(2018-03-05) Who Needs Hair, Anyway?
Who Needs Hair, Anyway?
Summary: Whitley tries (and fails) to convince Schuyler to cut his hair.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-05)
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While Sky's appetite hasn't entirely returned yet, but he's back to eating a 'normal' amount of food. Said food is on his tray as he's seated at one of the tables, sort of half-eating, half-poking at the food. It's rare that he's eating alone, but he doesn't seem to be upset by it. Grey eyes glance around every now and again, perhaps to see just how many dishes he's going to have to clean later in serving his detention. Since they aren't in classes for the weekend, he's wearing his goth-style clothes and there is a faint scent of clove and tobacco about him. His hair is down for the time being, although there's a hair-tie about one wrist for later.

In stark contrast, Whitley's appetite never left! Coming out of the dinner line with seconds, or thirds?, he is about to return to his table, but he spots his former roommate. He looks a little different, slightly more grown and of course, there's the long hair. The gothic attire and the strong psychic presence are unmistakably Schuyler, though. His lips spread into a grin that's almost predatory, and he goes over to seat himself at the Masters boy's table. "Yo. Long time, no see."

Schuyler is a bit taller and maybe a little lankier…the differences between himself and his twin sister are becoming much more evident. At the greeting and the new arrival to his table he looks up and offers a bit of a wave. «Hey. I knew you made it out ok.» But the dorms are all messed up at the moment. «What's going on?» since he can't ignore the predatory grin.

"What?" The grin transforms into feigned innocence. "You're telling me I can't want to say hi to an old friend?" Were they ever friends? The white-haired teen shrugs and twirls his fork into his dinner. Spaghetti and meatballs. Yum. "You look like a completely different person, dude." Okay, maybe Whit's exaggerating a tad when he says that, but it's a necessary exaggeration.

Schuyler's eyebrows arch and he stabs at some of his food with the fork, «Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I'm not that different. A little taller.» Same style of clothes, same black-polished nails. «You look the same. Complete with that smirk. If you're going to ask me about Besa, don't. I don't think he's ready to be getting into any sort of relationship.» Again.

"No, it's a good thing," Whitley considers, brows furrowing slightly. "Not to suggest you didn't look positively dashing before, but…" He shrugs. "Change can be nice. Your hair is super long now, which is…" More considering. "Do you like it that way or are you too lazy to cut it? I know some really good barbers." He narrows his eyes but smiles. "I'm pretty sure I've grown, like, three inches. And over the summer, I developed a sick tan." It's a little faded in these winter months, but he's definitely a lot less pale than he was when he first came to Coral Springs. "No no, nothing about Besa. Pretty sure he's in love with me," He frowns, then shakes his head. "But that's not important right now."

«Pretty sure he's not, but you can keep thinking that if it helps your ego,» Sky points out blithely. A hand lifts to push some hair back behind his ears, «I was growing it until Besa returned. And he did, but he was…different. Like the whole last year never happened. But then I decided I'd just grow it to donate. It has to be at least eight inches long…don't think it's quite there yet.» So not exactly 'lazy', per se. «You do look less ghostly than you did before. How'd you manage that without burning like a lobster?»

"So clearly you and Besa haven't talked in a while?" Whitley grins. "I wish it was all in my head. It was easier that way…" Now, he has to make a hard choice. "Do people normally get back together with their exes? Is that even a thing that ever works out?" He tilts his head. "Why were you waiting for Besa to return? I think he's mostly the same ol' Besa, now." So there's that. "Lots of sunscreen and lots of trips to the beach. It's all natural, none of that cheap fake tan stuff." He smirks. "Have you measured it recently? It looks like it could be eight inches."

«We talked the other day. He's a bit preoccupied with things that are more important than dating anyone,» Sky points out. «But you feel free to continue with your delusions.» He stabs at some more food on his plate before actually taking a bite. «I wouldn't know. My ex moved back to France. But I would say usually, they do not. And I was waiting because he had gone off to kill that demon and we weren't sure when…or if…he would come back. It felt like a thing to do. And he's not quite the same, no.» There's some more stabbing of food, «It's about five inches when in a ponytail. Maybe a little longer. Why do you care about my hair?»

"That's what I was thinking," Whitley agrees when Schuyler says relationships between exes don't work out. Or that they don't normally get back together in the first place. He ignores everything else. Is he offended that Besa doesn't talk about him with the twins? Not in the slightest. It'd be more accurate to say he's a little relieved, though he goes quiet for a moment. "Not quite, you're right. He's a little more…grown, I guess. Still sad, though." He blinks. "Oh, I'm not that concerned. Hair is an important part of individuality and all that. You should wear it how you want. If you really wanna help people, donate your allowance."

«I dunno. Maybe not grown. Definitely still sad. I don't know if he knows how to be happy anymore and that's worrisome. It's one thing to really be miserable all the time.» Than it is to be his own goth, moody self. Sky lifts his brow again at Whitley, «Donating money is one thing. But not everything works with money thrown at it. I also donate the clothes I've grown out of. If I should 'wear it how I want', why are you trying to tell me not to bother?»

That Whitley can agree on. "I think that might be what's holding me back. He's so melancholic at times. I don't know if he thinks getting back together with me will make him happy all of a sudden…and I don't want to disappoint him," It's probably an irrational fear, maybe he's overthinking things. "That's true…" Okay, so apparently convincing Schuyler is tougher than Whit expected. "…I guess I just liked it better short?"

Schuyler rolls his eyes, «He's not going to get back together with you. Get that self-centered idea out of your head. I don't know why you're telling yourself that, but he's not, ok?» More food gets stabbed; maybe he's envisioning stabbing Whitley with the fork. «Give it up. Go after someone else. Try Grayson. And why should I care what you think of my hair?» Yup, Sky can be quite stubborn.

Whitley hides his annoyance with a strained smile. "Dude…I only think he wants to get back together with me because he asked to get back together with me," All but asked, anyway. "Why is that so hard to believe?" He pinches the bridge of his nose. Perhaps another approach. "Maybe you don't care about what I think, but I know what the girls like these days and hippie hair is not it. I'm gay, so you can trust me on that."

Schuyler doesn't quite look like he believes that…but Besa will certainly be questioned about it! «Because Besa isn't letting anyone get close to him except for Cocoa…That's why it's hard to believe.» But he then looks at Whitley as he mentions what girls like and frowns. «Girls aren't interested in me anyways so it doesn't matter.»

"Cocoa and the blonder of the two Ares in his life," Whitley grins. Of course, he's referring to himself, but his hair probably couldn't be classified as blonde at all. It's white, completely void of any streaks or highlights or undertones. Just white. He snaps his fingers, "Maybe we've found the reason. It's the hair, I'm telling you. You're a handsome guy with an artistic soul and all that," Ugh, this dinner better be worth it. "You just need a haircut."

Schuyler's eyes narrow again, «Delusions…» is mentally muttered and he shakes his head. There's another scowl at the presumption that his hair is preventing him from getting girls. «Seriously? Isn't that a bit shallow? Maybe I don't want a girl who is only going to be concerned about how I look?»

Okay, so this is totally not turning out how Whitley expected. At all. "It isn't about shallowness. Besides, everyone is a little shallow," He frowns. "Just think of all the quirks of short hair. It's low maintenance. easy to style, and just an overall good choice. Is this working at all?"

«What's the deal? Why do you care so much about my hair? I've had short hair before, so I'm aware of the perks.» Sky blinks at Whitley, waiting for an explanation. «You don't care if any girls are interested in me…»

Whitley sighs, "I totally do. I would make an awesome wingman, if you ever needed one," He shakes his head. "Look. Just cut your hair. I, uh, promised Rain I'd use my natural King charm to convince you to get rid of the long locks. It was either that or use my natural King ruthlessness and cut it while you sleep or something. I wanted to be nice, though."

«You'd make a horrible wingman,» Sky points out. When the truth comes out though, he gives a sigh, «Really? She put you up to this?» That might be surprising unto itself. «If I cut my hair, it won't be because you convinced me to do so. Also, I don't sleep that deeply anymore,» much to his own chagrin, «So I'd probably wake up if you tried.»

"I guess she did," Whitley shrugs. She asked the whole table. Whit was just the only one who accepted the challenge. "When you do cut your hair, can you just tell her I convinced you? I can't go back empty-handed." That's just embarrassing. "Really? Are you not taking your knock-out pills, anymore?"

«No, I will not,» Sky offers easily. «Why should I? Just for your ego? Live with it.» The question about the pills gets another frown, «No. They didn't renew my prescription so I had to detox from them.» He's not terribly thrilled about it either but he didn't have much say this time.

"You're no fun," Whitley almost pouts. "What a shame. Rain offered dinners and everything." He considers. "That might be good for you in the long run. That kind of reliance is never a good thing." He sighs and stands. "Anyway, enjoy your dinner. It was nice seeing you after so long." He may just be trying to be polite, but his tone suggests…regret? Almost.

«Dinners? For you? I have dinner with my sister all the time. And aren't you gay, so why would you care?» But if it's bothering Rain so much that she's recruited Whitley, he'll have to talk to her about it. «You haven't changed a bit, Whitley, but I'm glad you're ok.» He didn't want anyone eaten by dinosaurs or drowned. «Thanks for your opinion.»

"What can I say, the heart wants what it wants…" Whitley grins. Maybe he just said he was gay to convince Schuyler. Or maybe he's only teasing with Rain thing. Whatever the case, he doesn't reveal his motives. "I'll take that as a compliment." With that, he picks up his tray and heads over to the table he abandoned.

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