(2018-03-11) Packing
Summary: Loukanos helps Ashton pack for a trip home.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-11)
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Ashton’s Dorm Room - Boy's Wing - Winbarry Estate

This is your typical boy’s dormitory room. The room is split into two sides, with a single bed, desk, and dresser on each side. Ashton’s side of the room is rather tediously organized. Sitting in the corner is an acoustic guitar and violin case at the foot of the bed. On the dresser is a terrarium with three bright red spiders. On the desk is a laptop.

It is Sunday afternoon. Ashton had chosen not to show up at lunchtime. Perhaps it is that he was still drained from waking up on the beach after the creatures destruction. Perhaps he is starting to have withdrawal effects from not taking his meds. Both of the reasons are quite logical, but neither are correct. Ashton is sitting on the edge of his bed. His phone is lightly held in fingers. The phone call to his grandparents did not go quite like he suspected. On the floor is an empty suitcase, staring back at him, taunting him.

The latter reason is why Loukanos decides to check up on Ashton. He raps his knuckles on the door, "It's me. Everything okay? You modest?" He's polite enough to wait for a response, even if that doesn't really bother him at all.

There is a slight chuckle from the other side of the door. "It's open… just come on in." Ashton is fully dressed, like there really is a question about that at this time of the day. "Yes, no… yeah I guess so… and am I modest, generally I would like to think so… but regardless I am dressed… " He smirks slightly, "Not that I think you would mind anyway… besides it's not like we haven't seen each other practically naked."

That response elicits a grin from Looukanos, and he enters the room, fully dressed as well. "Aw, what a shame. I thought you might have been feeling under the weather. The fight last night left me exhausted. You're not hurt, right?" He looks at the suitcase and frowns slightly, glancing back at Ashton. "What's all this?"

Ashton looks up from his gaze, smiling slightly. "Yeah, it took a bit out of me, but I am fine. I don't remember you healing the last cut," which Louk didn't, "but there's not a scratch, so I guess I must have been out of it harder than you… Which isn't that surprising… " He sighs, "No I'm fine.. well, physically.. I got a phone call from Grandmother…" With that his smile fades a touch.

"I'm glad you're okay," Loukanos steps forward directly in front of Ashton and leans over him to affectionately kiss him on the forehead. "Also, there's quite a bit more of you that I'd like to see." He grins, responding to Ashton's remark on them seeing each other practically naked. At Ashton's explanation, he looks concerned, "What did she say?" He fears the worst.

Ashton blushes slightly, "Well… um.. yeah.. " He continues blushing, as he cranes his neck to bring the other boy's lips to his own, "Maybe when I get back…." Get back? Where is he going? No trips of vacations in the immediate future. "Apparently, Grandmother saw on Facebook a picture of us kissing… she wanted to know what that was about." He pauses, "So I told her that you were my boyfriend…"

"Maybe?" Loukanos's grin widens against the kiss. He brings a hand to rest on Ashton's shoulders and gives a faux pout. "It's cruel of you to leave me waiting." Oh, dear. Now, it's Louk's turn to flush. "Oh…that.. how did we end up on Facebook?" Louk didn't do it! He doesn't even have a phone, much less a laptop or computer. "Alright," He glances at the suitcase. "I take it she did not react well? Is she…" He chokes back the question. If he doesn't say it, maybe it is not real.

Ashton shrugs, "I don't know how it got there… probably someone just took a picture and we happened to be in it.. I haven't seen it, but I don't really look at Facebook too much.. " He pauses, "She didn't seem too upset… She just said that we would talk about it… Then she asked if I was taking my meds like I was supposed to." The boy lowers his gaze, "I told her that I thought that the pills were making me sick… then she said that it was probably just side effects like Uncle Steven said could happen… Then I kind of said something about Besa's spell…" He moves on to skip over that, "So I told her that I thought he was intentionally poisoning me with black magic.. and the next thing I know she said that a car would be here tonight to pick me up… "

"She didn't freak out, at least, which was what I was half-expecting her to do," Loukanos frowns and reaches over to search for Ashton's hand. Revealing everything to his grandmother strikes the godling as unwise, but there's no sense in fussing about past mistakes. "You must not go with her, Ashton. She won't let you come back."

Ashton holds onto Louk's hands. "Grandmother isn't pulling me out of school. She wants me to go see some other doctors so that they can see if Uncle Steven actually did something wrong and if there is any permanent damage. Which means that I need my meds back… but if you want to check for yourself… you can take a couple of each of them." He smiles, "She told me to only pack for a few days."

Good thing that Loukanos told Ashton not to flush his pills then. "And she wants you to leave, today?" He frowns. "I'm telling you Ashton there's nothing natural in your body that's making you sick. I wouldn't lie about that." He steps back, looking around the bedroom. "So what are you taking with you?"

Ashton looks at Loukanos, "I know you wouldn't. I do believe you, but she wants to make sure that I am alright. You can't blame her about that… and well, I didn't say that I was healed by a Greek god, and if I did, she's probably think I was going crazy." He shrugs, "Not much, mostly my books, so that I don't fall too far behind.. my laptop, my ipod… I don't need to worry about clothes.. I have plenty at home."
You paged Loukanos with 'I am going to give you some information, for you and Besa to potentially have fun with concerning Ashton's grandfather…'

"Give it time. She'll know my name," Loukanos flashes a smug little smirk, the tension lifting from his shoulders when Ashton assured him that this is a temporary departure. "You haven't told her about who I am, then," He considers. "Probably a good idea. What about your grandfather? Does he know anything?" He moves over to the room's dresser, opening it. "I'll miss you."

Ashton shakes his head, "No, I didn't really get into it. She just said that we would discuss it later… " He pauses looking at Louk, "I also didn't know what I could tell her. I mean, I didn't know if it was okay to tell her about you.. other than your name, that I really care about you, and that you make me happy." He practically gets smaller, "I don't know about Grandfather. She didn't say anything about him knowing. He normally has little use for social media. He thinks its a waste of time. Grandmother on the other hand can't live without it."

"Pardon my suspicions, but I can't help but feel wary of this," Loukanos says. "You can tell her whatever she'd like to know. I have nothing to hide. Your grandmother or grandfather must have know about the pills." Or they blindly gave their only child medicine from an 'uncle'…and that doesn't seem right. The blonde pulls out an article of clothing, a top, one that Ashton wears a lot (feel free to describe what it is). He smiles indulgently, "Can I keep this?"

Ashton frowns slightly, "I just can't believe that my grandparents would have given me those pills if they knew. Uncle Steven was the doctor that delivered me… he has been my doctor, literally since the day I was born… I just don't know why he would do it… I really can't…" He looks at Louk pulls out his faded black vintage Led Zeppelin shirt with an old man standing on a rock with a lantern. Ashton arches a brow, "My favorite shirt?" He grins, "Yeah, you can keep it."

Loukanos holds the shirt in both hands, bringing it to his face. He closes his eyes and breathes in. It smells pleasantly of his boyfriend, and he throws it over his shoulder. "You may have it back upon your return," He says with a languid smile that's touched with sensuality. "How long do you think you will be gone?"

Ashton grins as he cocks his head slightly to the side watching Louk. He gets lost in a thought for a moment - this one obviously a happy one. "Oh.. um.. probably just a few days… I guess it depends on how satisfied Grandmother is with the results from the new doctor and how soon she can get an appointment with a second doctor if she isn't satisfied." He chuckles slightly, "If Grandmother is feeling overly emotional, we may go into New York for an outing one day… "

"Do try to have fun," Loukanos offers. It is a stressful situation, but he won't be there to cheer Ashton up. After a moment, "I promise you despite whatever your grandparents may say, there's nothing wrong with us. Or you."

Ashton chews on his lower lip. "I will admit, I'm kind of worried what Grandmother is going to say… I'm use to Grandfather not approving of anything I do, but Grandmother has always been encouraging… well most of the time. She really hates me skateboarding… " He stops. His eyes widen as a wide somewhat dopey smile stretches across his lips, "Dude! I can totally bring my board back. I was told that the school was on an island and there was no place to skate… Rain said that there is totally a worthwhile skate park on the mainland." He pauses, "I'd have more fun if you were there, but I don't think that would go over too well.. at least not yet." It is obvious that he is hopeful that might change. Ah. poor, young, innocent, and naive Ashton. He pauses and jumps up and slides his arms around Louk's shoulder. He pulls out his phone and stretches his arm out and clicks an unseen bouton to take a couple selfies, including one were he steals a kiss on Louk's cheek.

"I heard you mention that before…" Skateboarding. Loukanos is vaguely familiar with the concept, but he can't share Ashton's excitement. Still, his happiness makes Louk. Joys of empathy! "The school hasn't been on an island since the attack." He frowns, "I wish I could go with you, too…" His presence would probably makes things worse, though. The kiss draws him out of his funk, and he chuckles. At first, he hasn't the faintest idea of what the phone is for. Hey, least the pics will be natural.
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Ashton smiles, "When I get back, I will so have to take you with me to the park, so you can see… it's like flying without leaving the ground.. well a little off the ground." He turns the phone around and shows Louk the couple selfies with the two of them. "Now, I will be able to look at you while I'm gone." He pauses, "I am so getting you a phone of your own so that we can talk whenever something like comes up or holidays… " He pause, "Christmas is going to suck."

"It's a date," Loukanos drawls, interest peaked at Ashton's description. He leans in, looking at the phone. "Ooooh, pictures. You should've said something. I would've made an effort to look more presentable." In truth, he looks more than fine, looking naturally photogenic. The boy comes from the same beings that were turned into statues because of their beauty. "I…I could maybe join you, then?" He's trying to keep himself from sounding too hopeful. "One day, I'll have to show you my home."

Ashton grins, "Date, huh… speaking of which.. how close does defeating that thing on the beach count as saving the world? Cause that I believe is the only thing left on your little list of things you like that you gave me on Valentine's Day…" He waggles his eyebrows. "And that's the point of a candid picture… to catch you are without the posturing… besides you look amazing and you know it." He smiles, "I would like that very much… both for you to spend the holidays with me and to see your home."

"Close enough. I think it should count, and it's up to me, yes?" Loukanos grins right back. "I admit for all that time I spent in that creature's head, I never did ask it what it wanted. There's a chance, albeit a slim one, that world destruction was not on his bucket list." He blushes handsomely at Ashton's compliment, his smile widening. "It'd be a difficult thing to arrange, but even after everything I've heard about your grandparents, I still want to meet them."

Ashton frowns slightly. "World destruction is hardly a reasonable thing.. what's the point of destroying something.. it means you cannot use it for your own purpose… removing humanity from it, possibly but destruction… " He pauses, "Though considering your mother's opinion of me.. I doubt me seeing your home will ever be possible… from what I understood, mortals were almost never allowed.. and I doubt that whatever it is that I am now would be any more welcome… but that's okay… there's a whole big world that we can see together…" He grins, "I am sure that Grandmother will just adore you." Nothing about his grandfather, though…

"I cannot claim to understand the motives of vile and corrupt monsters," Loukanos shrugs. "Domination, maybe? Like I said, I wasn't privy to his goals or motivations." He listens to Ashton, hopes dashed. "Almost. I know when I explain how happy you make me, she will come around." Or not. He sighs, "You think so?"

Ashton cocks his head "I don't think that you could truly understand the motives of a creature like that… I'm sorry that you had to be in its head at all, but I doubt that we would have been able to defeat it had you not… " Ashton smiles a bit brightly, "Do you think that your mother could come around? I know that she has not had good luck with your sister's marriage.. and can only imagine the comparisons she must have already made."

Loukanos gives a faint frown when Ashton calls Demeter's child his sister. It's barely noticeable, but the godling has never considered the spring goddess his sister. Not really, anyway. "I don't know that she'd accept you with welcoming arms, but she will tolerate us. After all, the alternative is to force me to return home, and there's little chance of that happening." He considers. "Persephone may be able to convince her. She loves her husband in her own way."

Ashton does not notice the faintest of frown from Loukanos. A slight frown forms on his lips. "I don't want to be the source of strife between you and your family." He does not say the 'I'm not worth it' though it is seen in his eyes. He then smiles, "I will have to try to win her over by proving her fears unfounded… " He cocks his head slightly as he thinks of something, but he just smiles to himself and remains silently.

"My mother and I have been through much more than an undesirable friendship, Ashton. I'm usually pretty obedient to her, but it's not like she can control everything I do," Look at Loukanos. If his Mother wasn't a frigging goddess, he'd sound like your average run-of-the-mill defiant teenager. "Pray tell, what's going on in that mind of yours?" He sounds amused. "Mother can be fussy. Even if you can't go to Olympos, I want you meet her."

Ashton grins, then chuckles, "You know.. for one of the first times, you sound like an absolutely normal teenager boy there." He holds onto Louk's hands. "THe only reason that I would ever want to see Olympos is because it is a part of who you are.. and I want to know you, every way I can. That includes your mother… she is your mother and is important to you, which means she's important to me." He smirks slightly, "Oh, it's just that I was thinking how funny it is… I used to think those stories where two people fell in love at first sight and I use to think that was one of the stupidest things I have ever heard… but then here we are."

Sapphire eyes regard Ashton for a long moment. Loukanos lifts a hand to caress his neck. "You are delightfully sweet," He pulls the boy in for an embrace. "I thought that was my thing." He smiles. "It was at first sight for you, too?"

Ashton pauses and blushes when he realizes what he said. He looks down, holding his breath, until Louk speaks. He chews his lower lip, "You're not freaked out by that? I mean… we have only known each other for about a month… "

"In all honesty, I don't know that it was love that I felt. Curiosity, maybe," Loukanos grins. "You're very special…I could feel it." He smiles blissfully at the notion that Ashton might be in love with him. Even if the younger boy did not say it outright, the implication is there. He takes a step back, "I should let you pack."

Ashton quickly embraces Loukanos. He pulls back, letting his arms slip from around, smiling a bit contently. "Yeah, I probably should. I am not exactly sure when my ride will be here." He stops, "Do me a favor, please… actually two favors… Keep an eye on Besa… before the spell and everything he was kind of down. He and Schuyler were fighting.. no disagreeing about some things, and I could tell that it was really bothering him, plus something else… I'm not exactly sure what it is though." He smiles slightly, "I try not to push with Besa too much…" The boy pauses, "The other one is similar to the first… Keep and eye on Theo for me… I care a lot about him, and he's having a hard time with something." Apparently, he has more of a clue with that one than with Besa. "I just worry about him."

"I promise I won't let anything happen to Besa. It saddens me that he's always upset all the time," Loukanos considers. "He has let his prejudice blind him when it comes to you…but I believe he'll be able to look past what he has learned. I know I have." Another smile, then. "As for Theo, I'll be sure to check on him, but I can't say I know much about the boy."

Ashton nods slightly. "I don't know really much of it, but I know that Besa has been through a lot. It gives him the right to be angry and untrusting when it comes to things he perceives as demonic… or in my case, apparently, is demonic… " He pauses, "Besa has seen many lifetimes, even if he is physically a teenager, and people keep treating him like he's fragile… and it's driving him crazy. This place is supposed to train us to use our gifts, but no one, he thinks, wants him to use his. He feels useless and belittled." He chews on his lower lip a bit. "I don't think many people do know much about Theo. He tries to keep it that way, I think… kind of like if he doesn't let anyone in, then no one can hurt him. There is just something about Theo that I latched on to… kind of the way that I did you… just like the two of you were supposed to be part of my life. You know?"

"You've been nothing but kind to everyone," Loukanos says. "Including him. You don't deserve the looks he gives you." He sighs. "I wish there was a way to make him see that you're not his demon." There's a slight smile. "I think so. He seems like a nice boy. His spiders are really…cool. Will you be taking yours home with you?"

Ashton grins and shakes his head, "No, there are staying here. So you know I'm coming back… them and Soret. I was just going to throw some extra crickets in there with them. They'll hunt as they need and leave the rest alone until then. That way I wouldn't be bothering anyone to have to take care of them." He shrugs, "Besa will either come around, or he won't. I can't control that. Koga came and apologized for the way he acted and said that he realizes that I'm not one of the bad guys. So maybe Besa will too."

"I'll come visit them, then," Loukanos decides. "I suppose they'll have each other, but they'll get lonely if I let them here for the entirety of your stay at home." He frowns softly. "I think he just needs some space to 'figure things out' so to speak."

"You can take them to your room if you like… " Ashton says. "But I wouldn't suggest letting them out. I don't know if you could get Rai back in… You could probably get Asato back in eventually.. and Bardo would probably want to stay out but because he wouldn't want to get off of you." He smiles as he looks over at the three, then sighs. "Yeah, so packing… still got to do it."

"Aw, seriously?" Loukanos looks like he's been trusted with an important honor. "Would they even come with me?" He moves over to where they are. "I'll protect them with my life." He assures and then says airily, "I'll help you pack. You said you were bringing textbooks?"

Ashton nods, "Unfortunately… falling behind in my school work would not be acceptable… And just take the terrarium with you. And yes, I'm serious. I trust you with my life, Louk… I certainly trust you with my little buddies." He shoulder bumps Louk with a grin. "Okay, thanks for the help."

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