(2018-03-29) Drunken Rambings
Drunken Rambings
Summary: Things are said, but will they be remembered?
Date: 2018-03-29
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The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beachs on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.

After walking Cocoa, Besa returned her and is now walking by himself on the beach. He's not cast a warmth rune, so the ancient boy is shivering as he walks, hands jammed into his coat pockets. There's not a lot of stars out tonight, but between the few he can see, and the sound of the waves crashing, it's almost comforting.

Ashton had been depressed. Well, now he's extremely aggrivated and agitated. Being a somewhat emotional teenager, it's either lock yourself in your room, which you have to share with someone that is likely to come in at any time. Go downstairs, where he will have to interact with people. So he goes out to one of the places that brings him calm. The beach. At home, the beach with about a three hundred feet from his house. He discovered this place early after this arrival to the school. He is wearing the same thing that he was up in that attic, shorts, tee shirt, no shoes. He also has a small metal flask. He's not looking for anyone, so he finds a nice spot and just sits down. He takes a big drink of whatever is in the flask, and immediately starts coughing.

<FS3> Besa rolls Alertness: Success.

Besa's been on edge, people trying to murder face him does that. While he's observing the almost stars and listening tot the waves, he can see the form of someone sitting and coughing. An eyebrow raises slightly and he walks a little closer to make sure it's not a stranger. Or a priest. Instead he finds a half demon getting ready to freeze. "It is too cold to not have on a jacket, Ashton." Much less no shoes. Without asking for permission he steps close enough to effect the boy and kneels down, starting to trace something in the sand. Rune casting is easy at the beach. Again, his voice is strangely calm, all those emotions are shoved down, maybe into the hole in his heart.

Ashton looks at the flask, "Why do people drink this stuff anyway?" The question is more to himself than to Besa. Yet it does not stop him from taking another sip, this one much smaller. He looks up at Besa. His face shows clear signs that he was crying. He shakes his head, "I'm fine… I don't get cold, not like this anyway." He sighs, "Beside, if I do get cold, I can just set something on fire. The last time I tried it, I turned sand into glass." He mumbles under his breath, "Maybe throw myself on it."
<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Good Success.

Besa nods, letting Ashton bash himself. But he competes the Warmth rune anyway, he knows Louk would want the Ares warm. He studies the symbol a moment before swiping at it, the sand crumples under his fingers and a pleasant warmth builds in the general area. "What are you drinking?' He's assuming it's alcohol of some kind. Ashton was able to get wine for the ritual. As for throwing himself on glass, Best just looks at him from his kneeling position. He looks small, how is he thousands of years old?

"I stole some of Grandfather's whiskey when I was home last time." Ashton says. He offers the flask towards the Egyptian, "Want some?" He reaches up and rubs his cheeks with the back of his free hand. His breathing is actually a little quicker than it should, and there is noticable tension in his jaws.

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Failure.

Besa's dark eyes go from Ashton, to the flask, back to Ashton. It's a long moment before he'll slowly reach for the flask. "Has something transpired since I left the attic?" It wasn't that long ago, was it? He feels the weight of the liquid in the flask before raising it to take a sip. He makes sure to not drink it all, as booze is hard to come by. He doesn't remember if he's ever has whiskey before or not, but expects the burning. He gives a small cough as well, it's been a long time. The back of his hand is touched to his lips before he offers the flask back to Ash. "That is….good whisky." Well, he's assuming. Again, he's just too calm, kneeling near where Ash is sitting. At least it's a little warmer.

Ashton sighs, "Yeah… kind of… " He frowns, "It was probably nothing, but…" he brings the flask up to his lips and takes another drink of it. "That Bryce kid came in and started to talk to Trevor and me, after Louk left to go talk to Cocoa." He looks out at the waves, not finding the comfort he was hoping. He offers the flask back to Besa, "And we were talking, he started talking about how he didn't know if he should be here or not, because he was weak and that he was just a kid, and not like the rest of us with our connection to gods like Louk or demons like me… " He shakes his head, "I mean seriously… if wanted this, he could fucking have it… Every time I think about it, I feel like I'm going to get sick… and then there is the looks in everyone's eyes who know."

Besa frowns, Louk went to go talk to Cocoa? But he'll not question that right now. He'll take the flask, another sip as he too looks out at the waves. He's either not afraid of Ashton anymore, or has decided that there's nothin he can do about it. "Bryce seems…unsure about a lot of things. I would not take his words to heart. He had never seen a Dog before Cocoa." His lips press together, "We all carry soemthing, Ashton." His eyes drop from the waves to the flask and he takes another sip before handing it back.

Ashton takes a sip as soon as he gets the flask back. Yeah, it was his intention to try to get drunk. Why not get drunk with Besa. It is actually kind of nice actually. "I know.. he seems rather… " He looks at Besa, "He had never seen a dog before? I get that he was home schooled or something, because he said that he had never been to school before, but yeah he seems to be more than just sheltered." He takes another drink. By the reddening of his cheeks, he might actually be on his way to his intention of getting drunk.

Besa's been called shelter, he had to have Rain explain it. So he nods, "Yes…more than just sheltered." It's hard to tell if Besa's cheeks are flushing, his skin is dark enough, and the night is not giving much to go by either. Absently he rubs his chest, looking back to the waves after he and Ash lock eyes. "I think you are more cared for than you realize."

Ashton shakes the flask. From the sound of the slosh, there is at least a third of it left. He takes another sip, then hands it to Besa, assuming that he would want it. "Yeah, I know.. Louk, Theo, and Ronan… The fact that I have friends that are actually my friends and not just because my grandparents paid them to be my friends. If I didn't happen to read one of their minds by accident, then I would have never known… "

Besa does. It's warming his belly better than the rune is, and while it's not helping him think clearer, he doesn't care at the moment. The flask is tilted back and after that Best nods. "I did not have friends until coming here. The priests believed it was a tie to this world that would make everything…harder on me." They weren't wrong, is some ways. Besa's learning that while how they did things was terrible, it wasn't always fo the wrong reason. Well, that was until he learned that everything was for naught. Another sip as he frowns and looks back out over the water. "I am glad you found them. I do not think that Ronan and Theodore care for me very much." Maybe because of the issues he and Ashton have? "But I know that Loukanos is my friend."

Ashton takes another sip. He is starting to have a dopey grin on his face, as he blinks a couple of times. He shakes his head, "That's just because they don't know you Besa good enough. Caush everyone loves you Besa. " He reaches over and pats Besa on the shoulder. "Why do you thinth peoples are jush lining up to help you.." He binks and giggles slightly, "I thinth I'm titsy.. I mean tipsy." He takes another drink then offers it over to Besa.

Besa blinks and looks over at Ashton in surprise at the touch, but doesn't pull away. That perfect hair of his sways, "I do not think everyone loves me. I think people feel sorry for me." Which is very different. "I do not know Ronan very well," He'll admit that, "And Theodore? He seems… to be annoyed with me always now." Maybe it's subconscious, "He says hurtful things and then apoligyses." His almost back eyes are large, larger than normal. Alcohol induced large, "Most children here with to test their powers in a real fight." More head shaking, "They have never seen anyone die or heard a death rattle…" Morbid much? He sighs, head rolling back towards the waves, "I hope we can find the ritual in Vegas." Not his heart, the ritual. The flask is taken and another sip, he'll sleep tonight at least!

Ashton smiles, "Get to know Ronan.. Ronan is sweet… and Theo ish hot… " He shakes his head, "I mean.. Well… " He blushes and shakes his head, "Don't get me wrong, I love Louk… I thinth I love Theo too… jush not like Louk.. He's a shuper good friend.. and ish really prottectif of me." He takes another sip, then shakes it. "Last one…" He offers it over to Besa, "all yours."

Besa wets his lips, why are they dry? "Theodore is…I used to think we were very good friends, but I do not think he wishes to be now." At least not how Besa though they were, he gives the smallest shrug, but which comes out exagerated. "It is alright, you can be aware of other people's…atractivness. I do not think that is bad when you are in a relationship." Not that Besa's a master at them, at all. "Loukanos is good. I am glad he is happy." People should be happy. The flask is taken and he frowns, it feels so much lighter than before. Huh. "Are you sure? It's your's…" He'll wait for confirmation before polishing it off. "I love Rain. She is my sister…I thought I loved Whilety, but…he does not love me anymore. If he ever did. I am trying to not love him now, because it just makes things…harder." He finally gives a crooked smile, "I should not be loved. I die. No one should love a dead man."

Ashton nods with a wide smile, "I'm shure.. I wouldn't shay it if I didn'n." The smile fades a bit. "No. Before it was true, caush you had to be willin' to die. You dont haff to now. Thath why they told you, Im shure… you know.. if you luffed shumwon, you wuddn't want to leaf them and die. Thath why Im shure.. you know?" He puts his hand on your shoulder again, squeezing it lightly, "You fine the right won, Im shure… just gotta keep your eyez open… and your heart too and dont be fraid of it." He pokes Besa in the shoulder. "shtop dowdn yourshelf, okay?"

Besa looks down at the empty flask, so many thoughts bouncing around, "I…I always try to do what's right, but…I do not tt-think that I…"He frowns, eyes closing, he's trying to figure out if he's supposed to say this out loud, but the booze is making his head fuzzy. "I…I need the ritual, Ash." Oh, he mush be drunk if he's shortening names, "W-what if it's the only way? I can't….not. You understand, right? I'm so tired." As for the right person, "I can't…I tried, but I'm a dead man." Oh dear, two tipsy teens. There's a tension in his body, in his shoulders. "I'm tired, Ashton. Everyhting was for nothing."

Ashton blinks, "What ritual? You shaid ritual like twize now." He frowns and shakes his head, "Not for nuthin'. Everthin brought you to now… " He blinks, "not now now… well now now too… but.. you wif Rain and Sky and Louk and me.. and efferwon who carez about you." He stops and looks at Besa with big blue puppy dog eyes. "I fink I'm drunk." He then starts giggling.

Besa leans forward because then Asthon will understand better, right? "The ritual they're gonna use to kill me and take my heart. I have to have it so I know ho it's done." Duh. He sighs, looking away and rubbing his chest, he feels guilty so he goes quiet. He knows he's cared for. Perfect hair flops around, move then Besa intended, "Yes. I think the whiskey has done its job." He reaches up to rub his face, it's working on him too, he's just not a happy drunk currently.

Even drunk, the young sorcerer's mind is sharp enough to compartmentalize. "We're gonna talk abouth thith again when your spikkin clearly." He nods to emphasize, then gives a wide goofy grin. Of course, as Ashton had about twice as much of the whiskey as Besa, he's much further along to, and is the one that is harder to understand. "Will do wuteffer we haff to do." The hand goes on Besa's shoulder, and Ashton leans in close so that there are only a few inches between each of their noses. "I promith… I'll do wuteffer you need me to do. kay? even it takes my last drop, cuz your my friend." He then blinks widely. "The house ith a long way…." He looks up the way towards the house in the distance. "We shud head back shoon."

Nope! Hopefully they'll both forget! Besa doesn't blink when the Ares leans in, but he does seem confused by his words, "I…I do not wish for you to bleed for me. For anyone to. Even though my sacrifices weren't…" His frown depends, "Even though they don't matter now…I don't want….anyone else hurt. No one should get hurt anymore. We should all be able to just…be and rest and sleep and…" Ok, it's been a long time, his eyes close, wet from whatever emotions he's been trying to shove down starting to escape. But then thankfully Ashton gives an excuse and he nods, "Yes. We should." He briefly wonders if he could heal the alcohol in Ashton's blood, but no one was healings anymore so he doesn't offer, instead he starts to struggle to stand up. "We need to eb quiet." That much he does remember from his past lives and drinking.

Ashton cocks his head, sending his hair down into his eyes. Unlike Besa he does not have perpetually perfect hair. "I know you dont, but I wuld innyway. Cuz your my fwen, Besa, and I mean that… " He goes to stand up and lands squarely on his butt. He starts giggling. When Besa says that they must be quiet. He stops the giggling, sticking his lower lip out a bit. "quiet ath a church mouse" Then the giggles return. Oh yeah, gonna be a long walk back.

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