(2018-02-26) The Blind Leading the Blind
The Blind Leading the Blind
Summary: Theo asks Ashton to come to the old city park to try to talk to him about what's up with Koga. The conversation meanders around from that, until Theo asks about his… "affair of the heart".
Date: IC Date (2018-02-26)
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Theo's sat on one of the old swings in the abandoned park in town. He's dressed casually now, since he's out of school. Though his expression looks thoughtful… and a little on the frowny side. Atop the bar that the swings are attached too, Happylegs has improvised a spider-sized/-shaped swing with his threads, and sits in the hammock-like pouch, swinging gently. Its facespots are in a pensive expression.

Theo's waiting here for someone. Ashton, to be precise. He'd left a note in the other student's room, asking him to meet here after class. The note assured that there was nothing hinky planned, but that he needed to discuss something with him. So here he is, waiting, swinging gently in the swing. His feet more than touch the ground, so he's got the swing leaned back with his legs straight in front of him.

It took him a while to find this place, as it was certainly not on Ashton's radar. He is dressed in casual clothing as well. In fact, he carries the look of a skater boy, skateboard included. Of course the wilderness setting of the park is not really condusive to it. The board is tucked under his left arm as he walks over to the swings. The dark haired boy looks around, then over to Theodore. "Um… You're not planning on murdering me or offering me up as a human sacrifice to mutant cannibalistic clowns? Because I can see them living here… that or a place where guys meet up to do … stuff… " The smile fades slightly when he sees his friend's expression. "Okay, what's up, Theo? "

Theo offers a wave and a small smile as Ashton appears. "Hello there," he greets. At the question, he chuckles. "No. I said in the note I didn't have anything rude or dangerous in mind. I just… need to talk to you about something. It's about you." He pauses a moment, taking a breath as if to steady himself. "You… remember Koga, right? Remember when he acted as though he would attack you and you didn't know why? Have you figured anything out about that?"

An impish grin crosses over his lips. "Aw.. well, something rude in mind might not be soooo bad." Ashton waggles his eyebrows at Theo, teasingly. "Hey, Happy." He says as he waves slightly at the aetheric spider. Then as Theo starts to explain, he shrugs, "No, not really… I figured it was like you said… just a cultural bias against blood magic… Regardless, I have been trying to give the guy his own space as best as I can."

Happylegs peeks down from the hammock-swing and waves a foreleg. It still looks pensive, though. Theo sighs. "I… believe I might know why he reacted like that. I didn't want to violate his confidence, but… if this is something you don't know, it's something you probably need to." A pause, and he looks for a way to say it. "He told me — this was what the Japanese that passed between us was — that his abilities include… demon-hunting. And that, for whatever reason, the magic you used… well, it reacted to his senses like demonic magic would…"

Ashton arches his brows incredulously as he hears Theo's theory. "I think his spidy sense might be off." He pauses, "Pun not intended… But you think that I'm a demon, Theo? "

"Perhaps so," Theo agrees. Though at the question, he shakes his head. "No, not at all. You're one of the nicest people I know." He pauses, to smirk a bit. "Rather too hard on yourself sometimes, but I can understand why." He tilts his head. "The definition of 'demonic' can vary wildly," Theo notes. "But that's why he reacted as he did. For whatever reason, he thinks your power is demonic. Or it feels that way to him."

Ashton's shoulders relax a little bit. He sets the skateboard on the ground and goes to sit on the swing next to Theo. "Well if the definition of demonic is so wildly different, then maybe he needs to just be a little quicker to think and slower to attack." He shrugs, "I mean the Christian church has hunted down sorcerers and claimed that they were in league with the Devil. " He frowns, "Has he ever encountered someone else that does magic like I do and have them not feel "demonic"?"

Theo nods. "If he's been taught to fight things that mean peple harm, it makes sense he might kneejerk," he reasons. "Particularly since everything's still so new and uncomfortable for him right now. He'll probably calm down when he realizes no one here means him harm." He smiles. As for whether Koga's ever encountered another like that? "I'm not sure… I've not had the opportunity to ask him. I wanted to talk to you before I started asking questions."

Ashton nods. He's not being nearly as defensive as he could have been. He stares out across the abandoned park. "I can understand how being new to the school can be overwhelming. That's why I have tried to give him space." He frowns, "I don't know what he "senses" about me, but I can promise you that I have never seen a demon, summoned a demon, made any kind of deal with a demon.. or knowingly known anyone who has."

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Theo nods. "I didn't think you had," he assures. "But I did want to let you know why. So at least you know it isn't just that he doesn't like you." A pause, and he tilts his head. "I've heard that Besa doesn't like demons either. But then… he rather has a reason. He's just dealt with one of his, in a very literal sense. I think he and several friends of his had to literally go to Hell and kill one."

Ashton nods as he listens. "Well do you think he would be willing to talk with me?" He pauses and adds, "With supervision of course." His brow furrows as he listens to Theo talk about Besa. "I know Besa was planning to talk to him about me, but with everything that has been going on with him, I figure he probably hasn't had a chance. If there was something demonic about me or my magic, wouldn't Besa have elt it too? I mean, he's seen me perform one of my rituals. I hate saying "cast a spell". It sounds so D&D-ish." He cocks his head, "Like literally go to hell and not a metaphore."

"I could ask," Theo replies. "It might help him to know you aren't purposely running around being all demony and waiting for innocents to corrupt. If Koga is a demon-hunter, he might even know a way to keep your power contained. I reason that, if it registers as demonic to his senses, then he may be able to suitably effect it in such a way." The mention of Besa has Theo tilting his head. "Not necessarily. Besa may not have any particular senses in that direction." He chuckles at bit at the words of sounding like D&D. "'I put on my robe and wizard hat'?" he teases. As for literally Hell? He nods. "From everything I've heard? Yes, completely literal. As in, 'literally' literally, not 'figuratively' literally."

Ashton looks at Theo, "Hey, don't knock the robes… Apparently, Grandfather has ceremonial robes that are based off of some painting of an ancestor from the sixteen hundreds. " He grins and chuckles, "You know I could made a crack about corrupting innocents, but I don't think my fantasty sex life is something that you want to hear." He shakes his head, "I don't even want to think about travelling to anywhere off of this planet, dimenstion.. what have you."

Theo chuckles a bit. "That wasn't a knock of robes. That was something else." He snerks at the mention of Ashton's 'fantasy sex life'. "That, my friend, is something you should be speaking to Loukanos about. I'm sure he can make some of those dreams come true." And a wink. As for traveling off-world? "It's not something I relish the thought of. Fortunately, Besa's current problem is mainly dealing with Earth-based foes. So there is that."

"Who said all of those fantasies are just about Louk?" He grins. "And feel free to knock the robes.. I really can't see me doing the whole Gandalf thing.. just not me… I'm more the Harry Dresden." He moves to stand up on the seat of the swing. "Yeah… I have been trying to figure out what all I can do to help." He pauses, then pulls himself up to the top of the swing and pivots so that he is hanging upside down, "Oh, I spoke with Louk about what we talked about. He is kind of in the same thought that I am… of me cutting on myself with him healing me… "

Theo chuckles at the mention of Ashton's fantasies. But notably, he doesn't ask any more about them. He does however note, "I do think the whole 'Gandalf thing' is a bit outdated, yes," he agrees. A bit of a sigh then. "I'm not really certain what I can do to help either," he admits. "As versatile as the guys are…" He points up at Happylegs, indicating the spiders, "…I don't have any real capabilities with them that would be of much use. Not that wouldn't require prohibitive amounts of pre-planning to utilize to the fullest." Though Ashton's mention of their methods to allow him to more easily use his magic, "That might be the best anyone can hope for," he notes. "As much as I can stitch wounds back together, I can't do anything about blood loss. Save preventing it from getting worse."

Ashton cocks his head, "How far can your spiders go away from you? Because once we - assuming that I am allowed to go - get to where the priests are, then you could be recognizance for what we will be dealing with inside where they are hold up." Ashton looks at Theo, "That could very well be the difference between someone dying and them not."

Theo blinks. "Actually… I'm not sure. They seem to be pretty well able to move anywhere in the estate, and I haven't pressed their boundaries from there. I have noticed that I tend to get confused when I have too many of them out. Or it could have been that I was nervous then. I'm not sure." A pause then, and he remembers something. "Well… I suppose it was partially due to me that Besa, Whitley, and I weren't actually in that cabin when the shooting occurred…"

Ashton flips off the swing, landing in a textbook competition stance. "Shooting? What shooting?" His eyes a bit wide. "When was this? Is everyone okay?"

Theo tilts his head. "It was during the wilderness training. Besa, Whitley, and I found each other. We came across a cabin. Whitley wanted to go inside, but I thought it was a better idea if we jst took a look. So I sent Happy up there to a window to peek in. It was a handful of men in business suits. It didn't look like a hunting or fishing trip, but since nothing looked amiss, I convinced everyone to leave. We'd only gone a little way back towards the school when we heard popping sounds from the cabin. When we went back, all of the men had been shot. Several were dead, but a few were still alive. Besa and I healed what of them we could." He shudders. "If we'd gone inside, that… that could have been us…"

The serious expression does not really lesson, but the tension in his face does. "So it was like before I got here… " Ashton nods, "Well, maybe it's a good thing that you listened to your instincts. Since it's obvious that your mind is more receptive than most people. "

"It was like what?" Theo inquires, blinking a bit. He didn't quite understand. As for being 'more receptive'? Theo's mouth twists a bit, into a self-derisive expression. "I did that because I was a coward. I didn't want to go in, because I was afraid of what was inside."

"B.A. Before Ashton." Ashton grins slightly. "I was just saying that it was before I arrived at the school." His azure-jade eyes fixes on Theo, "I sincerely doubt that you are or ever was a coward. I generally think that I'm a pretty good judge of character, and I knew from the first time I met you, that you were someone that I wanted to know."

Theo nods to the mention of the event being before Ashton arrived. "Only a bit," he notes, with a small smile. And then the smile becomes sheepish, and he blushes just a little. "…Thank you," he says quietly. "It was… a situation where I was very much not in my comfort zone. It was bad enough we were out in the woods; I know nothing about wilderness survival. And then to come back to… that…"

Ashton sits down on the ground, legs crossed, looking up at Theo. "What I was saying is that some of the readings that I have done suggest those with psychic abilities tend to have a greater sense of intuition than others. That's what I meant earlier… Your sixth sense might have told you that there was death touching the cabin and that you perceived it as fear."

"I'm not sure…" Theo hedges. "I've never really shown any sort of extra-sensory perception before, even after the spiders showed up. And I was afraid before we found the cabin. I mean… there's really nothing wrong with not being at home in the woods. I don't think less of myself for that."

Ashton cocks his head, "If you don't think any less of yourself, you wouldn't have used the word cowardice… You jumped between me and Koga without hesitation… someone who does that is not a coward." He smirks, "And yeah, I agree with you about not being at home out in the middle of the woods. Closest thing to the wilderness I have ever gotten to was at a ski lodge in Colorado."

Theo gives a sheepish look. "Not for not being at home in the woods." He looks at the ground, and admits quietly, "…I almost ran. I almost left Besa and Whitley there to deal with it themselves. I was half turned around to run. But Happy led several of the others to start patching the people up that could be saved."

"You almost ran… You almost left… " Ashton points out, "But you didn't… I think you are being to hard on yourself… You are holding the guilt of your doubt as if it was what you did." He grins and looks up at the spider, "That's because Happy is 'da Man'. He is one of my four favorite spiders in the whole world."

"I would have, if I hadn't wanted not to leave Happy behind," Theo replies. "I don't know why he went in there when I was about to run. He was literally the only reason I didn't…" Meanwhile Happylegs tilts its body upwards and raises its forelegs into the air triumphantly, with an 'excited shout' on its facespots. No sound is made though. Theo looks up, and chuckles.

Ashton grins watching the little spider. He looks at Theo. He shrugs slightly, "I don't know… I'd like to think that if Happy is an extension of you, which meant that Happy running in was part of you wanting to run in… but that's just me. I'm biased. I tend to think the best of my friends, all three of you."

Theo chuckles. "I'm sure you'll have more friends before too long," he replies. Finally looking up again, he notes, "Perhaps that's something we both have in common — we're both too hard on ourselves at times." A sigh. "Perhaps. I still feel terrible about it."

Ashton cocks his head, "Yeah.. I can understand still feeling back… But you have to remember that for whatever the reason, you did not run, as well. " He nods, "Oh, I'm sure… there are already some that I would probably count… I just don't know if they would consider me the same." Ashton looks at Theo, "As far as me being too hard on myself, I don't know what you could possibly be talking about. If you think that I am hard on myself… no I have been a bit of a slacker since I came here."

"That's true…" Theo concedes. "It was a horrible day all around, I suppose. Rather selfish of me not to think about what Besa and Whitley must have been feeling. Besa heals others via his own blood." He winces slightly. "There was much cutting involved." Theo pauses then, regarding Ashton a moment. "I'd venture that, perhaps your upbringing was strict enough that you don't realize it. If I were to tell you that I was allowed to get Cs in my normal school, would you find it strange?"

Ashton blinks, "Allowed? Or were that accepted?" He shrugs, "Either way, I'm not sure if strange is the word I would use… but I can't really.. I don't know.. comprehend it.. " He cocks his head, "Why?" He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck.

Theo tilts his head. "'Why'? 'Why' what?" he inquires. "Why would they be allowed? Or accepted? My mother didn't really like Cs — they are a passing grade, but only just. But I wasn't punished for getting them. Particularly in subjects I'm not that good in."

"Why did you ask?" Ashton says. "I wouldn't know what would have happen if I had gotten a C. I never received one, but I don't really want to imagine what Grandfather would have done if I had. He expected nothing but the best from me." The dark haired boy gets a slightly distant look in his eyes, as he chews on his lower lip. "I'm not really looking forward to when he finds out about Loukanos."

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Theo frowns a bit. "Would he find something wrong with Loukanos?" he asks. "He's… literally a god. Or if not, close enough. Is a god not good enough for you, in his eyes?" Despite his words, his tone remains even and calm. He's not trying to push views on Ashton — he's trying to let Ashton draw his own conclusions.

Ashton sighs and looks down at the ground for a second. "The problem isn't what he is or is not. The problem is that he is a he. I have never come out to my grandparents. Well, in truth, there wasn't really a reason to… because Loukanos is the first boyfriend I have ever had… When he kissed me the first time, it was the first time that I had ever been kissed… well, with the exception of Martha kissing me on the cheek or forehead." He shakes his head, "You know.. it's strange how I just seem to just say everything to you without even censoring my words like I normally do."

"…Ah," Theo intones lightly. "I understand. I'm… rather in the same boat, actually." He's not saying exactly WHICH boat, though. "Though I have a feeling your Grandfather may be a much greater concern than my own parents." He smiles at the second part. "I won't tell anyone what you've said to me here, so there's that. There's no need to worry something may get out. Short of having truth serum used on me, that is."

Ashton chuckles, "Oh I was never worried that you would go around repeating anything I said." He grins, "I don't know why, but I just have always felt comfortable talking to you. It just pours out. I can tell Loukanos anything too.. just half the time I can't get a clear thought out of my mouth without just start rambling on and on like an idiot." He does frown a bit, "I'm sorry… it's not a situation I would wish on anyone."

"We are as we are," Theo replies. He chuckles. "That's… I'm glad you can feel that way around me. I hope I don't ever do anything that would make you feel otherwise." As for Loukanos and Ashton's apparently inability to get coherent thoughts out? "That just proves you have feelings for him, that's all," he assures with a smile.

He smiles at pretty much everything that Theo had said. He idly plays with some of the tall grass as he sits ont he ground, braiding thee pieces. "I cannot imagine you ever doing that, Theo. So, how are you doing? Not asking for any details… just know that it was eatin' at you the other night."

Theo shakes his head. "I can try not to. But none of us know what the future may bring," he notes. As for what was eating at him? He blinks. "Was there something?" Despite this, Happy has hunkered down in his hammock and covered his eyes. Theo would be a great liar if it wasn't for Happylegs…

Ashton smiles softly, "Well, that is good enough for me.. at least for the moment… " He goes to say something, then his eyes see HappyLegs, and barely manages to hold in the laughter that threatens to bubble to the surface. He then just grins slightly, "Well, we're teenagers with normal teenager problems plus some very not normal teenage problems, so it's pretty a given that there is always a something… " He arches a singular eyebrow that clearly states his disbelief, though he does not push the point.

Theo follows Ashton's gaze up and… actually blushes slightly! He sighs. "Happy, I do wish you'd learn how to hide my emotions sometimes…" He looks back to Ashton, and gives a sheepish look, suddenly fascinated with the ground. And now Theo just… feels bad. Ashton's said he felt like he could tell Theo anything… but Theo's hiding something from him. How's that fair? After a moment, Theo takes in a breath. And so, he hesitantly ventures, "I'm… kinda confused…" He's lost that formality as he speaks. "It's… two people. I think… I think I like them both. You know… 'like', like. And… I'm not sure what to do…" Pause. This seems hard to admit. "One of them k-kissed me…"

It does not take and empath or telepath to know what Theo is thinking. His expression is clear enough for that. Ashtan looks up at Theo, "You don't have to tell me anything, Theo. Just because I can't keep from spilling my guts to you, doesn't mean that I expect you to or that you should feel obligated. " Ashton nods slightly. His voice a little more quiet than previous. "Yeah I can understand that." He then smiles at the kiss, his voice picking back up a little. "And was it a good kiss?"

"I feel like I'd be taking advantage somehow otherwise," Theo replies. He's blushing now, though, having said that. And Happylegs has turned a uniform shade of pink. Someone familiar with colors might call it 'rose bonbon'! And it's still hiding its eyes. Though he nods at the question. "It… was. I said that I was having trouble… figuring things out. And he did that… he said that it would clear things up. It… it kinda did, but… not completely…"

Ashton cocks his head, trying to make heads or tails of that. He pieces things together as best that he can. He grins, slightly teasing, "Wow, that certainly cleared things up for me." He sits up a little bit, "So I'm taking a big leap here… but I'm guessing that you weren't sure if you were into guys or not, and that who ever mystery boy A is, thought that kissing him would let you know for certain.. or that you weren't sure if you were into him and that his kiss would clear it up, one way or another?"

Theo gives a sheepish look. "It didn't make much sense to me either at the time…" he admits. But at the question he nods. "The former. He said he knew without a doubt that he was into other guys was the first time he kissed another boy. So he thought that, if he kissed me, it would clear it up for me, just like it cleared things up for him."

Ashton nods. "Well, he certainly has an ego, doesn't he?" The dark haired boy drags his canine over the corner of his lower lip. "Okay, so… hm. you said that it kind of cleared things up but not completely? How so? Still not sure if you are into just guys? I mean just because you're turned on by guys doesn't mean that girls can't do it for you also… Not for me… I tried, really hard… well, not hard," He grins, "but I tried."

Theo nods as well. "That's basically the long and short of it." He smirks. Because yes, he can make dirty jokes too. He tilts his head a little. "I've been looking for girls that I'm attracted to. I haven't really found any. Well, I have, but it's less HER and more how she dances. And it doesn't so much make me, er… 'pants happy' as I just find it mesmerizing."

Ashton nods and smiles, "Well, just because you can find someone astetically appealing without be attracted to.. " He cocks his head slightly, "Not that you need my opinion, but in case you might want it… I'd suggest that you just listen to your heart… ultimately it will steer you where you need to go." He sighs slightly, "As far as being attracted to two guys at once… well, I have no answers on that one.. I wish I did."

Theo sighs a little. "It's… annoying, I suppose." There's the formality again. "I've always prided myself on being logical and being able to think through a problem. But logic isn't helping me here. I'm rather out of practice in listening to my heart; it generally gets me in more trouble than anything else." He gives a bit of a smirk here, though a bitter one.

Ashton smiles weakly, "Being out of practice doesn't matter… For the most part, I generally do almost everything based off of my emotions… If I try to think things through, then I generally about near drive myself crazy, thinking and overthinking it back and forth… and as much as I listen to my heart it still leaves being attracted to someone confusing… make it more than one person, then it is even worse… I'm not sure that you can't like, LIKE more than one person… It just means if you're willing to put yourself through twice the normal chaos, then everyone needs to be on the same page."

"It feels… half-thought out if I just go with what my first instinct is," Theo replies. "Which, I suppose is the problem. But yes… I am rather driving myself unnecessarily crazy over it. It really doesn't help that the two of them can't stand each other…" He trails off, wincing. The wince is a clear 'I've said too much' expression.

Ashton sees the wince and offers a bit of a comforting smile, "Dude, don't worry.. I have no clue who you are talking about… " He then grins, "But if either of them hurt you, they may wake up with a tail." He says it sounding completely serious, until the slight dimples form at the corners of his mouth. But at the same time, there is something in his eyes, which suggest that he is only somewhat joking. "Just take your time.. don't do anything that you aren't completely happy with… "

Theo blinks a bit at the threat to the two he's been thinking about. "That… well, at least one of them would take that in stride," he replies, half-joking. Then he sighs. "Truth be told, I doubt either one really knows I'm interested," he notes. "So… I suppose I have a bit of time, at least."

"Then why don't you drop a couple hints to each of them." Ashton asks. "And I don't mean in your shock and awe tactics either… " He pauses, "That is if you want to pursue things with one or both of them." He grins, "I mean, some of us guys are pretty clueless and need things almost laid out for us to get it."

Theo blinks. "That's… honestly one of the problems. I don't really know how to 'drop hints'," he admits. "I've been using the blatant shock tactics and then backing away because I'm not very good at being 'subtle'…"

Ashton hrms softly, "Well, if they know you… then they might take your shock tactics as just your normal way of getting someone's attention before saying something important or profound. " He smirks slightly, "So.. maybe think of another way to let them know… one that isn't subtle or hit-you-over-the-head blatant."

"Like what?" Theo inquires. Pause. "I mean. I… suppose I could… I don't know, lean against one of them?" he suggests. "Do you think that would work?" Ashton might have noticed, but Theo is rather reluctant to initiate physical contact with others, though he rarely shakes it off if someone else does.

Ashton pauses before nodding, "I suppose that could work… or you could steer the conversation towards someone else's relationship and ask them if there is anyone that they are seeing or interested in." It sounds almost more like a question than an answer. "I'm sorry, Theo… I know what I am doing when it comes to this stuff as you… " He bites on his lower lip a bit, "I mean.. I kind of flirted or at least thought I was flirting with," a pause only a heart beat's worth of a falter, "… Loukanos, it was really Louk that actually made the first move.. otherwise I'd probably be in the same boat as you… if not floundering even moreso."

"The blind leading the blind, eh?" Theo teases. "Well… that's all right. People who are blind usually have other senses they can rely upon." He's trying to find a bright side here. Well, that and he's making light of the situation, just a little. Just trying to get a bit of a laugh. "In all seriousness, none of that even occurred to me. So you've actually been quite a help."

Ashton grins, "Oh, you're gonna pay for that one Arachnid Boy… " He smirks slightly, "Hey, and if nothing else, you can slip each of them a note saying 'check the most applicable. 1. I would like to be Theo's friend. 2. I would like to be Theo's boyfriend.' Granted it's a little elementary school, but you might have to just start off with baby steps." He waggles his eyebrows at Theo. Ashton does give a bit of an ernest smile, "I hope it helps… "

Theo whistles innocently, turning his gaze up to the sky briefly. Though he chuckles afterwards. At the suggestion of the notes? "I thought you said don't do anything blatant?" he teases. In a more serious tone he confirms, "But in all seriousness… you have helped quite a bit. I have a direction now." Though he's pretty sure how Grayson's going to react to being leaned upon — either step out of the wat and let Theo fall, or shove him away! Happylegs seems to have returned to its normal coloration now, and has allowed the hammock to disappear. It's now sitting on the top of the swing frame proper. Theo smiles and stands from the swing finally, stretching.

Ashton watches the other boy stand up, from his spot on the ground. "So are we done with Edgar Allan Poe Park? Or is there some hidden charm here that I am missing?" He glances around, "Though I'll admit… there is kind of a… I don't know sad beauty about the place."

"Not yet. There are no ravens around," Theo quips, with a smirk. "But you have a point… there kind of is." He looks around. "It sort of feels like something you'd see in one of those 'after man' documentaries, doesn't it?" He chuckles. "But… well, since I've kept you out, I can spring for a bit of something to munch on, on the way out?" he offers.

Ashton blinks, looking more than a touch surprised. "You didn't keep me out. I enjoy spending time with you, Theo." He shrugs slightly, "Yeah, we can grab something to eat.. but you don't have to feel like you need to pay for me." He is accustome to being the one to bankroll all of his "friends" whenever they went to the food court or just about any place. It's the first time really that he has been on the other side of it.

"We can go Dutch," Theo suggests, with a grin. "I don't want you to feel like the only reason I brought you here was so you could feed me." He chuckles. "What do you want to eat?" he asks, as he heads for the exit to the abandoned park.

Ashton grins saysing, "I don't mind feeding you… just as long as it's not grapes while fanning you with a giant palm frond." He chuckles softly, before shrugging his shoulders, "I don't know… What are the options?" He steps on the tail of the skateboard, causing it to snap up. He catches it easily enough before bringing to be held under his arm the same way that he had carried it into the park.

Theo snerks quietly. "No, no… I don't think 'slave-boy' is your look at all," he teases. "Though you might offer to do that for Loukanos — he might appreciate it, if he's really from old Greek times. But don't forget to peel the grapes first." And then there's a wink. Though he does serious answer the question. "Well, we have the standard suite of burger places, I believe there's a pizza place in town, snacky-type foods at the coffee shop… hmm…"

Pretty much as soon as Theo said the words 'coffee' and 'shop', Ashton jumps in with quite an amount of energy, "Ooh, coffee shop." He pauses, "That is if it is okay with you?" He looks at Theo, not waiting for his answer, "If not, it's fine we can go somewhere else? I mean, I'm good with any place really."

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Theo laughs here. "Oh, I'll have to remember that — you like coffee," he notes. "But yes, it's fine. They have some very good sweets there. Also you may see a few hand-made mugs there — I understand Besa either did or does make mugs for them there."

Ashton smirks, "Coffee is like my spice melange… " He nods to the remarks about the Besa-made remarks, "That's cool…" He grins, "Lead the way, Boss man… lead the way." He trails a little behind the other boy.

At this Theo grins. "'It is by caffiene alone I set my mind in motion'," he quips. He doesn't say the whole thing. Why? "You probably know the rest by heart." He chuckles. "All right, let's see if I can actually find the way back… This really is the blind leading the blind, isn't it?"

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