(2018-03-07) Cold and Fire makes Warm
Cold and Fire makes Warm
Summary: Loukanos finds Ashton on the beach after Besa's spell.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-07)
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Beach — Winbarry Estates

The greensward of the estate lawn slowly gives way to the sea grass and sand that is prevalent to beaches on the New England coast. Sea gulls and other small sea birds nest in the tall grasses and can be seen moving along the waterline at all times of the day.

After Besa's spell at lunchtime, Ashton found it near impossible to make it through class, much less pay attention. The rest of the afternoon was a blur to him. He attempted to eat dinner, but that was a wash as well. He tried at least, but it really was more of just shuffling the food around on his plate, before he finally gave up and walked out to the beach. Despite the fact that the last time he was on the beach there were mutant sea zombies, the beach and ocean still bring a bit of peace to him. He is sitting on the beach staring out at the darkened sea. He is wearing a pair of jeans, with the bottom of the legs rolled up to mid-calf, and a long cotton hoodie. His bare feet are half buried in the sand, as shoes are discarded further back on the beach.

Immediately after the casting, Loukanos had gone looking for Besa with the promise of returning to Ashton once he checked on the Egyptian. It took longer than expected though, and he had classes to get back to. So he decided to wait until after dinner to check in. Ashton is not hard to locate with that familiar presence that can now be named 'demon'. Wearing a Guardian's yellow polo shirt and shorts, he approaches the darker-haired youth and stops in front of him. "Mind company?"

Ashton looks up. He does not offer the normal warm smile that always finds his expression whenever Loukanos appears. Instead he has an expression that can only be described as a beatened puppy look. "Of course… I mean… Of course you can join me… not of course I mind company." Well, at least, he still rambles when it's just the two of them together. His bottom lip is raw from where he's been chewing on it. "How's Besa?"

"Last I checked, he looked like he needed to vomit," Loukanos responds honestly. "And he was cold. He is shaken." And why shouldn't he be? No one really anticipated that. Not Loukanos or Besa, anyway. He kneels in front of Ashton. "I want to know how you are. I want to help."

Ashton holds his breath, while he tries to figure out how to describe it. "It felt like every ounce of joy was ripped out of my soul. You know how I said that I don't really get cold before? Well, I have not been able to get warm. I took a thirty minute shower under just the hot water and it didn't do any good… It's like I lost my breath and nothing I do will let me catch it again…" He pauses, and says apologetically, "I'm sorry… I know shouldn't whine."

"I'm so sorry, Ashton. That sounds horrible. I…I know how it's like to feel stripped of happiness," Loukanos scoots closer. "I can aid in warming you probably." If he's being suggestive, there's no hint of it. He seems literal. He smiles, "After what you found out, you have ever right to whine."

"Whining is a sign of a weak character." Ashton says this as if he is repeating something that he has heard several times. He looks over at Loukanos and smiles weakly, "I know this is being clingy, but I would really love if you would hold me."

"Sometimes it's okay just to vent," Loukanos chuckles and scoots even closer. Dragging his fingers along Ashton's ankle up to his calf, the godling shakes his head. "Ask and you shall receive." Sneaking in between Ashton's legs, he wraps his arms around the smaller boy's torso. "I don't care, you know that? I don't care about what you are or who you're connected with."

Loukanos is about to discover another secret about Ashton. As his fingers slide up the side of his ankle, the younger boy squirms and laughs. Apparently, he is extremely ticklish. It is the first thing that he has felt since lunch that wasn't empty. That lasts until Louk wraps his arms around Ash's torso. There is only a couple of heart beats, before he pulls himself even closer and wraps his arms around the golden godling. He presses his head against Loukanos's shoulder. "I still don't know what I am… I just know that there is something wrong with my meds… and that I think, I can't even say I know for certain, that Uncle Steven has something to do with all of this… and that there is something wrong with my meds… " He pauses, his voice dropping a couch, "Which of course you already knew, didn't you…."

Well, isn't that just absolutely precious? Loukanos will have to keep that in mind. The laugh gets an amused smile. "Uncle Steven?" Uncle implies brother to the mother, and for whatever reason, Louk had been operating under the idea that Ashton's mother was an only child. "And yeah, your meds are no good. I'm waiting to see if you've developed some sort of reliance on them."

Ashton says softly as he all but clings to Louk as if his life depended on it. "He's a friend of the family… and has been my doctor my entire life. Literally, he was one of the doctors that delivered me." He sighs, "I didn't take them last night or this morning, like you asked me… Should I just flush the rest of them… in case I have developed a reliance on them?"

That sounds dangerous. If they are actually pills meant to help Ashton, flushing them could be life-threatening. "No, that could be bad. Would you be comfortable giving them to me?" He rubs the boy's back. "I don't want you to get ill and not have any medicine because of me.”

"Comfortable?" Ashton pulls back for a moment, to look Louk in the eyes. "I'd trust you with my life. Of course I would be comfortable giving them to you." He closes his eyes as Louk rubs his back. "If I get sick, then I trust you to make me better." The dark haired boy opens his eyes. "I still don't understand why your with me… but I'm glad that you are… " He looks like he wants to say something else, but stops, and puts his head back down on the older boy's shoulder.

Loukanos locks eyes with Ashton and smiles. "That means the world to me, Ashton," And it does. He's beaming! "I want to find out what the pills are made of." So there's another reason to keep them around. When Ashton looks as if there's a question on his mind, Louk tilts his head, "What is it?"

Still keeping his face buries, Ashton sighs. "Nevermind… it was just something stupid. I was just being a little kid." He holds on for a few seconds more before his grip loosens. "I am sorry I have been such a baby." Loukanos can practically feel Ashton trying to put up a stiff upper lip emotional barrier. Of course, his azure-green eyes show the conflict between his head, that says to "be a man", and his heart, that says not to.

Loukanos, for one, doesn't seem to be particularly eager to let go of Ashton. No, all the affection is well-received, including the childish embraces. He chuckles lightly, "You can tell me anything, Ashton. I won't laugh or make fun of you, promise." He means it. "Unless it's super silly. In that case, I might laugh a little bit."

Ashton cites down on his lower lip again. He sighs and hangs his head a bit. "I.. don't think I want to be alone tonight.. " He looks up, "Do you think you could.. I don't know… lay down with me… Just until I fall asleep.." Ashton's muscles tighten, "Never mind.. forget I said anything… "

"Then you won't be alone," Loukanos pulls back slightly to study the look on Ashton's face. His hands move to other's legs, resting there. He feels like he's missing something. Tilting his head, he tentatively asks, "Did you want to do more than just lay down?"

When asked, Ashton looks up. There is a look of confusion. A what can practically be seen forming on his lips, then it hits him. "Oh…" he blushes, "um.. Do you want to do more?" The dark-haired boy asks a little nervously.

"I wouldn't be opposed to it…" Loukanos smiles, hands traveling up Ashton's legs to rest on his upper thighs. "I don't want to pressure you into anything you're not ready for, though." He licks his lips. "I, uh, can keep my hands to myself if you'd prefer."

Ashton softly slightly, "I'm sorry… I'm probably a bit of a disappointment of a boyfriend…" As his eyes follow Louk's hands, Ashton slowly drags his canine over the corner of his lower lip. "This is.. all new… " His shoulders sag a little bit, "The night that you kissed me for the first time… that was the first kiss I ever had." There is something about the way he says it, that gives a hint that he isn't talking the first romantic kiss. He looks up, "I want to do more… I'm just not sure that I'm ready to … you know go all the way."

"That's okay," Loukanos smiles and steals a kiss from Ashton. Truth be told, Louk thought Ashton might be nervous to tell him what he wanted. "I'll stay with you until you fall asleep and then some. If you caught me a few days ago, I might've been able to sleep with you."

A smile, first fairly small, widens as Loukanos kisses him. Ashton leans into the kiss, returning it a bit eagerly. His hands rest in the curve of the small of Louk's back. He looks at the godling with large blue eyes. Then a blush spreads across his cheeks like a wild fire. "Well… you don't necessarily have to keep your hands all to yourself… " He then sighs, "I think that would have been real nice… Next time you get that tired, you better come find me, Mister." There is a teasing tone to his voice.

Leaning in, Loukanos lets his head fall on Ashton's shoulder, planting small, fleeting kisses on the boy's neck. When Ashton's hand goes to his back, a grin can be felt and the golden-haired teen pulls him closer. "Good. I'll try not to get too grabby." At the suggestion of sleeping (in a not sexual way) together, Louk pulls back and waggles his brows at Ashton. "Sounds like a plan. You wouldn't be trying to take advantage of me, would you?"

Ashton grins slightly, "Like I could take advantage of you… " With that he throws his weight to the side, trying to drag both of them to their sides. "Surprise you, maybe…." He laughs as he does so.

A soft grunt, then an airy laugh escapes Loukanos's lips. "And surprise me, you have," He turns his head, so he's looking at Ashton. His own blue eyes are bright and wide. Reaching over with a hand, he caresses the other boy's check. "I really like you, Ashton."

Ashton laughs for a moment after the two end up on the sandy ground. His breathing is a little hard when he finally stops. Blue eyes staring into blue eyes. Admitting his feelings at times takes a great amount of will to overcome his upbringing, but for a moment he closes his eyes as he feels Louk's gentle touch on his cheek. He opens his eyes back up, "I really like you too, Louk… " and in a softer voice, "so much it kind of scares me…"

"I'm not that scary," Scary Louk closes his eyes and smiles sweetly. His fine countenance alights with joy. How could anyone find those boyish features frightening? He brushes his thumb over Ashton's cheek. He asks more seriously, "Why does it scare you?

Ashton chuckles softly, "That's not what I meant…" Ever so slightly, the dark haired boy leans his cheek against the thumb. His eyes close slightly, relishing the touch. He swallows as he thinks how to answer the question, realizing that he is not completely sure himself at first. "Because … because no one has ever made me feel like thie before… and no one has ever looked at me the way you do… or treated me like … like I'm .. like I'm anything but something to show off…"

"You're more than a trophy. I am here, rolling in the sand with my heart on fire because you're special to me. Honestly, Ash, I'm like a moth to your flame," Loukanos grins. It's sappy but true. "I'm sorry no one has ever shown you love before. You're too kind not to deserve affection."

Ashton reaches his hand over to rest gently on Louk's chest. He frowns slightly, looking thoughtful. Whatever that thought is, it disappears. The younger boy looks over with a teasing grin, "Oh come now. I'm sure you have rolled in the sand plenty of times with your Nerieds… That's what they're called.. nymphs of the sea, right?" So obviously somebody has been reading up on his Greek myths and legends.

Loukanos grins, amused by Ashton's knowledge but impressed that he cared to study. "Nymphs of the Mediterranean sea, yes. Mother never cared for Poseidon and his companions though. The ones that surrounded her were called Leimoniads and Naiads, nymphs of meadows and springs respectively." He pauses, then more seriously says, "I don't think any of them cared about me as much as you do…"

Ashton smirks slightly, "Somehow I think she might mind you frolicking with them less in comparison though…" Ashton's hand moves to Loukanos's shoulder, then down his arm until his hand meets Louk's, as he interwines their fingers together. He looks at the other boy and smiles, "Well, you don't have to ever worry about that with me… "

More smiles, if Loukanos keeps this up, his face will start to hurt. He leans in and touches his lips against Ashton's, "I know. Thank you for that," His fingers easily slip into place. "You know, what she doesn't know can't hurt her…"

Ashton's lips pull into a smile as Loukanos leans in to kiss him. He returns the kiss with a bit more enthusiasm than usual. The fingers holding onto Loukanos's hand tighten just lightly, almost like he is afraid to let go and find this to be just in his mind. Right now, I don't care who knows it or not. I don't want to ever stop feeling like this. His thoughts drift to Loukanos.

As long as you'll have me, I will make sure you never stop. Loukanos slips into Ashton's mind easily, reaching over to grip the boy's waist and propping himself up on his elbow, so he's leaning over the younger teen. "I love this," He murmurs, a breath away from that eager mouth, before stealing another kiss, a deeper one.

Ashton reaches up and grasps at Loukanos's shirt, holding onto it tight and pulling the other boy closer. He leans his head to meet the kiss. His eyes close as his lips part slightly. There is an emptiness that Ashton didn't really understand before, but now that he does it is overwhelming. That coldness and loss of joy that he has felt since Besa's spell might have opened up that hole, but Loukanos's presence, touch, and affection right now is the only thing that feels like it could ever close it up.

Wow, Loukanos could definitely get used to this. Some might call it clingy, the way Ashton holds onto Louk, but the godling adores it. Shifting his weight onto Ash, the blonde is practically on top of the other, his thigh nestled in between other's legs. Groaning against the kiss, he loses himself somewhere along the way. It's intense, and with both their minds open, his euphoria seeps into Ash's mind like on the night of their first kiss.

Call it instinct or just doing what feels right or whatever, Ashton's leg, the one is not underneath Loukanos, raises up at an angle. He makes a noise that is somewhere between a moan and a whimper. The kiss grows to the point of being one of those all-consuming kisses that makes the stuff of legends.

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