(2018-03-13) Snowed In
Snowed In
Summary: Another blizzard batters the land, and a cluster of students talk shop in the Billiard Room.
Date: 2018-03-13
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Billiard Room, Winbarry Estate
Tue Mar 13, 2018

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.


Taking advantage of a break between classes, Lily is pacing back and forth in the billiard room. She has a document of some kind in her hands and she's muttering under her breath to herself, referring back to the papers in her hand every so often. Although she's speaking too low to be actually understood the constant changes in tone and inflection are audible to anyone coming in the room.

Once more Rain is bundled up…or should we stay still bundled up. Sweater over her oxford, school sweats under her skirt and green beanie covering her braided blonde hair. She doesn't think she will ever get used to this colder climate. It's the bane of those who are born and raised in more tropical climates. At least her hands are warm, kept that way by the steaming pottery mug cupped in them. Coming into the room she heads directly for the sofa, only pausing long enough to remove the designer backpack hanging from a shoulder. While she does notice the other teen girl, she doesn't interrupt the others ramblings.

A break between classes can be a good thing! Especially when you want to study something outside of classes. And since he was told last night about it… Koga had at least managed to find something to begin his research in the library. A couple of extra books were in hand as he walked into the room, bundled up more with a heavier overcoat that is draped over the school uniform. Seeing the rambling teen however has him pause. Then he approaches a bit. "Important assignment?"

Theo has already been kind of scarce for a while. He hasn't really fallen behind, thanks to a friend that's been bringing him assignments, but now he's finally out and about again. He looks like he's been sick, having something of a haggard look. But at least he's not coughing or sneezing. He too pauses as he enters the billiard room, tilting his head as he notices the pacing. He doesn't speak up just yet though.

The snowfall beyond the windows does not bother Fionnuala too terribly much, for even without sunlight and is yet a sunny girl! Granted when she enters the room her usual ambiance does not precede her, and her typically glowing eyes are their natural, clear cornflower blue color! She is in her uniform, neat and tidy with the one concession that she was able to get past the authority on the dress code: a big, glorious, brilliant pink ribbon that bounces and bobs around her high ponytail. Wings out (devoid of solar sparkles); a bounce in her step. And yes: books, about three magazine-sized, slim books.. hugged to her chest. She strolls in and pauses, surprised and not to see other students here!

"Oh, hai!" She sings out, not shy in the least in throwing her greeting if she cannot throw sun.. stupid snow! She makes her way toward Rain's sofa, but gives each and every student present a kind look and fingerwave. Seems the blizzard has done nothing to squash the shifter's spirits.

Lily was so engrossed and focused on what she was muttering about that she failed to notice either of the other students walking in. So when Koga speaks to her and then in quick succession Fee adds a general "Hai!" she's startled into a little jump, which turns into a stumble as she trips over her own feet when she tries to spin around to see who's talking to her, and the stumble turns into a flop as she hits the back of the couch and tumbles over it, the script flying out of her hands and into the air in a flutter of white pages. Once all the movement stops she pauses for a beat, realizing she has her head in someone's lap. With a bright smile she looks up at Rain and says, "Hi! I'm Lily. And I don't think we've met yet" as if nothing unusual was going on.

<FS3> Rain rolls Reaction: Success.
<FS3> Koga rolls Reaction: Good Success.

Sipping at her tea, Rain takes a moment to let the steam wafting up from it warm her face as the room fills with people.

The greetings are heard, all people that she is familiar with, some more than others. She turns slightly in her seat only to be jostled by the sudden impact into the sofa and Lily going arse over elbows and landing in her lap. Thankfully she is quick enough to shift her tea mug and lift it into the air so neither of them are wearing the scalding liquid.

"And I am sure this is not the best way to do it." she replies to Lily, her expression as cool as her tone. The only warmth around this girl is coming from her tea.

Koga moves fairly quickly for someone who's 'normal' as he said, making a step, then a hop to catch the script in hand. His feet land neatly and he even only takes a small step to rebalance himself. All without dropping his books at all. The messenger bag he had was moved to more at his waist as he walked over, clearing his throat. "I am sure it is not as well." He offers the script towards Lily, amusement on his face at the situation. "I believe you threw this?"

Looking over at Fee, however, has Koga looking away just as quickly. His expression of a bit of mirth shifting to one of a more neutral expression. He's a bit uneasy, and the smile he shoots towards her is a bit strained. "Hi."

Lily sits up with a giggle, either ignoring or not noticing Rain's less than friendly reaction. With a bit of a flounce in her step she retrieves the script from Koga. "Thank you. Just a script I'm working on getting down." Then she goes over to a corner of the room, where she can keep working on her memorization without getting in people's way.

Theo looks up at Fionnuala's greeting, and offers one of his own. "Oh, hello!" And then he blinks at the sudden chaos. "Oops," he offers, moving to assist in picking up the scattered papers. Koga seems to have it, though. Theo has no idea what's going on. He does grin a bit with Rain's comment. "Oh, I don't know. It definitely gets the other person's attention," he reasons.

The shifter was poised to plant her ass down right beside Rain, but then there's a Lily plopping right down onto the Masters girl's lap! Fionnuala is aware of two things: where the girl comes to rest and the fact that a script goes flying. "Oh dear—" Fee starts, looking ready to help out, but instead Koga is on it. Fee sets her three books down on the arm of the sofa closest to Rain, giving her bestie a quick wink before looking down at Lily and asking with an amused smile, "Are you OK?" Clearly she is: Lily moves off to sort herself out. Now that's a way to make introductions!

The uneasiness in Koga's countenance is not lost on Fee, and she gives the boy an open, earnest smile. "Hi Koga, are you doing alright?" She asks with a tilting of the head. As she speaks she's moving toward an armchair and plucking a throw blanket from the back of it.. it's a fleece My Little Pony blanket! Who the heck bought and brought this?! She saw the haggard edge to Theo as he arrived and in response to his greeting of her, she wraps the obnoxiously bright blanket around the boy's shoulders. Her eyes remain upon Koga though, still perplexed.

Script saved, commotion over, Rain watches as Lily gets off of her and flounces away, her cool, stoic expression never breaking. People speaking to her pull her attention away "I'm not sure that is the type of attention that makes a good impression." She seems unimpressed at least. She looks around at everyone and gives a nod "And hello." Fiona may even get a bit of a smile, maybe, but it passes so quickly its like it wasn't even there.

A small shrug is given in Fee's direction. "Ribs are still sore… otherwise, working on a new project." Koga just looks so very, very uneasy at the moment. It's not exactly hidden at all. Sitting down on the other end of the couch from Rain, Koga sighs as he pulls the books from under his arm and sets them down, still favoring that side that was well 'dented' in his armored form that translated to bruised ribs apparently. Pulling the strap of the messenger bag over his shoulder to set it down, he looks over to Theo. "Hey, Theo. Uh, should you be up and about? I thought you were sick?"

Eee, pretty pony blanket! Theo chuckles. "Thank you," Theo replies, shifting under the blanket gratefully. "Fortunately I seem to have recovered before the onset of the new ice age, but I'm still not completely recovered. I could use the warmth." Theo chuckles at Rain's mention of the particular kind of attention. "Oh, I don't know. That depends on the person whose attention one is trying to catch, I'm sure. Swooning into someone's lap could be a very interesting way to meet. Or a very embarrassing one." Here he gives a wink. Though at Koga's words of his ribs being sore, he blinks, looking surprised. "What happened?" he inquires, taking a step nearer. As for his own illness? "I'm on the mend now," he reassures. "I'm fairly sure I'm not contagious any longer. Just some lingering weakness at this point. Besides, if I don't get back to practice, I'll lose more flexibility than I'm really comfortable with."

Another thing Fee is intuitively good at: she can tell when someone is hurting considerably and trying to lessen it, even if Koga outright admitted to sore ribs. That and the kid looks so uneasy! Why?! Fee tilts her head, noting the shift in behavior coinciding with her arrival.. did she say or do anything uncouth? See, the beauty part about Fionnuala: she doesn't quite humm and haww and tiptoe around people whom she thinks might have something to say to her. Chalk this up to having parents who encouraged 'clearing of the air'!

As Theo moves closer, so too does Fionnuala move to return to where she left her books, now easing herself to seat herself upon the arm of the sofa where she set them down. Her wings are pulled back and held taut so as to not bump or hit anyone; she settles closest to Rain but eyes Koga thoughtfully. Just look at her: she's wondering!

Theo's asks the question but Fee watches: might it have to do with what occurred down on the beach? She was there, but then.. it was chaos.

While Rain may notice the unease of Koga she isn't close enough to the boy to ask, though since it seems to be related to Fiona she is curious about it, and a glance goes between the pair. "Do I look like the type to be swooning at people…especially in their laps?" rhetorical question of course so she continues on "It is good to see you feeling better?" is it…is it really…well she sounds sincere, though she is surprised that Besa didn't offer to heal him…though he might have and been refused, she doesn't keep tabs on everything the Egyptian boy does. As Fiona sits near her Rain gives her a curious look and side-eyes Koga, thinking that maybe the Crow knows what's up there.

Koga looks to Theo at the injury question. "I was involved with the zombie battles. I think the name that came up was Draugr for them? I was not present for the last one, but the second one had some… bigger ones. One back handed me and managed to leave a mark on my other form as well as send me flying." He gives a shrug, then a grimace of a wince. His good hand comes up to rub slightly at the injured area, the lower area of the ribs. "I am told if I take it mostly easy, another week at the least before they stop hurting."

He looks over to Rain at her statement, a bit of an amused smile coming on his face now as if he is trying to break the mood. "It was funny. That did look like a script before I handed it back to her. I take it there is a drama or acting class in the school?"

Theo keeps his distance from Koga — a respectful one, not an uncomfortable one — letting Fionnuala getting nearer. It looks like there may be something that needs to be worked out there, and he doesn't want to bother either of them. Rain's rhetorical question gets a snicker. "What if someone were to swoon in YOUR lap instead?" he asks anyway. But he does nod to the mention of his feeling better. "Thank you," he says, more seriously. "I'm glad too. Bed rest is insufferably boring." Koga's words about the zombies on the beach gets a wince. "I heard about that. I didn't realize you'd been hurt, though. I would offer to help, but I'm not sure I can. I haven't actually seen any of the swarm since I got sick. I know they're still there, but I don't think they're ready to come out yet. Besides that, even if there is something broken in there, I'd have to get one of my guys inside you to fix it…" Here his voice takes on a wry note, "…And I don't believe that's an option."

That battle, the one Fionnuala was involved in… it was so hard to keep track of who was doing what. The girl had to throw so much light; there had been so much noise and commotion. Had she seen Koga in action in his other form? Surely that can't be why he seems a bit off with her, could it? The crow girl catches Rain's curious glance and indicative motion with her eyes in Koga's direction. Fee shrugs lithe shoulders once, briefly; but she yet looks concerned. Somehow she'll figure it out, even if she must pull the boy aside to ask. Fee isn't one to put others on the spot.

She sets her books down upon the floor, now, so as to not drop those into Rain's lap. Her wings twitch gently, nonetheless casting some degree of subtle warmth around the sofa. "I'm taking a quick run to the kitchen to get some hot cocoa. Would anybody like some?" She asks kindly.. because cocoa fixes everything, especially when recalling events around approaching hoardes of undead sea monsters! Did she just look outright at Koga again? Oh Fee~

"I'm not sure that would be any better, Theo." Rain tells him, and it's true, she isn't sure and knowing her she probably prefers it that way. There is a nod of agreement about how boring bedrest is but says nothing more of it. Instead she answers Koga's question "There used to be a theatre class at the old school. They cancelled the class when we moved in here. No room for it." there is a shrug "Maybe she is rehearsing for a local theatre." she has no idea, having never officially met Lily before today. "I'm good Fiona." she has her tea at the moment.

Lily clearly isn't as hyperfocused on her script as she was when people first came in because from over in her corner she chimes in, "1) I didn't swoon on anyone. I tripped and fell. I'm clumsy, OK? and 2) its my job. I'm a voiceover actress, mostly for anime shows."

Koga raises a hand a bit, "I would like some, please." Oh, yep. That's a bit awkward. Looking to Theo, Koga shakes his head. "I already refused two offers of healing. I look to it as a bit of a lesson. If after I leave the school I am unable to function because something did the same injuries, how would I keep things secret to a degree?"

Koga sighs, then picks up the first book of his extra studies it seems. Definitely one from the library, and it looks to be on… Japanese weapons? Scanning what looks to be the index, Koga flips a few pages and looks to be studying the page he has. Looking up at Lily, he blinks a few times. "Which shows, if you do not mind my asking?"

Theo smiles at Fionnuala's mention of hot cocoa. "That would be lovely, if it's not too much trouble — thank you," he says quietly. Rain's mention of that not being better gets a grin. "Much prefer a lower-key meeting, hm?" Yes, he is teasing her now. Koga's words get a nod. "That's also true," he agrees. "Though whether you would want to, is another question." He doesn't specify what Koga might or might not want to do. Mainly because he's distracted by Lily's words. He snickers a bit. "No, you might not swoon, but I would. Likely on purpose." He winks playfully. The mention of voiceovers gets a tilt of his head. "Oh? That's been suggested to me a couple of times on NicoNico. I'm not officially an utaite yet, though, so I'm not sure if trying now would be me being presumptuous or not."

Well, granted, everyone else seems to be noticing the tense air. Fionnuala considers this as she tallies the yays and nays to cocoa and leaves the room with a smile. She will be gone for some moments, in which her fellow students chat. She's back soon though, balancing the mugs. When she passes them out one shall see little marshmallows floating atop the brown, steaming liquid! But then.. she hands Koga's over. LOOK, his miniature marshmallows have — kid you not — been assembled with the tiniest set of kitchen tongs into a smiley face. She did that, she so did… the marshmallow smile floats in the mug, looking up unabashedly at the boy.

"Did you need to talk? We can, you know, just nod." She whispers as she leans in to hand Koga the mug, before pulling back to pass one to Theo and look apologetically to Lily, "I'm sorry, I was gone.." When Lily piped back up. "Would you like one too?" She calls over to the busy girl.

She waits, not yet moving to reclaim her perch upon the sofa arm.

At least Rain realizes that Lily wasn't swooning over her. Anime really holds no interest for the girl, she knows what it is and knows basically what a voice actress does, so doesn't inquire. Instead she nods to Theo "Meetings involving less drama are preferred." she tells him as she sips on her tea.

Noting the book Koga started to read but is now ignoring she hmmms to herself but will ask him about it later, since he seems engaged at the moment.

Lily stops her corner pacing for a moment to grins at Fee and shake her head, "Thanks but no thanks." Then she answers Koga and Theo, "Well, I started working when I was 6, so I've been in a lot of different things. But I've done voices for Tiger & Bunny, Yuyu Hakusho, Bleach, Naruto, Black Butler. And if you want to try, I can let you know when there's auditions you could go to… I don't know your name."

Theo smiles as Fionnuala passes a cup of cocoa to him. Here's when he finds a place to sit, too — he shifts the blanket around so he can leave it draped over him as he sits down, without spilling his cocoa. He cups his hands around the mug, to absorb some of the warmth. Rain's words get a chuckle. "Some drama can be good. Though if that isn't your thing, it's definitely understandable." Lily mentions that she doesn't know his name, so he offers, "Theodore Aguchi. NicoNico might know me as Theo. I'd appreciate that very much."

Koga huhs. "… nice." He says in reply to Lily. "Those are some of the few that I know did not get the intentions mixed up. A lot of the voice overs seem to miss the intentions these days." He smiles, then looks over at Fee as she passes out the cocoa.

Okay, that's definitely touching. Smiling up at Fee, he gives a nod. "Later." He whispers back.

Looking to Theo, he sighs. "Please tell me you are not involved in the whole 'Nightcore' videos? They always seem to mess up the songs."


Isn't it hard to be put-off by someone like Fee? Okay she's not perfect and surely she's annoyed folks more often than not, but she likes to think herself good at getting to the root of some things. Koga's conceding to 'talk' confirms to the shifter that something was indeed going on, and his nod is responded to with a truly radiant smile. She will not push the matter anymore, until the chance to chat about things arises. A quick little thumbs-up though for good measure.

Now she is free to nestle back in with Rain, though luckily Fee has good balance and she won't topple over into her friend's lap.. though given how cuddle Fee can be, would Rain be surprised? Her big blue eyes peer over the rim of her mug as she watches Lily pace for a time, listening to—-oh. She did work with… OH. Fionnuala is not a huge anime girl but she loves the classics, even some of which came way before her. She sees a great many things, being a thrift jockey. "How cool! Yuyu, huh? I love Hiei.. I had the maddest cartoon crush on that character when I was little." She says unabashedly, no shame. Her smile widens as Theo joins them, seating himself. The MLP blanket suits him.. how befitting that it's Rainbow Dash!

"I have enough drama in my life right not. I don't want to have any more." and that is the honest truth. It may only be one or two things, but they are big ones. As the conversation turns to anime talk Rain just sits and listens, leaning against the arm of the sofa where Fee sits and resting her head on the girl's arm.

Lily arches her eyebrows ever so slightly at Fee's admission. Her smile takes a slight smirkish turn as she says, "Well! You like bad boys, huh? I was too little to work on the original release but I did a lot of the voices for side characters when they worked on the re-masters for the DVDs. But one of my favorite character up to now has been Ururu! She tiny, but fierce!"

Raising an eyebrow, Koga looks to Fee, then rolls his eyes. "… the bad ones always get the admirers." He muses, picking up the book as he scans the page he had open, then flips a page as he moves a leg under himself. "I think I prefer sticking to my tokuatsu here."

The teen huhs as he checks the book he has in his lap. "Oh, that is helpful…" Setting the book on the coffee table, he grabs his bag to pull out a notebook and pen before picking up the book again. "Hm…"

Koga seems to have found something fairly interesting in the book of his. He does comment, "At least you did not do any of the Aquarion series." The comment is obviously directed towards Lily. "Then I would have to hide my collection of DVDs."

Theo raises a hand as Koga mentions Nightcore. "Oh no, I have nothing to do with that," he declares. "Just pitch-shifting and speeding up a song is not a 'cover'. That's how you get past YouTube's copyright strikes." Theo does not seem to mind in the slightest that he's got a Rainbow Dash blanket over him while he's drinking his cocoa. Could he secretly be a brony?! Or maybe he just doesn't care. Rain's mention of having enough drama, gets a raise of his brows, and he tilts his head. "Ah, yes. I can understand that," he agrees. "I hope things settle down for you soon." He chuckles at Lily's words regarding bad boys — and then Koga's! To both, he notes, "My first anime crush was Lotor, from the original VolTron. My mother found some DVDs of it in a bargain bin when I was little."

The blonde girl's head resting against her arm inwardly fills Fee with glee, because she is one of those huggy sorts of friends who has had to learn quickly on how to 'turn down the level' a bit. At least where Rain was concerned! So when the Masters girl sees fit to just rest a bit — at least how Fee reads it — the shifter will not do anything more than just be there, her cozy and cheerful self. Though her one wing, thrown over the back of the couch so as to not bap people, curls in just a bit more.

Lily and Koga's thoughts re. Hiei causes Fionnuala to sputter, her grin widening sheepishly. "It's not it! I just felt bad for him! What a tough lot in life.. no wonder the poor guy was so surly!" Token Fee response. Those who know whom she is dating would be hard-pressed to call him a 'bad boy'! She giggles though, always in good humor, and sets her half-full mug down. The books are pulled back into her lap and Fee selects one in particular. She looks down at Rain pensively.

THe one book: a standard issue 'new drivers' manual' that is typically given out free at local DMVs or the like. "Did you get any road time?" She asks of the Masters girl, re: the lessons that were offered up.

"Oliver is hardly anyone's definition of a bad boy." from Fiona's head to Rain's smirk of a mouth "Or a bad girl for that matter." since Oliver has the option to be one or the other. Her eyes slide to Koga at his comment "What's that?" speaking of weapons, that's more her thing. And then she looks from the book at Fee has pulled out and up at the girl "I've gotten some. Did you want to go out with me next time? We can team up on the course if you want." she is offering to help without implying or suggesting that Fee is either in need of it or helpless behind the wheel.

Koga looks over at Rain, "Oh… um…" He sighs and puts the pen down on the notebook. "It is a bit hard to explain." Then he looks over to Theo and raises an eyebrow. "Voltron?" It takes a moment before it clicks. "Oh! Hyaku Juo Goraion?" He smiles. "I will admit that Princess Faria was my first crush as well."

He looks to Fee. "You are learning to drive?" He questions, looking a bit perplexed at that. "I swear the driving system on this side of the world is backwards."

Theo pauses a moment, to translate Koga's words in his mind. "'Beast King GoLion' — that sounds right," he confirms, with a nod. "Princess… oh, I believe she was called 'Allura' in English. Oh, she was a cutie. I was talking about Shinkurain." Bit of a stumble there. "VolTron was sort of… made out of GoLion, but trimmed down. And, well… dumbed down."

It amuses Fionnuala how Rain just picked up precisely what she was thinking. The gender-fluid alien is certainly not anyone's definition of 'bad'. Oh, he could maybe take on the likeness of a punk or frightening man or Chuck Norris (NOPE)… but at heart he is perhaps as soft as Fionnuala! Now, the book! Fee is a notorious note-taker: if she owns an instructional text that she has no intention to part with anytime soon… she takes many notes in said book(s).

For example: a diagram of a nondescript car, with the text highlighting the parts of the vehicle to note in pre-trip checks. Then there's Fee's purple cursive, footnotes. Things like: 'car not on fire? check' … 'don't roll car' … 'jumps are bad' … 'listen for car 'do not want' sounds' … etc etc.

Fionnuala is taking these lessons seriously. She listens for a time to talk of Voltron and she looks up at Koga when he asks, "Yeah! I think it's a good thing to know, at least here…. travelling as a bird is all well and good but not practical. IT's a lot to take in though. Especially in a different country." Said gently, before she turns to Rain happily. "I would love to! Name the day and we can find the time to go." She says cheerfully, loving the idea.

"Hard to explain or are you implying I wouldn't understand?" Rain asks of Koga, maybe reading between lines…lines that might not be there. The Voltron speak goes over her head, she may have heard of it…though from her blank expression…maybe not. Drivers training though that is familiar territory "Backwards but not like UK backwards." where they drive on the other side of the road "There is a driver's training class going on this month. A lof of us are taking it." even Rain who could probably just pay someone to drive her around.

<FS3> Koga rolls Mystic Spells: Success.

Koga hums, "I am probably still too young to take it… ah… well…" He shrugs, then sighs. "Let me see if I can manifest it." He picks up the books and sets them on the coffee table before moving around the coffee table.

Moving around he carefully moves to a bit of a clear space before putting his hands together. Closing his eyes, he looks to really concentrate. Then his hands move to what Fee might notice is the same as his transforming at the beach. Putting both hands together, he draws them apart slowly, a small line of lightning forming between them as well as writing. The movement of his hands is pretty slow, but the fact that his hair stands on end is probably a bit more odd.

A final movement is pulled before the lightning and writing twists on itself to turn into some sort of oddly engraved spear. White tassels appear around the base of the blade as the weapon is spun in hand before planted with the unpointed end on the floor.

Koga himself, however, looks exhausted from the act of just pulling whatever the odd weapon is out of wherever it was. Leaning on it, he wipes a bit of sudden sweat from his forehead. "… I think I will leave this to my other form."

Theo's smart enough to stay quiet when Koga starts doing… whatever it is that he's doing. Whatever it is, Koga needs quiet and concentration, and Theo's not about to break either. He watches as the weapon appears, and then blinks. "That… looked like it took a lot out of you," he reasons. "Are you all right?"

The shifter girl contentedly reads more of her booklet, though her very-blue eyes perk upwards to observe Koga's efforts… efforts that she indeed recognizes since the beach incident. She slides one finger in between pages to mark her spot and simply observes, keeping quiet — albeit not without some worry — as the boy concentrates. Is he going to—-with sore ribs…?

Wait, no. He's manifesting the spear — not changing completely — and the girl visibly relaxes a bit. "Pretty incredible if you ask me." She whispers, meaning it. Part of her wishes she were able to produce something so amazing; the rest of her boggles at what she would do if she could. Fionnuala cannot handle weapons on her own; she is rapidly discovering that she is not a fighter. But that doesn't stop her from marvelling at what her peers can do!

The girl remains companionably silent as she listens to the discussion at hand. Don't let her fluffy, happy manner fool you: Fee knows how to study, and study well.

Rain doesn't recall asking for a demonstration. Sitting up right she lifts a hand "That won't be…" but he is already casting. Knowing better than to interrupt a caster in the middle of a spell she sits back and watches. Unlike the other two she doesn't marvel or seem all that impressed. "I would have understood just an explanation." she says flatly "You shouldn't do magic for no reason if it is going to exhaust you so much."

Koga shrugs as he leans on the spear. "Not exactly no reason. I need to compare it to the images in the book, too." He sways a bit, then makes a face before using the spear as a bit of a walking stick to move back to his seat, leaning it against the couch. "I think I will be okay… I might need to take a nap during the next break period."

Picking up his book and notebook, Koga looks at the spear, then at the pictures in the book. "And for the record, I had no idea it would exhaust me that much. My other form manifests it so easily. I thought I knew my limits compared to it, but I just learned a new one." He turns his head to look at the spear, humming at it. "Great. The book doesn't have an accurate one. A yari or naginata is close."

Said manifested spear has a straight broad head, but only a slight curve to it. Pretty much a short sword on a stick than anything else. Koga hums, "… why could I not have a sword like grandfather?"

Theo sips at the cocoa, seeming content for now. Though he does agree with Rain. "Particularly if it exhausts you so much." Though Koga's explanation gets a nod. "That makes sense," he notes. "And maybe sometime you'll want to get your weapon out without having to switch, right? If nothing else, practice." As for not having a sword? "Maybe because a spear is closer to your heart somehow?"

"Well I guess something good came out of it at least." Rain is pro learning things and does approve of that much at least. The words Koga uses are only vageuly familiar, she is more familiar with European weapons, only recently having starting in on the Asian ones. "Looks a lot like a glaive to me." which is pretty much a sword on the end of a pole as well "Because you are not your grandfather." her explanation isn't a question though.

Koga looks to Theo, then to Rain. He slumps a bit. "I hate whenever I get told that one… learning your own way, make your own path, blah…" He sighs, then looks to Rain. "I do not suppose you know how to use one? I think my family expected me to have a sword, not a spear." Koga looks slightly annoyed about having the spear. But hey, life gives you lemons. Time to make lemonade. He looks to Theo. "That might take a lot of practice. I think, and this is just a theory of mine, but a lot of my power is in my other form or it serves as some sort of… boost, I guess?"

Theo tilts his head as Rain gives her opinion on the weapon. "It… does, doesn't it?" he agrees. Though he's definitely no weapons master, so he wouldn't know aside from the times he's seen on on television. He smirks a little in Koga's direction. "I have a theory on the 'make your own path' bit of advice — those who give it honestly have no idea what to do or say. But saying 'you must make your own path from here' sounds more… erudite." He chuckles. "Oh make no mistake — there's nothing wrong with honestly not knowing. No one knows everything, after all."

"I have learned to defend against one, it's not quite the same though." Rain says thoughtfully to Koga "The closest thing to that I have used is a jo staff as part of my akido. My trainer is skilled in all manner of weapons. Back at the old school he came by a few times a week to give me lessons. Since moving here, his visits are more sporadic. I will call him and see what he can do for us," yes she used the plural "There are probably lots of videos on youtube as well."

A few seconds ago it was Rain having the conversation go over her head. Now, its Lily's turn for that. Other than the weapons commonly shown in Anime shows she knows nothing about them. And we all know how realistic /those/ are. But she's a curious sort, so she's been peeking at what's going on over the top of the script she's supposedly studying. "That's a cool staff sword thingy. Where'd it come from?"


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