(2018-02-27) Personal Demons
Personal Demons
Summary: Besa confronts Ashton about his alleged "demonic" magic.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-27)
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Billiard Room Winbarry Estate
Tue Feb 27, 2018 — Tue Feb 27 08:39:33 2018

The Billiard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wing back chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.

Ashton - A thin boy with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.
Besa - A young, skinny, Egyptian male teen with amazing hair and piercing dark eyes. A faint scent of dirt clings to him.
Exits: [BP] Back Patio %t [EW] Entry Way %t [K] Kitchen

The Sophomore Guardian hasn't been having the best year. And he looks it. Dark circles underneath his eyes, not at breakfast, and now lunch time and he's not there3 either. He expects Rain to burst through the walls at any movement carrying tea and a sandwich which she will then force feed him. But until that moment he and Cocoa have been moving from room to room, hiding while Besa tries to work things out in his head. Nothing is quite making any sense though. Either this is just the weirdest coincidence, or it's a paranoid set up. Neither is making Besa feel better. He sits on the sill looking out the window, his dog leaning against one of Besa's legs. At leafs he's in the school uniform, although his yellow tie is loosened.

Things haven't been the best for Ashton, as he is still adjusting to this new world that is now belongs to, for good or ill, but he is doing far better than Besa, no doubt. In truth, he has not run into Besa that much, partly because he has been trying to avoid him, as he figures that the Egyptian boy is probably uncomfortable around him, considering the day in the dining hall. The Ares freshman trots down the stairs, his hands in his slacks' pockets. He hadn't been planning on eating, not having that much of an appetite. For several days after the incident with Besa he felt amazing, better than he could really remember feeling, but now he is starting to feel the chronic illness that has plagued him since he was little… at least he has his "meds" that his grandmother had so thoughtfully sent him a refill of. It is not Besa so much that suddenly grabs his attention, it is the dog. He tenses knowing how most dogs seem to take an instant dislike of him - becoming either extremely frightened or aggressive.

Besa turns as Cocoa stiffens. She's been trained well, she doesn't growl or move away from Besa's leg, but he can feel the tension in the dog. So it's odd for her to react to anyone that way, but when his dark eyes land on who, well…of course she tenses. Can the pooch sense demons? There's a long moment of silence before Besa quietly says, "We need to speak, Ashton." He's not asking, but it's not quite a demand. "I can send Cocoa away if you'd prefer." Hell (ha), Besa may prefer. If things go sideways he doesn't want Cocoa to get hurt.

Ashton's azure-green eyes move up to meet Besa's gaze. He swallows slightly and nods, "Um.. sure, Besa.. " He looks at the dog. There is a frown on his face, but it is more of a sad, almost longing, expression. His shoulders sag a little bit. "That is up to you. Dogs don't normally like me much, but if.. Cocoa," he says it almost questioningly to reaffirm that is the dog's name, "is okay with me, then he can stay, if you wish." He looks over Besa, "So, I take it by your tone that you'd rather me not help out.. If that is what you want, that's your choice… I really did just want to help… " He assumes that Rain expressed some negative opinion of Ashton considering their discussion and the way she got up and left breakfast the other morning when he asked to sit at the table she was sitting at.

Besa looks down at Cocao before kneeling and giving her a hug, "Go find Rain, Cocoa. Be a good girl." The dog whines softly, not wanting to leave Besa but she will. The Guardian stands , watching her leave before looking at Ashton. "I….do not know how I feel on you helping, Ashton." He's nervous, but the Egyptian boy is trying to keep his fear in check. He does rub his chest though as if it hurts as he watches the Ares. "I spoke with Koga. Between that, your reaction to my healing, and the spell….I believe I know what is going on. But do you?"

Ashton watches the dog head off. He cocks his head slightly, wanting to ask if the dog actually understand him or if Besa can communicate with the dog in some other way. But as Besa begins to speak, Ashton's question no longer seems relevant. He shrugs slightly. "I honestly don't know what you are talking about. I talked with Theo, or rather Theo talked with me, and he told me that Koga felt that my magic was "demonic"." He actually does air quotes around the word 'demonic'. "and that the term was rather vague as to what exactly that meant… but as I told Theo yesterday… I have never seen, summoned, or trafficked with a demon, nor do I know anyone that has." At least to the best of his knowledge, which is sorely false. "All I know is that for whatever reason, Koga doesn't like me.. "

Besa's hand twitches at his thigh, but he doesn't summon his own sword. Instead he takes a different approach. "Do you know my story, Ashton. What I am? What i have been through?" His jaw tightens slightly, the fact that demonic was in air quotes isn't a good sign. "Many years ago I was chosen by priest and sacrificed to a demon to keep it from destroying the world. In the process, I was cursed. I came back when the demon was done playing with me. To be sacrificed again. And again, and again." It's implied he's died a lot. "I have been through and seen things, learned things, that no one should know."

Ashton frowns as he listens. There is a great deal of pity in his eyes. He shakes his head, "No, I didn't know. The only thing that I really knew is that you were from ancient Egypt and that you have some crazy cult hunting you… "

Besa nods, looking away from Ashton's eyes. Pity? That's both angering and confusing. But is it a good sign? "The priesthood has splinted several times. I know of at least 3 factions." but that's another story. He swallows, looking down at his hand on his chest before he straightens his tie and then drops his hands. No showing weakness. I was lost to the priests, my body, in the 1900's. I awoke two years again an English man's library, a center piece to his Egyptian decorations. I was brought to Coral Springs where two of the factions of the cult found me. And tried to sway me to their sides. One was the old way. To be sacrificed to stop Alraxmargoth'ha, the other wished to quip me with a possible way of killing the demon. I chose to stop the cycle and kill Alraxmargoth'ha." There's a long pause as he looks back to the freshman. "The reason i am telling you all of this is because you must believe me when i tell you I know demons. I have been tortured, killed, watched them eat other sacrifices. I have killed Alraxmargoth'ha and some of his children. I know them."

"That's truly horrible, Besa… I'm sorry that you have had to go through all of that… " Ashton looks at Besa, not exactly sure where this conversation is going. "Okay, I believe you, but I still don't understand what any of that has to do with me… " He pauses, as he tenses up, "Look, Besa, if you're thinking that I'm part of one of the cults hunting you, I'm not.. I swear.. Of course, if I was, I'd probably say the same thing, but all I can do is give you my word on that and hope that you believe me."

The thought had crossed his mind, but he's trying to have faith that Louk actually knows Ashton and isn't just thinking with his hormones. His hand flexes, like it's hurting before he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a folded piece of paper. "I do not believe you are with the priests." The paper is held out for Ashton to take. It's the copy of the spell that Loukanos had made, "T-this is how Alraxmargoth'ha wrote. I can read it. It is an incomplete spell to wipe the memory of me from history." Besa tenses, waiting for a reaction. Either an attack or a bolt.

Ashton takes the piece of paper from Besa. He looks at it. There is no real reaction to it. He was aware that Louk had copied it and had intended on showing Besa. He just didn't know exactly why. "Yeah… Louk asked if he could copy. Like I said I was trying to help.. I just couldn't formulate a spell that I.. that I was willing to perform." He doesn't say why. His brow furrows. "You said that name before.. was that the priest that cursed you? That's just how the spells form in my head. Generally that is the things that I have to cut into my wrist for more powerful things."

Besa can only guess at what horrible things the other spells were. "This is demonic, Ashton." He points at the spell, finger shaking before he draws it back, "That is my name, in the demon language." Perfect hair sways, "No. Alraxmargoth'ha is the demon." The first priest should be long dead. Should. Heavens, he can't even think on that right now. His hand flexes again before rubbing his chest, "Ashton….who are your parents?"

Ashton's eyes widen slightly. He shakes his head, "Besa, I swear it's just how it forms in my head when I am trying to think of a spell. Most of the time spells just form in my head whenever I need them. "He frowns at the question of his parentage. His sighs and his voice is heavy with a hue of sadness. "My mother was Evelyn Talbot… " his voice softens further, "She died when I was born… and I never met my father…" his voice starts being hued with anger but still heavy with sadness, "He dumped my mother when he found out that she was pregnant and wouldn't have an abortion… Neither he nor his family wanted anything to do with me… " He sighs, "I was named after him.. which is why I don't use my first name… which is Edward… named after someone who never even acknowledged that I even existed."

Besa's eye close a moment, either he's not as afraid of Ashton as he was a moment ago, or he's starting to struggle with keeping his breathing and heart rate in check. "I am not….not trying to b-be cruel, Ashton. But this is something you need to understand. The spells that are forming in your head are in …demonic language." Please piece this together, don't make him say it. "What do you know of your father?" Why would he be named after his father if he left the mother? that seems…odd. He grimaces, leaning against the window sill finally for support, "You need to….find out where your powers come from… It will help you….control them."

Ashton chews on his lower lip. He looks pale and almost like he could vomit. "I.. I believe you know what the glyphs are… I'm not doubting that.. I mean.. it could be demonic… but I don't know how." He sighs as he thinks about the fact that the flames he summons he has little control of and now his magic is actually evil. "Does that mean that I shouldn't ever use my magic again?" As far as his father, he shrugs, "Not a lot really… Grandmother showed me his picture once from my mother's high school yearbook. He was my mother's first love and first real boyfriend… He played football in high school, then he went away to college." He frowns, "Then when I was about five, he died in a car wreck."

Besa watches Ashton, anyone walking in would think that both boys must be coming down with the flu (Demon flu!). "I think we should figure out the how and why before deciding anything, Ashton." That's process from his initial reaction , which was to draw his sword and try to kill Ashton-demon (Koga's not allow for the knee jerk feeling). "A deal could have been made," He raises a hand to stop him from interrupting, "Not by you, to grant you the powers. You could be a host and not know it. Your father …" Well, Besa's not even sure how to say it, "He may not be who you were told." The dark skinned boy looks like this has exhausted him, hand raising from the sill he was leaning on to push that amazing hair off his face. "I think…. research. And be…. aware of things. Talk to someone….I-it does not have to be me, but keep someone….aware."

Ashton nods slightly, as he listens to the possible sources of his powers. None of them are real a good option, maybe just one being a little bit better case. He closes his eyes for a second, as his eyes are moist. "I.. I will make sure that someone to babysit and keep an eye on me. I'm sure Loukanos will do it. " Ashton fidgets slightly. "And I will do my best to keep away from you… "

His hand stays on his head, "I do not mean babysit. I mean to…help." He's too tired, his mind too full of too many bad things that all seem to be happening at once to be more helpful. "That is not what I meant. I…i do not hate you, I just…need to figure this out." Besa tries taking a deep breath and makes a small pained face, "I will…talk with Koga. He has some history with such things…If…if you need help, he may be able to…ask his family…"

The dark haired boy looks at Besa for a moment, before Ashton takes a deep breath, "I.. I'm sure that Louk will be more than happy to keep an eye on me." He offers a bit of a smile to the other boy. "I'm glad to hear that you don't hate me… I know that you are important to .. well a lot of people." He really is quite envious of Besa for that. "If you think that talking to Koga is a good ideal… then you can, because I'm definitely not going to, at least for the time being.. I just hope that it doesn't give him more of a reason to want to kill me."

Besa's always been important, but in the keep there sacrifice well fed kinda way. This whole fiends thing is strange to him. His head shakes softly as his eyes close again, "I do not think….I am as important as you think. Not anymore." A soft sigh and the ancient teen shifts to lean a little more on the sill, somewhat sitting now. He looks tiny, how did he kill a demon? "I will do my best." He doesn't know Koga that well either.

Ashton cocks his head as he looks at Besa, studying him. He takes a tentative step closer, not sure if the other boy would object to him getting any closer. "You may not be needed to stop the demon any longer… but you are important to many people. You should see the way that Rain looks when she talks about helping you… the same with Louk… the number of us who have practically jumped at the chance to help you… You may not hold an important duty, but you hold an importance to the hearts of people."

Besa's eyes shoot upwards and watch Ashton as he approaches. He doesn't filch, but he may just be too mentally exhausted to do so. "I have stopped Alraxmargoth'ha." There's a beat, "But his children…" He does give a shiver before shaking his head, "I do not deserve Rain. She and the Masters are my family now." Not that he ever had one before. "I have many friends that I do not deserve." He frowns, looking down at his thigh before rubbing it, "But I will do everything I can to protect them. I do not believe the priests know what I am willing to do for my friends."

Ashton frowns, "Why do you think you don't deserve them? You have sacrificed your life for people how many times?" It is rhetorical as he doesn't give him really a chance to respond before continuing. "I offered to do whatever I could… partially because you are important to Louk, and he is important to me.. but also because my first day here, you were one of the first people that I met. In that short meeting, I knew that you were a good person… I also knew you were sad about something.. and not talking about at the moment, but something that was hauntingly sad… You were one of the people that made me think being exiled here might not be too bad."

Besa's been told many things throughout his very long existence. Mostly that having friends will be bad, and in some instances, the priests weren't wrong. Especially about the dating stuff. He inhales like he's going to respond, but as Ashton continues he just rubs his chest, trying to get the pain to lessen. Instead of addressing the actual topic of conversation, "The school is good. I believe it will be even better when retuned to it's proper place. There is…confusion now. But Teams and the school…. it gives a sense of belonging, even if you have no where else to belong." It's here, the Masters' estate, or with the priests. One set of them. Maybe all? Ugh, it's so confusing, even for Besa.

Ashton offers the other boy a bit of a smile. It is friendly and sincere. "I think that you have a lot more going on for you than you think. A lot of people care about you and not for what you can do for them, but because they care about you, regardless. " Ashton looks to him. "And the offer for my help, if it is needed is still there… I know you probably don't want it, considering what you believe is the source." He puts up his hand, "I'm not questioning what you said… it's just a lot to just take in.. I mean being told that you're tainted somehow by demonic energy is a lot to process."

Besa looks down at the paper that Ashton has, "I….do not like the idea of erasing myself from history." That's a lot of erasing, first of all. "It is my legacy. I do not have anything else." The world does not know as a whole, but the thought his sacrifice would just be swept under the rub bothers him, "I know that is…" Conceded? "wrong thinking. Please, let me think on it?" His fingers flex again, and his stomach clenches some. No food though, that idea makes him feel ill. "I am sorry to have given you so much to process." He didn't enjoy telling the teen he was part demon (maybe).

Ashton shakes his head. "I wouldn't cast any of the things that came to me.. the price was always too great." A small shiver goes through him as he thinks about it. Now, erase you from the memory of an individual, I could do that… maybe.." He shakes his head, "No. It's not wrong. When I thought of it, I did not know any of what you have been through… even if I could bring myself to perform any of those rituals, it would be wrong of me to rob you of that… " The younger boy reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "If it is true… you are right. It is something that I need to know… it's just a lot, you know?"

Besa knows the price of demon magic all too well. He tries to take a deep breath, only getting about half a lung full. "I do not think we would be able to target just the priests….I do not know how many of them there are even." He wraps his arms around himself, it makes him look young. "I…can modify a reveal rune if you would like. I was able to uncover a very strong spell once that was on Rain….It may work for you as well….if you would like." He wets his lips, "It will take me several days though, I will need to get more clay to make the runes." and work them out in his head.

Ashton chews on his bottom lip, no bites it is more accurate almost to the point of drawing blood. "Yeah, I know.. I would have to know the specific individual for it to work… otherwise it would have to be a blanket effect…" And for something like that it would probably require multiple sacrifices or the final sacrifice of the caster. He looks to Besa. His eyes are a storm of emotions. "What would it do? The rune thing, that is…"

Besa seems more conformable talking about his own magic, "When I cast it on Rain, it showed the spell laying over her. I could cast to see if there's something influencing your magic, putting the spells in your mind." Basically seeing if he's being controlled by a demon. "Or I can cast to reveal your true nature." If he is a demon. "Or I can cast to see if there is something else effecting you." he pauses thinking to himself, "If I work it right, I should only have to cast once, not multiply times." If Ashton wants.

Swallowing, Ashton listens to Besa's descriptions. The muscles in his jaws can be seen tightening up. "If the cost isn't too much… do what you think best, Besa." He looks up from the oh so interesting floor. "I trust you…" He does, even if it is not something that he is used to doing with most people. For different reasons, friends are somewhat new for Ashton as well.

Besa shakes his head, "My magic is different, Ashton. It will only cost me time." Then what was up with his healing?!?! Seems he and Ashton have more in common than just both knowing demon language! Friendship is weird. Good, but weird. Perfect hair moves as Besa nods, "It will be done then." A possible demon trusting Besa? That's…Some of the tension finally leaves Besa's body, but that some how just makes him look like he’s going to fall over. Like the fear and tension is what's been keeping him upright, "I will help you with this." Somehow.

Ashton looks at Besa for a moment. He frowns, "Are you alright? I know why I feel like I want to vomit, but you look worse than I probably do… Do you need to go somewhere or me to get someone?" His foot starts to move, but he forces himself not to get any closer, to the boy who is clearly uncomfortable with his presence. In regards to Besa's pledge of help. "Thank you, but no offense, but I really hope that you are wrong."

Besa's nose wrinkles but he shakes his head, "I am…" he's not going to lie, "It is my heart. Stress does not…help. There is nothing to be done for it." That's not true, but he's not going to make Louk weak to make himself feel better. He gives a soft, sad smile that very much does not reach his eyes, "I wish I were wrong as well." But he knows there's something demonic happening here.

Ashton frowns. "I'm sorry… it's my fault that you are .. " in pain, discomfort, he's not really sure. "that you are stressed." He sighs, "If there isn't anything else that you need to talk to me about… I'll leave you alone." Besa's affirmation that he believes himself correct about the demonic aspect to Ashton's power does little to help his comfort level, but at least he does not have a heart problem.

Besa raises an eyebrow, "I am …being hunted for my heart to raise a long dead priest back to life for most likely a nefarious reason. You are not the only stress in my life." That actually gets a very brief smirk. "I will let you know when I am close to finishing the runes." Which will require a trip to the art studio. The twins will not be happy, but it's needed.

Oh, if Ashton could kill the little man in his head playing the drum solo, he would. The stress induced headache is pounding away, as he nods to Besa, "Yeah, but I am adding more when you already have more on your shoulders than any one person should ever have." He places his hands in his pocket. He can't help but to wrap his hand around the ever present pocket knife. It's touch always strangely comforting. "Thank you again, Besa… I will ask Louk to keep you up to date on me.. I'll try to not to cause you any more stress than I already have… " He frowns slightly, "I think that I may have to skip my next class… I really don't think I can focus enough." He pulls his hands out of his slacks' pockets, only to reach into the inside pocket of his blazer to retrieve a small tube of pills. He pours a couple of them into his other hand, before swallowing them down. "Is there anything you need from me or need me to do for your rune thing?" He shrugs, "Or anything else for that matter."

Besa tenses when Ashton pulls out the pills. He's had bad experiences with that, unfortunately. "I am sorry. I did not wish to…upset you." His eyes narrow slight from where he's sitting on the window sill. "Is it your head?" Normally he'd offer to heal the person of the pain, but that might not be the best idea right now. "No. Be patient, I will try to hurry." He knows everyone will feel better after some answers.

Ashton chuckles slightly, "Yes.. well no.. not just my head… I have always been sick… some kind of chronic illness… I have to take one thing every day.. and then these are as needed…" Now, that probably should have been taken care of by the healing last week, shouldn't it have been, if it was just an illness? He grins at Besa, with a lopsided grin, "Take your time… it's not like I woke up this morning and put it on my calendar… so when you get it done, you get it done. Besides, I think I need a bit of time just to let everything you've said to set in."

Besa's head tilts, eyes narrowing as Ashton explains. That is weird, he should be better. "My healing should have….worked." Despite Ashton's reaction to it, he should be healed. He'll think on that as well. But he'll nods, understanding that the boy needs some time to digest the information. "I will let you know."

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