(2018-03-22) Fess Up
Fess Up
Summary: Callisto admits to Daxton what she had done on the dreamplain, and things unexpectedly go south. Again! Misunderstandings, skewed explanations… and a good ol' fashioned mugging! Oh my!
Date: 2018-03-22
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Main Street, Shady Cove
Thu Mar 22, 2018

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.


She had to get out, go somewhere… anywhere but some or any room in particular at the estate. Not due to outright dislike or any tiff with any one student but just… a change of scenery. A way to clear her mind.

Callisto Aine's mind has been at war, off and on, the past few nights. She opted out of the supper at the school, seeing as how the town wasn't quite so oppressed by the repercussions of a blizzard. It's early evening, perhaps just at or after 5pm, and the graceful fae girl is on the move in none other than downtown Shady Cove!

She cuts a striking figure, standing tall in a fitted ladies' winter peacoat that looks to be from another time. Tight black slacks taper off into heels that vault her height just a touch over six feet; her hair is left long, loose, bannering at her hips as she strides out of one of the storefronts facing the street… a flat rectangular box in her arms. A lovely cloche hat sits atop her head, hiding her tapered ears, complimenting her ensemble nicely.

Now, whyfor is Callisto walking out of the Cocoa Loco chocolatier…? She stands absently upon the sidewalk in front of the shop, her gaze distant… mildly harried.

Daxton's working. Which means he runs and then has down time. He's already rolled all the silverware for the night and just finished delivering some pies to somewhere down the street and he's decided to get himself a coffee. The largest coffee they have. He's stepping out of the Mug Shot, taking a long sip of the hot, sugary beverage. Running takes a lot out of the speediest, he needs to refuel when he can. He stops, zipping up his blue leather racing jacket as he looks around. Callisto isn't hard to notice so he speeds over next to her, "Didn't like what Annalee Was making?"

Agh, speedsters!

One moment Callisto is wondering exactly why she bought chocolates, the next Daxton is beside her. She startles for all of half a second; it's fleeting. Her rounded gaze softens some, back into her typical pensive, watchful expression. "I had to get out for awhile, a walk. I was feeling a little claustrophobic." She lies smoothly.. partially the truth. She tilts her head some, watching him, "Miss Annalee is a wizard, but I just.. I was not hungry. I should not wish to waste good food." She admits.. so she went and bought chocolates. o.O

The sight of the speedster elicits a brief dash of guilt in her mind. She's still not feeling very good about what happened on the dream plain, how her mother intervened. "Were you working, then?" She asks, turning her head upon a long, lithe stalk of neck, gawking outright at a man who is staring at her. He hastens off.

Daxton glances down, bright blue eyes on the box of chocolate, "Uh huh." Maybe he's having girlie needs, he's not gonna question! The smell of pizza clings to him as he nods, lifting the cup to sip before saying, "Yeah. I just delivered a few pies on South Street. Need to fuel up. Soda doesn't always do it." He's always caffeinated! He frowns softly, glancing to the guy that was staring at her, "There a problem?" Is that a hint of aggression in his voice? She kinda falls under his protection, as a Unit 23 member and her a Coral Springer.

It's a fancy box of chocolates, too. Wrapped with dainty pastel bows, the foil of the box a soft mauve color. It appears to be an assortment of white, dark and milk chocolates: some filled, some solid, and in a variety of shapes and with colored drizzles. An Easter assortment?

Expensive, simply put. But why does Callisto have it? IT can't be girlie needs; Callisto's fae physiology behaves a bit differently. She just got done staring the man down and that's when Callisto notices Daxton engaging him. The aggression surprises her, but she chalks it up to his military bearing and what his Unit means, for the school-go'ers.

"Uh.. nothing.." The dude blusters, shooting the two of them a look and making to amble off. He keeps glancing back though.

"You need milkshakes." Callisto remarks, remembering their first encounter and the boy's nightmare. "Plenty of sugar in those, no?" She asks…. but then, there's tons in chocolates too!

Daxton doesn't know about fey physiology. But he does know douche bags. He glares at the man, arms folding. While he talks to Cal, he keeps eyeing the man, making sure he's for sure leaving, "Who was that?" But then she's mentioning milkshakes and he glances over at her. "I got my coffee. I'm alright." But now he's concerned, "Need me to run you home?"

"I know naught, who that is." Callisto says softly, watching the man, not quite marking him as either a threat or worrisome. He seems to be setting off.. it is the town of Shady Cove, is it not? Nothing terrible happens here, DOES it? It does not occur to the fae girl that she looks both exotic and moneyed — mostly due to not caring — so who is she to assume that she looks like someone from whom a few.. bucks can be extracted? That's an awfully big accusation to make to this man who is… leaving. Honest, he is!

Callisto watches his go, one brow quirking over an eye. "Curious. T'is all. I am not a local." She makes the assumption and looks keen on just gliding along her merry way, though Dax's latter statement causes her to freeze. Cripes, but she still feels guilty.

"i do not believe there to be a problem. You can walk with me, if you wish, lest my speed chafe a speedster's pace." Said with a wry, but kind-enough smile.

Daxton gives the man one final glare before focusing on Cal. "Well, you are rather slow." He's got a few minutes, lifting the coffee to his mouth. "I got some time, Dude was being a creeper, I'd rather walk with you to make sure you're okay." He has no idea what her powers are.

"What is… a creeper?" Callisto of the vague-Northern accent asks, the term eluding her. She blinks, glares. "I've.. I am not a… a speedster, as you call yourself. I prefer my pace, thank you." She declares imperiously, though she does look tired. There's more to it than that. "Thank you for being concerned… t'is not usually a good thing, when one looks so intently. That man appeared to have been doing so. I will return to the estate.. before long. I wished to walk along, to sort out my thoughts. IT is not an easy thing when surrounded by so many…" She wants to say teenagers. She is a teenager, she IS! Just, another… 'type'. Her silvery lashes flutter once as she looks down at the random chocolates in her arm. She considers, then, the poor girl from the nightmare whose neck had been broken. Clearly she was dear to the boy who walks along with her.

"Have you a lover, Daxton?" Well, is that random,

"You know, someone who's being a creep." Duh. "You've never gone fast, have you?" Maybe he'll take her for a run at some point. He can understand needing to clear ones head. He offers, "People?" A sip of coffee, but then he chokes on it, "What? Why would you ask that?"

Aww look, she's gnawing on the jugular again and not in the fun way. Callisto gets right to the point sometimes though in the most awkward ways. She's not blushing and coy as she asks this, to look upon her.. though her eyes glimmer with curiousity. If she looks regretful it is for an entirely different reason. She doesn't answer the 'fast' question as she has kinda thrown Dax off-guard. She looks down at the chocolates of all things, there is something 'off' about her. It's hard to pin, exactly. "I've no need for these chocolates.. I thought I did, but…." She shakes her head, hair almost iridescent in the street lights. "Take these, give them to whomever.. a lover, a friend, or eat them yourself." She hands the box of expensive chocolates, unopened, to the speedster.. at least in offering.

Her brow furrows over her gaze, "I wish for them to not go to waste. Surely a boy such as yourself has an intended." She has a reason for this, honestly.

Daxton frowns, "Quit trying to buy me things." Blue eyes study her, annoyed, "What's going on with you? You've been weird since you fell down the stairs." He's at least a little aware. "An intended?" He shakes his head, unsure what she means by a boy such as himself, "I'm not dating anyone, if that's what you mean." IS she hitting on him? It's certainly not the best way.

Did she just color a bit? He misunderstood! Mind you Callisto didn't give nearly enough detail as she should have. Things shifted a bit when he touched her, even in so innocuous a way, keeping her from faceplanting. That caught her attention. Weird is an understatement, what Callisto has had to put up with since then. She retracts the chocolates with a puzzled gaze.. do humans not enjoy receiving gifts? Chocolate? With how this boy packed away chips and soda, how could he not….

"An intended. A lover. A mate." She says gently, looking puzzled. That girl in the dream, is she not…. was she? Is she a was? Did Callisto just put her foot in it AGAIN?!

"But.." She takes a deep breath. She could have sworn… now she blushes. This could be taken any which way, as she hugs the box of candy to her chest. "I have not quite been honest with you." Said simply. Duh. "Can we go somewhere private?"

Daxton makes a mortified face, "I don't want to mate with anyone." Mate means babies, and no thank you! The blush is taken wrong, of course and he smirks. Good for him (And maybe bad for her) he's cute when he smirks, "Uh-huh. Look. You're super pretty, but I think I'm a little old for you…" Oh dear. "I don't know that the school and Unit 23 would be alright with me dating a student." Although he can't help a small roam of his gaze, he's only human, and she is attractive.

Ugh.. ugh, boys. Maybe Callisto needs to change her tact, she does come off as archaic sometimes. Her pale blue eyes rove around their surroundings some as they stroll along, and she wedges her lovely, heel-clad foot further into her gob. He's smirking at her and her fluster and Callisto can almost be SEEN 'har-rumphing'. Her brows furrow again and she glances at Daxton again, and his damnably cute smirk. Where did the girl with the broken neck go?! Was she someone from far back?

Then he compliments her. The fluster melts away into a briefly soft, puzzled look, before she continues. She marks their trajectory to take them slightly apart from storefronts, more along one of the bland, boring — and less inhabited — stretches of sidewalk.

"Forgive me for what I must say." She says softly, looking to him levelly with that intense gaze. "My powers involuntarily placed me into a… situation.. regarding you that was not of my original intent. It all, yes, goes back to when you caught me on the stairs. T'is not that you are not //attractive.. just…"

She thrusts the box of chocolates in the direction of one of the remaining, straggling people passing them by.. a very surprised, startled middle-aged woman is staring after the two, now holding a huge, expensive box of chocolates. Callisto watches Daxton, still pinkened. "Will you hear me out?"

Daxton snickers again, she's funny. Not as funny as when she plays Mario, but still. 'It's not that you're not attractive, but' usually means gay. But what does this have to do with her powers? An eyebrow raises, Did he make her gay when he caught her? Does she like whatever the last person that touched her does? "Hey, look, it's cool. You don't have to explain anything to me, I-" But then the chocolate is handed off and he's super confused. "Sure, why not?"

Good thing she can't quite tap into Daxton's exact thoughts, or she probably would have bapped him with the chocolates and handed the bent box off to the confused woman. She watches him levelly. "I feel that I must, for I invaded your privacy." Oh. There it is. There is a silence then for all of twenty seconds, something that Callisto never feels the need to fill with rambling. She does not ramble, she never stumbles. Her method of speaking is lovely and forward and unwavering.

"When you caught me, it forged a brief connection. It happens sometimes. It just… my mother, she is a dreamcrafter like myself, but cruel. She is utterly irreparably cruel." Said softly… she actually looks hurt.

"I tried not to let it happen. T'is something in my species, for me.. my kin and I.. to be tied to a matriarch. But she became aware of you." Wut?

"In my protecting you from her, it revealed to me something that I was not meant to know."

Daxton has no idea what she means, so stays quiet. His internal clock is ticking, keeping track of when he needs to get back to work. "Your …mother is aware of me?" What kind of connection is she talking about? He didn't just get engaged did he? His eyes widen, but he stays quiet, waiting for her to explain. He doesn't like the idea of something being revealed though.

Poor Daxton, drawing his conclusions. Callisto will let him come to whatever assumptions in the silences between her explanations. "My mother." She echoes softly.. "It's complicated, and I shan't waste your time with superfluous explanation. Do you remember your dreams? Your nightmares? Do you recall having had a rather… terrible nightmare about a week ago? Only to have it shift abruptly into something pleasant?" She watches him then, brow furrowed. She does not recall any one bit of Daxton's nightmare or give it voice. She respects it that much to not bleat details in the street.

Daxton's face smoothes, but it's a practiced, lying face, "I never remember my dreams." He remembers bits and pieces, but nothing he'll admit to. His hands shove roughly into his pockets though and he looks ahead.

They are being followed, the one doing the 'following' having watched the girl thrust the chocolates at that dowdy woman. So she just throws her money away…?

Callisto watches him, does not fall over herself to backpedal or adjust. She cannot ask questions because that risks outing any measure of the speedster's very traumatic earlier years. She steps closer to keep their conversation conspiratorial, but not uncomfortably close. Her perfume is nice, not cheap. "My mother is an emotional siphon. She saw something, through me, in your mind.. and she wanted to draw from it. I wanted to protect you, as I knew her intent. I.. saw a measure of your nightmare. I did not intend to see much of it… but she was there, and she worsened it. There was a girl in your dream, hence why I… thought that perhaps…"

She handwaves. "To protect you, I ousted her. I shifted the dream to bring you ease. She will never touch your dreams again." Callisto says softly, but is now looking at her feet. Now she just looks nervous.

Daxton's jaw tightens, making him look older, but besides that he doesn't respond at first. His hand is clenched though in his pocket, vibrating. This is not how he wanted to spend his work break. It was better when he thought Cal was a lesbian. Maybe she still is. His shoulder finally lifts, "Well, I don't have a girlfriend." The now is implied, but not said. "Let's get you home."

Maybe it didn't work out… between Daxton and that girl. There was no mistaking the howl that he let loose when she was dead on the ground in that nightmare with her neck bent. Callist's silvery lashes flutter once, she sighs airily. She looks resigned. "I apologize for having crossed a line. I sought only to protect you, for you were kind to me. You introduced me to something… that helps me." She says it as if she is talking about some mystical gift, a talisman, a new skill.

It's Mario. c.c

"Whatever happened, then, I am sorry to surmise, Daxton. For what it's worth, you shall make someone a fine match. It all takes time." Callisto looks briefly melancholic. She knows of 'time' too well. "I once saw a young man, a long time ago." Whatever 'long' is considered to be by an evidently 'teenaged' girl. Well, there goes the lesbian theory. "I try to do well by his memory.. to be kind. I never needed those chocolates anyway. Thank you for hearing me out."

She looks at him a touch sadly. "That which happened, it shall not happen again."

<FS3> Daxton rolls Alertness: Failure.

A fine match? WTF. No, no thank you. His jaw tightens again, but then he lets out a short laugh, "Well, I'm not looking." And honestly, time? It's the one thing he has in abundance. "What's going to happen again?" Is she talking his nightmares? Or dating someone? He's so confused, enough to not be aware of his surroundings. Inferno is going to have his hide when he finds out!

<FS3> Callisto rolls Reaction: Failure.

"What shall not happen again, is my intrusion into your dreams." She says gently, her footsteps hastening.. she feels unnerved and a bit embarrassed. She does not touch down further upon Daxton's prospective love life because like his dreams, they are not precisely her business. Granted, if things go her way, they won't be Malachite's again, either. "Everything else is up to you." There seems to be a distinct response to her having mentioned the presence of a girl, or lack thereof.. perhaps even a space no longer filled by such. How could Callisto know? She is meandering toward the portion of street that branches off into the moreso derelict Maple Drive.

"I can make my way from here, if I've disturbed you. You are on a break, are you not?" She asks as the shadows lengthen and the sidewalk gets that little bit dingier. "I will—"

A harried, distracted speedster and a girl who looks equally rattled… perfect moment. Remember gawky-face from awhile back? He jerks forth, out of a narrow alley between a pair of older-looking storefronts, and seizes the fae girl's arm! Callisto only manages a sharp intake of breath, before she's forcibly pulled into the man's arms and held fast with something nudging the small of her back. No, he's not EXTREMELY happy to see her.. the guy might have something on him. "Okay money bags, give up, and I won't hurt you or pizza boy." The man grates beside Callisto's ear. Oh, bother. This is just what they needed!

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dax=Physical Vs Dude=5
< Dax: Great Success Dude: Good Success
< Net Result: Dax wins - Solid Victory

Daxton starts to question, but then there's this dude again. He starts and then isn't there. He's just…gone. Only a moment goes by but then the man is grappled from behind, both arms grabbed by the speedster. "I am not in the mood for this!" He may also be vibrating, the poor mugger's bones! Stepping back and pulling the guy with him, he tells Cal, "Step away from him, Strawberry."

It indeed happens rather quickly. One moment her arm is being seized and she's bodily pulled back with something mashing into her spine — probably a switchblade, stupid predictable thug — and then? Well, a speedster does what he is best at! The goon doesn't even know what happened, he's still feeling the tingle of awareness in his palm after having held the girl briefly. Now Daxton has him by both arms, wrestling him back, and the vibration through his flesh and bones causes him to drop what was indeed a nasty-looking switchblade, the blade itself snapping out and glinting wickedly once it hits the sidewalk.

Callisto stumbles ahead, but to her credit she doesn't look ruffled. Actually, she looks mad! She turns on a heel and stares dead at the man.. and were Daxton not so close, she would have made this thug hurt… a little pulse arises briefly in her temple before she wills it away, finally looking straight-up tired.

The thug, well, isn't keen on being held by this kid.. discomforting, vibration in his bones or not (though that seed of panic kinda goads him on) .. he begins thrashing his big body, trying to shove Daxton off.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dax=Physical Vs Dude=5
< Dax: Good Success Dude: Success
< Net Result: Dax wins - Marginal Victory

Daxton keeps a hold of him…barely. "God damn it, hold the fuck still." He's not looking to hurt the man (too much) but he will if he doesn't stop it, "Call the cops, Strawberry." Nope, no tough talk and let go with Daxton. Douchebags go to prison. Period.

The guy is being held fast, but not easily. This is on account of him being big, as mentioned, and rather strong. Daxton holds his own and holds him. Callisto, meanwhile, isn't one to perpetuate situations where someone can get hurt, or their powers outed. Daxton's manner of subduing the brute is effective, and not quite as cruel as what she could roll out. Trying to explain that away would be bad.

She needn't be told twice. Callisto nods quickly, and hastens to flag down somebody to get a cellphone. Yeah, she's one of those people. It's not hard for Callisto to land someone's device, and get that call underway. This isn't quite the way she wanted to learn how to use a cellphone. c.c

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dax=physical Vs Dude=5
< Dax: Great Success Dude: Good Success
< Net Result: Dax wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Daxton rolls Presence: Failure.

Daxton growls, this guy is squirmy! He leans in and whispers some kind of threat, but then keeps squirming. Dax's head swivels to keep an eye not only on Cal, but the area as well. Makes sure there's no more attackers.

The call is being completed by the anxious person whom Callisto had flagged down… there's no way in hell that the fae girl is putting a cellphone to her ear. c.c

She returns to Daxton and thug having themselves a grapple, and she narrows her eyes. The moment she spies the man doing anything uncouth or compromising the speedster, she may have to go Cruciatus Curse on his ass. All he does is continue to twist and writhe, trying for all he is worth to buck Daxton, to otherwise compromise his stance.

"Ten minutes." Callisto says coolly, staying just out of reach, though her eyes are overbright and intense. "Do you need my help? Are you okay to hold him?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dax=physical Vs Dude=5
< Dax: Success Dude: Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Daxton glances over to Cal, big mistake, dude gets a hand free. But as soon as it's free, Dax is grabbing it. It's almost comical, they're just giving and taking, no one getting any better a position. "I'm fine!" No, but he still has him under control. Dude may go into a brick building in a. Sec though.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

There is a… how can one describe it… a 'weight' in the air. Not a painful, forceful thing… it's concentrated, and it appears that Callisto is staring too long and intently at the thug as Daxton grapples him. No, it's.. it's a heaviness. The thug may be felt getting a bit sloppier in his motions, as if he's drunk, but it's not quite something that will affect him. Immediately.

Despite saying that he's fine, Callisto's brilliant gaze flits to Daxton's face once before moving swiftly back to the man. She cannot risk catching the speedster in this force that she is beginning to stir with her mind. "Just a moment longer." A whisper.. strangely provocative.

Her chin cants, she hadn't overlooked the thug's hand breaking free before Daxton caught it. Hopefully this will work, and then no blood will be shed.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dax=physical Vs Dude=3
< Dax: Amazing Success Dude: Success
< Net Result: Dax wins - Crushing Victory

Daxton doesn't know he's getting help, so he jerks the man's arm behind his back. That speed, plus whatever Cal has done has the man crumble in submission. Dax seems a little surprised, but stays there holding the dude till the cops show up. They thank him by name (Tempo). Seems Dax sends a lot of creeps to jail.

The fae girl needn't even exert mental force to finish the job. Granted an unconscious thug could've been explained away as the results of a good chokehold! Whichever!

When the man is hauled away by the authorities, Callisto heaves the gentlest of sighs. Unless the police need anything more of her, she will prepare to go off on her way. She looks shaken up, but takes it like a champ. The discussion prior to the tango with the wouldbe-thief is still what bothers her most! c.c

As soon as the info is given to the police Dax is on his phone speed texting someone and then is walking next to Cal. Apparently he's not letting her walk home alone. "Let's get you home." Any upset he was feeling has been shoved away, he can tell she's upset (Maybe scared) and wants to get her somewhere she feels safe.

She slows, allowing Daxton to fall into step with her as she makes to backtrack and make her way home. She looks sideward to him, "Thank you for dealing with that derelict…. 'Tempo'." She tests his moniker, looking intrigued. There's a whole mess of things going on in Callisto's mind at this precise moment; maybe she's dreading the night ahead.. mind you, she hadn't felt any inkling of her mother's mental presence when she was dressing the fae sorceress down, calling her cruel Callisto's kingdom for a good rest.. though the talk with Daxton prior to this tussle only proves to be more food for thought. She tilts her head, "You will not be reprimanded at work for not returning?" She asks gently, sounding a bit 'off'.

Yeah sometimes she forgets that the guy is super.. super… super-duper-frickin' fast. c.c

Daxton shakes his head, but now he's on edge, eyes scanning as they walk, "No, I texted them. They're used to me having to deal with stuff. I'll just work over." He will spare a glance, he's picking up on the odd tone, "He didn't hurt you, did he?"

There does not seem to be any manner of an accomplice or a secondary dumbass, wanting to pick up here Brutus there left off. Whomever else is around looks to be both embarrassed or startled, as to how such riffraff ended up in their nice town. Even Callisto seems surprised, "He must have come from either the bad part of town, or perhaps the city…. Thunder Bay, is it..?" She thinks out loud, lashes fluttering, one hand lifting to adjust the hat that yet remained atop her head, obscuring her ears.

Callisto blinks and looks at the boy following his latter question, and the tension in her eyes softens some. "No damage, no pain, had you not intervened perhaps he will have not stopped at taking money. So I thank you." She tilts her head, then faces forward again, pale tresses flickering in the breeze. "It does not appear that he landed any strikes upon you.. but truly.. thank you." The fae girl considers something momentarily.

"I seem to be a magnet for attracting grief, for you. You should have taken the chocolates and run." There, the barest touch of a smile. She looks so tired suddenly.

Daxton shrugs, "There's creepers everywhere." He doesn't like to think about what could have happened, his eyebrow pulling together as he frowns, "No, he couldn't touch me." Maybe a little over confident, but still, he is a speedster. He snorts, "Yeah, prolly." Plus, chocolates. He glances back and then offers, softly, Want me to run you home?"

Blink, flush. Callisto hadn't expected to get her first taste of a speedster's ability on-foot quite so soon. But somehow the thought of both making her way to the estate by her own significantly slower steps…. yeah. Even elegant fae girls can be lazy shits, sometimes. That and maybe, if she were to accept the offer for Dax to 'run' her back… it will put one less thing from his mind to be worried about. Even if she yet feels like a bit of her prat after admitting to her traipsing his nightmares. She meant well; she did!

"I.. sure. Ah," Callisto looks sheepish. "How do we go about this, then? Do I… get onto your back?" Blink. *c_c*;

Onto his back? Please. Before she can argue he's picking her up bride style. He's strong enough to be able to do it. "Hold on. And don't get car sick." And then he's off, moving fast. It's almost like he's teleporting through the spaces, suddenly two steps closer than where he was. It's jarring for his passengers at first, but also kinda like. Roller coaster. It no time he's at the steps of the estate. The leather jacket makes sense now, it must get cold running in the wind.

So here's an expression that few — if any — have ever witnessed upon Callisto's face: utter, sheer SHOCK. Seriously. She's not scared, nor is she about to blow faerie chunks all over Daxton's jacket (blessedly, no nausea) due to what is indeed a great shift in overall motion. Callisto has never before ridden a rollercoaster so she hasn't even that for a benchmark in how this feels. She froze for the duration of the brief journey, not necessarily due to terror but just… shock? Trying to take this all in? One moment she was downtown and—

Well holy crap.

She will wobble a bit when she is set down, but yay! No puke, no fainting, just an astounded look to Daxton with uncharacteristic rounded eyes. "I-I.. understand, now, why you eat so much." Holy crap he even made Callisto stammer. It's rather comical. She sets one hand upon the doorjamb of the estate's main entryway.

Daxton holds onto her, he's carried enough people to know they sometimes need a minute to get their feet. He smirks again, giving a small shrug, he knows it's pretty cool. Not worth everything they did to him to get it, but it's better than all that happening and then no powers, right? "Make sure to let the staff know what happened with guy, they'll want to make sure you're not in shock or anything. The police will call, so just talk to a teacher. They're gonna know." He's ever understood student who don't tell hat's going on. "You still look pale, maybe you should go eat something?" He'd over. To go get her something, but he's pushing his break as is.

She finds her bearings, and shortly that leaning into the entryway once again becomes Callisto's surefooted manner of holding herself. She clears her throat, cants her chin a tad imperiously as she glances upwards at the lit windows, the external facade of the mansion. Right then. No need to be showing off how startled she is. "I shall do just that, before bed… I'll find somebody and fill them in. Take care, now, returning to where you must be—"

Aw, he's being awfully kind after the crap she served him in town! Callisto looks touched… more than she'd care to admit to.. or even has the right to be. Though, she will drop all chilly pretenses of trying to look capable and collected and give the speedster an earnest, full smile. No need to fill the moment with descriptors like 'it chances her face!' and 'sparkles arise!' .. no no. But it does good thing to Callisto's bearing just then.

"I shall be fine, thank you. But tea…" She bows her head to him in farewell. "Mayhaps a little bit of… Super Mario World, yes." See? She'll be ok! Promise! … until she lays down.

Daxton's eyebrow quirks just slightly, has he created a monster? But he nods, "Alright, sleep well." Ha, he's ironically terribly funny. And then he's gone, just some foot prints to indicate which direction he took off in.

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