(2018-03-09) Extreme Flexibility
Extreme Flexibility
Summary: Koura and Gabrielle meet in the background!
Date: IC Date (2018-03-09)
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Gabrielle is out in the backyard taking advantage of a break between classes to get in some rhythmic gymnastics practice, which she has been neglegtic recently. Currently she has what looks like a pait of blue, elongated bowling pins in her hands, which she's twirling in intricate patterns as she dances to whatever it is that's playing over her earbuds.

Meanwhile, Koura was also taking advantage of the break between classes. Not… to do rhythmic gymnastics though. Nope, she's stretching with a little contented almost-squeak as she's coming into the back yard, holding a book in her hand. She hesitates when she sees a woman spinning… oh. Gym clubs! She knew vaguely about that from watching Cardcaptor Sakura growing up. She moves over to sit somewhat nearby on the grass, her legs folded under her as she watches Gabrielle begin to do her gymnastics. Curious to watch, but still a bit hesitant to speak up before spoken to, lest she disrupt her practice!

The song on Gabrielle's MP3 player must be a little under 4 minutes long. Because that's about how long she dances for, twirling and tossing the clubs around her at an almost disconcerting speed as she does back bends, rolls, flips, and leaps. She drops the clubs once or twice during particularly tough sequences but picks them up without breaking her dance up and continues on as if nothing has happened. Her focus is such that she doesn't even notice that she has an audience until she stops and starts to walk towards the water bottle sitting right at the edge of the back patio bricks. Once she does notice that she has an audience she blushes, gives the girl a very slight nod and glues her eyes to the floor while she gulps down some water.

As Koura watches Gabrielle, she notes several things. One, that she can barely keep up with her movements. Two, she's very graceful. And three, Gabrielle seemed to not have fully human hands and feet. Koura gives a small smile as she watches; it was like watching an artist play. Once Gabrielle stops and walks over for the water bottle, Koura gives a few little claps for Gabrielle, which likely doesn't really help with the embarassment. "…You're very athletic." Koura comments finally, after Gabrielle has had a chance to drink the water. Better to break the silence than leave it awkward! …She thinks. She carefully opens her book to where she'd left off in it, beginning to half read so it's less like she's focusing fully on Gabrielle. "…How long have you been doing that?" She asks.

Gabrielle smiles and shrugs ever so slightly in response to Koura's questions. "I was 5 or 6 when I started, so I've been doing it for a pretty long time." Yes, she's talking. No, she's not looking at the person she's talking to. As she talks her eyes stay glued to the ground. "You're new, aren't you?"

Oh wow, she started from a young age. Koura gives a little nod. "Wow… that's really young. I uhm… have…done tennis for a while, but I don't think I'm that good…" Koura says with a nervous little chuckle. "Ah, uhm… yeah. I just uhm. Got here … I dunno, a week ago? …Still haven't picked my team yet. I thought I had it figured out but then I didn't. …They all sound pretty good." That and she doesn't …really… necessarily want to join one, but she doesn't say that.

Gabrielle takes another drink from her bottle then puts it back. Rather than just stand there and talk while looking down at the floor she starts too stretch, starting with a backbend that has hfolding over backward as fully and naturally as most people do when they bend over fowards. Even more so, really, since the back of her head is actually touching the back of her calves and she's showing no signs of strain at all. "Well, if you've had the chance of meeting a few people you can always go with the team that has the most people in it that you like."

Koura can't help it. When Gabrielle literally folds over backwards she just kind of …stares, blankly, for a bit. If she trained enough could /she/ do that? "Dear goddess you're flexible." She mumbles kind of flabbergasted. She shakes her head to shake out of it, closing her book. Nope, not going to be able to read right this moment, too distracted. "Oh… yeah that's true… I could do that." She says thoughtfully. "I think… that's… at…hena… so far?" She muses a bit to herself. "I'm… a bit nervous of joining Athena though, I'm uhm. Well, my powers are not necessarily good for saving the day." She says with an awkward rub of the back of her head. "At least right now." But then… hmm. She muses to herself, before standing up suddenly. "No, no. I need to stop that. Uhm. Anyway! I'm Koura Song, it's nice to meet you." She says, dipping into a low bow with a bit of a blush at her own awkwardness.

Gabrielle can't resist the temptation to turn her head so she's looking at Koura from between the back of her legs. "Well, I have extra vertebrae. ten more, to be exact. So I bend weirdly." OK, a few seconds of that is enough to weird most people out, as Gabrielle is well aware of, so she straightens out and then stretches in a much more traditional way, forehead to knees. "And Athena, as well as the other teams, don't really have much to do with your powers. It more about your attitude. How do you feel about rules?"

"Oh… oh wow, that's neat. S…so… does that make you uhm… m…metahuman? I think that's what they call it…" Koura says. The head turned is oddly… not seeming to creep Koura out too much, she seems to find it more neat and interesting. "Oh… uhm… rules are pretty okay… I mean… they help keep people safe and stuff." She says with a nod. "I'm, uhm. Kind of a goody two shoes I guess." She says with an awkward smile as she straightens up. "…How about you? Which one are you in..?"

Gabrielle slowly lets her feet slide along the grass, walking her upper body foward on her hands until she ends up flat on her front, legs perfectly perpendicular to her body in a split. "I'm Athenian. And a 'goody two shoes' is a good way to describe most of us on the team. The Ares kids have their heart in the right place but they're just too hot-headed and rash. Always acting before they think about the consequences." As she talks she uses her arms to carefully push herself backwards, keeping her feet in place until her body position looks more like a flattened out 'W' than the 'T' of a traditional split.

Okay, now Koura is just getting a little jealous of the flexibility of Gabrielle. She might have to see about taking some gymnastic classes or something! "Oh… yeah, that does sound kind of… well, I'm definitely not an Ares… I was kind of thinking of Prometheus, but most of the people I've met that I've liked have been Athenian…" I mean she hasn't /disliked/ anyone, but she's liked some people more than others. "…I'm…going to need to work on my stretching I think. You're making me wish I was that flexible." She says with a tiny giggle.

Gabrielle sits up and puts her hands right in front of her hips then slowly powers up from her split into a handstand, "Practice can help a lot. But don't forgot part of it is genetics. Comparing yourself to me is a bad idea. My skeleton is very different from most people's so even with lots of practice the majority of people out there can't even get close to some of the things I do." After holding the handstand for 10 seconds of so she lets her feet fall towards her back and keeps the momentum going until she back up on her feet. "But I can help train you if you like. And Promethians… Well… If you're as shy as you sound and as shy as I am its a bad choice. You'd probably never be pushed out of your comfort zone in that area, never really imrpove."

"…I know, but I remember a time I could do splits and stuff too." Koura mumbles. Then she stopped going to tennis and things like that. And became a book nerd who hid in corners. "I know I'm not going to bend in half backwards like you do unless something bad is happening, that's for sure…" She shudders as her imagination gets the best of her. "…S…sure. That sounds nice, thank you." She takes a breath, before giving a nod. "Okay, I think… that… I'm going to go with Athenians. Uhm. I'll have to tell a teacher I guess." She muses to herself. "S…so uhm. Have… you been like this your whole life, or did it just kind of… happen one day?" She asks, curiosity getting the better of her.

Gabrielle giggles a bit at that last question. "I was born like this. Oh, and I'm Gabrielle. It was nice to meet you Koura. But I have to get going. I have to meet with my Biology group. See you around!" Grabbing up her water bottle she heads off into the house, presumably to shower before meeting with her group.

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