(2018-03-10) Flub On!
Flub On!
Summary: Fionnuala treats Oliver to a belated birthday supper.. of (mostly) her own making. And then… well, things get decisive~
Date: 2018-03-10
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Sat Mar 10, 2018

The Reid family home. Oliver's belated birthday dinner!

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<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Rewiiiinding a wee bit, Fionnuala Reid hadn't been able to do much for Ollie on the actual day of his birthday, given how school ate up a chunk of the day, along with any other obligations beyond education. A call to the up-and-coming vegan eatery produced unfavorable results.. ie: the place wasn't even open yet! So it was time for plan B…

… Fionnuala had to plan a menu. Granted she's a seventeen-year-old girl with a chef for a dad, she's no slouch in the kitchen but this didn't predispose her to being an amazing cook. She could get by! But the beauty part was she had Ailbeart handy to help pick ingredients, to give tips, to show her how prep work was key. This was done Friday evening after classes. Often, Fionnuala goes home for a portion of the weekend; this option had been a godsend. With her dad Fee was able to mise en place all that she needed; the invite was given to Ollie for Saturday, late afternoon.. which brings us to the present!

Leaving their daughter in charge of the house and taking a date night of their own, Ailbeart and Flora literally flew the coop. Fionnuala has a very successful (ok Al perhaps helped a bit more with that) vegan lasagna baking in the oven, filling the entire lower level of the house with an amazing aroma. She's looking into the fridge, making sure 'dessert' is sitting well. Looks okay!

Happily the girl hugs herself, twirls in the kitchen.. and waits. Maybe she'll go check for the eighth time that the dining room table is set properly. Ollie is due anytime.

The good thing about working at a coffee shop is that Oliver can take early shifts. The bad thing is that he takes early shifts. He's usually ok through the afternoon and after a couple of mugs of caffeinated tea, but by evening he's ready to conk out. Knowing that he was invited over to Fee's house afterwards meant a third mug of tea so he can try to stay up a little later and not fall asleep too early.

It was really ok with him that his birthday was low-key. He'd been terrified of that day for the last few years, but despite having to deal with a bunch of paperwork, it wasn't entirely as dark as he thought it might be; the state still offers 'transition assistance' through the age of 21 or until he decides he no longer needs it, whichever comes first. There was a little breath of relief there. Also, now that he's 18, he was able to start training on more jobs in the coffee house so that he can be as versatile as they need him to be.

To ensure that he didn't come to the house smelling entirely of coffee, Ollie did go back to shower and change before flying (as a bird, nonetheless!) over to the house and shifting to one of his human forms before ringing the bell. If Fee told him to dress up, he would have. If not…he still might have, because he still wants to impress her!

Well, knowing Fee, she will have told Ollie to show up in whatever way he sees fit! There was no pressure to show up dressed-to-the-nines; Fionnuala hadn't mentioned 'birthday suit' because THAT translates, to her, as his base/alien form. The comment could have been taken a few different ways, alas. Instruction to Ollie was to simply show up comfortable and relaxed! Fionnuala, well… she was a little sneak and put the pressure on herself to dress nice! Birthdays, even belated ones, are special and deserving of respect. She asked Rain before classes were out for a sprucing up of her nails, this time a sort of pastel pink.. to go with her dress!

It's newer; an O-necked vintage pastel pink maxi dress with short fluted sleeves and subtle cream-colored floral embroidery. It swishes at her bare feet as the girl hastens to get to the door, her black hair — contrasting nicely with the color of the dress — bouncing over her shoulders (no wings) in it's loose Pagan-inspired style. She looks like a hippy 1940s chick and as always, eccentricity suits Fionnuala.

She yanks open the door and, fixing her boy with a big sunny smile, pulls him in for a hug and enthusiastic smooch. "Happy re-birthday!"

Oliver looks to be dressed in some of his 'hippie' clothes with a coat overtop…the coat is, at least real. The clothes…part of his ability as he can't really be wearing the cotton embellished tunic. The comfy, flax pants may be real too. There's a somewhat-embarrassed grin at the birthday greeting and he's able to mutter a, "Thanks!" before he's pulled into a hug and a smooch. "This is so much better than filling out paperwork!" He then takes a step back to look at her, "You look amazing…but cold!"

She's carrying sunlight, and no wonder… the Reid home is full of windows; big, open views upon the yard and street beyond. That's one plus, the real importance is in making available to the shifters living within those walls any and all shreds of the sunlight that they crave. As the day begins to wane, Fionnuala yet carries echoes of the decidedly decent day it had been. She pulls from the kiss to his lips and leans in to deliver a big, exaggerated 'MWAH!' kiss to his cheek. "Of course it's better than paperwork. You get food, and comfort, and me!" She blushes then at the compliment, grinning her big loopy grin. "Yeah.. all-the-more reason to come in, come in!" She exclaims as gooseflesh arises along her forearms. Beauty can be uncomfortable and this dress is not conducive to handling winter's chill.

She will close the door behind Ollie, and the pleasant warmth of a well-cared-for family home with food cooking awaits the,. "How are you doing? How's the paperwork process going?" Fee asks of him, offering to hang the (real) coat up, looking at him with sunlight in her eyes.

"Three of the best things in the world!" Oliver grins as Fee offers the alternatives to the paperwork! He does step in so that she can close the door and he can't help but look around at the homey…home. "It smells amazing," is offered, "Are your parents here?" He'll move with her to hang up the coat before he reaches out to lightly touch her hair, "The paperwork is pretty much done. I'm not entirely left in the lurch as they have some transition programs available until I turn 21. So that's good. But hey, I can vote now…kind of. I mean, technically I'm actually a U.S. Citizen, so…yay voting!"

"Thanks.. I won't take all the credit. Da helped. Mostly with nitpicking the recipes that I found, adding his twists, along with the rounds at the grocery store." Fionnuala smiles proudly, not necessarily for her own efforts but for her capable, soft-hearted bear of a father. "So I hope you like it. There's about twenty minutes left on the timer." She offers.. the smell in the air speaks of some sort of pasta sauce. Baking. So, a casserole of sorts…? She closes the door leading into the closet where she hung up the coat, and softens at the touch to her black tresses. A blush then, eyes soft. "No, I kicked them out." Fionnuala giggles, "Not really.. they went out. They flew into Thunder Bay for some wining and dining of their own.. they figured it'd be a good opportunity. So I'm in charge here." She chimes, indicating that they have the run of the house.

Oh dear!

She listens to Ollie's explanation of 'what's next' and glows happily, "Oh, that's fantastic! See? It's all falling into place! With work and some sweating, but you're almost to where you gotta be! So this is not just birthday dinner… but also yay the paperwork is done dinner!" Fee claps her hands together once. "Would you like a drink? Orange juice or sparkling apple juice can sure look nice in champagne flutes!"

Her parents left two dating teenagers alone? Oliver blinks a moment but…well, they're smart teenagers at least. Maybe. "It smells really good and you -should- take the credit! I bet it's delicious…although you didn't need to go through all this trouble." He's a little overwhelmed by it. He can't help but smile as she does, though, and he'll answer, "The sparkling apple juice sounds great, thanks. I've had three mugs of chai tea so something else would be good. Can I help with anything?"

Yeah, Fee has some pretty rad parents. They trust their daughter, have always rammed into her head the importance of understanding consequences! IT's a balance that the Reids have managed to make work for them… such a fine line. Good thing Fionnuala isn't a jerk!

But the fact remains: they are yet a pair of dating teenagers. Smart? Yes. But there's hormones! Fee and Ollie may be a decent, considerate pair but they're still teenagers!

But there's food, too. Fee positively glows at the praise. "Oh.. I take.. enough credit. But if he didn't help me with the logistics, it wouldn't smell quite this good. The dessert though I, ah… kinda did it on my own. We'll see how THAT goes!" Is exclaimed cheerfully… maybe a bit ominously.

"Oh hush, this wasn't a problem at all." Fionnuala declares as she leads Ollie through a pretty den, brimming with photos and personal, cozy things.. into the kitchen. IT's as well-appointed and efficient a kitchen as one would expect of a family, the head of which is a chef. The concentration of the mess is in and around the sink.. Fee has tried hard not to herald a disaster. "I think I have everything ready. Did you want to being the glasses and apple juice into the dining room?" Aw, it feels so adult..!

"It's a lot more than I'd be able to do," and Oliver does look impressed. "Thank you for doing this. I'm sure it's all going to be amazing." He'll dutifully take the glasses and apple juice to the living room as requested, "Sure…" and it'll give him a little more of a chance to look at the family photos there. He's not jealous, but it's nice seeing a family that's so happy together and cohesive. He'll try to be on good behavior as well; the last thing he needs is an angry Scotsman chasing after him!

The pictures speak of a large family… it is perhaps a good thing that they're mostly overseas. There's a smattering of them along the walls, assembled so as to not look too busy but STILL showcasing a wonderfully productive, functional family. Plenty of the Reids that live here: it's as entertaining as one might expect. Fee as a little girl looks like some sort of mischievous pixie, grinning wide at the camera with her two front baby teeth missing. Then there's a family of three in which the man looks like a taller, slightly-older Ailbeart with a crooked nose (from having been broken twice). Relatives. There are so many pictures, so many people.

Most of them Supers.

Fionnuala soon follows along with the napkins that she had forgotten, setting them down upon the table at their placements. "Have a seat! Food's up!" She chimes as a timer squawks from the kitchen. "Hope you like pasta!"

Oliver can't help but smile at the adorable pictures of young Fee and her large family! He brings the glasses and juice to the table and sets them at each place before pouring some of the drink into each. "I love pasta!" is called back and he moves a little towards the kitchen, "Can I help bring anything more in?" It may have been his birthday, but he's neither used-to or comfortable with being treated specially. It's already so much that she made him dinner and everything!

"Nope! You're good. You stay right there!" Fee calls after departing in a flourish to silence the timer. She can be heard moving about, pulling the casserole out of the maw of the oven and letting it sit on the stovetop for a few minutes. The sound of a drawer being yanked open; utensils being picked through. Her proclamation of 'ah HAH!' and then.. oh, plates! Yes yes.. she'll just portion it all out…

Ollie will be left to his own devices and walls filled with smiling busy Reids for a few more minutes, shiny silverware resting expectantly upon a fancy-looking placemat.

In she comes with waitress-like deftness, bearing two plates with sizeable portions of a fine vegan lasagna! Fee sets the dish down in front of Ollie, "Don't be put off by the green.. that's spinach ricotta! It looks kinda cool, doesn't it?" She presses a kiss into his hair. "I hope you like it. Happiest of birthdays, Ollie."

Oliver does take a look at more of the pictures and around the room…maybe he's been in homes like this, maybe not, but it's always interesting to see where someone lives that isn't a dorm room. He doesn't know the parents all too well, but by looking around, he might get to learn a little more about the family itself. There are glances back to the kitchen at the exclamatory sounds but he does as requested and stays in the dining room and eventually takes a seat.

When Fee comes out with the dishes, he gives her a standing ovation with a grin before waiting for her to sit. "Spinach ricotta? That sounds fascinating!" The kiss gets a wider smile, "Thank you, Fee."

"I hear it's pretty tasty.. not a drop of cow's milk. THAT part is Da's doing." Fee explains, and finally lowers herself to sit. While the pasta cooled she fed a pan of 'something special' to bake in the oven… ah, the dessert! IT can bake unbothered for about twenty minutes while they eat.

"But of course, it's a pleasure." Fionnuala chimes, spreading a napkin into her lap. "Sorry if you felt a bit… if this room is fussy. My folks are of a mind that a house isn't a home without pictures. And there are pictures. What you don't see are the albums squirreled away." Fionnuala says with a fond little sigh, and cuts into her portion of the lasagna. A bite reveals the relief in her face as it indeed tastes lovely! Whew!!

"There's plenty so have more, if you're still hungry." She says after swallowing a bite. "Afterwards we can roll ourselves over into the living room to watch a movie, if that sounds good. Or there are board games!" Blush.

"He made it? No wonder I haven't heard of it!" Oliver will cut off some of the lasagna and take a bite, nodding his approval. "I don't know if I even know what the real stuff is supposed to taste like, but this is delicious! He should sell it!" He'll happily eat some more and will probably eventually go in for seconds. "Your home is wonderful. It feels happy and that's how homes should feel. I don't mind seeing the pictures as they're great!" He'll eat some more and have some of the sparkling juice before nodding, "Either of those sound amazing. You've spoiled me."

"He DID! Da's a wizard," She smiles proudly. "There's tofu in it, cashews… no way I could have ever gone that far on my own. I was ripping my hair out trying to figure out what could pass as a… cheese.. substitute. He researched a bit, and there you go." Fionnuala does away with another forkful, still looking pleased. She likes the taste but loves that Oliver is happy, moreso. Talk of their home being wonderful softens Fee's smile some, "Thanks. It was an older couple who had this house up for sale when we rolled into town. Ma and Da sure made it a home." She looks around then, at every wall and corner and accent that makes the space truly theirs.

"Nonsense.. this isn't spoiling. I can think of other ways to spoil," Fee giggles. "I was raised by a chef. Good food may as well be like a hug or a kiss.. it's a way to show that you care. This isn't putting me out at all, I'm just glad you're here."

"Seriously, he could offer this as a vegan substitute and get a whole new clientele at his restaurant!" Yes, Ollie is loving the lasagna! It's probably been a while since he's had it, much less this well-made! "Sounds like this place was meant to be yours." He smiles at Fee before shaking his head, "To me, it's being spoiled, but thank you. It's the best birthday present I think I've ever had. And why wouldn't I be here?"

"He'll have to be told that. Mind you he consulted Chef Google and went from there." Fionnuala giggles, loving Ollie's enthusiasm. "But I just bet this dish could become a thing, where he works. I'll have to let him know that it received rave reviews." She chimes, dabbing her mouth carefully. She sets her utensils down, notes the timing in her head. She'll have to see to the oven again in under ten minutes. "He.. ah, won't be back later. Neither of them. Depends on how much they decide to drink." Blush.. she hopes she doesn't seem as if she's.. implying much. But can Fee quite help the flip-flop in her belly at the thought? She grins shyly, "It's the same as driving. Don't drink and fly. Ma and Da are overdue some fun. So if you were wanting to give Da the rave reviews in the pasta… it may have to wait. It's just," Cough. "You and I."

Oliver gives a little cough as Fee says that her parents won't be back later. "Not at all? They let you have me over here knowing that?" He doesn't want to get in trouble by her parents, but that's an interesting bit of news. "I…uhm…I don't expect anything, so please don't feel like…I mean…" oh, maybe he shouldn't have said anything. He quickly changes the focus to be, "It'll be really nice being able to spend that much time with you and not be interrupted by other students or school or anything." There. That sounds better, maybe?

"They trust me." Fionnuala says with a smile. "I think my folks would have been well-at-home in a hippy community, back in the day. Thing is, Ollie, they've met you… they know enough about you, and us, to trust us. Plus Da didn't want to be around to overtake my efforts on your supper. If anything they think they're doing a service, not being here. Plus they just… need time. To themselves." Fee blushes. The arcana of what parents to together, alone, is beyond even Fee's open mind and not something that she, the daughter, wants to entertain thoughts of. It doesn't help that those thoughts could permeate what teenage couples could call the 'jackpot'. *cough*

A few more minutes… something 'chocolatey' permeates what was previously the strong smell of pasta baking. "You're a true gentleman, Ollie.. I don't expect you to take advantage-" Pause. "I mean, I'm not going to make you, or put you into a position where you have to-" Umn.

She looks down into her lap, blushing with a silly little smile. "If you're uncomfortable or feeling that way, being alone here… please let me know. Otherwise I really… really like the thought of being here, with you, and not having to scurry around to rooms to hide it."

"I don't know about being a gentleman," Oliver looks down at the plate. "I mean, it's really great that your parents trust you and I know that you wouldn't expect or anything or think that I would expect…and I'm glad your parents trust me too…but…uhm. I don't know that I'm really a 'gentleman'. I just…like you a lot and don't want to mess things up." So he's trying to be super careful. "I don't want to upset your parents or you by anything that I could…should control."

Right. "Is that chocolate?"

"Well, I kinda… y'know," She looks up from beneath her lashes. "I have a hand in it too." A nervous giggle. "I invited you here, knowing they're gone.. wanted you here. So I'm part of it all too." Oh, Fee! Hey, she may be sweet and patient but she is yet a hormonal teenage girl. Ollie's manner is both sweet and amusing and she feels badly, nonetheless, to discomfort him. But suddenly her skin is flushed — and not just with sunlight — and somehow it's just so important that he's here. With her.

"I trust you. There's no way you could ever mess anything up, Ollie. Ever. I promise." Fee offers soberly, her smile sweet and earnest. A timer goes off in the kitchen once more. Stupid intrusion! She sits up straight, still delightfully red. "Oh! Yeah! It's your dessert!" Said happily, "I tried making vegan brownies! If I attempted cake it would look like a cow pie."

"But they knew I was coming over?" Thus the help with the lasagna, right? He's not entirely discomforted but, "Let's not find out if I can mess things up…" his last two relationships weren't the best, but maybe third time's a charm? As she sits up and mentions the dessert, he softens, "Aww, I bet they're delicious too! And most vegan chocolate things look like cow pies. It's expected…even desired!" Now he's teasing some.

"They did. All they care about is that we clean the kitchen." Fee offers with a mischievous little glimmer in her pretty eyes. Her expression softens at talk of potentially messing 'thing' up, and something seems decided in her right then. But first…

"Don't get me wrong, the batter came out like sludge. I didn't hold out much hope.. I guess things like eggs and the like really have a huge say in how baked goods can look once all is said and done. But this.." She crosses her fingers… her hands are smooth and lovely, having been devoid of claywork for so long. "We'll see. Now—" The bit of teasing does not escape her. She stands, radiant and red in her pale pink dress, grabbing up the plates to make room. "Stay right there. This has to be a surprise. I know you want to help but I'm okay bringing this in. I'll be right back!"

"But…" Oliver starts. Fee is back off to the kitchen and he's left blinking for a moment. He finally decides to clear the lasagna dishes off to one side of the table so they don't get in the way of any dessert anything. He also tops off the glasses with the sparkling juice before gingerly sitting back down. "You had better let me clean the kitchen since you did all the cooking!" he calls into the next room.

No buts, mister! Fee would call that, but she's too busy gawking with astonishment at how..

Oh shit shit shit and bollocks.

Nothing burning. No, no.. it's baked… but…..

Fionnuala realizes that she she got confused, measuring out the leavener (soda) .. she doubled it. The result? An already fickle batter has risen up double-speed, and deflated itself all over the muffin pan that the recipe advised her to use. Mini vegan brownies? More like.. like…

"Oh bloody heck, Martha Stewart! Why did you have to make it so complicated?!?" Fionnuala cries out, sounding more startled than upset. She moves into the dining room with a sheepish grin, holding the pan of about a dozen or so wrinkly, flattened prairie-oyster'looking things! Her rounded gaze watches Oliver. "Umn… they kinda flopped." BLush.

Oliver stands up at the exclamation and is about to go into the kitchen when Fee reappears with the muffin tin. He looks at the tin and then at Fee and manages to say with a straight face, "I told you that all vegan desserts look like cow pies. So you did it correctly!" He holds the expression for just a couple more seconds before bursting with a grin. "I'm sure they still taste great!"

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Good Success.

Aw Ollie.. he means well. At least Fee can laugh at herself, though it's a bit harder here because she wanted this to be a successful dessert and special! But the alien boy's response does help and her lips quiver as she tries to bite back laughter. "They may not.. taste that great. Now that I think back, I think I put in extra baking soda." She admits, looking down ruefully at the boiled-over choco-sludge. "You can try one, but I wouldn't recommend it. But.." On with the show.

She plunks a candle into one of the sorry-looking 'brownies', lights it deftly with a match, and nonetheless breaks out in her versed, angelic little voice her rendition of the Happy Birthday song. She makes her way over toward Ollie, holding the tray with the one optimistic candle, and once her song is complete she grins at him. "Make a wish then, and blow out the candle."

"I'll definitely try one," Oliver nods but then there's a candle plunked in one and he's getting a song! He's still smiling, but there's a little melancholy mixed in there as he waits for the tray to get closer. He then looks up at Fee for a long moment before blowing the single candle out. It's then that he stands and reaches out to place his hands over Fee's and lean in to give her a kiss, "Best Birthday ever. Even if the chocolate brownies didn't turn out quite right with extra baking soda."

And the girl will stand there, holding the tray of fail!brownies as Oliver considers the task awaiting him, and blows out the candle. She will hold his gaze as he looks to her, lips curling to a sweet smile, before the singular flame is snuffed in a puff of breath. He touches her hand and even that is enough to cause butterflies, and she leans in to return the kiss. "That's a pretty big deal. You know I'm in the habit of trying to top my efforts, annually. I have a whole year ahead to plan how to make the next birthday better." She grins against his mouth then. Plenty of meaning in that phrase: it means she intends to be around in a year.

"These brownies are only good for the compost bin, unless you're feeling brave. Otherwise there's a few oranges in the crisper bin, in the fridge." Said with a giggle. "I'm going to go put these away. Would you like anything else?"

"It doesn't need to be bigger though…but now I have a challenge ahead of me in planning for -your- 18th birthday!" And he has a little time for that still. Oliver doesn't mind staying in close for a bit but at the mention of the brownies and compost, he chuckles and steps back, "Oranges are good. Do you have any chocolate leftoveer? I have an idea…"

"I'm still wrapping my head around being 17!" Fee chimes, still holding the tray with a cheerful expression. "It'll be here though, soon… it's funny though that I won't graduate, in turning eighteen. I was started here, a bit late, when we moved… it's a bit of a long story, not worth describing. I'll be an old maid when I leave the school." Said with a wink, before she makes her way toward the kitchen with the body in her arms. Poor poor failed brownies.

She turns to look at Ollie, considering. "There are some chocolate chips left? I didn't use the whole bag.. what were you thinking?" She asks thoughtfully.

Oliver does move to follow her into the kitchen this time, "Age doesn't matter that much to me. I mean, I could appear to be twelve…or seventy-five if I wanted to be." For now, he's just appearing his own age…or as best as he's figured it out. "The point is that you'll graduate." There's a glance around the kitchen and at the fridge for a moment before he shrugs, "We can melt the chocolate and dip the orange slices in it? I don't know how to make candied orange peel, but that's good with chocolate too."

"I'll graduate. And then, look out world." Fee smiles over a shoulder. There is promise in her expression. "I'm hoping when Rain and I start volunteering at the hospital for our hours, it'll help me figure out what I want to do. I always wanted to have.. I don't know, my own little shop.. of things…" She shrugs helplessly, the doomed dessert flopping hopelessly in her arms. "I always kept it at that… maybe that's a sign that it's not what's meant for me. I want to heal people and to make them happy, so maybe.. I'll figure it out next year. For now, all I need to know is how to salvage——"

And then Ollie goes and does just that. It looks as if the heavens have opened up, casting their light into the kitchen.. Fee glows. "Oh, aren't you a treasure!? That is PERFECT!" She chimes. "And how romantic! Isn't dipped fruit kinda the way to go for that sort of thing?" She asks, setting the tray onto the cooling rack and bustling toward the fridge. "How about you section a bunch of these oranges and I'll melt the chips."

"I think it's 'Look out world' now! And it's wonderful that you're like that! I think that you do heal people, with your kindness, even if you don't heal them physically," yet. "You heal spirits." The approval of his idea gets a bright smile, "Great! Because I'm not sure I'd know how to melt chocolate…" but he can certainly peel and pull orange slices apart! "Is it romantic? I guess we have chocolate-dipped strawberries at the coffee shop around Valentine's day…"

"I guess when we think of chocolate dipped oranges, it's not the same feel as strawberries…" Fionnuala considers as she breaks out a couple of pans with which to set up a double boiler. The perks to her Chef Daddy: always the presence of what is needed. She will begin gently, gently, melting the remaining chocolate. She is still blushing as Oliver sings her praises, her shoulders pulling inwards a bit with shyness. "You're really too sweet. I really appreciate your faith in me.." She wants to say 'but'; how sometimes kindness just isn't enough. She doesn't quite have a wellspring of what is considered 'enough' (ie. the ability to fight) but that's not something to bring up here. She simply smiles down into the melting chocolate.

"This is almost ready. I'll get it bowled up and we can go into the den. There's a nice table to use for all of this." Fee offers giddily.

"Has anyone ever made chocolate covered oranges? I guess the shelf-life wouldn't be great, but chocolate and orange go really great together. They have a hot cocoa drink with orange syrup in it at work and it's really good…" but Ollie realizes he's talking about work way too much. He's carefully peeling the oranges and trying to get as much pith and seeds out of them as possible, "It's what I see. I know that you probably have bad days…we all do…but you seem to be so comfortable and confident in who you are."

"I bet it would be a good idea for like, an hour, before the orange juice makes everything all sqidgey." Fionnuala smiles as she carefully transfers the melted chips into a pretty bowl. "I much prefer those chocolate orange candies that you have to smack to break apart. Usually see them stuffed into stockings at Christmas." She reflects, plucking a couple of paper towels from a roll and filling the pot with water to let it soak. She looks with interest to Ollie once he talks shop, but this is a great idea. "Oooh… you'll have to make that just for me, next time I visit you at work." Fionnuala beams, holding the bowl of melted chocolate, sunlight dashing across her shoulders.

The alien boy's latter statement softens her cheeky grin some, "I've gotten a lot better since we moved here, and I could be myself a little more. I wasn't quite myself when we lived back East." Is admitted gently. "Now it's a lot easier." Said kindly as she makes for the den.

Oliver brings the orange slices into the den as well, following Fee. "I will totally make that for you. It's really good iced, too. Hot chocolate iced, but it works. I haven't had that chocolate candy…" but he doesn't tend to celebrate holidays like that. He's usually stuck at school for it. "Isn't the point that we're still trying to figure all that out? We're playing with who we are and who we want to be…I guess college and stuff is more for that. But not having to hide what we can do is a big help. I get that."

The living room is truly one of the prettiest spaces in the whole house. (OOC: Reference )

And here the two of them go, bringing chocolate into the space! Sure, it's kept prettily, but not astringently so. Fionnuala at least thought to grab a table runner from a drawer in the kitchen and set it down across the coffee table before the two of them assembled their impromptu 'dessert'. At least it's half healthy…?

Satisfied with the layout, Fionnuala lowers her slight self down upon the sofa facing the table and gestures. "Ta-da!" My, she looks happy! Also notable: there's no television of the sort, whatsoever, in this room. Just lovely, airy decor and big sunny windows. She pats the cushion alongside herself and smiles sunnily up at Ollie. "I'm just happy I eventually found my way here, because that meant I could meet all of these amazing people in my life now. And I met you!"

Oliver steps into the room with the oranges and pauses, looking around at the airy, light room. His eyes then go to the chocolate, "Are you sure we should do that here?" As if they're going to somehow 'Jackson Pollock' the room with chocolate. He does move to take a seat near her on the sofa, the oranges set down carefully. "I guess it's sort of like a fondue?"

There's a smile given to Fee when she talks about coming here and meeting people and him…"And I'm glad you came here and I met -you-…and that you weren't scared or weirded out by me. Up until then, I had been fifty-fifty with people being weirded out."

Yeeeeah, it's pretty dangerous. Fionnuala doesn't seem too worried though, "It'll be okay. As long as we don't do cartwheels or jumping jacks, or anything too wild." A wink, "We'll call this money-strapped student fondue. If we focus enough, we can just pretend it's a gilt-crusted bowl into which a fountain of chocolate is pouring, and these," She indicates the orange segments, "Could be exotic fruit from another universe. Or we can take it as it is, chocolate in one of my mom's bone china bowls, because it's just as good." Said with a giggle. "Don't worry your handsome handsome head none.. cousin Bal once up-ended an entire 2L bottle of coca cola in here and that washed out. These rooms are made for living in."

She dips one of the oranges and making sure it doesn't drip, holds it out to Oliver with her other palm cupped beneath it.. just to be safe. Her eyes are soft and kind as she holds it, "I could never be scared of you. I'm sorry that you had to experience that. As for who came before me, their loss!"

"I like it being chocolate in your mom's china bowl. It's…I like the playing part of it, but sometimes it's nice just to have real things be so good." They sort of live in that line between reality and fiction anyhow. There's a snicker at the idea of the bottle of coca-cola being upended in the bright room but he does try to relax.

"I hope that I never give you reason to be scared of me." He opens his mouth then for the chocolate-dipped orange that Fee is holding. He'll then go to do the same for her, also holding his hand under the slice so that any chocolate drips onto that rather than the white sofa or carpeting.

Aren't they just too cute? Fionnuala's eyes dance with mirth and appreciation following Ollie's kind words. She'd take the china bowl over the golden gilt goblet anyday…. that and the golden gilt goblet would probably kill her. No joke. She will leave that part out so as to not spoil the whimsy of eating what could be a dangerously messy dessert in so graceful a room. The to-and-from will likely continue until they polish off the orange. Somehow Fionnuala doesn't find herself wanting more.. of what can be eaten, anyway.

"Never, ever," Fionnuala echoes with a knowing smile. He just looks so handsome sitting there in this sunny room, letting her feed him. Why, now, is her heatt tripping along so quickly? Suddenly sitting here, knowing the house is theirs for awhile, looking at Ollie as he both enjoys and feels so sheepish at all of this attention, proclaiming that he never wants to 'scare' her… well.

When the orange is gone and all Fee has left is a bare palm, she nestles it gently alongside the boy's jaw. "Tell you what. I have an idea." Uh oh.

It's such a good thing that they don't have the gilt bowl then! Once the oranges are gone and the sweet-tooth sated, he sits back some to watch Fee even as she turns to watch him. He's only as 'handsome' as he chooses to be…if she wanted him to look more schlubby, he could do that too! The touch to his jaw gets a little smile and he sits up some, "An idea?" He can't help but look both curious and wary at that declaration.

The girl will have to remember that, if she ever felt like macking with a transient! Or a… well, things could definitely get interesting! For now though the girl favors the 'base' forms that she has been privy to in most of her association with Ollie, though the human boy guise is her preference. It just.. suits him. It wouldn't hurt to get to know it a bit more. The curious/wary expression serves to amuse Fee more, and set her heart to tripping doubletime. Will he think less of her, in what she is to shyly offer next? For isn't trust one of the greatest gifts of all?

The hand lowers from his face, slides down, seeks a hand to hold and squeeze. "Y-yeah, heh.. an idea." Blush. Fionnuala blushing in a lovely thing indeed, the sun does wonders for her.

"How about we go be… like, let's go get closer. Then you'll see just how unafraid of you I really am." Fionnuala tilts her head, looks down into her lap. Was she too forward? She's never asked anyone this sort of a question before. She looks so shy and authentic. "I mean, only if you want to. There's no pressure."

The base form is also a lot less interesting when it comes to interactions with people…especially close ones. It can also be more dangerous with sharper parts. Oliver can, at least, stay in human form indefinitely, and it is a very human-feeling hand that clasps her's when she takes his. Her blush has him blushing some too as if he might be able to tell what her 'idea' may involve. When she voices it, he doesn't look afraid but he does ask, "Are you sure? I don't need you prove anything to me, but…if you want…I mean, yes, but…only if you're sure." Because consent is important!

"Of course I'm sure." Fee grins in her silly way, though her face is positively infused with redness. "Absolutely sure sure. I-if I seem nervous it's because I don't want to flub anything up. I'm not exactly experienced and, uhm.." She looks sideward at the emptied-out bowl of oranges, back to Ollie with a coy look. "But I want to. It's a chance to really, really show you.. just how.." Gah, gah! Fluster, though, though not an unpleasant sort. But there is relief there, too; he's not looking at her like she's a girl with flimsy morals! Heavens above, he's her first.

It shows, too. Fionnuala, still red, smiles sweetly and gingerly as she stands up, pale pink skirts whispering. Still holding his hand in her own, her palm rather warm, she gives Ollie's forearm the gentlest of tugs. Consent given!

"You don't have to show me," Oliver offers, but as his arm is tugged, he'll get to his feet. "I'm not going to say no…" he's a teenager and the adolescent hormones seem to transcend species…or maybe it's because he was in human form for so long. Hard to say. "We can flub things together…I've only ever done this before as a girl." So…different. Very different.

Suddenly Fionnuala begins to giggle, standing there as he rises and offers up his own empathy on the matter. "Let's go flub.." She blushes deeper, giggles.. she's all nerves.. but the best kind. Her hands reach for Ollie and she pulls him into a firm hug, resting her head upon his shoulder. "Okay I promise to never call it that again." She declares, can be felt trembling gently.. but it's mostly due to anticipation and her own nerves at what she considered a bold request. Better get on this now before she loses her nerve.. but all it takes is one more look at Ollie, standing there so earnestly and sweetly… and suddenly Fionnuala feels as if that would not be a problem.

Saying nothing and everything all at the same time, Fionnuala leads Oliver off to her bedroom.

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