(2018-03-22) Feathers and Swords
Feathers and Swords
Summary: A group of students come outside for a casual meeting to talk about spring, swords, and powers.
Date: 2018-03-22
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The clouds fill the sky and seem to speak of an approaching spring thaw. The temperatures are starting to rise giving some relief to the students of Coral Springs. A few students are milling around in near the chairs though no one is using the pool yet. Off in an area by himself on the greensward of grass is Bryce. He has gathered a few stones about the size of a man's hand and stacked them a few feet in front of him. He is holding his left hand out towards them while raises his right hand up towards his head though nothing is happening.

A black feather falls to the ground from the roof. And up there, Carmichael is sitting on the roof somewhere, bundled up in his coat and warm clothes. He looks like he's deep in thought, legs folded underneath him, a pensive look on his face. On the bright side, though, he's not disturbing anyone up there. And he's also light enough not to break the roof. Also if there's any snow up here, he's managed to push it off. So he's also been helpful!

"Hello, Bryce," The faintly accented voice comes from Loukanos who wears a pleasant smile and his school uniform. No shoes or socks, for that matter. After greeting and casting a curious glance at the rocks Bryce has set up, the blonde drapes himself over a bench in his typical, languid manner. Spotting the feather, he plucks it from the ground and looks for the source. Oh! A casual wave is offered to the angel boy.

Bryce glances over at Loukanos when he hears his voice. "Oh, hello, Loukanos." He lowers both of his arms and tries to stand in front of the little pile of rocks as though trying to hide it. "Um, it seems the weather is getting better. Did you get to talk to, uh, your mom?" Bryce still isn't one hundred percent certain that he knows what to think about Loukanos mother being a god. He doesn't know what that means. Shifting his head to look up where Loukanos is waving, he sees Carmichael up on the roof. He offers a wave and says, "Must be nice to have wings."

Carmichael had been looking down to the ground anyway, so when Loukanos waves up at him, Carmichael blinks, as if waking up. He gives a half-smile, and waves from the roof. He also waves at Bryce, seeming to notice him for the first time too. Seeing that there's a couple of people here now, he stands up slowly, and then just drops off the roof. His wings catch him, flapping hard once to slow him down — and it probably makes a bit of a gust, too — and he lands. "Hello," he offers, with that same half smile.

"No, but I spoke to my cousin," Loukanos says, keeping a frown from forming on his face. He's been trying not to think about that. Looking up to the sky, he offers, "I suppose the weather is getting better." A good sign. "They're quite beautiful," He glances over at Carmichael's wings. "Flying is a wonderful experience. If you'd like, I can take you sometime, Bryce."

Bryce watches as Carmichael flies down from the roof and shields his eyes briefly from the dust up. He then glances quickly to Loukanos and says, "I'm, I'm not sure about that. At least not yet." He then pauses for a moment and looks from the birdman to the godling. "Um, I was wondering if I could ask a question. If you don't mind….I was just wondering." He sighs realizing he is stalling and beating around the bush. Finally he comes out and says, "Has it always been easy for you to both use your powers?"

Ashton comes walking from towards the beach, wearing clothes that would have offered no protection from the cold, a pair of skin tight indigo skinny jeans and a thing white cotton hoodie. To say walking isn't quite so accurate. It is more like stalking back towards the school. Slung on his back is an accoustic guitar.

Carmichael blinks a bit at the mention of Loukanos's 'cousin'. "You mean the…" He waves to the back lawn, where the incident had taken place. "Any news yet?" Of Persephone, he means. Since he got the feeling that she's not where she's supposed to be yet. He blinks at Bryce, at the question. "Oh not at all," he replies. "I still have trouble with it. And when I first came here, it was because I accidentally broke the arm of a classmate in my old school that I'd gotten into a fight with. I didn't know my own strength." He pauses as he sees Ashton, and offers a smile and a wave.

"Ask me anything, Bryce. I will answer as best I can," Loukanos puts on a welcoming smile, propping his head up with his hand. The question gets a thoughtful look. "Oh…um, I was born with most of them. I suppose learning more about the occult was difficult as a child. I was too lazy to be fond of anything that did not come naturally back then." That isn't exactly power-related, though. He looks at Bryce. "Why do you ask? Are you having trouble using your powers?" Carmichael gets a slight nod. "Yes. Hekate. And no, she is still missing in action." He beams, "Ashton!"

Bryce looks over as Ashton as he comes up. "Good evening, Ashton. Aren't you, um, cold or something?" He glances from Carmichael to Loukanos. He seems a bit relieved to know that others have trouble with their powers too. "Yes, I should be able to manifest, well, whatever I see in my mind, but I'm struggling to make it happen. I can do a couple things pretty regularly, but…new things, or constant thing?" He sighs as though that indicated his current level of success. "Hekate?" Bryce asks sounding confused. He shuts his eyes and starts 'reading:' "Her name means "worker from afar" from the Greek word hekatos. Hekate assisted Demeter in her search for Persephone, guiding her through the night with flaming torches. After the mother-daughter reunion became she Persephone's minister and companion in Haides. She is the goddess of magic, witchcraft…" He blinks his eyes open looking a bit surprised. "Really?"

Hearing someone call his name, Ashton looks up. He sees Loukanos and offers him a slight smile, though it isn't his usual chipper smile. Well, Loukanos is reason enough to head over to the little gathering. He gives Carmichael a nod, "Hey, Dude. How's it going?" Finally his azure-green eyes settle on Bryce. "Good evening," Ashton replies, before shrugging, "I don't really get cold very easily."

Carmichael nods to Loukanos's reply. "I see… I'm sorry to hear that. I doubt I'll catch sight of her in the places I go, but if I do see anything strange, I'll let you know." Bryce's words of his powers get a nod. "I've heard it said that everything one's good at, one was once very bad at. The flying was just a matter of learning to use limbs, like anyone would learn how to walk, or tie his shoes. The other stuff? I'm… still working on that." He pauses at the 'reading'. "That… sounds about right…?" Yeah, Carmichael has no idea, he's just filling silence. Ashton's greeting gets a reply, too, "Oh, well enough. And you?"

"They say practice makes perfect. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Perhaps I can help," Loukanos asks, looking behind Bryce to glance at the pile of rocks. Somehow he manages to look impressed and amused at all of Bryce's knowledge. "Yes, Bryce. That is how the tale goes, and as far as I know, it is accurate. Persephone is the one missing. Spring will continue, though. I imagine Zeus is forcing Mother's hand on that matter," He knows Zeus? "He is frightening." Sitting up, Loukanos pats the seat next to him for Ashton to sit. Whether he does or not, he asks quietly, "What's wrong?"

"They say practice makes perfect. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Perhaps I can help," Loukanos asks, looking behind Bryce to glance at the pile of rocks. Somehow he manages to look impressed and amused at all of Bryce's knowledge. "Yes, Bryce. That is how the tale goes, and as far as I know, it is accurate. Persephone is the one missing. Spring will continue, though. I imagine Zeus is forcing Mother's hand on that matter," He knows Zeus? "He is frightening." Sitting up, Loukanos pats the seat next to him for Ashton to sit. Whether he does or not, he asks quietly, "What's wrong?"

Bryce listens to Ashton as he says he doesn't get cold very easily. "Sounds like a handy skill to have." He then nods as Carmichael and Loukanos speak of practicing. "That is what I'm out here trying to do, I guess." When the issue of Persephone comes up, Bryce says, "She is missing? Is Hades hiding her or something? Or did she run off?" He shrugs and says, "I'd offer to help, but I'm not sure what I could do." He then gestures to the rocks and says, "I'm trying to move them without, well, touching them. I can make a sword, sort of. Working on making an armor or sorts. Too many sorts." He sighs. "But I should be able to make other things."

Ashton sits down on the bench where Loukanos indicated, without any remark or tease - a sure sign that something is bothering the young sorceror. He cocks his head, "Seriously what is it with people at this school pointing swords at me. I am beginning to take it personally. " He sighs softly, "Well, hmm… let's just say that Rain is a bitch… and I'm beginning to feel sorry for Schuyler." He frowns, "Still no news on your sister?" He looks over at Bryce, "Having problems?"

Finding out that there IS some supernatural something behind the changing of seasons is… some really disturbing stuff to find out! But Carmichael keeps it together. He nods to Loukanos's words. "I imagine after a point he's had it up to his godly eyebrows." No offense meant in the expression, no. But he DOES tend to deal with shocking things by using humor. Bryce's words of being out here probably to practice gets a nod. "Best way to do it, mate. You're probably not going to be great at anything right from the off. Skill will come with time and practice." He blinks though. "Making swords? Out of rocks?" Carmichael is slow sometimes, bear with him. he winces a bit at Ashton's words of someone pointing swords at him. "Why would Rain point a sword at you?" he inquires. That doesn't seem right…

"Currently, we are unsure. I hope the former is the case," Least that way Demeter isn't so heartbroken. Loukanos shrugs, "Thanks for the offer. Frankly, I am not sure I'll be able to help either." Glancing over at the rocks. "Hm," He holds out a fist. "Have you tried making a thin construct that can fit underneath the pile…" He slips his free hand underneath his fist and moves it up. "And lifting it like that?" There is also encasing the entire thing in one field and lifting it, but that sounds more complicated. Carmichael's joke gets a soft chuckle, "If only. She is supposed to be with Mother, so she'd be avoiding the most beautiful gardens ever. And cookies." Speaking of, Louk still smells like jasmine. He casts a concerned glance towards Ashton, draping an arm around the boy's shoulders and running his fingers through his hair. "I'm sorry. Did she find out about you?"

Bryce glances over at Ashton as he mentions Rain. "Oh, at first I think she didn't like me but then she made us hot chocolate for some reason." He then asks, "Wait, a sword?" Looking over at Carmichael, Bryce shakes his head. "No, I don't make stuff out of rocks. I make stuff with my mind." He extends his hand and a cyan beam of light starts to emergy from his forehead. It slowly extends until he makes a sword that is almost in the form of a katana. It takes him about fifteen seconds before the sword fully forms. "It took me months to figure out how to do just this. I thought if I could make a hand or a claw or something, well, it would be more useful for things." He then looks at Loukanos as though he just had a great idea. "Oh, wait. I can help. Do you have books, scrolls, something like that which might have information or clues. I read fast and remember stuff."

Ashton sighs, "How can she find out about me, when I don't know anything for certain about me?" He cocks his head, "I keep getting told that Rain and Sky were like Besa's siblings.. Aren't families suppose to share things like 'Oh hey one of the new students somehow might be a demon or associated with a demon, but not just that but connected to the demon that I have been sacrificed to countless times over countless years.' Isn't that something you share with your family? So yeah, she," and he does air quotes "found out about me… and nearly went ballistic on me… luckily Schuyler was there and was trying to defuse the situation.

Carmichael frowns a bit when Loukanos mentions the issue with Demeter and Persephone. "I hope it gets sorted out, at least." He watches Bryce create the sword and blinks. "Oh, oh I see," he replies. "A bit slow on my end there, sorry." He chuckles. Though Ashton's words get a wince. "I… rather figured that would happen. Rain is incredibly, stupidly overprotective of Besa. Though given what they've all been through in the past, I can't really blame her. But still…" He trails off, though.

"Maybe a platform might be too difficult, then," Loukanos observes when Bryce says that a sword is all he can manage. "It may be less complicated than a katana, though?" He tilts his head slightly. "There are a few old tomes on scrying and locating divine entities, but I am afraid all of them are in ancient Greek, and I didn't think to translate any of them." He gives a rueful smile before looking over at Ashton. "I think Besa withholds a lot of information from them. I'm sorry she treated you that way." She should not have. Ashton doesn't deserve it. "If Besa can come around, I don't doubt she will as well."

The sword that Bryce created starts to fade and flicker as though the reception on the television was bad. Bryce glances over at Ashton and says, "Demon? Sacrifice? I thought we were on Greek mythology." When Carmichael draws attention to what Bryce did with his powers, the sword manifests clearer. "I fear I am a bit slow on many things here." Finally the sword disappates completely and the line of energy withdraws into Bryce's mind. When Loukanos mentions that all the information he has is in ancient Greek, Bryce loses some of the excitement that he had before. "I'm sorry. I don't know either koine or classical greek. I haven't learned that language." He sighs and then looks at the rocks. "What if I made a bunch of little swords?"

Carmichael mostly stays quiet here, since most of this isn't something he can help with. Though when Bryce mentions the switch of subject, he smirks. "Things happen quite fast here," he notes, leaning against some part of the building. It keeps him out of the way, but doesn't completely take him out of the conversation. Bryce's suggestion gets a tilt of his head. "A bunch of little swords for… lifting things?"

"That could work," Loukanos tilts his head. "You won't know until you try it." He looks over at the pile of rocks and explains, "Ashton here is a demon, and another student was sacrificed to one. They don't really have anything to do with Greek mythos." Noting Bryce's loss of enthusiasm, he offers, "It's okay. I've been doing my best to sift through them myself and am making good progress."

"Well, I was thining that if I made two smaller swords," Bryce begins explaining his idea. "Then maybe I can treat them like chopsticks. Then if I make three, they could be a small claw. The move up to four or five for a simple type hand. Then start - he's a demon. That's Christian mythos. He doesn't look like a demon though to be fair I haven't done any true research on the matter - then start trying to connect the swords end to end to make a simple hinge." He completely interrupts himself and switches topic seemlessly. His brain runs way faster than his mouth can keep up with. "At least I have something new to practice. If you need help with the research, let me know, especially if you have any translated documents."

Carmichael smirks a little. "Most useless language ever? Bird." He leans his head back and releases a few birdlike tweeting sounds. And in response, there's another one from a distance away. "I asked who owned the area." He points in the direction of the other tweet. "He said he does." A smirk. "That's how nature sends a 'tweet'." He blinks a little bit, though, at Bryce's sudden switching of mental tracks. But he does get it. "Well, uh… I think 'demon' started as a Latin word that just means 'powerful spirit' or something, and when the Christian faith came around, they decided that anything that wasn't God was evil, so… I guess some of them started acting the part."

"Daemon, or the Greek daimon. Some were benevolent and others were malevonet," So that, in part, explains why Loukanos does not see the quiet boy next to him as remotely evil. "Other faiths had the concept of purely malevolent creatures referred to as demons, but yes, it seems to be mostly a Judeo-Christian thing." He briefly kisses Ashton's cheek and looks to the sky. "Not at all useless. They are simple-minded creatures, yes. But they come in handy." The rocks. "Why don't you give it a go, Bryce?"

Bryce looks up as Carmichael talks to the birds. "I'm not sure if I could learn that language. Seems interesting though. I only know English, ASL, Japanese, and Spanish." He uses the word 'only' as though he should know more. As Carmichael starts to define the word demon, Bryce shuts his eyes: "Demon: An evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell. Etymologically: from Latin daemon 'spirit,' from Greek daimon deity, divine power; lesser god; guiding spirit, tutelary deity.'" He then opens his eyes and sheepishly says, "I read the dictionary when I was little." He glances at Loukanos and says, "I will, but I want to plan it better in, well, in my mind before trying it in real life. I should head back to my room though. I need to finish memorizing my last text book. Thanks for the help."

Carmchael nods. "That's the word, yeah," he confirms, to Loukanos's explanation. As to Bryce's explanation, he nods. He's starting to get used to Bryce's strange 'moods', so it doesn't really seem weird anymore. Though as to knowing languages? "Most people know one. Maybe two." And then Bryce makes his goodbye. "Cheers," he offers to the retreating student.

Loukanos just looks amused again when Bryce explains further. "Impressive. Good luck with that, Bryce." He looks over at Carmichael, then. "Before I came to this school, I only knew Greek and its dialects. English is occasionally still a struggle." He smiles.

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, you're no trouble for me understanding," Carmichael offers. Which is almost funny, due to his own accent. Not that he's hard to understand (most of the time anyway). Just, having a non-American accent — and how the hell hasn't it gone away by now? — telling someone they're not hard to understand, in America. There's a shred of irony there.

Ashton has been lost in his own thoughts. For the most part, he's been enjoying just sitting next to Louk and not really wanting to contribute to the conversation. Somewhere along the way, his anger and irritation faded away, but he also slipped into almost a trance-like state, that is easily to be seen as him just being a typical, sulking, hormonal, angst-ridden teenage boy. But as easily as he had slipped into it and out of the conversation, he leans a bit more heavily against Loukanos for a moment, then blinks and shakes his head. He then glances around, "Where did Bryce go?"

"I'd hope so, but that is not my doing. I have a blessing that allows me to be understood by all speakers of an Earth tongue," Loukanos explains with a bit of a smirk. His words are accented as well, but it is light enough that it's hard to trace. He looks over at Ashton when he starts leaning against him, "He went inside to study, love," He frowns slightly. "Did Rain try to hurt you?"

Carmichael starts a bit when Ashton speaks up. He smiles a bit. "Oh, welcome back. You were lost in thought; I didn't want to disturb you." As for the question? He nods to Loukanos's assessment of Bryce's departure. He also notes, "Sometimes I can do that, but only incredibly basic concepts. Nobody's going to be reading me 'War and Peace' in Swahili." Though he goes quiet when Loukanos asks that question of Ashton, a vaguely displeased look on his face. It all just seems so incredibly WRONG.

Ashton reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "Yeah, I guess I zoned out." He sighs, "Well, she didn't exactly try to hurt me… she just pointed her sword at me, when I said something that I figured she already knew, but apparently she didn't… But then I kind of lost my temper a little and I called her a frigid bitch and walked off. It was probably not my best moment…"

"I couldn't either. I have found the gift does not apply to reading. That is why English can be a struggle," Loukanos listens carefully when Ashton explains what happened. Once he's finished, Loukanos tilts his head. No judgment, though. "We all lose our tempers at times," The godling is honestly just glad to hear fire wasn't involved! "If you wish, I can speak to her."

"Wait. Wait, wait, wait," Carmichael pipes up. "You mean she pointed her sword at you… BEFORE she knew about the demon thing?" At least, that's what it's sounding like to him. That just seems COMPLETELY wrong. Why would Rain do that? She's never struck him as the violent type. Maybe she's changing…? Carmichael just goes quiet, not really sure what else to say after that. Things are really going weird now…

Ashton frowns slightly and shakes his head, "There was a discussion about whether or not my talent with music is actually my talent with magic, and I said something about whether or not it would be cheating, and I said that if it was then something about if Besa was right about me then it would be fitting for me to be cheating… I really don't remember exactly what was said… but then Rain asked why would he e right about me, so I said how he _still_ thought I could be a demon or part demon or possessed, then she pointed her sword at me and got pissed that I found it funny… I said that I thought that anyone could think I was a demon was funny, then things became heated and I stormed off."

Again, Loukanos is simply listening. There is a nod when it's clear Ashton is finished speaking. He keeps his cool, though. "You play beautifully. I don't think it really matters how you got that ability," This school is filled with people who have abilities they did not have to work for. "I'm afraid her reaction is typical for those who hear the word 'demon'. She will learn to let go of her prejudice or she won't. You're not doing anything wrong."

Carmichael's listening too, though he still looks uncomfortable at the thought of the students being antagonistic to each other in such a way. And he nods to Loukanos's words. "Some people will be able to let go of it, some people won't be," Carmichael agrees. "I mean… I don't know you real well, but you've never tried to hurt me. And I don't think Loukanos would like you so much if you were a bad person. So…" He shrugs. "'Till you do something to change my mind, I'm cool with you." Which might be slightly ironic and humorous given both Loukanos and Hekate could sense Carmichael's angelic nature.

Ashton is still in a state of denial. "I'm hoping that now that I am no longer taking the meds that this whole demonic vibe some people sense will just fade away… That is the only thing that makes sense." Except for the fact that most of what was in those pills were things meant to hurt a demon not make one, but that is neither here nor there. He looks at the two, as he has gone from ticked off to feeling a little more on the fragile side, "That was actually what started the remark about Besa being right. I said that if it was innately tied to my magic, then it would be no different than an athlete that was born with traits beneficial to him in that sport… I don't think that there is anyway to see where one ends and the other begins, IF it is actually correct." He smiles at both of the boys' remarks. "Hurting someone is like the last thing I would ever want to do… and I'm glad, because I don't know what I would do, if I ever when back to having no real friends again."

There is a slightly amused smile directed towards Carmichael, like Loukanos does find the situation to be slightly ironic. He keeps his mouth shut, though. Maybe he should just stop telling people what he senses in them and blow their minds. "It has not gone away yet…" Another thing he maybe should have brought to Hekate's attention. Gah.

Carmichael's expression softens as he notes Ashton seems to be rather upset. "Hopefully," he notes, of the 'demonic vibe' going away. Perhaps also ironically, Carmichael's never really sensed anything of that nature from Ashton. Then again, Carmichael doesn't exactly have magical senses, so it's probably not too surprising. He looks to Loukanos when he mentions it's still there. "Maybe it'll just take some time to get out of his system," he suggests.

Ashton is still slightly slumped against Loukanos. He look up at the godling with sad, puppy dog like azure-green eyes, "Louk, just right now, can we not point out that I still feel like a demon… Let me have just the little bit of time." He adds an almost begging, "please." He sighs, "I need to track Besa down and tell him that I am not going to be able to perform the spell for him tonight. After my talk with Rain, I can't focus enough, and something tells me that slitting my wrists and not have my head in the game might be a bad idea."

"Sure. You feel positively celestial," Loukanos gives a nod and a wry smile. There's a wink towards Carm as well. "Would you like me to do that for you?" He starts to stand. Besa may be disappointed by the news, and Louk doesn't really want to subject Ashton to that. After all, a disappointed look may incite enough guilt to make Ashton go through with it, anyway, and that wouldn't be good for anyone.

Carmichael frowns a little, sympathetically, at Ashton's case. "I almost want to hug you from the other side, Ashton." A mischievous look to Loukanos. "But I don't think Louk would appreciate that." He sounds like he's teasing, but… yeah, he really does want to hug Ashton. "If you do, I can keep Ashton company 'till you get back," he offers.

Ashton laughs softly, "Thanks for that, Louk." He frowns slightly, "You sure you wouldn't mind? I kind of feel like I'm letting him down already… but tomorrow night, I will be ready." He looks over at Carmichael and smiles slightly, "I can't speak for Louk, but I don't think he would object too much if it was just for comfort, but I'm okay. I don't need to be coddled. I shouldn't have been so whiny anyway." That sounds just like something that his grandfather would have drilled into his head.

"As long as he's still in one piece when you're done, knock yourself out," Loukanos stands fully and grins over at Carmichael. The godling takes Ashton's face into his hands and plants an affectionate kiss on his forehead. "Anytime, my little cherub." Okay, he'll stop. "It's no problem. I will let him you're doing your best, but tomorrow will work better." He is confident Besa will understand and departs to relay that info.

"All right, let me stick around for my own benefit," Carmichael replies. "Because now I'm feelin' a bit down and I'd like to stick around to cheer up a bit." Yes, he's BSing a little. But hey, if it works! "Not to worry Louk, I'll try to keep him in as few pieces as possible," he promises. Yeah, he's going to keep Ashton company for a bit. Might bring him some ice cream or something…

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