(2018-03-26) No Stabbies
No Stabbies
Summary: Ashton and Rain have a run in, no one gets stabbed. Ronan and Ariel witness
Date: 2018-03-26
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This is a huge room, quite easily the size of the gym in the previous school. The honey colored parquet floor is worn in spots and showing its years, but it is clean and where it isn't worn shines. Doublewide fireplaces face each other on opposing walls. The walls themselves are a rich mahogany paneling with wainscoting that matches the floor color. Cloudy windows flank the fireplace on the outer wall, and show a view of the front lawn and driveway, that is when they aren't covered with heavy velvet drapes. A large chandelier hangs from the vaulted ceiling and Victorian style sconces evenly spaced along the walls provide enough light for the room.

It is early afternoon. Classes have finished off about a half hour ago. Having stopped by earlier, Ashton was surprised and relieved that no one he asked was aware of anyone intending on using the ballroom for either exercise or combat training. Having ditched the school uniform, once he had gotten to his room, the dark-haired boy is wearing a pair of form-fitting black jeans and a loose, comfie-looking cream Irish fisherman-style sweater. He definitely could use some stress release and for Ashton that means music. He is standing in the middle of the ballroom, violin in hand. Even those outside the room's closed door can hear the insane speed and precision of Bachs Chaconne from Partita in d minor. Ashton's eyes are closed as he plays giving in and becoming completely lost to the music.

If Ronan was wearing that sweater he would be melting from the temperature and there would be a puddle on the floor. Instead he's changed out of his uniform and into a pair of blue jeans and a purple tee shirt, one of his favorites. His blue eyes do notice Ashton's sweater as he comes into the ballroom to try and do some working out. Since his friend is playing, Ronan just kinda leans against the wall listening to him.

There is a gym bag that is MIA. And it would make sense that it was left in the ballroom, which is used as a gym in the mansion turned temp school. The owner of said bag is Rain, and now that classes are over she can take the time to get it. She hasn't bothered to change out of her uniform yet. Unlike a lot of the students she is comfortable in it. She has been wearing school uniforms since she started kindergarten so for her it is the norm. She hears the music but doesn't let that stop her from going into the room to look for her missing bag. Her stoic gaze crosses the room, taking note of its occupants, and there is her bag, by one of the fireplaces. Without recognition of the two teens she heads over to get it, planning to just get it and leave.

Ariel pushes open the door to the gym, a pair of airpods crammed in her ears and something that definitely isn't classical violin music making it so she doesn't hear Ashton's playing at first. She's making her way over to the back wall but stops when she realizes that the room, hates by so many!, is weirdly full at the moment. The airpods disappear into her ears and she walks over to Ronan, turning to watch Ashton play. Leaning over to Ronan she whispers, "Is this just for fun, or is he dueling a demon? Because if it's the latter, those contests are rigged."

It just so happens that Ariel comes in at the tail end of the piece. Ashton is completely unaware that he has an audience, totally lost to the music. The area around his eyes are shaded from a lack of sleep. His eyes are kept closed for a brief moment, as the bow is kept resting on the strings. Finally the bow is lifted as he opens his eyes. The first person that he spots is Rain. He sighs, prepared mentally at least, for the girl to use him as a punching bag. He then notices the other two. Oh, thank the stars that there are witnesses, and he is pretty sure that Ariel at least would keep Rain from actually killing him. He swallows slightly, as he looks at the girl. "Um… Rain?" It is possible it's the other one. "Look i know I'm probably the absolute last person you want to talk to, but can I say something before you either walk out or decide to turn my face into ground meat?" He glances at the other two, almost silently begging them not to leave.

"That depends on who you ask. Some of them, the human wins." Ronan whispers back to Ariel as he stands there looking very casual. He stands there with his hands tucked into the pockets of his jeans watching what is happening. He's prepared to unwind and step in if things do turn rather violet. He makes a very good punching bag when it is required. There's a small smile on his face as if he approves of what Ashton's doing.

Rain stifles a sigh as she is caught. She has hoping to get in an out before the song was finished that way she would go unnoticed by Ashton at least. She is reminded of the saying 'want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. Turning she looks at Ronan and Ariel first, before her eyes go to Ashton. Is she calculating the odds? It's hard to say, only her twin has any luck reading her, and only because of what they are. He is lucky that it is Rain in control today and the other isn't around, Legion may be the happier and nicer one, but she is also the more violent one. "Speak, for now your face is safe." the only thing in her voice is perhaps a bit of impatience. So far so good.

"Oh, I know the human wins sometimes. That's the problem. Have you heard The Devil Went Down to Georgia? Johnny got taken to school and then we're asked to believe that he earned that W? Pfft. Please." Ariel, who changed into flannel pajama bottoms and a t-shirt that says 'Sizzle it up with Taako!' as she was walking out of the last class of the day, turns and watches the confrontation as it plays out. She's talked to both Sky and Ashton and still isn't entirely sure where everyone stands, but when she picks up don't leave vibes off of a teammate she's not going anywhere. Even if the last thing she wants to do is get into a fight with a Masters. Family above all, after all. She likes Sky and Conner! Instead she suuuuuper casually says to Ronan, "That's a nice sweater he's got on." And then she's wearing one like it. "Ooh, snuggly."

For now… well, it's better than nothing. Before he even starts, Ashton looks over at her, "Let me put Soret away… just in case something changes, if something were to happen to her, she's irreplaceable." He puts the violin safely away in its armored case. He steps away from the violin, and somewhat towards Rain, though keeping a little bit of distance. "First.. I want to apologize for something and explain it… Besa said that you took it that I was laughing at you the other night.. I'm sorry if that's how you took it, but you have to understand where I'm coming from. This whole "demon" thing is completely new to me… There was never any cause to ever think anything like that.. then I meet Koga and he threatens to kill me because I'm a demon, then Besa, who I been nothing but nice to suddenly starts treating me like I have the plague, then we get where he will talk to me and he cast that spell thing and suddenly there's this dead demon's shadow touching me, _then_ I find out that the man that literally helped bringing into this world, the man who I thought of as an adopted uncle, and my doctor has been poisoning me for years… me laughing the other night is because I have been on the edge of having a nervous breakdown.. it's laugh or start crying… it's nothing more than… we you call… um.. gallow's humor?"

"You're assuming that he got schooled. The concept was more the Devil played well, but Johnny played even better." Ronan says rolling his eyes a little bit at the whole thing. He laughs,"Me brother wears one of those. They're too warm for me." He says laughing. "He's fine with it." He adds after pausing for a moment. His blue eyes watching Ashton and Rain as he worries that Ashton might actually get stabbed rather than punched in the face.

The teen girl just stares at Ashton, maybe she is listening, maybe she isn't, there is no sign until he says she /has/ to do something, the words make her bristle and her deadpan expression turns a bit frowny. She waits until he is finished with his monolog before speaking. she is polite enough for that. "For starters telling someone they have to do something is not the best way to start an explanation. It's a fast way to shut any understanding down." there is a few beats as she lets that sink in "Now I /ask/ for your understanding. You are the third person I have meet who is demonic in nature," where does Rain hangout that she is meeting these demons? "My dealings with them and everything I have been taught by my mother has left me," another pause "I will admit, prejudiced, about demons…and add Besa's, my best friend, issues on top of it…I have a difficult time being magnanimous." no stabbies today, she is sans weaponry, unless she is hiding something in her gym bag, but that seems unlikely.

"No, I get the concept of the song. It's not Infinite Jest, Ronan. It's a song by a guy who wears Confederate flag underpants. There's not a lot to it. I'm just saying that the Devil clearly plays better. Johnny basically sings some dumb ad jingles about chicken in a bread pan, while the Devil just steamrolls his ass." Ariel shakes her head. It's just not fair for the poor Devil. "What concerns me is that the Devil is 'in a bind' because he's 'way behind', which suggests to me that the Devil answers to someone else, possibly in a corporate structure. That's an alarming vision of Hell, where the Devil is just a cog in a machine helmed by some kind of CEO Superdevil." Ariel just yammers on for a bit because why would she stop now? And it kills time while she waits to see what exactly she might get called on to do here. Still, when Ashton goes to out his violin away she whispers approvingly, "He named his violin. That's so badass. He should get it enchanted so it bursts into flame when he does a critical performance roll." When Rain speaks Ariel nods and points between the two, saying to Ronan, "This seems like its going well."

"What did I tell you to do?" Ashton asks Rain. "The only thing that I said that might be taken as that, was me requesting that you let me put away a three hundred year old violin, before we started? Considering that I was told that you wanted to bash me into a smear? I'm sorry if that seemed to be unreasonable? I'm not asking for you to be magnanimous. I was just trying to explain why I was so punchy the other evening." He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "I have done absolutely nothing but try to be friendly to Besa and you, offered my help time after time to Besa… The only thing wrong that I did was assume that Besa had told you about me.. " He sighs, "Look, I get it that you don't want me around… I also get that Besa probably doesn't want anything to do with me after the other night, when that shit storm happened with the spell… I don't know what the hell is going on.. I certainly don't know what that … that thing called me brother.. I don't think I want to know why either… " He shakes his head, "Look I was just trying to apologize and put this behind us. You obviously don't care… so I'm sorry I wasted your time and my breath."

"Well there do be Lords of Hell by some stories. The Devil being only one of them." Ronan says shrugging,"I do not remember the song mentioning he did wear Confederate Flag underpants…" He says frowning a bit at the whole thing,"Anyone who plays an instrument she always be naming it. An instrument without a name, is like an instrument with no soul." Yep. He's Irish. They name everything and their brother. It's just a thing. "Ashton, I think ye be misunderstanding what she does be saying. She is herself." He says trying to avoid things escalating, “I do notice that the young lady does not be one of over emotions around others. This is as close to acceptance of yer apology as I think you get. Do not be pushing it."

Were she paying attention to Ronan's and Ariel's conversation she might find it oddly amusing, whether she had heard the song before or not. "Putting the violin away, yes, that was a request, your exact words were, 'but you have to understand', that is not a request." at least not to her 15 year old understanding. There is a look to Ronan as he interjects his own opinion but she shakes her head at it "Oh, I accept your apology," maybe not with grace but she seems to be as honest in her words as she has with all the others "If only for Besa's sake." that's more like it "I will do anything for Besa, if that means being nice to you, I can do that. I've done it with Whitley for two years now," guess she has issues with him too "And unlike him you don't act arrogant." is she equating being demonic with arrogance? "At least you haven't with me. So you don't have to sleep with one eye open or worry about me suddenly attacking you or stabbingyou inthe back. I can't promise the same with Legion." is she offering a truce?

"I… uh… Charlie Daniels is… I mean… I don't think the song was written with a lot of Milton in mind…" Ariel eyes Ronan, looking to see if he's putting her on. Several jokes spring to mind, at least one rather mean, but they all die before they reach her lips. Instead she heaves a sigh and shakes her head. "You are a confounding dude. I'm glad you have friends here." When Rain says that she can act nice for her family Ariel interjects with, "That's true! I mean, you have to be generous with your definition of the word 'nice', but it's technically true."

Ashton nods slightly, "Okay… I didn't mean it that way… but I can see your point." He looks at Rain for a moment, "You don't have to be nice to me. In fact, I'd prefer that you were just civil to me, instead of being nice when you don't mean it. I've had too many people be nice to me when they didn't really mean it." He offers a tired smile to Ronan and Ariel, before turning back to Rain. "Is he okay, after the other night? I can't really remember all of it too clearly… I'm still not entirely sure what happened… " Ashton chews on his lower lip, "Tell Besa that if he wants to talk to me, I… I have questions.. questions that he might be able to help answer." He pauses, "But if he doesn't, then I'll understand, but I won't bother him…" Even if that means that he has a demon out to get him and he has no bloody clue why.

"Probably not." Ronan says grinning broadly at Ariel. "Who me? Confounding, I know not of what you speak. I am easy to read and understand." He says merrily, his eyes glittering with contained mischief. He pretends to not be too terribly worried but he's still quite thoroughly prepared to deal with things should it happen. There's just a bit of tightness across his shoulders that belies his apparent relaxation.

<FS3> Rain rolls Magic Knowledge: Success

"Nice, civil, to me these are pretty much the same thing. I make no distinction between the two." They have all seen how Rain treats just about everyone, it is civil at best. With the question about Besa she lets the other stuff drop. "Besa hasn't been okay for a long time." she points out to him "He is shaken by what happened. If he wasn't I would question his sanity." she looks thoughtful a moment "From what I saw your scrying for knowledge caught the attention of Al'Goramathix." (it's pronounced correctly the player just doesn't remember how to spell it) "children." she wasn't even there how could she see it "Unfortunately, since Sky can't hear I don't know what they said." that's how. And even if she could hear it she doesn't speak demonic.

Since no fight is about to break out and they're talking about the boring part of helping Besa, as opposed to the part she's interested in which involves beating priests senseless, Ariel shrugs and keeps walking over to the back wall. But then someone mentions that the demon is named Al Gore and she stops, turns back and says, "Wait, what?"

<FS3> Ashton rolls Mind: Failure

Ashton frowns and shakes his head, "I don't really remember what exactly it said.. " He then pauses, "Wait… what do you mean from what you saw? You weren't there… or am I misremembering things worse than I thought?" He glances over at Ronan and Ariel. His brow furrows as he thinks about something. His voice softens, "We need to have a talk about something later when it's just us… " He then cocks his head, "So I'm guessing the offer of teaching me to defend myself is probably out now, huh?"

"Sounds like something nasty." Ronan says shaking his head a bit. He doesn't know a thing about demons but he does know they aren't good news. Ashton might be part demon, but he doesn't count that portion of him. His blue eyes watch Ashton intently."What's sanity? Pretty sure I have no real knowledge of such things." He says grinning broadly.

"I'm sure you have realized by now that Sky and I are not normal siblings, let alone normal twins." Rain tells Ashton, quite a thesis sentence there "We can use each other senses. We can see what the other sees if we want, feel, taste, hear…well not hear. He is deaf and what I hear his brain can't process." she shrugs that bit always confused her. She looks between the three, if she is curious about what they have to talk about without her it doesn't show "We are all going to be going after the priests, I would rather you know how to defend yourself. You are less of a handicap that way." logical as ever.

Given the assortment of weirdos in this place, Ariel figures hating demons by default is probably a good way to end up being accused of bigotry when Kid Balrog shows up for his first day or something. So she really doesn't get the concern over Ashton in general. But specific demons, like Al Gorematic, can obviously get fucked. Whatever Ariel was going to the back wall for turns out to be a dud. "I knew there wasn't a climbing wall back here. Goddam liar." She considers the merits of just climbing it anyway, but Inferno didn't seem like the kind of guy who would be okay with someone putting holes in his gym, so she turns and walks back to the others. "I'm a product of divine magic, but so far as I know I have no innate defense against magic."

Ashton cocks his head at Ronan, "I'm pretty sure that we all would fail most text book definitions of sane… like a sane person would have run away from sea zombies not to them… " He looks a bit surprised at Rain, "I figured that I was now cut out of any of the plans dealing with that, well considering… considering that thing called me brother… … and I don't think he was talking to Louk of Schuyler…" He looks over at Ariel, "Divine magic? Sorry… I just assumed that your ability was like an evolutionary ability… I am not sure that there is such a thing as innate defense against magic… I mean I guess there could be.. now that I think about I don't see why not, but I'm not sure if that is a thing if it can be taught."

"Sanity is overrated." Ronan says shrugging a bit as if that settled the whole thing. "Well ye are probably one of the more vulnerable students." He says looking at Ashton. There was nothing really to be said about it. His eyes watch Ashton rather carefully.

<FS3> Rain rolls Magic Knowledge: Good Success

"That was at the old school Ariel." Rain tells the other girl, before turning her attention back to Ashton and gives another shrug "That is not my decision to make, it's Besa's call. These priests and you and Besa's demons are to separate issues though. I fully capable of compartmentalizing the issues." in fact that is how she deals with everything. She would never fit anyone's definition of sane if they got a peek into her brain. Even if the split personality was overlooked. "An innate defense against magic is possible, the most common type is being a magic sink, where the magical energies are just absorbed without effect or in some instances negated all together." she is a bit of a know-it-all isn't she.

"I'm a golem," says Ariel to Ashton as she reaches into her chest and pulls out a round stone with some Hebrew letters on it. "See? I have a divine spark. It was my father's idea for defeating the cancer." Ariel puts the rock back and shrugs. Rain gets a nod. "Yeah, someone told me there was one here too, but I think he was just trying to get me to go look. Touche. Maybe I'll just go outside and climb up to the roof." Ronan gets a flicker of a frown. "Ashton carried his weight when we fought an army of sea zombies. I wouldn't call any of us vulnerable."

Ashton looks at Rain, somewhat impressed, but then again considering who her mother is, it shouldn't be. "I was figuring that decision would be Besa's as well." He shakes his head, "No, in many ways Ronan is right… I stayed inside a safety circle, was never hit, but required some of the most healing… I am a vulnerability." He picks up his violin case. "Regardless, I need to go… " He looks back at Rain, "Tell Besa if he wants me involved in anything to let me know… otherwise I'm going to just assume he doesn't and I'll stay out it."

"I'm not talking about that. Ashton questions himself a LOT. He's good and dependable but he doesn't recognize his own worth very well." Ronan says smiling a bit at Ariel,"I'm not being mean about it. He's perhaps one of the best friends I e'er had. However, he's also part demonic." He points out the last bit gently,"So he's got that." He says in a casual manner, not wanting to stress anything right now. "Slan leat." He says waving to Ashton.

Rain mentally sends to Sky »>Ashton wants me to pass messages from him to Besa. I'm not anyones carrier pigeon. Tell Besa that Ashton said if he wants Ashton involved let him know, otherwise he is going to assume he isn't welcome and stay out of it.«<

Rain doesn't like the idea of passing messages to Besa for Ashton, especially when it seems more of an order and not a request…not even a please. Her expression at the request could very well mean she might do it, if she feels like, but don't hold your breath. "I'm not your Jeeves." she says to Ashton's departing back.

Schuyler mentally returns, «Tell Ashton to man up and talk to Besa himself. What a dork. And good for you. I'll let Besa know Ashton would like to speak with him.»

Ariel watches as Ashton walks off and shakes her head. To Rain she says, "You always take everything in the worst possible way. Not that I think that's a message Besa needs. Of course we're all here if he needs something. I've been ready to use one priest to batter another priest Big Papi style for like a month now. Everyone's ready."

"Almost bad as her brother." Ronan says under his breath. He's not had the best of luck trying to interact with Sky. "Well… since we're all here any one could really pass on the message…" He does point out. He's pretty sure that Besa will be willing to have Ashton involved in some fashion.

"Maybe.." strangely Rain isn't taking offense to Ariel's comment "It doesn't remove the fact that Ashton needs to man up and go to Besa himself, without the use of a middleman." almost yes, she isn't as broody and is kinder, but not necessarily nicer, "Sky will tell Besa." she adds so they all know that no one here has to do it. Then she is confused "I understand the beating the priest with another priest comment but who is Big Papi?"

"David Ortiz! Top slugger for the Red Sox since I was a baby!" Ariel looks between them and sighs. "I swear to god, I go from one school where liking comics and video games makes you a nerd to a school where liking sports and regular tv makes you a nerd. I can't win. Good thing I have myself to talk to. Though he's upstairs watching the second season of Santa Clarita Diet."

"Well in fairness, I am not even an American." Ronan points out laughing softly,"So do not be expecting me to understand your references all the time." He says grinning broadly at Ariel,"Sometimes one must talk to oneself if one is to have an intelligent conversation."

"I wasn't born in American either. I was born in Bermuda. I'm technically a British and Italian citizen. Sky and I have dual citizenship until we turn…19, I think it is." Rain has a legitimate reason to not know baseball to, outside of not being much into sports that don't require swords or beating up people. "I watch regular TV. We discussed Game to Thrones, remember."

"Yeah, okay, I guess that's true. I mean, Game of Thrones is preeeetty nerdy, buuut it counts." Ariel looks back at Rain, considering. "That's… I mean, I was gonna say that that's weird, but I guess it's not as weird as everything else about you. People gotta be from Bermuda." She pauses, the asks, "So is Legion the first of an actual legion, you think? Or are you done with two?"

"A lot of people are from Bermuda…and it was the closest hospital at the time." Rain gives a bit of a smirk "Weird is relative…" hello pot. "I don't know. Circe does but she can't talk yet." she makes a face "Isn't Legion enough?"

"Ah. Is this that private island thing? A lady at Disney's private island went into labor while we were there and I think they airlifted her to Nassau." Ariel, fully aware of her weirdness, just nods. "Circe's your youngest sister?" The last question gets a look, a searching, uncertain look, then, "Maybe. Maybe for you. I don't sleep often. Only if I get really hurt. Even if my iPad died and I'd read everything around me I'd rather break curfew and go downstairs and play on the PlayStation than sleep. I'm not… as there…" She trails off a little, but keeps staring. "In my sleep there are lots of me. Everywhere. Making a things right. Because I'm stupid and slow and limited now, but if there were … more? Then we could fix everything everywhere." She realizes now that she's staring and looks away. "I fucking hate sleep."

"Exactly that, no hospitals on our island. We have a first aid station, but that isn't the same." Rain shoulder her gym bag as she talks "Youngest yes. She's the magic baby." though Ariel probably already knows that. She listens and does so without strange looks "If I decide to try for more i'll let you know." and then she is leaving without a word

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