(2018-02-15) An Alter to History
An Alter to History
Summary: Whitley finds Besa and they talk, but is anything really resolved?
Date: 2018-02-15
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Attic Floor Winbarry Estate
Thu Feb 15, 2018 — Thu Feb 15 17:38:35 2018

The attic floor contained more staff quarters, general storage areas. There are boxes there that have been there for decades, not brought in by Unit 23. Who knows what's in them?

After the weirdness of Valentine's day, Besa's been fairly secluded. Not hiding from people, but not going out of his way to be around them. Some of that good mood he has is gone. He was not at breakfast or lunch, but made an appearance at dinner, although the teen mostly ate a large salad. Currently he's nursing a tea with his sketchbook in his lap while Cocoa nestles agains his side. The Guardian school uniform is gone, replaced by a sweater and jeans. That perfect hair is falling in front of his eyes as his head is bend while he draws. An old quilt is layer out, maybe to keep them a little warmer from the cold, but there's been a warmth rune broken already. Candles line the room, as he's the only one here to light the area he's working in.

Whitley got a nice surprise on Valentine's Day, so he's in a fairly good mood. Yeah, he didn't have someone to really spend it with, but unlike some, being alone on February 14th has never been a cause of tears. He's on a hunt, now. A hunt for Besa! While very spacious, the manor isn't large enough for the hunt to last long. The white-haired teen did not expect to find him in the attic, though. In fact, he only checks there after he exhausts all other options. "Besa?" He furrows his brows and sniffs the air. "What are you doing up here? No wonder you're so hard to find. I honestly thought you might've left the school for a bit."

So many people hunting for Besa lately! Hopefully just his friends find him, and not the priests! he looks up as his name is called, head tilting, "I am drawing. I often come up here." It's a space to be alone, most. His sketch book is lowered, but whatever is on it is just scribbles, nothing stands out as anything solid. Maybe he was doodling/ or maybe he was just sucking at art today (That's it). The air smells of dust, dirt and candles. Maybe a hint of whatever tea he's drinking, "Is everything alright?" His own brow furrows, unsure why Whitley would be searching him out unless something was wrong, or if Theodore said something to Whit and got him mad at Besa.

"Do you?" Whitley tilts his head. "I don't think I ever knew that?" He takes a peek over at what Besa is drawing, but seeing as there's nothing of note, he just smiles and says, "I can tell." No, Theodore has yet to tell him anything. Maybe Whit will never know… "Nothing is wrong. Why would anything be wrong?" He shakes his head, white curls flopping. "No, I just wanted to thank you for the Valentine's. It means a lot that someone actually cared enough to give me one.? And with that, unless there's protest, Whitley approaches Besa, leans in, and gives him a chaste kiss on the cheek.

Well, Whit and Besa haven't really hung out so much since coming to the estates, to be fair. A soft nod, "I can cast a warmth rune and it keeps it comfortable. It is almost like a cabin, yes?" Maybe this is his proverbial 'cave' he keeps talking about. An eyebrow raises slightly, "There is no reason." He's such a terrible liar, but his dark eyes watch as Whit's curls bounce around. The slightly surprised look stays on his face, unsure what Whit is doing until his actually getting the kiss on try cheek. Which causes a blush to form, "Oh…I…You deserved it. I am sorry that you did not get more. I would have gotten you a better one, but I only had the $15 from selling the mugs to the coffee shop. And the bag of candy hearts was more expensive than I thought." Is he rambling slightly? Yes.

Whitley smirks very slightly when Besa blushes and starts to ramble. "I think it's a wonderful gift, Besa. I dunno if I even deserved that much, to be honest." He certainly didn't expect anything. The smirk loses its edge and turns into something warmer. "You said you didn't know where we stand. Just wanted you to know that I'll always care about you." He frowns then. "I didn't get you anything. I'm sorry, I should have."

They are a couple of rambling guys, it seems. Besa smiles up at Whitley from his seated place on the floor, "You deserved better, but it's what I could do." He suddenly laughs, "You did. You gave me a kiss." Which seems to have brought Besa's mood back to the happy he was before Valentine's day.

Whitley looks pleased that Besa is pleased with his kiss. "It's the least I could do. It's not like it costs me anything," His face colors slightly, and grinning sheepishly, he shrugs. "You're welcome, though. I'm glad you liked it. This could've been really awkward if you didn't." And very uncomfortable for Whitley.

"But it did. You had to take a chance. That counts for something." At least in Besa's mind. He chuckles again, head shaking, "How could I not?" but then he sets his sketchbook down and offers Whit to sit. Cocoa eyes Whit from the opposite side of Besa.

Whitley will take a seat, tucking one leg underneath him. He still wears the blue sweater and tie of Ares. "I don't know…friends don't usually kiss each other. I guess we're not normal friends, are we?" He rubs the back of his neck and grins. He blinks over at Cocoa…so not a dog person.

Something flickers across Besa's face, but he shoos that thought away. "No…I guess we are not normal." He smiles and looks down at his lap briefly and then over to Cocoa. "What's the matter, Cocoa? It's just Whitley…" She huffs and lays her head on Besa's lap, closing her eyes like she's ignoring them both. Besa blinks, amused and looks over at the Ares, "I think she is tired."

"What's the matter?" Whitley catches the look, however brief it might have been. "Don't think she likes me," Or maybe she can sense that Whitley is not all that fond of her. "Most animals don't." He looks around. "So this is like your new Art Room, I'm guessing?"

Besa's not sure how or even if he should say anything. He's happy with the kiss and doesn't want to mess anything up. "It is nothing important." he hopes, anyway. A hand lays on the pup's head, "She just does not know you. You will have to be nice to her, rub her belly, and she will love you forever." That easy, huh? He looks up and around the room, "I…I guess it is? I can not do clay here, but it is nice. I feel…protected here more than I do my sleeping space."

Whitley wrinkles his nose at the idea of showing the dog affection, "For the time being, I am gonna have to pass," He doesn't push Besa on whatever's bugging him. That rarely ends well. "I wish I had a place like that, where I could just feel…safe, I guess?" Maybe that's not the right word since he doesn't necessarily fear anything.

Besa's head tilts, he can't imagine anyone not loving Cocoa immediately. Whitley must just not understand. Already plans are in his head to fix this, but not now. "You may come here, if you wish. I will share." His free hand twitches, unsure, but then he reaches for Whit's. Not normal friends at all. "If you ever need to be alone here, you can tell me to leave. I understand." Sometimes a person needs alone time in a safe place.

"I am alone enough," Whitley mutters, looking thoughtfully down at his hand in Besa's. It's certainly strange considering what's happened between them, but he doesn't pull away. He did just kiss him, after all. "I want you here. And I might take you up on that offer." To come into the Attic. "It's not the most luxurious place, but you're fond of it, so it must be something special."

The smile turns to a worried frown. "You do not have to be, Whitley.' Alone. And he doesn't just mean himself. "There are people here who care. But you must let them." His thumb traces the pale skin on the Ares' knuckles. "It is warm and safe feeling. And we can make it more to your liking, if you like?" Perhaps more blankets to sit on, or a pillow?" Besa takes a moment to look around, like he's thinking of how to make the room better for Whitley.

"I'm used to it. Lone wolf and all that," Whitley grins a little. "I think you might be the only one who genuinely cares." He looks at the over boy's thumb over his knuckles. "I think it's fine how it is. It has nothing on the Arts Room back at our old school, but yeah. You don't need to renovate the whole place just for me."

Besa doesn't really believe that. or Whitley wouldn't mention being alone with such a sad tone. He turns back to study the Ares, eyes wide. "I think you would be surprised who cares, if you;d give them a chance." His lips turn upward in a gentle smile, "It is not the same as the Arts room, but everything is good, in it's own way. I like it because ti feels like it has memories." What does that even mean? "I would not change the whole place, but I can make it more…" He makes a thinking face, glancing around again, "more 'Whitley' than just 'Besa'." Does that make sense?

It does. Kinda. Whitley understands what Besa is coming from. He smiles, "Memories…not yours but others, right? I can see that. It just feels old to me, but I guess that's another way of seeing." He chuckles, "I think if you turned it into a dojo, then it'd be very Whitley. There's actually one in town if you'd ever like to check it out with me."

Besa nods, "Yes. It is an alter to history." The ancient teen smile,s maybe that's why Whitley likes Besa, because he's old feeling? His lower lip is wetted as he looks around, not able to see the room as a dojo unfortunately. But then "Oh! yes! The dance studio? I went there with Theodore! i think he is going to start a dance club there." In his happy, he tightens his fingers around Whitely's briefly, "Will you be taking classes there?"

"I wasn't aware that it seconded as a dance studio," Whitley tilts his head slightly. "That sounds like it could be a really cool idea, though." The white-haired teen puts a hand on his chest, feigning shock. "Me? Please, Besa, there?s nothing you can teach a master," Playful smirk. "Dance lessons, on the other hand…well, you already know how bad I am at dancing."

Besa nods, "It does. There are mirrors all over it." Which he supposes is good for dancing, and dojo-ing as well. He snorts in amusement at Whitley's over the top estimate of himself. "Then perhaps you should be teaching classes." That perfect hair sways as Besa shakes his head, "You are not bad at dancing." Now, he wasn't nessicarilly good, but Besa got out of it with all 10 toes.

"Perhaps I should," Whitley says. "I actually volunteered a little for the community service hours I have to fulfill in order to graduate." He grins, "I definitely suck at dancing. You don't have to sugar coat it." Apparently Whitley wasn't all that impressed with his own performance. "It was pretty fun sucking, though, so don't think I'm complaining."

Besa grins at that, he's a year behind Whit, so he doesn't really have to start thinking about that type of thing yet. Not that he's super worried about graduating. "I think you will do a wonderful job." More head shaking, but Besa can't help smiling. "It was fun. I had the best time." Well, until the soul sucking bowl got him. "I would dance with you anytime."

?Yeah, we'll see. I partially taught you how to sword fight, and you killed a freaking demon," he grins. "Training martial arts to newbies will be a cakewalk." He squeezes the Egyptian's slightly and smiles warmly, "Don't take it personally, but I could go my whole life without ever dancing again and be happy."

"Yeah, we'll see. I partially taught you how to sword fight, and you killed a freaking demon," he grins. "Training martial arts to newbies will be a cakewalk." He squeezes the Egyptian's slightly and smiles warmly, "Don't take it personally, but I could go my whole life without ever dancing again and be happy."

Besa raises an eyebrow, amused that Whitely's taking partial credit for the defeat of Alraxmargoth'ha. "I did." He's not so sure a cakewalk is the right term, but he does;t argue. The smile fades. He's not taking offense. just he liked dancing with Whit. the idea that they won't again makes him sad. Looking down at their hands, "…should we be doing this?" he doesn't let go though.

"Maybe not. I didn't intend to make things awkward for you," Whitley squeezes the hand again before letting his slender fingers slide out and standing. "Maybe we will go dancing again." He noticed the look of sadness. "Not now, though, I need to get back to homework."

Besa blinks, that's…not a helpful answer, but he'll nod. He knows he can't push for an answer, even though his heart hurts not knowing. "O-oh okay." Suddenly Whitley's standing above him, forcing Besa to look up at him, his voice is low, "Good luck with your homework." What else can be said. Cocoa, who's been quiet this who time just pressing into Besa more.

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