(2018-03-28) Saint Crow
Saint Crow
Summary: Even sick with a nasty cold, Fionnuala tries to reason Rain through the difficult business with Besa and Ashton and recent findings. That's a bleeding heart, for ya.
Date: 2018-03-28
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Billiard Room, Winbarry Estate
Wed Mar 28, 2018

The Billiard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset hound puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, Blu-Ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of French doors lead to the back patio.

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The plus side to working in a place like Finders Keepers…? You get to see all sorts of cool secondhand things, and meet a variety of eclectic people!

The downside…? You come into contact with certain donations that are a bit musty and cruddy (Ruthie usually kiboshes those, but some get through) and some of those eclectic people don't give one whit about who and what they cough and sneeze onto, as they fight off their straggler pre-spring colds and flus. With the stark cold blizzard weather having abated, replaced now by the slightly warmer weather (ie. no snow) .. this tepid middle ground of weather is primetime for bugs brewing. So with the passing of this weekend…?

Fionnuala Reid has a doozie of a cold. So strong that even her resilient shifter physiology couldn't ward it off… the tickle started on Sunday when she returned to the school and now…? On this particular Wednesday, with classes just finishing up…? BAM. Here you have one flattened girl! Fionnuala hadn't made it to her classes today, sniffling and feverish wreck that she was, and as her classmates settle into their afternoon routines after the typical school day, Fee is curled up on a sofa in the billiard room, eyes staring blankly at the television and the nondescript show that is providing white noise. IT's hard to discern much of her, bundled up as she is, wings curled up within the blankets and effectively cocooning her. This is a rather cruddy cold, to make ebullient Fionnuala so outwardly miserable!

There is a side of Rain that hardly anyone ever sees. Most people aren't patient enough to get past her detached aloofness to see how kind and warm the girl really is. To bad for them. She grew concerned when Fiona didn't show up for breakfast and when she went to find her and saw that she was sick, well she did what was necessary. Between classes and at every break Rain has been in to check on the other girl and bringing her juice and little treats. Now that classes are over she can finally give her undivided attention to the crow. With tray in hand she comes in, she didn't even take the time to change out of her uniform. One the tray is a steaming cup of tea, from her own stash (and she has the good stuff), an orange, peeled and segmented on a small plate. "Fiona?" she sets the tray within easy reach of the girl and places a hand on Fee's forehead and the other hand on her own, comparing. "Still feverish." she takes the mug of tea, and wraps the girl's hands around it. "Do you need anything? Do you feel even a little bit better?" there is noting but concern in her tone as she asks.

See, Fionnuala was patient and caring enough to wait out — perhaps even learn the nuances of — Rain's aloof exterior! Lots of stop and go, trial and error. And look, look! She's reaping the benefits! So nyah nyah nyaaaahh world! NYAH!

Okay, sweet Fee would never be so petulant as to lord her progress over others.. she can only lie there and simply wish that people had more patience and understanding, sometimes. Because in the Masters girl there is indeed a wellspring of true, loyal kindness! There is! She knew it prior and especially throughout this hatefully snotty, cough'y day where the other girl checked in on her. So when Rain, at the end of classes, comes in bearing fruit.. Fionnuala watches her from her burrito of blankets with a pitiful albeit highly appreciative look. "You're too good to me. I was lying here.. *COUGH*.. thinking on who to bequeath my things to. That's been *hack* upgraded… I'm not gonna die afterall." She tries to offer humor, grinning weakly. She sounds stuffy. Temperature checked, Fee lies still… she's still warm but not dangerously so.

"Getting there.. this one socked it to me. I Hope you don't catch it either, looking after me so much." She reaches out to pluck up a segment of orange and pops it into her gob. "Did you wanna get changed and hang out here? I'm not keeping you from anything, am I?"

"Not really." Rain says to Fiona as she nods in approval at Fiona eating. "Bequeath your things?" she sounds amused "You aren't that sick." she sits on the sofa next to Fiona, removing her shoes to curl her legs under her "It's good that you are feeling better." she glances at the TV "Are you really watching this?" they have different views on what is good watching, they can agree on GoT at least though. "I can hang out here without needing to change." she loosens her tie "Did you want me to open the curtains? Get some light in here?"

Is Fionnuala… egads…. suffering from a man cold, even though she's a schoolgirl?! Maybe not THAT bad, but she was at her worst yesterday, it felt. Her eyes, sleepy and baby blue on account of little sunlight having been absorbed, watch her bestie as she settles in alongside her. Fionnuala shimmies her blob of blankets and wings up some, to avail to Rain more space on the nonetheless cramped sofa. "I was..! It was terrible! How can so much snot *hack* form in a human'ish head? You heard my voice yesterday, I sounded like Carrot Top." A giggle, which dissolves into a couple of minor hitching coughs. "Euugh." She groans, eating another piece of orange before chasing it down with tea.

Regarding the television, Fionnuala grins sheepishly. "IT helps to watch people in a TV show having a worse go of it than I am. When you're seeing people getting their heads crushed and stuff like the Red Wedding, suddenly the cold doesn't feel so awful." Her logic is ridiculous but.. makes some sense. "We can change it though, if you'd like?"

It's easier to drink tea sitting up. Slowly the Fionnuala-lump adjusts so she is sitting upright, facing Rain, her back against the arm of the sofa. "Maybe the curtains being opened would be a good idea.. I don't know why I didn't do it sooner."

"Who?" Rain has no idea who Carrot Top is. She may be lucky that way. "I know, the mucus is never ending it seems." she gets up to go open the curtains "Because your head is full of snot, hard to think." curtains open to let the sun in she moves back to settle back on the sofa "Nothing better the schadenfreude to help you feel better."

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

"Carrot Top!" Fionnuala exclaims with an amused look, "It's… probably for the best that you not know. He's a bit of a guilty pleasure of Ma and Da's. He's an obnoxious comedian.. that's all you really need to know." She eases back, sips contentedly. Big blue eyes observe over the rim of the mug Rain's opening of the fussy, dark curtains. IT's not the sunniest of days out there… but it's just enough light for Fionnuala to 'gobble' up. Even overcast, sunlight still finds it's way in a more subdued fashion… and Fionnuala is waiting to gobble it up. She shrugs some blanket down so that she may comfortably unfurl her wings, and provide a larger area for the light to fall upon. Black attracts light!

As Jon Snow bellows and raises his greatsword on the television in the background, Fionnuala keeps her attention on Rain. "Do you get sick easily? I don't really remember seeing you getting this bad, if at all, during the winter." She observes, head tilting. Her hair has been scraped back into a messy ponytail: the universal look of a sickie. "I hate missing classes, though… and practice. I'm not going to get up to the attic tonight.."

Rain has never heard of him, clearly "Why is he called Carrot Top? That's a strange name for a comedian." or anyone for that matter. She helps Fiona loosen the blankets around her. "It's been awhile since I have been sick. I didn't get sick when Sky or Besa had the flu, and I was around them quite a bit." her brother more than Besa. "I haven't been sick so far." famous last words "Don't go into the attic, to cold up there for you at the moment." but at least it is dust free.

"Oh, gosh," Fee 'primps' her messy black swath of hair, hands cupping to push it upwards briefly. "He's this guy with ton of curly red hair.. he looks actually kinda… really foolish. Hence, Carrot Top." Said with a giggle, a little cough, then a sweet (though still a touch flushed) smile. "I don't think he'd be your style. First word out of his mouth and you'd be sick of him." She suspects, sipping deeply, draining her tea. She sets the mug down, reaches for the orange and continues polishing that off. She has a good appetite; a good sign.

"You're very lucky. I don't get it often but when I do… done for. Once this is over with I'll be fine til' the fall!" She hopes, anyway. She doesn't want her friend to worry too much or dote too heavily. She looks a bit worried at talk of avoiding the attic. "Yeah, I think I'll give it another day.. I probably shouldn't push the magic bit anymore than I have to." Oh, phooey. Fionnuala sighs gently, gnoshes on a piece of orange.

"Anything new or exciting lately? I haven't been around much.. between work, and lessons, and preparing for family to visit.. I've been a busy bird. No wonder I'm sick!" Fionnuala baps her forehead. "I'm still trying to figure out whose coming and going… so many new students."

"But carrot tops are green." Rain says it with such a deadpan face and tone that she can't possibly be serious about not getting it "I'll take your word for it and google him then." and she probably won't. There are times when she is just not that curious. The suggestion she is lucky has her shrugging "New…hmmms, well yeah there are a few new students, "I'm sharing my weapons trainer with Koga, so he can learn to use his weapon without putting anyone he doesn't want to at risk." and her weapons trainer can't be cheap. Ashton is part demon and his father seems to be the same demon that Besa used to be sacrificed to." she tries to sound neutral but it is easy to tell that she is deeply disturbed by that…what else Sky is trying to put on his own eyeliner…but he just can't get the goth look down."

The shifter breaks out into melodic laughter following Rain's deadpan proclamation—-doesn't laugh long. She coughs again, and this time it sounds like she's moving mucus. Fionnuala looks at Rain apologetically for a moment, plucks a kleenex from a harried-looking box, and ditches the sputum as discreetly as possible into the tissue. She balls it up quickly and tosses it into a wastebasket… better out than in. At least Fee knows that to swallow phlegm is to perpetuate the cold. It's still gross though and she obviously hates doing it!

She brightens at talk of Koga, "He really is a great kid…. thanks for helping him out. He wants to do good, y'know… but he has a pretty big order on his plate where the powers acceptance is concerned. Maybe some formal training will help keep him off that tangent of worrying about hurting others—-" She helps herself to her final piece of orange. Freezes at Ashton's predicament and how it ties into Besa's. "What…!" Least she finished chewing. "Oh God.. are they okay? What's going to happen with then?" A beat, "Are you okay?" She asks… Fee didn't miss the look of disturbance in Rain. She's so worried that she hasn't even the ability to laugh at poor Sky's predicament. That can't be easy, either!

While Fiona is trying to be discreet with her spitting, Rain helps a bit by focusing on the TV… she can be sensitive if she wants and/or needs to be. Like now. When her friend starts chatting again she turns to focus once more on her "I think Bastion," that's her trainer "will enjoy teaching Koga, they both do a type of magic, though Bastion's is very focused on one thing. And besides Koga and I, most of his students are snotty, rich kids who just want to show off."

The concern comes back to her face and she shakes her head "I think they are both very confused and scared. Besa because Ashton is the offspring of his most feared enemy. And Ashton because…well that should be obvious, thinking you are a normal human and then finding out that you are half demon and your demon father has been killing a new friend repeatedly for millennia…" its unfathomable. "I am better now. The worst part was that Sky and Besa suspected for weeks and didn't tell me…I was told by Ashton what they thought…if it wasn't for Sky he would of gotten skewered."

"Bastion? How long have you been training under this 'Bastion'?" Fionnuala asks with earnest curiosity, assembling her dishes upon the table with intent to take them away later, when she returns to her room. "Is he older? I am kinda getting a picture of this mystical-looking old dude who can move like a jungle cat!" She hazards the guess but does not push it. The concern returning to Rain's lovely face is mirrored in Fionnuala's expression, and she leans forward a bit, hands resting in her lap and legs curled up lotus-style. Already, pinpricks of solar energy are skittering in and around her dark feathers.

"O-of course they would be.. oh, I'm so sorry this has happened.." Fee says gently, brow furrowed. Clearly she isn't narrow-minded on this talk of demons given what she saw in the hellscape. That was Ashton's dad? Wait wait, no… 'father'. Calling it a dad implies warmth and love. Poor Ashton; poor Besa.

Then she goes and offers up a very Fee'ish response. "So wouldn't the best way to counter this be to… to work together? Support one another? I know it's easier said than done because Besa was trained to fight demons, right? But Ashton can't be evil! I've seen him around before, he doesn't seem that way.."

"Just for a couple of years with Bastion. I had a different one before him, but I grew beyond his skills." she chuckles a bit at the image Fiona has "Sorry no, he isn't old like that. He is in his 40's or so. He's Japanese I think…it's hard to say. He has one of those faces that is really hard to peg race. He was born and raised in France though…" she shrugs "He does prowl though…you got that part right."

Well technically what they saw in the hellscape would of been Ashton's sibling. The demon father was already dead by the time they got there. "I don't know what the best course of action would be. I want to believe that Ashton isn't evil, but that doesn't go with all I have been taught and learned about demons." she makes a vague gesture "That's the thing, how do we know. It's not like he is going to come out and say 'Hi, I'm Ashton and I am the evilest person you will ever meet. That's not how evil works."

Poor Fionnuala with her sub-par knowledge of demons! Get your demons straight, Fee! One can just imagine where her mind is going, trying to make sense of it all.. flitting from one suspicion to another like a busy hummingbird. "There's also the matter of wanting to be good at heart, but not knowing what you're capable of.." She surmises with a sad little look, inwardly — deeply — grateful for the normalcy of her own family. "I hope everything works out.. it has to be so incredibly scary." She admits, wings twitching and curling in some, will o' wisps of sunlight beginning to bloom into the air around the feathers. Already her color is better as she take on — even minimal — sunlight.

At least in Fee-world, people — even with the subconscious ability to become evil — can be protected and guided with friendship. Just look at her, she's even considering it. "I just hope people are trying to be supportive.. I feel awful for everyone involved but I'm just thinking about that Ashton boy. I bet he's wondering, even now, who is going to turn away from him or on him.." Fionnuala guesses. She's too intuitive sometimes. "Is there anything I can do to help? Help anyone at all? This is an ugly situation.."

"We have had demon students here in the past. They were…" Rain hmmms at a loss for words "Well one of them was not nice and seemed to relish in Besa's fear of him…he toyed with Besa repeatedly." her past experiences make to so she can't be as open minded or magnanimous about it as Fiona can. The words about Ashton hit a little to close to him and she lowers her head, guilty as charged, oh look she has hands, that she happens to be wringing.

Ooop.. did Fee unwittingly hit a nerve? Fionnuala watches Rain's body language even as she listens to her. But first off she's snagging a tiny bottle of Purell hand sanitizer that she has stuffed beneath her pillow, wetting her palms and wringing them in a like motion to Rain's. Fee clears her throat and leans forward, offering one freshly sanitized hand to Rain. It's a fond gesture and Fee, in learning Rain's ways, knows to offer and never push. She recalls the other girl's penchant for holding the hands of those to whom she feels close and comfortable.

"You're wanting to protect your very best friend. Don't feel bad." She offers, "If it seemed like I was pointing fingers, I wasn't, I promise." A sweet smile then. "I'm just going by how people, in general, respond to hearing about demons in their midst. You and Besa are close and if he's scared, you're going on the alert. I get it. I get being careful… but I think the worst thing for a boy realizing that his daddy was a demon is to be pushed away. Then he's left to suffer, wonder and then…. then I think it'd get worse." Said sorrowfully. Oh, Saint Fionnuala.

Rain watches the movements of Fiona and looks at the hand being held out. Knowing Fee well enough she takes it even further and leans over and hugs her friend. While if might not be exactly like it, she feels she is the support for both her brother and Besa, and with the situations going on she is starting to crack…oh the pressure…and guilt "I don't know what to do…i promised to be civil to him…is that enough?" she feels anything else would be fake and wouldn't that be bad too?

Oh snap… she must be really stressed out. Not only is she going in willingly for a hug but she's doing so while Fee is sick! Mind you she may look a bit worn but Fee isn't one of those decrepit cold-sufferers. She has showered though she now smells like oranges, tea and sunlight. She will accept and return the hug for as long as Rain sees fit, rocking somewhat. "It ain't easy," She says gently, sometimes it's best just to keep it simple. It's NOT an easy circumstance. "I think that's more than enough, given what you're feeling… it's not good to go against your nature. I can't imagine you faking anything." She smiles then, because that's a compliment. "Being fake is just as bad… as long as nobody is chasing the poor boy down with spears if he so much as blinks angrily, civil is a mighty fine idea in my books. He's gonna figure himself out too, I hope, and how to cope."

Rain is more touchy feely than she lets on, it just has to be on her terms, that last bit Fiona has probably figured out already. The teen girl seems unconcerned about germs, or any of that as she takes what comfort she can from her crow friend "Legion wants to, but I have been successful so far in keeping her from manifesting." even more stress. She pulls away from Fiona and wipes at her face…she's not crying…your crying! "I think i will go get changed and then we can binge watch something." she gets to her feet and heads out to get more comfortable

Good thing Fee is a cuddler. Only when Rain draws back will Fee let her go, looking at her friend's tearstreaked face and feeling bigger pangs of worry and alarm at precisely how much pressure the poor girl is under. Rain shedding tears breaks Fee's heart not because she is afraid of tears, not at all, but just… she hates to see close friends so rattled and upset. "Well, march Legion back here too and we three can throw something on here. I'm kinda sick of Westeros." Her brow is still furrowed though… some binge-watching is in order. Any way to redirect stressful, anxious thoughts.

As Rain moves off to get into some lazy attire, Fee goes about coaxing Netflix to life so that they may pick a show to lose themselves in.

… hey look, there's Carrot Top in the comedy listings. The demon may be more palatable.

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