(2018-02-27) That's Gotta Hurt
…. That's Gotta Hurt
Summary: Super PE, one fine morning! There's Game of Thrones references! There's… well, let's just say: Poor Sky.
Date: 2018-02-27
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Winbarry Estate
Tue Feb 27, 2018

This old Georgian/Colonial mansion is in a current state of repair. Being structurally sound, it's not at it's former prettiness….yet.. New paint helps, but anyone that knows houses can see it's still in desperate need of a new roof.

The grounds have recently been serviced. Nothing fancy, but the grass is cut, weeds have been pulled and the trees are not growing wild any longer., Large trees are sprinkled around the 13 acre estate. The back yard is expansive, an over grown garden with paths that have been long covered up and statues that have claimed by vines. Seems the gardener has not gotten to the backyard just yet. The entire estate is surrounded by a wrought iron fence. A pea-gravel driveway leads to a newer garage building.


Another day and another PE class. Of course it is outdoors since there really isn't a good place indoors to hold one. At least it is sunny and not to cold, no freezing to death of frostbite at least. Today's adventure in PE is organized sports, soccer in this case. The class has been divided into two teams and a field has been marked off and goal nets set upon the expansive grounds.

When it comes to team sports such as this Rain is hopeless so her team has benched her for the time being. She will have to take the field again at some point, but for now she sits on the sidelines watching the game and sipping her water. Like the rest of the students she is dressed in the warmest of the PE uniforms, with a jacket over it and a green beanie on her head.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

The only.. ONLY.. OOONNLY good thing about nearly dying is that it got Fee out of some PE classes. Leave it to Fionnuala Reid to finding the silver lining in nearly dying a slow, horrible death on the attic floor.. but holy moley, it kept her from this hatefully, hateful, dreaded class. Oh, being outdoors is Good; organized, competitive sports that require her to run around and make fast, executive decisions as to where to kick a ball? Not Good. So without further adieu, after the weekend past, Fee has rejoined the student body once her body was deemed fully, perfectly 'healed' from her ordeal.

And damnit it's soccer day.

After nearly scoring on her own team, Fee is being sent back to the bench. In the fray she may have missed Rain but as she approaches the Do Not Want seat she sees her bestie and her easygoing lope turns into a happy run! See? She's clearly feeling much better! She, too, is dressed in one of the warmer uniforms though she elected not to bother with headgear. Her black ponytail spins and bumps as she moves along, bee lining for Rain.

Fee looks ecstatic to be benched, though it won't be kind to her grade. c.c

Before she went through the change into a whatever the hell she is, PE was Ariel's most dreaded class. Sure, now he's tall and broad shouldered and got those first season CW show good looks, but he's also a shapeshifter and it's a safe bet that wasn't always the case. So it's no surprise that these days? He loves gym. Looooves running and jumping and kicking things and hitting stuff with sticks and being relatively good at all of that. Which is why it's actually unusual for him to show up to class looking like he got no sleep, even more unusual since he doesn't actually sleep, and has been pretty listless on the field where usually he'd be bordering on aggressive, getting in the fray with the other physical kids. He's taken a spot with the defense so he doesn't have to run around much and then just sat there and watched as Fionnuala very nearly started things off with an own-goal, so he's not too surprised when he gets sent to the bench until he can get his head in the game. "Yeah. Yeah yeah." That for the teacher, and then for himself, "God damn it."

Rain would have to be blind to miss the bundle of happy, excited energy going by the name of Fionnuala racing toward her. A brief but genuine smile is offered to Fiona. In fact ever since the near-death incident the Masters girl has been acting a lot warmer toward the crow. She hasn't reached the touchy, feely stage yet, but she is exhibiting definite signs of friendship. Progress!

She pats the grass next to her, inviting Fiona to have a seat next to her, "That was a great almost goal, Fiona." she says when the other girl gets within talking distance. Were they on the same team? Apparently that doesn't matter to Rain."They should of kept you in and sent someone else out." it doesn't occur to her yet if that happened they wouldn't be talking to each other. As more of the players are benched and benched players go in her eyes move from Fiona to those switching, it takes her a few moments to remember that the male being benched is also the female Ariel, the name tag certainly helps. "Have you meet Ariel?" she asks Fiona as she gestures to the teen boy.

Poor Rain.. she may be reserved in her affection but then there's Fionnuala doing as Fionnuala does. Even though she is abysmally bad at sports, she looks rather radiant and capable as she jogs over. What a poser. Being out here infuses her — at this very second — with solar energy. The smile that she gives Rain is full of sunshine as she plops down beside the other girl. In a subsequent action that may take the poor thing off-guard, Fee reaches out and pulls Rain — unless she dodges or otherwise balks at it — into a good old-fashioned two-armed hug! She presses her cheek to that of the other girl's, Fee's own skin warm and healthy despite the chill.

"Thanks for looking after me while I was recovering. I went to bed looking like a trainwreck and woke up looking fabulous." She says happily, meaning it. She won't maintain the contact for too long, if Rain allowed it, and she eases back to look upon the other girl. "You like that move out there? Maybe I can pass off the rest of my PE classes as a water girl—"

Rain notes the arrival of another bench-forsaken student and brilliant eyes flit toward Ariel. "Oh—? OH~! Hey!" She exclaims, recognizing the shifter's male form. "Come join us!" She tries to wave him over. Yup, she met Ariel!

Ariel is ready to collapse into a heap off on his own, but it's hard to turn down an invitation from Fionnuala. She's just so … catchy! So given the other options Ariel nods a bit and walks over to plop down next to the two girls. Rain receiving a big hug from someone gets a raised eyebrow and a slight smile, then, "Morning, Rain. Fionnuala." To the latter he adds, "That was a very good kick. If it had just been the other direction people would be cheering and there'd be so many high fives you wouldn't believe it. People can be really fickle." He leans back on his palms and looks up at the mostly cloudless sky. Someone who can choose what they look like every morning (or minute, as it were) should really have no excuse to look so exhausted, but his slacking on the field apparently extended to putting himself together that morning. Still, Fee's water girl comment gets a snort and then a moment of visibly stifling himself from making a follow up joke. Possibly at Grayson's expense.

Definitely caught off guard. Rain wasn't expecting to be on the receiving end of a public display off affection in the middle of PE class. Her grey eyes widen in surprise and it is an act of will not to look horrified. She may have been getting warmer but she wasn't to this point yet. She doesn't push the other girl away, were it anyone else, that would happen, but not with Fiona. "have you washed your hair since then?" she reaches up to touch a lock of the girl's black hair as she questions.

"Morning Ariel." the stoic mask has returned once the shifter collapsed next to them, though some curiosity seems to creep into it "Are you okay?" and maybe an inkling of concern, this is the person her eldest brother is dating.

Aw, good thing Fee kept it brief. By the time she eases back, Fee grins widely as her dark hair is touched and observed. "Shiny as a Pantene commercial." She offers.. no greasy, lank hair for this chick! Something tells Fee that were she to march out a head of slept-on, oily, messy hair that would bother Rain MORE than a hug. "But—!" She holds up her hands and splays them, revealing the multi-colored paint job. "This is holding up good. Not chipping yet! She tilts her head then, watching Ariel approach, considering. "How have you been? I'm sorry if.. what happened to me scared you, or caused trouble. It was really a freak accident." Said gently.

Then, the girl looks pleased at seeing boy!Ariel join them, and Fee nonetheless notes his exhaustion. Even in such a relaxed position, looking skyward, there's just something there.. at least as Fee sees it. "You doing okay? Did you have a crappy sleep last night?" She asks.. ah, the usual 'go to' for assumptions. "You're looking pretty beat.." She echoes Rain's concerns some, though she isn't above egging on the jest at her own expense. "I should have pointed the kick at the proper net, but I like going against the grain." Said with a wink.

"I'm fine," is said quickly with Ariel making a dismissive gesture. "Stayed up way too late after curfew watching," a brief pause, what's new on Netflix? "Altered Carbon. I guess that's what curfews are for. Making certain that we get enough sleep." Which is pretty plausible. He'd hardly be the first kid playing around with some tech toy to find himself still up at 3, thinking 'there's only one episode left, how bad can tomorrow be anyway?' And the fact that he doesn't actually sleep isn't something he just tells everyone. He reaches up and literally rubs the sleep out of is eyes, looking as bright and chipper as Fee herself when he's done. "There we go. Like putting on sunglasses indoors. Now to actually wake up and I'll be set." As for Fionnuala's good kick he laughs and shrugs. "A good kick is a good kick. Worry about where it's aimed in geometry." Talk of recent injuries gets a curious look, but no questions. Like anyone else he'd heard the rumor about the happenings of the previous week, but hadn't pried. Yet. The day is young.

Rain nods at the answer, maybe even giving a bit of a mouth quirk in amusement at the commercial comment from Fiona. She takes one of the crow's hands in her own to examine the nails "I would hope so. I used gel polish this time. It shouldn't chip for a good two weeks." maybe she is just touchy feely when it is on her own terms. That seems like the girl. Unless the hand is pulled away she oddly doesn't let go of it, she rests their hands between them. Fiona may have noticed that she does this with Besa too, as well as Sky.

"Well break is after this, maybe a coffee or one of your sirloin shakes," Ewww gross "would be a good idea." Rain tells Ariel as the boy seems to visibly perk up "Is the show based on the book?" he mentioned in, may as well ask.

The explanation seems to satisfy Fionnuala, or she will leave it at that. She recognizes when she needs to back off on a line of questioning and talk of Netflix has the girl's lips curling. "I've been there.. I'm hung up on Stranger Things, myself. Almost at the end of the second season and, woe is me…" A mock-theatrical pressing of the back of her hand to her forehead, "I shall have to wait for the third one." Said with a sigh etched into her voice. Glowing yellow eyes flit toward the field as she hears a bit of a ruckus, and she watches the other students bustling around after the ball for a heartbeat or two. Rain taking up her hand to look the paintjob over brings Fee's attention back to their little gathering of three, "It's really pretty. Plus I'm not working with clay and having it get ruined sooner." Said of the nails with a silly, wide smile.

Fee shall go on very happily having her hand held between Rain's own, and if she notices this gesture as being prevalent to a select few? She does not let on.. she simply glows — literally — with happiness. Her gaze cuts over toward Ariel again, and she will listen with interest to his answer to Rain's question.

"Yeah. Actually, yeah, eating would help, I think." Ariel skipped breakfast and lunch because he just wasn't hungry, but that's pretty dumb and he's well aware. "Yesterday's shake was actually half chicken. Ms Annalee explained to me at length that it helps the texture. She's not a squeamish person, I will give her that." Ariel gives Rain a smile as he overshares, then nods at the actual question. "Yeah, and it's an okay adaption. Not the best, not the worst. The guy playing Takeshi looks like someone hit him in the face and doctors figured that the best way to fix the damage was to hit him on the face on the other side, which is pretty dead on in my estimation. They changed some details that have people online all mad, like the Morrison hotel is now an Edgar Allen Poe themed hotel." He pauses in the explanation, realizing it may perhaps have been more than the 'good' or 'bad' Rain was after, then adds, "I give it a B. It's definitely more R rated than Stranger Things. Like post-Game of Thrones levels of sex and violence, so take that for what it's worth." Fionnuala's comment about working with clay perks his interest. "You sculpt?"

This is Rain, she isn't going to make her friend look ugly…she wouldn't make her worst enemy look ugly. Not that she has time or energy for enemies, outside the priests that are going after Besa. "Ms. Annalee is good at knowing exactly what a person needs and wants…sometimes even before they do." though there is nose wrinkle at chicken smoothie.

She just listens to both Fiona and Ariel, having not watched either of the shows being discussed. "I haven't read the book either." she finally comments "I have just heard of it." the mention of GoT though does have her nodding "I have watched Game of Thrones. So comparable to that in some ways?"

"I'm pretty hungry too.." Fee echoes, mostly to herself. Hey, it's a good thing break is imminent.. and she sure wants to see Ariel get some sustenance. The talk of a 'sirloin shake' didn't deter her in the least because not too long prior to her accident, she watched this boy-who-was-a-girl-then pack away multiple cans of tuna and cocktail weenies! Fee's Da is also a Scottish chef so she has seen, smelled and eaten things that makes some wonder. However, sirloin and chicken shakes ARE… well, uncommon. Nonetheless, if it keeps Ariel going, all-the-better.

For now, the little shifter listens openly to Ariel's descriptors, and talk of the plight of this 'Takeshi' dude results in the girl flat-out laughing. Fee has a trilling, pleasant laugh and it carries into the field, causing a couple of the soccer hounds to eye her thoughtfully.

She looks to Rain as she speaks up, "Mm.. Game of Thrones. Yum yum Jon Snow~" Said idly before she fields Ariel's question aimed at her. "I do..! .. ah, did… before our original school was attacked. It's one of my favorite things." She admits, nodding to her hands. "My hands are the prettiest they've ever been, without art classes. But I sure do miss it."

"Well then! I just gave you a lot more information than you need to know, didn't I?" Ariel grimaces, his default expression for when he might otherwise flush since he generally doesn't automatically. "But yeah, I guess you could call it a sci-fi Game of Thrones. Smaller cast, just as much boobs and butts and blood, less incest." He grins at Fionnuala when she laughs and nods at her estimation of Jon Snow. "Lots of yum. Is it weird I think the Hound is kind of hot? It's probably weird. But those eyes!" Eyes matter a lot for a shapeshifter. One can come to take that windows to the soul nonsense to heart. Fionnuala's answer re sculpting gets a slight frown. "I wish I'd come here a year earlier. People keep telling me things that sound amazing that happened before we came here. You sculpting, Kaylee painting, art classes in general. I don't even know what arena fetch is, but I miss it desperately." He pauses to clap and cheer as someone on his team scores a goal. When his head is in the game he may be one of the more assertive players on the field, but he also always tries to be supportive of everyone else's effort.

There is no further comment from Rain about food or eating, she eats because she has to, not like others who really live to eat. "No one can top Oberon. His death broke my heart." she looks to Ariel puzzled "The Hound? Really?" she thinks on that a moment "Never really paid attention to his eyes."

"Oh, the Hound," Fee pipes up, "I just want to take him in my arms and hug him forever. So sad, oh my heart. Those eyes indeed… perfect casting, if I do say so myself~" The girl gushes, not even fibbing. Of course Fionnuala would try to hug Sandor Clegane and likely get her head cleaved off. "It's not weird at all. He's my second favorite. Then there's Brienne of Tarth." She lifts her other hand, the one that Rain isn't holding if she yet continues holding said hand and checking the nails, and makes an 'OK!' motion with the fingers.

Fee pauses as a nice goal is made in the PROPER net and she tosses a 'WOOO!' toward her classmates. She is an art student through and through and while she supports athletes, sports do not hold her attention for long. "Do you like a particular art form, Ariel?" She asks with earnest, open curiosity. "I'd like to think when things are set to rights and we're back in whatever manner of school we get, that the arts will get the attention they deserve." A grin, but there.. a little touch of sadness. She misses all of it terribly. She turns back to Rain is again on the tangent of The Hound's sad, sad eyes. "Two pits of misery in his poor, hurt face! They scream love me!" She laments.

"Definitely the Hound! I don't usually go for big guys, but dang." Ariel nods to Rain when she mentions the Viper. "I knew it was coming and even still, ugh, I had to look away. The effects department really outdid themselves with that one. And the original guy as Daario? Terrible on Game of Thrones, hot on Deadpool and also oh my god I might really dig dirtbag guys." A moment of self-reflection, then Ariel's back off. "People like Tyrion, but he looks like a total dad to me. I mean, not my dad. He looks like an Israeli Zach Braff." Looking back to Fee he says, "I like to draw, but I haven't really done it since I got sick. Uh, since I changed into the new me. Sky actually got me a bunch of colored pencils, I just need to stop being lazy and actually put them to use. See if I can remember how."

Rain can't help but look between Fiona and Ariel like they have gone a bit mental "That was a hard scene to watch. I hope zombie Mountain gets what is coming to him." and yes she is still holding that hand. Not tightly or anything, she might not even realize it or has forgotten she is. There is a nod "There is a certain appeal to a bad boy."

Fond contact, and Ariel seeming to do better than he had been upon joining them and talking about The Very Best GoT characters? Sunshine in the sky! No call for her to return to the field and mess up royally again!? And well.. she's alive… all is well in Fee-world. It shows too. Maybe it's the sun, too, responding to the way her body receives it.. she's glowing. "I would love to have Tyrion as even an uncle." Because Fee would never in a million years want to see her lovely Da be replaced.

Talk moves toward the answer to Fee's avid question and the sweetest smile fills her face, "Oh.. illustration, then!" The kindness softens with a sort of… it's hard to peg. Not sympathy, but knowing. Sometimes peoples' powers awaken in bad, difficult ways. "Sick..? You're… you're well now though, right?" She asks softly, "Sorry if that's personal, I just like to know about people is all. Like… someone who has a brand new set of colored pencils and should be trying them out." There's that silly grin again. "Maybe you can draw me something. Besa's… I mean Cocoa's sun needs some companion art in my room!"

Her hand yet remains with Rain, however long the other girl sees fit. Fee's palm is warm, getting warmer as she takes in more sun. She'll even give the Masters girl's hand beneath her own a light squeeze. Affection is easy for Fee.

"Yeah." Ariel nods at the appeal bad boys have. "Yeah. Er. But of course Conner is a good boy and I like him very much." Though now he's imagining Conner without shaving for a few days, not bad, and maybe a scuffed leather jacket, very good, and a motorcycle that looks like he swapped granma's silverware for it, yes yes, selling drugs to kids, oh, no, too far, not sexy. Ariel's reverie is broken when Fionnuala addresses him and he starts a bit. "What? Oh, yeah. Yeah. I, uh, got, you know, a mild case of the pancreatic cancer there for a bit. It wasn't fun, but it got me endless fast passes at Disney World for a day, so that's an upside no one ever talks about? And I got to pet a dolphin, which had a lot more novelty to it before I was friends with two demigods, a mummy," Besa's one description! Don't get mad! "and a blood wizard." He grins at Fee, "I'd love to draw you. Really, I want to draw everyone. Portraits used to be my thing. You should sculpt again. Even if it ruins your polish. But I have a weakness for clay."

When it came to art genes Sky took both his share and her share, so Rain has nada skills when it comes to artsy stuffs. So once more she is just listening to the conversation and only speaking up on subjects to knows like her brother "Conner is okay." she says with veiled amusement about her eldest brother. And she knows a little about about cancer "Pancreatic cancer doesn't have a good survival rate." she comments, glancing at the hand as it is squeezed, there is a bit of tensing at it, but that's it. "Blood wizard? You mean Ashton?"

Talk of Ariel dating Conner perks the shifter's ears, and she grins excitedly. "Oh, how lovely! Conner really is great. I'm happy for you!" She exclaims.. she caught that bit of reverie that she snapped Ariel out of and now she knows the cause… squee! She looks from Ariel to Rain to gauge her friend's response to her brother dating. Surely it's a Good Thing because as far as Fee is concerned, Ariel is a catch! Funny, diverse and bonus: artistic! The excitement sobers once Ariel discloses what was wrong, pre-powers, and Fee looks affected briefly. "Oh God.. I'm so glad you're here." Said easily.. not gushy, not forced. "I'm sorry you had to deal with that.. to be sick for that while, but look where you're at now. With us!" So lucky!

Silencing as Rain adds her share to the conversation, Fee blessedly doesn't move her hand much more beyond what she had already done. It simply rests, multi-colored nails and all! Even Fee knows the severity of pancreatic cancer and she still looks both mystified and relieved that Ariel is here with them. "You can draw me anytime. I would love to be drawn, actually. I would love to sculpt but it's hard to find the right spot to attempt it, in the mansion." She admits.

"No," says Ariel of pancreatic cancer. "No, it did not. Painful, too. Which is probably why you might do anything in your power to save someone from disappearing in front of you." Ariel is quiet for a moment, but perks up at Fee's mention of Conner, just smiling in that satisfied over-happy way of a teen in, well, lets go with like-like. A nod to Rain, "Yeah, I meant Ashton. Is he not a blood wizard? I honestly have no idea. I just know he's blood crazy. If he's not a blood wizard let's replace that with water wizard and not only does that cover Grayson and Ronan, but it also should be Ronan's codename, I think we can all agree." It's almost as good as Seal Lad! Almost. Fionnuala gets a shake of the head. "That's a terrible reason. We need to conscript a room for art. If we're stuck here until Summer maybe some of us can build an art shed or something. Not that I know how to build a shed, but if the Amish can do it in an afternoon a bunch of super kids should be able to manage in a week or so."

"Well if they don't set you all up with art classes and art space we can always start a petition and protest." much like Sky did a while back with the dresscode, which she really didn't support, but Art is a bit different than a dress code. All her closest friends do art! "Oh Ashton is a blood wizard." Rain confirms, not knowing about his demonic heritage at the moment "You could almost say that Fiona is an air wizard." she gives Fiona a gentle shoulder nudge.

The shapeshifter's response to talk of Conner is cute, and Fee is grateful for the newfound enjoyment — and life — to be had at this school. No matter where it's located, even temporarily, it's wonderful to see and be a part of. Talk of Ashton, though surely she's passed this 'blood wizard' in the halls, results in a bit of confusion of Fee's part. She does not know of the boy so she listens to that which is said about him. Talk of setting up an art space fills her with color and excitement, "I can get behind that. I can't even build a house of cards but I have charisma," A giggle then.. or so she thinks. "And can help in whatever way possible. I think a petition is the way to go, though." She agrees.

The shoulder bump widens her grin, "Air wizard.. that works, though I've been neglecting the elemental work a bit. It's magic though and not the most subtle.. I have to use incantations to use it. Mystic problems, huh?" Fee looks skyward, squinting into the sun. "I was kinda practicing with it when I was in the attic that evening, though.. or parts of it. What makes the magic work. I'm trying to diversify a bit but it didn't go too well."

"I was actually thinking of volunteering to help clear out the maze. We're running out of places to go and be alone, for people who like that sort of thing. The attic might as well be Downtown Funk these days and a troll lives in the wine cellar." Ariel sits up and looks off in the general direction of the maze, then shrugs. "Not that this really provides a good art space. I've just been thinking about it since Besa commented on how busy the attic is." He looks between Rain and Fionnuala when they talk about what the latter can do. He doesn't really know that much about her deal, except a little about her parents, that she does some stuff with light and, of course, that she can polish off an entire deep dish pizza single handed. "You do magic? Is it something you're born being able to do, like Harry Potter, or is it something anyone can pick up, like The Magicians?" Not that Ariel wants to learn magic. But he's read lots of comic books and played lots of role playing games, so it'd be good to know who got it right.

Talk of the maze, again, piques Fee's interest. "Oh.. that would be pretty amazing too." See what she did there? SEE? Oh come on she is punny. Her grin says it too but it softens some at the corners, "I for one would like somewhere to go to just.. be for awhile. The attic is neat and all but it IS busy… and I'm a bit put off from it for awhile." Just a bit; she looks down at the foot that encountered the 'trouble' last week, her toes waggling within her sneaker. She follows Ariel's gaze toward the general direction of the maze, resting like a green sleeping giant between the estate and the beach.

Fee blushes a tad as talk returns to her abilities, and she turns her gaze back as she considers. She isn't one to talk at-length about her magic lest it help someone else understand part of their own abilities. Or? Ease curiosity. The girl smiles again, "Born with it. Most everyone in my family was born with some sort of.. dabbling… in magic. It varies of course. I didn't quite come to play with it or use it until I moved out here. I'm not quite so good at it, though, to think about it.. and have it happen. I have to will it through a chant to help myself focus and.. well.. there it is. It has it's perks, but I want to try something new with it. I'm.. not very good at fighting." She looks down at her knees, her free hand picking at some mottled blades of winter grass.

Ariel, wearing his boy shape, has been sidelined in the period's game of soccer for not having his head in the game and just sitting there and watching as Fionnuala did her best to score on her own team. Which is why SHE has been sidelined. So the two are sitting in the grass with Rain while other kids do gym stuff.

Ariel gives Fionnuala his bestest, blandest did you really just say that? look at her very bad pun, but can only hold out so long before he snorts and shakes his head. Very bad puns are the best sort of puns. "I like the beach, but I appreciate that it's shitty out and not everyone does the polar bear swimming thing. I don't even swim, really. I just walk around on the bottom and chill out with some very confused fish. Fishes. Sometimes Ronan swims and I wonder how he'd react to having someone poke his feet when he doesn't expect it. Probably not well. But it might be hilarious? Anyway, if you can swing not breathing, hanging around on the ocean floor is a good place to be. But the hedge maze would be cool, too. Get lost." When Fee explains her type of magic he just nods. "My dad did magic. I mean, I didn't realize that until he made the play at saving my life, so it was a surprise, but, yeah, Baal Shem Tov, he called it. Limited, but powerful, he said." Ariel looks down at his hands and flexes his fingers. The skin on the back shimmers and his fingernails turn vibrant rainbow colors. "Divine power, folks, right at my fingertips. He did better than he thinks."

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Body: Embarrassing Failure.

Schuyler has been forced to play soccer. At least it's this and not football but he's not thrilled about it. While he might potentially be decent at the sport itself, in theory, team sports really aren't his 'thing'. He doesn't hear the called instructions and it's too hard to focus on everyone's thoughts to figure out exactly what a play might be. That said, he was actually making somewhat of an effort to be a part of the game.

That is, until he went to try and steal the ball from an opponent. He tried to kick it away and the opponent managed to intercept and try to punt it back to his teammate. However, Sky was still in the way and the ball managed to slam into his crotch, causing him to double over and fall to the ground. He'll live, but he's not playing anymore this class. The coach helps him over to the edge where Fee and Ariel are before continuing the game. The teen is a little pale and a little hunched over, but eventually he'll be able to breathe again, right? «I hate PE.» is finally managed.

Magic! Another subject Rain knows enough to be dangerous in "Accidents happen when you try to do magic without having the ability to manipulate the magical energies." she tells the others "My mother is a sorceress, she has had to rescue all kinds of stupid people that didn't have the ability but tried anyway." there is a sudden wince as her brother gets hit by the ball almost as if she felt it second head. The teen jumps to her feet and hurries over to help Sky as necessary to get him to the sidelines where the others are.

The shimmering skin and vibrancy of the fingernails catches Fee's attention and she straight-up stares at Ariel's hands. "Baal Shem Tov. So w—-"

There is suddenly the sound of commotion, of some of the other kids getting worked up by either a good pass or the like. Fionnuala looks up just in time to see Schuyler get thrashed. The look on her face is simultaneously that of shock and aghast sympathy. "Oh God." She croaks, watching Rain's twin go down and be hauled off to the side to join them. No matter how powerful the Super, mentally or physically, a good slam to the nuts is universally detrimental. c.c

Fee goes on to watch worriedly as Sky is helped over by his sister, "Can I get you anything?" She asks the pained boy, though the coach is now glancing at Fee. Oh crap the crow may be brought back out from the bench!

Ariel nods in response to what Rain says. "He handled the magic, Mom handled the mad science. It worked, but they didn't care for the result." He glances back over to the game just in time to see it become a contact sport. Ariel is either giving up the game as far as what he might have been before he could pick and choose or else his boy form has experienced a testicular misadventure, because he joins every guy who sees in happening in a tightening of the legs and a deeply felt wince, paired with a distinct sinking in the pit of a stomach he doesn't even actually have. "Gaaah." That's all he can manage when it actually happens, every bit as cringing as when a certain Viper of Dorne got his face caved in. When Sky hobbles over Ariel just gives him a look that's half sympathy and half admiration. "Dude." A universal statement of hey, ow, but also, damn, look at you walking that off. "Solid steal, though."

Schuyler manages not to completely collapse to the ground once Rain gets up to help him over, but he's pretty close. He's still trying to remember how to breathe even as he shakes his head and waves away the offer of getting anything. «Thanks…» is offered with a bit of a strain even to his mental voice. Good thing he's not going to have kids anytime soon. Ariel's compliment also gets a nod and a shrug, «I tried. I got punished for trying.» He really hates PE class. «I'll live. Maybe.»

Rain takes some of her brother's weight as she helps him sit, and drops down right next to him, "You don't sound sure?" she tells him in both modes of communication. She rubs his back giving what comfort she can to her injured twin. To Ariel she frowns, "That is very short sighted of them. In the long run they are sure to regret what they did to you recently." She refers to the letter she received but isn't going to be specific in case Ariel doesn't want everyone to know.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Body: Failure.

"I don't even have a pair and that hurt to watch." Fionnuala supplies, "I'm going to run in and get some water anyway. Maybe get my name scrawled on the list for driving lessons. Seeing as how the class is almost over and I doubt they'll call m—-"

"Miss Reid! You're up!" Barks the coach.

"… me.. back.. out." Fionnuala looks at all assembled, her expression comically woebegone. She can't exactly say no! Her grin is rueful, "Aw, bother."

"Come on, Miss Reid!" Barks the coach again, and with an apologetic look the girl pushes herself up to stand. She jogs out onto the field, looks confident enough.. ie. she won't be aiming for the wrong net. The closest she comes to punting is an ass-over-teakettle tripping over the ball; Fionnuala practically cartwheels. But she is fine, and will see the rest of the game through.

.. keep her in the art room. c.c

Ariel gives Rain a nod, but doesn't comment any further. When Fionnuala is called back into play he looks a little chagrined. Literally the only person who wants to be out here, coach! What the hell, coach? But no, poor Fee is back into the fray and Ariel looks back over to the twins. Oh, hey, his boyfriend's protective siblings, both right there. Neat. "I-" but then Fionnuala is putting on an impromptu acrobatic display and if he had a train of thought he completely loses it. "Eventful day on the pitch."

Schuyler isn't going to tell his twin to stop rubbing his back…it seems to be helping some as he tries to will the pain to subside. «Ask me again in about an hour…» is offered with a little smirk before he watches Fee get brought in to take his place in the game. He gives her the 'Live Long and Prosper' hand sign before glancing back to his sister and Ariel. He probably misses what happened with Fee's cartwheel as he doesn't look back over until the 'eventful day' comment is made. Instead, he looks back to Ariel, «So…you and Conner…?» because the last time he was asked if their older brother was a player. He hasn't been kept up to date with that.

"You got this Fiona!" Rain calls encouragement after her friend, watching a few moments of the game, long enough to catch the less than graceful Crow trip over herself trying to get the ball. There is a wince and a bit of second hand embarrassment, but no blushing.

Rain continues to rub Sky's back for a bit longer, at least until she isn't feeling second hand pain anymore. "I've signed up for the driver's training already. I'm looking forward to learning how to drive." not that she has too, she has people for that, but being dependent on herself is a good thing.

"Uh, yeah, me and Conner. Oh, wait, yeah. We're dating. That is what you meant." Ariel shakes his head and watches the play on the field. Right over here, coach. "He is a very nice boy, even if he isn't seven feet tall and covered with terrible burns." Which is a pretty random thing to say. When Rain says she's signed up for driving lessons Ariel seizes on that, "Yeah, I signed up, too. I was supposed to get a car for my sixteenth birthday. That kind of didn't happen, but I can't fly or teleport or telepathically make my phone get me free Ubers, so I might as well figure it out. I mean, it seems pretty straightforward? I've played all of the Grand Theft Autos, so I think I've got the gist. Gas goes forward, brake to stop, press L3 to shoot out the window."

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