(2018-03-22) Oversharing
Summary: Friendly conversation between Schuyler, Rain, and Ashton turn into not so friendly…
Date: IC Date (2018-03-22)
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Back Patio — Winbarry Esates

The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.

The last class of the day had ended about twenty minutes prior. A low endless expanse of grey clouds loom overhead which indicates that the sky has yet to end its reign of snowy terror. The closeness of the water leaves a heavy handed dampness to the cold that seems almost to add salt to the wound of Spring. Despite the seemingly endless cold, there is a somber beauty to the afternoon.
While he would never dream of bringing his violin out into this weather, his guitar is not anything truly remarkable. Ashton sits on one of the benches, wearing a pair of skinny jeans that would be obscene if they were much tighter than they are. They are indigo, so blue that they almost look purple in the sunlight. He is wearing a light weight cotton long sleeved shirt with a hoodie that is white with thin grey and light blue stripes. He is playing and singing softly, with a smooth tenor voice. For those that might recognize the original song, it appears to be Ashton's own take of Jeff Buckley's cover of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah.

The sound of talking interrupts the idyllic sing-song feeling of the back patio. It's Rain speaking to someone on her phone. She speaks in Italian, but despite that she seems frustrated by the conversation. After class she changed from the dress uniform to the cool weather training one, in its form fitting white and red. jacket over it. Practice swords in their bandolier harness hanging from her other hand. Must be planning on doing some practice out here instead on in the warmth of the newly opened ball room, maybe the later is occupied at the moment. While she isn't so oblivious that she doesn't notice Ashton playing minstrel, she does lower her voice so she isn't disruptive.

The cold and wet are natural habitat for the wild Ronan who is dressed in a thin silvery blue athletic fit t-shirt and a pair of black jeans. A few tiny frost crystals cling to his hair and glisten in the afternoon sun. The blond frosty teenager was looking pretty good considering he was kind of silly and almost fell down a flight of stairs… again. He was just sort of walking in from the beach area humming, which immediately changes to Hallelujah in a total unconscious manner.
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Ashton looks up to the sound of the approachng Rain and her conversation. He offers only the slightest of smiles as he sings. He doesn't seem to be bothered one bit by her talking. What does garner him a wider smile is the sound of Ronan'ss voice humming along. The dark haired boy does not stop until the song comes to its actual end. While he stops singing, he continues lightly strumming the guitar's strings. He does not address Rain yet, as she is on the phone. "Hey, Ronan… getting a little bit of fresh air?"

This is probably the most emotion anyone outside of Rain's close circle of friends and family has ever seen the girl exhibit, to bad it is frustration and not something nice. There are a few more clipped words in Italian and she hangs up the phone. While she did notice Ashton it really didn't click and with Ronan arriving it does and that veil of stoicism that is her calling card falls into place.

There is a glance upward at the grey skies, she was hoping that by the time classes were over it would be sunny…no such luck. The bandolier with the practice swords is shifted to hang from a shoulder as she begins to walk over to where Ashton sits with his guitar, but probably only because she has to pass that area to get into the backyard proper. She is polite enough to offer greetings at least "Hello Ashton. Ronan."

Schuyler probably knew that Rain was outside and he wanted to take a smoking break anyhow. Even as he walks out, he's already pulling one of the dark, clove cigarettes from the package in his coat pocket. A metal zippo lighter is used to light it up and he takes a slow breath before letting the sweet-smelling smoke out even as he approaches Rain and Ashton. A brief wave of greeting is given with his free hand.

Ashton has an acoustic guitar in his hands and his fingers are casually moving along the strings, barely even looking at it as he does. He cocks his head slightly as he looks to Rain. "I'm not going to be one of those people who asks the idiotic question of whether or not everything is alright, when it is apparent that something isn't, but is there anything I can do to help with anything?" His azure-green eyes move to the other twin. A gentle smile rests on the young sorcerer’s lips, "Good afternoon, Schuyler." To his credit, as someone who is not used to being around someone who is hearing impaired, Ashton tries to make sure that his lips are in clear sight, but moreover, he speaks normally and doesn't exaggerate or slows down his words, as if this makes it easier to read."

"Thanks, but if I can't to convince my mother to let me double up on my classes next year, I doubt you would be able to do that." why would anyone want to take double the classes?! Has she gone insane? She is well aware of her twin's presence as he leaves the house so she is already glancing back even before he is visible. Her nose wrinkles as he pulls out his cigarettes and she moves so she is at least down wind of the stench "Couldn't you have taken up drinking?" it isn't a serious question, but it would be less offensive to the noise. The last thing she wants is to be dealing with a hung-over Sky in the mornings. Drunk Sky could be fun though.

«Hey,» is offered to Ashton as Sky glances at the kid and the guitar. «You play?» Obvious question. He then looks to Rain and frowns, «Why would you want to take that many classes? The school probably won't even let you take double even if you enrolled Legion as a separate student. Besides, would you -want- to be separated for that much time, all the time? Are you trying to graduate early or something?» Maybe he knows what the conversation was about, maybe he's just going on what she just told Ashton. There's a slow blink as she mentions that he should have taken up drinking, «One, too hard to get. Two, I like my liver. Three, seriously?»

Doubling classes isn't what Ashton finds curious. "Are you fully aware of what each of you experiences? And no, I very much that I would be able to convince your mother of anything." Especially since what he has heard, the first thing he would want to try to convince her of anything is that he was not evil and needing to be sent to where ever it is that demons are actually sent. He smirks at the exchange between the two. "Apparently more than your lungs." He grins at Schuyler. He pauses, "Would it be easier if I tried to speak directly than with my voice?" He then glances down at the guitar, "Yes, this and several more instruments."

A slight frown comes to her lips as Rain listens to the other two "If I can convince mom of it, than the convincing the school should be easy." she thinks at least "Legion and I are mentally linked, anything she sees, hears, does I know immediately. When we merge it is as if I did it, but still knowing that it was her." sounds confusing "We have been separated for a whole day of school classes before." when Sky was detoxing Legion was the one in classes for her while she slept so she knows what she is capable of there. "What did your lungs do to deserve such punishment?" is the follow up to Ashton saying what she was thinking. As for the question about the communication issues with Sky she gives a nod in sync with Sky and the answer is in stereo "Yes."

Schuyler's answer is mental, but the nod is at the same time and the mental words are in synch with her spoken one, «Yes.» His brows crease in confusion at Ashton's question, «Speak directly and not with your voice? I don't…unless you can speak mentally, this is fine. I can pick up what you mean to say even if I can't read your lips.» Most of the time. The guitar gets another glance before he nods, «Cool about the other instruments. We have a piano at home…» he never learned to play. Back to Rain, he blinks slowly again, «It was the least offensive thing I could come up with. I'm open to alternatives.»

«I'm not very good at it.» Ashton's thoughts are heard. He chews on his lower lip as he does. «I don't do it very often. It just feels…» The word is not spoken but a mixture of vulnerability, privacy, and intimacy jumble together. He shrugs, «too open.» He cocks his head as he regards Rain's words. He shrugs, "Well, then, if you can do it and still learn it normally, then I don't see what the problem is, as long as it doesn't put you are risk in any way." He smiles and there is a bit of vainglory in his eyes. «I haven't ever come across an instrument that I haven't been able to figure out given enough time to play with it.» While there may be pride there, it is pride in his skill and not really boasting.

Everyone knows that Sky is psychic, and that the twins can communicate with each other without speaking aloud. What no one knows is exactly how tight a mental bond they actually have. It's enough that Rain can 'hear' what Ashton is saying via the bond. »>I took piano lessons for a few months, but then I discovered swords…«< surprise she apparently can piggy back on the bond and speak directly to to Ashton through Sky. Not being the psychic her brother is she experiments with the powers and figures out news ways to use them. "That makes my brain itch." She rubs a temple, cellphone still in hand. "Do you know how to shield?" No suggestions are offered to Sky.

«If it makes you uncomfortable, then don't do it. I can still understand and if I miss something, Rain will let me know.» If she's feeling generous. He glances at his sister when she 'piggy-backs' on his power and sticks his tongue out at her before taking a drag on the cigarette. He noticed that she didn't give any alternatives. «Magic -and- instruments! I wonder if it's related for you…»

Rain goes from swords to shielding. Ashton shakes his head, "No. I don't really know how to fight. Well, except when I stop thinking about it and just kind of forget that I'm hurting something and use magic, but for the most part I've really only did it with the sea zombies, so I don't know if that really counts as hurting, since they technically were already dead." His brow furrows slightly, as he looks at Sky, «It is not so much uncomfortable… I am just not really good at sharing» At the thought that his music might be tied to his magic, he frowns, not particularly pleased with the thought that his talent with music could be less about the music and more about the magic. «I never thought given it a thought, honestly.»

Sky gets a gentle elbow to the ribs when he sticks his tounge out. Typical sibling stuff. "I meant mental shielding, not physical, like in a fight." Rain says to clear up his confusion. "I'm not psychic," not like the stereotypical psychic like Sky "But I can shield, better than him even." she gestures to her twin with her head. "And we have been sharing since before we were born." it's the story of their lives. "If his music ability and his magic were connected there would of been obvious signs by now."

Schuyler would blow some smoke back in Rain's face, but he doesn't want a repeat of the Febreeze incident. She gets a frown when she says she can shield better than he can, but he doesn't deny it. «Would there be obvious signs? I mean, is it obvious whenever someone is good at playing an instrument?» There's a look to Ashton, «Then don't share. You don't -have- to talk to me like that. I'm pretty good at communicating in different ways.» Like reading minds.

Ashton withdrawals into his own thoughts for a moment. Perhaps there have been signs. Signs that he could have either intentionally or unintentionally missed. He turns his attention back to the twins. "Well, considering that I didn't know what you meant before, I think the answer would probably be a 'no' on that. Is it something that I should know how to do?" He allows the connection to fade between his and Schuyler's mind. "Sorry. I just thought it might have been… I don't know… more polite?" He smiles weakly, "I'm trying to get better about that… In some ways, Louk doesn't really give me much of a choice but to share more of myself."

She is pretty sure that he doesn’t want to get a punch to the throat too. "When they start playing it, it is." just like it was obvious that Rain had little to no musical talent when she was taking piano lessons those many years ago. Though she seemed to be a natural with a sword. "Everyone should know how to protect thier thoughts, Ashton. Though most people can only manage the most basic on mental protections. She holds up a hand to Ashton "Feel free to share as little as you want with me." in fact the less she knows the better probably, like knowing he is half demon. That bit has been kept from her, for his own safety.

«There's sharing and there's -sharing-,» Sky offers. «You should never feel pressured to share more than your comfortable with. So if talking is easier, that's fine. But,» there's a little, honest smile there, «I appreciate that you asked about that. Not a lot of people do.» They just assume things. «You're plenty polite.» There's a glance to Rain again, «Is it obvious? Or is it just that they're really good?»

Ashton can't withhold information that he himself does not have - like the nature of his birth. He grins at Rain, "I am not the one that you need to worry about oversharing. I have heard more about Conner than I think I ever need to. I mean, he's kind of cute, but still." It took Ariel like five minutes before she had poor Besa running." The particular conversation has made less interested in playing right now. He reaches up and combs his bangs out of his eyes with his fingers, "I didn't mean that Louk was forcing me… just that because of him, I have opened up a little bit more."

Rain nods, she can picture that "When it comes to oversharing Conner and Ariel are a perfect match." the implication that Conner is an oversharer too. "They have no boundaries or filters." this coming from the girl who is all boundary and probably has multiple filters. "It's obvious. No one is good when they first start, though those with true gifts are."

Schuyler sort of grunts at his sister and rolls his eyes before taking another long drag from his cigarette. «Well…good for Conner and Ariel, I guess.» The twins seem used to their older brother traipsing off with a girlfriend. It could also be why the twins are also so closed off. «More power to the oversharers, I guess. I mean, as long as they stop when asked.»

Ashton looks at Rain, "Like a seven year old surpassing his music teacher? Or figuring out how to play the guitar in a couple of weeks?" He then blinks, "They are both like that? I hope that I'm never trapped in an elevator with them… I mean half the time Ariel reminds me of a quote from Venture Brothers. "where do you pick that stuff up? It's like you're channeling dead crazy people.." I can't imagine two of them at once."

"I would consider those obvious signs, yes." Rain tells Ashton with a nod "Of being a musical prodigy at least, but not necessarily having magic and music linked." there is a lift of one shoulder "Do weird things happen while you are playing?" she asks, seemingly willing to help figure it out. Trapped with Ariel in an elevator…she shudders, "The horror." she thinks back though "Sorry to tell you this, she has a way of duplicating herself too. So you won't have to imagine it."

Schuyler is still a little weirded out by the whole Conner-Ariel thing, but he hasn't had a chance to talk to his brother about it. Oh well. He just 'listens' to the music conversation. «She sort of can. But not at full size,» Sky clarifies as he works on the clove cigarette.

Ashton nods, "Yeah, I have seen the mini-Ariel a couple of times. Considering that I made three spiders from my blood. I am not one to throw stones." He runs his canine over his lower lip. "I'm not really sure… generally I am so caught up in the music that it is all that I'm aware of, but generally when I perform magic, I have to offer up my blood as payment. I have never bled for my music… well not like that… I have worked my fingers until they bled with the violin."

Rain isn't weirded out be Ariel, but to say she is comfortable with the 'girl' would be wrong. "It will be interesting when mom and dad meet her." She says her tone sincere. "Yeah, you have mentioned that you do blood magic. I doubt there is a connection."

Blood magic…like Besa, but obviously not the same. But then again, Sky knows a little more about Ashton than Rain does. «I'm sure they'll be fine with her…I just don't know if Ariel will be fine with the family.» It's a large one and they're pretty close-knit. «Even if there -is- a connection, would it matter?»

Ashton shrugs, "I suppose not. It's just that.. Well, it would mean that I'm not the musician that I always thought I was. It was the only thing that I did that ever seemed to please Godfather. I don't know… I have always identified myself as a musician. And if they aren't my skill, even if it is my skill with magic, then and all the awards I won over the years. I kind of cheated."

Schuyler put his foot in it again. He takes a moment with the cigarette and glances to Rain before he offers, «They're probably unrelated. Not that it would matter since you had no idea. It's not like you were purposefully using powers to make yourself a better musician if it was even that. Which it probably isn't.» Or something.

Ashton sighs slightly, as he thinks about the prospect and the implications. "Even if it is the case… if you think about it, you do not penalize a professional athlete if they were born with qualities best suited for that game… So even if it is tied to my magic… it is still part of me and my skill… nor is like I have ever intentionally used it for my own advantage." He shrugs slightly, "but I have been playing music like this pretty much all my life… I have only started practicing magic for less than two years now." Considering some of the things he's done, that is rather impressive. "Besides, if Besa is right about me… cheating is probably just part of my nature."

While the two talk Rain has been watching the skies, hoping for the sun but she really doesn't think that is going to happen. "The younger ones will like her…though Circe might have some issues." she has heard the story of Ariel and that could be very confusing to Circe's brand of magic…whatever it happens to be. "I've never been penalized for my skills with the rapier. I should get back to competing." she ponders a moment then shoots a puzzled expression to Ashton "What is there for Besa to be right about?"

Schuyler speaks up after a moment to offer, «Besa's point of view is very…one-sided and archaic. He's a great guy and he's practically my brother, but…that's one of his faults. Don't let him convince you that you exist only for one reason…or for any deceitful reason. No matter what, you're still you…and you don't seem like a bad person. So, there's that.»

Ashton assumes that Besa would have told Rain and Schuyler at least some of the things about Ashton. He chuckles and shrugs, "Oh, he still thinks that I'm either part demon or demon possessed or some such… " He pauses, "Now granted when he cast his spell to try to help me figure out what was going on with me and the image of that demon that he killed appeared, it really freaked the shit out of me too… " He shrugs, "He now thinks that my grandfather is part of some demon worshipping cult… At least he and are friends now and he isn't afraid to be in the same room with me… that was pretty upsetting in its own way."

Sky gets another nudge for talking about Besa that way. Rain isn't going to get into how Sky treat him though "He has very good reasons for thinking the way he does." she won't say whether it is right or wrong, there is to much gray for that. Besa thinks Ashton is a demon…her face darkens the more the other teen says and the fist that holds her sword harness tightens enough to the knuckles go white "And that's funny to you?" her voice has never been so cold

«At least Besa's friendly with you now…so that's a good sign,» Sky starts but then looks over to Rain, his expression growing concerned. Flicking out his cigarette, he moves over to Rain and starts to gently lead her inside, «Schadenfreude, Rain…it's funny in a macabre way. And Besa's made peace with it so you can too. Come on. Inside.» There's an apologetic look to Ashton as he tries to remove his twin from this situation.

Ashton puts up his hands in a defensive, I mean no harm kind of way. "That he would think I was a demon or whatever, yes, I find that absolutely hysterical… that there are reasons for him to suspect it, no that scares the crap out of me… metaphorically and almost literally… or the fact that we both avoided each other, him avoiding me out of fear, and me avoiding him because my presence upset him, I am still bothered by it.. that fact that we sit and talk with each other and joke and I even can get him to laugh, it makes me so frickin' happy I could explode… " He looks at her, not so much fear but more defiant, "I am obviously no threat to anyone here… Nor have I ever done anything what-so-ever to give anyone cause to think I ever would…" He sighs and shakes his head, "I came out here for some peace and quiet before I go and bleed myself tonight trying to help him… so go do whatever it is you were going to do, play with your swords, or whatever… me, I'm going to go find some place a little less frigid." With that he gets up and walks off away from the warmth of the house.

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