(2018-02-26) Comparatively
Summary: Loukanos finds Besa to catch up, comfort and start planning. Things go south, as usual.
Date: 2018-02-26
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The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?

Classes are over for the day, so Besa's disappeared up into the attic to work on any one of the many things her has to do. Ususally he doesn't worry about grades so much, but he likes poetry, so he's got his english book in his lap reading the haikus as he pets Cocoa who's laying next to him on the blanket on the floor of the attic. His tie is loosened and the top button of his uniform is undone. If one didn't know all the stress he's under, he' almost looks pictuest, reading with his dog.

Out of the school uniform, Loukanos pads into the attic barefoot and dressed in a plain t-shirt and salmon cotton shorts. "Besa?" He's carrying a few books in his arms. Homer's Iliad can be found in that pile, including a few books on Latin and various linguistic patterns. "I heard you could be found up here. How are you? We haven't really talked since the info drop."

Besa looks up, offering a soft, but true smile to Louk, "Hello my friend. I am up her often. Cocao likes it here." Right….It's Cocoa who likes it. Her tail does thump a few times on the floor seeing Louk, but she doesn't move. She's not crawled into Besa's lap, but is pressed against his leg. "I am as well as can be expected. I seem to have much to figure out, and not all of it is…conducive to the other problems." His smile fades and he asked honestly, "Are you well?" He feels bad, look's been dragged into this.

Loukanos meets Besa's smile with one of his own. He climbs fully into the attic, "Mind company?" Cocoa receives his pleasant smile as the godling wanders into the room, glancing around. He wants to pet her but also isn't sure if she's on duty or not. "What do you mean?" He asks. "I am here for you, you know that, right? I am well."

"Of course. You are always welcome." Besa indicates he can sit on the blanket with Cocoa and he. "I am upset, but that is to be expected, yes?" He shrugs, "I do not have any alternative feelings i think. Just…tired and upset." Hoepful is not on the list of feelings he's been having. Lonely, but that's not really part of the priest issue. "I know. I appreciate you, thank you."

A brighter smile and Loukanos sets his books down near the blanket before settling atop it. "I would imagine being hunted is rather upsetting, yeah," He gives a wry smile. "You said you have problems not conducive to others?" Lifting a quizzical brow, he begins to flip turn one of the books from his pile. "I didn't bring any cookies or ice cream…" He smiles ruefully. "I should've known comfort food would make you happy."

Besa's nose wrinkles, "No…I am alright. It is not…important. At least not comparatively." His hair bounces as he shakes his head, "no sweets please. I mostly ate them to make Rain feel better." He likes a little sweet, but comfort food in Ameraica is very/ sweet! The book is glanced sot, then he's back to looking at Louk has he pets Cocoa. "I hope you are not upsetting yourself too much trying to help me."

"If you're certain,' Loukanos sideeyes the Egyptian with a concerned expression. He drops it though and smirks, "I don't know how, but they can stand it somehow. What would you prefer, then?" Besa won't let him heal him, but he's determined to ease the thin teen's discomfort somehow. He crosses his legs in front of him and pulls out a page from the tome. Don't worry, he's not ripping pages from the book. It looks to be paper from a notebook that was stuffed in there. He chuckles, "If I am upset, you'll know."

Certain isn't the word he'd use, but Besa nods. "Even their nbread is sweet!" It's terrible. But that makes him smile, being able to complain to someone who understands. "Me? I do not know. I think.." but then he smiles, looking at Louk, "Do you have the power to make comfort food?" Louk may have the best super power ever. Besa will let him heal his chest….closer to when they figure out what they need to do. he can tell the healing drains the other boy, and he doesn't like that. He looks to the note page, "Is that your haiku homework?"

Loukanos chuckles. "Technically, sure. I can conjure up almost anything, but I was thinking of just doing things the old-fashioned way. For once." He pauses a little, studying the other boy with a smile. "I'll make something for you." The wheels are turning! "Huh," He shakes his head. "No, these are some glyphs Ashton created. I don't understand the language used and neither does he, so I'm trying to decipher it." He lifts the cover of the book, revealing a study on ancient languages.

Besa's head tilts, surprised, "You would do that for me?" He doesn't understand why everyone is trying to be so nice to him. Especially since last time the priests wanted him (Before the sacrifice) everyone was so angry with the ancient boy. He smiles back before looking down at the book and then the page. His smile disappears, the same look of terror briefly flashes across his face as when they saw the priests in Las Vegas. "H-how does he knows this?" Besa's stills, almost like something would freeze when being hunted in the forrest. If it doesn't move, it can't be spotted and hunted. It's a complete 180 from the smile he had moments ago.

"Sure?" Loukanos is a little confused about Besa's surprise. The godling did not know the other boy before the sacrifice. He's always been nice to Besa, right?! "You'll like it, I'm sure." That flash of terror furrows his golden brows, and crystal blue eyes flicker between the notepaper and Besa's face. "What's wrong? You recognize the text?" He unfolds the paper completely and holds it out in front of the other boy, looking mildly impressed. "It's nothing human, is it?"

Besa physically flinches as the paper is held up to him. It's almost instinctual, he'd trying to make himself look small, his hand going to his right though. Cocoa's entire demeanor changes as well, her tail stops thumping and she presses into him more. It's like he's having a night terror, while awake, in her mind. The smallest of head shakes, no, it's not human. ""How does Ashton know this?" The hand that was on Cocoa goes to his chest, his poor heart is pounding so hard!

"I-I don't know. He says the words just appear to him," Loukanos senses the panic radiating off Besa, and it's disconcerting, to say the least. He slips his arm around Besa's shoulder and lays a hand on his arm. "Wha…what is it, Besa?" He sets the paper down far away from them. If Besa's reaction is so physical, it may be that magic still courses through it.

It's not magic, it's fear. Justifiable (In Besa's mind) fear. Appear to him? The ancient teen's face crumbles, trying to piece this and what Koga said to him earlier together. Perhaps…"I…" At the touch he flinches again, but not away from Louk, it's just his fight or flight instants warring with each other. No stabbing Louk! "He should not know these things, Loukanous. I…I only know them because it's what Alraxmargoth'ha would use. What he would write when he…" He swallows, not wanting to finish that sentence. The name he said though, it sounds similar to something Ashton may say when speaking the alien language. He shutters, eyes closing and head twitching at some memory. His hands tighten on both his leg and chest, "T-this is…not good, Loukanos…" He needs to look, but it's clear he doesn't want to when he finally reaches for the paper.

"Alraxmargoth'ha…" Loukanos pronounces it well. "The demon you slew?" It clicks. Ooooooooooh. He understands what's happening here, and there is silence for a long moment as he gathers his thoughts. "Ash…Ashton is good, Besa." He can't speak for the language or content on the script script, but he knows that much. "I…" He licks his lips and gives Besa a light squeeze. "He wouldn't hurt you, I don't think."

Besa's hand finally leaves his though to push his hair from his eyes, not that they are focused on anything in particular. The fact that Louk isn't denying what Besa's basically implying about Ashton isn't helping. Now Besa is rethigning the healing. He didn't hurt Ashton. He pales, looking like he's going to be sick when he is able to connect the teen's reaction to that of other demons. Alraxmargoth'ha would have gatherings…He starts breathing through his mouth, trying and failing at hyperventilating. Louk doesn't think Ash will hurt Besa? Oh boy, "I…I need…" He leans forward and picks up the pear, "I need to know…" What is Ashton trying to do?

"He told me he was trying to help you," Loukanos watches Besa find the paper again, moving back a little. "He was researching. A lot. He wouldn't do that if he wished you any harm." His cadence suggests he's trying to convince himself as much as the other boy. "I don't know what it reads. That's what I was trying to figure out."

Besa's not had to look at this in some time. Last time in Hell was when they broke into Alraxmargoth'ha's room and were trying to find the other sacrifices. His hand is shaking as he brings the paper close and starts examining it. "It is…a memory spell…" A memory spell, he shivers, Cocoa moving to place her head on his lap. Eventually the dog will crawl up and press against his chest when she gets an opening. It's a slow process when he's awake. "It is to… take memories…." He can't get paler, but he does suddenly look greener, "….it is to…..erase me from history…" That's almost as terrifying. He whimpers, he can't help it. Why can't his life be easy!?! Eyes closed as the tears brim his eyelashes.

"That…" Loukanos looks down at his feet. "That could mean many things, Besa. Maybe he wants the priests to forget you." His voice is oddly calm and faint like he's going through his own thought processes. "I want to say your fear is misplaced…" His words trail. No buts or nothing. "Please. Before you come up with your own conclusions, talk to Ashton."

Besa runs his eyes with his hand, but that just spreads the tears. Talk to Ashton, he shivers again, not liking that idea. "I…I need to think…" Koga was right? His hand goes back to his heart, the ache is spreading, but that's just stress. "I…my fear is….important…" He's not being unreasonable!

Loukanos says nothing about Besa's fear being important. He isn't quite sure what the Egyptian means by that. "Yes. Think. I will talk to him, if you won't," And Mother. She will know what to think. He frowns. "A fear of demons is quite widespread here. For you, I'd imagine the fear is doubly bad."

Besa doesn't know that that's going to be better, but he can't stop the other Guardian. "I….please. let me think…I.." His hand flexes, grimacing in pain. Besa has a mother he can talk to, but not one that knows demons. "Demons are not ..they should be feared, Loukanos…" His breathing is odd, probably fear.

"We don't know enough," Loukanos shakes his head. "I have heard of the idea that demons are malevolent creatures, but it is still something of a culture clash." He can see it frightens Besa just discussing it, though. "Sorry, I-I didn't intend to upset you. Would you…would you like to keep the paper?"

Culture clash? Besa's eyes flash, fear and a touch of anger, "It is not a misunderstanding, Loukanos!" Besa's not being a bigot, he was tortured for centuries! By demons! He twitches, the paper trembling ion his hand, "I-I….I want t-to know what bye…" He gulps a lung full of air, trying to focus on anything but the fear and upset and pain. Where's a random interrupting student when he needs one?

"I didn't mean to upset you," Loukanos repeats sheepish this time as he draws his knees under his chin. He really didn't. He was only trying to explain the way spirits and entities work in the 'society' he was raised in. "You can keep it if you'd like. I don't think the spell was complete. He was still figuring it out when I copied it down, I think."

Besa shivers, pulling himself into a ball as well. "That is not how they are." Well, the they that Besa's always dealt with. Tears are starting to roll down his cheeks, "I…I can not explain what i went though…what they did to me…to others…It…it is not…." Those same feelings of dismissal he got when he was upset about the other 2 demons that were at the school fall ontop of this. He looks down at Cocoa, and then to the stairs. Maybe the school isn't the right place after all. Maybe…maybe the priest are right. But which priests? "I am very old, Loukanos…and very tired of being afraid."

"I can't fear Ashton, Besa. I just can't," Loukanos gets where Besa and his fear is coming from…but he cannot join him in it and wouldn't want to. He nods though, feeling like he may have said something very wrong. "I'm sorry you are scared. Truly."

Besa's tired of being tired. His eyes close, chest hurting and that feeling of this will never end is starting to spiral in the small teen. His voice is more hollow, low, almost a whisper now, "Before….before My fear was worth…" His arms tighten, chest pain starting to radiate through his body. It reminds him of some of the terrible things Alraxmargoth'ha did to him, what he can remember, anyway. "But to be this fearful now, knowing being brave does not save the world…that the world never cared…" Cocoa whines, the distress her master is in upsetting her. "I….pray you are right…for your own sake."

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