(2018-03-06) More Questions Than Answers
More Questions Than Answers
Summary: Schuyler, Besa, Loukanos, and Ashton discuss zombies, demons, and ailments of the body and heart
Date: IC Date (2018-03-06)
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Great Hall/Dining Room — Winbarry Estate

The round tables from the original school have been placed in the dining room, the familiar chairs surround them. A few tall hutches line the far wall, and hold the necessary plates, glasses and flatware necessary for meals. On the sidewall a credenza is set and holds various packaged snacks for between meals, there is also a wooden bowl with apples, oranges and other such fruits. The oak paneled walls and wood floor has been polished to a shine so the room looks quite pleasing. A large flat screen TV hangs on the other wall and is usually set to some music station, though the remote is handy should someone want to change the channel.

After classes means that Sky can change out of the detested school uniform…but it also means he has to continue serving his detentions. The end is in sight…perhaps by Spring Break he'll be done unless he accrues any more. At least he still has time in the evening to catch up on any homework or schoolwork he didn't finish already. But for now, he's in the Dining Hall helping the cooking staff prepare for the dinner crowd. An apron is worn over his goth-style clothes and his hair is pulled back in a ponytail so that it doesn't get in the way.

Likewise, Ashton had started stripping from his uniform before the door to his room had even shut, though his choice of clothing is a bit less monochromatic. He is wearing a pair of acid-washed jeans, and a sweater of variegated blue and white, which makes his azure-green eyes almost luminescent. After snagging an orange from one of the bowls of fruit, the dark haired boy takes off an older, well-worned canvas messenger bag and set drops it on a table, with a resounding thud which practically echoes through the room. Sitting down, Ashton withdraws a notebook and a large, leather-bound book.

Besa likes the uniforms, cause he's a weirdo. No, it's really because he likes feeling like he's part of, connected to the other students. But he too is getting hit with the munchies, so into the gray hall he goes. Miss Annalee, where she is is given a smile and wave as he heads over to look at what fruit they have. Sky is given a smile next, "You are almost done, yes?" The long hair bothers Besa, but not for the reason it bothers Rain, so he just tries to ignore it. His head swivels to watch Ashton, brow furrowing as the book appears. His fingers twitch slightly, but he's probably jumping to conclusions. "Hello Ashton." Not surprisingly, they're all close enough to hear each other without having to raise their voices. Poof!

Schuyler gives a brief wave to Besa before his brows crease in a tiny frown at some residual thought picked up. «Is my hair really that big of a deal?» is asked almost rhetorically before he turns around as Besa's attention is pulled by another student. Maybe he's seen the younger one in his classes as he's a teammate…maybe not. «You're a little early for dinner,» is offered in his mental speech as he brings a stack of newly-washed trays over to their bin.

The tome currently remains closed, as Ashton is starting to peel the orange. He looks up, offering Besa a slight smile. "Afternoon, Besa." He's heard Schuyler's "voice" in class, even if they have never spoken to one another. If it was not for that, he would probably be surprised to just hear the mental voice. He shrugs slightly, "Well, in truth, it's more of a really late breakfast." And yes, the tome is what Besa suspects to be a very old grimoire, that might very well have something to do with Ashton's demonic magic, even if it does not have a signature of its own.

Besa frowns, he doesn't like it when Sky does that. "I do not like what it represents." The ancient teen looks over the fruit bowl, grabbing a green apple. They're rarely there thanks to Grayson's nabbing, so when he can, he'll take them! Take that, Grayson! His nose wrinkles as he shines the apple on his shirted belly. "What are you studying, Ashton?"

«Donating to kids who have cancer or alopecia and have lost their hair?» Maybe Sky knows what it was originally grown out, but the intention has since changed! Besa gets an odd little glance but then looks over to Ashton, «That's a -really- late breakfast since we're setting up for dinner. Hope you don't plan on eating that at midnight…» and grey eyes flicker over to the tome as well.

Ashton looks up at Schuyler, "Don't be ridiculous… That's when I plan on eating lunch." He grins slightly, "Nah, I just wasn't feeling up to eating earlier." He looks to Besa and down at the book. "Checking to see if there might be anything in here about reanimating the dead. Not that I am planning on doing it. George Romero and The Walking Dead left me sorely unprepared for fighting zombies from the deep last Friday."

Besa's frown deepens, "No. you know I do not mind that." The intention change stings though, for the ancient teen. But he's trying to not focus on it too much, he can't make Sky understand. That frown is shifted to Ashton, "Are you still feeling unwell?" Perfect hair bounces as he nods, not understanding the second part of Ashton's statement though, "I would think that stopping the source will be more effective than fighting zombies themselves."

Besa gets another odd look, but Sky isn't going to bring that stuff up with him right now. Maybe later. His attention goes to Ashton and there's a little snort at the comment about lunch. «Cute…» is offered before there's a frown and another look at the book. «Why would you want to reanimate them? Or are you looking for a way to…de-animate them?» There's another nod to Besa regarding his comment.

Ashton shrugs to Besa, "According to the doctors, I probably will for the rest of my life. I was born with some kind of auto-immune deficiency disorder… It's just one of those things… As long as I remember to take my meds, it doesn't bother me much…" He nods, "Yeah, but until we figure out the cause, best to be prepared than to be caught unaware. I mean we don't know if it the source is arcane, an alien parasite, a government experiment gone horribly wrong, or hell Keith Richard's drug stash got flushed down the toilet and flushed out to sea. So, if it is arcane, then I want to see what it would take to perform it and maintain it so that I might be able to undo it."

Besa studies Ashton, worriedly chewing on his lip. He's not rue why his healing didn't cure Ashton. he'll need to think on that more. Unconsciously, and perhaps a bit ironically, he rubs his chest. "It is a good think to prepare, yes."

Schuyler looks between the two, not knowing the history…or much of the new kid at all. «Sorry you don't feel well,» is offered towards Ashton and there's a little confusion until he realizes that they're talking about the zombie attack and not Ashton's illness. Aha. «Was it that bad? We could ask our mom…she might be able to help as well.»

Ashton nods and smiles slightly to Schuyler. He at least has the common sense to try to keep his mouth facing Schuyler's direction. "Thanks, but it is what it is. I haven't ever known any different, so it is just.. well my life." At the question of the zombie attack, he pauses, "It could have been worse. Koga and Ariel were pretty badly banged up, and Loukanos was exhausted by the end of the night. They never touched me, so it could have been worse." The zombies might not have touched him, but it did not stop Loukanos from having to heal Ashton from having sliced up his wrist and forearm. "I'm not sure zombie is really the right word. Two of them were mutated… they kind of looked like a zombie and a giant crab had a baby together. And there was this strange orange glow out at sea during the attack that faded when it was over, which suggest to me that there is someone behind this."

Besa looks down at the apple in his hand, Sky may recognize the guilty look he gets when people are hurt and he's not able to heal them. "Sky, do you remember when the shark people attack Rain and I on the Ferry?" Could this be related? Orange glow? he'll need to meditate on that.

Schuyler continues to watch, not catching Ashton's words, per se, but he's catching the just of his thoughts. There's another frown at the mention of a glow and he offers, «Sounds like something magical, yeah…» but his eyes flick to Besa at the question about shark-people. «Didn't we think that was related to Alt-Sky and his scheme to get Rain?» Wasn't that around the same time? «I wonder if it has to do with that weird headmaster that disappeared after you were killed that one time, Besa? He was sort of creepy and weird and mashed-up sea creature type.»

Besa starts to say something else, but one of the teachers comes in, clearly looking for the Guardian. A wave and Besa nods, "I need to go. I will return if I can." It always sounds so drastic! And the boy is lead out, soft whispers from the teacher explaining something.

Ashton listens to the two boys talk. Their conversation is well beyond his experience. Alt-Sky, though? What the hell is an Alt-Sky, he thinks to himself. There is something no quite right with the way his thoughts play naturally in their head, something almost not completely human-like. He nods, "Later, Besa."

Schuyler looks over as Besa is called by one of the teachers and frowns, but his friend gets a little wave. Once he's gone though, he looks over to Ashton, «I don't like it when they go in search of him. It usually means they expect him to heal someone. They're taking advantage of his kindness.» From one Ares to another. He watches Ashton in silence again before he offers, «I'm actually surprised Besa's talking to you, to be honest.»

Ashton nods slightly, "I can see that… though from what little I know of Besa, would he not be hurt more by them not asking him to help if someone needed it? But you are right, it should not fall on the shoulders of those students who have a gift for such." He frowns slightly, as he cocks his head, "Yeah, Besa was a little uncomfortable with me… especially after the incident at lunch that day, but we spoke and are cool now. At least I think we are."

«Yeah, he gets hurt by both.» Sky doesn't quite get it, but…that's Besa in a nutshell. «Glad someone agrees with me about it. As if Besa doesn't have enough worries with everything, he's expected to heal people too. It's why Rain and I try not to let him heal us unless it's really bad.» Much to the other's chagrin. There's another long look at the explanation, «It speaks well of both of you then, I guess. There were some kids before who had some demon-stuff going on and he freaked out…and they weren't even related to -his- demons.» As if hinting that Ashton might be.

Ashton nods in agreement with Schuyler about how unfair it is to treat him as the school's own personal mystical doctor. But then the other boy keeps talking. He arches an eyebrow at the related remark. "Pardon?" He chews on his lower lip, "We have yet to determine why exactly is going on… " He blinks, "Wha— Related? Come again?"

Schuyler shrugs, «Maybe, maybe not. But your head -feels- like the demons I met that were after Besa. A little. It's got that familiar sense. I won't tell him, though, because you are obviously not out to get him.»

Ashton blinks, looking rather confused at first. He cocks his head, "I'm not sure I know what you are talking… okay scratch that. I know I don't know what you are talking about." He frowns, as his brow furrows somewhat, "Okay, so I feel.. no my head feels like a demon.. " He then watches Schuyler for a moment, "How do you know that I am not out to get him? Not that I am… But, if I was, wouldn't I claim not to be too though… Of course I'm not really helping my case, am I?"

Schuyler moves to sit down at the table that Ashton chose and looks at the younger teen. «Have you wanted to hurt him? Kill him? Eat him?» is the first question. «Besa was…from what I understand, Besa was created to be an eternal sacrifice for a particular Demon from Hell. He's very old…and has been sacrificed many, many times. But this past summer he defeated the demon. Killed him. But the demon's kids aren't too happy about that, so they're kind of after him too, but they don't have the same power or ties to Besa as their daddy demon did so they aren't as powerful.» That's the basic story. «I think that if you wanted to hurt him, you would have tried already. And just because there's something potentially dark in someone doesn't mean that they're going to always act on it.»

Ashton was pretty fine at first, but then… he turns a little green at the 'eat him'. He swallows, looking like he could vomit at any moment. "Um.. actually yeah.. once.. not hurt or kill him… but when he tried to heal me… I can't explain it.. but there was this overwhelming urge to lick up his blood off of my arm.." He puts up his hand, "I didn't… but it freaked me completely out… I just thought it was some weird side effect of him healing me." He chews his lips, obviously disturbed by the conversation, "But I swear I don't want to hurt him… "

Schuyler's brows crease in concern at the sudden change in the other's complexion but he listens and watches Ashton's body language as he speaks. «Don't tell him that, ok? And yeah, I can tell you don't want to hurt him. Probably shouldn't let him try to heal you anymore though. I'm sorry if I've upset you, but…I mean, it might be good for you to know. I'm not too sure Besa's ready to hear it yet though.»

Ashton reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. He sighs, "I'm not too sure that I am ready to hear any of this yet… but Besa is working on some kind of rune magic to try to help explain what is up with me and why Louk, Koga, and he sense my presence as if I were demonic or something. I keep telling myself that there has to be some reasonable explanation other than I am demon tainted, possessed by a demon, or actually am a demon." He sighs, "Trust me, I have no intention of letting him heal me again, even if he insists that he is going to figure out how to heal me and not have me react badly to it."

Schuyler gives a little sigh as well, «Maybe it has something to do with it…maybe it's something else. But…even if you -are- somehow linked to something demonic, it doesn't mean you're evil. If you really want to know, we can ask my mom. She's the White Witch,» A known powered hero. «I wish he wouldn't try to do things like that…use his magic. Some things just don't need to be explained.»

"I don't know whether or not I want to know. In fact, I am pretty sure that I don't. But I think that I need to. Just as much as I think Besa needs to as well. It was not only his idea, but kind of his insistence to do so." Ashton draws his canine across the right corner of his lower lip. "But I don't know… maybe you're right… maybe I don't need to know."

«Think about it. Our mom visits often so we can arrange something if you decide,» Sky offers, almost gently. «Sorry to spring it on you, but…I'm not very good at subtle. And maybe it will help clarify things. Also, let me know if there's anything I can do to help…» although he gives a wry sort of grimace then, «I may have already 'helped' too much.»

Besa comes back into the room alone, no teacher this time. he's still in his uniform. The two students get a soft smile, "I am sorry about that." No explanation as to what the teacher wanted though. "Are we still speaking of the water zombies?" Or would it be mere-zombies?

A wry grin eases across his lips. Ashton chuckles slightly, "Nah don't worry about it. I personally appreciate it. There are too many people who don't say what they mean. " He cocks his head, "Like I said, I need to know, whether or not I want to know." As Besa returns, he smiles to him. "No, not really…" He doesn't volunteer the new topic of discussion, "Everything okay?"

Schuyler has taken a seat at Ashton's table, but he turns to look as Besa reappears. «No, not anymore. You didn't have to heal anyone, did you? Everything ok?» Like the other teen asked.

Besa nods, hair doing a commercial worthy bounce, "Yes, everything is well." At the questions from Sky his smile twitches, but he keeps it on, "I am going to go heal someone this weekend." He assumes there's going to be an argument or comment so he tries to steer the conversation, "What was being discussed then?"

Ashton glances over to Schuyler with a smirk. "Remind me not to bet against you." Azure-green eyes move to Besa, as he debates for a moment. "Schuyler was volunteering his mother's aid in trying to figure out what is" wrong, he thinks, "up with me…"

Sky's lips flatten briefly before he offers only, «Don't wear yourself out, ok?» But Ashton does get a smirk in response. Did he call it or what? Taking the cue from the other he offers, «He was telling me that you were working on something because you and some others can sense his presence. So I offered mom's help.»

Besa frowns back at the look Sky gives him, "No one will take healings from me here anymore. I feel useless, I wish to help." He had thought of that, but…A weird, almost uncomfortable expression crosses his face, "That would be…up to you, Ashton. But I fear she may react as Loukanous's mother did." More so if she knows Besa is around. Mrs.Masters has become protective of the adopted family member. "But I will defer to whatever you wish."

Ashton cocks his head slightly, "I understand why not me.. but why will no one else?" He shakes his head, "Never mind… probably none of my business…" Ashton finds Besa's reaction most curious, as his eyebrows raise. "I think that Schuyler is trying to look out for your best interests… and… " Then he remembers the little that Louk did say about his mother's reaction, "Oh… so I take it that if I turn out to be what you think I am… then she'll try to smite me?"

«Because we're your friends here and we don't like seeing you drain yourself for us. I'm sure if someone was really, really hurt here, they'd take it, but for little things…or even middling things, our bodies can heal up on their own without you harming yourself for us. I know it makes you feel useful, but you're far more useful to us as a friend than as a healing agent.» Sky then shrugs, «The offer is on the table and it's Ashton's decision in the long run.» There's a blink at Ashton's 'smiting' comment, «She wouldn't do that.» He's certain of it.

Sky answers, not that that helps Besa. His jaw tightens, but he doesn't argue it. He knows it doesn't matter what he'd say. He's not certain that Sky knows all the details, but the idea that he's certain that Mrs. Masters wouldn't smite Ashton just makes Besa feel even more…smaller? Useless? Meaningless? A deep breath and Besa forces a small smile, "I am…going to go change before dinner."
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Ashton chews on his lower lip. "Before you go, Besa. How is the rune thing going? I'd hate for you to go through any trouble for nothing." He looks between the two, then finally his gaze settles on Besa for a moment. It is obvious that he is thinking about something, even if his thoughts are guarded for the moment. Ashton then looks to Schuyler, "Perhaps if Besa's magic is not helpful, then I will speak to your mother."

Schuyler gives another sigh and gets up from the table, «No, you stay. I'm going to go back and see what else needs to be done in the kitchen.» He blew it again. «I didn't mean to upset you, Besa. I'm sorry if I did.» A nod is given to Ashton as he moves back towards the kitchen.

Besa internally grumbles. How can he go storm off and figure out his feelings if Sky always beats him to it? "It is going Ashton. I believe I have the base for the Rune, but am building up the rest, for the details?" Can he get details? Dark eyes watch as Sky leaves, he's clearly upset and sad by what the Ares has said. "I am thousands of years old. Why does no one believe me when I say anything?" He looks over at Ashton, "I am well aware of what i can give and what will hurt me. But students would rather have broken ribs or limp around than have my help." It's hurtful to the healer, and slightly insulting. The kitchen door is glanced at, "He saw Alraxmargoth'ha's child, and he still acts as if when i speak of demons that I am over exaggerating…That I speak of fairy tales."

Ashton nods as Besa talks about the rune. He cocks his head, "I will take your word for it. Your rune magic is vastly different than my own." He grins slightly, "You do realize that you had the same concern about me cutting myself for my magic. Would you fault Loukanos or yourself for that same concern?" He hopes that Besa can maybe understand it from that perspective. "But if it makes any difference… if I didn't freak out when you healed me before, I'd have no problem with it." He hrms softly to himself, "You know it is easier for the brain to accept something truly horrible to rationalize it to something that is better to understand."

Besa's eyes narrow, "You are cutting yourself incorrectly." Besa's opinionated! "I do not cut myself in such way that leaves me weak." That's not always true, but he never intentionally does it. "Loukanous is always visible weakened after healing….It is why I have not asked him to reheal my heart." Thin fingers go up to tap his chest. Apparently it's bad again? But the teen sighs, not wanting to argue about this with Ashton too. "I offer, but I do not heal anyone anymore." As for healing Ashton, "I am sorry my healing freaked you out." He runs his hand through his hair, "But what he is doing in invalidating everything I have ever done. It…is upsetting from him. He was my best friend." Besa's just a ball of sadness lately. Lost his boyfriend, lost his best friend.

"I said that I'd let you show me how to cut better, when you offered." Ashton notes. "Yes, it may weaken Louk, but he does it because it is his nature just as it is yours…" He stops, "What is wrong with your heart, that it would need to be rehealed?" He sits up, giving the thousand year old boy his full scrutiny. "And as for as your healing and me… _if_ you are right about there being some form of demonic influence on me.. and I say if, because I would rather it not be true and you just be mistaken.. but if you are correct, then that could be the reason, not your healing, but whatever is wrong with me…" He frowns slightly, "I know what it is like to be betrayed by a friend… While it doesn't excuse it… It is obvious that Schuyler cares about you deeply…" There is a look of sadness in his eyes for a second. "Have you expressed that to him in those words?"

Besa stops and then nods, "Yes.. I am sorry. I am just…sensitive I suppose. You did nothing wrong." He bilks, surprised that no one has told Ashton yet, "I was…murdered, about a year ago. Par of my heart was taken magically, it will not become whole during the time I am wrapped. The priests in Vegas want the rest of my heart." There's a hesitation before Besa offers, "I hope I am wrong too." He really does. AS for Sky, "I have tried, he usually does not let me speak, or ignores what i say." To be fair, Besa has started ignoring Sky's words as well. "He likes to be in control. When he realized he could not just tell me what to do, that si when our friendship first started to faulter." He sighs, looking down at his own hands, "I am sure I am at fault as well, but….Surely I am not always at fault."

Ashton frowns slightly, "Do you mind my honest opinion?" He shrugs and smirks slightly, "Doesn't really matter, because I'm going to give it anyway… I think you shouldn't worry about who, if anyone, is at fault. Friendship shouldn't be about who is right and who is wrong… " He frowns slightly, "Of course this is someone who apparently never had a real friend in his life, buy hey… I can think in theoretics… What you need is for the two of you to be locked in a room and for whoever locked you in to not let the two of you out until you kiss and make up. Figuratively speaking."

With a chain necklace made of burnished bronze around his neck, Loukanos enters the dining hall with his pleasant smile. Hanging from the necklace is a small vial containing a golden liquid. Dinner for him, most likely. Sapphire eyes sparkle as he sweeps through the room with them. Besa and Ashton are spotted, and he strolls over to that table. No words, though a smile in greeting to both boys.
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Besa just studies Ashton, an eyebrow raising slightly. That all sounds like a terrible idea. Well, most of it. "I do not try to think of it as fault, but when I am told constantly that I am wrong. My beliefs are wrong…" He shrugs, tiredly, "It may be a way, but I do not know that I have the energy anymore." He can only be wrong on some many things before he stops caring. And a Besa that doesn't care could be a very dangerous thing. But lucky for everyone he still does. The other Guardian gets a smile in return, "Good evening Loukanous."

Ashton frowns. There is something in his eyes that. What ever the thought was, for a moment, it brings sadness to his normally bright eyes. But even quicker than it came, it is gone, as he nods. "I could talk to him and tell him that he's being a horse's ass… judging by Rain, I'm pretty sure he's used to bossy people expressing their unwanted opinions." He grins at that, obviously joking, at least in part. "But I can tell you that he is still greatly worried about you and cares." He smiles widely as he sees Loukanos, "Hey, Louk." He looks back over to Besa. "Then if you don't have the energy to put into it right now, find something else to put your energy into…"

"Afternoon, Besa," Loukanos corrects gently and glances between the conversers, trying to gauge the source of Besa's woes. It doesn't sound like demons or priests, so Louk settles for friendship issues. High school sucks, doesn't it? He slides into a chair. "Anyone know what's for dinner, today?" He might even eat it if it's any good.

Besa snorts, "I am sure he's heard that many times, yes." But then he tilts his head, wait…does Ashton think Rain is bossy? Weird. "I have found that people care, but they do not wish me as I am. I can not change myself, not in the ways they wish. And that is the center of most of it." It meaning all of Besa's people problems? But then he quotes someone, "Or I am just over sensitive and should 'roll' with things." It's getting close to dinner, whatever! He smiles and shakes his head, he has no idea. But then he nods to Ashton, "That is why I am working on your rune." Not his priests, cause that's just upsetting at this point. If he thinks on it too much, he starts to feel trapped and then Cocoa ends up in his lap.

Ashton shrugs in response to the question about dinner. "I don't know… thinking about skipping dinner, myself." Because yeah, half an orange is enough food for the day, right? He frowns, "You're right, Besa. You should not have to change who you are, just to make someone else happy. " He smiles slightly, "Well, then I'm glad that I can at least help you somehow. I just wish that I could help you some other way."

"You shouldn't," Loukanos has noticed Ashton's less-than-ideal eating habitats. He props an elbow on the table and rests the side of his face in his hand. "Food is important," With a wry grin, he adds, "Or so I've been told. Aren't teenagers supposed to have crazy appetites?" He looks over at Besa with a curious smile. "What is it about you that others wish to change?"

Besa agrees, "you should eat more than an orange, Ashton." he nods, he's been a teen enough times to know, eating is an Olympic sport! Rubbing his forearm slightly, "It does not matter, really. I am not changing. They are not changing. It is an impass." As for what? Besa sighs, "I am a what the priests made me. I will serve as best i can, threw healing or-" Well, he's not going to mention killing his demon, "I will always try to do what is right. Not what is easy or 'what I deserve'." He's never understood that. Who deserves an easy life? A soft head shake, "I am sorry. I am being the wet sheet."

Ashton shrugs slightly, "Yeah, food is important.. but when you feel like it's not going to stay down if you eat anything, then there really isn't much of a point." He slides the note book and large grimoire back into his messenger bag. "Guess I wasn't suppose to do much research this afternoon." He looks at Besa, "The priests set you on a path… you have already chosen to step from that path, which means that you can be more than what they made you to be… you are no longer a compliant sacrifice… " He grins, "Wet blanket… and that's alright… everyone has the right to vent from time to time."

"The same priests that are trying to kill you?" Loukanos asks with a slight lift of his brow, that curious smile remaining. "To allow their influence to linger within you is to allow them to win. You're more than them. It could be that your friends see that?" He tilts his head towards Ashton. "What he said." His brows knot in concern. "You're having trouble keeping your food down?"

Besa never thought of himself as a sacrifice until coming to Coral Springs. He was a servant. Even now, his fingers twitch, wishing he could try healing Ashton again, but he knows that would end badly. "I am sorry for distracting you." There is a nod, but it's a wobbly one, with a slight shoulder raise, "I chose to end the path, I still did what the intent of the path was, to stop Alraxmargoth'ha." But he does understand. "Perhaps I just need to find a new path. On my own." His nose wrinkles, blanket! he never gets that one right! "oh, no. those are a …off shoot? The priesthood splintered, several times. One of them are the ones who helped me make my Khophesh." He glances back to Ashton, deciding tonight he'll go to the laundry room and work on the Runes. The attic is becoming too popular.

Ashton shakes his head, "No, Besa, it wasn't you.. I just didn't have my head in it… if I did, a bomb going off wouldn't distract me.." He grins, "Besides, isn't talking and listening to each other what friends do? I would like for us to be friends, Besa." His eyes lower slightly, as he answers Louk. "Um.. just today… " He shrugs, "It happens from time to time… it can be a side effect of one of my meds… " Ooh, great distraction indeed, "I think you deciding on your own path is a fantastic idea. "

"The life of a martyr is a tragic one. A noble one, perhaps, but I wouldn't want to see anyone, especially you, have to languish in it," Even as Loukanos says this, his gaze lingers on Ashton. "Would you let me try to mitigate the effect?" He doesn't know that he can, but he will certainly do his best. When Besa speaks on finding a new path, Louk peels his eyes away from Ashton to give the Egyptian his attention, "I suppose this is the part where I ask what do you want to be when you grow up."

There's only a moment of hesitation before Besa nod in agreement about becoming friends. Fears die hard, sometimes. A head swivel and Louk gets his attention, and he answers with no humor intended, "I do not know. I have never grown up before." Well, Adult hell Besa doesn't count, does it? He can't say Tribe Leader and Demon Hunter, can he?

Ashton looks at Loukanos, "The only time that you don't have my permission is if you are already tired or if healing me will tire you out." He frowns slightly, "I'm sorry Besa… " He pauses, "I suppose if you wanted, Louk and you could restrain me, and you could try to heal me… I can see the anguish and desire to do so."

Yay, friends. Loukanos gives a little, genuine smile when the two boys seem to come to an agreement. "I've always wanted to be a healer. Like a professional one. After an incident with an old hermit who grew dependent on the soothing 'high' my healing brings, Mother cautioned me from indulging just anyone. I suppose it is for the best. I would not want to base the entirety of my self-worth on the pain of others." What a strange way to think of healing. He smiles at Ashton, "I can promise you that fatigue will never stop me," He leans towards Ashton to initiate the physical contact that aids the process. His fingers flex and retract when Besa is mentioned. "Oh," He shakes his head and shrugs, smiling. "Feel free, my friend." As he said before, healing is probably more important to Besa than it is to him.

Ashton smiles to the golden godling, "You do not have to heal to have a soothing touch." He pushes his thoughts to Loukanos's mind. //I hope you are not too upset with me, that I offered to let Besa try. I think he needs it for the good of his heart // He chews on his lower lip slightly, as he looks at Besa, "Of course we would need to go somewhere else… " He grins, "No need to get more detention for cutting yourself in the dining hall again."

Besa head shakes, "Oh…no. I would feel terrible restraining you." He nods to Louk to continue. He glances away, letting the two have a movement if they need it. His hand twitches, but he stops himself from reaching for his chest. He really needs to lean to control that. So instead he rubs his left forearm. "No more detentions."

"Restrained? No, not at all," Loukanos smiles and wraps an arm around Ashton's shoulder, ruffling the younger boy's hair. He gives him a brief nod, but otherwise, there's no visible reaction to the telepathic message. "As long as he's feeling better, I do not care who does it."

Ashton does not mind the arm around him, but then his hair is ruffled. "Ack.. not the hair… Do you know how long it takes to get my hair just right?" He leans his head back to look at Louk, "If I'm not restrained somehow, you'll have to make sure that I don't do anything that I shouldn't." There is concern in his eyes at that thought. The dark haired sorcerer looks at Besa, You would not be doing anything that I would object to."

Besa just nods, "The healing is what is important." A glance to Ashton's hair and he can't help make a small confused face. People doing their hair is odd. Seeing the face though that Ashton makes, "No…Loukanos should heal you. I do not wish for you to be upset over a healing."

Lips twisting in a frown, Loukanos just sighs. This really is not something to fight over. He squeezes Ash's shoulder briefly, sending a surge of divine power through his body. The warmth and glow of his hand seep into the other's frame. He blinks, not expecting so much energy to leave him so suddenly, and looks over at Ash, "Are you okay? I didn't overwhelm you, did I?" Quite the contrary. He just healed everything. "And I'll keep that in mind next time you try to muss up my hair." He grins.

Ashton looks at Besa, "Okay, but after we figure out what's wrong with me, then you and I are going to experiment on me and try to figure what is up with that." When he feels Loukanos's hands on his shoulders, Ashton smiles and leans back a little into the touch itself. At first the energy is warm and relaxing, then it courses through his entire body and pretty much his bones become like jelly. His eyes roll back as a somewhat goofy grin that pulls just a little more to the right stretches across his lips. His cheeks are a little flushed. "Um.. that… it's never felt like that before…" He blinks, his eyes becoming very clear and bright. "Yeah I can see someone becoming addicted to that…" He frowns at the thought of him potentially using it just to get a fix. "Thank you, Louk…"

Besa frowns, he's not going to experiment on Ashton! That sounds terrible! He watches, eyes growing slightly wide as the couple does…whatever that is. He looks away, his own cheeks going pink. Oh dear. He clears his throat, "Well….I am glad that that worked. I should…go change." he's still in the school uniform.

Loukanos can't help but grin right back at Ashton, surprised that he could elicit that kind of reaction from him. "I think I may have been a bit generous with the healing spell," He shrugs. "Feels good, right? The old man was afflicted by gout, so his pain was constant." Hence why it was easy for him to grow addicted. "You're feeling better, at least? Can I get you something to eat now?" Aw, look at the demigod, willing to labor away for his mortal boyfriend. "What did you say was wrong with you, again?" He glances over at Besa, lifting a brow. Do people normally change before dinner?

Bright blue eyes, perhaps more alive and youthful, than they have been the entire time Ashton has been here. His color too looks much more healthy. The same way it looked for about a day after Besa had healed him as well. The younger boy chuckles softly, "Yes, I feel a billion times better. And yes, I am actually hungry now." He looks to Besa, noting the blush. He sighs softly and bites his lower lip. "I'm sorry, Besa, if I embarrassed you. It was not my intent… " He looks back over his shoulder to Louk, "I'm not sure of the exact name of it.. but it's an auto-immune deficiency disorder.. effectively my own body thinks that parts of it are foreign substances that need to be attacked and removed… "

Besa looks over at Louk, "I just…thought it would be nice to be comfortable." And give them some alone time, clearly. He shakes his head, "it is fine. I am glad you feel better." And didn't go all demon on Louk. It is Besa's healing specifically it seems that does that. He smiles and nods to both, "I will see you both later."

Loukanos stands, presuming dinner is ready by now. Food. Okay, "What would you like?" While he asks, he uncorks the vial about his neck and downs the golden nectar. He's casual about it, but he needs it. Listening carefully to Ashton's words, he tilts his head and frowns. "That was not an 'auto-immune deficiency disorder', Ashton."

Ashton offers Besa a rueful smile. "Oh… well, okay. If you need anything, just let me know…" The boy smiles, "Really, I feel like I could eat just about anything… Nothing heavy on meat… I'm not really much of a meat eater." He blushes as soon as he says it. "I mean… lots of vegetables would be fine." He shakes his head not believing he just said that. Thankfully, Louk unknowingly offered him a save. "What do you mean? Did I just have a stomach bug or something?"

Besa hears that last bit, and turns to look at Ashton again. Something isn't adding up. He feels like he has half the pieces though. He makes a thinking face, but then turns and leaves to go change before dinner is over.

Dinner can suddenly wait (so can innuendos). This is odd. Loukanos shakes his head. "I was thinking poison. I…" He shifts his weight, looking uncomfortable and rather worried. "Have you ever tried withdrawing from the pills your grandparents gave you for an extended period of time?"

Ashton does a double take. Blinking at the other boy. "Poison?" He shakes his head, "Um… once… I told Grandmother that I didn't want to take them because how they made me feel. About four, five days later, I got sicker than a dog, and ended up in the hospital." He looks at Loukanos, through the fringes of his hair. "Why on earth would you think poison?"

"Oh, I don't know that I can put the feeling into words…" Loukanos frowns. "I know what I healed. It wasn't a disease or anything. It was poison." His shoulders slump. "You're not sick. Not in the way your grandparents have been telling you. I don't know what's in those pills…" That new piece of information only worries him more. If Ash isn't sick and he still got sick…

Louk isn't the only one frowning. Ashton's eyes are troubled. Chewing on his lower lip, "Well, could it be something so simple as you "sensed"?" If that is the proper word. "something as simple as you "feeling" the herbs and mineral that are in it the capsules?" No, the logical assumption is just completely impossible for his brain to grasp.

Ashton's attempt to put Louk's 'sixth' sense into words only garners a small, "Could be," He considers the other boy for long moments before reaching out to grab his hands. "Can you do something for me? I wouldn't ask this of you if I didn't think it was important."

Ashton smiles, as Loukanos agrees with him that is most likely the cause. Denial is not just a river in Egypt, as they say. The smile tightens as Louk takes his hands. Without even thinking about it, he lightly brushes his thumbs over Loukanos's hands. "What is it, Louk? If I can do it, then I will."

"Lay off your pills for a while. I don't know where else this poison could be coming from," Louk knows the implications, but at the same, he feels strange spelling it out for Ashton. What if he's wrong? "If you feel terrible at any point during the withdrawal, you can go back on them. I'm just concerned that you're putting poison into your body."

Ashton frowns slightly, "Yeah, I can do that… " He chews on his lower lip, nervously. "Just remember that if I miss classes because I'm sick, it will be up to you to make sure that I get the notes and the projects."

"Without a doubt. I don't usually take notes," And the ones that Loukanos does take are in Ancient Greek. "But I'll do my best for you. Hopefully, it won't come to that, though. Okay, before you lose your appetite, I'm going to go and get you something to eat."

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