(2018-03-01) Fightin' Irish.... Grannies!
Fightin' Irish…. Grannies!
Summary: Sorry, no actual Irish grannies duking it out in this scene (it'd be awesome though)… but there's talk of them.
Date: 2018-03-01
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Back Lawn, Winbarry Estates
Thu Mar 01, 2018

A large swatch of green that goes in all directions. To the east and northeast, the lawn goes from the green of grass to the yellowish-brown of sea grass and then sandy beach, the blue-green of the ocean spreading out as far as the eye can see. In the center is a tall overgrown hedgemaze, with dormant flowering bushes at the corners.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

Sure, it's a Thursday evening, just on the precipice of the weekend but not quite there yet. But at the temporary location for Coral Springs, things seem to run on their own time and schedule, so if one eccentric girl wants to traipse out onto the grounds to explore at sunset and maybe ease off some of her solar energy payload… well! She's gonna do it! Fionnuala Reid LOVES this time of day, when a clear late-winter-perhaps-with-a-sniff-of-spring (whew) is giving way to a beaut of a sunset. Pair that with an expanse of beach and sighing, dark waters and there you have it: exactly WHY Fee doesn't want to be holed up indoors. Because look, just LOOK!

Suppertime has come and gone and the shifter girl wanders out onto the back lawn in her bum-length woolen coat and her hair pulled up into a messy ponytail. Wings out, stretched wide…. the absorbed solar energy from the day falls from her in dashes across the shadowy lawn, fine as gold dust. She's padding toward the water, hands in her pockets, feeling around for her phone so she can snap a few pictures. To add a couple more sunset photos to the already copious amount that occupies her SD card already. Thank goodness Conner set her up with a snazzy phone that can take the punishment! c.c

Besa's been present at meals the last two days, (hooray). He's changed out of his uniform into the designer jeans Rain bought him and a sweater. And winter coat. and knitted cap. But look, he's outside and not practicing! Just enjoying a walk, alone, on this pretty start of the evening. Seeing Fee he smiles softly and start walking in her direction.

Dressed in a pair of swimshorts, Ronan's actually come from a good swim in the seemingly freezing cold waters. In fact there are little bits of ice in the blond's hair as he comes up from swimming. However, he doesn't look winded or even cold in the slightest. For him, the waters were a pleasant temperature that felt good after being in the hot inside. "Dia dhuit Besa. Cad is ta tu?" He asks curiously. Fionnuala is given a polite wave but he doesn't really know her.

The girl holds the phone just so… presses a button, catches the fiery eye over the water. This is when she realizes there's a boy in the water—-

OH CRAP.. no no no she's not a creeper, she swears. She jams the phone into her pocket, face red in the subdued light of the fading day, eyes rounded and glowing softly in her small face. Ronan is now coming in from his frigid swim and Fee panics inwardly a tiny bit.. is he coming to ask her if she's taking pictures of him in the water?! Oh crap!

At this moment she can hear soft footfalls coming to join her, and she turns to see——oh! Besa always makes Fee smile, and her lips curl upright at their corners charmingly. "Hi, Besa!" She chimes, waving to him in his approach. Ronan joins them too and the girl turns to look at the Irish boy, recognizing the lines of Gaelic with which he greets the Egyptian boy. She lifts her hand in greeting, inwardly relieved that no misunderstanding came to pass. "Good evening!" She chimes, "Good swim?" Is asked next, eyes flitting to the ice chips in Ronan's hair. Eeek!

"Hello Fionnuala. I hope your evening is going well?" He looks like he's started sleeping finally. The edges of his hair curl up around his cap, but he doesn't seem to notice, "I have been told I must have some fun. So I am taking a nice walk." in the protected areas of the school. He smiles at Ronan, "Was the water pleasant for you, Ronan?"

"Aye the water was pleasant enough this evening." Ronan says cheerfully when asked about his swim. Offering a chilled hand to Fionnuala, he's not realized that he has ice on his body quite yet, Ronan says, "Name's Ronan, nice ta meetcha." He says with a playful smile forming on his lips, "It's a lovely evening to be out of that stuffy humid hot sticky building where everyone wants ta be warm and hot." He says wrinkling his nose a bit. So his idea of warm is considerably cooler than the average person.

The girl always liked the sound of Gaelic, granted, her family mostly spoke the Scottish variant. She recognizes the lyrical timbre in Ronan's spoken language and looks briefly pleased. In Fionnuala's own voice, meanwhile, one can hear the slightest inflections of some manner of a Scottish accent.. only just. The barest bit of coloration to her words. Her parents, on the other hand…. *cough*…

To Besa, Fee smiles affectionately. "All is well.. I'm making my own fun. You're welcome to join in, if you'd like.. it's called aimless wandering, looking at beautiful things. This time there's no risk of accidents." Said meaningfully and there, in her eyes, is a glimmer of appreciation. Of trust. Ronan's hand is noticed in her peripherals and Fionnuala turns to take his hand with her own; her palm is warm but not hot, despite her solar energy. If anything it affords to her a radiance, the tiniest glimmer of light winking at the corners of her smile. "Hi Ronan, I'm Fionnuala." She greets, "Settling into the classes well enough?"

Besa shivers, but is glen Ronan had a nice swim. Brrrr. "I am glad you are enjoying it." He turns to Fee and laughs softly, "That sounds lovely, yes." He quiets as they two get to know you.

"As well as be expected. Despite English bein' the primary language of Ireland these days, I went to school where it was taught as a second language." Which is why Ronan's accent is a touch thicker than normal. "And we rarely speak English at home unless we have guests than cannot speak it well." He says stretching absently. "But the people here have mostly been nice. Only met one jerk, and then there's Rain who I think is tryin' ta keep people at a distance sometimes and other times doesn't care. She seems good people though." He has a cold air about him, not surprising given the ice bits aren't melting in the slightest.

"Okay, you can be my helper-outer in looking for cool things. It's too bad the time of year isn't conducive to lightning bugs." Fee says mournfully, scanning the grass. She turns her kind gaze back upon Besa, "Have you been doing better? You look better rested." And fed, though she won't blurt that out immediately. She turns next to lend an ear to Ronan, "My Da wanted me to learn Gaelic, but I was born stateside. I've a whole swath of family overseas who can speak Scots Gaelic fluently." Fee says happily, almost proudly. "No matter how you cut it, it's a pretty language." She pauses as Ronan stretches out from his swim… Fee's eyes again flit to his hair. He must be some sort of elemental to not be freezing his bits and pieces off in the cold sea.

"Most people are pretty good. Rain is one of my favorites." She grins outright, "She has a very good heart, she's just very guarded." Fee concurs, her own warm aura meeting Ronan's albeit gently.. Fee's 'heat' is more ambient, gentle. "I can't wait til' the water gets a bit warmer.. I'm not much for polar bear swims."

Besa shuffles his feet gently, but then softly tells Ronan, "Rain is one of the best people I know. She is just….focused." He smiles, awhile he's not able to take pictures, he can point out stuff! "I am…alright." He stops himself from rubbing his chest. He'll edge a little closer to Fee, even ambient warmth is better than none.

"Well Gallic is by its nature an inferior language." Ronan says rather playfully, "Rain seems like she wants ta keep close to her breast as much as possible." He says shrugging a little bit. "I don't notice the cold water much. When it comes ta cold, I am very able ta handle it. I kinda wonder how much clothing I'd need in the Antarctic. I would love ta see if I could be feeling the coldness of it I would." He says in that same cheerful demeanor,"Now heat… I don't like heat. And Besa here doesn't like cold, so I try and not radiate too much when I'm around him."

As Besa edges a bit closer, Fee's wing closest to his person lifts slightly, curves inwards, enveloping the quiet boy with a shroud of warmth. "You be you, I'm here and he can take my heat. See how well that worked out?" The girl chimes playfully, her own tone chipper and pleasant. "It took me a bit to get to know Rain better.. I'm still kinda working on it. It's all about approach." The shifter remarks fondly, sunlight winking in the lawn grass beneath her feet… who needs biological fireflies when you have Fee, dropping sun everywhere?!

"So I guess I'd be coined Captain Obvious in calling you a cryomancer?" Fee asks politely of Ronan, head tilting as rivulets of her black hair are caught in the nautical breeze.

Besa snorts, but he'll not get into language debate. "I appreciate that, Ronan. When it gets warmer, I will make a cold rune to cast around you to help." He seems happy to edge close to Fee, not minding being close to her or her wing. He eyes the area, looking for pretty things to take pics of.

"Well ye would be half accurate in that. I can do cryomancy like me ma. However, I am also a hydromancer like m'athair." Ronan says grinning as he holds a hand up and makes a flower from the water molecules in the air in such a way the water actually appears to be moving and holding shape at the same time,"It is an interesting thing ta have working for ye. The whole walking on water becomes a legitimate thing to be able ta do. Although m'athair once said I shouldn't do it around really religious folks or they might freak out a bit." Meaning that the blond Irishman had indeed thought of doing just that. "It takes a lot of mental focus to hold water in a single form but to make it ice is a lot easier at cool temperatures."

"Remember Besa, if something strikes you, let me know. Whatever you think looks nice, that you would take a picture of yourself if you could hold this silly phone." Fee asides to the ancient boy, her tone kind and patient. She will not move farther away from Besa unless he does so himself or indicates that she should. For now, the energy wraps around the two of them and fends off the chill. She watches Ronan as he speaks, her expression tickled at the accent and the way his words flow. Fee has absolutely no trouble keeping up with him, and/or discerning what is said. "Now that's a cool combination…. don't we have another hydromancer on the grounds?" She asks thoughtfully, thinking of Grayson but not knowing enough about him personally. "Two very useful things." A pause then at the talk of walking on water. Fee's expression colors with incredulous amusement, "Better be careful with that… you're right about that. Hell hath no fury like an old lady's righteous suckerpunch." Said gigglingly… then she pauses. "Oh, look!"


No, just the sunset across the sea, it's descent painting a fiery aquarelle across the quivering, dark surface.

Besa's head tilts, finding the pretty thing in the liquid flower Ronan makes, "That is lovely, Ronan." His hand finally gives up the struggle and rubs his chest through his winter coat. He'll motion to the flower for Fee to take the picture. "Perhaps one day i can get a camera, with film. I may be able to hold one of those." He'll offer Grayson's name, "It is Grayson." But then Fee is pointing out the sunset, so he turns to watch it, enjoying the colors.

"He punched me good and proper but it didn't hurt all that bad. Plus I was trying to get him to cut loose a bit. Sometimes a bit of a fight does someone good and he did seem rather better off for it." Ronan says laughing softly and when she mentions about old lady's righteous suckerpunch he gives a hearty laugh,"Have you met mo sheanmhathair?" He asks laughing a bit,"I'd be willing to bet that she could punch harder than like fifty guys here."

The girl lifts her phone and very quickly, captures the water. She'll play with the filters later to make the best of a crappy cellphone camera, but then she's turning back to Ronan to see if he is still wielding that beautiful water display. If he is, with a shy smile, Fee will try to take a picture of the liquid flower. If not? Would it be rude to ask for another one? The look would show in her pretty face!

She turns to Besa, "Oh yeah! Do you want me to check at the thrift store to see if Ruthie has one of those older cameras? Not an LED screen to be found… you load the film and turn the dials, get the exposure nailed… the whole shebang. I would love to see what you photograph, Besa!"

Ronan's hearty laugh actually pulls Fee's lips into a grin. "I do so love your laugh." She says outright, never afraid to compliment others. She tilts her head, "Sheanmhathair…? Granny, I'm guessing?" She asks, her shoulders — and wings — shaking as she giggles. "Irish grandmothers are scary… so are Scottish ones."

Besa shifts, frowning at the news that Ronan got hit. What is Grayson's issue? A soft sigh and he'll turn to Fee, "…no. I mean, yes, but…no. I do not have the coins for such a purchase. perhaps after I get some mugs made." And probably after the cult is taken care of.

"I pushed him to it Besa." Ronan says actually defending the person who hit him. So he's very very weird about things. "And yes. Even me grandmother is a terrifying if ye be doin' something wrong. I remember one summer her chasing me brother and I with a wooden spoon for getting into the cookie dough when she had her back turned. Is it really so bad ta be trying cookie dough when it's delicious? I mean really… It was just SITTING there… and I was eight!" He feels no shame for this. "And I think the thing about salmonella from cookie dough is a lie!"

THe girl clearly does not know of Grayson's deal, or 'issue'. She does tune into the talk regarding the boy as she remembers that name being dropped as one of her boyfriend's past interests. An ex. Now Fee isn't a judgey sort, nor is she a jealous girl… but hearing tale of this Grayson chap hitting Ronan has the shifter feeling a tad.. worried. She looks from the sighing waters, back to the two boys whose company she shares. Is it her place to ask…? Somehow talk of hitting and tension casts a pall on the beautiful scenery and the girl clears her throat softly. Ass-kicking Gaelic grannies are far easier to handle.. go figure. "Well there's no arguing with an old girl like that. Kinda reminds me of my boss, where I work!" A big grin… she actually looks fond of this woman in question. "Meaner than a bull with it's boys in a sling. But you lived to tell the tale… unless she can sense when you're taking a bite of cookie dough. She'll come running across the water after you."

Besa lets the Grayson conversation go. he's pretty much written off any friendship with the Ares. He smiles though, talk of grandmothers is nice. He wishes he had known his. "Cookie dough sounds nice."

"Raw cookie dough is the best if you have someone who knows how ta make it. However, Not everyone does." Ronan says wrinkling his nose,"But seriously… I wouldn't put it past her to be completely aware of everything that was going on around here. She's bloody scary. Mo sheanmhathair isn't even as scary as Nanna and her mother is still alive and kicking at near a hundred. Only person I've seen that can make me ma act all quiet." He pauses for a moment,"Well the Irish and Scottish women frequently went to battle with their men. Bloody… Just think of Granuaille." He says laughing a bit at that.

The beauty of having many relatives, many who know their history? Her mother is savvy and often told little Fee certain tales… whether original, true history, or a creative mixture of the two. "Grace O'Malley." Said cheerfully; she knows that much. "Case closed." Fee obviously agrees with the notion of Gaelic women being tough as nails. "Do you have family stateside, or is everyone back in Ireland?" She asks pleasantly, quite interested. Fee does not disregard Besa's words, though, "Pretty much what Ronan said.. it has to be good cookie dough. Made with lovely butter and good eggs, and good chocolate chips. Better have a good metabolism too, because you're eating nothing but sugars and fats." A look of longing.

"The fact that there's raw eggs in it puts people on their ears, sometimes."

Someone who knows everything? Maybe Besa needs to talk to Ronan's granny. "I thin a small amour of it would be good to eat." He's not wanting to eat a whole bowl of it himself!

"If ye must be calling her by the Anglicization." Ronan says nodding to Grace O'Malley. "But ye cannot be forgetting Scathach. Sure she was part of the Ulster Cycle but I like ta think she was a real woman all fierce and strong." He says with a big grin. "And who cares about a good metabolism, it's delicious to eat. End of Story!" He is not one of those that cares about his figure. He does do plenty of exercise just keeping from hurting himself to burn calories. "All me family is back in Ireland. Me grandmother and some of me aunts on that side are located in the Gaeltacht, but m'athair's side and greatgrandma are in the DUblin area."

"We're well-met, then.. I've only my Ma and Da." Fionnuala offers, "Everyone else is back home." The whole army of them.. probably for the best. She looks at Besa next, "Maybe the next time there's some being made in the kitchen, ask to try a bit. I bet you if I even go into the kitchen tomorrow thinking of a good chocolate chip cookie, Miss Annalee will know it and be mixing up some batter." The girl says affectionately.

Turning back to Ronan then, the girl yet notes the glittering bits of moisture in his hair. "Would you like to come back inside, or are you out here for awhile longer?"

"Perhaps you can get her cookie dough recipe then, Ronan?" But then he nods to Fee, "I will, yes." he then chuckles, nodding, "Yes. Miss Annalee has that power, I think." He turns back to look at the sun setting.

"It is possible. I'm sure if I had a way of writing her I could. She doesn't use a computer really… We tried ta teach her but she hasn't gotten the hang of it. She doesn't even care for cars." Ronan says trying to explain his technology avoidant grandmother to people. Besa might be able to understand her. "As for going inside, I can go inside. It doesn't really bother me ta be out here… Do I have ice in me hair again? That tends to freak people out a little bit when that happens." He says laughing cheerfully.

The shifter listens with interest to both Besa and Ronan, and it is to the former that she replies first, "A power.. that must be it. Not only does the lady make everyone's favorites… I mean everyone.. but she does it perfectly. Surely she has the one cookie dough recipe to rule them all." She speaks in good esteem of the school cook. Fee sure was happy, when she was well following her accident, to have been served the most amazing plate of spaghetti and meatballs.. made just for her.

"Sounds like my auntie Catriona. She's a real whiz with computers but uncle Kam hates them. Stubborn as a mule. Back in the blue screen of death days, he thought that was supposed to happen with computers." Fee observes with a fond smile, before her glowing gaze flits up to the boy's glittering hair. "Yup, lots of it too. It actually looks pretty!" She compliments. "I'd better be going in soon, myself… I have lots of homework to catch up on, after my fun.. fun weekend."

Besa's head tilts, "Does she not write on paper" He thinks he'd like Ronan's gran, he doesn't like cars and computers either! A small nod about his hair. "I find that written letters hold more meaning." Write your grandparents! He'll motion to Fee, "Take a picture of his hair."

"She does indeed but I don't actually remember the address there. Usually she came to our home instead of us going there. She is an interesting old lady." Ronan says grinning at Besa. He personally quite liked cars and computers. They made life so much easier. Although he wasn't as gungho for them as some of the other students. He could exist without them quite easily,"I think meaning is all in the words the people use. A computer letter can hold the same meaning but I do prefer my books to ebooks."

Besa's suggestion rounds Fee's eyes, her brows quirking. "O-oh..! Yes! See? You need a camera someday!" She cries out to the Egyptian boy, turning quickly to note Ronan standing in the dying light of day, each piece of ice catching the reddish light like the tiniest of jewels. "Hold still! This is—-" Wait. She blushes then, lowers her phone. ".. may I? I don't want to seem rude or creepy, but it does look really nice." She asks the Irish boy for permission to take a picture of him with his icy tresses!

She waits patiently and silently before even touching a button.

Besa disagrees, "There is a connection with the written word, in someone own handwriting. It can be a powerful thing." He treasure the few letters he's gotten. He smirks about the camera, "Perhaps one day." If he survives all this cult stuff. As the hair crystals are figured out, Besa turns to look at the dying sun set, "I think I may walk some more."

"I don't mind. If I did, I'd have objected when he suggested it." Ronan says cheerfully,"I have terrible penmanship. Looks like chicken scratch they said." He says shrugging indifferently. "It's just weird for someone ta have ice crystals in their hair and not seem at all cold." He says shrugging indifferently. There were people like him that could do it but they weren't terrible common truth be told.

Snapping her picture for the scrapbook that she is making, to retain memories of their stay in this estate, Fee smiles openly to Ronan. "Thanks… I'm off. It was nice chatting with you, Ronan," She chimes, before nodding to Besa. "I'd join you, but I'll be drawn and quartered if I don't get this assignment done. Near death is no excuse." A theatrical sigh. "Walk safe, Besa. Go beachcomb, there's maybe a half hour left of decent light." A wink.

Lifting a hand in farewell, Fee smiles at the two, and makes way for the back patio.

… and to look for cookie dough. But shhhh.

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