(2018-02-26) New Toys
New Toys
Summary: Conner and Ariel watch as Rain unboxes her new toys
Date: 2018-02-26
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Billiard Room

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.

While it isn't by any means pleasant outside, it is not the usual cold of February, above freezing and rainy and damp. it is keeping most, if not all, of the students indoors during the afternoon break. What it hasn't prevented is mail delivery, and Rain or is it Legion. It's one of those days where it is hard to tell, except for those few that know the girl well. it is Rain, despite the fact that her hair is down and her tie is loose. The teen girl enters the billiards room, package tucked under her arm, seeming to be a bit more excited and energetic than usual, hence the confusion as to who this actually is.

Conner is seated near the TV area, Soul Calibur 4 on the screen as he mashes idly at enemies, his giant Siegfried sword cleaving against enemies. His eyes are disinterested, though. Clearly, he's just trying to kill time. Towards what end is undetermined. He glances around between rounds, happening to spot Rain as she makes her entrance, eyes going from his sister's strangely excited face, tot he package, and back. "What've you got there?" he asks, turning the TV off and turning his chair to face Rain.

There are a few moments of distraction as Rain watches the battle on the screen. She has been known to play a video game or two, but she isn't into them like her eldest brother is. When the screen goes dark she looks to Conner and gestures to the screen "You nearly had them. You could of had a clean K.O." she tells him slightly amused at is actual boredom in the game. The question regarding the package has her taking it in both hands and giving in a shake, though no noise comes from it. "Toys." she smirks at him. Her idea of toys and his are very different. Being the most violent of the Masters brood it is most likely weapons of some sort. Those are her kind of toys…though the package isn't all that big.

Conner waves a hand dismissively at the game. "If I wanted to win, I'd've won," he says, tone confident as he shrugs. He raises an eyebrow at the not-particularly-revealing answer from his sister, and continues to look at the box. "Toys," he echoes. "I'm just going to venture a guess here and say we're not talking about Hot Wheels," he speculates, head cocked to one side. His face takes on a rahter expectant expression. "So, are you going to show me, or just keep being vague?" he teases.

The door to the kitchen swings open and Ariel, short, blonde girl Ariel, walks in, slurping on the large beet red smoothie she carries in one hand while trying to one-handed open up an envelope with the other. She also got mail call and her expression is pretty bland as she inches her thumb under the glue to open it up. "Goddammit." She yanks her thumb back and the top is sheared open by a long black claw which disappears when it's no longer necessary. Which is right about when she realizes she hasn't walked into an empty room, looks up at Conner and Rain and waves her Santa Clarita smoothie in their direction with an awkward, "Heeey."

"Not challenging enough." Rain nods at him "I get it. It would be like me challenging you to any kind of physical fight." he would so lose "Not worth it for me." and possibly disastrous for him. She laughs in amusement at his comment "No, not hot wheels." though she was more into Barbies when she was little, though only because of the clothes. Setting the box on the table she smacks the top to loosen the tape/flaps enough to rip if off so she can get to the contents. "Telescoping truncheons."

The entrance of Ariel creates a noticeable shift in the girl. There is a slight tensing, and she becomes decidedly less animated and that cool, stoic exterior falls into place. She is a totally different animal around family, than she is around everyone else. "Hello Ariel." she greets her tone polite, but cool. Nothing new there.

"Or me trying to hack your phone. Too easy, not worth the time. Exactly. Glad we're on the same page." Conner smiles, raising an eyebrow as Rain finally tells him what's in the box. Without him having to channel Brad Pitt or anything! "Like, flick a wrist inta-baton?" Just to make sure he's imaging the right thing. "Are you planning on knee-capping some people?"

Ariel's entrance gets a much warmer reaction from Conner than it does Rain. "Ariel, hey!" He waves and smiles at the girl, clearly pleased to see her. "Anything good?" He nods at either the smoothie or the letter, though it's not quite clear which, beore leaning over and dragging one of the nearby chairs over beside his, the invitation there unspoken. A moment later, he reaches for one on the other side, dragging it over in case Rain wants to sit.

Ariel gives Rain a warm smile and says brightly, "Hi Rain!" It's pointless, but hey, she smiles to Grayson, too. The smile just broadens when Conner greets her and once he pulls that chair over she quickly makes her way over to accept the invitation. "Uh, the smoothie…" She eyes it. "Is probably not for everyone. I donno about the letter. But it's probably not tactical weaponry, so no matter what it's bound to be only the second most interesting piece of mail in the room." She sets her smoothie down and opens the envelope like a normal person, pulls out the letter and looks it over, her smile becoming tight and brittle. Then she carefully puts the letter back in the envelope and folds it over and over until she hits the six fold mark, then shoves it into a pocket on her blazer. "Not interesting at all. Let's see some rapid deployment bludgeons."

Rain nods at his understanding. It's always good when siblings understand each other. Strange though how Conner and Rain seem to understand each other better than her and Sky lately. Telepathic connections aren't as great as most people would assume, at least a percentage of the time. "Just like that." she says to Conner"I can think of a priest or two or a perhaps a dozen who could use a good kneecapping." though the plan is to not have her anywhere near the priests at any time, but you can never be to careful.

The smoothie is eyed when it is mentioned by the girl "Is Ms. Annalee going to have to improvise dinner this time?" she hasn't forgotten the ground beef incident from a few days ago. If she finds anything amusing in what Ariel has said it doesn't show…it should be noted that Legion would find it hilarious. "It's the second best type of weaponry there is." in her opinion at least. She rips the package open, or course they truncheons are also boxed up. Two of them, boxed individually since the really good ones don't come in sets. And she isn't going to by crap weaponry.

"One for you, one for Legion?" Conner ventures, eyeing the pair of truncheons and giving an approving nod. "Well, don't do anything I wouldn't do. Unless that something is kneecapping priests. Not my style, but that's probably acceptable," he concedes. "What /is/ the plan with all that, anyways?" he asks, curious. Ariel's smoothie gets another look, then Conner shrugs. "I'll take your word for it," he decides, not prying into the contents. Probably not strawberry, then. The letter, thoroughly folded and put away, also gets a look of interest, but again, no prying. At least, no prying with other people around, even if that other person is his sister. He turns his attention back to the pair of batons and gives Rain a little nod. "Well, let's see what you picked up, then; you can't leave us here without us getting to hear that satisfying click of one of those coming out."

"The school is aware of my dietary requirements," chirps Ariel brightly, "so if Ms Annalee isn't keeping it in mind when budgeting groceries and meals perhaps she should seek a new position." Ariel gives her smoothie a slurp and looks to the deluxe weaponry on display, glancing sidelong at Conner. "I think the consensus, last I heard, was that Besa leads the way. I saw him practicing with his plus one sword of priest stabbing last night, so I guess he's got something in mind. But I don't think the fact that there's an entire school who wants to help comforts him much."

A 'huh' kinda look is given to Conner at his strange question. Strange to Rain at least "No, they are both for me." she tells him "If they are on me when she manifests she will have a fully functioning pair too." that's just how it works "I just wish the cell phone would duplicate." so simple non-electronics can duplicate, but nothing to sophisticated. Powers are weird.

There is a shrug as she opens one of the boxes "There is no cohesive plan yet. We have to find out exactly where in Las Vegas they are. We just know somewhere near the Luxor. And he has been consulting with Mom about some things." so much bubble wrap!

"Ms. Annalee probably has a secret stash someplace. The fridge is probably just a decoy." The truncheon is finally free of packaging, the matte black weapon when collapsed about only six inches long. "Of course he wouldn't be comforted by that. In his eyes that is just more people that can be hurt or used against him. He doesn't want anyone he knows to be hurt because of him." she pushes the button on the handle of the baton and it springs out to its full length with a satisfying springy, clicking noise.

"Right. My bad." Conner nods. Of course simple things duplicate, otherwise Legion would apear naked every time, and that would be awkward for everyone. "Well, I'll help how I can. You know I'm about as useful as a wet paper bag in a fight, but if there's anything else I can do…" Conner trails off with a little shrug. "Have any pictures or anything of the priests? I can try getting at any cameras I can touch in Vegas, see if I can narrow down location any further?" he offers. He then nods his agreement with Rain's suspicion about the decoy fridge. "Yeah, I don't think anyone would be dumb enough to just leave everything in the fridge for all of us to just go after," he agrees. He continues nodding his agreement when the explanation of Besa's feeling on the matter is offered, even if his verbal response isn't much. "Yeah, sounds like Besa." He smiles at the baton's springing click, though. "Yep, that's the sound," he confirms, grinning.

Ariel shakes her smoothie, the straw rattling against the side as she does. "Actually, she made this for me for lunch, but I was too busy finishing a reading to come down and get it. She put a bunch of vanilla protein powder in it, so I feel like a proper weightlifter now." And the vanilla really compliments the beef. "I understand why he feels that way, but if you're so loved that people want to protect you, you can't stop them. Especially when those people each offer something so new to the party that it can change everything. I mean, I'm definitely not on board with any plans that start 'first we steal some of his blood'. I'm not here to yuck anyone's yums, but that's just weird." Then she takes a drink of her gore shake.

"I don't. There was scrying invloved to find out that much." Rain tells them "Ask Besa or Louk, they might be able to describe them."

There is definite eww face at the shake contents "He knows he has a better chance with help. He isn't stupid." She gives a grin to Conner at his comment about the weapon and works on opening the other.

"Yeah, I'll do that. Actually, I'll go see if I can track either of them down now, while I'm thinking about it." Conner leans over, giving Ariel a quick kiss on the cheek before he pushes to his feet, stretching for a moment. "You think of anything else useful I can do, let me know, alright? And have fun with your new toys," he adds, smiling at the second baton being opened. "Enjoy your shake," he adds, grinning at Ariel, winking, and making for the door.

Ariel positively glows when Conner gives her the kiss on the cheek and stares after him when he leaves the room, all but bouncing on her seat. When he's gone she turns back to her mid-afternoon meal. But any smiles she may have had disappear with that look from Rain. "I know he's not stupid. And I know he's not weak, though I wouldn't be surprised if some of the people volunteering think he is. But even Grayson wants to help. I can't imagine anyone else here could elicit that kind of loyalty." She sniffs a little and looks back at her drink. "It's the magic of friendship."

"Good luck. Try the attic. Besa lurks up there frequently." Rain advises Conner as he goes to leave. There is another look of distaste that comes to her face at her brother's PDA…eww, gross. "Are you two dating?" she asks of Ariel once Conner is out of ear shot. Though she sounds like she might not want to know the answer to that. Then back to Besa "Besa is anything but weak." but even Besa might not realize just how strong he is..or maybe Rain is just misguided. "I can't imagine Grayson back up anyone, but I don't think his help will be refused, questioned maybe." there is a slight smirk "An episode of My Little Pony it is not."

Ariel might blush at the question, except she doesn't blush unless it's intentional and she is, by her nature, lacking in shame to a degree. After all, she's not actually wearing that school uniform. "Yeah, we're dating." She eyes the other girl, then adds, "And yes, he's aware that I don't always look like this. And that when I don't look like this I'm not a girl pretending to be a boy, but am in fact a boy. I made certain all of that was very clear right out the gate." Constantine's moment of gay panic was a lesson learned. She slurps on her smoothie, but it's mostly gone. "I feel like you really dislike me and I can't tell if it's just me or if you just don't like anyone new. I mean, I know why Grayson doesn't like me, over and above his general misanthropy. Every time I run into you I feel like I'm doing something wrong, though.".

"I know he is aware of that. Sky mentioned that you two had been flirting with each other and had some weird date on Valentine's Day." the girl's tone remains perfectly neutral as she explains "You could be a turnip for all I care. If you hurt him though, then we have a problem." Masters are quite protective of their own, or really anyone that they have dubbed as family. It isn't quite a threat though.

The comment has Rain canting her head a moment before she shakes it in denial "It isn't just you." the implication there is that its the new factor and truthfully she is that way with anyone new for the first few months. It takes her quite awhile to warm up to people, especially when they are girls, and most times she encounters Ariel as a girl. "I do apologize that I make you feel that way. It is not my intent." she is sincere in her apology at least.

"Oh, I know that if I mess with your brother I am asking for a world of hurt from a lot of people. I'd never heard of the Masters family before coming here, but," Ariel makes a somewhat inscrutable face, then smiles, "a couple of people have clues me in." A nice way to say 'warned me'. "I like Conner a lot. He's worth the, uh," baggage? "complications. And I don't plan on hurting him. If anything he's graduating a year before me and so far as I can tell don't really have a future after this, so I figure it's my heart that will be broken. But it'll have been worth it." She nods at the rest of what Rain has to say. Even Conner has said she'd be better off meeting Legion. "Okay. Just making sure. I'm new and this is all strange. Even for me. And I know I've only been around for so long so maybe how much I want to help Besa might seem strange, but he was my first friend here after a very bad first day. I died for no reason doing nothing worthwhile. I'd rather not die again, but to get him a life free of people who'd use him? I'd certainly engage in shocking acts of violence." She looks down at her hands and flexes her fingers. "Conner's never seen what I look like when I get all… Giger-y. That'll be fun."

"And what you have heard about my family probably doesn't do reality justice." The Masters family being notoriously strange. Rain can't help the frown that comes to her face at Ariel's words "Why do shapeshifters like yourself always think they have no future?" she seems truely puzzled "When you are better equipped for adapting to whatever jobs and problems that is in store for you?" it sounds like she may have encountered this before "I don't think Conner will care about what you look like." look a bit of support! Though I don't know what he would think if you decided to stay Gigery permanently."

Ariel actually looks a little surprised at that. "Really? Oliver just about lectured me about his plans for a rich future. Made me feel pretty unprepared. Then again, I'm sixteen. I've got time." She thinks for a moment, then pulls out the envelope she stuffed away in her occasionally there pocket and smooths it out. "No matter what you do you're always going to have a huge family. You'll always have support. As of last month, Coral Springs is my family." She opens it and pulls out the letter. It's a restraining order demanding she not contact her parents or her brother. "So I can be a little bit of a bummer when it comes to tomorrow." She just nods at the rest, but doesn't voice agreement. She knows that if she ends up having to fight some priests, it's gonna be kind of gnarly. "I'm always a little surprised that more people here aren't more concerned about being superheroes. Garrett and Kaylee are pretty much the only ones I've met so far. Maybe it's just because I was a nerd growing up."

"You don't know my family very well." Rain tells her "If we don't manifest powers by the time we each 18 we get disowned and kicked out of the family." she informs the other girl "That could happen to me, even though I do have powers, just for refusing family tradition." she doing a few other things her family didn't approve of.. There is a look at the paper as she unfolds it "You know that expression blood is thicker than water?" she questions Ariel, but doesn't wait for a response before continuing "That's only half the expression. The full expression is, blood is thicker than water but water runs deeper." from her tone it seems these are words she has taken to heart "The family you choose is just as important than the family you were born into."That's why I am so protective of Besa, he is the family I choose." and vice versa. "I have no desire to be any kind of hero. I plan on being a doctor." so she has no concerns about the whole superhero thing. She will leave that to someone else.

"Ah, no. I hadn't heard that." Sky and Conner had pushed the 'lots of family members with powers' thing and not pressed the occasional exile part. No wonder. Ariel grimaces to think about it and puts her note away. This one's going in the ocean in tonight's swim. "I'm still trying to find my family, then. I'll be happy with water." She snorts softly, "I don't even have blood." But she nods, understanding where Rain is coming from. "Maybe the school is just what all of us need, then. Or at least me." She pushes herself up out of her seat and grabs her mostly empty cup. "I should go clean this out. No one should have to deal with it. But I mean it when I say Besa's one of the two best people I've met since I came here," she knows neither of the Masters twins or Besa are fans of the other, so she keeps that one to herself, "so keep me in mind if you need someone who can be sneaky or muscle."

Rain might be a bit cold, but she is understanding of other peoples situations, which may be proof that underneath the coolness could be warmth. She certainly shows it with those she considers her family. "This is a good place to start." there is a nod of agreement "Besa is the best." a ghost of a smile surfaces but it leaves quickly. "I should cleannup my mess as well." bubblewrap and boxes everywhere!

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