(2018-03-14) Does It REALLY Hurt That Bad?!
Does It REALLY Hurt That Bad?!
Summary: Grace and Ariel meet officially, and discuss some Important Topics while shoveling post-blizzard.
Date: 2018-03-14
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Winbarry Estate
Wed Mar 14, 2018

This old Georgian/Colonial mansion is in a current state of repair. Being structurally sound, it's not at it's former prettiness….yet.. New paint helps, but anyone that knows houses can see it's still in desperate need of a new roof.

The grounds have recently been serviced. Nothing fancy, but the grass is cut, weeds have been pulled and the trees are not growing wild any longer., Large trees are sprinkled around the 13 acre estate. The back yard is expansive, an over grown garden with paths that have been long covered up and statues that have claimed by vines. Seems the gardener has not gotten to the backyard just yet. The entire estate is surrounded by a wrought iron fence. A pea-gravel driveway leads to a newer garage building.


No school is one of those things that is a lot cooler when you don't live at school. If it weren't for the snow at least everyone could just leave, but of course if it weren't for the snow they wouldn't have the day. Catch 22! Ariel isn't super thrilled about getting pizza, but all these kids stuck indoors are killing any thoughts she might have had about alone time with her guy, so she's come out front to survey the damage. When she tromps out into the snow she's wearing a pair of flannel pajama bottoms, a T-shirt that says "IPRE STARBLASTER" and a pair of slippers. "Jesus, look at this mess. Welcome to spring."

Living back in the Pacific Northwest, with the decidedly wet weather as opposed to snowy, Grace hadn't experienced 'no school' days very often. Go figure when she's finally in a place where there's enough snow to Cause Problems, she's living at the school. It appears Grace, who desires her space more often than not, is balking a bit at being trapped indoors with everyone. Even her refuge in the kitchen is full of staff and students, and the constant chatter was making her senses a bit itchy. She knew that efforts were being organized to help clear the slop; there's not even time to enjoy it! If it meant helping to clear a way in and out of the estate, Grace Halleson was ready.

She may be petite and look for all the world as if she couldn't lift a 60lb bag of flour.. but don't be fooled. She wears tight black denims and a poufy navy blue bomber jacket, a black knit cap pulled down over her hair, red eyes surveying the monumental task ahead. She is poised there with a shovel, and that is when Ariel joins her. Those intense red eyes turn to look upon the new arrival as she remarks on the 'mess'.

"I'm feeling stir crazy. I think I'm going to try clearing out some of the entryway here." She remarks in her softspoken way.

"I'm from Boston, which isn't too far. This is pretty typical these days. Wait'll we get one in April and then it's like seventy the next day." Ariel walks over to where the shovels are being kept while waiting for enterprising students to come collect them and grabs one. She walks up by Grace and pauses a moment, her arms and legs getting all bulky with heavy, corded muscle. "There we go. Feeling very GLOW now."

Boston? Grace's face warms with a half-smile, "I've never been, but my extended family has experience with Boston." She offers, then chuckles softly at talk of PMS'y weather and how it'll change it's mind before long. The smile widens when Ariel takes up a shovel of her own, though those red eyes round themselves considerably at the sight of the other girl bulking up. Okay, so she is at a school for Supers… people are experimenting and showing off their skills everywhere. But that is cool.

"Now that is most useful." Grace takes a deep breath, "Are you cold at all? Though you'll be moving a lot very soon." She observes, reaching down to pull taut the laces of her shit-kicker boots, before taking up her chosen shovel and padding toward an outcrop of snow which thoroughly obscures the driveway. "How are you feeling, since all that m-mess on the beach? With the zombies?"

"I know when it is IS cold, but I don't really get cold. Like not uncomfortably so. My body just kind of adapts. If we were going into town I'd probably put on a jacket or something so as not to weird people out, but if I'm doing this it'll be best not to have lots of stuff dangling. That's why I'm a girl right now." Ariel shoves the shovel into a snow bank and lifts a hefty pile. "That was a joke. I'm a girl right now because I'm a girl right now. Though I just realized that that doesn't mean I have to be a SHORT girl right now." And then she undergoes a growth spurt until she's got that Kaylee basketball player height going on. "There we go." Using her extra foot of headspace Ariel starts flinging snow off to the side. "That zombie shit was fuuuucked. But I guess we beat them? I wish we had an idea what the hell that was all about, but, hey, at least I didn't get my arms torn off this time."


dudette…. DUDE…

Grace watches, with interest, the shifting of Ariel's form to better suit the physical task at hand. She blushes at the thought of the range of Ariel's skill… was she not a 'he' during that dangerous stint? And then he because a… well, let's just say 'he' took on a form that laid siege to the draug. What is Ariel, anyway? At least Grace isn't a judgey, gawky sort…. she is becoming accustomed to her new home, and the many interesting people within it. She just needs to be.. alone often. Ariel is now standing head-and-shoulders over her and again, the werewolf is startled. "That—-huh. I could have used that too, on some occasions." Ie. when she's in the kitchen, hopping, trying to get things from higher shelves. She's had a few big mixing bowls fall to cork her one on the noggin. Grace, moving her shovel with a surprising degree of 'oomph', joins the taller Ariel in heaving large clumps of snow off to the side into as uniform a pile as possible.

"I hope they don't return… from what I could tell," In between her own spats of savagery, "The biggest of them all.. t-the boss, I guess… was killed?"

"Yeah, I kind of lost track of what was happening when that girl Gabrielle flung me through space like a damn transporter beam and I just went all HP Lovecraft on it. I don't have a discerning appetite, but those things were pretty gross." Ariel pauses in her scooping and looks down at Grace. "Y'know, I don't think we've actually ever met. I'm Ariel. I started here like a month, month and a half ago."

See, Grace can't judge.. though she hadn't achieved her full transformation into whatever it is she becomes. Had that happened, she too would have used her gob to deal grievous damage… luckily she wouldn't have remembered what the awful things tasted like. She makes a face at Ariel's mention of that fact, "They certainly did not look appetizing. Like seafood gone terribly wrong. But you had to do what you had to do, to fight them off… it was effective." A smile then as she looks away, edges her shovel blade into another pile, and with a brief snapping of energy in her short frame she heaves it effortlessly toward the pile. She's moving enough snow, in each lift, to equate to that of grown, burly man's efforts.

She looks up at Ariel at the proper introduction, "It's nice to meet you, here, Ariel. I came along n-not long after you did, if I think back.. I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself." She taps the shovel to remove some grit, "I kinda.. hid.. the first month or so. I was sent here."

Ariel nods when Grace talks about her early time here. "I can appreciate that. This place can be intimidating! Especially when you realize like everyone else has known each other for years." Ariel lets out a sigh and shakes her head, turning to give a hard angry stab at a pile of snow, sending it flying further than it really needed to. "It doesn't help that I basically was dragged here by armed mercenaries and then told my parents had given up their rights as my guardian and ceded them over to the school. Something like that'll make you not want to show your face! And then! The first people I met were actually kind of jerky!" Ariel laughs and looks back at Grace, "But then I met Besa and Kaylee, who should basically be the welcome wagon, and things got a lot better. There are sweet people here to make up for the bitter. And I think Rain is warming up to me. The other day she told me her name was Rain rather than just glaring at me, for instance!"

<FS3> Grace rolls Physical: Good Success.

The more Grace shovels, the more she seems to be enjoying it. She does not tire with every load of snow but… cripes, her efforts are increasing. Barely even a sweat! What she knows of her powers is that part of it extends into a near-endless wellspring of endurance. This bodes well for gruntish, physical work! To move and to exert is to please both the mind of the girl — who is dutiful and likes to be useful — and the inner beast, that relishes physicality. Grace can and will be out here for however long it takes to get some semblance of a walkway cleared… but woe be to whomever is around when she falls upon the provided meals for the day.

Her color is high and radiant, eyes bright as she works. "I'm.. sorry that your arrival had to be that traumatic." She pauses, turns to look at Ariel again, "Are you.. unable, then, to hear from your parents?" Is asked tentatively. There is a flicker of some like emotion in Grace's features; of understanding. "I am glad that you found some kind faces.. I met Besa my first full night here, and he send me a Valentine to help welcome me. There are some really nice sorts.. but some to be leery of, too."

She thrusts the blade into the snow, flings the snow with a soft little grunt in her throat. Such a lady. "I can say that I'm happy here.. it's where we gotta be. I didn't expect to settle as much as I have, so quickly… even meeting a boy."

"Same! It helped that on Valentine's Day I met this goofy guy and we went out and acted like total dorks and then the next day he asked me out and we've been together since. Though lemme say, having your boyfriend living across the hall from you is kind of weird. And maybe dangerous? But maybe in the best way?" Ariel snorts at her own comment and considers their progress. Not bad! But the downside of a mansion is that there's a lot more snow to get rid of than you might want to deal with. "The thing with my parents really messed me up at first, but now I'm like, eh. Whatever. They sent me a restraining order a couple of weeks ago and I was just like I can't even be bothered. I don't cry since I changed. So why bother being sad at all?"

The tale of how Ariel came to meet and mesh with Conner coaxes another earnest smile to Grace's flushed features, "T-that is very sweet. What's his name? Who are you seeing?" She asks thoughtfully; maybe he's part of her team, maybe not. Grace has surprised herself in the curiosity that she harbors for all of these people, even if she yet needs her time to keep to herself, to recoup. She never thought she would be curious about others again… it feels nice.

The sticky situation of living so close to one another results in the girl's pleasant laughter, though. "Oh, yes… are you one of those sorts who are spurned on by danger?" She asks shyly, blushing despite herself. "Wait… so… and if I'm being too personal, throw snow at me or something…" She tilts her head in a gesture so canid that it's downright cute.

"You can take a boy form too, right? How does that feel?" What a loaded question… Grace is purely curious. This is an ability that is beyond her. She attacks the snow again so as to not gaze too intensely. "You're at home now, it seems. You don't have to be hurt anymore by what you left behind. This is your family now, isn't it?" There, temper the awkward question with a heartfelt one.

"I don't think… it isn't right to say I take on a boy form. It's more just that sometimes I'm a boy. So when I'm a boy I feel like a boy, I think of myself as a he, I, uh, am comfortable with the biological necessities of dudery. And when I'm a girl all the same. I go by she, I feel like a girl. It's hard to explain, but it's an identity that goes further for me than skin." Ariel laughs a little bit at how does that feel. "I guess it depends on what you mean by how does it feel. It feels taller. And I guess it comes with a certain swagger. I mean, how graphic do you want me to be? Because there are definitely differences here, but I gotta get a little R rated to go into them. I gotta say, though, when you get to be part of the patriarchy now and again you really understand why guys are so defensive of it." Ariel stops shoveling for a moment. Not to catch a breath or wipe away sweat. Just to take a moment. It's kind of nice out here. Especially after being in the humid, packed house all morning. "His name is Conner. I think he's Metis. If you've ever met Rain or Sky, he's their brother."

The girl shovels and works along, pausing to observe the progress much as Ariel had done a few minutes ago. She listens to the answer to the question however and has the grace (hurr) to blush. "I-I think it's… really interesting. What a way to experience life from so many angles. I bet you'll never get bored." Grace offers with a shy, cute little smile. "Thanks for even explaining that much.. I-I know it was a very forthright thing to ask of you." She admits. There are connotations to her soft voice which point toward a strict upbringing; perhaps some of it moneyed. Well off parents, a good school.. before everything. Grace is very well-spoken, though the way she carries herself and behaves does not point toward hoity-toity roots.

"I won't ask you to go much farther than that. We only just met met." A wink then, Grace is already comfortable wit Ariel. There looks to be a question swimming just below the surface though… she reddens, giggles softly to herself. "U-um.. so…. one more.. I mean, about when you're a boy… and all of this patriarchy bit. How defensive they get. Have you ever been hit, y'know.. in the.. crotch as a boy? Like kicked?" She whispers, eyes wide. "Is it really as terrible as they let on, when it happens?"

Regarding Conner, Grace smiles then. "Oh, I've seen him in passing. He looks and seems kind, rather funny."

"Ab. So. Lutely. But you know what's worse? What no movies ever let on? The near miss. Ball comes at you, someone goes for the kick and it juuuuust grazes things you don't want grazed? Stomach turns to water and you just want to die. At least with the solid hit you kind of tense for it." Ariel grabs her shovel and gets back to work. "I mean, I'll take it over getting my arms torn off any day of the week, but it's definitely not an area where you want swelling because then you have to walk around with those all tender for the rest of the day." Ariel glances over with a grin and shrugs. "Sorry. I'm prone to oversharing. Technically I'm naked all the time so I guess it makes me pretty shameless."

"Really…!" Grace pauses again, her voice reverent. This is some pretty mystical stuff… certain assumptions are dashed in her mind. "I-I never would have thought! I always thought the solid whallop was the killer… but even just a…. wow." She considers, is grateful that she hasn't such, uh, 'liabilities' anywhere on her body to bring her into a quivering pile of pain. Ariel explains more and the girl's eyes couldn't get any wider. "They SWEL—-"

A scrim of snow slides, drops from one of the eaves. It plops onto Grace's head and dusts across her shoulders: this is the universe telling her to STAHP.

She dissolves into giggles, leaning on her shovel, "Okay, okay… no such thing as too much but I guess.. I guess I'd better leave it at that." The werewolf sighs, gives Ariel one more big smile of amusement, and pads over toward another swell of cold, white fluff. She is set to work for another few hours at least; depending upon how long Ariel sticks with her, who knows what other questions will come to pass!

Grace really, really likes shoveling.

"On one hand I keep thinking we need someone with weather poses to just turn the sun back on, or maybe someone who can move stuff with their mind to just pick it all up and drop it in the ocean. But this is kind of relaxing." When the snow falls off of the house and makes a mess of Grace she bursts out laughing. "Relaxing, but it keeps you on your toes! Hm. Maybe I should go up there and look for ice dams. I don't know what they are or what they look like, it I hear they're a real problem."

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