(2018-03-24) I Just Called to Say HOLY CRAP!
I Just Called to Say HOLY CRAP!
Summary: Carmichael wants to talk to his dad about this whole "angel" business…
Date: (2018-03-24)
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NPCs: Carmichael's Father
Scene Runner: Carmichael

Old City Park - Shady Cove

This area used to be a more prominent area of the town, when the local warehouse was active and the abandoned houses were filled with people. Now, it's just an eyesore, a blight on the town. The concrete basketball court has cracks and greenery poking up through it here and there, the goals are still in place, but the nets are long gone. Bleachers on one side are missing a few slats, but are generally safe to sit on. There is a large tractor tire that serves as a sandbox. Or a litter box for stray cats. A swing is rusted, the chains holding strong despite the rust, and the wooden slats faded from red to natural wood. A jungle gym and monkey bars, teeter totters, and a very squeaky merry go round complete the playground equipment. Surrounding everything, amid everything, there are vines and greenery, overgrown grass, it looks as if the local forest has taken over and engulfed the area in greenery.

A small pond where fishing is possible is tucked away amid some trees, a bridge spanning across it, though the rails and some of the foot boards are missing in some places. This too is overgrown with flora, vines, plants, greenery abounds. It's a derelict park, but somehow, kids still find it useful now and then, but mostly the older ones, while parents choose to take their younger kids across town to the new park.

A phone shouldn't be this threatening! Carmichael sighs, looking at the offending piece of technology. With two people he'd have no reason not to believe calling him an 'angel', Carmichael's decided to try to call his parents, to see if either one of them could cast any light on the situation. But he's been STARING at this bloody phone for about fifteen minutes, and still hadn't brought himself to call the number.

And he hesitates a while longer, before fnally bringing his parents' number up on the phone. International calling plan, amirite? Well, he kind of needs one, since his family still lives in England and he's going to school in America.

The phone's answered on the first ring. By his father. Who has an odd thing to say the first thing into the phone. "…You found out, I suppose?"

If this had been anyone else, Carmichael would have been confused. But his father had been that kind of weirdly astute sort all throughout Carmichael's childhood. So he just replies quietly, "…Yeah, I guess."

His father sighs. "…I suppose I owe you an explanation, don't I?"

"Might help," Carmichael confirms. "I mean… not over the phone. Sounds like it's very personal."

"It is," his father agrees. "Today's Saturday… you don't have classes today, do you?"

Carmichael replies, "No."

"I'll come today, and we can talk about it."

This gets a blink from Carmichael. "How? It'll take at least eight hours for a plane trip, and then there's booking it, luggage checks…"

His father's voice was amused. "Don't worry about that, son. I'll be there in a few hours."

"Uh… okay…"

"Love you, son."

"Love you, Dad."

~ ~ ~

Carmichael didn't know where to wait for his dad. So he goes into town. There's an old park that few people use, they should be able to talk there without being overheard. It's weird, waiting for his dad there, expecting him to show up in 'a few hours'. His dad lives in England. There's no way he can get a plane that soon. It'll be at least twenty-four hours, won't it?

Or maybe not. There's a fluttering of wings, and Carmichael looks towards the sound. It's a large pair of wings, one about the size of his own. Had Taka or Fionnuala shown up to keep him company? Those are the only two people he knows with wings.

No, it's not Taka or Fionnuala.

It's his father. Flying. On wings. Large black wings, like his own.

Carmichael's eyes widen comically, and his jaw drops. "…D-Dad…?"

The older man lands near where Carmichael's standing, with a thud. He straightens, looks at Carmichael… and smirks. "Like I said. An explanation is in order."

"I'd say so!" Carmichael exclaims. "You… you're…"

"I was," the older man replies. "But before I do, first you tell me your story. How did you find out? How much do you know?"

Carmichael sighs. "There's a student, I think his mother is… Demeter? The one whose daughter was stolen by Hades in myth. He said something about me being an angel. And then one day he summoned… I think it was Hekate? She said something about it too."

"Anything else?"

"No, that's it," Carmichael confirms. "All right then, so… what've you got?"

His father sighs. "I was a guardian angel. Yes, THAT kind of guardian angel. I was supposed to guard your mother, because at one time she was close to the demonic element. That's not something that mortals can guard against. She'd have been a great witch — that's what we were trying to prevent. The danger's past now, but… once it was done, when I was being recalled, I realized that I didn't want to leave her…"

Carmichael listens, as if in a daze. "You… fell in love with her?"

"Yes," his father replies. "So I asked to leave, to become mortal, so I could be with her. She knows about it. But we didn't want you growing up thinking you were somehow better because of your heritage. Or the other way around, that there was something wrong with you because of it. So we never told you."

"Then I'm… Nephilim?" Carmichael breathes.

His father nods. "Yes. But you're also mortal. Beyond that, you're you." He reaches to poke at Carmichael's chest. "And that's more important than any blood or heritage you have." He steps back. "Now… I expect you have a lot to think about now."

Carmichael snorts. "THAT's an understatement…" he mutters.

A smirk from his father. "I understand you've started to show some powers in that direction? Come on, let me see if I can help you out with that."

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