(2018-03-20) Walleyball Debacle
Walleyball Debacle
Summary: The team might of won but Rain definitely lost
Date: 2018-03-20
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Scene Runner: Ariel


This is a huge room, quite easily the size of the gym in the previous school. The honey coloredparquet floor is worn in spots and showing its years, but it is clean and where it isn't worn shines. Doublewide fireplaces face each other on opposing walls. The walls themselves are a rich mahogany paneling with wainscoting that matches the floor color. Cloudy windows flank the fireplace on the outer wall, and show a view of the front lawn and driveway, that is when they aren't covered with heavy velvet drapes. A large chandelier hangs from the vaulted ceiling and Victorian style sconces evenly spaced along the walls provide enough light for the room.

Ariel wanders into the ballroom as the class is filed in for the first time. When they said that PE was being held in here she kind of imagined that they'd have modified the room some to accommodate a bunch of superteens. First she sees the dramatic windows, then the drapes and finally that chandelier. "Oh my god, we're gonna break so much stuff. Or are they going to restrict us to, like, badminton, croquet and pickleball?"

Besa is also a little skeptical stepping into the room. "I would think they wish us to use tis more for…regular excercise?" Like running and stretching? He's not sure, so the Guardian looks at Rain to see if she knows

Well at least they will be warm for PE now, but there probably won't be much in the way of power things going on. That's what she suspects as she comes in with Besa. She takes in the surroundings and looks unimpressed, the Egyptian teen beside her would understand why. The equivalent room in her own home is a lot better…and just as old. There is a look to Ariel as she speaks and a confused look is given "What's pickleball?" she has never heard of that.

Inferno, the leader of Unit 23 and the PE teacher while the students are at the mansion is speaking to another student who is nodding at the gruff looking man, because that is what you do with him, smile and nod, otherwise things get have a tendency to get melted. After the little talk the student begins to walk the perimeter of the class, arms spreading out shimmering forcefields forming in front of the windows and along the walls and right below the chandelier protecting them all from potential damage.

"Ugh, I hope not. A solid hour of running and stretches sounds like a great way to convince kids to go do drugs." Ariel watches as the protections go up and nods, impressed. She doesn't have her own ballroom! "What? Oh, pickleball is like tennis, but played on a smaller court and with a wiffleball and ping pong paddles. It's fun. But…"

Ariel is interrupted as the volleyball nets go up and she stands there, confused by this turn of events. A volleyball is tossed out to the room and the gruff teacher says, "It's called walleyball! Dodgeball and volleyball had a baby and it. is. ugly! There is no out of bounds! The ball can bounce off the wall or the back and the only rule? Don't let it touch the ground on your side. Remember, there are no tears in walleyball! So move fast and hit hard!"

Besa blinks, "Why would that convince anyone to do drugs?" He's not following. But then he turns to listen to the teacher and looks even more confused. "Volley ball s.. the beach one, yes?" And he thinks he played dodge ball once before. He didn't like it. He glances between Ariel and Rain, and then moves to stand between them. He'll just….learn by watching them, he supposes.

"She is saying its boring as hell, but as she has never been to hell she has no idea what she is talking about." Rain explains to Besa what she things Ariel is getting at. As Inferno explains the game for today her brow furrows and nods to Besa "Yes, the beach one." Rain has never been good at team sports that involve hittingor kicking balls. Individual sports she is fine, especially those that includesparring withanother person. She raises her hand "Is this an allfor one game or are we on teams?" she finds this need to knowfor strategic purposes.

"I mean, boredom. Running is boring. Especially running in circles around a room. I donno, I can't do drugs. It's trayf." Ariel glances at Rain and frowns. "I didn't really mention hell, so that seems like a weirdly specific critique, but okay. I've never been, but room 212 at 450 Brookline Avenue was pretty close." Ariel backs up and holds up her hand to grab the ball as it sails in.

The teacher replies to the question with, "Two sides of the net, two teams! First team to fifteen wins! Winning gets you pride."

No one seems too thrilled about pride, but kids start splitting up. Ariel looks over the other team, then runs up and serves.

<FS3> Ariel rolls Body: Success

Good serve!

"Oh." The ancient boy looks at Ariel and informs her, "Hell is not boring." Is that helpful? He listens, not sure he likes this game, but it's a class so he has to participate. Besa tries to stay close to Rain, although that's not really probably very helpful. "Can we catch the ball?" Oh boy, someone keep him away from everything, or you're gonna lose!

<FS3>Rain rolls Body: Failure

"That's usually the comparison people make..something is boring as hell." even Rain used to make that comparison before she actually went to Hell and learned quite the opposite. She doesn't get much time to say much else as the game starts in earnest. As for the question about catching the ball, she doesn't think so, but since this is also dodgeball…maybe?

Rain stays on the side of the net with Besa and Ariel, why switch now. The ball is watched as it goes back and forth and as it sails to their side it heads right for her and she runs a few steps in an attempt to intercept it, only to miss smacking it with her hands and it hits her in the head instead. "Aww!" she cries out, rubbing the spot, not paying attention to the ball as it bounces away "Does this mean I'm out?" she calls out hopefully.

<FS3> Ariel rolls Body: Success

<FS3> Ariel rolls Shapechanging: Good Success

The poor gym teacher is looking more and more like he wishes he'd just had them do sit-ups until they threw up. That's what gym class was back in his day! "You don't catch the ball! You hit it up so someone else can hit it down! And no, you aren't out, but the ball is still live!" Someone else on the team gets the rebound off of Rain's head and knocks the ball over the net. On the other side a kid does as instructed and pops the ball up, then someone jumps into the air, flies up and spikes it back down on their side.

Ariel gawks, "Not fair! Oh, no! Fair!" And she runs up and leaps, body bulking up as she meets the ball and hits it hard against the wall. It would definitely have smashed a window if it weren't for the forcefields, causing it to rebound into the pitch and bounce on the ground.

With the precedent set by the flying kid and the shapechanging girl, people on both sides of the net start figuring out how to use their powers to slam that ball over onto the other side.

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Great Success

People are weird then. With no answer on catching the ball, he's not certain what to do, so he just kinda waits shifting his weight from one foot to the other watching the others to try to figure out this game. He winces as Rain gets nailed in the head, his fists clenching. That looked like it hurt. And then is confusing! And starting to get rough! He smashes his hand into the pocket of his gym shorts, breaking several clay runes. Fine. He can play with powers too. Once he figures out how. Physically he doesn't change, but now when he moves, it's like double time. One of those runes was for speed.

<FS3> Rain rolls Body: Failure

Rain gives a pained sigh, she expects she will be having a headache later…if not sooner. Okay, she isn't out and there is no catching the ball. She eyes Besa, Ariel and then the rest of the players…at least she isn't the only one that has powers that aren't conducive to helping with the game, though there are only a few that can't use them in some way. The teen girl isn't going to bring out Legion, that will just complicate things, and she isn't going to go around stealing other students powers…though no one besides her family and Fiona know she is capable of that yet. She hasn't even told staff about it yet.

Her ears are still ringing from the ball hitting her but she is trying to concentrate, she watches the other students, Ariel hulks out without the anger issues and turning green, Besa starts moving faster and Rain is just there dreading the time when the ball comes her way again…which it does and once more she darts to try once more to hit it and again she fail miserably, she swats at the balls with a clinched fist, misses and the momentum she had going sends her sprawling to the ground…faceplanted!

<FS3> Ariel rolls Autonomy: Good Success

Ow. Ariel winces as Rain goes down and starts moving over to the other girl, but a zealous teammate runs in to get the ball as it bounces off of Rain before it hits the ground. "Hey!" Apparently Pride is a better motivator for some people than it is for her! "You okay, Rain?" The Ball keeps bouncing around the room and when it starts to come down somewhere where there is no one to catch it Ariel pulls her hand off and throws it so it slide along the ground, popping up at the last second as a an action figured sized boy Ariel. He kicks the ball up, jumps up and pounds it against a wall. This display, which even Sky declared one of the weirdest things he'd ever seen, is gets enough double takes that no one even notices until the ball comes down on their side. Big Ariel gets down by Rain, "How's your nose? And your teeth? And what year is it? The president is Ronan! I'm so sorry!"

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Good Success

ok, clearly this is a defensive game. Besa moves in front of Rain, not willing for her to take another hit. "Are you alright? Stay behind me." Stay behind little Besa. This isn't a game, it's a battle. Protect your teammates! Ariel and little Ariel (Ewwh) are checking on Rain so he uses the speed and strength to punch the ball over the net. It slams into the side wall, who knows where it will go from there. Hopefully in the face of whoever hurt Rain. He mutters something in Coptic, Rain will be able to pick out the word camel.

<FS3> Rain rolls Multiplicity: Good Success

Is she okay? For a few moments Rain isn't sure about that, but at all the questions about it she gives an okay sign, though she will probably have some bruises later. "Does Ronan know?" She asks rolling over, blurring as she does so. She doesn't get up, instead Legion stands up, stepping away from the prone girl "I got this one. Tap out." Legion leans over to to pat Rain's head and then helps her up. There is no argument as the original limps to the sidelines and lets the dupe take over for it. People are in trouble now, and not only from the swearing Besa.

<FS3> Ariel rolls Body: Success

"Noice," says Ariel as Legion gets up to tag in, then she turns and runs back into the fray. Their team is up 7 to 5, which means they're just about halfway to that sweet, sweet pride! As the ball sails their way Ariel scoops up her tiny duplicate then hits the ball with two clasped fists, sending it flying. Little Ariel is stuck on top of the ball as it sails up, shrieking down at bigger Ariel, "Yoooou suuuuck, duuuude!" But then he's scouting out his team, sees Besa and Legion and kicks the ball straight down toward them, setting up a easy spike.

<FS3> Besa rolls Reaction+1: Success

Besa doesn't know what. Spike is, but he attempts to do what he's seen other so, slam the ball down right over the net. He's a short dude, so he jumps as he does so, fist smacking th ball hard and downward. He does not like games that do not make sense, and this one doesn't. Or at least it wasn't explained to him well enough. So the teen is scowling, not that it's all that effective.

<FS3> Rain rolls Reaction: Failure

Legion is doing what Besa suggested, keeping him between her and the net and possibly the ball…but wait, that means that she wouldn't be able to hit the ball into someone's face…screw that noise. As she sees Ariel send the ball their way so one of them can spike it across the net she begins to go after it as well, but Besa beats her to it by a fraction an she stumbles a bit as she dodges around him to keep from having a mid-court collision.

<FS3> Ariel rolls Body: Success

Ariel winces as Besa and Legion nearly have a mid-air collision. Good thing Kaylee isn't in class today. She'd probably be shouting at people about teamwork. The ball goes over, but comes back pretty hard off of the wall. Ariel charges up and swings a disturbingly bulky fist back at the ball, sending it back to the other team. A tiny boy Ariel runs after her angrily shouting, "I had that!" She turns back to him and makes a 'face' gesture at him. "Then why did I get it first, huh?" Little Ariel glares. "Because you're a showoff." Ariel smooths out her shirt, smiles and says, "Guilty!" before backing up to her space.

<FS3> Besa rolls Reaction +1: Success

This is not a sport! Besa is glaring at everyone now, not enjoying himself. But that could be because of Rain's bruising face. Or the near collision from Legion. Or the fact his 'pride' is on the line. The ball comes back at him and he pops it up into the air and then steps backwards to give someone else the chance to score.

<FS3>Rain rolls Reaction: Failure

While Rain continues to sit on the sidelines watching as the two teams duke it out, Legion plays on. And it seems that she isn't any better at this sport than her other half is. Sure Besa sets up the perfect spike and she hurries to try and hit it, but so does the team tank. She is easily able to avoid to collision with Besa but she isn't so lucky this time and the pair run into each other. For Legion its like hitting a brick wall, its pretty much she hits, there is a pained cry from Rain but Legion just looks dazed as she stumbles back onto her butt, this is not a good day for the Masters girl.

<FS3> Ariel rolls Body: Good Success

The tide is turning! The game is tied up 13 to 13! People who aren't participating in the game are stopping to watch! But not because it's a real nail biter between two pro quality teams. It's because neither team seems to be able to catch a break and if there aren't a few trips to the nurse after this there will definitely be a few calls to therapists.

Ariel looks pained to see that none of her friends are having fun. Like she told Sky, gym is her only A. She's pure Mind 2 in every other class. Pointing at Legion and Rain she says, "I'm gonna win this one for you guys! We're gonna fight this and we're gonna win! Just like Magnus, Merle and Taako!" And after that complete non-sequitur she turns right into a ball coming her way, punches it straight up reflexively and then swings her hand up as little Ariel leaps from her knee to her arm to her shoulder and spikes the ball on to the other side.

A kid on the other side says, "I think you guys have too many players on your team."

<FS3> Besa rolls Reaction+1: Success

Who is Ariel yelling about??!! It might be a better rallying cry if Besa knew! Another curse flies from his lips, but again it's in Coptic so very few know what he's actually saying about their mothers. The ball comes racing back and the faster than he should be teen dives to save it. He does, but now he's prone on the floor. Get it Ariel! Or all pride is doomed!!!!!

<FS3> Ariel rolls Body: Success

Ariel grabs her little duplicate again, swings around, hauls off and flings him toward the wall. While all eyes are on the tiny Ariel, full size Ariel taps the ball over the net, where it lands on the floor with an anticlimactic thud. Everyone on her team, except the angry and the injured, cheers. They get all the pride! The teacher gives three approving claps, then says, "Are you waiting for a trophy? Go get ready for your next class!"

Little Ariel picks himself up off the floor and walks over to his big duplicate. "You suck." She just grins at him and holds out a hand. He grabs ahold, but rather than being absorbed into her, she turns into a rubbery mass of gray biomass and is absorbed into him, so when it's done a full sized boy Ariel remains and the girl is gone. He walks over to help up Besa. "You'll he glad to know that it's over."

As the game goes on around her Legion, pride just as bruised as her ribs are heads off the 'court' to join Rain on the sidelines. The pair exchange a look and Rain reaches for Legion and the duplicates just disappears causing the teen to inhale sharply as she absorbs the pain of bruised ribs with it, but not the actual injury itself. She will feel that for a few days. With class being over she looks quite relieved and goes to gather her things moving quite gingerly.

Besa lays there, staring up at the ceiling until Ariel is standing above him. The hand is taken and with a grunt he stands, rubbing his chest. "It is. good thing to know, yes." Rain gets a worried look, but he holds back offering any healing. He knows she won't accept, and he'd rather not feel bad about it. Instead he looks at Ariel, "Congratulations on winning the game. My pride thanks you."

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