(2018-03-01) The heart wants what it wants
The Heart Wants What it Wants
Summary: Loukanos tries to help reduce Ashton's anxiety after his discussion with Besa.
Date: IC Date (2018-03-01)
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Back Patio - Winbarry Esates

The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.

Whatever Loukanos had to take care of, it's finished now. He made his way back to the Billiard Room only to find that Ashton departed! The bonus of having a demonic boyfriend is they're easy to track down. Silver lining? Maybe. The demigod passes through the folks occupying the Billiard Room and goes out into the patio. With the warm spell passed, Louk sighs a little when he exits the school into the patio.

Ashton is pacing back and forth. His cellphone raised to his ear. His entire demeanor is rather cowed as he listens to whoever is on the other end of the phone call. "Yes, Grandmother… No, Grandmother, I didn't.. " He is silent for a bit more of beratement from the other side. "Yes, Grandmother. I love —" before he finishes, the phone call is ended. He sighs as he slides the phone into his pocket before turning to return back to the house. As he turns he sees Louk, and tries to put on a mask and a smile. "Hey.. I thought you had something to do."

"Science teacher suggested I stay after classes to brush up on the material," Huh. Something Loukanos isn't good at. In the sweater and khakis combo of the Guardian's school uniform, he shifts his weight from one leg to another before sitting on one of the patio benches. "It sounds like you just finished a difficult conversation with your grandmother, huh?" He knows the feeling.

Nodding, Ashton moves and sits down beside Louk. He gives a slight chuckle, "What makes you think it was a difficult conversation?" His question is not in jest, but apparently sincere curiosity. "No Grandmother was just calling to see how I was doing and to make sure that I was taking my meds like I'm suppose to." He cants his head slightly to the side, "If you need some help, I'd be more than happy to help, however, I can."

"Maybe. A study buddy wouldn't hurt, I suppose," Loukanos shrugs, crossing his legs at the ankles. Still shoeless. "Creation myths clash with what's thought in class. I think it's just taking some time to rewire my understanding of the world." He glances over at Ashton. "You looked a little intimidated, I guess." Beat. "Are you taking your meds?"

Ashton looks at Louk for a moment, "Yeah, I guess that would be a bit difficult to wrap your head around. I doubt that they consider alternative theories on the beginnings of things." He shrugs slightly, "Grandmother can be rather intimidating at times.. well most of the time actually." A bit of a frown, "Mostly… they make me feel sick sometimes… but I have been taking the anxiety ones since the talk with Besa." Ashton incidentally has looked continually paler the last several days.

"Many maternal types are," Loukanos says with a chuckle. As for alternative theories, "There's no reason for them, too. The gods of ancient Greece are dead and buried as far as most people are concerned. It's the only class I really struggle with. English, too. My handle on the language isn't the best." Yet he speaks it with perfect fluency. He frowns, "I'm sorry. I can ease the anxiety if you'd like." He did so with Besa, and it worked…for a time.

Ashton raises both eyebrows, "Dude, you speak better English than most Americans do." He grins slightly, "So what exactly do you purpose to do to ease my anxiety?" He grins impishly at that. "And yeah, at least Grandmother is only a goddess in her own mind."

"I am speaking in ancient Greek. You hear English because of a blessing I received from Athena before I left Olympos," Loukanos smiles a little. "Sometimes reading and writing in the language can be a hurdle." He waggles his brows. "Sensual massage with scented oils." He looks straight at Ashton for a moment before his lips break into a smile. "I tease. Magic. I am an empath." He laughs, "Oh, and is she a sorceress too?"

Ashton blinks, "Seriously? Yeah, of course you are… " At the massage remark, his eyebrows arch a bit, as his eyes widen, as does the smile on his lips. The smile disappears, when Louk reveals his teasing. He glares at Loukanos, "I don't like you any more." He grins slightly, lightly running his teeth over his bottom lip. "Would that be such a bad thing, though?" He then becomes actually more serious, "It wouldn't cause any discomfort for you would it?" He laughs, "Oh that is a good one. No, Grandmother isn't a sorceress… The only reason that Grandfather even had the grimoire that I found is because it has been in the family for several generations."

"Did I disappoint you?" Loukanos grins playfully, leaning into Ashton so their shoulders and knees touch. His sapphire gaze lowers to the bitten lip. "No, not at all. Take off your shirt." The boy slips out of the bench and stands behind Ashton, waiting. "It isn't uncomfortable. I just have to…feel harder until the emotions I am trying to project reach the people around me. I hope that makes sense?" He tilts his head. "Did he know any of the spells inside?"

Slowly peeling out of the tee shirt, Ashton shrugs slightly, "Maybe a little…" He turns a bit so that he can look at Louk as they speak. "I think so.. you have to push it… I'd kind of what I have to do when I want someone to hear my thoughts… " He pauses, "Some of them… Grandfather said that some of them he never attempted, and then there were some of them that just didn't work for him."

"I am usually on the receiving end of this," Loukanos chuckles. He doesn't have oils and the patio is way too public for anything remotely erotic, so Ashton will have to settle for a simple back massage. As if molding clay, Louk starts off by softening the muscles in Ashton's back and neck, using soft, slow strokes to warm up the flesh. There's also a tender feeling that now prods at Ashton's mind if he chooses to accept it. Soothing and warm. Sorta like Louk's healing magic. "Sorcerers have varying levels of power. Not everything will work for everyone. Have you ever ran into that problem?"

For Ashton, this is probably one of the most erotic, or intimate, thing he has ever experienced. Neither of his grandparents were what you call affectionate and did not really allow the servants to be so either, witht he notable exception of Martha, but that is another story. At first he cannot help it, but Ashton tenses slightly at the feel of Loukanos's hands, but that quickly changes, as the boy is all but purring. "Not really.. just spells that I wasn't wiling to pay the price."

Feeling Ashton practically melt in his hands, Loukanos smiles pleasantly and continues. With a soft fist and a gentle hand, he applies pressure to the dark-haired boy's shoulders and slowly moves up the side of his neck. "This is enough pressure?" The combination of Louk's nimble fingers and his calming aura make for a rather sensual experience. He grins, "What, magic's too expensive for a rich boy like you?"

Loukanos possibly wouldn't need to exert his emotional ministrations; his presence and touch alone is enough to relax Ashton. The dark haired boy smiles, "I guess… not really sure what to compare it by?" His muscles are plenty pliant, up until that question, then there is a sudden tightening, as he says softly. "Death.. I won't kill someone or an animal or blind someone just so that I can use their eyes as part of a ritual… technically they don't have to die from that, but I'm still not going to do it."

"Hey hey, relax. You're tensing up," Loukanos kneads into the triggered muscle with warm fingers. "That's admirable. A lot of magicians do not restrain themselves to a moral restriction." More reasons why Ashton is not an evil demon! Louk smiles absently but says nothing. He doesn't want to stress the boy out. Instead, he goes for, "You're one of the nicest people I know, Ashton."

Ashton sighs, "Sorry… Guess I can't even relax without screwing it up… I'm sorry, Louk." He closes his eyes as Loukanos begins working anew. Ashton sighs again, but this time, it is one of pleasure as he begins to relax again. "I wish you were right, Louk, but what if I'm not.. What if Besa is right? I mean what if there is actually something wrong with me? Theo said that he felt an overwhelming amount of anger, that knocked him down, when HappyLegs fed off of my aura, and I wasn't even angry about anything."

"Don't do that," Loukanos mumbles quietly as he leans in to press a soft kiss on Ashton's head. "Nothing is wrong with you. You're special. Whether that's a good or a bad thing, only you can decide. No one else should have that kind of power over you. Not Besa or…" He wrinkles his nose. "Why was Theo's spider feeding off of you."

Ashton's hand reaches up, as Loukanos leans down to kiss him on the head. His fingers comb through the godling's hair. His fingertips brushing down the side of Louk's neck and shoulder as he moves his hand back down. He says softly, barely audibly, "Sorry… " He shrugs slightly, "It was an experiment… " He stops, "It was my idea, but I thought that if I was.. if there was something demonic, then maybe his spiders wouldn't want to feed off of me… but Happy did… and the feedback that Theo got nearly knocked him down… "

Loukanos grins when his golden hair is mussed and chuckles at the apology, "Really, you needn't apologize," Back to the massage. With his hands and thumbs, he starts to rub circles up and down along the thin boy's spine. Once Ashton explains that he gave Theo permission, the golden boy relaxes and it shows in his loosened grip. "Sounds like psychic backlash. Was he okay?"

Once again the boy's body melts into the golden boy's touch. Ashton arches his back as Louk moves along his spine, letting little mews past his lips as he does. "He said he was.. just that he didn't expect the intensity of emotions like that.." He frowns just slightly, "He said it was like getting hit with a sledgehammer… If I had known I wouldn't have suggested it… I wouldn't do anything to hurt him…"

"I know you wouldn't," Loukanos is fairly confident that Ashton wouldn't do anything to hurt anybody. Intentionally, anyway. "Yeah, sometimes psychics can get overwhelmed by the emotions of others. It's strange that you weren't feeling the emotions he was hit with. Still, seeing as he's unharmed, I wouldn't worry about it." Easier said than done.

Ashton tenses just a touch, "Well, I was a couple of the emotions, just not the anger that he felt.." He frowns slightly, "I'll try not to… " It's not likely that he will succeed, but he will try. He arches his back a little, craning his head back, so that he can look up at Loukanos. Azure-green eyes seeks out sapphire blue ones. "I still don't understand why you want to be with me, but I'm glad that you do… "

"The heart wants what it wants, no?" Loukanos asks in his faintly accented voice before leaning over to place a light kiss on Ashton's mouth. With that, he ends the massage and circles his arms around Ashton. "You have a good soul." He releases the thinner boy after a gentle squeeze. Snatching the discarded tee, he throws it back to Ash. "Let's go to the beach. I wanna bask in whatever sun is left."

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