(2018-03-25) Revelations... And Scissors
Revelations… And Scissors
Summary: Carmichael's still trying to wrap his brain around the realization that he's an angel, not a bird. Taka and Bryce help him figure it out, by being real!
Date: IC Date (2018-03-25)
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Unless you've seen the data on Taka's metabolism, how he can be that small and eat that much probably seems impossible. Not only that, but *what* he's got on his tray: mostly sugars and carbs from the Sunday brunch selection. Pancakes loaded with butter and syrup, large bowl of fruit, OJ, tea (probably over-sweetened by most people's standards), two cinnamon rolls — that's from the breakfast side of brunch. From the lunch side, a salad with extra sunflower seeds and a bowl of Jell-O.

It makes one wonder what a buffet on his home world would look like, and probably shudder.

He's found himself a spot at the end of the table, as far out into the glassed-in area as he can get, for the illusion of wide open spaces, and methodically pokes at his food, occasionally making notes on the pad to one side, and periodically glaring venomously at the sporadic snowfall.

Oh well. At least it isn't water.

Something passes in front of the glass, not close enough to be a danger, but close enough to see. It's a large something too. And as it lands, it becomes clearer what it is. Or rather, WHO it is. It's Carmichael; apparently he's coming back from flying. In THIS weather! After a moment, he enters from the back patio, shaking snow off his wings. There's a blast of cold air! Thankfully he closes the door.

But when he comes in, it's one of those darkly thoughtful expressions he's got on his face. One of those looks one has when thinking about something really, REALLY deep!

Taka wasn't really paying attention to what was going on outside, although the gust of cold air gets his attention, especially since he wasn't ready for it. "/c'Rhys'yw/!" Wings pull tight against shoulders, feathers fuff, settling back down as the door is closed and the cold goes away. Only once the temperature starts returning to normal does he look up. "Oh! /Kie/, Carmichael. What were you doing out in that mess?" He indicates the outside more by a shrug of his shoulder than from acutally looking towards a window.

Carmichael blinks at the all but squawked words, and looks up. He realizes it after a few seconds, and winces. "Ah, sorry about that," he offers in his accented voice. As for what he was doing? "Spoke to my dad last night, about… things," he said. Wait, doesn't Carmichael's dad live really far away?

And now that his own annoyance about the cold has faded, he notices the expression on Carmichael's face. He moves over a little to make room for his friend to sit. "I hope everything is well?" he asks.

Carmichael sighs. "…Let me get back to you on that," he notes wryly, with a chuckle. Though he does sit down in one of the chairs, after turning it around. His wings are pretty big, and he hasn't figured out how to situate them in a chair with a back yet. So he just straddles the back of the chair.

Which is the same way Taka sits in normal Terran chairs — moreso because he's much smaller than Carmichael and hasn't a hope of getting his wings over the back of a chair.

"No one's unwell or in any trouble, then? That's good." He sips his tea, gives it a funny look, and adds two (more) packets of sugar.

Carmichael sighs. "Not… really. I just have a lot to think about," he replies quietly. Pause. "I guess… you're not familiar with Earth religious mythology, right?" he inquires. It'll be hard to explain if not.

"Not much," Taka says. "They're not really relevant to me. I have my own Gods to worship. I've been told that I… well, that *we*, I suppose, resemble something called angels. Although the art I've seen, they usually have white wings and couldn't possibly fly with all that cloth they're wrapped in."

Carmichael chuckles. "Yeah. Unless they're fallen. Then they tend to have either black wings or bat wings. Depending on the artist." He pauses, tilts his head. "Well… it turns out my father is… uh. Do you know what a guardian angel is? You can probably guess what it is, from context." He knows Taka's not stupid.

"Yes, I… wait, what?" Taka grinds to a halt and stares. "Are you saying angels are /real/?" That appears to genuinely stagger him; his eyes go wide. "/Ai/. Have your priests declared you one?"

"He isn't anymore," Carmichael assures. "He uh. Put in his notice when he met my mother, and they got married. But he's technically 'fallen', because he left." But the mention of priests gets a shake of his head. "Priests THINK they're God's interpreters. Most of them aren't. Let's just say they really don't work THAT closely with God."

"I… think I don't understand at all," Taka says. "He was a /Rhytak/… sorry, angel, and he isn't anymore? I didn't think you could stop being one. Granted, I didn't do a lot of reading once I satisfied myself the legends… uh. I guess maybe they're not legends? Once I was satisfied they weren't talking about my people."

He shakes his head. "And I /really/ don't understand why a priest wouldn't be working closely with your gods. But, again, I haven't really studied the matter."

Carmichael nods. "The myth is that angels can get thrown out — something like that supposedly happened to one of the high-ranking angels and he's the Big Bad now." At this point he doesn't know what to believe. "My father said that he was supposed to have been protecting my mother from demonic influence, but after the danger was past, he wanted to stay with her, so he asked to leave. They let him, but his wings are black now."

As for why priests wouldn't work closely with a god? "Ever heard of hubris? Excessive pride? That. People think God has chosen them, because 'Reasons', and then they think they're better than everyone else. Unfortunately the God they subscribe to offers free will in its benefits package, so they're perfectly free to be stupid."

"Well, of course there's free will. The trick is to choose to do the right thing. But, I suppose that's why I don't understand any of this world's gods… they're not mine anyway," Taka says, as if that explains everything. "And I keep forgetting that this isn't a society based on telepathy. Someone *can* be dishonest about their motives here. The priests and priestesses I know from home, every one of them came to their training because they really did feel called to it."

He shakes his head. "Unforunately, that sometimes means they're so certain they're doing the will of the Gods, they don't pay much attention to much else."

Carmichael nods. "That seems to be the hard part." But he nods. "It's true. As far as I know, a lot of gods here tend to be hands-off. So it's not really that easy to know if what someone's doing is 'the right thing'. But, well… it seems a lot of the time that Earth and Heaven are on two different pages…"

He sighs. "I'm still trying to wrap my brain around all this. Dad flew here last night. From Guildford, England. On his own wings. They're black. All this time, I thought I was just some kind of bird. And now… well…" He raises his hands in a shrug. "I just don't know what to make of it now."

Now, Taka doesn't have a completely solid grasp of Terran geography, but he is aware that 'England' is not the same as 'New England' and that it's not a distance one flies in one night. "So… you're the son of a semi-god? Is that right?"

Carmichael nods. "Sort of. More like the divine servants of a god. At least, the way I understand it." Tone wry, he notes, "With all the deities I've seen poking their noses into mortal affairs here at the school, I'm really not sure myself anymore." He chuckles. "I'm… I think they call it 'Nephilim'. There's a big deal about how wrong and sinful it is for the 'sons of God' to…" He hesitates. "…Do… mortal things with the 'daughters of man'. It depends on who you ask — I've heard that the Nephilim are the angels that Did The Thing, but I've also heard that the Nephilim are… the 'results' of The Thing."

He's trying to be tactful here. Hopefully he won't just end up confusing Taka more with his unwillingness to confront the specific issue.

Taka can't help but chuckle over Carmichael's hesitancy to just say 'have sex'. "And that's the other reason I stopped reading about this planet's gods, they all have this weird obsession over who their adherents may or may not have sex with, as if they're not mortal beings with mortal needs and drives."

He shakes his head and laughs again. "And as much as I fought my priests and priestesses to keep them from declaring me one, if we ever find my world, I'm sure you'd be welcomed there as a /Rhytak/ if you'd rather not work for this world's gods."

<FS3> Carmichael rolls Minor Miracles+Presence -2: Good Success.

Carmichael's noticeably uncomfortable with THAT phrasing, but nods. "I have to agree," he replies. "It's a little silly, to be honest. It's as though THAT is more of a sin than killing someone." He rolls his eyes.

The mention of a 'Rhytak' gets a blink. But instead of just asking what it means… he pauses a moment. There's a moment of concentration. And then, "Oh! Oh right." He chuckles. "I'm not sure I'd want that, either. Truth be told, I'm not feeling so confident about being one… I'm fallen. What if I'm evil and just don't know it? I mean… Dad doesn't seem that evil. But the concern is still there."

Bryce in from outside with a pile of cut up papers in his hand. They all look like pieces of scrap, and the pieces are cut into different shapes and sizes though there doesn't seem to be any pattern to them. Bryce also appears rather tired and is even panting a bit as he enters. Seeing Carmichael and someone else there, he stops and says, "Oh, hi." The wind coming through the closing door almost blows the papers around the room, but he manages to catch them at the last moment. "Ooops. Hello, um, Carmichael." He looks at Taka and says, "Hi, my name is … Bryce."

"See, that's the other part of this world that doesn't make sense to me, 'evil' this and 'evil' that… sentient mortals make mistakes," Taka says with a shrug, and the light rustling of feathers. "It's like this world's gods want to criminalize life itself. You do something wrong, you make it right, you move on with life. Much more sensible, yes? And anyway, even if your father *did* make a mistakeand what little you've told me, it doesn't sound like he didit's not your responsibility. You didn't make it."

The burst of cold wind takes Taka by surprise again; he pulls his wings in tight and feathers fuff out, settling only after the door is closed. "They couldn't move the school somewhere with sensible weather," he mutters half under his breath, then turns in his seat to greet the newcomer. "/Kie/… Bryce? I hope I have that right. Taka." He leans forward, a sort of seated bow of greeting.

"Well, no. Some people purposely do bad things," Carmichael replies to Taka. "They're stupid for doing them, but it's true. Like you said — we're not telepathic, so we can't really tell what someone else is feeling. So some people don't care. Or actively try to hurt others." He smirks. "Humans are dumb." He chuckles a bit at the fluffball that Taka turns into when the door opens. "I'm lucky, I have my winter feathers. The moulting this spring is going to be a right pain in the arse, though."
He smiles, and waves at Bryce. "How are you doing?" he inquires. A pause, and he looks at the confetti like stuff Bryce is carrying. "And uh… What's all this?"

Bryce looks at these two people with wings. "Um, What is Kie? Oh, sorry. Nice to meet you, Taka." He wonders if wings are the thing for students here at the school. This is the third person he has met with wings. Do other people have wings, but Bryce hasn't noticed yet. "Oh, these?" he asks indicating the scraps of paper. "I made scissors." The annoucement seems to give him more pride than it sounds like he really should have.
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"Sorry, /kie/ is my people's way of greeting," Taka explains. "I really should say 'hello', I guess, but it just doesn't sound right to me. It means 'peace'." He tilts his head inquisitively. "'Made' scissors? Out of what?"

Carmichael blinks. "Scissors?" Of course he knows what scissors are. But… he doesn't see them. So he's not sure about what's going on. And he's not really sure what Bryce's powers are anyway. Taka's explanation gets a 'hrm'. "'Peace', eh? That makes sense."

Bryce blinks over at Taka and nods his head accepting the word. "Kie - peace, a form of greeting." He blinks again almost as though he is storing the definition in his head. "Wait, your people? Who are your people? Oh, sorry, I'm asking a lot of questions. I'm rather, well, curious. I've never heard that word, but I do know that some languages use the word peace as a greeting." He then glances over at Carmichael and says, "I was able to make two swords with my powers and then combine them into scissors. First time I've been able to do that."

"Questions aren't a problem, as long as I can answer them." Taka smiles broadly. "I'm meta, but not human. I come from a different planet. Meta-Akiar, I guess you'd have to say. You make swords?" he asks in a complete right-angle to what he'd just been saying.

Carmichael nods. "Taka is an alien," he explains, his voice neutral. He's not trying to make something big out of it, but to explain it in a way that most Earth people could understand. Though he pauses a moment as Bryce 'stores' the information about the greeting. And then something occurs to him. "Oh. That's right. I bet you could teach the spoken aspect of your language to Bryce and he'd be able to pick it up pretty well." He's seen Bryce be pretty quick on the uptake with language.

Bryce nods his head and says, "My ability is to take my psychic energy and make, well, stuff. Pyshic constructs, I call them." His voice goes from having a bit of pride to a bit of embarrassment. "Although, I'm not very good at it. I was talking with Loukanos, Carmichael and Ashton. I thought that maybe I could take what I could make and use that to learn to make other things…." He fades off at the end. "I guess scissors aren't really that impressive, but hopefully they are a step." He then thinks about the whole alien thing. "So demons, gods, and aliens?" And he's just some weak little kid. Does he really fit here among people like this? "Oh, I just remember stuff."

"I'm not sure I could teach my language," Taka says. "Speak it, sure, but if you asked me to sit down and tell you the rules of it, I would just look at you funny. Although it would have to be easier than English, which as far as I can tell doesn't have any rules other than 'break all the rules about languages'." He grins at Bryce. "If you're making them out of thin air, that's pretty impressive if you ask me."

"Oh, I see," Carmichael replies to Bryce's explanation. "That makes a little more sense. But don't worry about not being good at it. I'm not great at a lot of the things I can do, either. Unless it's talking to birds. That I seem to be able to do with little difficulty. For what that's worth."

He nods, though, when Taka explains. "Well, if he remembers things easily you wouldn't have to explain the rules. Just speaking it and then translating it might do the trick." Looking to Bryce for confirmation. "Am I correct?"

Bryce nods his head looking at Carmichael. He then decides to demonstrate what he means to Taka. "This is what I can do." He focuses his eyes some as a beam of cyan light emerges from the center of his head. It extends out slowly to become a single short sword. It looks like a half-sized katana. Once it forms, the katana almost 'grows' another katana off of it to form a rather deadly but effective pair of scissors. By the time it forms, he is panting again. "Heh. It took me several hours to get it." Whey they start talking about the language, he blinks and the scissors disappate. "Well, I learn better what I see than what I hear. I'm getting better at memorizing what I hear, but without grammar and rules, I think I'd be little more than a parrot."

"/Kya/!" Taka scoots his chair back, eyes going wide. Then he masters himself, and scoots back forward, watching. He has not yet noticed that he himself isglowing very slightly sky blue. "Where does that come from?"

Carmichael watches the scissors form. "That actually does make sense… moving parts would be harder to replicate than a single, non-moving object," he reasons. And Bryce's explanation gets a slow nod. "Hm. That might be hard, because I think Taka's written language…" He looks to Taka, for confirmation.

Which is when he notices Taka's glowing. He blinks. "Uh. Taka? Are you… all right?" he inquires. He's not going to bring attention to it JUST yet. Maybe he knows and it ain't no thang?

Bryce glances as Taka reacts to his construct. "Oh, oh, I'm sorry." He waves his hands in the air as trying to say it's okay. Unfortunately, he forgot that he was holding all those pieces of paper that he used his construct to cut up. They go flittering to the floor. "Wait…" He futilly tries to grab the papers but just ends up waving his hands through the falling pieces and manages to miss every single one. He sighs. "I'm sorry. That was my construct. And this is my mess." He points down at the strewn paper.

"No, no, it's okay, I just wasn't expecting that," Taka says apologetically. "You would think I would be more used to people doing unexpected things by now."

He blinks at Carmichael. "I'm fine, why do you ask?"

Carmichael chuckles, and stands to try to assist Bryce. Despite it being 'his' mess. "Did you want to keep the pieces?" he asks. "If not they can just be swept up into the trash." He pauses then, as Taka asks why he's asking if he's all right. "Well, er… you're glowing."

Bryce shakes his head and says, "I should have warned you better. I guess, I guess I was just excited to learn something new…didn't think I would ever learn anything new." He glances over at Carmichael and says, "No, not really. I just didn't want to leave them out in the yard."

"Am I? /Ai, c'Rhys'yw/… I'm sorry. That sometimes happens when I get startled. What did that researcher call it? Cerenkov radiation. It's an effect of my powers, sorry," Taka says, blushing slightly. "I didn't mean to let it out. It's harmless."

Carmichael smirks. "Everybody is very apologetic," he notes. "If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were both me." He's teasing, yes. But he looks between the two of them. "Let's agree everyone meant no harm, shall we?" A broom is gotten, and Carmichael goes to sweep up the pieces.

Bryce wonders at that and says, "Ai, cafeyfd….adfsym…." He shakes his head. "Wait, did you say radiation." The silver circlet in his hair flashes though nothing seems to emerge from his forehead this time. Then, looking even more confused, he says to Carmichael, "We are you? I, I don't understand." He doesn't do well with jokes or play on words. He then looks back to Taka and asks, "What are your powers, if you don't mind me askin?"

"Uh. That's still not entirely clear," Taka says quietly. "As near as anyone can tell, it seems to be something about atomic forces. I don't like using them. Which has probably affected some of my grades. The wings, those are normal, all my people have them." He has a non-standard definition of 'normal', obviously.

Bryce seems confused, and Carmichael's about to make it worse, by chiming in, "'I am he, as you are he, as you are me, and we are all together'~!" He's not a great singer, but the tune is basically preserved. He grins. "Sorry. Couldn't resist."

Though Taka's mention of 'normal' as opposed to not gets a moment of thought. "So not only are you on a planet of people that are all different from you but you have 'abnormal' powers for your own people?"

Bryce nods his head looking at Taka. "Is there any research that I could do to help you figure it out? I'm good at learning things…" He then shifts his gaze to Carmichael as he starts to sing. His eyebrows furrow as he listens. "That is an interesting tune. Did you just make that up? That's pretty good." Apparently he has no idea that who the Bettles are. Or at least he doesn't recognize the song.

"I really don't know, Bryce. I just don't *like* my powers, and I don't like using them," Taka says, looking down, and extinguishing his glow.

He blinks at Carmichael. "Well, the wings and telepathy are normal, of course. Everyone has those." He blinks again. "Well, everyone among my people does."

"Ha. I wish," Carmichael replies to Bryce's question of having made up the song. "It's called 'I Am the Walrus'. Old song." And he nods to Taka's words. "Actually… I can kind of understand. I was born with wings, and grew up with people who didn't. I could hide them 'till I hit puberty — that's when the feathers started coming in. And when they did, they were all scrubby and fluffy. I couldn't hide them then."

Bryce looks at Taka when he says that he doesn't like his powers. "You may not believe it, but I, well, I understand. My powers are trying to kill me. If I can't control them … " He doesn't finish that ominous sentence. He takes a breath and tries to not get too overwhelmed by it. Glancing at Carmichael when he gives the name of the song, "Ah, an old song. I am not familiar with it. I think I will find a book about it."

"/Ai, c'Rhys'yw/, I can relate to that, Carmichael. We're not born with our wings, they grow in at physical maturity, and that's an *awful* time. Itchy, backaches, and you can't even get a decent glide out of them… believe me, I share your pain."

Taka's eyes go wide at Bryce. "Kill you?" he squeaks. "What can you do to stop it? Can I help in any way?"

"Could just find the song," Carmichael suggests. "It's on YouTube somewhere, I'm sure. I could locate it on my phone if you'd like." Though he pauses, not really sure what to say about this whole thing about Bryce's powers killing him. Surely not. Surely they're just… well, out of control? He doesn't say any of this, mind… he doesn't know enough to speak on the subject, really.
He does note to Taka, "Think about that on top of growing up in a society that DOESN'T have wings normally. Like… like you were growing fish fins on your back instead of wings." The analogy really doesn't work, but it's close enough.

Bryce shrugs his shoulder and says, "I don't know. The doctors say that my mind is growing too fast for my body which is why, well, why I've had physical problems before." He doesn't go into details about it though. "I don't know how to stop it, but I'm hoping that if I can control them or perfect the alterations of my suppressor, then who knows." He then glances back and Carmichael. He shakes his head and says, "No, I'd rather not use Your Tube. I'm not sure how using a tube would work at all, but I can figure it out."

"I… uh." Taka doesn't really know how to deal with either of those; they're both outside his realm of experience. "Um," he tries again without much more success. "If, uh, there's any way I can help… I'm not a trained redactor, but I *am* a telepath. I don't know if that would help your mind or not…."

Carmichael gives a look of concern at the mention of Bryce's mind growing faster than his body. There really isn't much he can do about that. But then he gives a quiet snort of laughter, at the 'your tube' comment. "No, no no — 'YouTube' is a website. It's where people upload videos to share them." He'll get his phone out and load up the site, then turn the phone so Bryce can see it. It's just the site, though, not the song. Yet.

Taka's uncertainty gets a sympathetic look. For both Taka AND Bryce! "I don't think there's anything I can do about it either," he admits finally. He seems to be uncomfortable with that knowledge. Which is probably why he didn't say anything at first! "If there's something I can do, though…"

Bryce shakes his head when Taka mentions telepathy. "I have to be careful with telepathy. It can overpower my psychic power which could cause problems for me. If I'm aware of the incoming telepathy, then I can probably handle it if it isn't too much at one time." He then takes the phone from Carmichael and stares at the YouTube app on his phone. He stares at the phone as though expecting it to do something. He then looks up at Carmichael and asks, "Um, what now? Is it supposed to do something?"

"There are many weird things on YouTube," Taka says, "and I will keep my mind to myself. I usually require physical contact to reach the mind of non-telepaths anyway, so you will be safe from me."

Making to take the phone back from Bryce, Carmichael explains, "You have to do a search. Like this." He taps the search bar and the on-screen keyboard pops up. He enters in 'i am the walrus'. The search results should pop up, and Carmichael chooses one he knows is legit.

The song's a weird one, all right! He smirks in Taka's direction. "There are very weird things on YouTube, yes. Like this."

Bryce nods to Taka. "I don't know if I have telepathic abilities or not. I've lashed out once with an attack from my mind, but…well, I don't know how I did it to be honest. I also don't know if that is telepathy. Apparently, my mind is growing stronger so I don't know what will happen." He then looks at the phone again as it starts to play. Bryce blinks a bit as he listens to it. He then looks up at Carmichael and looks confused. "Um, so people just sit and look at this little screen as it plays things?" He glances down at the phone again and then back up to Carmichael. "Why?"

Taka chuckles. He's at least managed to sort out YouTube in his time here. "Some of the things on YouTube are fun. I'm not going to say I understand them, of course. And I think I can safely promise to stay out of your mind without a clear invitation…."

Carmichael doesn't have an easy answer for Bryce's question. "Well. I do because I like the sound of the things that I can find. Sometimes there are videos too. They can be entertaining." He gets the idea that Bryce wouldn't be entertained by the same things though. And after the line he sang plays, he closes the video and puts the phone back in his pocket.

He grins in Taka's direction then. "Just take care you don't stray to the weird side of YouTube without a chaperone. You may never recover."

Bryce nods to Taka and says, "Thank you. I'm sure it would be fine if I was careful, but, well, I'm just starting to get ahold of these powers so I'm a bit worried of new things." He then glances back to Carmichael and says, "That sounds scary. I think I will just stick to books. I learn better from what I see and can probably read through books faster than the videos play. Oh, that reminds me, I'm supposed to practice 'playing computer games.' Lily showed me how to play one though I'm not good. I should find a book on it." The teen loves his books.

"All the more reason not to accidentally trigger anything," Taka says. "I remember how clumsy I was with my powers when they first appeared. I guess I'm not really that much better with them now… but I do go out of my way to not use them."

Carmichael reclaims his seat and listens to the conversation. Most of this is over his head, since he doesn't have any sort of mental powers like they're talking about. But that doesn't mean he's not listening, even if he really has nothing to add to the conversation. Some of this stuff might come in handy to know at some point in the future.

Bryce nods his head and says, "Thank you." He then glances back to Carmichael and notices that he has gone quiet. "I'm sorry. I'm sure the YouTube is fun." He then adds, "Well, I should go. I want to grab something to eat. I worked up quite an appetite when working on my scissors." He smiles and waves goodbye since he doesn't have to worry about the paper pieces anymore.

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