(2018-03-11) First Impressions
First Impressions
Summary: Loukanos, Besa, and Ronan see Ashton off when his grandfather picks him up from school.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-11)
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NPCs: Reginald Talbot
Scene Runner: NA

Winbarry Estate - Winbarry Estate

This old Georgian/Colonial mansion is in a current state of repair. Being structurally sound, it's not at it's former prettiness….yet.. New paint helps, but anyone that knows houses can see it's still in desperate need of a new roof.

The grounds have recently been serviced. Nothing fancy, but the grass is cut, weeds have been pulled and the trees are not growing wild any longer. Large trees are sprinkled around the 13 acre estate. The back yard is expansive, an over grown garden with paths that have been long covered up and statues that have claimed by vines. Seems the gardener has not gotten to the backyard just yet. The entire estate is surrounded by a wrought iron fence. A pea-gravel driveway leads to a newer garage building.

Throughout the day, Ashton has been anticipating word of a car to be arriving to pick him up. He had tried to let his friends know that he was going home for a few days. Well, he hasn't actually went to talk to Besa. In fact, he hasn't spoken to Besa since their "lunch date" in the back lawns. Some he was not successful in tracking down everyone though. Finally after waiting all day, he receives a text stating merely: 8:30 pm, out front. be prompt. He let Louk know, and being afraid to be there on time, and have the car arrive early, so a half hour early, he heads down stairs with his backpack and a suitcase in tow.

Besa's headed back inside from having taken Cocoa out for her nightly walk. He's smiling down at her and talking softly in Coptic to her. Her tail is wagging, clearly happy with whatever he's telling her. The ancient boy is dressed in jeans and his winter coat, not enjoying the weather yet. He stops once inside to unzip the coat and then blinks at Ashton, "…Ashton? Why are you…" He frowns, seeing the bags, "Are you
leaving?" Is this because of What Besa told him?

Loukanos is trying not to pout. Really, he is. Every time Ashton steals a glance towards him, he brightens up and puts on a strained smile. Under most circumstances, Ashton leaving for a bit wouldn't be a huge deal, but these aren't really normal circumstances. Wearing jeans and a grey threadbare sweater, he has taken some time to dress nicer than usual in case a grandparent makes an appearance. Still simple, he can't handle much more when it comes to modern clothing, but stylish. When Ashton turns to answer Besa, sad Louk pouts.

Unlike poor Besa that is suffering at the hands of mother nature's 'cruelty, Ronan actually seems to be thriving in the cooler temperatures. Thankfully it wasn't one of those times that he was wearing just his swim shorts. Instead Ronan's dressed in a suit, the black jacket and trousers a pale white dress shirt and a bright turquoise tie. Really he was trying to make a show of his outfit. He was put together right to make a bit of an impression. He even had his hair neatly combed.

While Ashton has a very pensive look on his face, he looks up, to see the source of the voice. "oh, hey, Besa… " He pauses, "Oh, yeah… just not leaving, leaving. My grandparents are sending a car for me… I told them that I thought that Uncle Steven was doing something wonky with my meds, when Grandmother asked if I was taking my meds… so they want me to see a couple doctors to make sure that there was no permanent damage." He then sees Ronan, one of the few friends that he didn't catch earlier in the day. Ashton waves for the Irish boy's attention, "Hey Ronan… glad I caught you before I left."

Besa blinks confused, "Are you feeling worse?" He doesn't look ill, but what does Besa know. Louk gets a confused look before he turns back to Ashton, "I…I hope all is well." His jackets stays on, but Cocoa takes one look at Ashton and moves to go lay down on the steps and waits for Besa. Watching briefly, Besa then turns to Ronan, "Hello Ronan."

"Hello, Besa," Loukanos offers. From behind, he rests his chin Ashton's shoulder, "No. I am almost certain the pills aren't medicine and that they were making him feel ill. Not in the traditional sense. While Ashton is away, you can help me study them. I know very little about alchemy…or whatever type of sorcery devised them." He isn't certain Besa knows more, but two minds are better than one. Ronan gets a smile. "You look nice."

"Now ye didn't think ye were going to having yourself be going away without a good bye now did ye?" Ronan says grinning broadly at Ashton as he approaches the group. "I decided that I would be dressing a bit better than normal. Make them think ye be hanging around with utterly respectable sorts." He says laughing a bit,"Dia dhuit Besa, I trust ye are well upon this evening?" It's a bit of a question since he is a bit worried about the perfect haired teen. "I was hoping ta run into ye two to make sure that ye had recovered from Friday night right proper." He says looking from Louk to Ashton and back again.

Ashton leans against Loukanos, letting his fingers occasionally touching Louk's hand. When he does, he glances over at the godling. The young sorcerer looks over at Ronan, "Hey, I tried to find you earlier… I wasn't really given a whole lot of notice on this." He pauses, "I don't think it will matter. Grandmother said that a car would be sent for me. So I don't think that what you are wearing really matters." He looks to Besa, "I'm feeling fine actually, especially considering the fact that we were all knocked unconscious when that water demon-thing blew up."

Besa blinks again, glancing down at his not fancy clothing, "Should I change?" Is it important to dress nicely for friends' families? But then he's nodding, prefect hair bouncing, "Yes. I will help you Loukanos." Who needs to figure out Vegas when there's pills to dissect! "Do you have some of them to study?" Ronan gets a soft smile, "I am, thank you. Better than last night as all my laundry is now done." Mention of Friday though has him worried and looking back to Louk and Ashton, like he's trying to find injury. His nose twitches at Ashton's words, he's feeling guilty for not having been there, either to fight or heal it seems. But then he blinks, "Water demon?" No one tells him anything, it seems!

Nope, no visible damage to Loukanos. He answers Ronan, "I came out of the affair unharmed. It's fairly difficult to injure yourself when you are inside a massive magic circle," Thank you, Ashton! When Ashton looks over, he is pouting. "I gave most of them back to Ashton, but I have a few samples," He says to Besa. "Demon may not be the proper term, but it was a creature of great depravity." Maybe a demon. Then again, what is a demon to a god? Nothing, Louk thinks. "It was also super gross."

"The Draugr's Lord. The Lich, whatever ye be wanting ta call it." Ronan says trying to make it a bit clearer, "I don't know it was the water demon. It wasn't really controlling water either." He knows because he was doing his best to control the water and nothing was fighting him for its control. Ronan grins a bit, "Well ye ne'er know. The driver could report that when he picked ye up, ye were accompanied by a bunch of ill dressed misshapen youths." He says teasingly. "Plus… I kinda felt like dressing up. It's fun ta do every once in a while." He says casually. "Well ye were in some sort of battle, no? It is not hard to be harming oneself if ye be doing war."

Ashton chews on his lower lip. "Do you need to keep a some more of them? I mean I just need to turn a couple of them over." He pauses, then looks over at Besa, "Um.. how are you doing? I haven't seen you since the other day when you cast your spell… " He pauses, "Actually it was the spell that gave me the idea of what is going on. The pills fell into the magical circle thing, before that thing appeared… which made me think that the pills might be the reason for me having demonic energies…" He grins slightly, "I was using the term demon-thing because it was big, ugly and powerful… and it was making zombies.. sounds pretty evil to me." He looks to Ronan, "True… "

About that time, Ashton's words fade off as a sound can be heard, but not from down the road, but from the evening sky. The sound of a helicopter approaching, flying low and not just flying over the area.

A small frustrated look flickers on his face briefly. he really wishes people would use proper terms! A glacne to Cocoa, who's waiting patiently on the stairs for him. Unconsciously he rubs his chest underneath his coat, "Do you have a few more I could have, Ashton? I can try a rune somewhat like that I did for you." Hopefully with less demon shadow this time. The grandparents might get a report? He looks down at again at his clothing, it's nice, but not fancy. At least he thinks they're nice. "I will not go outside then, to not add to the misshapen youth." Another frown, but now he's confused, they're misshapen? Modern language is so weird. "Perhaps a few more, Ashton, if you can. That way we can test them a few times."He'll let Louk get the pills, as the bo ys are leaning on each other. He forces a soft smile, lifting a shoulder, "I am alright." Sorta. But he doesn't want to upset Ashton any more. "We will figure it out, AShotns." He turns and looks in the direction of the sound.

"Ah, yes. The mental battle was taxing; I woke up with the most terrible headache," That was new. Loukanos cannot remember ever feeling that way before. "It was defeated before it could do any harm, though. That is what matters." As for the pills, he shakes his head, "I think I have enough, but more would give us flexibility. A rune would be appreciated, Besa, if it is not too difficult to set up." Lifting his head off Ashton's shoulder, he looks up and narrows his eyes. "Um. What is that? Your ride?"

"I'm being silly again Besa." Ronan says looking to the immortal teen, "It is because people who are in his grandparents strata tend to look down on people." He points out right before the helicopter makes its grand entrance and that's when he goes, "Bloody hell. Could they be more any more ostentatious in their appearance?" And he sort of decides not to increase the ice on the helicopter so that they cannot take off again any time soon.

The helicopter is still a little bit away, but it is obviously approaching. Suddenly Ashton's mood changes drastically. He frowns slightly and his grip on Loukanos's hand tightens. He swallows slightly, "Well, shit… " He pulls open his backpack and pulls out the two bottles, pouring a handful of each into his hands and makes a quick makeshift envelope out of a piece of notebook paper. "Here you got, Besa." There is a small bit of worry in his voice.

Besa nods about the pills, "Alright." if they can't get more, they'll make due. "I can modified the Rune I used on Ashton. It should not take me nearly as long to set up." Silly? oh, Ronan gets a smile, "I did not think we actually looked misshapen." See, he's funny. He gets humor! Do they want the coper to not take off? Besa could accidentally touch it. His smile fades as Ashton's mood changes, "I…" Seeing family should not make someone sad! "We will figure this out, Ashton, i promise." The maybe demon gets eye contact and Besa nods, like that proves he's telling the truth as he takes the envelope. "I hope you are not gone too long."

Loukanos looks down at his hand, frowning softly. 'Well, shit' is right. "This seems excessive," He knows enough to know this isn't the normal protocol for pulling your kid out of school. He squeezes Ashton's hand reassuringly. "Think one of your grandparents could be in there?" He smiles faintly when Besa says he hopes Ashton's not gone for too long. Friendship!

"It does seem to be a bit on the excessive side really." Ronan says laughing a bit, and not the funny haha type. More the holy fuck these people are so out of touch with reality it isn't even funny,"Ye'll be back before ye know it. If not… Well… we know a good teleporter." He says and gives Ashton one of his toothy grins that suggests he really wouldn't be above having her teleport them in and out again.

Ashton nods to Besa, "Yeah, I should only be gone a couple of days… Three or four at the absolute most, if that." At Loukanos's question, the boy looks even smaller a bit, "Yes. Grandfather. They wouldn't have used the company helicopter just to pick me up." Ashton who is normally fairly relaxed about his clothing, starts straightening up where he can. He is wearing a vest over a tee shirt, with a wool pea coat on over it.

The helicopter lands on the lawn before the school. A large man quickly jumps out and opens up the door behind the "cockpit", lowering steps down. As a slightly older man with silvered hair steps down, wearing a three piece suits. The two men walk to where the boys are. The larger man grabs Ashton's bag, offering only a polite nod, before heading back to the helicopter. The man, presumably Ashton's grandfather, Reginald Talbot, looks at Ashton with a disappointing expression. "What are you wearing? You are being picked up to go home, not to some club." His cold eyes look at the three other boys, glancing at Ronan and Besa, lingering on Besa for a bit too long, before turning to Loukanos. He looks at Ashton, "Edward, aren't you going to introduce me to your.. little friends?" Reginald's right ring finger is a signet ring with an intricate symbol, not one of Ashton's demon glyphs, but there is something about the symbol that might be mildly disconcerting to those who are familiar with magic.

Ashton swallows, "Sorry, Grandfather. This is Ronan, Besa, and Louk… Loukanos… Um, guys, this is my grandfather, Reginald Talbot." His grandfather looks at Loukanos with a bit of a sneer, "Well, say your goodbyes, Edward, and let's go already. Don't take too long. I have plans."

Besa's head tilts to watch the whole thing with some fascination, although he's aware enough to shaver the pills into his coat pocket. Dark eyes watch the older man back with some confusion. He would greet the man back, but he doesn't think that was the intent of any of this, not really. The older gentleman gets a head nod though, Besa's not completely impolite. Ashton's Grandfather reminds him of someone or something, but he's not able to place his finger on it. Maybe later he'll remember. He'll turn to the departing boy but again he only offers a quick smile before nodding and edging away to let the others say their goodbye.

It is not often Loukanos looks unnerved, but the approach of Ashton's grandfather does it. He desperately wants this to go smoothly. That name catches him off guard. "Edward," The golden-haired boy echoes as if testing the name and casts Ashton a mildly amused expression. "Hn." Learn something new every day, huh! "It is very good to finally meet you," Louk's pleasant smile wavers a touch at the sneer. He must make a good impression! Before Ashton goes, he'll offer the boy a hug.

"Dia dhuit seanathair ag mo chara." Ronan says not bothering to speak in English but being fairly polite to see if the old goat knows the language. He keeps his smile firmly in place as he says, "Ronan is ainm dom." (My name is Ronan.) He says as he gives a polite nod of his head. He stretches just a little bit as he gives a subtle sympathetic look towards Ashton,"I believe he does be preferring the name Ashton."

Ashton smiles and returns the nod to Besa, "Take care, Besa… and thank you for all of your help." . He pauses and then moves to give Ronan a quick hug, that is unless he begins to act as if it is unwelcomed. "Catcha later, Ronan." is offered even if the quick hug isn't. The hug that Ashton gives Louk is not nearly so quick. He thought he could hold it together better. He sniffs slightly still holding on tight to Louk. "I'll be back before you know it… just a couple of days." Is he trying to comfort Louk or himself?

Reginald turns and looks at Ronan. If looks could kill, then the man would have just murdered Ronan, and about five generations afterwards. "He may prefer that his "friends" call him Ashton, but his _name_ is Edward." His gaze turns to Ashton and narrows at the hugging of Loukanos. "That is enough of that, boy. Come on. It is time for us to be on our way." then followed for emphasis, "Now."

Ashton is cowed by his grandfather's voice and tone. He swallows, "By guys." Reginald grabs him by the arm and leads him somewhat forcibly to the helicopter. And as soon as they are within the helicopter, the blades begin spinning and up it flies into the night sky.

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