(2018-03-03) Treatises and Treaties
Treatises and Treaties
Summary: While researching in the library, Ashton makes peace with Koga, while talking with Lily and Koura.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-03)
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Library - Winbarry Estate

The Library is a large room with bookcases lining the walls which are full of books. Most of the textbooks have been salvaged from the school. Only the books that are referenced most are here. Histories and Sciences mostly with a scattering of other subjects. None of the books on magic have made it to this room. None of the books are in any kind of order just yet.

A few computer workstations have been set up so web suring and hopefully school work can be done.

There are rectangular tables and chairs in here, all salvaged from the school library.

It is Saturday morning. The warm weather trend is still holding. The world seems like it is just peachy. That is unless last night you happened to go decide to play a real life Diablo game with waterlogged zombies and whatever those two big things were. One of the ones that was in the worst shape last night was ironically never touched by one of the zombies. Ashton would still be in rough shape, had Loukanos made sure that he was completely fine before he ever got to sleep. The morning sun was enough to rouse him from one of the most peaceful sleeps he'd ever known. Of course having a god soothing your mind to make you sleep will do that. The dark haired boy is in the library, doing research, or trying to do so with the limited library resources that he has available. Ashton is seated at one of the tables with a pile of books, scattered around him, and a notebook that he is jotting notes in.

So much adjusting and being shown around, that was where Koura had been the past day, as well as her first classes of course. There was something about teams as well which was just kind of there. She told them she hadn't decided yet. In reality it had just been procrastination.

Regardless, she was in the library at the moment, looking over that turquoise hardbound book she had been carrying since arriving here, her lips pursed in a slight frown. "…Even with the practice, nothing new." She mutters to herself under her breath. Sitting in front of her is several rows of varying sizes of small objects, many of which are effectively small dragon statues. But there's some paper clips, a pot or two, some butter knives… and similar. Ashton, notably, may have noticed those items appearing in front of her in his studies, if he wasn't too absorbed.

Koura, meanwhile, had been. She barely even noticed Ashton until she finally opts to close her book with a small snap. She stands up, looking around a moment. She does, finally, notice Ashton. Hm. Someone she recognizes. She begins to make her way over to him somewhat hesitantly, though ends up kind of just… hovering(Not literally!) next to him as she hesitates on what she wants to say and ask particularly.

Koga was also one of those in the fight last night, and had arrived via Tempo express to the estate, where he was given some first aid but he had surprisingly refused healing powers. He had even woken up a bit later as he moved to the library, dressed more casually and what looks like a slightly lazy way from the unbuttoned white shirt and faded black jeans. Entering from the side, he paused as he noticed Ashton. Frowning to himself, the young Asian teen makes his way towards the already researching one at a sedate walk, hands stuffed in his pockets.

Lily comes into the library with a huge mug of what smells like mocha hazelnut coffee in one hand a stappled print out of some kind in the other. She's wearing an oversized, extremely colorful Sword Art Online t-shirt and a pair of black sweatpants, the hems frayed to tatter at the back where she constantly steps on them with her heels. She lets out a chipper little "Hi!" to everyone in the room in a voice that sounds like someone turned her volume down to a 3 then she curls her legs under her as she takes a seat and starts to read.

Oh, Ashton didn't have to see the items appearing to notice, there is a tinging that caught his attention, but he figured that it could be best not to disturb the girl while she was doing, whatever it was that she was doing. When she wanders over, he looks up and smiles weakly, "That was pretty cool… Can you conjure anything or are there limits?" He pauses, "I'm Ashton, by the way.. I'm not sure we have actually met.. If we have, I apologize.. it's been a crazy week." His pale azure eyes moves to Koga as he arrives. He can't help but to tense up a little bit, seeing the last time the two interacted was not, how you say, particularly civil.

Oh good. Koura didn't have to initiate the conversation. Lily spoke up. Koura gave her a small, somewhat hesitant smile. "Good morning." SAO shirt, huh? An anime fan! Koura might have to talk with her later about it at some point. Maybe. If she can work up the courage. "…That coffee smells good." She comments. Koga, meanwhile, seemed to also be approaching Ashton! He gets a little bit of a nod and smile as well. Of course, she went over to someone who was pretty knowledgeable! Ashton, however, asked her a question. "…It, uhm. There are limits… I can't do anything too complex right now… or like… I dunno, bigger than a foot. There's, uhm. Form… issues… if I try larger." The introduction is met with a small little half-bow from Koura. "…I am Koura Song, I… think I saw you in passing. Uhm. A…anyway… what were you studying?" She asks, trying not to just jump into what she wants. Attempting to approach socialization diplomatically!

Koga raises an eyebrow at the creation question, then glances over at Lily. He blinks a few times. Sword Art Online? Oh, yep. Cool fan base here we go! Koga's eyes definitely look over the shirt carefully for a second before he looks to Koura and gives a nod back. Reaching up, Koga runs a hand through his hair before he looks at Ashton. "Ashton? I… would like to have a word with you. If you do not mind, in any case."

Looking to Koura, his eyebrows raise a bit at the creation ability she mentioned. "That sounds like fun." He smiles at her, then looks to Ashton with a bit more of a serious expression.

Lily isn't paying that much attention to the conversation going on at the othjer table. Just enough, really, to know when she's been addressed. When Koura makes a comment about her coffee she looks up and smiles, "Chocolate, hazelnut, crema and so much sugar you can barely taste the coffee. What's not to like? You can try it if you want." She slides the mega coffee cup a little in the other girl's direction before going back to what is now visibly a script. AS she read her lips move every so often as she mouths the dialog for one of the characters.

Ashton offers Koura a smile. "Yeah, I think we probably did… I'm sorry.. Like I said, it's been crazy. Uh, speaking of crazy, myths and legends of nautical undead… " He grins but his tone is completely serious. He listens to her explanation, nodding slightly as he listens. Then Koga walks up. He sighs. Well, in theory, he won't kill me in the library in front of witnesses. Let's just hope he doesn't want to go talk in private. There is a momentary distraction. "Um.. the chocolate? Either have hot chocolate or have coffee." He grins at her, "Morning, Lily." He puts his pencil into the page that he was writing on of his notebook and closes it so that the pencil marks his page. "Sure thing Koga." He steels himself for a moment before he stands. If I'm going to die, I'm not going to just sit here and go that easily.

"…It can be, I guess. …Never have to worry about losing ping pong balls." Koura comments absentmindedly. …Really? Ping pong balls? Still, it sounded like Koga and Ashton needed to have /words/. Koura begins to debate moving over to the other table, maybe she could be social with the seemingly social person, and let them have the conversation? Hmmm. "…That does sound like my kind of coffee… I'm not a fan of bitter tastes." She comments towards Lily almost absentmindedly. Ashton gets a quizzical look. "Nautical undead…" She muses to herself quietly for a bit. "Mmm… I've read a couple of stories about abandoned sailors, thrown overboard or left to die when something goes wrong if they're off the boat… the resentment kind of gathers and causes them to become, uhm, well… dead. But… those were in storybooks. I don't know how accurate that is…" She muses. Regardless, she does begin to move a bit over towards Lily, opting to take her up on the tasting of the coffee, sitting down nearby her to take a small breath of the sweetness, before taking a small sip. She puts it down almost immediately afterwards, moving the mug back over to Lily. "…Maybe not my kind of coffee after all." She says, pulling a small face. "Too much sweetness." Yep, give them space in case of danger.

Koga raises an eyebrow when Ashton stands. "… you realize if I wanted to kill you, I could just setup some sort of lightning spell from across the room, right?"
Koga looks to the others then, then to Ashton. "I owe you an apology. My family… we are trained to fight what I sensed partially from you. I have faced something… similiar to you before." Koga, despite his words, is watching Ashton carefully. The teenager shrugs a bit. "It was not the same as you. It was a full one."
Koga rubs the back of his head, "You displayed abilities yesterday, is there a reason you have to harm yourself to use them?"

Lily looks up from her script as Koura comes up to try the coffee, her smile growing slightly as the other girl realizes just how much sugar is in the cup, " I know, not for everyone." Her tone is amused, her volume as usual, much lower than a normal person's. Then the word 'kill' pops up in the boys conversation and her focus shifts. After taking a big drink from her cup she asks, "Wouldn't you at least assume that if someone had been admitted to the school there would have been background checks to make sure they weren't some kind of villain in training?"

Ashton relaxes a bit. He chuckles slightly, "Um.. No I didn't, but good to know… Sorry, just not use to people wanting to kill me anyway… " He cocks his head slightly, "Well, I still am not sure that I am what you think I might be… But Besa and I talked… and he said that I might even know that I am somehow tainted.. or even possessed, but he's going to make some kind of rune thing to help me figure things out." He shrugs slightly, "So, no offense, but I am hoping that your spidey sense is just off for some reason.." He offers his hand out to Koga, "But apology accepted… Water under the bridge, Dude." As far as the question about hurting himself. "Not all spells require it.. only things significant require there to be a price paid… either by me or someone else, which if it calls for such.. I'm not going to take that price from someone else." He pauses, "Well, it's not like most of it did any good… I was pretty much ineffectual for the most part.. except for the warding circle and the stuff later.." Yeah, he doesn't want to mention that he called up a shadow demon or used his magic to "reap" the undead with a mystical scythe.

Well, there was kind of a thinly veiled threat there from Koga, but it was also kind of a … vaguely peaceful thing. Ish. Sort of. Koga might not be very good at people. Hm. Still, apologies are being made, and questions asked. Lily's comment gets a little shake of Koura's head. "…I think it was more syrup than anything." She says with a tiny stuck out tongue. The comments on background checks gets a little nod. "…I haven't done anything and even they looked into me pretty deeply from what they told me." And this test with all sorts of questions on it, but she doesn't mention that part. Then Ashton begins to talk about his abilities, and she listens pretty intently to that. Tainted, possessed, a rune thing, and spells. Interesting. So he was some sort of mage or warlock or something! Hmmm. Still, she opts not to butt into that part, instead turning her attention more fully to Lily. "…Can you tell me a bit about the teams? The teachers mentioned them a bit and how I was supposed to join one but it kind of was all a whirlwind yesterday."

Considering, Koga looks at Ashton, then over at Lily and Koura. "My apologies. I should have used harm instead. Ashton and I were a bit at odds until now, mostly because of…" He looks to Ashton, "… my 'spidey sense' as you call it and my training as I said. It comes from being a long line of protectors."
Giving a small hum, Koga considers before he looks at Ashton, "Have you ever tried to enchant or inscribe instead? Such as Besa does with his runes, or I do with mine? It may negate the price slightly."
Moving his hand from his head, Koga makes a few quick finger motions in the air. The motions leave a few lines that swirl together before reforming into a small winged serpentine shape. Almost dragon like as it flaps it's wings and flies around his head to land on his shoulder. Koga looks at it, then sighs. "… and here I was hoping to get the shape right."

Lily shrugs a little bit in response to Koura's question. "I've only been here for a few days mysefl, so all I know is the basics. Athens Leagueare the goody-two shoes, classic hero types. Order of Ares are the gung-ho, shoot-first, ask questions later sort. Consortium of metis, they're the tricky one. And the Guardians of Prometheus are the servant leader types." As she takes in more of the conversation she giggles and adds, "But maybe there should be a Mandrake House, so all the mages can be together. There seems to be a lot of them around. "

Ashton is the one now to rub the back of his neck. "When a spell forms in my head.. that's just how they form… I didn't even realize that the glyphs are…" he pauses, not sure whether or not to explain its nature - at least according to Besa, "I I didn't realize that they were actually words… just not" another pause, "normal words." He looks over at Lily, "Well, that's a bit of an over simplified description… It has more to do with mental and philosophical approaches. "Athenian do what is right and what is within the constraints of the rules. Ares then to do what they feel is right, regardless of the rules. We often act by our instincts. Metis tends to think things out and set things in motion long before anyone else even thinks about it. And Promethians tend to put everyone else before themselves."

The explanation from Koga gets a simple shrug from Koura. "It's fine." Is her simple response, she'd already more or less gotten the explanation. Still, there were new methods being discussed. She would have to research those. Enchantment or inscribing… maybe that would be able to help with her 'durability' issues. Aaaand then it turned out Koura asked the wrong person about the groups. Someone else who was pretty new. "I… see. Which one did you opt to join?" She asks Lily, "Or have you not decided yet either…?" Mandrake house. "…Why would you go with the screaming root that kills people for the house of mages…?" Ashton's explanation was a bit more in depth, still pretty simple though. Hmm. So basically Athenians are lawful good, Ares are chaotic good… metis are thinkers and Prometheus are like guards and stuff? Koura muses to herself on that. "I… see. …Prometheans sound like they could have an unhealthy viewpoint, but I am sure there's more to each of the teams…"

"And then sometimes you just pick because you like the colors." Koga shrugs a bit, looking over to Koura. "I chose Athenian myself. It is said to be about honor, valor, courage, justice, and discipline. Discipline is something I tend to need at times."
Looking to Lily, Koga rolls his eyes. "If you do that, we should make teams for the different power sets that flow together. I have seen quite a few people with wings lately."
Turning to look at Ashton, Koga gives a bit of a huh. "… I can relate. My own are technically not even Japanese, Mandarin, or English." He motions at the small dragon thing on his shoulder. "At times, I have to use intent and simply let my hands flow, or figure out the word myself. It is… annoying at times."

Lily giggles and this time she really whispers rather than just speaking at a low volume. With a wink towards Koura she says, "Like I said, goody-two-shoes, shoot first ask questions later, tricky ones, and servant leaders." Going back to her normal voice she continues answering Koura's questions, "I'm definitely an Ares, with all the good and bad that comes with it. And Mandrake, well, he's an old-timey comic book magician-hero. I guess it could be the Dr. Strange House instead? And then you could have the Angel Aerie for the winged people. And that little guy is cute, Ashton." She grins at Koga when she adds the last little comment. Maybe it would be fun to have power based teams at that.

Ashton momentarily ponders mentioning that Besa had already identified the glyphs as the language of demons, but they seem to be doing better at the moment, why push it? He decides to look back at Koura, "Well, Prometheans tend to put others before themselves… It does mean that they are likely get hurt trying to make sure others don't… but then again, it is pretty common for all four teams." He pauses, "Well one reason to not have teams based purely upon their powers is to allow diversity of the teams. That way there is a variety of abilities on any given team."

"…Well, that's true, one could choose based on powers." Koura muses out loud after Koga's comments. She didn't really like the thought of Metis, but she liked green. Hmmm. In spite of her saying it was unhealthy, she's kind of leaning towards the guardians. Kind of. "I see… so you do good within the rules." Lily gets a nod from Koura. Hmm. Oh. Lily had been talking about a superhero, not the fantasy plant. She would need to read some more comics she supposes. "Oh. I see." She says kind of dumbly. Ashton gets a bit of a nod. "So they're kind of like… policemen and such?" She asks towards Ashton. And diversity sounds like a good idea, but she doesn't opt the comment on it, not much more to say, so she just nods.

Smiling at Lily in thanks, Koga looks to Koura. "The teams are also like a family at times. You tend to pick them based on friendships, ideals, and those you would trust to support you as much as possible." He shrugs a bit. "I do not know as much as the more senior classmen, but I do tend to look around and use my eyes on occasion. I am, like Ashton, new as well."

Lily takes another big drink from her cup, closes her eyes for a moment to enjoy it, then nods in response to Koga's last comment, "That's what it really comes down to. How you believe things should be done. Honestly, I went with Ares because sometimes following rules isn't really the right thing to do in that moment."

Ashton sits back down, opening his notebook back up. He starts scribbling more notes. He nods to Koura, "More or less… but also things like healers and caretakers." He looks down at the notes and scratches out one thing, before replacing it with something else, then drawing several symbols that look more like it alien glyphs from a sci-fi movie.

Like… a… family. Well then. Koura frowns a tiny bit. "I… see. I… guess I'll just pick one, then." She shrugs helplessly. "Probably the guardians. My powers aren't really cut out for heroics. 'Stop villain! Or I shall stop you with … small illusions and flimsy creations!' …Not exactly what one would consider intimidating." Ashton's comment gets a nod. "…Well then, that kind of settles it. I suppose I shall be a 'servant leader'." She says, sticking her tongue out lightly at Lily. "…Because I'm probably a bit more support-ie."

Lily's grin turns into a frown as she brings her cup up to her lips and finds it empty. "Uhoh… Out of gas. Must refuel." Pushing her chair back she leaves her script on the table and start to head for the door in search of more coffee. As she reaches the door she turns back to smile at Koga and Koura, "OH! And I'm Lily!"

Koga shakes his head, smiling. "You know, sometimes the smallest illusions can be the most helpful." He motions at the small dragon like that. "This? Nothing more than a construct of small barriers held together." He smiles at Lily, waving a hand at her. "My name is Koga." The teen looks to Koura. "But seriously, do not sell yourself short because you are just beginning. I took time before I could do this. My first trick I picked up?" He makes a quick twist with his hand and a small ball of light arcing with electricity pops up. "Harmless. Completely. Still fun."

Ashton shakes his head, "Don't sell yourself short…" He cocks his head, "Sometimes, the unexpected can catch even the most battle hardened by surprise and unaware. An illusion of fire in the face will cause almost anyone to falter… An illusion of something monstrous transposed over your face can scare the crap out of someone in a dark alley… If you find yourself more of the mindset to support, then Prometheus might very well be for you. You have a week to make the decision of which team… take your time and get to know some of the students in the different teams."

Uh-oh. Out of coffee, that's pretty bad! Or at least Lily seems to be leaving. "…nice to meet you, Lily." Koura says as Lily heads out. Koga gets a small nod. "Yes… like honestly if your conversation had turned into a fistfight I was going to make it so that Ashton's head and shoulders were slightly displaced from where they are." She says with a shrug. "I mean, I'm not useless! Just uh. I'm also not… exactly, well, I'm not much of a fighter, so…" She lifts her hand, and a dagger forms. "I could make this. But using it… I would be novice at best." She should probably practice on it. "And also…" She smacks the flat of the dagger against the table, and a metallic cracking sound can be heard, as the blade snaps in half, the bit that snapped off rapidly dissolving into energy. She holds up the remaining bit of the dagger, facing it towards Koga. "…Hollow. Everything turns out hollow. Smaller things are slightly less hollow. So I could make uhm. Like… nails or marbles or something if something is charging people." She nods simply. "Yeah… I probably should do that. See how the teams actually mesh together…" An illusion of fire in the face. True. "Yeah, but like I said… definitely think I'm more going to be good at distractions and delaying …at least now."

Koga hums. "That is good." He mentions to Koura. "If you wish to learn, there are a lot of people who can teach you self defense." He smiles, obviously cheerful as he looks over the dagger remain in her hand. He shrugs a bit. "Besides, every great hero has some sort of support I imagine. You can not have one and endure what you have to at times. If you wish to support others, go for it. If not, then try to find some way to enhance your powers."

Looking up from his research, Ashton nods in agreement with Koga. "Koga couldn't be more right… My magic often requires me to injure myself. If it was not for Louk, who … well, he's hard to describe… let's just say when he calls himself a god, he's not being conceited. He literally is one… a minor one, but one nonetheless. But if it had not been for him healing me last night, I probably still be laying on the beach in a sticky mess of blood and sand…." He smiles, "I'm not sure my magic is right for everyone, but I'll be more than happy to help however I can."

"…I'm sure! …That is part of why my parents sent me here." Koura says with a shrug. "To learn." Koura gives a simple nod, musing a bit as she dismisses the remains of the dagger in her hand. "…Supporting others sounds like the best option for me right now." She looks towards Ashton, watching him intently. "…I'm glad that my magic doesn't make me hurt myself… my illusions make me tired pretty fast, though." She shrugs. "…That's good that you're doing better, and uhm… s…sure! I uh… I just kind of … focus on the thing I want to make and 'poof', it exists. I can even make food! …Though uh. Hollow food is…weird."

Koga shrugs, "At least you two tend to have all that you have. Most of mine… well, I tend to turn into another form… um…" The teen gives a shrug, "I think it is… uh… Ashton, a little help, please?" He looks to the other teen to see if he has some insight on it. Koga's definitely a bit uncomfortable about it from the looks. He looks to Koura. "You could say I am like the sentai a bit? No flashy poses or calling attacks, but… pretty close."

Ashton chews on his lower lip. He cocks his head, "Koga turns into this armored warrior that is a total battle monster… It's really impressive, but to be honest… " he pauses, "It feels like magic to me, but I.. I have never come across anything like that in my studies.. but truth be told, I have only been practing for just over a year and a half… So I'm still learning." Yes, summoning up a shadow demon and dismissing it is just "learning".

"…I mean, kind of?" Koura reaches to grab her turquoise book, opening it and flipping a couple of pages. "I uh. Ended up with this, like… I just… created it one day without thinking much and it seems to have my …spell… in it, so I don't know if it's connected to my magic or…" She shrugs. "I seem able to cast without it, but." She turns the book towards the two, written in Korean and extremely detailed. "It's called, uhm. …Alchemy summon? At least I think it's the best translation." She wrinkles her nose. "Translating to English is hard." She closes the book, setting it back down. "…So you transform into an ancient warrior or something..? Interesting…" She looks towards Ashton, nodding a bit. "I mean… it does sound kind of like sentai, or some form of magical transformation… I think I read a graphic novel about something like that before…" She taps her chin thoughtfully. "Better than me… my parents tried to make it so I couldn't practice. Put me into everything they could until…" She trails off. "Well, until they stopped."

Koga shrugs, "It is magic. I am a Tamashino Shisai, or more specifically an Arigire Gouki. They are… ancient terms mostly. More modern, but still ancient." He looks to Koura, then to Ashton. "Look for 'Soul Priests' and 'Cloth Braves' and you may find them. Besa knows what I am, more or less. I do not know if that is a good or bad knowledge. But, our duty is to fight demons, evil spirits, monsters. The things that humans normally can not fight."
He shakes his head. "In any case, if your magic is… written there, perhaps you can figure out more ways to do so?" Koga looks curiously at the book. "It sounds almost as if you need to experiment a bit more."

Listening intently, Ashton nods slightly to Koga. He writes down the names that Koga mentioned. He flinches slightly at the list of things that Koga's duty is to fight. He is still somewhat concerned that there is a possibility that he might be one of those very monsters. He frowns slightly and starts closing up his books. "Koura, it was nice to meet you, and if I can ever help, you only have to ask." He offers a slight smile to Koga, "I will catch you later, Koga. Later, I might need to talk to you, after Besa completes his Rune spell. "

Koura motions towards the lines of creations she'd made earlier — several of which appear to have 'timed out' or been dismissed to conserve energy. "…I have been, though maybe it will just develop when I really want something…that's how it first manifested. I was reading the Anne McCaffrey books and wanted a small dragon of my own." She shrugs helplessly. "I've gotten better at it as I practice, though. At first everything was kind of, well… …Paper-thin. Held its form, but picking it up made it collapse. Now I can almost make a complete grape that is only a little hollow." She nods. Ashton gets a small smile and a little bow. "Thank you. I will make sure to… I should probably go get some lunch or something, it's been a while since I last ate. …Have a good day." She says, making her way towards the doorway to leave, taking her book with her, as those objects disappear, one after the other, tiny trails of aether following after Koura as she leaves.

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