(2018-03-09) Clumsy Boor Plumber
Clumsy Boor Plumber
Summary: Callisto has her first taste of gaming, Daxton shows her up. It's like stealing candy from a baby.
Date: 2018-03-09
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Basement, Winbarry Estate
Fri Mar 09, 2018

The main room of the basement looks to have been nicely finished at one time, and looks to be currently in the middle of some redecorating. There is a large entertainment center with the usual electronics and a couple of gaming systems, a couch and a few chairs face it. There is a foosball table near one corner and on one wall an old, but working Ms. Pac-Man game. There is a faint, but lingering odor of cigar smoke and Sulphur.


Don't look… don't pay her any mind. Someone bought and snuck in a Nintendo 64. Seriously. They even made the effort to look for the hookups to make the archaic system (because 1996 is so old) palatable to the hookup downstairs. But there you have it. There is a bonefide relic-of-the-past at work here, in the basement of Winbarry, and wouldn't you now it…. Callisto. It's Callisto giving it a go. Look at her: she looks every bit a Queen in expensive-looking, silken pajamas…. the grievously awkward controller in her lithe hands. Her pale hair is piled up on high, atop her head, as she stares — glares — raptly at the screen. She has barely made it past level one, task one…. the Chomp won the day.

Video games cannot be swayed by Psychic influence. Callisto scowls at the television, "What manner of diablerie is this? I commanded you to jump; jump! Yet you fell in battle!" She cries at Mario as his death-throes echo from the television speakers.

Daxton has two bags of what appear to be Buffalo Doritos and a 6 pack of some kind of caffeinated drink in hand as he walks into the room. Standing in the doorway he raises an eyebrow at the girl and her…rant? Serious? That smirk appears before he shakes his head, "Swearing usually worlds better." Not really, but that would be funny if she did. He's dressed in sleepy pants and a t-shirt that fits him rather nicely, but the scent of pizza is sticking to him, he must have just gotten off of work.

Mercifully for Dax, he's finishing work without an embarrassing tip awaiting him at the end of his shift. No, she's too busy barking at video game characters whose actions mean little-to-nothing in the world. She startles visibly as Daxton speaks, cerulean eyes flashing murder. Nevermind the shirt fits the military-buff boy nicely, the faerie is mad. She catches the pizza scent; she sees the six-pack of caffeinated goodness. Callisto and caffeine are vague acquaintances. "I told him to jump, I told him! Yet he was too slow and he fell. How can he not gather the stars if he cannot move as a warrior would!?" She asks… she's serious. Callisto appears to be one to, uh, 'immerse' herself in games. "Foolish, foolish plumber!" She barks at the screen. Poor Dax. If he were wise he would back away.

Daxton doesn't seem phased by her anger. In fact he just laughs. "You have to practice. It's not Mario's fault you suck." He's so not helpful. Flopping down on a couch, man spreading slightly as he gets comfortable. "If you think he's hard, try Luigi." Immediately one of the cans is cracked open with a sharp noise.

The white-haired girl narrows her eyes, sniffing haughtily. "Whomever is Luigi? Is he is insufferable?" She asks lowly as she squints at the screen. She will go on to flick the joystick a few times to eventually toggle the 'Continue' option. The screen pans back to the lawn beyond Peach's castle in all of it's late 90's glory. Daxton joins her, making himself very comfortable… Callisto eyes him. Even playing this old game, she looks as if she is about to issue a Royal Address.

Yeah not helpful.

The hiss of a soft drink being cracked, Callisto thrusts the controller at him. "Well why don't you do better?"

Daxton makes a noise close to a scoff, "Are you challenging me?" Challenge he's okay with, order not so much. The drinking is sipped as he eyes her and then the controller. "You might do better with Zelda." Although he can't know the humor that will come from that game when Link needs to go to the fairy to get healed.

"Zelda? Whomever is Zelda?" She asks openly then as the speedster accepts the controller and therefore: the reigns to Mario 64! Callisto looks rapt.. who would've thought her to be so invested in a video game?! Her eyes widen then, "Is she available? This inept boor shall need guidance, he knows naught on how to avoid the danger that he faces." … yeah. Callisto is insulting herself indirectly since she's kinda controlling the character. She eyes the speedster, "Well? T'is a challenge!" she exclaims as he sips his drink, "Complete this challenge! I have been trying for an hour now!"

Daxton again snorts, draining half the can before setting it down. 'It's a different game." Is she available? Link hopes so! He chuckles, cracking his neck. "You're trying to hard. this is supposed to be fun, not rage inducing." An hour? ouch. he shakes his head and starts the game. Unfortunately for her, or maybe fortunately for Dax's ego, he's learned with his speed, he can play just about any video game well. they're not a challenge anymore. So he bounces around, gathering all the stars and avoiding all the falls and turtle shells and plants. And at the end he jumps to the top of the flag pole, only to find his princess is in another castle. "There." The controller is handed back so he can open up a bag of chips.


Frickin' speedsters….

Callisto stares, watching Daxton's progress through what she considers to be monumental challenge. Hey, she'd a technological derp.. this is a Big Deal. "Different…" She starts, only to be lost in the reverie of the gaming-at-hand. Daxton clears the first 'level'; is well into the next course, and the next.. and the NEXT.

Callisto leans back into the cushions on the couch, glaring at the television screen. The controller finds it's way into her lap and the boy avails himself to a bag of chips and the fae girl glares.

"You practiced." She snaps; her investment in the game is amusing, pitiful and cute. "You knew ahead of time!" She snaps, and sniffs. That pizza smell is good, despite her senses. She sniffs, obviously… "… you worked?"

Daxton gives her a 'duh' look, "This game is ancient, of course I've played it before." A bunch of chips are shoved into his mouth, but then they're just gone, like he inhaled them. 'Don't get pissy, Strawberry. You gotta put in the time to be decent at video games." He holds the bag out, if she wants any chips, "Yup. Most days." Work, patrolling, missions. It's not a terrible life.

She's about to reach into the bag with a deft hand, to pluck up a decidedly yummy-looking chip, until—wut. Strawberry. Callisto peers up from beneath her lashes, "Strawberry." She snaps, "That is not" Wait, the level is starting. Daxton's progress has placed her into a decidedly sinister 'Bowser' level (the lava one c.c) and the girl must concentrate. Yeah that goes well… Callisto curses, though not in a language that is anything akin to 'common'. As Mario descends to his doom into the lava, the girl manages to grate out: "How was the day? Anything interesting?"

Daxton's very much enjoying Callisto's spirally into enraged gamer-ness. He leans back, eating ore chips and finishing off the first soda. "It was alright. Got ok tips. I'm saving up for a new camera, so that's always helpful." Not like he has many expenses besides paying his share of the bills. More food is eaten and then he stretches, back popping. A happy relieved noise and then he's back to lounging.

Hnnng! Callisto seems to wince at the sound of vertebrae popping. She glances sideward as Mario once again falls to his doom and finally, she pinches — delicately — a few of the chips between her fingers. Carefully she nibbles them; clearly she is not used to such snack foods. But a light in her eyes reveals that they're not half-bad and she looks at Daxton in partial amazement. "Camera…?"

The cheesy synthesized music resumes as Mario re-spawns outside of Toadstool Castle. Callisto sucks.

"Are you a… photographer..?" She asks smoothly.

Daxton shrugs, "I play one on TV." Bright blue eyes are on the game, But then he blinks, realizing she's not gonna get that joke. "I take pictures, I wouldn't say I'm a photographer though. it's just for fun." And then, "Watch out for that shell."

She's too distracted, the shell kills her. Callisto is too intrigued to even be upset. The controller is lowered into the cradle of her lap, cerulean eyes locking onto Dax's profile. "Tell me of that which you like to capture. What are your favorite subjects, then? I've not met many photographers." She says demurely.

Again, she's at the 'continue' screen. Somehow it's not quite so bad. Why is Callisto so intrigued by the matter of photography? It's obvious, too.

Daxton frowns now, a bit confused why she's stopped playing. "I don't know. I used to like to take a lot of nature crap. I've been doing more abstract stuff now, I guess…" He looks over at her, You not gonna play anymore?" He'll lean forward, wiping his hand on his sweats before giving her a gimmie motion for the controller. Maybe she'll pick up on it better if she watches him play few more levels.

Bah, she was just too intrigued! Callisto tilts her head, just as puzzled… Daxton is reaching for the controller? Why? The fae girl looks firstly to the screen and then back to the boy. Maybe he just wants a turn. Callisto may be a couple of centuries old but she knows how to share damnit, despite the teachings of her decidedly awful family. "T'is your turn." She says airily, as if deeming him worthy. She does not mean it that way of course; she's just being courteous. She turns her gaze to the TV but responds to Daxton's previous thought.

"What…. which abstract stuff? Nature? Civilization?" She asks with earnest interest.

Daxton starts playing, not doing too many short cuts in hopes she's watching and learning. Him? Worthy? Oh, she has no idea. "I guess? Just stuff I see. I need to get a better lens, I want to be able to take super close ups." He had started using Rebecca as a model for some stuff, but that's a sore subject. "I may go out and explore the hedge maze come spring. that seems like it would be good for photos."

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

No, Callisto cannot read emotions.. she is not an Empath. She cannot read minds unless the one doing the emoting casts their minds directly to her. It's just, as always, her mind is reaching 'out'. Looking for cues, for hints. Though, talk of the hedge maze piques the fae girl's interest. She peers shyly at Dax, "Might you know what dwells within that maze? Have you ever been…? At least somewhat?" She asks gently, glancing back to the screen. "Springtime is a good time to go. There are latent bushes just waiting to bloom, come the first blush of warmth. Are blossoms not perfect for close shots?" She presses, silvery lashes fluttering.

"Have you photographed animals? People?" Asked innocently… honestly..!

Daxton's eyes are focused on the game, even with super speed he's paying attention. Game education is important! Maybe he should ask about teaching a class. 'How to be a teenager', it would be filled so quick in this school. "Nope. Never been in it. We had too much to do, just trying to make sure this place stayed standing when we got it." Another level completed and he'll reach for the next soda. "I guess." Flowers are kinda…girlie. "Sure, when I can, I guess." He cracks open the drink and then pauses looking down at it and calculating something, "You want a soda?"

Granted, Callisto doesn't touch the soda. For some reason she cannot handle an excess of sugar… but she is trying to be a teenager; she is! Her moonpale head of hair nods, "I.. shall try one, yes. Thank you." She concede to the soda, cracks it, sips. Euch… sweet. She will cradle the can in her lap for a time as she watches Daxton play. Little does he know, his 'how to be a teenager' have a very avid audience, here. "When you got it?" Callisto pauses, looking concerned. Will she cross a line here? "I… mean, ah…" She passes him a soda; see? She's considerate. "From whom did you acquire this mansion from? T'was not originally property of the Unit?" She asks.

It's easy to tell: she's trying not to make a mistake as she had last time they spoke.

Daxton fusses with more chips, but shakes his head. "No, we just moved in a year ago." Maybe a little more. "No one had lived here in forever, so it was cheap. Well…relatively cheap." As far as Estates go. A nod and he'll dink his soda. He'll take all the sugar and all the carbs. Speedster need all the energy they can get.

A brow quirks… sometimes Callisto's expressions can be caught looking innocently befuddled. Sometimes. "Really…" She trails off, looking down at the soda that she still cradles. She gives it a sip and a promise, sets it down again. Better drink yours fast Dax; Callisto will give hers to you, soon, unless you're afraid of faerie cooties.

"Interesting." She says again, head tilting as she observes the speedster's further play-through of the game. "Then I wonder to whom this place belonged before it was bought. T'is not too unlike that which I come from." She says wistfully. Ugh, she can't handle it.. she holds the unfinished soda out to Daxton. She's only a few sips in, barely touched.

"I would have liked to take up photography, but… t'is not meant to be. I know naught of where my talents lay, this day and age." Huh?

Daxton's leg starts bouncing as he plays, just fidgeting. his head blurs as he looks at the outstretched soda and then back to the screen. "Not a fan of pop?" And then before she can argue, he's holding the pop and she's got the controller. Seems he is not afraid of cooties. "I got no idea who was here before. I know it was empty a long time." She lived in a place like this? Huh. He glances upwards, maybe trying to picture it. "Why's it not meant to be? You can pick up a basic camera for pretty cheap." He ignores the weird talk, so many people are weird here.

The mentalist notes the bouncing leg… is this a speedster thing? Always in motion? One side of Callisto's mouth quirks up into the barest, barest of smiles…. she is amused. "I cannot handle much sugar. Only in small amounts," She offers, trying not to sound hoity toity or anything of the sort. It's a new ballgame to Callisto to 'fit in', though she has never kept the company of a speedster before. Even in her vast family, not one of her kith and kin have manifested or displayed abilities relating to speed. She will exchange the pop for the controller and she takes yet another crack at this piece of mid-90's nostalgia. This game, on a standard timeline, is older than most of the kids here. c.c

"Photographs are interesting.. I've always liked how a snapshot steals a piece of time. I'm afraid I do not quite have the eye for it." She lies… she just doesn't feel worth of it, is all. Callisto has no shortage of time, already. "I…" erm. "I do calligraphy." She says quietly as she — GLORY HALLELUJAH — does not end a level prematurely with dying.

Daxton makes a noise, something between amused and sorry, very boyish, despite him already graduated, "That sucks." He takes a sip from the can she gives him, but then pauses, for a moment he's completely still about something she said. His brow creases in thought. "I…I guess so, yeah." A snap shot of time, that's….weirdly appropriate for the speedster. Time is a strange thing for Daxton, but that's for a deeper, more serious conversation. "Like the fancy writing?" He nods, "That's…" not handy? "Fancy."

The speedster is still? Watchful Callisto hasn't missed that, though she wasn't outwardly trying to find things with which to break his mental stride. Curious, still. But it does work, doesn't it? IS it not poignant for one who can move fast, so very fast? Then there is Callisto, a slug by Daxton's standards, saying why she cannot point and click a camera. She has an eye and she has seen much, but somehow…. nowadays… no. The passage of time is both a fascinating thing and a painful reality. Time differs in it's meaning for these two, apparently.

"Fancy writing." Callisto echoes as she guides hapless, portly Mario into the haunted house level. Something about that level elicits a cringe from the graceful fae girl. Too close to home, this particularly video game backdrop. The level looks as cheerful as her home.

"T'is useless, looking at it from a tactical standpoint. But it's art. I as not given much chance to explore art as a child, and calligraphy was… seen as productive art. So there you have it. I mostly use it to ease my mind. And—-" Big Boo kills Mario. Callisto sits up straight and barks at the television, "Hell and damnation, you did not jump." As if Mario can hear her.

Daxton's leg keeps going, but he's now watching Callisto instead of the game. "You ok?" He's more observant than he seems, sometimes. "I'm sure it's useful for…fancy documents and stuff." you know, for all the times those are needed. "Maybe-" And then she swears and he laughs. It's warm and inviting and all amused. Poor Mario, being berated by this strange girl. "Do you need to take a break?"

Any insult Callisto hurls in her perfectly imperious voice is, really, a backfiring upon herself. She is controlling the sprite… but don't tell her that. Just let her yell and thing that the primitive collection of pixels can hear and heed her. Poor Callisto.

Anyway, it serves some purpose and she turns to look at Daxton, taken aback by the boy's amusement. Laughter, be it from her present company or from anyone with whom she interacts is a…. it's a good thing. Callisto sniffs, her lips pulling inwards into a twitchy half-smile, graduating then into a purr-like chuckle. "I had best stop, I believe. Lest I really make a fool of myself." She admits, stealing a chip to make up for her sins.

"Calligraphy has it's place. T'is good for…. novelties." She sets the controller side, still a bit puzzled. Did he as if she was 'okay'? Callisto wonders about that.

"I'm alright." Offered belatedly, "Wouldn't you know, my childhood home was not too unlike that… level, yes? T'is what it's called?" She indicates the television, "Yes. Anyway, there were similarities. I rather enjoy this.. estate that we are in now. And the company that I keep. Thank you, Daxton, for teaching me how to play this… video game." She offers. She's weird, but she sure means well.

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