(2018-03-08) Mortal Dogs and Gloating Exs
Mortal Dogs and Gloating Exs
Summary: Besa and Sky talk in the attic. There's a lot of salt on wounds.
Date: 2018-03-08
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With the plan to clear out the Attic for Art Club, Sky has decided to try and see how the space feels for his art. He hasn't really been too motivated to be doing any of it since his detox but it might just need a little 'push'. Besides, it may give him an outlet to express some of the weird, weird dreams he's been having now.

Despite the snowstorm from the night before, the attic is a little bright, thanks to the reflection of the sun off of the snow. Sky has taken a seat on one of the sturdier boxes by the window and is using another as a makeshift table. His moleskine sketchbook is out and he's drawing carefully with a pencil; the pen and ink comes later.

Besa's been bundled up all day. He didn't eat much breakfast, but did drink a lot of tea. Maybe he's getting sick again? Eitehr way, he slept better than he should have, an hour of it up in this very attic in a corner. he's paying the price though, the ancient boy's back is stiff as he comes up the stairs slowly, with ever present Cocao next to him. "Come girl. Let us find a place to meditate, yes?" There was no meditation yesterday, just tears and fear. Seeing Sky's siloette at the window as Besa stop at the top of the stairs, "Will i bother you if I am up here, Sky?"

Schuyler doesn't look up from his drawing immediately even though he can probably sense Besa's mental approach. «Of course not. Will I bother -you-? That should be more of the question.» He does look to Besa then and give a little smile. He then notices the bundling and the smile fades, «Are you ok?»

Besa shakes his head, "No. Of course not. You were here first." Be he doesn't seem bothered as he sitarist making his way into the room, looking around like he's trying to decide where to do. He knows there's blankets over beyond that box, but there's a patch of sunlight over there…decisions decisions! He makes sure to look at Sky incase the teen is lip reading. He admits, "I am very cold." And his chest hurts, but that's not making him cold. Deciding on the 'why not both?' meme, he goes and gets the blanket before spreading it out on the floor to sit in the patch of sunlight. He's been debating telling the twins anything about what's going on with Ashton, although maybe he shouldn't be worried. Sky seemed convinced it was nothing to be upset about. "I have some meditation to do." A shiver as he settles, "I must start trying to figure out what to do about the Vegas information."

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Success.

«Just because I was here first doesn't mean I wouldn't bother you,» Sky offers wryly. He watches as Besa goes to make his nest and the comment about being cold has him frowning a little, «Are you sure you're not sick again? Fevers can give you chills…» and he waits, just blinking, to see what more Besa may want to say. At the mention of the Vegas situation he asks, «Have you talked to Mom and Dad about it. They're going to help, you know.» As they should.

Besa thinks he knows why he is cold, but then gives a small shoulder shrug, "Perhaps i am getting sick again. I can not tell for certain. Maybe that's why his chest is hurting more than usual? He criss crosses si legs, while Cocoa makes herself at home //right next to him, laying her head in his lap. Besa takes a movement to pet the dogs head, she really is a good dog. "Last i spoke to your mother she did not have any information to give to me." He nods, hair swaying around, he knows the Masters Family will help.

«That means she's either working on it or isn't quite ready to share details,» Sky points out. «Don't think they aren't doing anything though, Besa. They want to help. Maybe she's getting in touch with family out there, too…» since there are Masters all over!

Besa keeps facing Sky, but his gaze is on Cocoa, "i know. I just…I need to figure somethings out. It is not a way to live." Being trapped like this is almost worse than waiting for the sacrifice. He nods, finally glancing up at Sky on the windowsill. "Perhaps. I do not wish to bother her with asking questions. She will tell me when she sees fit." He tries changing the topic, "What are you drawing?"

«Is there anything I can do to help?» It's asked in earnest, Sky's expression serious as he watches Besa. «You aren't bothering her. Please do ask her questions! If you need me to ask her or set up a video call, I can. Or Rain can. Or Conner can. We're all wanting to help you, Besa. We're all behind you.» He doesn't know how many times he can say it until the other will believe it. A light sigh is given as the subject is changed. With a shrug he offers, «Whatever comes to me, I guess. I didn't necessarily come up with the intention to draw anything in particular.»

Not unless Sky knows something Besa doesn't! He smiles softly, looking young in the criss cross position on the floor. "I know. Perhaps I will speak to her later on tonight, yes?" After his meditation. He lifts an eyebrow, unsure why Sky sighed at him. Should he not ask? "oh…okay." Maybe he's not been up here long. Anotehr shiver, the cld from yesterday has passed but it seems to have left Besa vulnerable to the cold weather. "Perhaps you should draw us a logo for the Arts Club?"

Schuyler sighs a lot…he doesn't vocalize much but every now and then there's a sigh or a sniff. Or on the rare occasion, a word or two. «Ok, you just let me know and I'll set it up.» There's a look of concern as Besa shivers, «Are you sure you're ok? Maybe talking about it will help?» He's trying! «Or you can tell me to shut up and mind my own business.» That said, he looks back to his sketchbook before offering, «We should open that up to others who want to be in the club as well. Maybe do a blind vote.»

Besa will. Just not now. He wants to see if anything comes to him first. "I am not okay, but I am trying to be better." But then it dawns on Besa he meant the shiver, "It…yesterday was not good. But I will warm up." That probably is not helpful. "…It is an unrational fear, but…yesterday I felt Alraxmargoth'ha's shadow on me….it unnerved me greatly." He'll shrug, "Okay." He doesn't reality have an opinion on the logo, he just thought that was something Sky wold be good at.

Ah. That. «Please let me know if I can do anything to help. Do you need me to punch someone for you? Or…get Rain or Legion to punch them?» which is far more likely. «It's not irrational. But I think that you're safe. First of all, he's dead. Second of all, we have Mom's protections here. It's not to say that you are wrong in being afraid. You're not.»

Besa's head shakes softly, "I…I know he is dead, but…it was his shadow. It covered both myself and Ashton. The rune should not have even acknowledged anyone else , but it did…." No punching just yet. Another shover, this time he reaches up and rubs his chest, "My heart has not stopped aching since." Is the White Witch protecting form the cult, or the demon? that's two very different sources. "I think I will never be free of him." Or the Cults.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Paranormal Knowledge: Good Success.

Schuyler isn't sure it's his place to say anything about what he and Ashton spoke of yesterday, but he grows still and thoughtful for a moment. «Maybe…maybe you won't be free of the fear until you acknowledge that even though there's his shadow, he can't hurt you anymore? Ghosts can be scary…but they can't actually do you harm. And that's what he probably is. Just a ghost now.»

Yes, but a demon ghost! Besa's eyes close, "Perhaps. But this was….I do not know how to explain it, Sky. It is…more than just a vision. I felt it. Ashton felt it." He finally drops his hand, "I do not know where to even begin."

«Talk to mom first. She might be able to help. Start there.» Sky watches Besa again before offering, «Ashton seems very nice and he truly wants to help. And ghosts can be very present. Maybe…maybe if you can figure out how to be less afraid, it won't affect you as much. I know it's not an easy thing, but you know that if I can help you, I will.» Sky reiterates that again before it's his turn to change the subject. «Are you really still in love with Whitley?»

Besa's still unsure that The White Witch will be so forgiving of Ashton's parentage a Sky is. He looks down at Cocoa. "Ashton is…nice." He's so conflicted. He shifts uncomfortably on the floor, His gut tells him this is a physical danger, but he has no proof. "I-" That's a really big subject change. Dark eyes dart over to Sky, "Why would you say that?!?" But the answer is pretty clear as his dark cheeks go pink.

«Yeah, he is. I don't think he'd want to hurt you.» And maybe Sky will talk to his mom about Ashton to make sure that she -will- be as forgiving as he thinks she will be. The subject change and blush get a sort of confused and maybe disgusted look from Sky then, «Really? Because when we talked, he insisted that you were and I said that there was no way. Really?»

Besa offers, "I do not think he would mean to." That's not totally confidence, but maybe that's because he doesn't see that in Ashton either. Ashton doesn't know if he's hurt Besa. The ancient boy blinks, and he can't hide the look of hurt. Although if it's at the disgusted look or the fact Whitely told Sky that, who knows. A clench of his jaw, "It…does not matter. I am not dating anyone." Maybe ever again. Cocoa lifts her head, confused, from Besa's lap.

Schuyler takes a moment to correct his reaction, «Look, you can be in love with whomever you want, but he was gloating about it. Making you out to be…like some poor guy trailing after him and I know you're not pathetic. He only loves himself and the -idea- that someone likes him. You're worth more. You're too good for him.»

Besa's eyes close, pride hurt along with everything else. "I think…." So much thinking lately. This Whitley doesn't match the one he spoke to last night, but…Sky couldn't have just known. If he read Besa's mind, he would have said so, Sky doesn't keep things like that a secret. "I think I am done with any of this dating. it is cruel." Points for the priests at least. He shakes his head, pretty locks bouncing around, "I do not think I am too good for anyone. I think that I am…wrong for dating though." Maybe it's his curse? His eyes land on Cocoa as he rubs his chest before flexing his numb fingers.

«I didn't mean to hurt you, Besa,» Sky can see that, at least. «But yes. Dating is cruel.» He isn't dating anyone either. «I wouldn't give up on it, but…I guess me saying that I don't want to see you hurt is an…an oxymoron. Since I probably hurt you more than anyone.» His own expression is serious and even a little sad. «I'm sorry.»

Besa's head shakes, like he's giving up on something in his head. "I am sure you don't want to see me hurt. i believe that." he does. He's never thought Sky was cruel, just controlling. Another glance to Cocoa, "I think cocoa is going to be my life long companion, yes?" She looks at him and whines softly, "You will not leave me, will you?" His head lowers to nuzzle hers, maybe to try to wipe away a few of the tears that are forming. "I am so tired, Sky. So very tired." Physically, emotionally, mentally.

«Besa…Cocoa's mortal…» Sky offers quietly but then falls silent. He takes a moment as if to consider something before he moves over to try and offer a hug. «Let some of us help. Please,» he tries again but doesn't push much more than that.

<FS3> Besa rolls Psychic: Good Success.

Well, that's the salt Besa needed in this wound. His head turns away from Sky, a hand reaches up to grip something underneath his sweater (most likely the necklace he always wears). The teen seems the movement of Sky and stiffens, unconsciously throwing up mental shields he doesn't even know he has yet. Tears are collecting at the corner of his eyes, he's so tired of crying. "And how will you help me, Sky?"

Schuyler stops where he is when he feels the mental shields. There's a flash of hurt in his own eyes before he moves to sit back down at his makeshift desk. «However you want me to help you, Besa. Even if it means leaving you alone.»

Besa shakes his head, turning to look at Sky, "That is the problem, isn't it? There is no helping me. Not really." Taka's mountain cave is starting to sound more ad more likely. He starts to unfold his legs, hand pressing the necklace into his chest and he grimaces. "I will always end up alone in the end." He laughs, but there's no humor, "My best case senerio is that when i die I stay dead." And he'd not got a way of testing that out. Not without freaking everyone out. He's considered it though. A breath that he holds and he rubs his chest before exhaling softly, "I…I am not mad at you, Schuyler. I am just tired."

«But you're not alone. Like it or now, Rain and I are with you. So is the rest of the family. Until you tell us all to f-off, we're still here for you,» Sky offers from his seat. He's facing Besa this time, his sketchbook closed. «We're just trying to help you realize that.»

But they're mortal, just like Cocoa. Dark eyes watch Sky, unsure what to say. He's just feeling beat down, not nessicarily by Sky, but his demon's shadow, The Ashton situation, Vegas, Whitley apparently mocking his feelings, His heart hurting….It's a lot for a teenager to deal with. Even an ancient one. "You are right, I am not alone now."

And if Sky and Rain ever have kids, they'll also be there to support Besa…they'll make sure of it! He is, after all, a Masters now! Sort of. «Even if you just want your nails painted, let us know how we can help. Even if it's to take Cocoa for a walk so you can meditate. We're here for you. I promise.»

Besa looks down at his nails, they've not been painted in some time, only a few flecks of the red can be seen. His voice is a little warbly, "That…could be nice." Might as well have nice nails while depressed, right? Cocoa glances up at Besa as he moves his hands and then starts her typical crawling into his lap move. He doesn't realize it, but that's one of her counters for his rising heartbeat and on coming panic attack.

«Done,» Sky nods. «After dinner, we can meet up and I'll paint your nails. I can't do the nice manicure like Rain does, but I can at least get the polish on them.» And he's rather fastidious about making them look nice. There's a moment of watching Cocoa before he offers, «I'll let you meditate now if you want. Maybe it'll help. But if you need anything, I'm right here, ok?»

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