(2018-03-24) Phones,Dreams and Mispronounced Coptic
Phones,Dreams and Mispronounced Coptic
Summary: A game, a gift, and some worry
Date: 2018-03-24
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Billiard Room

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.

Ariel cheats on Saturdays. She doesn't sleep, so she's up before just about anyone else to grab a smoothie and lay claim to the TV in the Billiards Room. By the time other students start filing in she's well into her second hour of the game she's playing. It takes place in Ptolemaic Egypt and features a guy running around doing stabs and climbing pyramids. It's probably not very period authentic but at least it does feature background characters speaking Coptic and Greek. Ariel slurps away on a bright red smoothie while she commits terrible crimes in archaeological ruins.

Besa slept better than he has in a. Long time. Apparently being sandwiched between two other people helps with that. And Cocoa, of course. He went and changed into today's clothing, got his tea and a power bar (He's found a few he likes and is wandering the estate with cocoa talking to the dog softly about the day, "Perhaps we can go to the studio for an hour or so today? Do you think anyone wold miss us?" Hearing something in the Billiards room him comes in to check it out, "Good Morning Ariel." His expression freezes, slightly mortified by whatever is on the screen, "…what is that?" That's not coptic, that's just…random words and terrible noises!

Loukanos usually doesn't sleep, but there was a cuddle fest in the attic and he's been off of his god drugs for a little longer than usual, so he ended up dozing off for a few hours. Sleep is a new thing for him. He still is not sure how he feels about it. Coming into the Billiards Room as well, he wrinkles his nose as he glances at the TV screen. "That's awfully…violent."

"It was researched!" protests Ariel, not even looking up when people complain. "By experts! Who am I to believe, someone who lived in ancient Egypt or a bunch of Frenchmen with degrees from DigiPen? Uh." She waves a hand dismissively. "Good morning, everyone! If someone else wants the TV I'm almost done with this chapter. Probably. These things always drag out in the second act." She glances over to Louk, "It's not that violent!" On screen someone is set on fire, then stabbed in the chest and shoulder at the same time. "Okay, maybe it's a little violent."
GAME: Save complete.

Besa flinches, not liking the game, at all. "Why is there a game like this?" What is this fascination with portraying his birth time so terribly? He about had a fit when someone showed him the Mummy movie. So racist and terrible! His nose wrinkles, but he shakes his head, he can't use the tv, so…He blinks, so violent! Tunring to Louk, "Good morning, did you sleep well?"

"Very violent," Loukanos gives a snort. "What even is the objective of the game?" From where he is standing, it just looks like a murder fest. And that doesn't seem all that fun. He tilts his head as he hears a line or two of dialogue from one of those background characters, "Hm. I can tell the developers made an attempt, but that is the modern Greek." He doesn't seem terribly bothered by this, his tone is purely matter-of-fact. Besa gets a shrug, "Eh. Waking up wasn't fun."

"There's a story. You're a medjay who is done wrong by some jerks and you have to get revenge. I bet the conspiracy goes all the way up to Ptolemy, because why not? I'm just doing side quests now, though." Ariel rattles the straw in her cup and has a slurp. "Some guy on Reddit said their maps and architecture were dead on. And their use of Hebrew has been dead on! Kol hakavod!" The game gets paused and she tosses the controller aside with a sigh. "But this is why I got up at six."

Besa smiles softly, "You do not like waking up?" Interesting. "Do you dream?" Is that too forward of a question? He looks back to Aiel, jaw clenching slightly, but he'll not say anything. He's found people just don't get it. As she pauses, he eyes the game one more time before shaking his head, "If it makes you happy…" Then he'll only judge silently. "What do you have planned for the weekend?" Both students are asked this. Cocoa has walked around the room and found. Place to lay, seems she's pretty confident Besa's going to be ok while here.

"Everyone dreams, Besa," It is just a matter of remembering the dream. Loukanos shakes his head, "I felt groggy and sluggish." He looks back at the game. "I cannot comment on its historical accurateness. I think I may have heard some Koine Greek in there as well." So that's really neat. "I think Ashton wanted to do something…" He smiles lazily just at the thought of the boy. "And then there is that scrying spell…"

Ariel turns off the game and pushes herself to her feet. "They didn't have an audience of ancient Egyptians in mind. You should just be glad that it's not ten years ago. All the characters would be white, with blonde hair and Cleopatra would be a damsel in distress. And would have boobs the size of her head. And no lines. So things are getting better." She grabs her smoothie and walks around to where the others are. "I rarely sleep and when I do I only ever have one dream." She frowns slightly, then shakes her head. "Ashton said you guys were going to find your heart, so maybe my plan is to go punch some priests on a Sunday? But other than that, uh… donno. I'm upstairs watching the second season of Santa Clarita Diet right now, but that's not that many episodes."

Do they? Do Gods dream? He nods though, not asking for further clarification. Mention of Ashton has Besa looking at his hands before nodding and moving over to sit down on a couch. He's carefully to not touch the controller though, just because he doesn't like the game doesn't mean he wants to short it out for Ariel. "Yes, he will need to tell me when and where." He studies Ariel, unsure if she is joking or not. "Blonde Egyptians looks weird." Apparently this is was a topic of conversation at some point. He reaches up to rub his chest, "We are trying to locate it, not retrieve it. It is somewhere in Vegas." And obviously, they are not in Vegas. He tilts his head, "I think punching priests is a good use of the weekend though."

"Blonde Greeks are fairly uncommon as well," Loukanos notes. Of course, the gods are an exception. In fact, a great majority of them are blonde. He smirks a little when Ariel says she's punching priests on a Sunday. The humor is not lost on him. "There's only one priest that actually needs to be harmed. Without him, the rest will be left goalless."

The mention of blonde Egyptians makes Ariel grimace. "Maybe we should have a movie marathon. We can watch Gods of Egypt, where the cast of Game or Thrones play Osiris and the gang. And then Exodus, where Prince of Egypt is retold with Batmoses." Ariel shrugs mildly at Loukanos. "Sounds like they're all assholes, though. Just because only one of them has any authority doesn't mean the lot of them don't need a punching. Auschwitz guards would never have organized to do what they did without guidance, but I'm still glad to know they hanged. They're all on board with hurting our friend." Ariel nods to Besa. "Well, if you guys do find it, then Gabrielle can probably get us out there lickety split."

What is the phrase, speak of the devil and so shall he appear? Ashton walks in, wearing a pair of pumpkin colord chinos and a white buttoned up short sleeve, linen shirt. He has a small package under his left arm. Seeing the three fellow students gathered, he smiles a bit wider than he was already, apparently someone is in a good mood. Heading over to their direction, Ashton grins, "Hey guys." Only hearing a tiny snippet of the conversation, "What's going on?"

Besa doesn't know what Game of Thrones is, but he frowns, "Heavens, no. I can not imagine the sacrilege of such a movie!" What the heck is a Batmoses? He's not going to make mention of his feelings on all the priests. It's complicated, and a touch of fear. He nods, eyes still on his hand. "There are more factors involved than just a strike team of us. We must coordinate with the Masters. I would not wish to harm the spy they have in the priesthood." He looks up at Ashton, but his expression is neutral. After the fight with Rain and Sky, he's just tired and unsure about a lot of things.

"Hello, Ashton," Loukanos smiles brightly at him, running a hand through his golden hair. To Ariel, he shrugs, "From what I gathered, they are a large faction. To slaughter them all would be a bloodbath and draw unwanted attention." He's not advocating mercy, per se, just discretion. "That's not really something for me to decide, though," If Besa wants to kill every last one of them…he can. "Just talking about weekend plans," He answers Ashton. "How are you?"

Ariel waves to Ashton and just nods to Loukanos. "Well. If it comes to it I won't feel bad for anyone who gets in our way." To Besa she says, "Of course." She doesn't exactly have the highest opinion of a spy who dawdles quite this much, but there's a reason no one is suggesting she make any high level decisions. Stepping away from the others she looks about to say something, then frowns and pulls her phone out of a pocket she didn't have a moment before. "Oh, I must have finished the show. Okay, I'm going to go check up on myself and see how it went. No excuse not to start on Monday's paper. I'll see everyone later." She waves to everyone and punches something into her phone as she makes her exit.

Ashton arches an eyebrow as he looks at Louk. "Weekend plans that involve words like 'slaughter' and 'bloodbath', huh?" While his eyes almost glow as he looks at Loukanos, he keeps a slight distance from the blond boy. He extracts a neatly wrapped present from the package. "You have a gift." He offers it over to Loukanos. Once taken, he looks at Besa, "Besa, I am sorry that I accidentally slipped up and unleashed a shit-storm with Rain. I didn't mean for things to escalate like it did once I had explain what I meant by my slip. I know that She and Shuyler are your family, and I never meant to cause you any more problems." He smiles to Ariel, "Weil, hi and bye.."

Bloodbath and weekend plans. Besa sighs, rubbing his chest more, "I do not want to kill. But I fear that it may be the only way to deter them from this course." Or he's going to have to just keep living in fear. He blinks, but then nods, he's friends with Rain after all. Duplicates are becoming a norm for the teen. "Have a good day, Ariel." His eyes stay downcast, but he nods to Ashton. "It is not completely your fault, I should have told her sooner." Although he finally looks up, "So you and Sky have decided you are half demon then?" His expression is hard to read, but then he sighs again, rubbing the ache in his chest. "I think she is more mad at Sky for being a dick than me." Swear words just seem odd coming out of his mouth.

A little wave is offered to Ariel from Loukanos, then he nods at what Besa says. "Do you think they would have a reason to come after you if the person they are trying to resurrect is dead?" He asks, tilting his head slightly. Once Ashton hands him the gift, he beams, "Awww." And leans in to give the boy a brief hug, even while he apologizes to Besa. "Why, thank you. Can I open it now?" Obviously, he assumes it's from Ashton.

"Still I probably didn't make things any better… just when," Ashton stops mid-sentence, "Wait, half-demon?" He looks at Besa, "I'm not a half-demon… No I think that this taint that everyone keeps feeling about me has something to do with the pills that Dr. Westbrook was giving me.. I mean why else would they have fallen into the pattern of the summoning circle that called the phantasm of your demon?" Why does everyone want to just jump to the worst conclusion. He looks at Louk, "Of course you can open it. And it's only from me indirectly. It's actually from Grandmother."

Besa doesn't like to think of himself like this, but, "I am basically a healing battery, Loukanos. They do not need my permission to take my blood and have it heal them. I just need to be breathing. Or recently dead. Or wrapped and ready to resurrect." But, maybe not? He shrugs softly, "We must understand why they are wishing to reanimate the priest." He works his jaw, listening to Ashton, "You should speak with Sky then. He has decided that the two of you 'figured it out' and decided to not tell me." Well, that's a mess. "I do not know for certain what the Symbolism meant, but no one should jump to any conclusions." There's a pause, "Or laugh about any of it." The laughing is really what did Rain in. But the Besa straightens on the couch, grimacing, "I am concerned that it was Alraxmargoth'ha's shadow." But he's not going to push any of the demon topics further. One issue at a time, right? He looks to Louk and his present. That's nice, right? He wonders it it's cookies.

"Oh. Should I be worried?" Loukanos gives a small smirk, and he starts unwrapping! How exciting. "How can someone be so concerned with their morality that they would imprison an innocent…?" He sighs and shakes his head. Of course, this is coming from the boy that is immortal. He's never had to worry about 'healing'. "Have you had any more memories of this man?" He looks over at Besa. "I think you know more about Ashton than any of us. If not, more than just as much."

Ashton looks at Besa. "It is like a defense mechanism, Besa. Either I can laugh or I can lock myself away and cry, until I get to the point that the next time I cut myself it's to slit my wrists open enough that I don't have to worry about anything anymore. And honestly, I think you know more than me… I'm connected to some demon… you at least know that demon.. what he is.. was like. You know that I have a demonic presence..I don't sense that about myself.. or at least recognize it as that. Me.. I just know that everyone keeps calling me demon or demonic… and the majority of those people just assumes that I'm some horrible monster that can't be trusted and that I'm just waiting for the opportunity to commit some heinous act… "

Inside the package is a iphone x. There is also a note, written in Greek: To the young man that has stolen my Edward's heart. He said that you had no mobile, so you do. This way, the next time he comes home he does not have to pine the entire time. I have entered his number, the house line, and my mobile number into your contacts. Edward knows of this. He does not know that there is also a small sum of money for you to spend as you will, be it on yourself or on the two of you. Consider it a belated Christmas present for an extended member of the family, as long as you two are together.

Ashton smirks, "Oh, no.. It's from Grandmother… I'm sure that if she meant you harm, she would let you know before hand. Besides she ruins people socially, and no offense but you don't really have a social profile to ruin."

Besa shakes his head, "To be honest, I have not tries since seeing Alraxmargoth'ha's shadow…It unnerved me more than I wished." He knows the demon is dead, but…it's still upsetting and scary. As for Louk's first question, Besa just shrugs, that's basically his whole life, so what does he know on it? He lets Ashton rant, an eyebrow rising slightly. "Perhaps you should consider a third option then." Laughing isn't going to hep with people's opinion on the matter. More Rain situations will not be good. The ancient teen, seeing it's a phone and not something grandmotherly leans back into the couch. Lucky for Ashton Cocoa is sleeping near a heat vent.

"I don't think laughing about it is going to do anyone harm," Loukanos offers, understanding people deal with situations in different ways. "Cope with the situation however you need to, Ashton. A little bit of black humor is better than self-harming or being miserable." He seems to disagree with Besa about the effects of laughing about it, though he might be a little biased. Back to the gift! He lifts the slender phone, tilting it with open curiosity, then reads the note. It brings a genuine smile to his face. "Did you know about this?" He asks Ashton. "Wow, this is amazing. I mean, I have no idea how to use one of these, but this is really generous of your grandmother. I should call her and thank her, right?"

Ashton sighs and shakes his head, "Like I said, I'm sorry that I made things worse… If you don't want me involved with any of this, I understand. I'll go back to avoiding you if you want. If that would make things better, you can act like I don't exist. I just wanted to help, that's all I ever wanted, Besa." He looks over at Louk, with a smile, though at this point it is a tired one. He nods, "Yes, you should call and thank you. I mentioned that you didn't have a phone, maybe a few times, when I was home, and how I really wish that I could call you." His smile is a little bit more ernest, "I'll be more than happy to show you how to use it."

Besa frowns, "That is not what I said, Ashton. If you do not wish to have me around, say so." He as well is tired of all of this, eyes closing briefly as he rubs his chest. "Nothing is going to be better until we can get everything figured out. Living like this is not good for either of us." He pulls his legs up underneath him on the couch, letting the two of them look over the new phone.

Loukanos frowns a little and looks between the two boys. Seems they're both tired. "Perhaps tonight is not the best night to go through with the scrying spell. And it doesn't look like either of you have objections to helping the other, so we are going through with that, right?" He drags his fingers along the edge of his new phone and says, "Okay, I will call her just as soon as I figure out how to turn this on…" He finds the volume button and presses it a few times. The screen stays black. Louk gives a little pout and helplessly hands it over to Ashton for assistance.

Ashton looks at Besa, "Dude, if I didn't like you, like being around you, and honestly want to help, I would not be continually trying to get to know you, try to spend time with you, and I certainly would not be willing and happy to nearly drain myself dry just to cast the spell I have been wanting to cast for the last several week, just stuff keeps coming up." Ashton hands the phone back to Louk and moves so that he squeeze in next to him. "Well for one thing, this is the power button. "

Besa frowns, "If you believe it is going to be too much then we should not do this…" Dark eyes watch the two mess with the phone. He then looks down at his hands, his nails need to be repainted. He can't press Ashton and Louk to do the spell tonight, even though Besa feels his time is starting to run out. Maybe there's another way. Maybe he needs to mediate and just get over the fear of Alraxmargoth'ha, even dead the demon holds too much power over him.

Brcye opens the door to this room he has never been too before. He sticks his head into the room and looks around. His eyes show that he wasn't execting an entertainment room here in the estate. His eyes fall on the various games and then the bookshelf. More books. Excellent. As he starts to head over towards one of them, he notices the Loukanos, Ashton and Besa talking. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt."

"Oh," Loukanos says, smiling sheepishly and comfortably pressing against Ashton. "In the old school, I was just beginning to learn how to use the e-books there. This is smaller…but something else entirely, I can already tell." Bryce's entrance gets a warm and welcoming smile. "Evening, Bryce. How are you?"

Ashton frowns, "If I thought it was too much, then I wouldn't have offered to do it." Well, that isn't entirely true. "I have been ready to do it the last couple of nights. Give me twenty minutes prep, and I'll be ready to do it now." He smirks to Louk, "And as a bonus, she sent me an upgrade to my phone too. " He looks up, "Oh, hey Bryce… " He smiles, "Don't worry about it, you are not interrupting. I mean it would be rather tacky to have a super private conversation in a very public place."

Besa's confused, Ashton just said it would nearly drain him dry! What was Besa supposed to think. He'll nods, if Ashton's ready, the ancient teen can be ready too. Bryce gets a soft smile, "Hello Bryce. Cocoa is sleeping." That she is, near the air vent, "But if you'd like to pet her her me know." And then, "Did you decide on any poetry to try reading yet?"

Bryce starts to step out when Ashton says it is a super private converstation, but then he stays when Loukanos and Besa ask him questions. "I am doing, well, well-enough, I guess. Been working on scissors which I realized are just like, uh, two small swords. Almost got it. I think." He looks over at Besa and says, "Oh, where does Cocoa sleep?" He then nods his head and says, "I did read some poems. I like some of the from John Milton especially the one On My Blindness." Bryce closes his eyes and sounds like he is reading: " And that one Talent which is death to hide, Lodg'd with me useless." He blinks his eyes open.

"Oh, okay," Loukanos smiles slightly at Ashton. "Go and prepare, then. We can figure out how this thing works later." Louk is already sliding his finger across the screen and checking out the contacts and such. "Hm. Quite the invention…" He looks up when Bryce recites poetry. "I don't think I've read his work before."

Ashton points out a little booklet in the package. "Here's the owner's manual… it should explain everything you need too." He pauses, "Well need to go somewhere a little less public… some people might freak out and try to interrupt the spell, which could be bad…"

Besa leans forward on the couch and points to Cocoa in the room. "She is there right now." His smile brightens at the recited words, "Milton is good, yes." He nods, approvingly. "I will be happy to lend you some of my books as well, if you like them." Abcently he rubs his left forearm, mentally preparing for what he'll need to do as well. "Would the attic work? Or should we go off the estate?" Less people, but less protection.

Bryce looks over at the dog when Besa gestures to her. He slowly walks a few steps towards the door and then stops when he hears about the spell. "Spell?" He turns back to look at the trio. "I don't think I've ever seen magic, er, I mean, real magic. I can do some magic tricks." His voice drops as he realizes what he said is rather stupid sounding right now. "Not that it means - uh - I would like to borrow some books. I won't need them too long. What type of books do they have in here?"

"Oh, that's rather helpful," Loukanos gets out the phone's manual. "First things first, I need to change the language…" Which may make it harder for Ashton to help him, but it'll be more comfortable for him this way. He grins over at Bryce, "Well, prepare to be amazed. Ashton's sorcery is a few grades above simple parlor tricks." He considers, "I'd check the library, but the selection of books here is rather pitiful. Most of the books were lost with the old school. I think there's a bookstore in town…"

Ashton nods, "Okay, I'll meet you up in the Attic in fifteen minutes." He pauses and chews. "Bryce I have no problem with you witnessing me castings, but ultimately that would be Besa's call, as it desls with him.

Besa meant poetry books, but he nods, "The Library has a few." The Guardian chews on his lower lip, a little nervous suddenly about this spell. "It is graphic though. If that will bother you, you should not view the casting. But if you wish to come I do not mind." Ashton gets a nod, "I will not bring Cocoa." Because that will just end poorly, certainly. He pulls his legs out from underneath him and stands, he'll need to bring Cocoa somewhere else then.

Bryce glances over at Loukanos, "Oh, I didn't mean to imply…" He shifts his gaze to Ashton. "Sorry. I was just … talking too much." He realizes that he is doing it again and stops somewhat awkwardly. His brows furrow a bit when Besa meantions the casting will graphic. "What, what do you mean?"

"Ashton's magic requires sacrifice, usually in the form of blood," Loukanos explains. "I don't know how much this spell calls for exactly, but Ashton's assures us that it will need a lot of his blood." Which is why Loukanos will definitely be there. "Why don't you leave her here, Besa? I can get her to sleep through it while you're away."
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Besa glances worriedly at Cocoa, "I'd…rather just see if Trevor or someone could watch her." No magical sleep for his pup, please. "I will need to see if I can find Rain or Sky anyway." He moves over to Cocoa and gently wakes her, "Come girl. We must find you a place to stay while I do this. It is important." As he moves to the door, "Will the attic be a good place?" Is here going to be blood everywhere? "Or should we go outside?"
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Ashton cocks his head for a second. "On second thought… on the back lawn might be best… Maybe under the moonlight, Loukanos's cousin will look on with favor. I'll raid the kitchen and get some offerings to her for good measure… " He flinches slightly at Rain's name. "Yeah, full disclosure, huh? " He looks at Besa, "I have no problem with Rain or Schuyler being there… she can even come armed if it makes her feel better. Anyway, I'll meet you out there in about fifteen minutes." With that he heads off towards the kitchen.

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