(2018-03-15) That Feeling of Bleh
That Feeling of Bleh
Summary: Theo's recovering from a bout of the sick, and while he's half-heartedly watching TV, Grayson shows up.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-15)
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Well, it's after class, and Theo's in the Billiard Room again. Though not to play billiards. They kinda can't do that, since there IS no billiards table. More to the point, Theo's not even practicing, like he usually does. He's… half-curled on the sofa closest to the TV, watching… something. He looks like he isn't really paying attention. There is a fleecy blanket draped over him — scandalously, it's a blanket depicting Rainbow Dash. Theo himself actually looks like he's just… slumping there. 'Bleh' seems like an effective word for how he looks right now.

Grayson wanders past the billiard room, a green apple in his hand. He takes a loud, crunchy bite, and then leans back to look into the room. He furrows his brow a little and then steps inside. Leaning against the door frame, he chews loudly, mouth open, and asks, "You dyin'?"

Theo looks up at the sound of the voice, and chuckles. "No, sir," he replies. "The reports of my demise have been… slightly exaggerated. Ever so slightly." A small smirk. "I've been sick. I'm not now, though — sick or contagious. Just… still recovering."

Grayson takes another loud bite of that apple. Through a full mouth he asks, "Sho whatsh wrong wiff you?" Chew. Chew. Chew. "You tchrainin' too hard? Or jusht shick?" Chew Chew. Swallow.

By some miracle, Theo can understand Grayson. "Just sick. The odd weather gave me a bit of something in my chest, and it developed into a rather angry something. I've gotten most of it out, but the recovery is slow."

Grayson nods. "Well, you look like shit." He smirks, and he shrugs, "So, I guess you are starting to get back to your normal self." He walks fully into the room and flops onto the armrest of the couch. "Why are you hiding in here?"

Theo sticks his tongue out and offers a quiet raspberry at Grayson's quip. "I see you're in top form yourself," he notes. That might or might not be an insult, given how it's worded. As for why he's hiding in here? He waves a hand at the TV. "I call myself watching television, but my attention span begs to differ."

Grayson looks at the television. "Really?" He rolls his eyes. "TV is awful. I actually can't remember the last time I even watched any of it." Taking another bite of the apple, he chews it up, and swallows. "Did you miss class all week?"

"Most of the week, yes," Theo replies. "I did have a friend bring me my work though, so I didn't fall too far behind. I still have some makeup work to do, but at the moment…" He shrugs helplessly. "My body wants to turn into a vegetable apparently." He chuckles. A sigh at the TV. "You may have a point there. Though most of the DVDs I could have brought in might have confused people."

Grayson folds his arms over his chest, studying the apple in his hand as he talks. "When I was a kid, whenever I was sick, my mom always got me cheeseburger happy meals from McDonalds." He shrugs, "It's dumb, but to this day I still crave a McDonald's cheeseburger if I'm not feelin' well." He sighs, and settles for a bite of apple. "Why would your movies confuse people?"

Theo smiles. "That's a nice memory," he says, quietly. "Though with this blizzard, it would be a tall order getting out of the house, much less down to town." Theo's going to remember that, though. But the subject of his movies gets a bit of a smirk… though it's mainly a self-derisive one. A moment of thought. "Well… there's one you might know." He looks up at Grayson. "Have you ever seen the movie 'Yojimbo'? You might have. But you might have seen it when it was called 'A Fistful of Dollars'."

"Yojimbo?" Grayson shakes his head, "Nope. Is that anime?" He scrunches his brow, "I don't like cartoons." He eats more apple. "Blizzardsh are dumb." Chew. Chew.

"It's not an anime," Theo replies. There's a game by that name, but it's best forgotten anyway. "It's a samurai movie that came out in 1961. It was adapted into a western called 'A Fistful of Dollars'. Both movies had about the same plot — a nameless stranger breezes into town and plays the town's two gangs against each other and takes them both out. It's pretty fun to watch… either one of them." As to the blizzard? "The weather was trying to trick us, being all warm and pretty, and then suddenly BAM — winter storm. It'll take another week to dig out at this rate."

"I'm not a fan of snow," Grayson shares. "Out west, it didn't snow at all, really. I mean, unless I was up in the mountains, but, at least there, you expect it." He pushes up to his feet, leaving his apple core there on the arm rest. "I didn't really watch any movies or anything growing up. I spent too much time outside." He sniffs, and shrugs. "Anyway. I'm glad you're startin' to feel better." He makes a gun with his fingers and 'fires' it at Theo, "Pew." And he turns to go.

Theo misses the apple core at first. He's busy listening to Grayson talk. He nods regarding snow in the mountains; he would indeed expect it in the mountains. As for the movies? "Oh, I see. Honestly you probably did well with that; you got more activity." He chuckles at the finger-gun, and mimics being shot in the chest. It's a bit half-hearted; he's still weak. Nonetheless, he does offer, "Thank you."

It's not 'till Grayson has left the room that Theo realizes he left his apple core. A sigh. "Really?" A spider is summoned, the core wrapped up in blue-white threads, and carried via the ceiling to a trash receptacle. "Still the apple bitch, I see…" Though that's a smile on his face there.

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