(2018-03-23) Personal Space!
Personal Space!
Summary: Theo goes down to the wine cellar to try to practice a bit. Grayson's there, and not happy someone's in his spot. Also Grayson does that thing with the apple core again.
Date: (2018-03-23)
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Wine Cellar — Winbarry Esates

Oakpaneling and shelves fill this room, no wine sits on the shelves though, it is now being used for food storage. Currently there isn't much on the shelves, just canned foods and other non-perishiables. Set aside on a different shelf is a large amount of various ramen.

Classes have been over for a little while, and Theo's seeking sorta-solitude! See, it's been a while since Theo's done anything really physical, and he needs to get back into the habit of moving around, now that he's feeling better. Thanks to Loukanos, of course. So he's brought an MP3 player down into the basement. Not just the basement, in fact, but the wine cellar. He really doesn't want to risk looking like an idiot if he messes this up as much as he fears he might. He's wearing a t-shirt, leggings, and soft-soled shoes to make it easier for him to move around.

Grayson is carrying a moleskien notebook in one hand and a green apple in the other as he steps into the wine cellar. He's kind of claimed this as the place he goes to get away from people. When he walks in, he pauses. Someone beat him here. He sighs, and steps in anyway, sitting down on a crate. "You're in my cellar," he says, flatly.

Theo squeaks a little bit, not having expected someone to show up. Though it's Grayson, he should have. The two of them seem to run into each other a lot. He smirks. "Yes, yes I am," he admits. "I'm not going to mess with anything here. Everything's exactly where you left it." Yes, he's messing with Grayson. Though it's not his usual level of tease since he's a little off his game thanks to being startled.

Grayson leans back on the crate, putting his back against the wall casually, and he tosses the apple into the air and catches it. "Good. I'd hate to have to kick your ass." He takes a loud bite of the apple, chewing it with his mouth open, making plenty of smacking sounds as he does so. "Why are you in my room?"

"You'd have to be able to catch me first~," Theo all but chirps. Because he'd run. Really fast. But yeah. What's he doing here? I was going to exercise. "I don't make a lot of noise. So if you can control yourself while I'm stretching, you don't have anything to worry about." He winks playfully. Theo really ought to learn not to poke Grayson; he's prickly!

Grayson scowls a little at Theodore. "I don't worry," he notes. Rolling his eyes, he takes another bite of his apple, speaking through a full mouth. "Ishn't there anywhere elshe you could go do whatever you're doing?" He swallows. "There were people everywhere else in the mansion."

"I suspect we both came here for the same reason, not wanting too many people," Theo points out. And then, just to be a pain in the butt, he moves over to where Grayson's sitting, and plops down on the ground next to the crate Grayson's sitting on. Yep. Personal space invasion! Now that he's feeling better, he's feeling more like his old self, which means he's fully up to messing with Grayson!

Grayson looks down at Theodore when he plops at his feet. He tilts his head. "You're…" He furrows his brow a little, "You're in my space."

"Yup," Theo confirms. "Best way to get used to hot water is to expose your skin to it a little at a time, right?" He gives a smile that manages to be both sunny and mischievous, and sits there for a moment. Though it's not long before he takes pity on Grayson and stands up, moving out of his fellow student's immediate personal space.

Grayson watches Theodore closely. Once he stands, Grayson says, "Fine. I'll bite. What are you down here doing? I mean, what are you actually gonna do in here?"

"I was planning on practicing a bit, if that's all right?" Surprisingly Theo actually does seem like he's being respectful and asking permission this time, rather than just being flippant towards Grayson. "I'm not usually loud, and I can pick a spot that's out of your immediate view."

Grayson sighs, shaking his head. He opens the moleskien and starts flipping the pages, not looking at Theodore as he speaks. "You put those fucking tights on to show off your shit. The least you could do is stay where I can look at it when you're not lookin' my way." He shrugs, "Or not. Whatevs."

Grayson sighs, shaking his head. He opens the moleskien and starts flipping the pages, not looking at Theodore as he speaks. "You put those fucking tights on to show off your shit. The least you could do is stay where I can look at it when you're not lookin' my way." He shrugs, "Or not. Whatevs."

Theo snorts a rather inelegant laugh at that first statement, and covers his mouth to muffle it. And yes, he does blush a little. "Well, if you want to look, I don't mind. No harm in it." Then why are you blushing, silly? "Though I wear them because they're comfortable and I can move in them easier." Fortunately they're not super-thin. They're thick enough that if he went outside in them, he wouldn't be getting arrested for indecent exposure. And there's plenty of support! Dancers need support!

Grayson lets out a little "Heh," as he settles on a blank page in his book and pulls out a pen form his pocket. "Really? Now you're an exhibitionist?" He looks over at Theodore then. "They don't look comfortable." He shrugs, and looks back at his page. "Does nice things for your legs, though."

And there goes Theo blushing again! Fortunately it's still light. "Maybe," he teases back, to the question of him being an exhibitionist. He isn't, but he knows he needs to not back down from Grayson. As for them being comfortable? "They're light, so they move easier. If I tried any of this in jeans it would be like… trying it in a body cast around my legs. Denim just doesn't move well enough." To demonstrate, he bends at the waist, laying his body against the length of one of his legs. He's not looking at Grayson specifically. "See? I can't do that in jeans."

Grayson chuckles, "I can't do that AT ALL." He crunches on the apple. "Looksh like it hurtsh." He chews and chews, then swallows. "If I could bend like that, I'd never leave my bunk." Yeah. He totally just went there.

Theo stands up again, with another of those rather inelegant snorts. "Oh geez," he mutters. "See, I never even thought about that until you said something about it." Brightly he continues, "But now I will! Thanks!" He's not sure if that's a good thing or not. But he's laughing, either way.

Grayson rolls his eyes, "Now it's ALL you'll think about…" He sniffs, and writes in the notebook for a few moments. "Everything turn out okay with Ashton and his grandma?"

"Hey, I'm not COMPLETELY obssessed," Theo insists, sticking his tongue out. He takes a seat, though not close to Grayson, and puts his legs out straight in front of him. As he leans forward over his legs — no, not to do THAT — he answers the second question. "I'm not sure. I've heard he came back, and he's reasonably healthy, so I'm glad about that. Though he seemed disturbed yesterday, for whatever reason, but I've yet to find out why."

Grayson shrugs again, "Well, he ain't dead, so whatevs." He scribbles a few more words in the notebook. Not looking up, he asks, "What got you into doing this whole dance thing? It's a little random, and it's definitely not really supported by being at this school."

"That's definitely a good thing," Theo replies, regarding Ashton's status of not being dead. As for what got him into dancing? "When my mother and father got married, they took me to Japan." Side stretch! "I stayed with some of my stepfather's family when they went out on a date. My cousin on my stepfather's side is part of a group-in-the-making, and he taught me a little. Then I started looking on YouTube and realizing people actually do this sort of thing."

Grayson sniffs, "Sure, but I mean, there's not really a future in that, is there? Like," he looks up - down - at Theo, "you can't really be a dancer for a living when you grow up, can you?"

"Maybe, maybe not," Theo replies. "It's a short career, even if it happens. And like any career in the performance arts, there's a much better chance of failing than succeeding." Streeeeetch on the other siiiiide! "But I know that. I do it anyway, because I love it. I have to love it, to put myself through what I go through. I've hurt myself doing this more times than I can count."

Grayson kind of rolls his eyes and begins writing again. "So, you wanna be a dancer when you grow up. And when that fails, or you get hurt, or it just runs its course, what do you wanna do then?"

Theo shrugs. "I don't know. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it," he replies. "I can't have ALL the answers, after all." He grins, and pulls his legs into a tailor-style position under him.

"You had all the other answers," notes Grayson with a little shrug. "I got two left feet, so more power to ya." He sits his pen down and takes another bite of his apple. As he chews, "Sho, where woodjew dansh at?"

"Everybody has stuff they're good at, and stuff they're not so good at," Theo replies. "I'm sure you have things you can do that I'd look like an idiot doing." A pause, and then he smiles. "Though I could try to teach you how to dance." The smile turns to a grin. As for where he'd dance? "Depends. If I can get hooked up with a group, I might be able to dance at concerts. I might be able to get a job as a backup dancer for a musician, I could monetize my YouTube channel and post dances there…"

Grayson closes his notebook, furrowing his brow. "You have a YouTube channel?" He smirks, "Of course you do," he consludes, shaking his head. "I don't dance," he reiterates.

Theo snickers at the asked an answered question. As for Grayson not dancing? "No one does. Until they do," he replies. "Though if it's not something you're interested in, I can understand that too." He sounds pretty understanding of it.

Grayson sniffs, scratching the back of his neck. "I ain't like you. I can't do that. I'd fall and die." He smirks, "I do better with things like rock climbing, or kayaking or swimming or punching Ronan. I'm also a shitty student."

Theo snickers. "Strength over finesse, hm?" he teases. Though he also recalls, "Ronan did say that was a good hit. He was a pretty good sport about it. Thank you for not using your powers when you did that."

"I guess," Grayson answers. He hops off the crate, grabbing his notebook. "He's lucky I didn't kill him," Grayson offers, hopefully kidding. "Okay, so, you can have the cellar for now. I'm gonna head to bed before you force me to dance." He begins to walk for the door.

"I hope you're kidding," Theo notes. "Neither one of you are that bad of people." Though he can't help but chuckles at the ceding of territory. But instead of teasing, he admits, "Well… I just wanted to hang out with you, really. Didn't mean to run you off."

Grayson rolls his eyes, "No one runs me off. And no one wants to hang out with me, Theo." And he heads off. His apple core is still on the crate where he left it for Theodore.

"Apparently I do. On both counts," Theo replies, to Grayson's retreating back. He sighs… and then notices the apple core. And he can't help but laugh. "…Really?" He shakes his head, then stands and picks up the apple core — by the stem of course — and tosses it into the trashcan.

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