(2018-03-24) God of Snuggles
God of Snuggles
Summary: Loukanos checks on and comforts Ashton after his brush with a demon.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-24)
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Ashton’s Dorm Room - Boy's Wing - Winbarry Estate

After being sure the twins can handle Besa and being shooed off by Schuyler, Loukanos found another person to anxiously worry over: Ashton! It's not like he was his second choice or anything like that. In fact, he was Louk's first choice, which is why the godling forced himself to check on Besa. He can't forget his friends even if he's in a relationship. Anyway, he eventually gave the half-demon boy some space to clean himself up after vomiting. Awaiting him is Loukanos laying on his stomach on the boy's bed, socked feet swaying in the air. He has changed out his clothes and into something more comfortable. Shorts and the Led Zeppelin shirt he received from Ashton. The boy is distracting himself with his new phone. On the nightstand, there's a glass of stale ginger ale and a banana.

Ashton walks into the room, wearing a pair of grey jersey shorts and an oversized Grateful Dead teeshirt. It is clinging slightly to his still damp torso from his recent shower. A mossy green towel is clung around his neck. His hair is a very, very chaotic mess. Physically he looks completely fine, though there is a weariness to his eyes. "That shirt looks familiar for some reason…"

There's a bit of delay, Loukanos seems a little bit too engrossed with his new phone, but darn it, he's never had something like this before, and it's a rather curious piece of technology. So many functions. He eventually tears his eyes away from the screen to look at Ashton. "Hi," He greets with a hint of a smile and tilts his head. "Um…maybe because it's yours," Was Ashton kidding or did he really not know? "Do you want it back?"

Ashton moves and sits down on the edge of the bed. He chuckles slightly, "Yeah, I know…" He looks down at the blonde then shakes his head, "Nah… I think it looks better on you." His shoulders sag slightly as he sits slightly hunched over - poor posture is not something that Ashton normally does. "Sorry about … the digestive pyrotechnics earlier… I can't really explain it.. it was just like something was completely wrong with the world.. and puke wsa all that I could do to make it better."

"Are you sure?" Loukanos is a bit bigger than Ashton, the shirt fits him snuggly. "Without this shirt, I might've gone insane during those days you weren't around," He was pretty miserable. Sapphire eyes study the boy as he sits. "It's okay. You're feeling a little better now, though, right? I thought maybe Besa's healing didn't work on you, but your cuts were healed."

Ashton looks at you. Azure eyes though tired still shine. "I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it, Louk. " He frowns and shakes his head, "I don't think it had anything to do with Besa's healing. When I first came to… it was like everything was in a haze.. then as I started to come out of it.. that's when it hit me… "

"Well, I got you ginger ale for your upset stomach. And a banana," Loukanos smirks a little. "There's an innuendo in there, isn't there?" More seriously, he says, "If you need it, I will heal you again," And again and again and again. However many times Ashton needs. "I don't know if it will help since Besa's didn't, but…I will. Just say the word."

Ashton arches an eyebrow and smirked, "Only if you intended something behind the words.." He grins slightly, "Now the question is whether or not the banana you have for me is all mine?" He shakes his head, "No, I don't think that would be necessary.. I mean I feel fine.. Just … I feel almost violated… "

"Okay. If you're sure…" Loukanos nods. His voice grows sultry, and he gets close enough to Ashton's arm that his lips brush against his skin. "I'm all yours, Ashton," He playfully nips the flesh on his arm and draws back, rolling over so he's laying on his back. With a grin and a snort, he adds, "Even my banana." Watching Ashton, he frowns a little, "Violated?"

Ashton shivers slightly as Louk's lips brush across his skin. He grins and moves up so that his hands are set on either side of Louksnos's head, supporting him up. He lowers himself slowly keeping eye contact with the godling, before reaching up and grabbing the actual banana, "Thanks, cause I kind of starving." He waggles his eyebrows and sits back up, but not before giving a teasingly quick kiss. He sighs just slightly, "I.. I guess that's how to describe it.. I'm not really sure how else to… It's like something inside of me was touched by someone and I didn't really give permission to… " He pauses, "Really kind of felt like two people… One more stroking, almost fondling the other grasping and forceful…"

"Wrong banana," Loukanos winks and smirks against the kiss. Sobering up, he furrows his brows, "That's…" Oh, there's more than a hint of aggression there. His face darkens as if clouded by storm clouds. Call him territorial, but no one should touch Ashton without him asking! "Gods. It was the demon's spawn, wasn't it? Of course, you wouldn't remember that."

Ashton shudders slightly, as withdraws within himself for a few seconds. He wraps his arms across his chest, "I think.. I think I might.. I don't know… When I was taking my shower… I kept seeing these little flashes… and I felt something was trying to grab me.. not physically.. but.. I don't know.. It sounds stupid.. but it was like I could almost feel it trying to pull me into the fire and something or someone maybe was keeping it just at bay… but at the same time… that other presence.. is the one that was the more.. I don't know.. less scary, but more unsettling… more personal…"

"So like a guardian angel?" Loukanos frowns slightly. "I'm sorry there wasn't more that I could do…or that I can't make this go away." Ashton's demonic presence doesn't mean so much to him, but it seems to bother every other person. "First, you had to deal with Besa's mistrust and now…" Demonic entities are reaching out to him.

"I'm not sure I use the term guardian angel…" He says thinking about it, "It didn't feel malevolent… but didn't feel quite .. completely friendly.. not sure.. " Ashton shrugs slightly, "Besa has every reason to be bothered by me… apparently justifiably."

"You're not the monster they think you are…do you really believe that?" Loukanos reaches for Ashton's hand. "I know him being bothered by you bothers you. And you have not done anything to justify his fear." Not yet, anyway. "I, for one, don't believe you're destined to be evil…that is predetermination, and while it makes for dramatic Greek legends, it makes an awful life. No one should be judged for the sins of their…" He pauses. It's looking more and more likely that it's Ashton's father, but as he's not 100% on that, he doesn't finish that statement.

Ashton sighs, "I didn't until tonight… Did that thing really call me brother? Or.. I don't suppose that there was any chance it was talking about Schuyler, huh?" He says it but he doesn't believe it for one moment, and it is even in his voice. "but how can I not be what they all think of me if I am… I mean .. "

Slowly, those dusky arms are wrapped around Ashton's thin frame. "Besa's command on the tongue is better than mine, but yes, I caught that part," Loukanos grins a little. "There's a slim chance of that. I think Schuyler might like that, though." At least, from what Besa has told him about the male twin. "They only think that because of their biases. I know you, and I know who you are. Somewhere along the line, you are going to have to learn to let go and let them think what they want. You're Ashton, not the spawn of a devil or Besa's archenemy."

Ashton leans back against Loukanos. "Right now, if it is true… then how am I suppose to know who I am, when I'm not even sure if I know what I am… " He sighs, "For the most part, most of my life I have been mostly invisible, now I have people who legitimately want to be my friend, not just because they were paid to pretend to be my friend.. and now most of them won't want to have anything to do with me.. or worse yet kill me."

"Besa does not want to kill you," That's awful! Loukanos is fairly sure Rain doesn't want to murder anyone either. "Look. If what you've done tonight hasn't convinced Besa that you're on his side, nothing you do will. At this point, it's up to him to decide how he wants to move forward in regards to how he treats you. I think it'll be hard for him…but there's really nothing any of us can do at this point."

Ashton sighs, "Maybe not Besa, but I can bet that Rain and maybe Koga again… And I seriously doubt that Koga will ever trust me after this… So why should I even bother any more?" He stops and leans back, relaxing, "I just don't know anymore."

There is a slight squeeze as Ashton begins to relax before Loukanos loosens the hug as well. "It's okay not to know. I am not suggesting you stop being kind to Besa…I just don't like seeing you beat yourself up about what other people think about you. That's a miserable way to live, especially when those people are already predisposed to dislike you."

Ashton nods, "Yeah, well I guess there is no way of knowing until I actually see him… " He yawns, "Though right now I just want to curl up, maybe with my favorite blanket wrapped around me."

Loukanos releases Ashton, chuckles a little, and gives the other boy a quizzical smile. "You have a favorite blanket?" He's surprised, though not expecially judgemental. "Oh, I have to see this." He looks around the boy's room. "You do have in the school, right?"

Ashton nods, "Yeah, it's hanging on the inside of the closet door." He looks at you with big puppy dog eyes, "Would you get it for me please."

"Anything for you, agapi mou," Loukanos feels like this mean be a serious thing for Ashton, so he leans over and kisses the boy's temple before standing and opening that closet door. He finds a mirror. It takes him a second. "Oooh," Blue eyes widen, and he grins widely. "Smooth, Ashton. Very smooth." The godling heads to the bed again and flops on top of Ashton. With his whole body. "Mmm…am I doing a good job yet?"

Ashton oofs as Loukanos flops on top of him. He mock whimpers with a voice faking being crushed, "My blanket is heavier than I remember." He laughs softly, "But is definitely extra warm… " He snuggles underneath the godling, then rolls to his side, with Louk still draped over him, "Much better."

Loukanos positions himself in a way that not all his weight is being pressed against the fragile boy. If he wanted to, he could crush him, and he most certainly does not want that. Instead, he peppers the side of his face with kisses. "I think so, too," Loukanos has found he rather likes showing Ashton with sweet affection and attention. "Maybe I'll grow up to be the god of snuggles and blankets." Beat. "Hey, can I sleep here?"

Ashton closes his eyes as Louk kisses him. There is a look of contentment and joy on his face. He reaches up so that his fingertips find their way to Loukanos's hair. He smiles, "Keep this up and Eros might be out of a job…" He twists his neck, almost to the point of straining in order for his lips to find the other boy's. "I didn't think you really needed to sleep… " He then smiles, "But you can sleep here any time you want to." His hand slides down to your shoulder and follows it to Louk's hand, where his fingers intertwine with his. He then pulls their combined hands to his lips and kisses the godling's.

"Don't let Aphrodite hear that. She'll turn me into stone," Loukanos gives a little grin, teasing. Maybe. He catches Ashton's lips, eager enough that it's more than just parting. He frowns briefly, adjusting just how he's on top of Ashton. Because while he's a god, he's also a boy and his boyish 'needs' are showing in those cotton shorts. Still, his pleasant smile is back, "I usually don't. The other day, I practically fell asleep over Besa." Biting his lip, he admits, "I think it has to do with me not keeping up with my diet of nectar."

Ashton smiles slightly, "Then how about I just say that you would make an apt pupil of Eros'?" As the smaller boy snuggles back against Louk, there is no chance that he isn't aware. And while it may have given a pause, it is only the briefest of ones. Depending upon how observant Louk is, he might notice that Ashton is feeling similar needs. "Why have you not been keeping up with your diet?"

"I want to," Loukanos explains with a soft sigh. "Mother usually gives me just enough to get through about six months comfortably, and I have almost exhausted the supply. So I'm trying to limit how much I consume to stretch it out," Some days he goes without food entirely. "I think there may be an addictive property attached to it…same as my healing, I suppose."

Ashton frowns, "Is there a way to get more of it? I mean other than from your mother?" Okay, so much for enjoying having Louk snuggled up behind him. Ashton rolls over so that he is facing Louk, their faces just a few inches apart. "What happens if you go without it for too long?" There is concern that only comes with true caring in his eyes, "Is this something that we need to be worried about?" We, not you.

"I can't steal it if that's what you wondering. The last person who tried that is still paying for it to this day," Loukanos smiles sadly. "I don't know yet. Hekate implied that the only way to get it is to return home." When Ashton asks him what happens if he goes without for too long, Loukanos leans in and kisses his nose. "Let me worry about that. I don't wish to burden you with this," It's his problem to deal with. Ash has enough stuff going on. "For now, I have to deal with mortal cravings…food, sleep, etcetera."

"I wasn't implying that you should steal it. I honestly don't know how you would get it." Ashton frowns slightly, not liking his answer or rather his lack of an answer. The young sorcerer's expression grows more severe, "You wouldn't be burdening me with any thing anymore than I am burdening you with all of my problems… So am I burdening you?" He closes his eyes and lets out a deep breath, "I'm sorry.. I am just worried, and you dancing around answering me, isn't doing anything to lessen that." He reaches over and puts his hand on Louk's cheek, brushing his thumb over the edge of Louk's cheek. "There are worse things than mortal cravings…"

"No. You're not. I want to help you…" Loukanos pauses. "And I suppose you want to help me, too, huh? I don't think the answer will lessen your worry at all…if I go without ambrosia for too long - mind, I don't know how long is 'too long' - I imagine I'll become a mortal again or worse." He has vague ideas, but this isn't something he's ever inquired about. He grins a little and leans into that caressing hand, kissing the palm. "Immortals always get sex cravings, mister." Hormones like that transcend divinity.

Ashton frowns as he listens. NO the answer doe not lessen the worry. "Then we will do whatever it is that has to be done then, okay?" He moves and presses his chest against Louk's as he holds on tightly. The embrace lasts for a moment, before he pulls back slightly, kissing Louk on the shoulder. He then pushes back a little bit so that he can look the other boy in the eyes. He scrapes his teeth over his lower lip. letting his canine linger a little bit longer, then grins at Louk with the most lascivious of smiles. "Good to know… " His eyes glance downwards, then up. He then sighs softly, "Though I think I'll have to store that away until another time… At least until after we have gotten some sleep."

"Sleep," Loukanos nods. "Of course. Mother used to sleep for the first few weeks of autumn. She didn't need it, so I was always so confused. I…I'm not sure, but I think I understand why now. And that's because of you." He rolls off of Ashton. "Which side of the bed do you want?"

Ashton looks into Louk's eyes. "Which ever side has you against my back and your arm holding me to you." When he says it, there is no innuendo, no teasing, or play. He reaches up and wipes a bit of moisture from his eyes. "I don't know if someone our age even knows what love it.. so I don't want to say it until I know for sure.. I don't to cheapen it, when I do know… but can't imagine it being much different from how I feel about you right now." He sniffs, "If I fell asleep with you holding me… and I didn't ever wake up… I think it might be worth it."

"I can make that happen," Loukanos nods and listens to Ashton. A sincere smile spreads across his face, and he leans in to kiss Ashton lightly on the lips. It's slow and passionate and while there's a yearning to it, it's not sexual. "Come now. If you don't make it through the night, you'll never see the sun." He'll hold Ashton once they settle in. God of snuggles, indeed.

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