(2018-03-20) Kitchen Games
Kitchen Games
Summary: Students end up in the kitchen and end up playing video games, talking, and drinking hot chocolate.
Date: 2018-03-20
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Bryce walks into the kitchen with a book in his left hand. It is a novel called The Count of Monte Cristo which he has borrowed from the library. His thumb is about halfway through the book which is intended to hold his place. He heads to the pantry to see if he can get any snacks for his room. He was able to get some dinner, but he ended up not eating as much as he wish he would have. He steps around a couple of the students who are busy washing dishes.

Lily comes in with a 3DS in front of her face. Without really aknkowledging the other people in the kitchen she sits down at the island, fingers aggrassively tapping away at the controls. Gamers might recognize the music and sounds from Monster Hunter 3.

Dishes…eww no, Rain is not doing those…has never done a dish in her life and isn't about to start now. Her brother now, that's a different story, he has, thanks to his many detentions. The kitchen has become his second home…just about. She wanders in, limping slightly and in a bit of pain, she isn't able to keep it out of her usual detached, stoic expression. He isn't there of course, but she knew that which means she has to get her own glass of water instead of having it there waiting for her…what a p.i.t.a. Crossing to the cabinet she to ignores everyone in the room as she tiptoes up, wincing, to get a glass from the cabinet before heading over to the fridge to fill it up from the door tap.

Bryce opens the pantry and starts shuffling around for some snacks. He finally grabs two small bags of Cheetos and holds them in his right hand sinch his left is holding the book. He glances back upon hearing the music. He sees a girl he hasn't seen before and notices her playing a game unit. He notices that he is watching her play for a bit and stops watches. "Hello. Is that fun?" he asks her. He then turns his head as another girl enters the room. She seems to be hurting with the way he is walking. He goes to say something to her and then recognizes her. "Hello-oh. Sorry."

Once she's addressed directly Lily looks up, looking like she's actually a little surprised to find herself in the kitchen. Or it could just be the surprise that comes across in her low, controlled voice when she says, "Well. Do you think I would be playing it if it wasn't fun?" She's not mean about it but clearly she thinks the question wasn't really the smartest. Then she notices Rain, blushes a tiny bit and smiles hesitantly, "Oh. Hi Rain."

Sipping at her water, Rain has every intention of leaving the kitchen without acknowleding anyone, as she tends to do that. Her plans are seemingly foiled though as not one but two people address her…one even by name. Bryce gets a confused look "Why?" her tone mirrors her confusion "Hello." she greets Lily not surprised that Lily knows her name even though she never gives it out, she just assumes everyone knows already.

Bryce gives a little shrug and says, "I, I don't know. I've never played one. Wasn't allowed. I thought it must be fun, but I figured, well, I should ask to be sure." He sounds like he doesn't have a lot of experience with talking to people especially to girls. When Rain gives him the confused expression, he says, "I just didn't - I mean." He shakes his head. She rather ignored him the first time they met, but maybe she doesn't remember that. "I'm Bryce," he introduces himself to both girls. "I just started this week. Still trying to get to know people."

Lily's eyes go wide when she hears Bryce has never played a videogame. "Really? Why? Here, want to try it? I bought it pre-owned a few days ago and I only have about half an hour on it. You can restart the game and play through the tutorial if you want. Its the least fun part of it but the easiest way to learn how to play. Oh. And I'm Lily. Nice to meet you. I'm pretty new too."

And apparently she had been paying more attention to her surroundings than she let on. Because as she offers the 3DS up to Bryce she addesses Rain, "What happened to your ankle?"

Rain is less surprised by the lack of video games in Bryce's life than Lily is, but she isn't a gamer and can probably count on one hand how many times she has played them. She doesn't but she could. "Yes," she nods to Bryce "You are the one I scared off at lunch the other day." she remembers though she doesn't seem particularly apologtic about it. "PE happened to my ankle." and not just her ankle, her whole left side really "And our ribs too." my and our…unusual blend of pronouns there.

Bryce looks at the 3DS as Lily hands it to him. "I, well, I wouldn't know what to do. There were a few years were I couldn't have played them," he comments without explaining. "The rest of the time, my father wouldn't let me play games. Better things to do." The last sentence sounds like a quote. "Do you think I could watch how you play one of those - things?" When Rain mentions being run off from the lunch room, Bryce nods his head. She seemed to like the other people so apparently it is just him she doesn't like. "Sorry." He wasn't sure what he did to make her not like him. He literally just showed up. "Did you, did you need some help?" he asks the girl named Rain.

Lily wrinkles her nose in displeasure, a multipurpose expression, since it seems to be both in reaction to Bryce's comment about not being allowed to play video games and Rain's comment about PE. "Ugh! PE! The only class I actually, truly, honestly hate!" Flipping the 3DS back around she settles herself in such a way that Bryce can watch her play if he wants and goes back to hunting Altaroths, a an ant beetle crossbreed looking thing.

Oh, it isn't just Bryce, Rain doesn't like anyone at first, give her a few more minutes and that will become clear…maybe. Again with the apology from Bryce "I am still unsure why you are telling me your sorry." she is genuine in her statement "If I am accept will you stop?" poor Bryce, her friends really shouldn't let her socialize without them, their prescence is usually enough to keep her at least pleasant. "We weren't real big fans about today's class." who is we?

Bryce watches Lily play for a bit and ends up moving around to her side so he can see better. He doesn't want to walk behind her as he read that some people don't like that. After watching a bit, he asks, "Um, what are you doing?" He then looks up to Rain and says, "I don't know why I'm apologizing either. I, it just seems that you don't like me. I don't know why so I thought I might have done something, but I don't know what."

Lily lets out a quick little laugh before she controls herself. At the same moment she laughs every piece of glass in the kitchen vibrates, letting out a quick chime. Ignoring this she jumps right on into what she was going to say, "Well, you hunt small animals so you can use their parts to make equipment that'll be strong enough to let you hunt bigger monsters and so on and so forth." She spares a quick look away from the hand console's screen to lok over at Rain, "Was it dodgeball? PE always sucks but it sucks the worst when its dodgeball day."

"I don't even know you, how could I possibly dislike you?" Rain tells Bryce. There is none of her coldness in the question, but it isn't warm either, just statement of fact. The same argument can be made for not liking someone as well though.

Having no interest in the game being played she continues to stand near the table…mostly because moving hurts at the moment. "It was a cross between volleyball and dodgeball. If I ever play it again it will be to soon."

When Lily laughs, Bryce ducks his head as soon as he hears the vibrating as though he is afraid glass with break.Finally, he asks, "What just happened?" he then checks to make sure that nothing around him broke. He then glances back at the 3DS. "So you just press the buttons to make things happened?" Looking back to Rain, he asks, "I don't know, but you sound like you don't like me." He shrugs and then looks down at her ankle. "I know a little about first aid. Did you, well, want me to look at your ankle?"

Lily looks around innocently, as if she hadn't noticed the strange behavior of the glass in the kitchen. With a quick shrugs she says, "Rain maakes you jumpy?" then she proceeds to explain exactly what each button does in terms of the game. Once the explaination is done she offers the system to Bryce again while she asks Rain,"Combination of volleyball and dodgeball? That just sounds dangerous. And this was staff approved??"

After you have been at Coral Springs for awhile, things like glasses vibrating aren't all that strange. Rain looks down at the glass vibrating in her hands a moment before taking another sip "I always sound this way." well at least this is how she was when she met Lily for the first time, only in less pain. "I went to the school nurse, but thank you." she means it. Her brow furrows slightly at the insinuation that she would make anyone jumpy "Why would I make anyone jumpy?" she hardly looks intimidating…aloof and detached yes…which could be intimidating to some…but she doesn't see it "Well Inferno approved." who happens to be the PE teacher. "Which apparently is approval enough."

Bryce nods his head when Rain thanks him. "You are - welcome." He wasn't sure what to say after that so he just grew silent for a bit. He then places his book down on a table and then places both bags of Cheetos on it. "I heard someone say these are good to eat." He takes the 3DS in his hand and closes his eyes for a moment to recall the directions he was given. He then opens his eyes and starts playing. He almost immediately gets the controls correct, but since he has no gaming experience, he doesn't do well. After a few minutes, he has already died. "Not a best first time?"

Lily laughs a bit when Bryce makes a mention of the quality of his first time out but this time she covers her mouth before laughing. "No one has a good first time out playing this game. Just give it another try, you'll do better." To Rain she says, "Well, I wasn't going to ask him if I make him jumpy. That would just be silly." Turning around to glance at the students just no finishing up the dishes she adds, "I guess I could have asked if he was worried about getting splashed. Anyway, I've met Mr. Inferno. Was he trying to do some impromtu combat training?"

She doesn't have much else to say in response to Bryce except about the Cheetos "I've no idea. I've never had them either. I prefer potato chips." and her cheese things to actually taste like cheese. "No. If he was doing any kind of combat training it would have been everyone else that was hurt and not myself." implying that she is more capable in combat than the game that was played.

Bryce tries to play again, but he ends up looking up at Rain when she mentions potato chips. "Oh, I can try those next time." He looks down at the 3DS and says, "Well, I just heard some of the glasses, well, vibrate, but I didn't know why. I thought something was about to break. I'm guess I should have done something more defensive than that." He the asks about the game: "What is that thing? It looks like a green dear with yellow, uh, dots on it." He shows the screen to Lily.

Lily looks at what Bryce is showing her, "Kelbi. Just watch them, they'll jump 4 times, stop for a few seconds, and then keep jumping. When they stop, that's when you hit them. And Cheetos are tasty but not at all good for you. Why haven't you tried junk food?" As if that remminded her of it she digs into the pocket of her jeans and pulls out a Sugar Daddy, unwraps it, and pops it in her mouth. "So what you're saying is, he's just a sadist, huh Rain?"

"Weird things like that happen all the time. You get used to it." Rain drinks the rest of her water and now that the kitchen crew is done cleaning up all the after dinner dishes she limps her way over to the stove "I'm going to make some hot chocolate, do either of you want some?" see, she isn't all mean "when it comes to PE class, yes a total sadist."

Bryce tries to do what Lily says in dealing with the Kelbi. He counts to four and then hits it. He does that a couple more times and then hands the 3DS back to Lily. "Thank you for letting me try. I might try some games on the library computer to see if I can learn how to play them. I don't, well, want to take up more of your time since you only have it for a little bit." He then glances back to Rain and says, "Um, I could try it." Again, it sounds like he never had it before. Answering Lily's question about junk food, he says, "Well, there was a long time I didn't eat, well, couldn't. Couldn't do anything actually. When I wasn't like that, well, my father kept my diet controlled by the doctors." He reaches down and picks up the book The Count of Monte Cristo from the table but leaves the 2 bags of Cheetos there.

Ariel wanders in to the kitchen. She totally skipped dinner. Possibly to do homework? Possibly to mack on a certain Masters brother? Or maybe just because she doesn't really do the Harry Potter group dinner thing. When she comes in she's wearing a pair of flannel Coral Springs-themed pajama bottoms and a t-shirt that says TEAM SWEET FLIPS. She breezes on through over to the fridge from which she pulls out what looks like some kind of bright red berry smoothie, specially made for her by a caring lunch lady. She looks over the others present. New kid. "Hi!" Demon child. "Lily." And Rain. "How are your ribs? And your other assorted bones?"

AS if she wasn't already perky enough Lily perks up even more at the mention of hot chocolate, "yes, please! Extra marshmallows?" Absentmindedly she takes her 3DS back from Bryce, flips it just and stuffs it into her back pocket. Then she grins at Ariel, "You're back in girl form! And you played the sadistic PE game today too, huh? Seems like you didn't suffer as much from it as Rain did."

Filling the tea kettle with water Rain sets it on the stove and turns the burner on and then grabs the other items needed for making of the hot chocolate "You haven't had hot chocolate either?" no games? no junk food? Poor guy, may as well have been raised under a rock "They hurt. I should of just let Legion stay out, but then we would both be suffering." though Legion would of been nicer about it…and she likes people

Bryce shakes his head and says, "No. Read about it." He seems to say that a lot about new thing. "Doctors wouldn't allow it or much other things either." He looks at the blond girl who enters the room. "Hello. My name is Bryce. I'm, well, I'm new here." He then blinks a bit looking confused over at Lily. "What do you mean 'back in girl form?'" It seems that everything here is going to confuse him.

"I switch between being a boy and a girl two or three times a day. Though I always end the day as a girl, even if it doesn't feel right. I think most of the girls in the dorm are used to seeing me as a boy by now, but there's no reason to go freaking anyone out." Ariel winces when Rain answers but nods to the other girl. She totally wants to hang with Legion some day, but that feels like a pretty rude request to make, so she turns and gives Bryce a wave. "Hi. I'm a genderqueer pansexual shapechanging tumor golem. What's your weirdness?"

Lily snorts at Ariel's introduction but when she pops her Sugar Daddy out of her mouth its to address Bryce,"Sooooo… You have a lot of allergies? Is that what's going on?"

"There are a couple of students here where gender is as easy to change as your socks." it seems that with more people around, or maybe she just needed time to get used to the new faces, Rain's attitude has become less cold and aloof and more neutral in flavor. "What's your weird?" the tone is nostalgic as she repeats it, though she drops the 'ness from the word "I haven't heard that being asked in a long time."

Bryce shakes his head as though trying to get all the information to stay in there. When she asks about his weirdness, he says, "Um, my power is trying to kill me?" He isn't exactly sure if that is what she means or not so it was the best way he could think of to answer. Glancing at Lily, he decides that he should tell her what he has been trying to avoid. "Actually, I've been really sick all my life. I was in a coma or catatonic state, depends on who you ask, for a few years. That is what my power does to me. So I've always been under the care of private doctors, nurses and tutors."

"Oh. Shit. Sorry." Ariel makes a face and moves away from the fridge to lean against a handy counter. She slurps on her smoothie while she looks at the others. "What do your powers do, other than try to kill you?" If that's all they do, well, yikes.

If allowed, Lily places a sympathetic hand on Bryce's shoulder for a quick moment then goes back to enjoyjng her Sugar Daddy. Ariel is asking all the hard questions, so its really easy to just sit back and wait for the answers without having to be the one taking the risk of offending. Digging into her pockets again she pulls out another caramel sucker and offers it to Bryce. Nothing better to make you feel better than sugar. At least now that he's cleared up that its not allergies causing the issues.

With the water boiling, Rain goes about preparing the mugs of hot chocolate "Powers aren't supposed to do that. Not typically at least." is that a bit of sympathy creeping into her voice? Couldn't be. She brings hot beverages to Lily and Bryce "Did you want one Ariel?" she asks, though the girl does have her smoothie, which she suspects has meat of some sort in it.

Bryce takes the sugar and looks at it for a moment. "I'll try it later tonight. Thank you." He slips the candy into his pocket. When she hits his shoulder, Lily probably would have felt just how thin he really is. "Well, I can make things…with my mind. I'm not really good at it yet. That is why I am here. I am hoping to learn to control my powers before, well, before they get bad again. Oh, and I remember things." Bryce takes the drink of hot chocolate from Rain and says, "Thank you." He takes a sip of it and finds it is still rather hot. He then looks down at the Cheetos which are still on the table. He sets the cup down so he can put the Cheetos bags in his bag only to pick up his hot chocolate again. "I should get back to my room and study some. I have a few text books to study. It was nice to meet all of you."

Ariel's smoothie is a blend of ground beef, ground chicken and bacon for flavor. The lady who runs the kitchen knows how to do it right. To Rain she says, "Thank you, but no. Sugar this late would just keep me up all night." That feels like a plausible excuse! She waves to Bryce when he goes to take off. "Jesus, that's rough. But hopefully this is the right place for him."

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