(2018-03-23) Fired Up & Cooled Down
Fired Up & Cooled Down
Summary: Rain has some firey venting at Besa but cools down fast
Date: 2018-03-23
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The kitchen has gone through quite an update. The walls have been repainted and the wood floor restored. It is now firmly imbedded in the 21st century with a six burner duel fuel stove/oven combo and a separate dual oven on top of that. A large, double wide French door fridge sits near the stove with a marble top cabinet between them. More marble topped cabinets and matching island with a few stools, give plenty of storage and counter space. More cabinets above are full of various canned goods and other foods, for the preparation of meals for the students. The pantry is equally full, one area of it set aside for between meal snacks of hungry teenagers.

Besa ended up last night being shuffled around from teacher to teacher as he had a phone call, but accidently touched the phone and then it was just a mess. So he didn't get a chance to see anyone to talk to them last night, so here he is during break, making a kettle full of hot water for tea…just in case. It's Friday, and while he's still in uniform, the tie is loosened. Cocoa's already claimed the floor under the table.

That is for the best really. It gave Rain plenty of time to cool down after having a bomb dropped on her by Ashton. The evidence of that cool down period is stuck to the back of her hands, several band-aids cover her knuckles, of both hands. That isn't a normal look for her, and certainly clashes with her perfectly manicured fingernails, a sparkly green. She is still acting colder than usual, to /everyone/, even those she is rarely, if ever is that way toward. She comes into the kitchen, also for tea, but sees that Besa has beaten her to it. Heading over to the cabinet she takes out two mugs, tea and honey and preps those for hot water, all without her usual smile or greeting, just silence.

Besa's head tilts, "Good Morning Rain, I ha…" He trails off seeing her hands and the icey demeanor. Taking a few steps closer, he doesn't offer to heal her, but instead, "Are you well? Is Schuyler well?" Maybe she's not recovered from volley dodge? His hand raises to lightly touch her forearm.

The jar of honey is put down a little too hard on the counter, but it isn't exactly slammed, no getting honey everywhere! She turns to look at Besa, Rain looks tired and there is fading evidence around her eyes that she may have been crying at some point, "Am I well?" she echoes as she turns to him. It's break time and in the kitchen is Besa and Rain, prepping tea, though it doesn't seem to be a happy affair. The teen girl, with her Band-Aid covered hands, is clearly still upset. "How am I supposed to be well when the two people I trust the most are keeping secrets from me?" she gives Besa a pointed look "You want to go ahead and tell me now?"

Schuyler was outside taking a smoke break, but it might be Rain's mood that brings him in with the cigarette only half-smoked. He's in his 'casual' goth clothes, being that it's Friday and he pauses just inside the kitchen door to look between his twin and Besa. «Tell you what?» There are probably lots of things that he hasn't had a chance to share with Rain that he meant to. But as she's looking at Besa, he'll wait and see who is really deserving the brunt of her ire.

Besa's dark eyes widen and he actually takes a small step backwards. Venom form Rain is not anything he was prepared for. "I…" He actually looks like he's scrambling his his mind to try to figure out what she's so angry about. "Is….is this about Ashton?" Because the only other secret there's no way she could know about, no one but Amisi knows! "The spell is try to locate the piece of my heart." His hand goes up to touch his chest, like she doesn't know where it's supposed to go!

This is new for Rain too. She has never been upset at Besa before. Sure she has been mad for him and about him, but not /at/ him…she's been mad at Sky tons of times though. When her brother comes in she glances in his direction and points "Don't think you are safe, you kept this from me too." then she is looking back at Besa, hurt fighting with anger for a spot on her face "Yes, it's about Ashton." she confirms that much, but the mention of a spell has her looking puzzled "Spell? No." she shakes her head "You both have reason to suspect that Ashton is at least half demon and you don't tell me?" she glances between the two of them "You trust me that little?"

«I thought we knew that the piece of your heart was in Las Vegas…» Sky starts but then he realizes why Rain is so mad at him. Them. «I was going to talk to you about it…but I didn't know that Besa knew! When Ashton and I figured it out, we decided it would be best for me to not tell Besa…because I know how he's been with others…» like Ryu. «It was for Besa and Ashton to figure out…»

Besa's eyebrow raises, "What do you mean figured it out? We're still trying to determine…" But then apparently not. The teen pales slightly, but then snarls at Sky, "How I had been?" Oh, he knows what this is about, "Ryu taunted be every chance he got!" But no one remembers that, just that Best was mean to a demon student! His hand goes up to his chest, "Ixiie causes havoc where ever she went!" He wasn't just knee jerk reacting to them! He takes a step in the opposite direction from Sky, glaring before looking at Rai. His expression softens some, but now his hackles are raised, "I…I thought there was a chance he was…being prepared to be a vessel…I was going to try to save him…." But if he's a half demon for certain…Besa doesn't know exactly how to deal with that. He was clinging to the vessel dream. "I wanted to be sure…I knew you would be upset." Apparently, he was very right.

Rain was in total agreement with Besa about Ixxie and Ryu, so at least he isn't going off on her about that, and even despite her anger and hurt she still backs him up on that. Proof that while she isn't happy with him at all she still considers him friend and family and she this will pass. "He had every reason to act like that toward Ryu." she never really saw him do anything to Ixxie except avoid her, and she did too and not just because the girl was a demon. She nods her understanding when Besa speaks to her again "I'm more upset at not being told, I had to hear it from Ashton. He laughed about it…laughed." which seems to have upset her even more "That isn't something to laugh about." she again looks at both of them "Maybe if I had been told I wouldn't have nearly had Ashton eating my fists." lucky Sky dragged her away, but that does explain why her hands are Band-Aid covered, she had to hit something. Besa is an easy read, she can see when his dream breaks and now that she has vented she is starting to feel better, enough that empathy kicks in. The few steps between Besa and her are taken and she goes to put an arm around him.

Schuyler still situates himself to step between the two if needed. «Ashton and I were talking. He may be…whatever he can do and why he can do it may be related to one of the demons that's been after you. He doesn't want to hurt you and I haven't seen any signs of him being controlled by any demons like some of the other students were.» If that helps. «Ixxie, yes. Ryu just wanted to be a normal kid.» Not that it matters. «I think Ashton laughed because he didn't know what else to do. Not because it was funny.»

"Ryu laughed because I was afraid of him, Sky. Taking pleasure in someone's fear is not normal!" Besa's jaw clenches, but he allows Rain to hug him. But his gaze is on Sky. "You are not an expert off Demons, Sky. Stop acting like you are." He glances at Rain and then sighs, eyes closing, "I am sorry he did that to you. He should not have." Poor Cocoa, she was all set to rest under the table, but now she's belly crawling out and moving towards Besa. It's like she can feel his heart straining against the missing piece.

Rain is past her wanting to punch something phase. And she would probably hurt herself just as much as the other person if she tried and she doesn't want any of that noise. Between Besa's opinion and Sky's opinion…well she isn't sure where she should land. "Whether he is a demon or not, right not Ashton seems to genuinely want to help with the priest issue." she says thoughtfully "He may or may not have ulterior motives, but right now the priority is dealing with the priests. After that we can figure out if Ashton has motives or not." she has fallen into her default logical mode for the moment. "Can we agree on that?" she keeps an arm around Besa, so he the middle of a Rain and Cocoa sandwich.

Besa's accusation causes Sky to frown, «Maybe I'm not an expert on demons, but I know people pretty well. And there's always more to them than they let on.» He looks quickly to Rain and signs, 'Blame me for all of this if you want. But I'm not going to sit here and get yelled at for actually having faith in people. I may not like most of them, but I also don't think they're evil.' He takes a couple of steps back and turns to head back outside. He may need another cigarette now.

Besa just quietly asks Rain as his shoulders slouch, watching Sky leave, "But why does he never have faith in me?" Apparently Besa can still read sign language. He looks down at Cocoa, but doesn't move out of Rain's arm, "I do not know what to think of Ashotn. But I do know that Alraxmargoth'ha's shadow was on both of us." He sniffs, hand still on his chest pressing, "And it was his. Not a nightmare. Not….me projecting…" He shutters, and then grimaces. His chest is getting worse. The tea kettle starts to ramp up to whistle as it boils.

There is no surprise at Besa understanding what Sky had signed, if her twin had wanted it private he would of just said it through their bond. Rain gives a squeeze "I know Sky better than anyone and i can't even answer that." She wishes she could. It is break, which means tea time for Besa and Rain, thougb it seems more like drama time at the moment. "I don't either. Unlike Ryu, he hasn't done anything on purpose." The shadow though…"Alrax is dead, he can't hurt you anymore. That shadow…it will always be there, in a sense Alrax made you both what you are today."

Gabrielle is sporting the regular school uniform as she walks into the kitchen. When she passes Sky on his way out she gives him a smile and a polite nod and then heads straight for the cabinet where her homemade granola is kept. Snack time! When she sees Rain and Besa she smiles, a bit more hesitantly than she smiles at Sky now that she notices Rain seems to be comforting Besa, "Hi Rain, Besa." But instead of asking if anything is going on she pulls out her granola bag and asks, "Granola?"

"I think he wold trust Alraxmargoth'ha over me at times." Devil's advocate indeed. His eyes stay downcast, looking at Cocoa or his feet, hard to say. The dog is pressing against his legs. His mouth twitches at Rain's nickname for the demon, "Alraxmargoth'ha, Rain. Do not shorten it. That implies a …. Fondness." A shiver goes through his body at the memory of the cold shadow. "I do not know what made Ashton yet." Alraxmargoth'ha? One of his children? Something else? The cult? He reaches up to rub his face, but then goes back to pressing into his chest. How is he going to be able to go to Vegas and fight like this? Ugh. The tea kettle starts to whistle. "I should…make us tea." He tries to step away, luckily Gab walks in, "Hello Gabrielle. No thank you. Would you like some tea?" Well, boiled water, she can use her own special tea, he assumes.

No comment there. Rain was shortening to show that the demon is no longer somethjng to fear, no fondness implied, but she gets the point Besa is trying to make. "We'll figure it out." Stress on the we. "Tea…i'll help." She has already started the mugs. "Hello Gabrielle." She greets the girl looking as the granola is offered "No thanks."

Gabrielle pours out some of the granola in the big ziplck bag into a cup then puts the bag away. Before shutting the cabinet she pulls out a round tin, scoops some of her tea mix into a tea ball and smiles at Rain, "I'll take a cup of water then. The sweetness of the granola will go pretty well with some tea." She takes a moment to look back and forth between Besa and Rain and finally gets the gumption up to ask, "Is everything OK? I feel like I might have come in on the tail end of a serious discussion."

As the hot water is poured by Besa into stoneware mugs Rain tries to open the honey "How are you readjusting to school?" She asks the other girl as she goes to run the stubborn jar lid under some hot water at the sink "The school having moved was probably a surprise." She hands of the honey, taking the kettle and offering it other to Gab "Oh you know, it isn't a full day unless there is drama." She is trying to make light of the very serious situation.

Gabrielle takes the kettle with a quick thanks and goes about the business of putting together her tea as she answers the questions, "Its OK. Having people around again after so much time alone is weird but nice. People think just because I'm shy I like to be alone but I do like people. Just not new people." Yes. She's aware this is kind of a strange sentiment and she laughs at herself for a moment before continuing, "When I popped back I was under twenty feet of water So you could say it was a weeeeeeee bit of a surprise, yes." After a pause to take a sip of her tea, which lets her know the tea ball needs to steep a little longer she adds, "So, you all know you can include me in any plan to help Besa out with his priest problem, right?"

"Shy does not equal introvert and introvert doesn't equal shy." Rain is an introvert, but not shy, so she gets it. Her eyes widen in surprise "That would of surprised me too. Good thing you kept your wits, that could ended badly." She doesn't need to elaborate on that. The offer, because that is what it truly is has her smirking "Maybe I should make a sign up sheet."

Gabrielle laughs a bit at the reaction to her offer, "I bet a sign-up sheet would fill up and need written in lines to fit everyone that would want to help out." She popps a handful of granola in her mouth and offers it one more time, speaking around her bite to say, "Are you sure you don't want some. I make it myself, its really good and this mix is nut free."

Besa's nose wrinkles, not liking that idea, but he'll not shut down Rain's idea. If it makes her feel better after being mad at him, she can. "I do not know what there will be to help with, honestly. I have not formed a plan yet…" Although he can literally feel his heart weakening, so he knows whatever is going happen needs to happen soonish. He finishes with the water for everyone, trading for the honey jar. It pops open easy enough, must have been the hot water. Settling down in a chair, Cocoa moves to sit, head in his lap. He absently pets her, needing the anchor.

"Maybe use poster board." That might big enoug to fit all the names, not that there is that many students at th school. There is a look at the granola again and a face is made "The nuts are the best part." No granola for her. When her mug of tea, said mug probably made by Besa, is done she goes to sit at the table as well. "We…we…all of us" she doesn't just mean him and her "haven't formed a plan yet." She has always been a we so it is easier for her to think in those terms. "We can call mom tonight to see if there is anything new." Gab mat note that it's not my mom but it is said like she is Besa's mom too.

Gabrielle joins rain at the table, lunking her two mugs, one full of granola, one full of tea, down in front of herself. "Ummm… OK, I know I'm catching up on stuff but the sense I've gotten is that this whole things has been going on for a while. Wouldn't making a plan and dealing with it sooner rather than later be a good idea? Is there something I'm missing?" *crunchcrunchcrunch* goes the newest handful of granola between her teeth.

Besa's head tilts slightly, "Can you not have nuts, Gabrielle?" How terrible! A whole pose board of names of people that are willing to get hurt for Besa? No thank you! He nods softly to Rain, "Thank you." Maybe Mrs.Masters knows something new. "This particular problem is on the newer end…" New as in the past few years. That's new to Besa! "They wish for my heart, they have part of it already." His hand is on his chest, like he can protect what he has left. "It makes everything a little harder, I fear."

"The other priest problem was dealt with." more or less "This new group is trying to resurrect an evil, ancient priest, and they need Besa to do it." Rain explains between sips of tea "They can't have him." obviously

Gabrielle nods once, forcefully, "You're right, they can't." Then she drains her tea, does a quick wash on the mug and puts it in the strainer, "But, I have to go change and get ready for my workout. Please keep me in the loop." Grabbing her granola cup she keeps munching on it on the go.

Besa just looks between the two girls who have decided his fate. He smiles softly, shaking his head. If it were only that easy. The ancient boy lifts his hand to wave goodbye to Gabrielle. He's never been one to rush Tae drinking. Looking back down at his mug, he presses his leg into Cocoa gently. "Rain…did I do something to make Sky not wish to believe in me?" Maybe it's like Whitley, not fixable.

Rain gives a wave to the other girl as she leaves with her snack. "And there is nothing you can say about it." she replies to the head shaking. The tea is sipped as she thinks about the question. Not answering right away is a good thing in this case "He is convinced that you think you are alone in this and unwilling to accept help." that's her start "I think that he is thinking you not wanting anyone to be hurt is the same as not accepting or wanting help." the mug is set down and she reaches for his hand "You two push each other wanting the other to understand, but the only thing that happens is you push each other away. And now both of you are at a loss as to what to about the other."

Besa will admit, "I do not wish anyone hurt. That is true. The thought terrifies me." Especially after the info from the alt Circe. Thin fingers wrap around the mug, "I want-" he shifts his hand to take hers, "I want help. I know I can not do this alone. But I want to be smart. I do not wish to take any risks with anyone. I can not bare that." His head shakes, "I think -" No, that's not nice, instead the ancient teen sighs, looking down at his mug. "I do not know what to do. I feel as if he relishes in proving me wrong. Or being the one to point out things to me." He smiles, but it's sad, "Do you know he came and told me how Whitley was bragging that I still loved him. And then he made a face, like I was foolish…" He shakes his he'd, looking back down at Cocoa, "And I can not even express to him why his long hair bothers me. He says that because he's changed his reason for growing it, that somehow that makes the hurt from the original sting better." Not to mention for kids with cancer? If Shy was truly worried about these children, he'd help Besa go heal them!

"It's kind of a..what is it called?" Rain's frowns in thought "A catch 22." Then she realized he may not get it "Damned if you do, damned if you don't." She explains "No one can promise that nothing will go wrong or no one will get hurt, but thinking like will only give you an ulcer." She squeezes his hand "If you didn't notice he likes proving everyone wrong, it's not just you." She starts to bring up the mug to drink when Whitley is mentioned "Whitley is nicotine." The mug is set down "I don't hate Whitley. I don't even dislike him. But he made me his enemy with his arrogance. Arrogance is for enemies, not for family and friends." It seems she feels she was never treated as a friend by Whitley so why should she treat him like one. "Sky is full of it. If he really wants to help start a charity, donate time, or money…not your stupid hippie hair." Or help Besa heal some sick kids. They are in agreement there.

Yeah, Best doesn't know catch 22 yet. But he does know about being damned. He nods, rubbing his chest, "Yes but….people can be smart about it. Listen. I…I have never had people to lose before, Rain." A soft sigh about Sky, "It is not very nice of him." Dark eyes lift and study her before he nods again, "I know he and I will not be. You do not need to worry about that anymore." Is he sad? Yes, but he seems to be accepting it. A squeeze of the hand back and he nods feeling better that neither of them like Sky's hair. "Perhaps when everything is done, we can do that. Start a charity?" And isn't that a way more pleasant conversation to finish up break on?

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