(2018-03-13) Inner Battle
Inner Battle
Summary: A simple slip-up catches the attention of Callisto's cruel matriarch.
Date: 2018-03-13
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Basement, Winbarry Estate
Tue Mar 13, 2018

The main room of the basement looks to have been nicely finished at one time, and looks to be currently in the middle of some redecorating. There is a large entertainment center with the usual electronics and a couple of gaming systems, a couch and a few chairs face it. There is a foosball table near one corner and on one wall an old, but working Ms. Pac-Man game. There is a faint, but lingering odor of cigar smoke and sulpher.


<FS3> Callisto rolls Reaction: Failure.

The basement is becoming Callisto's preferred space, outside of being on the grounds, hidden by the hedge maze perimeter, or down by the beach. The inclement weather prevents the fae girl from seeking her solace outdoors this evening. So! What better way to sink one's busy mind into something mindless than to—-oh, there's no way around it. Why does she need an excuse? To hell with the whole 'settling a restless mind, trying hard to focus, trying to keep her mind off of her own woes' …. Callisto friggin' likes the video game system down there. No, not the newer stuff. It seems there's a few old relics down here and with a coquettish batting of her lashes, Callisto enlisted someone to hook up a resilient but crusty SNES. She found this old system to be far more palatable to her tastes…

Holy shit on toast, the graceful fae girl is becoming a Mario addict.

Having nipped upstairs to make herself a fruit smoothie and dredge up an evening snack of a bowl of apple slices and some almonds, Callisto is mincing the stairs to descend back into the basement. She misplaces a step and——oh! OH! She actually trips, and with a gasp she pitches forward, the remaining three-to-four steps yawning ahead of her, the bowl of fruit about to drop from her hands. Well shit.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Great Success.

Daxton had already zipped downstairs and was on the couch vibrating, trying to warm up. Call's trip though is head and he's suddenly at the foot of the steps, catching the teen. Some fancy footwork and her bowl is caught and balanced on her stomach in his arms. The smoothie is caught, but it's spilled slightly, dripping down the side. "You alright?" Blue eyes look down at her curiously. He say the video game, obsessed girl is obsessed.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Success.

She's tall, but greyhound lean; not feather-light but easily handled by a guy who has conditioned himself well. It's done and over with in a second — literally — and Callisto feels not the twisting of an ankle from a sloppy landing or her snack going helter-skelter on the ground… but she is bodily caught. She opens her eyes to the sight of the smoothie of all things, the pinkish-orange droplets of pureed fruit and vegetables glistening in the subdued lighting. "I—" Callisto is not touched often; very rarely. When that happens, 'something' occurs in her head. Especially when being touched is preceded by a spark of terror. It calls forth the attention of 'someone else'. Even as Callisto collects her bearings, realizing it was Daxton who snagged her, she hears 'her' in her mind…

In the very back… a flicker, a mental sigh. 'Ohh~' The woman's voice breathes, the sound followed up by smooth spoken words that the human language cannot hope to adapt itself to.

Callisto tenses, banishes that awareness… but it was too late. Her silvery lashes flutter and she looks at Daxton with a hint of blush. "Forgiveness. I was careless. I nearly made a most unfortunate mess."

Daxton frowns , feeling he girl tense in his arms. "Sorry." He tries to set her down, on her feet. Maybe she doesn't like to be touched? The smoothie and fruit bowl are handed back. "Be careful. I'm not always down here."

She is set back down but still looks unsteady. A hand lifts to rest at her temple, as if there is a pain there. Callisto is experiencing her matriarch's ire at being dismissed. Her nostrils flare as she inhales deeply, sharply; exhales. Maybe she just had a bad scare.. but she looks as if she needs to sit down. "Thank you. I should have paid close attention. I was in a haste to get back down here to retain my spot on the couch." Yes, that's it. Look at the screen, she's actually made it to the Donut Plains!


"Did I disturb you greatly?" She asks of Daxton, still rubbing the side of her face, pausing again at her temple.

Another frown, Dax doesn't think she hit her head. "Need something?" While she's on her own feet, his hand stays close to catch her is she sways. "Disturb me?" Now he looks confused, "No." he makes sure she's sitting before he moves back to where he was at. There's his typical junk food and soda on the table.

"Just to sit." Callisto near-whispers, padding toward the couch. She looks ready for bed, and will be going there eventually: she's in some manner of gauzy, flowy thing complete with a soft Empire waist. It's an expensive-looking nightgown, it's powder blue and ivory colors complimenting her fairness. Platinum hair has been pulled back and woven into a braided chignon. Shit, she's fancy even when she's supposed to be a slob. This allows her to drop onto the cushions to rally herself, bite back the embarrassment.

'Something' within her mind hinges onto that emotion of awkwardness, of embarrassment…. 'something' has the power, even across many many miles.. to grab it and ramp it up. Callisto's face erupts into a bonefide blush, and she looks quickly toward the table bearing the junk food. She sets her own things down shakily beside Dax's scoff… what a contrasting array of eats.

"I need my mind to stop." She remarks, smiling apologetically. "T'is hard to be a mentalist sometimes." She looks so flustered.

«Mother!» She cries out in her head.

Daxton's blue eyes widen as Callisto goes through…whatever that is. "Jesus…" he stops sitting and move over to her, "Do I need to go get someone for you?" His gaze goes up and down her, making sure she's not…well, nothing's wrong other than her weird behavior and blush. "I can take you to your room, if you need to lay down…"

«Don't you dismiss me.» Snarls a voice in the fae girl's mind, in a vein of Unseelie. Callisto can understand all 'branches' of the dark language. Malachite uses the boggart version of it; all harsh sounds, hisses, guttural spatting sounds. «I looked in on you when I sensed your fear. Don't. Ever. Dismiss me.»

Another blaze of pain, and Callisto breathes inwards again. Daxton offers to help her back to her room and she shakes her head. Her mother's anger still pulses red in her mind's eye but the pain — and her words — are gone. "No." She utters in her throat, feeling that this deserves some explanation so the speedster doesn't think her truly demented or doomed. She shifts to lay down in the crook of the couch, head settling upon the arm. "I must wait for it to pass. I like it down here. T'is… not visited often. I wish to stay here for a moment."

She blinks at the television, indicates the smooth-edged SNES controller with a nod of her sleek head, "Play a level for me. Give me something to focus on." Something mindless. It's almost a whispered plea. Super Mario World waits expectantly.

Too late, she's very much demented in Dax's eyes. All girls are, except maybe Fel. And Afterthought…sometimes. But he nods, backing away, "Need me to leave then?" But then she's asking him to play, "uh…sure." He sits down and plays, although he keeps watching her with glances, making sure she's not going to throw up or pass out.

She looks relieved as the boy takes up the controller and goes about playing the foolish 16-bit level. Callisto's cerulean eyes rove over the screen as she watches the sprite move, bounce, etcetera. "It's okay." She echoes, "You were here first. I shall take my leave shortly, you stay." She bids, moving her hands so that she may prop her cheek against them upon the couch arm; a makeshift pillow. Pain and fear of her mother has made her fingers frigid. Worry not, no puking or passing out is imminent; Callisto looks dazed, or winded… kinda like how a migraine sufferer might look drawn out once the fit is over.

She looks over at Daxton right when he glances at her, "I am sorry if I unsettled you. I've a peculiar.. cruel.. family. I was being punished.. in the manner that they know best." B'uh? "It shall pass."

The fae girl watches him for a few seconds before her lashes close, she's resting but wholly awake. "Did you frolic in the snow?"

"Your family sucks then." But to be fair, don't most? Daxton keeps playing, although his attention is still divided. "I don't frolic. I worked but they closed down early." Which sucks for tips. But then he asks, "Why were you being punished?" A creepy thought, "it's not cause I touched you, was it?" He might feel a little bad then. maybe he should ahem let her fall?

Her laughter comes as a singular, brief sniff… only to exhale in a purr-like chuckle. Her family 'sucks'. Were she to give her mother that sort of lip, pain wouldn't be the word. Callisto is quiet, not yet allotting a response, not yet. Finally she sits back up, reaches forth to pick up the drippy fruit smoothie. "T'is a gentle word, but it works." She says quietly, sipping slowly. She shakes her head, quickly. "No.. not at all. It was something I had done, prior to you catching me." Callisto explains, but she still looks very troubled. The presence is still there… her mother's anger is a terrible, clinging thing. She cannot 'hear' her daughter's spoken words that clearly, at least; but her thoughts?

"T'is a long story.. one that I shan't burden you with. Thank you for your help," She says in earnest, sneaking a glance his way again. "I am sorry that you lost out on work. I actually regret not making it to my volunteering stint. It's rather relaxing.." Almost as relaxing as Mario. Suddenly, almost shyly, she holds a hand out for the controller.

Daxton gives her a raised eyebrow, wondering what she could have down, but doesn't ask. He jumps Mario a last time before handing over the controller. Leaning forward he cracks open a soda and drains it. Then a bag of chips is opened.

If this boy stops gnoshing pop and chips, stock in the respective companies that produce both shall plummet. Callisto can't help it, she's watching as he drains the soda in a gulp and starts in on the chips. Good lord, the cook in this place is a miracle worker. Callisto clears her throat and straightens, having a go at a new level after Daxton got her a few levels ahead. "I'm here to learn how to… strengthen my mind. To prevent this." Well, that's a new goal. Formed and inwardly pledged upon right in this moment. Damn her mother; damn her.

Callisto did not like the woman's predatory sound upon sighting the speedster. No, it was not that sort of predation; more like the sight of him, and his mind.

"I—" Mario jumps, hits a block.. awakens Yoshi. Callisto freezes. "What.. is.. that…?" She stares at the goofy-looking dinosaur.

"Good. Block those jackasses out." More chips are eaten. He eats so much. He smirks, an amused noise, "That's Yoshi." He doesn't explain, it's better for her to figure it out herself. he just watches her and the screen amused.

If it were only so easy. It's not just the matriarch; there's many. Callisto looks worried as if she's weighing options. "Yoshi…" She echoes, pushing herself to focus upon the dopey green sprite. It bounces once, twice, in the way that Yoshi does. Callisto mashes a couple of buttons to make Mario jump over the dinosaur; he lands on him. Ready to ride.

The fae girl drops the controller, "He mounted it!" She cries at the television, some color returning to her cheeks.

Daxton just laughs warmly. Not only at her reaction, but at her word choice, "Calm down there, Strawberry, He's just riding him. " No porno video games here!

Just chalk it up to the graphics not getting the point across properly; it is from 1991! EONS ago! Callisto looks at Daxton outright, perhaps a bit mutinously when he calls her that, then slowly back to the television. "Ah, a steed… but it is a strange steed. Should it not eat the plumber? Look at—" She hits a button, looses Yoshi's…. tongue.

"Ugh!" Callisto yelps, eyes rounded. "What a strange thing…." She trails off… it's kinda heartening to see how, uh, 'invested' she's getting in the simple, silly storyline. She has not experienced such whimsy before, not in a long time.

"I—" She blinks.

«Is this the one with the foul, foul dreams?» Unseelie, velvetty voice in her mind again. This time Dark Elf dialect. Callisto breathes deep, looks down into her lap. «You must surely consider…»

Callisto stares hard at the screen, tries to focus.

The look just makes Daxton grin even more. It's a good thing he's cute when he smiles. He was going to answer, but then the tongue and he loses it, laughing louder and slouching in the chair. his leg starts bouncing, normal speed for now. He doesn't notice her reaction, he's too amused.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Mind: Success.

Laughter, of all things, is another touchstone to keep Callisto present. Daxton's free, easy laughter (at her expense) can be heard and yet, the voice in her mind does not take kindly to being ignored. No pain though, not again; Malachite wants Callisto to be coherent.

«Needles, and pain, and fear.» The ancient fae sorceress grates out in their mother tongue, abandoning all other dialects. She wants Callisto to know what she is saying.

Look at the dinosaur with the wrong tongue (ugh), listen to the boy laugh and note the amusement. How often does Callisto get to amuse people? Her gaze hardens and her lips press together tightly. «Y-you suck, mother. You suck, you're horrific, and you just leave me ALONE.» She mentally emotes. To look at her is to assume she is held rapt by the video game.

A sense of aghast anger in the fae girl's mind and then.. silence. Malachite waits for sleep, then, so that she may see her daughter's face. She can be much more persuasive that way. Callisto relaxes, heart throbbing away in her chest in an almost manic fashion. She tunes back in, notes the amusement beside her, and simply breathes. Mindlessly she pushes down on the control pad, not thinking… and Yoshi with his mouth full squeezes out an egg.

"… what..?!" She croaks. "T'is barbaric!"

Yeah, Daxton just keeps laugh. Callisto is saying just the right things. His hands go to his stomach, leg starts to bounce faster than humanly possible, blurring. "Oh shit…" He rubs his face before leaning forward and grabbing another soda.


Callisto stares, wondering if he's having a fit. The leg is what's doing it! But then she can tell that he is really amused by her just providing a naive, foolish narrative to an old video game. She looks placid and 'there' but inwardly the faerie is terrified. She does not want her mother even being privy to someone else's dreams. It's one thing for her to walk the veil; she does so carefully, reverently. But her mother.. oh God, no.

Still, she amused somebody. Callisto's lips curl up at their corners and she sets the controller down when she dies out of the level. For the fiftieth time. "T'is late.. I had best be getting back to my room." She looks at her untouched snack, and will be sure to take it all with her. "Thank you for helping me, Daxton. I am sorry for what you saw." She looks a bit too drawn and pale for comfort, but she's earnest.

Daxton stops grinning, confused. "What i saw? You tripped…" He sighs, "Sure…Sleep well." Unintentionally ironic Daxton is Ironic.

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