Ashton. "I can, yes." It's been burned into his memory. "The spell worked. The slice of my heart is already in the old man. We will have to kill him to get it back." Best sounds unsure of what to do with that. Killing an old man isn't very…honorable. "He spoke in the demonic tongue. I did not recognize the particular demon, but he called me Father-Slayer and said that the Warlock did not lie." He has some ideas on who the warlock could be, but nothing concrete. "And then it called you Little Brother, and said both of us would be his."

Trevor smiles broadly at Ashton as he looks to him then, not seeming to mind not being noticed immediately. "Hi," he offers happily. And he nods to Besa's question. "Yeah. People need hugs too. And that's how Cocoa helps you, right? She doggie-hugs you?" That's the way he sees it, anyway! So he'll go to sit next to Besa, on the other side from Ashton, for ease in hugging, if desired. Now, he has no idea what the two are talking about, so he doesn't interrupt. But he does actually hunker down and scoot closer to Besa at the words of killing someone. Killing is scary!

Ashton looks a little green and a lot paler. He nods slightly, before frowning, "So.. guess you were right about me." He sighs, "I'm sorry that I brought that thing to you. Louk said that my spell had gotten its attention. I promise Besa that I didn't realize that it would have done that." Unless he is just a good liar, which is possible, he sounds genuinely upset.

Besa can agree with that, "Cocoa is very amazing." Unconsciously the ancient teen leans a hair in Trevor's direction as the demon talk continues. A small shoulder lift, "It is not about being right or wrong, Ashton." He shakes his head, perfect hair swaying gently, "It most likely has been looking for me. " But he bites his lower lip, looking down at his hands, "But now I know, which is good. It is better than not." Is it? "And I now know there are humans still trying to reach out and speak to Alraxmargoth'ha's brood. That is important to know as well." He's being awful…calm, considering.

Trevor looks in Ashton's direction. "Are you okay?" he asks, noting the green. People aren't supposed to be green, are they? He also notes Besa leaning over towards him and smiles. All this stuff Besa's talking about sounds bad, so yeah, he does deliver a hug to the Egyptian teen! The hugs have started already!

Oh it is about being right or wrong. Ashton would very much prefer that Besa was wrong, and he was right, but unfortunately, that just isn't the way it is. The young sorcerer looks over at Besa, and Trevor, through the fringes of his hair, "In all the time.. " he stops, "Do you ever remember one of them having a half-human child?" He is concerned that he could start to changing into a physical monster as much as a metaphoric one. He then looks back at Besa, "What does it matter if humans are still trying?" He looks over at Trevor and shakes his head, "I am unequivocally not okay."

Besa's hand goes up to Trevor’s arm, rubbing it gently. He really does appreciate the affection. Again, there's head shaking and hair swaying, "No…but I was not privy…I had assumed that Alraxmargoth'ha held to his half of the bargain." Besa's learning that his sacrifices were for naught. "Well, for one, Alraxmargoth'ha's brood will demand revenge. And one way to impress them would be to bring me to them." So many people after the little Guardian! "The more connections they have to Earth, the easier it is for them to access it. I would rather none of them come here." Not just for himself, but for the safety of the world! "We do not know what deals are being made now, what powers are granted for what sacrifices." His hand tightens slighting on Trevor's arm, the though they could demand a new sac rife, someone else could eb drawn into this mess. He closes his eyes and tells Trevor, "I…I think maybe Ashton needs a hug more than I do." Indeed, something is very different with the ancient boy.

The answer to Trevor's question to Ashton gets a quick response. "…Do you need a hug?" Believe it or not, Trevor knows that hugs can't fix everything. But they're about all he can offer, so he's willing to do what he can to try to make things better. For the time being though, as Besa tells about what he's learned and what he figures will happen, Trevor aims to hold onto Besa in a hug, also aiming to put his head on the other teen's shoulder. The mention of Ashton needing a hug too gets a nod. "If he wants one?" Another look to Ashton.

Besa's answer didn't offer him any help, but it did give him more to think about. Ashton looks over at Trevor and shakes his head. "That's okay… Keep giving Besa comfort." He chews on his lower lip. "Well, I won't bother you anymore Besa.. I figure that you wouldn't want anymore help from me, which I totally understand. I am not sure how long the tracker spell will last, but it should for a while at least."

Besa's not sure what Ashton wanted him to tell him, "I can reach out to my priests, if you wish me to." He still has prints he talks to? His hand rubs Trevor's arm gently. "I did not say anything about not wanting your help. If you do not wish to, I do understand though." He'll add, "I know there are going to eb several teams with different goal when we go to Vegas. If you would like to go with Loukanos, I will make sure I am not on that team." He's assuming he's making Ashton uncomfortable. Besa's behaving like maybe he's fenced off any issues about Ashton being the son of the demon that tormented him for centuries. Like maybe he'll just deal with that…later.

"Are you sure?" Trevor asks. "Hugs aren't really that difficult to give out." He looks to Besa. "Do you mind if I go over and hug Ashton? I'll come right back," he promises. Trevor's not really sure he knows all that's going on, but he's helping the only way he knows how. So yeah, he stands, and makes to go over to Ashton, with his arms out. His eyebrows are turned up, and he almost looks like he's pouting. Hug?

Ashton rolls his eyes slightly, then nods, "Sure, go ahead." It seems that it is more important for Trevor. Once Trevor hugs him, Ashton swallows slightly and asks, "Um.. do you know .. what.." He sighs, "Have you ever heard of a half-demon before? I mean.. were they still human or did they… become more like their demonic parent?"

Besa smiles and nods, "Of course." He doesn't have a monopoly on Trevor hugs. AS Trevor makes his way to Ashton, Best gives the half demon a strain smile. He's trying. He doesn't know, "I will ask Mrs. Masters as well, she may know." He bites his lower lip and then adds, "Will you tell your grandparents?" He has thoughts about them s well, but doesn't think Ashton will want to hear them.

Yes! Hug achieved! Trevor gives a weird little humming sound upon hugging Ashton. He knows realistically that the hug isn't going to help too terribly much, but still, he wants to try to help as much as he can. And yes, he will indeed return to Besa after hugging Ashton. He said he would! He isn't very knowledgeable about the darker side of mythology, so he doesn't offer much to the conversation. Except the hugs.

It's late enough that when Loukanos enters the attic, he does not really expect to find anyone there. He's got his phone with him and seems to be engaged - no, engrossed in some mobile game. His finger glides across the screen rapidly, striking a bomb where there once was fruit. Brows furrowing, he mutters something under his breath and glances up to see Trevor hugging people. It was odd at first, but the Greek boy seems to have gotten used to it. "Oh, hello," He looks down at his phone again. "I was told if I was going to keep allowing myself to go into 'gamer's rage', I would have to do it someplace where I could not be heard."

Ashton isn't really used to physical affection from people he barely knows. In truth, he's not really used to physical affection period. So he kind of has that expression of when a kid being hugged by the overzealous aunt. "Um.. thanks." His tone rises slightly almost as if he was asking a question. Ah, thank heavens for Besa giving him something else to think of, even if that thought is a far less pleasant one. He sighs, "Yeah, not really sure how to approach that one… What do I say 'Hey Grandfather, Grandmother, I have something to tell you. Apparently Mom got knocked up by a demon, not a teenaged boyfriend who apparently was right all along when he and his family said that I wasn't his and didn't want anything to do with me? Oh and by the way, in case it happens don't be surprised if I grown horns, a barbed tail, and bat wings'" There is a fair bit of emotional anguish in his eyes, "I mean seriously, how do you tell someone of something like that?" He looks up from where he is sitting on the floor. He is wearing a pair of sleep shorts and a Rolling Stone tour shirt. "Hey Louk…" At first, there isn't much joy in his voice, until he hears about Louk's obsession with his phone. "You know… I may have to take that from you and lock some of the apps… for your own good. And you are never allowed to play Candy Crush.

Besa watches the exchange between Ashton and Trevor, almost like he's studying something. But then he nods to Trevor as he returns to sit next to best and offers to Louk as he enters, "I can hold it for you, if you get too angry." Poof, problem solved! As for Ashton's family, he chews his lower lip again, "I…It is not my place to say what you should do…" But clearly he has an opinion. Besa's looking tired, but there's something almost calm abut him currently. Cocoa is not in the attic.

Trevor looks up as he notices Loukanos entering the attic. "Hi!" he offers brightly. The mention of 'gamer's rage' gets a slow nod. "I keep missing the Pokemon when I throw balls at them. That's annoying too." Trevor doesn't seem to be offended by the 'gaaaah why are you touching meeeee' look Ashton gives him. He blinks a little. "Wings would be useful. You could get around faster." And no, Cocoa is not in the attic, but Trevor appears to be trying to fill in her role, because he's trying to be affectionate to Besa, similar to how Cocoa would.

Loukanos glances at Besa and protectively brings the phone close to his chest. "Keep your technophobic fingers away from my phone…" He narrows his eyes slightly and holds the menacing look for a moment or two before grinning and restarting the game. Ashton's words get a tilt of the head. "Oh? Why's that?" He closes out of the app and swipes and swipes. And swipes. Okay, so he's downloaded more than a few games already. Finally, he finds one and begins to delete it. He may be given to excess, but if Ashton tells him no Candy Crush, there will be no Candy Crush. "Imma download that one next, Trevor," Pokemon Go with Loukanos? They might not ever see him again. "After that, I have to get Nettrix and watch all those shows Ariel keeps talking about." Sensing Ashton's anguish, he instantly starts to gravitate Ashton. Similarly, he is also dressed for bed.

Ashton sighs, "I was not being literal, Trevor… oh at least I hope not… I'll leave the wing-thing to Carmichael." He looks at Loukanos and just hangs his head slightly. "Just don't let it eat away all of your time so that you neglect your studies." He cocks his head as he looks over at Besa, "What are you thinking… I can see that you have something that you want to say… I'm all ears." Loukanos moving closer to him does bright up his smile a bit.

Besa has no idea what Pokemon is, he thinks it's a hunting game? Why not just go hunting? An amused look is given to Louk, but he doesn't make to touch the Godling's phone. The ancient boy rubs his though as he thinks on how best to say this, "I…I would offer that you should consider not tell them until the question of his allegiance with The Order of the Gnostic Flame is cleared up." He raises his hand to rub his chest and then an eye.

"We can go walking around and looking for Pokemon on the estate grounds later," Trevor suggests to Loukanos. "When it's light, I mean. It's too dark now." Ashton's words of not growing wings gets a confused look. "Oh. I'm sorry. I was trying to find a positive side about it," he admits. "Some things are just gonna happen, and there isn't anything we can do about them. So it makes sense to try to just live with it as best as we can and not let it make us sad." Typical plant philosophy. Besa rubbing an eye gets a look. "Are you tired, Besa?" Trevor asks.

"Excellent idea, Trevor. I'll rouse you at dawn, and we will claim all the Pokemon," There is a pause as Ashton expresses his worry over Loukanos growing obsessed with the phone. It might be a little late for that, but the blonde considers. Suddenly, he slides his phone into the pocket of his shorts and sprawls out perpendicular to Ashton, so his head is in the boy's lap. "Better?" He looks up at him with big sapphire eyes and a pout. In regards to whether or not Ashton should inform his grandparents about his demonic parentage, Loukanos offers no input, for the time being, merely waiting to hear what the half-demon thinks.

Ashton just blinks at Trevor, "Dude you were born like sixty years too late… You really should have been around for Woodstock with all the rest of the flowerchildren." he pauses, "flowerchildren? flowerchilds?" He shakes his head, "Whatever the plural of flowerchild is." He furrows his brow slightly, "You still think that Grandfather might be one of the bad guys?" His voice does not become defensive. Azure-green eyes looks at Louk for a moment, before Ashton shakes his head, then pats the ground next to him. "Play it all you like, Louk.. just don't let it consume all of your time. Games are fun, but real life can be more fun though."

Electronic hunting? No thank you! Besa shakes his head softly, not understanding the appeal. Maybe if he could touch the phone it would be different, but as he is, he doesn't get it. An eyebrow raises at Ashton, he has no idea what flowerchildren are. His head shakes, "No, Trevor is more a tree than a flower," he looks to Trevor to make sure he has that right, "Yes?" But then back to Ashton's grandparents. "I know that The Order of the Gnostic Flame are not…good, and he seems to be connected to them, Ashton." But he drops it, It doesn't really matter anymore, right? Letting the couple talk games, he looks to Trevor and smirks, "What is the saying? I will sleep when I am dead?" Look at that, Ashton's not the only one with a dark sense of humor about himself!

Trevor nods to Loukanos's mention of getting up tomorrow at dawn. "Let's not be late for class, though. If it comes down to it, we can go do that after classes." Looking to Ashton, Trevor notes, "I know we can't do that for EVERYTHING. Some things DO need attention, and maintenance, and it's important not to ignore that." Pause. "And I think it's 'flowerchildren', yeah." As for the words about games? Trevor nods! "That, yeah." Besa's question of him being a tree more than a flower gets a nod. "I can be a tree, yeah. Sometimes." But then the mention of being dead gets a wrinkled nose from Trevor. "Don't say that. Dead is no fun."

"I won't. Promise," Loukanos takes the hand Ashton uses to pat the ground and just lays it on his abdomen, smiling contentedly up at him. His lap makes a good pillow, so Louk lets his head rest there longer. Without his phone. "Trevor, silly, we don't have classes for more than a week. There's a Christian holiday this Friday." He shakes his head, but there is some fondness there. The discussion on Trevor's nature captures Louk's attention. So that narrows Trevor's mother down to a Dryad. Interesting.

Ashton looks to Trevor, "Sorry, I'm being so grumpy, Trevor. I know you're trying to help." He cants his head to the side slightly, "I'm just kind of in a dark place right now.. so, your chipperness is just a little shocking to my system. So don't mind me being a bit of a butt. I'm sorry." He pauses, thinking about things, "It's kind of hard to imagine your family being … not good. I mean Grandfather can be a little severe, but still…" Yeah there are a lot of things that is making Ashton question everything he has ever known.

Besa smiles softly at Trevor, "But it is restful." And Besa is so tired. There's a long pause before the ancient boy offers, "When…when it was approached to me that the priests were not…..doing what was right, always, it upset me greatly. It caused many fights between Sky and I." He's not looking at anyone, instead his hands seem very interesting, "I have come to understand that my relationship with the priesthood, and individual priests are two different things. Some were very kind to me. Others were…not. I have had to do much resolutions in my own heart. No one else could do that for me." Maybe the same needs to be for Ashton. "Not that our situation are that similar. I have never had a family until the Masters…" He's not going to claim that he understands what it would feel like for family to be questioned.

Trevor blinks at Loukanos's words. "…Is that coming up?" He apparently doesn't keep track of school holidays and events. Ashton's apology gets a bright smile. "That's okay!" he all but chirps. "It's scary, finding out all this stuff about yourself. And there's so many variables, and unknowns, and 'what-ifs'. It's a lot to think about. I can't say I understand, but I can imagine it's hard." And when Besa starts being quiet and hesitant, Trevor will make to start hugging him again. Because hugs totally fix everything, even when they don't! He can't really understand what that's like either, since… well, aside from being an airheaded plant kid, he had a pretty normal-seeming childhood. So none of this is anything he has firsthand experience with.

"Nothing is certain. It could be that they are 'not good' or other forces may be at play," Loukanos offers neutrally, still looking up at Ashton. "If there's one thing I have learned, it's that both mortals have a knack for dissembling." After his conversation with Ashton's grandmother, the godling is convinced that woman, in particular, has more than a knack for it.

Ashton gets a bit quiet, as his head becomes a raging storm of thoughts. He chews on his lips, "Regardless, I don't think I'm going to tell them unless I just have to… It's bad enough that I murdered my mother, but to not even be human is a lot to swallow, even for family…"

Besa looks up, glancing at the two on the floor and then over to Trevor who's hugging him again. He's been trying very hard to just push away any of the feelings that have come up since the revelation of Ashton's parentage. Not all are about Ashton, honestly. A forced smile and he pats Trevor's arm again, "Thank you, Trevor. I need to go check on Cocoa. It would not be fair of me to make Rain walk her." He'll start to untangle himself from the Metis and rise. He pauses, frowning at Ashton, offering the son of his most hated enemy this, "Dying in childbirth is not the same as being murdered, Ashton. You are not at fault for that. Do not take blame that does not belong to you, that helps no one." And with that he takes as deep a breath as he can without wincing and leaves to go find Rain and Cocoa.

There's a lot of conversation here that is just beyond Trevor. Or he doesn't really want to comment since he doesn't have any working knowledge of what's going on. All he really knows is that he doesn't think Ashton's a bad person. He lets go of Besa when he mentions going to find Rain. "Okay. Take care," he offers. Though he's pouting a bit as he watches Besa leave the attic.

Loukanos sits up and leans in to hug Ashton. It lasts for way longer than necessary, and he whispers to Ashton, "You're not a murderer." If anyone is to blame for that, it is Eileithyia or Artemis. Or, you know, the demon who impregnated her. "I'm going to go say hi to Cocoa." He kisses Ashton softly. "You don't have to tell anyone, if you don't want to." And he follows Besa out.

Ashton shrugs slightly, like he doesn't really believe either of them about him not being a murderer. After all, his grandfather has reminded him of that every birthday since he was five, by bringing him to the family crypt. "Later Besa…" He smiles slightly when Loukanos kisses him. He let his fingers linger on the godling's arm, as he nods. "Try convincing that dog that I'm not the devil.." He pauses and shakes his head, "Okay, poor choice of words… try to convince him that I'm not a bad person…"

And so it is that Trevor moves over to Ashton and sits down next to him. "Cocoa is a 'her'," he notes. "Besides, it's probably all just instinct. I don't think she knows enough to hate you. Maybe she just feels funny around you?"

Ashton looks over at Trevor, "Well, I'm pretty sure that _she_ does hate me… _she_ growls at me every time _she_ sees me.. even when I am doing all the things they say to make yourself as nonthreatening as possible. The only thing I haven't done is give her food or treats, but I'm not sure if Besa would allow it, considering that I don't think he actually trusts me… "
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Trevor pouts. He doesn't really know what Ashton's particular weird is — besides 'demon' — and he doesn't really know how the demon thing works, or how it interacts with animals. There's one thing he does know, though. "I haven't had too much luck trying to interact with her with smell," he observes. Though granted he doesn't have nearly the problems interacting with her that Ashton does, that's true…

Ashton is sitting on the floor, Trevor sitting near him. "Well all the legends and stuff says that animals can sense evil… " leaving the implication that he seems to think that he is. He cocks his head, "with smell?" He suddenly has the image of Trevor sniffing Cocoa's butt and shakes his head to clean his mental etch-a-sketch.

"They sense unnatural things, yeah," Trevor notes. "I don't think you're evil." The question about what he means regarding communicating with smell gets a smile. "Like this." Trevor closes his eyes, breathes slowly… and the area around him suddenly seems somehow more peaceful. There IS a scent, but it's difficult to describe in human terms. It smells like… peace.

Ashton's whole body relaxes. In many ways his stress is the only thing that is keeping him together. He breathes a little more deeply and his shoulders relax and goes a little slack. "That's pretty cool… so pheromones is your thig?"

Bryce heard there were no classes for tomorrow but didn't really understand why. The fact that he has never actually gone to a school means that many of these things are still confusing to him. However, he decided that this would be a good time to explore. He heads up to the attic and looks around. The sheer size of the attic surprises him. "Achoo." He sneezes though whether it is from dust of from the pheromones is hard to tell. With a bit of a sniffle, he says, "Hello."

"Not really," Trevor replies, opening his eyes. "That's… I think the third time ever that they really worked. I guess plants are my thing." He smiles, though, since Ashton's relaxing. He jumps a little, startled, when Bryce sneezes, and looks up, with wide eyes. Once he sees it's another student he smiles. "Hi there," he offers brightly.

"I should have guess with the green skin and hair, and with you saying that you could be a tree." Ashton notes. The dark haired boy looks up and offers a bit of a smile, "Hey, Bryce, how's it going?" Ashton excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

Bryce nods his head in greeting an looks at Ashton. "It is, um, okay, I guess. How are you, Ashton?" He starts to walk to the two teens though his eyes shift to Trevor. "Um, are you, well, sick?" He then looks suddenly surprised. "Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry. I'm Bryce," he talks very quickly through all of this though when he says his name his speed and volume start to drop. "Though, I guess you know that since Ashton just called me that…."

Trevor gives a quiet 'hee' at Ashton's words of guessing his weird because of the green tinge to his skin and hair. Bryce's question of being sick gets a tilt of his head. "Eh? No, I don't think so." He sniffs, as if checking his nostrils for clearance. "Nope. Everything's working right." Names! "I'm Trevor," he offers in response.

Bryce says, "It is nice to meet you, Trevor." He glances down a bit to try and keep from staring at his slightly green hair. Finally, the curiosity becomes too much for him. "Um, excuse me, I was just wondering, if you don't mind me asking, well…" He fades off for a moment and then asks, "Are you green?"

Trevor blinks at the question, and then looks at his arms. He's mostly normal-colored really, but the green tinge is visible. "A little," he admits. "I can be a tree sometimes, and plants like me," he explains.

Bryce's eyes grow quite wide when he says that he can be a tree sometimes. "A, a tree?" He shakes his head a bit wondering if he heard him quickly. He thinks about it for a second and then realizes that he did hear him correctly. "You can be a tree? How, well, how is that possible? I mean, do you look like a tree or do you actually become a tree? Oh, and, um, how do you know that plants like you?"
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Trevor nods. "Kind of. A big man-tree-thing. I don't wanna do it here, because I might break something." As for how he knows plants like him? "Because they talk to me. They don't talk to a lot of people. But I don't think people can hear them really, anyway I guess."

"That is pretty, well, impressive," Bryce admits. "I'm sorry I'm asking so many questions. I'm a rather curious type of person." He finally brings himself to look at the teen's face. He can't even begin to imagine what it is like to be a tree or to talk to a plant.

To be fair, right now Trevor looks pretty normal. If a little scatterbrained. He does have a rather wide-eyed, curious look on his face too. "That's okay," Trevor replies. "There's a lot of people here. And everybody here's so different, so that's a lot to learn about a lot of people."

Bryce nods his head and says, "I have been trying to learn everyone's name, but my memory work better with vision than with hearing." He reaches up and rubs his chin. "Hmmm. I just realized that if I found a student list then I could quickly learn everyone's name especially if there were pictures."

Ashton returns to the attic from his trip to the bathroom. Hey, even superheroes, or super villains, have to take potty breaks. Though this time, when he comes back, he has three fairly large red spiders perched on his shoulder. They look mostly like a jumping spider. One of scurries to the nape of his neck and tucks mostly under the edge of his shirt. He looks around, hoping that Louk might have returned. "So you guys have plans for break?"

"You'd have to go to the principal to get that, I think," Trevor replies. "Or, maybe if there's some old yearbooks? But then that'd be years back, not current year. So I dunno how useful that'd be for you." He looks up as Ashton returns, and then blinks at him having spiders with him. "Ashton, you have a spider on you." As for the break? "Um… not really. I forgot about it, actually."

Bryce nods his head at the advice from Trevor. "True, and I do not think that is something that they would willingly give out to everyone." He then realizes what it sounds like he said. "Not that I'm planning on stealing it or anything." He then turns to look at Ashton as he comes back. He notices the spiders when Trevor mentions them. The circlet of silver that is in his hair briefly flashes a cyan color. "More than one!"

Ashton reaches up, and one of the spiders jumps onto his hand. "Yeah, there are three of them. This is Bardo. The one on my shoulder is Rai, and the one hiding is Asato. And they're not actually spiders. Well, they sort of are and sort of not. " He looks mildly shocked, "How could you forget about Spring Break?"

"Probably not," Trevor agrees with Bryce. Also, "Please don't steal it, you'd get in trouble." He shifts to lean forward a little when the spider jumps onto Ashton's hand. "Sort of and sort of not? How's that." As for forgetting about Spring Break? "Because it's still cold."

Bryce watches the three spiders as they are introduced to him. "How are they sort of spiders but not spiders? Are they a different species of spider? Are they spider manifestations or something like that?" He then shakes his head and says, "I wouldn't steal them." He then glances back to Ashton and says, "That does remind me of a question, if you don't mind. Would you, either of you, be able to, well, explain what spring break is?"

Ashton chews on his lower lip slightly, "Well, I kind of made them. I think they are what is called homunculus di sanguine. So that's how they're nt spiders. They look like spiders, and generally they act like spiders… Just spiders with personalities. They hunt and eat insects, just like normal spiders." Ashton blinks at Bryce. "What Spring Break is? It's when schools let kids out of a week or so, to get all of the built up energy out of their system… generally around Easter time. In college, it means drunken parties where you are meant to sow your wild oats, as they say." Because it's cold is a valid reason, especially if he is akin to a dryad. He glances around, "Um, has Louk made it back yet?"

Trevor tilts his head at Bryce. "It's… a break from school in the spring…?" Smartass. Well no, he doesn't really know what the reason for it is, to be honest. "I think it's because there's a holiday coming up." He nods to Ashton. "Yeah. Easter, that's right." He shakes his head though, at the question of Loukanos. "Not yet, no."

Bryce says, "I'm sorry." He feels like he should have known that based on the way they both said it. "I've just, well, I've never actually gone to scool before." He is glad that Ashton gave him a reason for the break idea. "Since we aren't in college, do we have to get drunk? It doesn't sound fun." The comment of the spiders identity gets his attention. He closes his eyes and sounds like he is reading again. "Homunculus: From Latin. a very small human or humanoid creature." He blinks open his eyes and asks, "They are blood creatures?"

Well, Loukanos is certainly not a devil, so the saying that comes to mind does not apply. As proven by Hecate, however, gods can be summoned and this one smells like the spring they speak of. When he arrives at the attic again, there is a new face. "Hello Bryce," He smiles warmly at the boy. "No, you do not have to do anything you don't want to." He just heard snippets of the conversation, but that part stuck out to him. "Ashton…were you planning on returning home for Spring Break?"

Ashton shrugs, "You don't have to get drunk. In fact, considering that we're underage, it is technically illegal." He pauses, "Though right now, getting drunk sounds pretty good to me." The dark-haired boy turns around as he hears Louk's voice. Bardo, which is on his right hand starts hoping up, waving its front two legs towards Loukanos. At the question, he sighs, "I really don't know, considering the new development. I may just see if they'll let me go on a trip… " He has some place in mind, from the look in his eyes.

Trevor wrinkles his nose at the mention of getting drunk. "I hope not. Most beer smells like pee. I can't imagine it'd taste much better." No filters, this one. Bryce's dictionary definition of 'Homunculus' gets a wide-eyed look. Loukanos returns, and Trevor smiles. "Hi again," he offers. And he reaches up at the excited spider, looking to try to very gently pet it. Do you even pet spiders? Well, Trevor's going to try!

Bryce eyes suddenly become full of fear. He steps back away from the three a bit and shakes his head. His silver circlet flashes a brighter cyan and his clothes seem to fill out as though there is something underneath them. "We have to go home?" He thinks that is part of Spring Break now even though he was told he didn't have to do anything he didn't want to. Such is the power of fear. He shakes his head again and starts rambling. "True, I've been thinking that perhaps I don't really belong here because everyone else is really special with aliens, deities, demons, and the like while I'm just a weak little kid who makes stuff, but if I do go home which home would I go to. One is a gilded prison and one is on the run trying to prevent the - " He sounds like he won't stop unless someone stops him.

"A trip?" Loukanos's blue eyes sparkle with curiosity. "Pray tell, do you have a location in mind?" He waggles his fingers right back at Bardo. Turning slightly to look at Bryce, the youth frowns slightly. "You do not have to go home. I will not be. As I said before, no one, not even the school, can force you to do anything. In this case, the estate will be housing kids even during the break." It is explained calmly, if not sympathetically. "It is not uncommon to feel like you don't belong. When I first came here, I was…how do they say…a fish out of water?" He looks to the others to make sure he got that right. "Oftentimes, our sense of worth is tied to our sense of belonging. You have incredible powers. Why do you feel weak?"

Ashton looks at Bryce, "You think being connected to demons makes someone special? Trust me, I'd gladly trade with you, then you'd change your mind about that one." Rai, the spider on his shoulder, starts getting into a more aggressive stance. He looks at Loukanos, "We can talk about it later… " He turns to the other two, "Night, guys, I think I'm going to bed." With that he turns and heads down stairs.

Trevor blinks at Bryce. "Why are you flashing?" he asks, noting the cyan flash. And then suddenly rambling! Trevor blinks again. And then he stands up, steps over to Bryce… and tries to hug him. That might not be a very smart thing to do, and he might regret it later. And he also notes, in response to Loukanos's explanation, "I won't be either. Just no classes, right? So there's no need to worry." Ashton's going to bed then, and Trevor offers a wave. "G'nite, Ashton!"

Bryce stops as he hear Loukanos voice reassuring him that he doesn't have to go home. He takes a deep breath and says, "I'm sorry. It's just … my father." But that is as much as he wants to say on it right now. In fact, he looks a bit sheepish for saying as much as he did. When Ashton tells him that he'd gladly trade, Bryce nods his head a bit solemnly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean …" He says as Ashton heads down the stairs. He sighs. Looking at Loukanos, he says, "I am weak. I can't control my powers. I can't make what I should. And if I can't control them, then they will…you know." He doesn't want to bring up the death thing again. He is a bit surprised when Trevor hugs him. He seems very hard as though he is wearing some type of armor underneath his clothes. He doesn't respond to the hug, but instead acts like he isn't used to them at all. "Um, thank you?" he says clearly not sure what he is supposed to do here either. When asked why he flashed, Bryce says, "My powers sometimes activate, um, defensively. The circlet flashes when that happens. Oh, also when I do it purposefully too but not as much."

"That is what this academy is for, right?" Loukanos says with a bit of a smile. "To learn and grow." Ashton gets a worried look and a mutter goodnight as he turns to leave. "You don't have to go with your father. I think I may be going camping with Besa, if I am able to convince him to go." So a big maybe, considering the situation with the priests.

Trevor lets go of Bryce and nods to Loukanos's observation. "I'm still trying to figure out how to control my pheromone thingie," he notes. "It usually doesn't work. But it did this time. I think it faded away before it could do much of anything though. I need to learn how to do that better."

Bryce looks at Loukanos and nods his head. "I guess. I hope so." He then reaches up to his shirt to unbutton a couple of the buttons. It takes him a few times to get them free as he says, "I've never shown this, well, to anyone." But he feels that Trevor did ask. He pulls the shirt open somewhat to show what appears to be a thin piece of armor with cyan highlights.

Loukanos tilts his head and blinks when Bryce starts unbuttoning. A few thoughts come to mind, but nothing he says out loud. There's a look of understanding when he sees the cyan. "Armor constructed out of your psychic constructs?" He is vaguely familiar with the concept. "Do you feel unsafe in this school, Bryce?"

Trevor leans to look at the cyan 'shirt', and blinks. He reaches up, intending to poke a little at the surface. "What's that?" Loukanos seems to know, though, so he looks between the godling and Bryce. "Armor? I don't think there's anything here that'll hurt you." Another look to Loukanos. "…Is there?"

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