(2018-03-01) Right For The Jugular
Right For The Jugular!
Summary: Some innocuous questioning goes South; a new student is also welcomed to the school.
Date: 2018-03-01
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Entry Way, Winbarry Estate
Thu Mar 01, 2018

Clean and spacious, the entrance foyer has a large staircase (Leading up) and many doors that lead off to all different directions of the house. The corner behind the door as a large cabinet with hooks for hats and jackets. Most of the jackets hanging are camo with Unit 23 patches on them. There's an oil painting on the wall, Bob Ross style, the frame slightly dinged up. The floors have been cleaned, but the repeated steps from speedsters in the house have spiderwebs cracks all over.


Part of Callisto Aine's 'community service' hours entail her going off to somewhere in town, a couple times of week.. typically Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings, right after class. Occasionally, if she's really keen, she'll tack on a Sunday. But clearly she has found a placement that agrees with her if she's going willingly — enthusiastically, even (for her anyway) — and coming back satiated. No, she's not into unsavory, 'questionable' things… in fact, she's coming 'home' right now! It's the early evening, the skies a deep russet as the sun completes it's descent, and Callisto had been gone since before suppertime.

The big entry doors open to admit her, her form clad in a fitted ladies' black overcoat — a sort of feminine trenchcoat — and tight dark slacks. She has a duffel bag tossed over one shoulder, her hair sleek and damp and hanging in a silver-white sheaf beyond her shoulders and still dripping a bit at the small of her back. Her color is high, she looks refreshed, as even the tips of her elf-like ears are pinkened.

Where, oh where, did this young lady go?

Daxton comes in. Well….he seems to suddenly appear. Anything not weighed down goes flying. But then there's Daxton standing there, Ares running shoes, but a pizza tee shirt underneath his leather cycle jacket, which is blue and black. The scent of pizza sticks to the teen and he has a milkshake in his hand. A nod to Callisto, "Hey." he can't keep track of all the new students, although it's hard to tell if he's a student or not. Even with his military cut, he looks like a teenager.

The tall girl doesn't seem too concerned after having walked in the chill air with a wet head. She's just carefully pulling off her boots, her duffle hanging forth a bit pendulously, a pamphlet of papers stuffed into a pocket. It's a schedule of sorts, meticulously organized and marked, pages in order, folds crisp. And then a boy comes blazing in, carried by super speed, and the wind that is kicked up by Dax's arrival pulls those notes out of the pocket… yesiree. They are cast upwards and around, about eight pages' worth of the fae girl's graceful, perfect cursive. Other 'light' things in the bag are caught up too: a couple of receipts, a bus ticket stub…. then the clincher: Callisto's hair is sent upwards and around, slapping across her face in heavy hanks.

Blink. Her expression just says 'Wut'.

Straightening, she turns to look upon the speedster with pale cerulean eyes, immediately reckoning that he is the cause. "Good evening." Said smoothly; he couldn't have known she was there. She looks him over unabashedly, not recognizing him.

Daxton's a jerk, but he's not that much of a jerk. Before any of her papers and receipts hit the ground he's zipped around and has them all in his free hand. He sucks on his milkshake as he hands the stack over, "Sorry." He doesn't actually sound sorry, more amused. Dax is pretty solid, he works out everyday.

Deeefinitely a speedster. It takes a fair amount to impress the girl but this is a feat that quirks one thin brow, and then the next, and she's holding out a lithe hand to accept the papers as the milkshake-sipping teen hands them back to her. "Quite alright," Callisto offers, straightening herself out and keeping her composure. IT's easy to see past this ruse, though; she has the look of a girl who is trying not to look too interested but 'lo, she is curious and it's there in a glimmer. The thick shake, burbling up through the straw, is eyed next. She sniffs the air lightly as if becoming aware for the first time of the smell of… it's not unpleasant…

Dear lord in heaven, Callisto has never before eaten a good pizza. In all of her years alive, yet a drop in the bucket compared to some immortals, she has not. eaten. pizza.

Daxton looks amused, Callisto looks.. coolly curious. She sniffs the air again, head tilting. "Your name eludes me… you are..?" She asks, gaze flitting back to the milkshake. She is tall and willowy, completely comfortable in the space that she holds.

Daxton smirks, maybe he gets checked out often enough to tell. And to be fair, she's closer to his age (he thinks) than anyone that he's delivered pizzas to and been invited in, in some time. But then it's his turn to raise an eyebrow, "It's strawberry." The milkshake. Or… "I work at Lighthouse pizza, I'm not wearing the shirt ironically." The shake is sucked on again and then he offers, "Daxton. I used to be an Ares. You?"

The smirk is noted, too, and the fae girl cants her chin haughtily. Is he still amused by her? Whatever for? Her brow relaxes as she gently sets the duffel down and sets to unbuttoning her coat, slowly and methodically. As the bag hits the floor and the air from within wheezes out due to the force, there is a smell of… chlorine. Or something derived from it, gentler for usage in pools. For all appearances Callisto looks the part of a well-bred teenage girl, probably transferred in from some faraway private school or some other easily-fabricated backstory. The coat is hung up in a closet from her designated hook, and Callisto considers as she turns back to face Daxton. She is dressed very tastefully for having come from a town pool, high-waisted dark slacks and a fancy blouse of the palest blue.

"Lighthouse… Pizza? Hn, never been.. but I've not been in this town for too terribly long, either." Her words are lightly accented; Northern, almost. "Ah, a graduate… are you of this estate?" She asks smoothly, indicating the room with the barest swivel of her neck. Gaze back to Dax, then. "Callisto." A measured, un-self-conscious stare. "Metis." Ah yes.. makes sense.

Daxton's seen the Master twins, he knows snooty and rich brats well enough. "It's the best pizza in town." Not bragging where he works, it just is. "I'm part of Unit 23, if that's what you mean, yeah." He smirks again, taking another hip as he nods. Figures. Metis are all kinda weird. "Cool. Hope school is treating ya ok." He starts to shrug out of his own coat, the boy's physique is not disappointing.

She sure does pull off the snooty look well, doesn't she? But there's something else there; it goes beyond the ruse of being a snooty rich kid. Were one of a more.. psychic proclivity be present, they may very well feel a potent aura resonating from the pale-haired girl. Deft fingers of mental energy. Something in the eyes, too; not a bored look, not at all. Callisto looks hyper-aware, an old and almost feral edge to the stare. She goes on watching Daxton for a moment as he shrugs off the coat and indeed reveals a physique that has perhaps sent a few of the students into a tizzy. She tilts her head slightly, curiously. "Ah, the Unit." She knows of that; how could she not, when the announcement was made that their establishment would be housing the displaced students?

Callisto lowers herself to seat herself into an armchair, pulling the duffel over toward her ankles, preparing to open it up. She looks up at Dax then, "I cannot complain. I do so enjoy the… service hours. T'is a good way to get to know the town." She sounds earnest, "When did you graduate?"

"…You should probably not perform acts of public indecency inside of a school…" Comes a comment from the entrance, Koura stepping in through the front door, holding a rather large book in her hands as she moves in, carefully beginning to move around the side of the two to take in the two absentmindedly. "…" Unless Daxton is a teacher. Wait, is this his house? Hmmm. Aaaaand there was a potent aura coming from the other girl. So one was a nudist and the other was intimidating. She, meanwhile, had a very mild psychic aura. Possibly barely even noticeable. "…I got here and turns out the school was destroyed and I was sent here instead." She seemed almost hesitant when speaking. "…Where are the bedrooms?" The girl finally asks.

Daxton's not Psychic. or Magical. He's just fast. He nods, "Yup, the Unit." He stands, blue and black leather speed racing jacket in hand. His Red Lighthouse Pizza tee smells like his work, pizza. The speedster has a milkshake in hand, "I graduated last year." He turns to glance as the two enter, "Bedrooms are upstairs."

Ariel wanders in from the direction of the dining room, a boy for now, tall, broad shoulders, good looking, because why wouldn't you be if you got to choose?, with curly dark hair and blue eyes. Classes long over, he's now wearing a brown t-shirt with an old west-style font that advertises an unlikely product called Peepum's Nasty Gum. In one hand he's carrying what looks like a smoothie. Lots of chunky berries, it looks like. Well, unless you get close enough to see the raw red beefy chunks. And perched on his shoulder is a tiny girl, no taller than six inches. As he walks she just sits there cursing in his ear, getting very creative in her vulgarity. Finally he says, "Oh my god, you're making me feel bad about myself. Please stop." The tiny blonde girl nods slowly, then whispers, "Fart." in his ear, causing Ariel to roll his eyes expressively. He's just passing through to the stairs, but he slows to a stop when he realizes he doesn't recognize anyone. Except. He looks at Callisto for a long moment. "Hey. You were at the club, right?"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Great Success.

The graceful fae girl glances through her belongings, deeming it too late to be doing laundry. Nah, better wait until the morning before class. She may be aloof but she is considerate, not wanting to leave her things to be dealt with by others. She stuffs the towel and flattering swimsuit back into the bag, zips it shut. She's just lifting her gaze to look upon Daxton again imploringly until two things happen in Callisto's regard: her strong mind senses the arriving psychic aura before she sees the girl arrive, and she turns her head to observe Koura's arrival. Daxton answers quickly, perhaps having had to do so countless times. "Indeed." Said in an exhalation, "Others are awake up there and can help you along." Offered in her smooth way.

To the speedster she turns again, "However did you get involved with Unit 23, after graduation? Were you picked?" She asks outright, nevermind if it's not her bidness! Callisto watches Daxton with earnest interest… and 'lo, another arrival! Ariel — in a guise that Callisto remembers — arrives and Callisto looks to him and his.. interesting 'passenger'. He speaks to her and the girl smiles languidly. "Ah, EROS. Who won the competition?" Asked gently.

"…An alumni, then. I see. Thank you." Koura says, dipping her head into a little bow. A milkshake, speed racing jacket. Ah, he had a tee underneath the jacket. Well, he wasn't actually a nudist. Right. People wear clothing under their sweaters and jackets. That's what normal people do.

Aaaand then a man with a tiny woman on his shoulder walks in. Well, that seems reasonably normal, like something she could do even! His shirt gets a quizzical look. "…Is that a novelty t-shirt or is that an actual product?" She asks, an edge of curiosity to her voice. Aaaand… Callisto knew she was there before she was even there. It's a little unnerving to have someone looking at you, even if she can tell the other woman has a strong aura that feels somewhat familiar! Because it's power seemed similar. Also overwhelming, as Callisto is likely several times stronger than her in psionic power. "…Oh, right. Would any of you happen to know where the teachers are as well? I should probably check in with them."

Yikes, going for the throat there, Callisto? Daxton's smile fades and he answers straight enough though, "I was kidnapped and experimented on. Unit 23 and I escaped." So…he was with the Unit before coming to the school? He glances between the new arrivals, not completely surprised by the tiny person (Fel's probably his best friend, she shrinks down all the time). "I smell like pizza, I'm gonna go shower." The students all get nods, "Someone's been eating Felicia's ramen, be careful if you go into the pantry. She may be setting up booby traps." Maybe.

"I don't eat ramen, but I've been nicking the tuna. So if that's someone's, I'd appreciate a warning." Ariel makes a face. He has no idea who any of these people being mentioned are, but if Daxton's a graduate it's probably a safe bet he doesn't want to be responsible for any of his friends being without their beloved cans of plain tuna. Yum? The girl nods effusively at the mention of tuna and whispers, "Food! Food! Food!" He reaches up and flicks his homunculus on the side of the head and in response she turns and punches him behind the ear. Ariel winces, but decides to ignore his passenger for the moment and gives Callisto a dopey grin, "Um. Well, Cupid hit me with his arrow and I hit him with one of mine, so I guess in the end we both kind of won. Don't tell him I said so, but I think maybe I won a little bit more." The unfamiliar freshman gets a nod from him.

The Metis may sense the presence of another with the 'ability', but she does not pry. Will not intrude. The mind is such a private, critical thing and Callisto treats it with such. Still, the awareness is ever-present. Too bad she hadn't used such discretion in what she thought was an innocuous question to the speedster! Wasn't the Unit like a military offs—-oooh. Daxton's answer takes her by surprise and her solemn expression softens some.. not with pity, but sympathy. "That… is inexcusable, for you to have experienced such. Forgive my forthright question." She offers, meaning it. Maybe if she ever visits this Lighthouse Pizza, she will sneak him a hefty tip.

But the nuance is noted: the boy was with the Unit before, she assumes, it mixed with the school. Interesting indeed… such complexity. Still, she will not stop him, though she still looks concerned. "Goodnight, Daxton." Is offered smoothly as she pulls her bag into her lap.

Koura, next, is observed.. and Callisto has to actually rifle for an answer. "Close to where you must go, the girls' wing. There is a room there where you might find someone in attendance, with that authority. What is your name, miss?" She asks the new arrival, her gaze soon cutting over to Ariel. She's quick; her lips pull into a languid smile. "Ah, are you both courting?" Asked next, voice smooth as velvet. This is how she construed the hitting-one-another-with-arrows bit!

The speech on Unit 23 was listened to rather intently by Koura, Callisto's questioning and the response from Daxton. Daxton was less than pleased with the question it seemed. Koura's lips pursed into a slight frown. Kidnapped and experimented on. That is /quite/ unpleasant. "…It is none of my business, but I am sorry that happened to you." Koura speaks softly to Daxton. Ariel speaks of being hit by an arrow and an arrow being shot. Some sort of valentines day thing? Interesting! She flicks her finger towards the little woman, attempting to put a pair of tiny boxing gloves on her hands. It's a subtle movement that could easily be missed.

Callisto actually gets a small smile from the otherwise neutral-faced mostly avoiding looking directly at people teen. "That's good… both things in one place. Oh, me? I am Koura Song. I uhm. Was just transferred here by my parents." …Captain obvious there. "Is there a name or something on the door? Or other way that makes it obvious?" She asks about the room that might have someone of authority.

Daxton shrugs, clearly it's a sore subject, but at least the teen is trying to brush it off like it's not. "It's done and over." And he's here and alive, right? "Night guys." And then he leaves, at a normal speed. No reason to knock newbies over.

"I'm not sure about courting. Neither of us have sent the other any blooms in the language of flowers or colorful letters where we describe our longing. Is that courting? I feel like the Bronte sisters didn't properly prepare me for modern dating. But, uh, yeah, we're seeing each other. And it's basically the best. So go team lovegods, I guess!" His tiny passenger makes rude gestures during Ariel's entire story there. She starts at getting the boxing gloves, but it doesn't stop her from leaning forward to say, "Where's Conner? Oh, the things I want to-" she is cut off by Ariel raising his hand. The girl dissolved into a gray brown mass of clay-like material, elongating out into grasping ropes which are then absorbed into his fingers. "That was a fun experiment. Next time I'll see if I can't make one with a filter." He waves to Daxton as the graduate makes to go. Someone else with a dark past. That's nice. They should form a club!

The small smile bodes well with Callisto, and makes her want to sink more thought into helping the shy girl. She cycles through her experiences with the staff, wondering who would be the kindest one to redirect her toward. "Why don't you give me just a few more minutes, and I shall show you. I'm heading that way shortly." What's this? The typically aloof fae girl is trying to be helpful? She means it, she does! It's a new prospect. Maybe Miss Annalee… or the English teacher with a flair for bugs and drama and poetry. Both seem to be the most palatable, to point this young girl toward for assistance.

"T'is nice to meet you, Miss Song." Callisto offers in a way that is just too formal for a girl of her apparent years. Her accent and manner of speech are older, but losing some of the frost following her faux pas with her questioning Daxton. She turns next to Ariel as she stands, smoothing her clothes but pausing as she watches exactly how the tiny shoulder-girl is dealt with. Fascinating. It shows, too, in her face. "Congratulations, then… judging by your rapport on the dance floor, seeking your quarry.. you've… chemistry, the both of you." A smooth smile as she shoulders her bag. She smells of some manner sultry perfume with an overlay of bactine from the pool. Ugh. Callisto needs to shower.

She actually bows at the waist. "Goodnight then, I must be off." She says gently. If Koura follows, she will direct the younger girl to a teacher; if not? Callisto reiterates directions, and takes her leave.

"Good night." Koura says in a moderately friendly tone as Daxton begins to leave. It was pretty reasonable, being night time. Still, he seemed a little upset. As the golem dissolves, the little boxing gloves would fall off of the golem, likely bouncing off of Ariel's shoulder to land on the ground. They look mildly deflated after the fall as well. "…When you created it, you did not make it's personality? …That seems like something you would do, either consciously or subconsciously." Koura says thoughtfully, shifting her book to her hip. "At least, to my knowledge that's how it tends to work." …At least in the books she read. She moves forward just enough to pick up the two tiny boxing gloves she'd made, backing off pretty quickly afterwards to begin examining them. Hmm. A casual squish and they were returned to the magical energy they'd come from.

Koura notes down Callisto as someone who seems to be somewhat friendly, or at least being helpful! "Thank you, I'll follow you then. It is nice to meet you as well." Callisto didn't offer her name, but she doesn't push too hard. She bows towards Callisto as well; with returned formality. "Thank you, ma'am." She says politely, once directed… and then would go after the teacher to check in. Perhaps things wouldn't be …entirely… awful here. Maybe. If nothing else, there seemed likely to be no lack of entertainment.

Koura also would have said a quick good night to Ariel, being not a rude person!

"It's wrong to assume that it's subservient to me. We're equals. I am Ariel," says Ariel, who is only just now bothering to introduce himself. As he says that a nametag appears on his chest which says Hello, my name is Ariel. "And she was Ariel. We're both the same. She was just shorter because I'm only just now figuring this out. Her personality will always be mine. She just lacked a filter and only wanted food, to curse and look at my boyfriend's chest. Which are all things I kind of want? But I put a patina on that shit." When Koura heads off to follow Callisto he offers the girl a wave, then tries to figure out what to do with himself for the last twenty minutes before curfew.

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