(2018-03-12) Home
Summary: Ashton goes home for doctors' examinations and to face his grandparents.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-12)
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NPCs: Reginald Talbot, Vivian Talbot, Steven Westbrook, Walter Mahoney, the Gnostic Flame
Scene Runner: Ashton

Talbot Estate - East Hampton, NY

The residence of Reginald and Vivian Talbot is a large, palatial mansion surrounded by private property. While the house is less than fifty years old, it has the architectural design of something old world and hundreds of years old. Not completely unheard of, the property's safety is maintained by a small, well-trained security team.

The helicopter ride home was a tense one. Ashton's grandfather barely spoke to him the entire trip. When the teenager attempted to speak to him, the man simply told him that he might as well wait until they got home so that he could have the same conversation with his grandmother and that way have the talk only once. This did little to help Ash's nerves. Pretty much the entire flight home, Ashton looked out the window of the door that he got into.

It was late, when he got to his grandparent's property and was almost asleep. How it was he always found the helicopter trips so peaceful was beyond him, but he did. He carried his small suitcase up to his room and then fell face forward onto his bed. His memory of the night did not really extend beyond this. In the morning, he showered and got dressed before heading down to breakfast. If he was going to face the firing squad, he might as well do it.

In some ways, he was relieved when he found only his grandmother downstairs, sipping her morning tea, while reading the morning newspaper. "Good morning, Edward. I see that you finally woke up." The older woman says with a slight smile. "I was beginning to think that I was going to have to send in someone with a glass of ice water to wake you up."

Ashton hangs his head down. "Sorry, Grandmother." The woman shakes her head and flicks her fingers in his direction playfully. "That is alright, Edward. I was teasing. I bet your bed was a welcomed thing. It was good to see you sleeping so well." She gestures to where there is an assortment of breakfast foods set out. "Get something to eat and sit down. Your grandfather had to go attend to some business. The least of which is to look into your concern about the medicine and care that Dr. Westbrook has been giving you for so long. I just can't believe that he would do anything that might harm you. He's been like family to you since you were a baby."

Vivian watches Ashton go fix himself a small plate. "Oh, darling boy. I am not questioning you." She smiles, as she can see him start to say something, "it is just so.. so very shocking.." She barely waits for the boy to sit back down before she begins, "So… about this picture that I found…" Her voice losing some of its gentler undertones, "The one with you and this boy…"

Ashton nearly drops his plate on the table. "Loukanos… his name is Loukanos… or Louk." He looks nervously at his grandmother. He can see her playing with the name in her head, "It's Greek.. at least I think." Do the gods of Olympus speak Greek or do they speak their own unique language? He never thought to ask.

"First of all… are you sure this is…" Vivian ponders her choice of words, "this is what you want to be?" She folds up her paper, looking at the dark-haired boy. "While the world is more accepting of such, even these days it is not always an easy thing to have to deal with."

"It's not something that I want to be, Grandmother," Ashton begins, "It's… it's who I am. And I'm sure, Grandmother." He begins to fidget some,

"Sit upright and still, Edward. You are still young. You could very well decide that this was just a case of puppy love or you experimenting and decide tomorrow that you are not… this way." Vivian corrects him. "Well, either we can forbid you from seeing the boy, which I don't think would do any good, or we can try to accept it. Understand that this was not something that was acceptable when we were your age, so this is not something that we can just accept easily. Especially not for your Grandfather." She looks over at the boy, "So is this Loukanos from a good family at least."

Ashton smiles slightly, "You could say that he comes from old money and a good family." He cocks his head slightly trying to judge his grandmother's reaction. "He is literally a god, Grandmother."

"Figuratively, Edward. Figurative." She corrects him, at least until he looks over at her. "No, Grandmother, I mean literally. He is from Olympus. The goddess Demeter is his mother."

The woman nearly chokes on her sip of hot tea, but manages not to. "As in Zeus and the Greek myths?" Ashton nods. "Yes, Grandmother." The woman looks at him. Well, this she thinks to herself certainly may have some promise after all. "Well," She says, "I guess you could say that he comes from a good family then." If she only knew. "Hurry up and get ready, we have an appointment with another doctor to make sure you are alright."

Part 2

Wisps of cigar smoke slowly rises like tendrils of some foul thing, as Reginald Talbot sits behind his desk, thumbing through a few older books. There are three men sitting in his office, while a fourth is standing, looking at one of the bookshelves. Reginald frowns, "Unfortunately, Steven's work must have been too sloppy, as one of the "children" at that place figured out that his meds were actually working against him and not for him. If there is an inquiry, it could make things difficult."

The man standing turns and frowns, "You are right. I will take care of the Westbrook situation. Vivian has kept me well apprised of the situation. He had grown too careless with his other experiments as well. " The man looks over at Reginald, "In the meantime, Reginald, are you prepared to move forward?"

Reginald takes a sip of the Scotch in his glass. "Yes, but there is another matter. When I picked up the boy from school, he had some of his friends to see him off. I am positive that I have seen one of them before… In one of the old journals."

One of the seated men, "How could you have seen some high school student in one of the old journals? "

The man was about to say something when he is suddenly cut off. as Reginald turns one of the books around. "Here, I am certain that this was one of the boys outside the school when I picked Edward up." He is pointing at an old drawing of a teen that looks remarkably like Besa. The image has underneath it the words 'The Undying One'. The other men gather around the desk to look at the picture.

A plump man, who had been sitting, silently until this point. "Are you sure? I seem to remember one of the journals about him, somewhere… I think at the London house. I will have to check on that. If he is indeed the Undying One, then Edward might prove to be an even greater resource than we had initially thought."

Reginald leans back with a dry smile. "And here I thought that Vivian had erred in sending him to that place. I am still not sure that it isn't a bad idea to let his head be filled with all this "serve mankind and not the self" rhetoric. I am afraid that he might get the wrong idea and will be less helpful to our goals."

The standing man nods. "I have the same concerns myself. Not to mention that we won't have as good of an idea of his strength with him being without the Gnostic Fire's guidance." He glances at his phone as he smirks. "Well, I must be off to take care of Westbrook." He looks to the round man in the leather chair, "Walter, you take care of the research on the Undying One."

Part 3

Strapped to a smooth stone alter, a shirtless Ashton is still. His eyes are wide open, though there is a glaze to them, as if he was heavily sedated and not aware of his surroundings. The stone alter is large enough to hold an adult and is stained dark in spots. Surrounding Ashton and the alter are nine figures in deep red robes. Most of these figures have their heads and faces covered with deep set hoods. Even more individuals wear matching black robes.

One of the red robed figures is a gaunt, aging man with a dignified air about him. He is meticulously painting glyphs across the boy's body. He gestures his hands over the boy's body as he chants softly in Latin "Even if the drugs wear off, he will not remember anything that happens."

A red-robed Vivian steps forward. "Perhaps now that the subject's blood is now calling to him, we might be able to contact the sire again. " She nods to the back of the room, as two black-robed figures drags a screaming man towards the center of the room. Vivian grabs the man's hair, yanking it up to look the man in the eyes. "I'm sorry, Steven, but you have outlived your usefulness, and we cannot risk you being careless and getting caught. If it makes you feel any better, I really did like you." She pauses, "No, I suppose it won't…" She then reaches over and draws the blade across the man's throat. The man's life blood sprays and washes over Ashton's still body.

The assembly begins to chant, as the robed figures step back beyond the protective wards. Ancient rites are performed to call to this world the demon that had been summoned the night of Ashton's conception. The rite is performed but Alraxmargoth'ha once again does not respond. The participants disband and start to leave, as several sets of eyes open from the shadows and stare at the still form on the alter.

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