(2018-03-19) Swarms and Swarms
Swarms and Swarms
Summary: Theo's trying to get used to having more of his spiders out at a time. Besa wanders into the Breakfast Nook and some not-so-comfortable conversation happens.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-19)
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It's a little while after classes have ended for the day, but not quite time for dinner. A psychic arachnophobic would come into the breakfast nook and scream. Because one of the glass walls of the breakfast nook is literally COVERED with tiny white spiders. It's anybody's guess what they're actually doing. Happylegs is in the middle, facespots looking quite contented.

And right there, sitting at the table (not surprisingly, next to the wall covered with spiders) is Theo, who's sat down with a cup of something that's steamy and smells like chocolate. He's wearing a long-sleeved sweater, that vest with the pins, thick jeans, and thick boots (likely with very thick socks on under them). Because it's cold!

Besa's changed out of his school uniform, now in the designer jeans and sweater that Rain bought him. Cocoa as usually is next to him as he enters the Nook. He's got a steaming cup of something, mostly likely the tea that Rain had brought in especially for him. It smells of licorice. He stops in the door, dark eyes large when he sees the gaggle (?) of spiders and whatever they're doing. "Oh…will we be bothering you if we come sit?"

Theo looks up at the sound of Besa's voice. Happylegs's facespots turn into an expression of surprise, and then into a happy one! "Oh, not at all," Theo replies. Happylegs actually jumps off of the glass wall, onto the table, and waves its front legs around happily. Looks like it's doing a bit of a dance! Theo chuckles.

When Best gets close the warmth rune that's ben cast on him can be felt.He sits, not too close to Theo, but across from him at the table, Cocoa settles at his feet. "I am just looking to sit while I drink, I will be gone try soon and ou can continue…" His brow furrows as he glances up at the nest(?) of spiders. Whatever they are doing. Happy legs gets a soft, smile, it doesn't quite reach Besa's eyes, but the teen is trying. Fake it till you make it!

"I'm trying to practice having more of them out at once, trying to learn how to have them not trip over themselves," Theo explains. "You remember the wilderness survival training? Remember how idiotic they looked, tripping over themselves when I tried to get them up into the trees? I'm trying to avoid that happening again. But not to worry, you aren't interrupting anything." He offers a smile, an honest one.

Besa nods, looking up again at them. "They seem happy to all be out." Thin fingers wrap around the mug as his eyes drop back down to Happy Legs and his dance. Besa's head tilts gently, watching as if he can interpret. "I am sure it was just the stress of the situation that had them tripping."

"Most likely," Theo agrees. "But if it becomes reflexive, if it's as easy as breathing, then even under stress there's less chance of them doing that," he reasons. Happylegs's dance isn't too long, but he does seem quite happy. The others seem at least content.

The corner of Besa's mouth twitches, but he nods, "yes. I think it will be very much reflexive." He finally moves his hand from the mug and wiggle a finger at Hppy Legs. It's been a while. "They did good with the healing during the training." He glances up at Theo and his own drink.

"That's what I hope," Theo agrees. Happylegs scurries over, trying to take hold of Besa's wiggled finger, just for a moment. The single spider has very little in the way of physical strength.

Friend Besa! Master is better now!

Theo nods to the spider's mental words. "I am indeed, thanks to Loukanos." The mention of the healing during the training gets a bit of a shudder. "I am glad we managed to help those people. But I would not at all be sorry if such a thing never happened again."

Besa lets Happy legs tug on his finger, watching the astral spider do it's think while it 'talks' to him. "I know. I am happy for all for you.' Hey and the spiders. He assumes that Theo being sick must have affected them somehow as well. Ah…The ancient teen gets thoughtful, but nods, "I am glad Lukanous has able to help you." He tries to gently take his finger back, eyes on his mug as eh pulls in closer to his chest, "I am sure you will not have to be, if you do not wish to." Be in that position again.

Happylegs was only trying to maintain contact so it could convey that message, so after it does, it lets go of Besa's finger. It's true, while Theo was sick, they weren't seen very often. And when Happylegs was, it was often in a death curl. Theo nods. "I'm also glad. I definitely owe him one." As for not being in that position, "I can hope. Trouble seems to find those of us with powers, doesn't it?"

"Loukanous is a great healer. I do not think I would be able to walk around if t were not for him." His hand goes up to touch his chest, not that Louk's healed him any time soon, but if he feels this bad now, he assumes it would be worse if Louk hadn't healed him once already. As for double, Best shrugs softly, "I think it finds some of us more than others. If you do not wish it, you should be able to sty away from it."

Theo nods. "He really is. It's fortunate that it didn't require him to hurt himself, though." He doesn't offer a pointed look, but it might still be a bit of a poke, even if unintentional. Though he tilts his head at the latter statement. "That's true. I suppose I could have run. I probably should have. Though I'm still glad we were able to help, in the end."

Besa's lips press together, the poke received. He takes a small deep breath, not enough to fill his lungs to the point of pain, but also not enough to hurt his heart. "Yes, I suppose it is great he is god-born and can heal without having to cut himself." This was a bad idea, Cocoa moves as Besa starts to stand up. ""It is what you are comfortable with, yes?"

Theo blinks. He didn't realize he said anything that… He pauses, goes back over what he said… and then winces. "Oh goodness, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way…"

Besa smiles, but it's forced, "It is alright. It seems everyone feels that way." He shrugs, not making eye contact. "Happy Legs and the rest are doing really well. You should be proud of them." He doesn't seem mad, more upset. His hand drops from his chest to touch Cocoa's head. She responds by looking up, tail wagging.

"If they do, it's only because they care," Theo replies quietly. "It's because we care and don't like to see you hurting. You don't like to see friends hurting. It's much the same the other way too." He smiles. "No one's angry with you. They just don't like seeing you hurt."

Dark eyes lift to the spiders on the window, "I know." He does. Everyone tells him, all the time. Seems like the only people willing to let him heal them are strangers. "I do not offer it so much anymore." Not really, anyway. He's been shot down enough that if people would rather have broken bones….He can't force them. Or the can go to Loukanous. Several ironic thoughts float around Besa's mind, but he just sighs, looking back down to Theo, "None of that matters. Everyone chooses what they choose." Including him, he guesses. Another smile that doesn't reach his eyes, but he's trying to put on a good front. "Good luck with letting them learn. I am sure they will be climbing trees on command in no time."

Theo listens to Besa's words, but doesn't say anything immediately. Happylegs's facespots go to a dismayed expression and he starts waving his front legs frantically at Theo. "Yes, yes, I know… calm down," he replies to the spider, and stands up. Why is he standing up? Because he's going to try to go over to Besa and give him a hug, that's why!

Besa turns to look at Happy Legs and his flailing, "Is he alright?" Not that Besa can do much to help the astral spider. Which means when he turns back to Theo, the taller teen is right next to him. Best doesn't pull away, but does seem surprised and unsure what to do.

Theo doesn't hang on for long. Just long enough to get his point across. Point being, of course, an apology and an expression that he cares too! Then he steps back enough to pet Cocoa on the top of the head.

Cocoa takes the pets, tail wagging slowly, but she doesn't move away from Besa's side. She's a good support dog. Best though, the hug seems to affect him more than it should. His lip trembles softly and he sniffs. Not quite tearing up, just emotional. "I…I am just tired. I am sorry. I wish you a good evening." Again, he's not looking at Theo, but the ancient teen is trying to cover up his feelings by a forced smile, "Thank you, Theodore. I am glad you are not still mad at me for being worried over Whitley. It was stupid. I was stupid." He motions back to the table, you should finish your drink before it gets cold."

"It's not stupid to worry over someone," Theo replies. "A lot of us worry over you too. I suppose it's a difficult situation, when you want to protect everyone, but everyone is also trying to protect you too. For my part of that, I'm sorry," he offers, a hand on his chest.

Besa has so many emotions that he can't say, so he just nods. "I have been trying to not…worry over everyone so much." He's not doing a very good job of it, but that's what everyone keeps yelling at him about. But he's trying! He looks down at Cocoa, "I was at fault. I will not be in that position again, soy do not ever have to worry about it again." His hand reaches up to rub his chest softly. Usually he has an obvious necklace underneath his sweater or shirt, but not today.

Theo tilts his head. "What position is that? The survival training? That was an unfortunate incident, and we were all lucky we weren't actually on-site when the shooting started." If it's something else… Theo doesn't know.

That's very much not what Besa was speaking of. "I meant my….outburst about Whitley." It wasn't really an outburst. More just a concerned face. But it was enough to get Theo to yell at him, and then Whitley to confirm it clearly must be Besa's fault. "It is better now, this way, yes?" Cocoa give a soft whine, drawing Besa's attention back to her. "Yes, in a moment, Cocoa."

Theo blinks. Perhaps he's forgotten about it. Then he remembers. "OH! Oh, no no no, I think you misunderstood." He sighs. "I'm sorry about that. I shouldn't have reacted like that. You see, I didn't know you and Whitley had… history. But the death glare Rain shot me when I mentioned the name made it seem like she'd forever marked me with the mark of death, just for mentioning his name. I felt I was being ganged up on, and for an unfair reason. I am sorry for my outburst, though."

Besa just looks at Theo, slightly defeated. "It is…old history. It means nothing." Well, now it means nothing, he supposes. "I am sorry Rain made you feel that way." He didn't know about the death glare. He shrugs his shoulder softly, "You did nothing wrong. It is over and done, yes? Let it stay in the past." Agian he touches Cocao's head, "I need to take her out, if you will excuse me?"

Theo nods. "Still, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so mean about it." He offers a smile, and then makes to place a hand on Besa's shoulder. Just for a moment, to offer a reassuring squeeze. And then he nods. "Ah, of course. I'm sorry to hold you up." And he pets Cocoa, "I'm sorry." Then he steps back. "Take care," he offers.

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