(2018-03-06) ... Strawberry?!
… Strawberry?!
Summary: Callisto makes amends in the best way she knows how. Poor Daxton.
Date: 2018-03-06
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Shady Cove Beach, Shady Cove
Tue Mar 06, 2018

The beach forms a semi-circle around the outer edge of the mainland edged with sand that turns lighter as it reaches the water. A swimming area is cordoned off with buoys and orange rope, clearly designating it for visiting tourists and the sea craft further out. Off down near the rocky area further along the beach is a lighthouse that remains lit up despite it serving as a restaurant.


Well, now that there's sea zombies, Dax is having to do patrols along the water now. Which would be fine, if it wasn't cold at night. He's got on the leather blue and black crotch-rocket jacket. It's the kind that has built in armor, although that's not super apparent. He's crashed and burned too many times while running, some protection helps. Sand goes flying as he zips down the beach. It's harder than flat pavement. He stops near a log, looking around, short hair wind blown.

It was a busy evening at the pool, and Callisto needed to just get away on her own for a bit before she goes from one busy, populated place to another, that being the school. Her time at Coral Springs has proven to be a challenge insofar due to being around people all. the. time. It's not that Callisto hates socialization, she just needs to balance it with solitude. Curfew is a ways away, and the beach just looked so inviting despite the chill. She had been here before, a week ago, to introduce herself to 'pizza'. It was surprisingly enjoyable, and then the thought occurred to her to do what she thought was a good deed.

Anyway, Callisto Aine liked the surrounding beach and it is to this place that the fae girl returns. Clad in a long ivory trenchcoat with black skirts swishing over the sand, the willowy girl sights a log and decides to sit down by her lonesome. Maybe she can meditate here; 'contact' her mother, so she needn't dream of her tonight. She's just about to make her way there til' a blur arrives, casting sand every which way. The elegant girl freezes, recognizing the young man who is the source of this blur. Maybe this time, if she engages him, she won't aggravate him! (Little does she know~)

Bright blue eyes scan the sea share, he takes the patrol serious. If not, people could die. There's a patch on his jacket that says Unit 23. Dax turns, feeling someone near by. He glowers some, seeing who it is before he's suddenly next to her, "What's the deal?" Hello to you too!

Does Callisto know of the zombies…? Of course. Maybe she's doing her part, planting her hoity toity faerie ass onto this log, and turning that endless gaze of hers toward the dark waters to keep vigil. Who knows! Callisto is sometimes full of surprises, including leaving behind tips for a piece of pizza that likely paid for that same slice three times over. She thought the young man to perhaps be happy to receive the tip.. spend it on whatever militant teenagers spend, these days. She is about to find out that maybe this wasn't a good tact.

Callisto is about to lower herself to sit, and that is when Daxton approaches her. Bright eyes, fringed with silver-tipped lashes, glances up at him inquisitively. "Whatever do you mean?" She asks smoothly, damp white hair quivering in the breeze.

"Strawberry? Really? Everyone asked me why a stripper left me a note and tip." Daxton eyes her, trying to figure out if she's playing him, snobby, or issue just…an alien like Oli? He sighs, folding his arms, "You can't leave weird notes like that." And then after a beat, "And why did you leave me a tip anyway?"

Blink? Callisto tilts her head, the expression upon patrician features looking briefly confused. "Strawberry. I believed it to be amusing, a code. But—-stripper?" Blink? A few seconds as she appears to be translating both the name and concept in her mind. Judging by her accent and hesitation, English is not her first language. But it dawns upon her and Callisto flushes. "Did they believe me to be a… an exotic dancer?" Ugh! The nerve. She cants her chin haughtily but there is a redness to her features. "I am no such thing. I was trying to be kind, in light of my.. indiscretion… towards you, that evening. Are tips not a way to show appreciation? For the pizza was good."

Hard to gauge with her.. she pulls off mysterious, snobby and naive all in one breath and motion.

"Did I displease you?"

Daxton makes a face, but nods, "Yeah, they did. Strawberry's not the best code name." But then he smirks, cause it's funny. At least his smirk is cute. "Indiscretion?" What is she talking about? "Sure, you leave tips when you eat someplace, but not for people not working. You should leave a tip for your waiter, not me." Displease? He then shakes his head, deciding something. "No, the guys gave me some grief, but it's alright." He then digs into his pocket, pulling out the tip, "You don't need to give me money. Buy some ice cream or something for the Unit, if you're wanting to do something nice."

The fae girl humms softly, while watching the ocean. "I thought it would be amusing. I shall remember the proper way, however." She remarks of tipping 'protocol', then turns to see the smirk. Maybe it was amusing, afterall? She approves of what Daxton's smirk does to his features, resulting a softening of some of her own defensiveness. Callisto then answers the question: "T'was when I asked of you something acutely personal, within five minutes of meeting you. I felt badly, for it troubled you. I had broken my own rules of conduct." She's not completely aloof!

"One mustn't ask of these three things upon meeting another: caste status, past loves, past traumas. I knew naught of how to apologize, knowing nothing of you and what you like, so I suspected money would do." She watches him still as he roots out the tip, right down to the dollar of what she left. The thirty-something bucks is handed back to her, but Callisto watches Daxton's face.

She WANTS to do something nice… she wants to learn how to be nice. "Ice cream." She echoes, her features beseeching, seeking more details. Her intensity; it's as if she's poised to plan world domination. "What.. what flavors, then..?"

Rules of conduct? An eyebrow raises and he then just shrugs, "Whatever. It's my past, not like I can run from that." Trust him, he's tried. Then he smirks, "Yeah….don't ask about my casts." Is he teasing her? The intensity she's listening to Dax amusing him. Although it's also a little creepy. "A variety, I guess. Dark chocolates, mint. Vanilla." After a beat, "Strawberry."

Luckily, she's looking back to the water.. as if standing guard. Callisto can be seen taking mental inventory of the flavors… it's as if she wants to give the ice cream in apology to the whole team. Were they not all experimented upon, then? The corners of her lips twitch and curve inwards at the mention of strawberry; the ghost of a smile. "I am not a fan of strawberry, I shall have you know. Ironic." Callisto glances side-ward at him again. "So let us start over then. I shall ask a much kinder question… what do you like, Daxton? What are some of your favorite things?" She asks with interest, but not in a pushy way.

Maybe she just wants to know a bit more about the people she lives with, these days.

"And what brings you here? Are you on the lookout? I heard tale of the revenants that were on these shores recently… I regret that I could not do more to help in dealing with them." She remarks, standing now and taking a step closer to the water, arms folded at her chest.

Daxton just "uh uh's"' her, smirking. She's Strawberry now, forever. The question though has him blink. "Me? I don't know. Video games, food. Running." He's so not helpful. "Normal stuff." He wishes he was normal. "Patrolling." That's a way easier topic! "We're taking turns keeping an eye on things. We're hoping between us and the cops we can spot anything before more bad stuff goes down." His head blurs, taking a quick glance around.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

He's shaking his head and Callisto turns to watch him again, puzzled. What's he thinking about? Little does she know, she's being coined with an awful nickname of her own doing. Serves Callisto right. She listens openly to the answer Dax does give her; such a boy response. Even staunch, dated Callisto knows this. Even as she watches the speedster, her mind allots some degree of awareness to the sea. While she hasn't the superior speed of the Unit member before her, or the strength and power of some of the other students, there's awareness. What semblance of an active mind would a draug have, though, for Callisto to 'pinpoint'? She will try regardless, silvery lashes flitting once as she gives the water one more ponderous glance. She detects nothing, though, were Daxton to be experiencing bad sleep and/or strange/troubling dreams, Callisto may pick up on the remnants. Player choice~

"Would you like some help? I can walk the shore a bit, before I must make my way back to the school." Callisto sees fit to offer.. her, she needs to do her bit! Though she pauses, looks sheepish. "I have never before played a.. video game. There were none of the sort, where I hail from." She picks up her bag, it looks heavy. There's Something Important within.

Nightmares? The speedster is riddled with them. Flashes of needles and being out of control, crying for parents that never came. The faces of the other original members of the Unit, twisted in pain, crying out. Faces that are no longer around. He wakes up crying, but doesn't ever really remember why. Clear blue eyes scan the waters as well, "If you want, sure. Everything seems good through." He turned to study her again, "Where are you from, Asgard?" She sounds like Thor. The bag is glanced at, but then he looks back at her, "There's a system in the basement, if you wanna play."

When she turned the innocuous 'wave' of her mental awareness onto the speedster, Callisto was struck by what she sensed. Barest flashes, the breadth of a heartbeat apiece, fleeting across her mind's eye. She may stare at Dax in that unsettling way for a few seconds before looking away, heart pounding a bit. This can be mistaken for fluster, but deep down Callisto is understanding what she saw (for he was experimented upon) and feeling terrible. Even thought it was a mistake and Dax doesn't hold a grudge, asking him that question a week ago poked that wound. For the first time in awhile, Callisto feels pained at something she has done. It very nearly shows but she squashes it.

"It feels okay, too." She remarks, scanning the horizon and looking back to him. "Nothing that I can pick up." Said simply, before she considers the speedster's query. Callisto smirks, amused by the 'guess', before she shakes her moonpale head. "No, not quite that interesting." She will just disclose more of her true story.. inwardly she sees it as penance. "I lived in Greenland for a time, a long time. MY life was.. stymied for awhile, you see." Callisto looks down at her feet, impossibly long lashes closing as she takes a breath. She looks up abruptly, "I.. would like, very much, to try playing… a video game." Oh God.

Daxton has AfterThought on his Team, he doesn't question people and their feelings. He nods, believing her. "Greenland? That's the one covered in snow, right?' Is he joking? Hard to tell, but there is that smirk again. He blinks though as she takes the video game thing to heart, "…okay? What team are you on again?" His mind starts going through the students he knows plays, that would show her.

The fae girl and AfterThought should sit down someday and be unsettling together. She nods affirmative to Daxton, smiling slightly. "Yes.. and perhaps the most, ah…" She pauses, seeking the term. Again, more of that 'English not second language' bit, "…'backwoods', yes? Backwoods part of the continent. T'is where I'm from. So I am figuring things out." She admits, shouldering the bag. Was that the tiniest hint of sadness or regret flitting across her face? Hard to tell, especially if one does not actively look.

"Metis." Callisto offers simply, looking back to the boy as she makes to stroll along.. nowhere near as quickly as the speedster. "T'is not an obligation… free time is at a premium, with my service hours and job… but there are yet those times in between where I feel restless. Though I suspect I shan't be… good at these video games. I may spare another student the frustration." And there, an honest smile, gaze amused.

Why is she so curious, still? Callisto is hesitant to ask many questions, "Whom do you work with, in this Unit? If I am to buy ice cream, I should like to know names."

Daxton eyes her, but just nods, "Everybody here is backwoods something. Don't let it bother you too much." Metis, he starts rotating through name sin his head, he'll find someone, or he'll sit with the girl. He nods, still scanning the waves, he doesn't get feelings to rely on. "Unit 23? There's me, Pulse, Inferno, and AfterThought. And Felicia.' What an odd group of names. They're said warmly though, like one would while talking about family.

Callisto is still unknowing of the mental process going on behind the boy's blue eyes in regards to figuring out some poor sap to delegate toward helping her figure out Super Mario World. It's heartening, though, if she is to consider what she is able to pick up on thus far. She listens in the way that she does best as Daxton reveals to her the names of his closest comrades, friends. "You speak of each name with kindness, and care. They are clearly important to you." She remarks, moving to dig into a pocket in her bag to produce an expensive lip balm. Deftly she applies it to her mouth… pool chemicals are a right bastard for skin care. "I shall have to select the very best ice cream, then. What might one with the name of Inferno like in an ice cream, though? Would they not prefer spice?" She asks playfully.

Hey, she's trying! Human'ing is hard!

There s a pause and then he shirts, "Well, yeah. They're my Unit." Dax snorts, that smirk appears again, it's just slightly crooked, as he looks out into the waves as they walk. "Nope. He's the Vanilla. He just has to eat it really fast." poor Inferno.


Not anything exotic like rocky road? Or some bastardization of chocolate with say, chili peppers ground in? Callisto's eyes widen… she's not so out-of-the-loop that she cannot appreciate ice cream, though granted… she's more or a sorbet girl. Gotta keep that greyhound-lean frame somehow. c.c;

What she 'saw' though is still troubling her. She could help with that, she could! At least temporarily. How the bloody holy hell could she approach such a subject? Still, it feels nice to just dig, get to know another person for the sake of knowing them. Callisto isn't used to that.

With obvious hesitation, for she wishes not to trigger more bad memories, Callisto asks next. "Have you siblings, Daxton?"

Daxton gives her a weird look. "Yeah…why?" He's terrible at picking up flirting, but is she flirting? this is terrible flirting! He folds his arms, glancing around again. "I got younger twins, boy and a girl. You?"

Is she flirting? Granted, Callisto is nervous to attempt even that for 'Reasons'. The tone and coy motions can certainly allude to such, though, and Callisto hadn't even the presence of mind to mediate such. It's just her way. Speaking of her way, she is trying to ensure 'her way': her parents and a multitude of her siblings would care one whit for the troubled boy with whom she speaks, who has been through so much. Callisto meanwhile just wants to know more. It's like spitting in the face of her ancestral home!

"I…" Shit, how can she say that she has over fifty siblings? Callisto reddens, "I come from a large family. We are not close." Understatement. "So much so that I must communicate with my mother.. through dreams." Hey, there's a segue!

Daxton accepts that with a nod. "Cool." Dreams? He turns and looks at her, "What are you, a dream walker or something?" That's got to be not helpful in combat!

Dream walker? Callisto pauses just at the edge of the waves, allowing them to just briefly glance her shoes. She is hardly bothered. It's a forward question but A: Students ask one another of their skills all the time and B: owness is on her to answer given how forward she has been. She looks a Daxton levelly, gaze seeming to glow, "I can peruse dreams. Alter them. Prevent them from doing as they will to torment others." She casts that little zinger, but holds back. She tilts her head again, everything about her looking composed though she reeks of chlorine. "I helped to ease some of the students' minds just after the original school was razed."

Definitely not helpful in combat. Callisto turns her gaze back to the beach. "To help them sleep, for t'was a frightening time."

"Wicked." He really has no idea about the dreams. It's almost like someone is blocking those memories upon waking up. He has good teammates. "I got to the party late, but yeah. Fucking dinosaurs everywhere." his head shakes and he looks back at the water, "It was crazy."

No further interest? No questioning as to the relief that her talents can bring? Callisto watches Daxton for a few seconds, considering. There are those, too, whose awful dreams dissipate like vapor upon awakening.. some would be quick to coin those sorts as fortunate but that is hardly the case. Callisto knows; the nightmares only come back, stronger. Could this be the case here? A soft humm in her throat as she adjusts the bag to her other shoulder. It feels off-kilter.. Callisto moves back from the waves and seeks out a flat, dry spot to set the thing down. The unzipping of the bag is a sudden, incongruent sound against the backdrop of the tides.

"I tried to fight.. I've not the physical ability to fight, you see. That what I can do only targets a single being and…." She looks up at the speedster, "I would be hard-pressed to think that my skills will have been useful against dinosaurs." Said levelly as she pulls a few books out of her bag. The first two in the Harry Potter series. Strange!

Daxton shrugs, following her with a smirk, "I'm sure they have dino dreams or something." But then he offers, "I do training in the morning, if you wanna join in. There's anywhere from just me up to 5 students. if you wanna learn how to fight." Which clearly he thinks she should. Everyone should know how to fight. There's dinosaurs. And zombies! He looks down at the bag, but doesn't comment yet about it.

Chalk this up to fae genetics, Callisto is more durable than she appears. The suggestion strikes her dumb, even as she makes a mental benchmark to 'watch' this one. Sometimes the ones who are most affected hide 'things' in the most effective way. Mind you, Daxton has a team that cares for him and unbeknownst to Callisto: a mentalist. Might there be damage control at work here?

Who is she to assume or wonder? Anyway, she's just been served a most unexpected suggestion and she lends it the thought that it deserves. "I.." Train? Learn to fight? What could she do? Callisto looks uncertain for a few heartbeats. "I suspect that would be more beneficial to me than learning how to game…" She says anxiously. Never before has she lifted a hand to combat another.. it shows, because her hands are pretty. She is completely cerebral.

"If it's for the best, then.. I shall try."

Daxton makes a face, "You don't have to." yeesh. He shakes his head, not understanding people sometimes. "And you're young," ha, "You can do both."

"I think I should." Callisto admits, looking at him head-on. "For if I am a part of this school, should I not learn how to better… help.. when.." When, what? She indicates the sea, "When things come forth, unexpectedly, to cause harm? Is this not an expectation, that we know how to come forth to protect?" That and to learn how to defend herself is yet another slap to the face(s) of her kith and kin. Callisto's family simply employed grunts to do their dirty work or be their meat shields!

'Young'. Really, she is by her racial standards. But compared to humans? It struck home.

The willowy girl blushes in earnest and hefts up her bag. "I shall lend it thought."

Daxton agrees, nodding. "I think it never hurts, even if it's just self defense." The blush is noted with smirk, "Why is she blushing, she's younger than Daxton, right? "Need help with that?' The bag does look heavy.

She doesn't know the dude well enough; she's not about to blurt out that she's 169 years old in human years. OK a drop in the bucket compared to some immortals roundabouts these parts.. but still. It's a pretty important fact to hide from the populace as to how this ethereal girl isn't changing, year by year. Not that it really matters right now. Callisto is still having a hard time envisioning herself throwing a punch; she looks away then, moving to lift the ungainly bag full of swimthings, books, other particulars. "Ah.. t'is heavy, but I can manage. I wish not to take you from your patrol, if you will be moving onwards. I had better get back to the school and back into my room. I've come too close to curfew, as it is." She's so shady!

Daxton's not a gentleman enough to insist. Or does that make him a gentleman, in today's standards? Either way, he shrugs, "Suit yourself." He was an Ares, it's pretty clear but the amused face at breaking curfew, "Yeah…can't have that. Have a good one then."

Funny, this day an age. Callisto has seen a variety of societal norms, even in her long-yet-short existence! Somehow Dax not pushing could be considered gentlemanly. Times are weird. The girl is managing just fine with her bag and she lifts a lithe hand in farewell. She shall remain, as she is, a wary and rule-abiding Metis thank-you-very-much. That and she doesn't want her roommate to get too comfortable with her half of the room uninhabited.

"Can't have that." Callisto echoes as if in challenge, "Goodnight then. I shall bring the ice cream tomorrow." And she will be true to her word.

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