(2018-03-15) Nomming in the Dark
Nomming in the Dark
Summary: A group of students eat lunch and cope with the continued power outage post-blizzard.
Date: 2018-03-15
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Great Hall/Dining Room, Winbarry Estate
Thu Mar 15, 2018

The round tables from the original school have been placed in the dining room, the familiar chairs surround them. A few tall hutches line the far wall, and hold the necessary plates, glasses and flatware necessary for meals. On the sidewall a credenza is set and holds various packaged snacks for between meals, there is also a wooden bowl with apples, oranges and other such fruits. The oak paneled walls and wood floor has been polished to a shine so the room looks quite pleasing. A large flat screen TV hangs on the other wall and is usually set to some music station, though the remote is handy should someone want to change the channel.


The power is still out so classes again have been cancelled for the day, but students still need to be feed and some home even with no electricity Ms. Anna, the school cook, still manages to make a wonderful, hot lunch for everyone eaten in the light of battery operated lanterns. A couple of the lanterns sit on each table, they give a shadowy ambiance to the usually bright room. Of course it is chilly, but nothing a sweater or sweatshirt can't combat.

With no classes Rain is out of uniform, green cashmere sweater, with a grey skirt and wool tights the same shade as her sweater. She doesn't do jeans or slacks. She is sitting at the usual table she does, cell phone in hand scrolling through Instagram, ignoring the food served family style on the table.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Amazing Success.

It's been an interesting couple of days. Of course Fionnuala did what she could to help physically clear snow, which of course put her outside in the sunlight. Wings out; any and all manner of ways to absorb as much as she could. As fast as she could. Fast-forward through the moments in between, before the day ended, and the girl placed herself close to every window in the estate. When the sun began to set, she perched out on the roof as a crow. Fionnuala worked hard, but it was all for a good cause. This is a big building and whatever minimal heating the school does have, it's only 'just' enough.

So today, Fionnuala behaved in much the same way: absorb, absorb, absorb. She slept in a room apart from others the night prior so she didn't have to 'disperse' her glow. So, the result?

Into the dining room the girl strides, also in her casual clothing: a pretty red-and-plaid woolen tunic with fluted sleeves, darts and tucks cinching it in against her waist in a sort of old-timey charming way, black tights. Black hair braided… skin glowing. Eyes brilliant, a pale citrine yellow. The wings, though; the wings… every vein and fiber of every feather glows dimly. She throws both light (not terribly blinding, though) and warmth, and it precedes her before she even enters the room. Which she does with a sunny (literally) hello!

While the cold does not bother Ronan even in the slightest, he's been using his abilities a lot more than he's even remotely used to. His skin was cold as the snow outside thanks to having spent quite a lot of time outside moving snow and helping with things in town that were being crushed under the weight of the snow. He had gone back to the nursing home to make sure his dome was still standing a day later and to patch it up. He's also moved snow around on campus so people were able to move around more freely. His breath creates a soft mist as it crystalizes minute water molecules in the air. Tiny fleck of ice frost his hair from the sweat freezing. He's put his school uniform and had made sure he was completely normal looking otherwise. Unlike the winged girl, he's actually even colder than normal.

Blizzard, plus no power in the estate, plus Theo being on the rebound from some unknown variety of creepin' crud, equals a cold Theo. He does have a sweater on over his typical attire of t-shirt and jeans — and yes, he is still wearing that damnable vest with those silver pins.

Of course what would attract a cold Theo to the area? Warms. There's a hot meal, and a warm shifter in the dining room! So of course it won't take Theo long to find his way into the area. He waves to Rain and Fionnuala. "Hello," he greets. "I couldn't help but notice it's warm in here. Do you mind too terribly if I join, before I turn into a popsicle?" He's teasing; it's not THAT cold.

Ronan gets a smile. "Oh, hello there. Are you… oh, that's right. You prefer it cooler?" he recalls. He doesn't want to be rude, either.

The warmth is noticed before the shininess that is Fiona entering the room. Rain looks up from the screen on her phone for a moment before tapping the screen a few times and lifting it to aim it at the crow. If she didn't have the camera sounds turned off, there would be shutter noises emitting from her phone…but those are annoying…to her at least. Fee doesn't need flash either, she is her own light source. A few candid pics are taken to be posted a bit later on her blog. "Come sit." she tells mostly Fee, but Theo and Ronan are probably included in her invitation, but only one chair is pushed out with a slippered foot. She seems a bit more pleasant today than usual her voice isn't as cool but no smiles for anyone.

The crow girl has the ability to look sweet/happy and deeply apologetic at the very same time. She remembers the Irish boy's proclivity to the cold and understands that her ramping up the temperature in here cannot be easy on him. Provided he enter the dining room from the get-go, Fionnuala will smile at him openly but her brows are furrowed. "Hi Ronan, I hope this doesn't make you uncomfortable." She tilts her head, even her hair seeming to glow with the stored energy. The lanterns working on each table to illuminate the vast room find themselves bolstered by the girl's very presence, and naturally she eases herself down to sit alongside Rain. But not before posing for what she knows are a few candid shots! Sitting now, face lit with pleasure, she peeks sideward at the Masters girl.

"Anything interesting?" She chimes happily, indicating the phone that she uses to scroll. "Ooh… soup and sandwiches! I love soup and sandwiches!" Fionnuala calls out to the room in general… she loves anything put in front of her. c.c

She waves Theo over enthusiastically, "Sit! Sit! Warm!" Then she applies herself to the meal in front of her. Give her a bit, she'll surface soon… being a shifter lightbulb requires lots of sustenance.

"No. It's fine. I'm fine. It isn't that warm." Ronan says laughing softly at the crow girl's reaction to his presence. "I do believe I am perhaps more than cold enough to make up for it." He says shrugging and not getting that worked up over things. However, his skin begins collecting a bit of moisture as the cold of his skin clashes with the warm air being generated by Fionnuala. "I do hope you all are having a good day." He says before he looking at Theo,"I do prefer the cold over the warm." He says casually, stretching his body. His muscles were tightening up from the use of his body. He breathes in deeply as he moves to take a seat.

Theo's starting to get used to Rain's cool demeanor (also he's starting to figure out how to wrangle Grayson, and Rain's not NEARLY as prickly). So he smiles as Rain speaks. He's not completely sure about the phone, but there's really only one reason someone points their phone at someone else. Though he's not going to comment — his fab levels are still a bit low, or he'd have mugged for Rain's phone camera too. Anyway, he sits near the chair that was pushed out for Fionnuala, not wanting to 'steal' her seat. "Thank you," he offers, both to Rain and Fionnuala. And he nods to Ronan's response, and points out, "I can block the heat if you'd like." Not to worry, Ronan — Theo will bravely sit between Fee and Ronan, to preserve the cooler-temperatured student's… well, cooler temperature!

The short of it: Power is still out, classes are cancelled for the day, and a lunch of hot soup and paninis is being served by battery operated lantern light…and of course the glow of the winged Fionnuala.

Scooting closer to Fiona to bask in the warmth the teen girl generates Rain sets her phone down "Not really. A lot of posts of storm damage and winter is bad memes." the girl answers Fiona waiting for the crow to fill her bowl before finally getting around to serving herself some food "Are you fully recovered from yesterday Ronan?" she asks him as he comes in conversation range. She isn't even close to being as prickly as Grayson, Rain may be cool and detached but she is polite and there is the potential of her warming up to you. "Hello Theo." she greets him as well "Still not quite there yet?" asking of his recovery as well.

Hey! Ronan's only physically cold. He's a very nice guy… most of the time. "Yes. I am feeling recovered." He says causally as he nods his head at Rain before giving Theo a soft smile,"Go raibh maith agat." He says to Theo as he relaxes into the chair, still covered in condensation and frost in his hair. He was definitely suited to dealing with the blizzard's effects. "Least we have heat today." He points out casually. The warmth radiating from Fionnuala is causing Ronan to scoot just a bit farther from her but still close enough for everyone to talk.

"Not quite," Theo replies to Rain's question. "Almost, though. That weather last week confused my body, I suppose." Though he does look to Ronan when Rain asks about him too, raising his eyebrow in question. Though to Ronan's use of what he assumes is some kind of Gaelic, Theo notes playfully, "Japanese is hard enough to figure out; I don't think I can handle learning a third language. What did you say?"

Bryce walks into the dining hall looking a bit lost since he still is trying to learn the layout of the mansion. The fact that he arrived after the power went out makes it even harder for him to find his way around. He takes one step into the dining hall and pauses. He had heard voices and seen some light and thought to investigate, but now that he has seen some people he looks unsure what to do. He blinks a bit seeing a glowing girl with wings. He then looks down from them not wanting to look rude by staring. He crosses his arms over his chest as he is a bit cold though he isn't wearing a jacket or a sweater. Noticing the food, he heads over towards table with the soup on it. As he nears the group, he offers a soft, "Hello."

Rain nods at the both Ronan and Theo. "You did a good job with the snow removal." she tells the former "And it was a lot of snow to move…especially after a morning of doing that here." she can only assume that we has exhausted "I'm surprised you didn't suffer an overuse migraine." or maybe that's just her twin. She interprets Theo's look correctly and explains "We were over at the elder care facility in town. The roof collapsed under all the snow from the blizzard." she takes a bite of her soup, her eyes going to the new face of Bryce as he greets them. The Masters girl probably isn't the best choice for a new person to meet right away. There is no warmth in the expression he is met with…it's not mean either or particularly bitchy, the best adjective is stoic.

Theo looks up when he hears someone else enter, and offers a polite smile. "Hello there," he greets Bryce pleasantly. Thanks to Fionnuala, there's a nice bubble of warmth over near them, it might attract other students! He's gotten himself some food too, though more because he knows his body needs food to completely recover moreso than he's actually hungry. Rain's words draw a wide-eyed look, and Theo raises a hand to his mouth in surprise. "Oh, I heard about that on the news," he says quietly. He knew some of the residents didn't make it out, so he asks, "Did any of the students get hurt badly?"

"Don't be getting me wrong. When I was done I was very grateful and I slept for quite a long while afterwards but no migraine. Just exhaustion." Ronan says shaking his head a little bit,"It means thank you. If written out you can use G R M A." He says casually before he begins eating. Since he slept through the evening its been a long while since he had anything to eat.

Bryce gives a 'sorry' look to Rain as he gets a look from her. He is used to looks and decides to play the better part of valor. He is a bit surprised when Theo greets him pleasantly. He grabs a small cup of soup and a panini before slipping out of the room as quietly as he came.

Does Rain have the grace to look sheepish at her scaring off the new kid? Not at all. She looks more confused by it than anything else "I didn't mean to scare him off." She says she may not look sheepish about it, but at least there is an apologetic tone to her voice.

"No. We got there after all the damage was done and helped in rescuing people that were trapped." Rain tells Theo at his question. "There would have been a lot more dead were it not for Besa. He did a lot of healing yesterday." she glances at the food "He is probably napping it off. I think I will make him a plate and take it to him when I am done." she takes care of her friends, practically spoils them…if they let her. Besa is the hardest to spoil of the few she has.

"That's good. Overuse headaches can be debilitating." she speaks to Ronan than as he explains his language she takes the chance to eat her own food.

Theo nods to Ronan's explanation. "Ah, that helps. You're welcome." He pouts a bit at Bryce when he decides to make a retreat. Hopefully the puppy-dog eyes will work for their next meeting! Rain's explaining things then, and Theo pays attention to what she's saying. He winces a bit. "I'm sorry I wasn't there to help," he offers. "Though I might not have been much use if I was there — I was sleeping off my sick still." But he does nod at the mention of bringing Besa food later! "That's a good idea. If he's weak, he'll need his strength."

So, like.. what has Fionnuala been doing? How can such a tiny girl eat so much?! She's been stuffing her face! Stuffing it! … daintily. Yeah somehow that happens.

Gloriously bright eyes watched the comings and goings of students, but she was raised to not eat with her mouth full! She went on to eat, and eat… TWO paninis with her big bowl of soup. She leans back in her chair to chug a full glass of orange juice, wings quivering and casting dashes of 'sunlight' — as fine as dust — across the floor harmlessly. With it… beautiful, wonderful warmth.

"Oh my God that was good." Fionnuala sings, looking sideward to her present company. Her hand patches the little pooch that has arisen in her belly, lashes fluttering. "Do they need anymore help downtown, after what happened?" She asks worriedly.. it feels as if her bubble of heat has increased as her belly filled.

"There were plenty of people there, Theo, but I understand the feeling." Rain assures him, sort of "You need to be getting better, not pushing yourself into a relapse." There is the occasional glance at Fiona as she speaks. She can't help but marvel at the other girl's appetite "I think you could give my brothers a challenge when it comes to eating."

The heat that was radiating out does make Ronan a little bit uncomfortable. He counters it by increasing his radiating cold by a little bit, which causes a bit of mist to begin forming on the ground from the contrasting temperatures. It wasn't much but it was a bit on the noticeable side. "Besa was taking care of the injured and that guy and Ariel were doing a good job of getting people out of there." He doesn't say anything about his own contribution. "Overuse can be a pain. I've never pushed myself that long."

Theo snickers at Fionnuala's sudden words of satisfaction with the food. He doesn't tease her over the amount she's put away, no. He just smiles. Rain's mention of him needing to recover gets a nod. "That's what I thought, too," he agrees. "Though that doesn't stop me from feeling like I was laying around while people needed help." Well well, what do you know? Maybe he IS a Promethean after all! He notes the fog being formed, and comments, "We can just drop him in a tub of water this Halloween for a spooky fog." Yes, he's kidding.

Rest assured, it's not often that the girl gorges herself like this. It appears to tie-in to how she's absorbing and holding the sunlight. It skitters from her body across parts of the table, upwards to float lazily toward the ceiling… any of these wisps touching skin won't cause a lick of harm, just the barest kiss of warmth. She giggles at Rain's remark, "I don't know about that… I've seen Conner go to is, some lunches." She pats her tummy, looking between Theo and Ronan next… though her gaze settles a bit longer upon the former. His recovering from the illness still concerns the girl, though she is pleased to see him here, not holed up in a dark bedroom or the like. "THat's right.. eat lots, and get your vitamin D!" Or vitamin Fee if you wanna call it that. Corny.. yeah, corny. But truth.

She then notes the fog, and feels a bit badly despite Ronan's earlier reassurance. What can she do to help offset herself a bit?! Fionnuala ponders this as she, too, thinks about yesterday's situation. "I'm really sorry I couldn't have been there… so much to do here. I was helping to regulate the temperature." Obviously. "Have the people been displaced been set up in a shelter of sorts? Or I wonder if there's anything I can do to help with the people who escaped?" Oh Fee, the perpetual bleeding heart.

"I was helping Besa and Legion was helping shift debris to there wouldn't be more cave ins." Rain tells the others. She assumes that everyone at the table knows who Legion is and she doesn't have to explain. "I guess you will be considered a walking chunk of dry ice, Ronan." she might find Theo's idea amusing she does make an amused sound. "All the people that were living at the facility have been put up at the local hospital or went back with their families. That's all I know. If they need any other help…" she shrugs

"I am fairly sure that everyone is safe now. If they weren't, I'd think they would have called us back for more aid." Ronan says shrugging a little at the whole thing and he considers the dry ice concept, "I don't think I can do dry ice. Dry Ice has a temperature of around negative seventy eight degrees, err well I think that's negative one hundred and nine." He says running fingers through his hair, "I haven't ever gone below negative forty."

There's a mischievous little smirk aimed at Fionnuala at the mention of 'vitamin D'. It's one of THOSE looks. One of those conspiratorial looks, one that suggests he's thinking something naughty. Though to his credit, he doesn't actually SAY the naughty thing he was thinking. He just leaves Fionnuala to IMAGINE what it is he might have been thinking. They do tend to think alike sometimes; perhaps it'll be enough.

Rain's words get a nod. "That sounds like a workable system." And he snickers at Rain's mention of Ronan being a walking chunk of dry ice. Ronan's mention of the people being safe gets a nod. "Oh, most likely. I'm glad you were able to help though." And a smirk at the mention of Ronan's temperature not being low enough. "That's all right, you can still make spooky fog!" he encourages.

The whole while Fee's expression looks soft and sad. She's just thinking of those who were killed or yet suffer with injuries and/or memories of the whole situation. Those poor, poor hearts! Yeah, Fee hurts and dwells easily, obviously. She gives her lips one more unnecessary dab with her napkin and gathers up her dishes in preparation to carry them off to the kitchen eventually. Her big bright eyes flit over in Theo's direction as she actually feels that meaningful look. Fee is no slouch; she knows Theo now and very quickly she rifles back to her innocuous (she promises) wording. Theo's meaning hits home and Fionnuala suddenly snorts behind the napkin; a bitten-back snort of laughter. She coughs, then blows her nose into the napkin to try making up for her behavior.

She pulls the napkin back with a silly grin, though she kinda.. used her food napkin for that. Some sort of reddish-orange debris — tomato soup — is smeared all over her pretty nose. She doesn't notice, Fee being Fee. She looks between Rain and Ronan next, following the conversation with soup on her face. Why does she suddenly smell tomatoes…

"And you don't have a chance of making coolers explode." At least Rain hopes that's the case for Ronan. The exchange between Theo and Fee has her rolling her eyes at them. She glances at Fiona and sighs at her friend "Oh Fiona." She grabs another napkin and goes to hold the girl's chin with one hand while she dabs at Fee's messy nose. "Worked for us." She nods at Theo as she cleans up her friend.

"I do not believe that I would cause a cooler to explode. I mean least without there being something that I could cool that would cause rapid enough expansion." Ronan knows physics. Ronan likes physics. Physics makes sense. Magic does not so he doesn't even think of it too much,"Unless someone did a spell and my ice interacted weirdly. I do not claim any understanding." He says rubbing the back of his head a bit.

Theo grins broadly as Fionnuala snorts with laughter, realizing she understood what he was talking about. "Such a pity," he sighs. Then snickers as he notices the soup on Fionnuala's nose. Rain's got it though! "I should apologize though," he notes to Rain. "My dirty mind resulted in Fionnuala getting soup-nosed." Ronan's words get a tilt of Theo's head. "Doesn't water expand when it freezes? It being one of the few liquids that do reacts in that particular way to being frozen?"

Exploding coolers? Physics… ooooh, hiiiissss. No offense whatsoever dealt to those who love the subject, but Fee is a spoony art student! Any manner of science'ing and the like is bound to die a swift death in her eccentric brain. This does not turn her off to Ronan's words as he talks to the others, and her lips curl up at their corners to see a boy who enjoys the subject so well. Fee can appreciate that much. She is just about to pick up her spoon til' Rain speaks to her, eyes the mess of her face. "Hn?" She starts, perplexed as she looks her bestie right in the face, maybe a bit worriedly. "Everything—-" Pause, as Rain works to wash her face.

Ah. Fee snickers then, lashes fluttering closed as she lavishes in the attention. Theo's owning of his dirty dirty fabulous mind only intensifies the girl's laughter, but then her bright eyes peer past Rain's shoulder briefly as she works, noting a few other random, cold students filing in to find seats. Fee then seems to consider something.

"It does but you'd still need to freeze it rapidly with the cooler sealed. Dry Ice causes the molecules to instantly expand as they become solid, which creates a sudden burst of pressure which would trigger the explosion. Since I can only generate at most negative forty I can freeze the water pretty much instantly but there isn't as rapid or as violent an expansion since dry ice also contains carbon and extra oxygen molecules that release as they revert to gas." Ronan says trying to explain the different and probably doing a really poor job. "Theoretically it would be possible if I could get stronger for me to freeze carbon dioxide."

Theo nods. "You have soup on your nose," he confirms to Fionnuala as Rain cleans it away. "Entirely my fault." He chuckles. Ronan's explaining then, and Theo looks back to him. Surprisingly his eyes don't glaze over, and he seems to be following… reasonably well, at least. "Ah, that's right. Dry ice being not frozen water, but super-frozen gas, it doesn't melt. It sublimates, I think is the word? Going from solid to gas and skipping the liquid phase?" Yeah, he seems to be following reasonably well. Probably not perfectly though.

At least Rain doesn't use her spit to clean up Fee's face, she dips the napkin into her glass of water instead. She listens, cleaning up the crow and nudging her with a knee "Be still." she chides though she tries not to laugh at Fee's laughing at herself. The physics talk doesn't go over her head, she is smart, not genius smart, but she can follow along as well as Theo can. "Magic can make anything behave wierdly." she comments as she lets Fee go and puts the napkin down "And unpredictable in its predictability." does that even make sense…it does to her.

Oh, maybe that's what makes Fee especially amused! Because way back when, her Ma did just that. Fionnuala had been a devastatingly adorable little girl and also a bit filthy, given her constant time outdoors. Many a time Flora had to hock one into a tissue to spot clean the kid. Gross? Perhaps. But that's just the way it went with toddlers. Maybe little memories of those moments are what amuse Fee so, as tyrannosaurus rexes would sooner tapdance through the room before Rain would spit-clean…

…. mind you there were velociraptors….

Anyway, Fee remains compliantly still and once released, she preens. "Thank you~" She chimes, "You can clean me up but you can't take me anywhere." Is remarked next, gaze flitting back to the other students closeby who haven't the gall to move closer to their table to catch the brunt of her heat. Fee's lips curl again, and her fingers steeple together in her lap. She appears to be concentrating then. Speaking of magic…

"I have noticed through my association with Ashton and Besa that this is to be true." Ronan says nodding his head most emphatically,"Although I wonder how much quantum theory would be able to be applied to magic. Me da has tried ta teach me about quantum theory but it makes me head feel like it is going to explode into a billion pieces." He says grimacing a bit,"Some day I shall understand it." He says with a wry grin. Life goals anyone? "I believe sublimation is the correct term. I am used to using nealuchan, or nealu depending on the sentence it is in." The joys of learning to do science in multiple languages, right?

Theo nods to Rain's mention of magic. "I've heard magic called 'a way to very effectively tell physics to get stuffed'," he notes. "Having no understanding of it myself, that seems appropriate to me — jazzhands and then Things Happen." He chuckles. Though a moment later he notices Fionnuala concentrating. He wants to ask, but… breaking her concentration would be bad, wouldn't it? Ronan speaks up then, and Theo smirks. "'Nealuchan' sounds like a diminutive nickname in Japanese," he remarks. "Like… Ro-chan!" He grins. Yes, that's a super-diminutive for Ronan. Theo is messing with Ronan now, just a little.

"Instead I can take you everywhere." Rain says to Fiona and she probably isn't joking about that either. Want to go to Paris? Shanghai? Low-Level Orbit…she can throw enough money around to make it happen. Of course she would have to ask her parent's permission first…so there is that caveat, but she would try! Unlike others she does know magic on a book level…she can't do magic, thankfully. And when Fee starts concentrating she knows magic is being done and the hazards that goes along with interrupting a spell. That's how you get turned into a toad.

A skeptical look is given to Ronan "I'm guessing little to none." and then she nods at Theo "Magic is well known for defying all the laws, especially those of physics." she can't help but actually laugh…she laughed!!! at Theo's joke about jazzhands.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Mystic: Good Success.

Her lips are moving, but she's not putting forth archaic chants or even anything that looks outwardly impressive. Her brand of magic is to 'guide' it along with song, and it's a bit… inconvenient to break out into the verses of a song while people around her are talking. Fionnuala simply begins to humm the base melody of a song — 'Across The Universe' by the Beatles to be exact — and that's all it takes. She's not asking a lot of her wind magic… her hands move and twirl together as if she is playing a game of patty cake with an invisible participant.

Some of the ambient heat in her proximity suddenly lessens, but there's still enough to keep her immediate pals warm. The cast wind magic moves gently and harmlessly in the direction of the other students, and they look pleased at this sudden dash of warmth. Fionnuala's hands continue to move slowly and gently, willing the magic… she's like a space heater! It's an easy spell though, and she can answer Rain rather excitedly. "R-really! Oh, wouldn't that be cool. I'd love to go back to Scotland someday, or see it. It's so expensive to go there, I know Ma and Da wanted to… but with everything, it's hard." She admits. Rain's laughter is an enjoyable thing, and Fee goes on happily and contentedly humming, casting her warmth throughout the room. She gives Ronan one more apologetic glance, however. She's trying not to make it too intense!

"Scotland is a land of people who wear kilts and speak wrong." Ronan says playfully. "I think I am going ta go lay down for a little bit. I've been running hard ta try and help clear more snow and I'll probably be working later too." He pauses and says,"Nealuchan, not whatever you just said and I think yer saying something weirdly silly about me there Theo, but I'll let it pass." Beyond putting an ice cold hand to the back of Theo's neck when he stands up. "I'll catch everyone later."

At Rain's laughter, Theo brings his hands up next to his face and does a fabulous jazzhands pose. "Any magic yet?" No magic happens of course, because he's not a mage. But he's using the tail end of his joke to try to get another laugh. Though he also hears what Fionnuala's humming, and grins. That is a song he likes too. Though he's still staying quiet 'till she's done. Ronan speaks up then, and Theo smirks. "It was just a nickname, like you might —" And then that ice cold hand on the back of his neck! It prompts a very unmasculine squeak! One that gets a smattering of quiet laughter around the room, and Theo goes a bit blushy. "Ooh, you just wait," he says playfully, to Ronan's retreating form.

Rain considers a moment "I've been all sorts of places…" there is a beat "But I've never been to Scotland. We took Besa to Italy and Egypt last summer, we can do Scotland this summer." apparently that is happening. More proof that Rain is a spoiler. There is one of those confused blinking expressions given to Ronan "I fail to see how kilts are a bad thing." she then nods to him "Have a good nap." speaking of naps she should go check on Besa soon and bring him food. The first laugh must have been a total uncontrolled slip the further attempt at getting more laughter out of her his as successful, though there is a snicker at the reaction to the hand of ice.

"Speak wrong?" Fee asks, clearly latching onto the humor of it all. Scottish vs. Irish and vice versa is a longstanding thing. "Don't tell my Da that. I'll have you know he has a kilt collection." She chimes as she lifts one dancing hand to bid the Irish boy adieu. There isn't a break in her casting as she continues 'sharing' the heat and before long, the hall is warming up; slowly it's reaching the outermost spaces of the large room. Fionnuala looks pleased, though she can't help but laugh outright at the jazzhands. She lifts both of her own to reciprocate the gesture, only her jazzhands come with heat! Sunlight flares across her wings, from tip to tip, as the girl moves.

Eyes still glittering with amusement at the play between Ronan and Theo, she turns again to look upon Rain in astonishment. "We… really, we could?" She knows for certain Rain has the means to do the spoiling, Fee just can't get over the kindness. "You would do that? Are you sure? Da tells me that the weather can be temperamental and chilly." Said with a kind grin. ".. but I would love to go."

"They can be a bad thing if they're worn… authentically," Theo points out. He's pretty sure Rain will figure that one out. "Mind, not so bad for me, under most circumstances." He waggles his eyebrows. He's not going to invite himself along, mind, and he has no real reason to go to Scotland. In fact, his stepfather will probably want him to go visit his side of the family in Japan over the summer, at least for a little while. So he doesn't comment on it. Instead he chuckles at Fionnuala's jazzhands with heat! "See, that would be a useful ability for me," he replies.

"We could. I have to ask mom and dad first but I don't imagine they would refuse." she assures Fiona as she finishes her own food and then works on getting another bowl of soup and a few sandwiches for Besa. "And you will be around, so warmth won't be an issue." Rain has little to no Irish or Scottish in her that she knows of (lots of Italian though, not that she looks it) but she knows all about kilts and how they are traditionally worn "Only if there is a stiff updraft." if he was trying to get her to blush, that isn't working. As she works on making the plate the cleanup lunch cleanup crew come in and start to do thier job of cleaning off the tables "I think that is our cue to leave." she looks to Fee "Could you help me take this stuff to Besa?" she hands the plate to Fiona, fully expecting the girl to agree and then heads out with the bowl of soup..though she should make a pitstop to get some hot tea for the boy as well.

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