(2018-02-24) They Came From The Sea
They Came From The Sea
Summary: A bonfire party arranged by local Shady Cove teens to celebrate the unseasonably warm weather barely avoids becoming a massacre thanks to the timely intervention of some of Coral Springs' students.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-24)
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NPCs: Random townies, various draug, Draug Lord
Scene Runner: Gabrielle

Shady Cove Beach
The beach forms a semi-circle around the outer edge of the mainland edged with sand that turns lighter as it reaches the water. A swimming area is cordoned off with buoys and orange rope, clearly designating it for visiting tourists and the sea craft further out. Off down near the rocky area further along the beach is a lighthouse that remains lit up despite it serving as a restaurant.

Taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather some of the local teens from Shady Cove have arranged a large bonfire on one of the more secluded beaches near town. As these things have a tendency to do, word spread from trusted friend to trusted friend until it reached the ears of some of the students from Coral Springs. 8:00PM sees the fire already roaring high up to the night sky, music blaring, and beer flowing.

Bonfires can be fun. Also dangerous. Carmichael's wanting to have a bit of fun this weekend, and this sounds like it could be a fun thing. So Carmichael's going to head to the beach. Via flight; he hasn't really done that in a while. Also the thermals over the ocean are really nice sometimes, particularly now that it's so warm. Thus, a winged person is flying over the beach, dressed in a light-colored short-sleeved button-up shirt that's been tailored around his wings, a pair of faded jeans, and sneakers. That would be Carmichael, coming in to see what's going on. He doesn't see much need in trying to hide that he can fly — it's not like he can hide the appearance of his wings. Once he finds a place to land, he'll do so.

Koga was headed for the beach mostly because, hey, it was a beach party. And he was curious about the night life. He didn't have that many friends, but the few he did from some classes seemed to be trying to reach out to him. So… here he was. Headed down to the beach. He definitely didn't accept any beer. Nope. His dress for the evening with it being so warm was a pair of khaki shorts and a light white shirt with a pair of slip on shoes.

One of the nice things he was finding was that the sand of the beaches reminded him of home. No matter where you went, sand was sand, after all! And so here he was, more or less playing the new local foreign exchange student while enjoying the warmer weather and the bonfire itself.

Bonfires are cool although they are not fun for Ronan if he gets too close. So he keeps a nice safe distance for him. He's dressed very casually for the time being with a simple purple t-shirt and blue jeans. He rolls his shoulders as he walks along radiating a little bit of coldness around him. There was not a whole going on for him right now. He did text his friends to let them know where he was at right now.

For her part, Gabrielle wasn't at all involved with the bonfire. On the contrary, she was kind of annoyed when she appeared in the patch of trees that's her usual arrival spot. She comes to this particular beach to run or dance when she wants to be alone because its so isolated. Now there's a friggin' bonefire with tons of people she doesn't know and even dogs! Dogs that for some reason are standing at the shore line, barking at the waves instead of frolicking with each other like one would expect of dogs out for a romp.

Over by the bonfire the Coral Springs students are welcome with offers of beer and and food, like everyone else. Even people with obvious wings.

Carmichael wanders nearer the fire; seeing Koga and Ronan arriving, he waves in greeting to them both. He doesn't know them very well, but he's seen them around. As for food? Yes please! Carmichael burns through food at an alarming rate, he's almost always hungry! The beer though… that gets a polite refusal. He's not a drinker. Besides, he doesn't like American beer. Ew.

Food? Yes. Beer? Uh… no. No beer. That was the one thing that his parents made sure to tell him to never, ever touch unless he had complete, utter control and he was glad to avoid THAT at least. Koga gives a small wave towards Carmichael, vaguely recognizing him, and Ronan. The dogs, however, get a curious glance. So, grabbing a plate of food he moves off towards the dogs to take a look towards the ocean to see what they are barking at. Not to mention the music's way too loud.

Refusing beer for the time being, Ronan doesn't drink. Besides the crap they're offering smells a bit like piss instead of beer. His blue eyes watch the flames more intently than anything else. He just was being absorbed in watching how the flames danced. There was an awesomeness to this kind of thing. He flops down into the sand still keeping a discrete distance from the hot flames. Fire would make him really uncomfortable right now.

Gabrielle stays hidden in her copse of trees. The only reason she does pop right back out is the dog's behavior. And the sullen, orange glow that has started to develop out in the depths. If it wasn't for the color it could easily be bioluminiscent organisms but those shine blue or green, not orange. Slowly she crouches down and reaches for long branch that has fallen from one of the trees she's hiding in.

Carmichael is standing with a group of teens who are teasing him about eating chicken wings. "It'd have to be a giant," he notes, to someone mentioning that someone might eat HIS wings. "And they eat people anyway, so no difference there." He'd just taken a bite, the wing still at his lips, when he looks up and sees… an orange glow? That's not normal. He frowns. And what's that moving? "Oi," he notes to someone. "Tell everyone to get away from the water. There's something moving out there that isn't normal." He tosses the half-eaten small cardboard tray of wings at someone, and then does the opposite of what he said everyone else should do. He squints, trying to see if he can tell what it is.

Koga looks up as he hears Carmichael before he looks to the orange glow and drops his plate of food. Bringing his hands out to either side, he begins to move them almost as if in a dance with his arms alone. A blue just a bit off the ocean color comes up as he swings his hands around and gives a push on the center of the writing itself. The writing quickly multiples, then spreads out as an impromptu barrier from the edge of the water to the bonfire party as best as it can. Which isn't really much. It's only probably as high as Koga in height, but a good couple of yards to either side. He calls towards Carmichael, "This isn't that strong, so I'd advise getting people back!"

"Bloody." Ronan says looking out at the orange light out at sea. Unlike Koga, he doesn't have the ability to go forming any forming any barriers but he does call out,"Everyone I hear there is a kegger about a half mile down the road." He calls out pointing down and a way. How do you get a bunch of teens to go somewhere else, say there's more alcohol farther away from it.

Carmichael's warning has exactly the effect most people would expect it would have when delivered to a bunch of half drunk teenagers. And Ronan's comment doesn't have much more effect than Carmichael's. Although part of the group runs up against Koga's barrier, looking really confused about it too, and another good chunk of the party-goers just keeps on partying, 10 or 12 of them actually head out towards the water, trying to figure out what's going on.

From the other direction, heads start breaking through the water. 'Human' heads. Kind of. As the 'people' keep slowly walking out of the water it starts to become clear that they're only people in the vaguest sense of the word. They are actually more along the lines of walking corpses, many of the covered in barnacles and other marine parasites, draped in seaweed, arms frequently deformed to look more like organic clubs or spikes. And there's a lot of them coming out of the ocean. The first one to truly reach the shore comes out on front of a snarling dog. With a swing of its club arm it sends the dog flying at least 10 feet, hitting it hard enough the poor thing doesn't even have a chance to yip.

Over on her tree hidden corner of the beach Gabrielle sighs as she finally notices her fellow students. She stands up and starts to run towards the flank of marine zombies invading the beach.

Carmichael curses under his breath as he catches sight of what's going coming out of the water. Then he immediately turns to the people. "All right then!" he calls out. "There's danger in the water, and it's coming out to play. And you don't want to play with them. Not a request people — get off the beach or I will start dragging people." He's strong enough to do it too. He starts to walk closer to the crowd, wings spread to cover as much area as possible, trying to move the people further back. If he needs to get physical he'll need to be careful, though… he's stronger than an ordinary human.

Koga grunts as he holds the barrier from both sides practically. "Hey! Get away from there!" He calls to the half-drunk teens near the barrier, but he's definitely having trouble maintaining it against the zombies coming at said teens and himself. In fact, there looks to be pieces of the 'writing' being chipped away here and there. Koga brings both hands up to press towards the barrier itself before he pulls towards him. The barrier itself moves before suddenly flexing back when it contacts the teenagers to protect them from the zombies as he glares at them. "MOVE IT!" He calls towards them.

Small slivers of ice begin forming above the zombies and begin falling down among the Zombies. However, apparently Ronan doesn't seem to be having much luck on actually hitting them. Instead they seem to be falling among them rather harmlessly. "Bloody hell." He mutters under his breath as he approached the water's edge making a wide berth around the flames. They were distracting him, and that's the story he's going to be sticking to when asked.

It takes a few beats but people slowly start to realize what's happening. And then the screaming and the running begins. Thankfully, the zombies, if they are zombies, are actually shamblers so as long as the teens don't trip they can easily outrun the creatures, especially with the Coral Springs students running interference. Sadly, the problem with panic is that people get clumsy and as the stampeed starts at least two or three of the party-goers trip and the zombies not engaged with the CSers immediately orient on the fallen kids.

Out in the deeper water the orange glow becomes more prevalent as a dome that could easily be the top of a whales head slooooowly moves upward, just barely breaking the surface of the waves.

For her part Gabrielle reaches the mass of zombies at a run, sweeps the legs of one out from under it with her improvised quarterstaff but her momentum comes to a screeching halt as she slips on one of Ronan's bigger ice slivers and almost falls flat on her face.

"…Oh bloody hell," Carmichael grumbles. The zombies coming after the fallen party-goers are his first priority. His fellow students can (hopefully) defend themselves for a little while, with the barrier, and the ice — and the leaping in of Gabrielle! A ball of yellow light forms in Carmichael's hand, and he compresses it as he clenches his hand into a fist. As he does, the ball seems to 'pop' around his hand, with a sound somewhat like a scraping and popping of the air around it, and then to 'snap' into a blade made of light. It seems to float above his fist somewhat, but it also seems to be very well attached. Using his wings to increase the momentum, he leaps at the nearest of the zombies. He misses, but gets between the zombies and the fallen party-goers. Now the Draug will have to get through HIM to get to easier prey. He can't worry about the other thing in the water yet.

With the kids he was protecting from the zombies having ran now, Koga can do something as he hops backwards from the barrier before letting it fall as he raises his hand over his head. The hand is almost posed like he was rocking out a bit before he suddenly moves it in a circle over his head. A wide circle large enough for him to fit through practically. Only… he's not fitting through it.

The circle instead falls over him as he suddenly grows in height at least a couple of inches and what's left behind doesn't look quite… Koga. At least some might have wondered on Koga's alternate form. They don't have to now. There's bound to be stories as the black and azure armored figure makes it's appearance.

Once the circle finishes at his feet the masked form growls, then flat out roars it's defiance at the zombie horde. The roar comes out as inhuman, metallic, and definitely a challenge to the shamblers to get their attention. It's not a nice roar at all, but one speaking of bad news for the zombies themselves afterwards.

Extending his hands out Ronan's trying to control the flow of the water to use it to keep hold of the zombies. There was a bit of a look of utter focus on the young teen's face as he makes a gesture. Apparently whatever he was trying to do was a failure as nothing at all seems to be happening from his antics. "Come on water…" He says grimacing,"M'athair would be bloody ashamed of me." He says muttering under his breath.

Mmm, beer! Booze! BONFIRE! Three of Kaylee's favorite B words! … okay, so she doesn't really have a list of favorite b words, but she does totally enjoy those three, especially when combined into one event! So, maybe everybody at the school thinks she's a fuddy-duddy and THAT'S why they didn't tell her what was going on. But she did manage to find out eventually and skedaddled right over! Good thing, too, since there's trouble afoot!

Having arrived later than the other students, Kaylee wasn't there for the initial shouts and the discovery of deadly druags deterring delinquent debauchery. But, she has certainly arrived in time to see the teens trying to flee in abject terror. As the crowd starts to panic and become hazardous to itself, Kaylee holds up one hand and suddenly, there is a big, bright beacon that shines up into the sky. "EVERYONE! If you will please all run in THAT direction! And please don't trample each other while you do it!" she shouts. And then, the beacon of light splits, as she raises her other arm and points towards whatever pathway leads up and away from the beach. "You don't have to be afraid, we're gonna protect you. But please, do hurry, so we can get to work!" she adds, trying to offer anyone who looks at her an encouraging and courageous smile. And, one of the big bonuses to her ever-growing powers? She's effectively given herself a 'costume' by bending the light around her so that it looks like she's wearing shiny armor. Picture something like Tron.

The night gets a little darker as whatever was in the deeper water starts to sink down again, taking the fiery, orange glow with it. That, however, makes no difference to the assault on the beach. The shamblers not otherwise already engaged do respond to Koga's challenge as he expected, turning towards him and raising misshapen arms to stab or pummel him. Likewise, Carmichael manages to distract some of them from attacking the fallen teenagers, the only one that's really in eminent danger being saved from a crushed skull when Gabrielle teleports from the fringes of the zombie mass into the tick of it. She takes a blow that would have crushed the fallen young woman's head on her shoulder and cheek. Her eyes go glassy for a moment but the girl she protected gains enough time to scramble out from under her and run away.

Kaylee's beacon manages to focus the crowd and more people start running directly away from the zombie/druag/shambler creatures. Finally, the beach clears, leaving nothing but the Coral Springs students, the zombie creatures, and a possibly dead dog behind. And in other good news, the flow of zombies has also stemmed as the light out in the deep dims even more.

Carmichael pauses to blink at Kaylee… and that was precisely the wrong thing to do. He drops his guard for a moment… and the Draug advance. He'll take a blow to his side that makes him stagger to one knee, and knocks the wind out of him. He's definitely gonna feel that in the morning! Thankfully his body is tougher than a human's. That would have broken ribs otherwise. Nonetheless, she HAS gotten the party-goers off the beach. "Thank you!" he calls out to Kaylee. And then he turns back to the approaching zombies. He takes a swing with that light-sword, aiming to cut as many of the group of Draug in half as he can. And it seems to work, too! Though the sunlight-like energy makes an awful smell when it slices through. He's aware of his fellow students being in danger, but at the moment, he's going to be trying not to die. That would put a damper on future plans, see.

There is something to be said about the different form that Koga has assumed. It's scary how lethal it can be. Koga, after roaring and getting the draug's attention simply stands up straight and begins to walk. It's very, very intimidating how he can simply walk one foot in front of the other, hands to his side straight into the horde of water zombies.

Once he reaches the first one, though, he begins to move. The hands come up to literally push spiked limbs aside before twisting to palm strike it very, very hard. Whatever Koga has become, it obviously knows no restraint as it has no problems using the strength and martial skill to tear these zombies apart. He is slowly making his way through the horde, giving off metallic growls as he literally just blasts into the zombie horde.

Koga, the normal human, didn't even look /this/ fit. And now? He's pretty much doing the impossible human thing endlessly against however many zombies are around him. Flowing movements of sheer skill that push weapon arms away before he lashes out with knife hands or palm strikes to the things that aren't holding back at all. Even when one of the things gets a lucky hit, it doesn't even seem to do much to him. Just earns a palm strike that tears off that arm and gives it back practically.

Well Ronan doesn't seem to be having much luck this evening but he does finally begin to get the water to answer his will. The water begins rising to strike the zombies but unfortunately while it is looking fairly more impressive now, the whole lack of any real effect sort of would be enough to take the wind from his sails as it were. "Come on you bloody ocean, do as I command or I swear by the old god Lir and I am going to find a way to make sure your salty ass learns who is boss!"

With the civilian kids out of the way, Kaylee is able to turn her attention to her classmates and the Draug. Closing her eyes, Kaylee quickly surveils the beach and identifies who's doing what, where. Carmichael seems to be doing fine. Koga seems to be doing HOLY FREAKING COW WHAT IS KOGA DOING!? Eyes flashing open as she blinks, Kaylee's expression goes from grim determination to grinning determination. Heck yes! That'll do, pig! Funny how she hears cartoon movie quotes in her head in the middle of mortal combat. Ronan … well, whatever Ronan is doing isn't putting him immediately in harm's way. That leaves ….
"Gabby!" Seeing her friend get clubbed and go a little loopy sends Kaylee sprinting at her friend. Two fists are formed and thrust ahead of her, a solid blast of light targetting the Draug that managed to hit her. Then, she places the two fists together and spreads them apart, creating a shaft of light that is thin but incredibly strong and about 4 feet wide. She offers the Quarterstaff of Light +1 to Gabby, both as a means to help the girl up, and also as a replacement for the tree branch. "Think this'll work better for you? Or should I make you something else?" she asks.

Kaylee's save buy Gabby enough time to groggily shake her head and finally snap out of her daze, "Thanks, Spectrum!". Then, grabbing the light quarterstaff she uses it on the closest zombie. A complex combo of moves ends up with the creature's limbs locked around the staff and then she shows the newbies what team work is all about. The entanglement starts a sequence of fast pace teleports where she tangles up one zombie, disappears in a popping flash of light to reappear high up in the air above Koga, using the zombie as kind of a kinetic missile against it's fellow and leaving them bowled over for Koga to make easy pickings of them. After doing this five or six times she reappears at the edges of the battle, taking a moment to take some deep gasping breaths.

Carmichael hadn't been able to look up until he got some breathing room. But once he'd found himself free of the zombie bite zone, however temporarily, he looks up to see to the condition of his fellow students. There's Ronan, there's Gabrielle — Kaylee's helping her, thankfully; he hadn't been able to get to her. And then… where's Koga? Then he sees the armored… THING. And his eyes go wide. Is that… could that be Koga? He almost gets hit again, thanks to his shock, but the Draug just gets its arm burnt off for its troubles — Carmichael 'parried' with the light blade in his hand. "Right. Time to take out the trash," he replies. He lets the light blade disappear, and then uses his wings to hop backwards some. Not too far, just enough to give him some room. He places his hands together in front of him, almost like he's praying, and they start to glow brightly. Slowly his hands are forced apart as a ball of light forms there. It hangs in the air as he moves his hands around to behind it, closer to himself. And then he hits the ball of light with his hands. It doesn't go rolling, no… it pops like a bubble. But it also sends out a beam of light, fast as a lightning-crack, through the remaining zombies.

Koga was busy mostly. Those zombies are pesky. And he's having to rip arms off, then well… one gets bowled over, then another. He looks around before blasting another zombie over to help with toppling the horde. Crouching down, he looks around before moving his hands quickly, one from the sand and the other up towards the sky. It's almost as if his hands are leaving the writing as they pass before he slams a hand downwards and a large burst comes out as the hand that went upwards comes back down. If the zombies weren't already down, the shockwave and rumble of thunder might just finish that job.

Koga himself leaps upwards and away near where Gabby and Kaylee are. One poor zombie has to be a foot step, though, as he soars through the air almost like a wuxia film before he twists in the air and almost glides to a landing near the two a couple of feet away. Twisting to look at the horde, Koga assumes a stance again with his hands in open palm positions again.

This time, when Ronan lift his hands the Ocean responds to him. Perhaps threatening it with the old gods has managed to make it listen to him. There was a brief moment as he lifted his hands that it didn't seem quite intimidating but apparently like most things, the Ocean requires time and energy to build up. Angry foam adorned the top of the massive wave that soon built itself up at his will, the water pulling away from the Zombies for a moment or two. When he slams his hands upon the beach, the wave curls, the heavy scent of the ocean intensifying as the massive wave curls in on itself and smashes atop the Zombies. The thing literally forms a massive arc over their heads and bodies. It's more water than he's consciously worked with before and it's pretty apparent from the look of utter irritation that he's not ENTIRELY pleased.

Straightening himself up, Ronan stares angrily at the ocean as it works on sucking any zombies it can out to sea with the retreating water. The strong riptide formed from the massive wave creates little side effects that are probably going to get him a bit of a yelling at later. It should go away soon though. "Stupid ghoulies. The dead should stay among the bloody dead and not go popping their arses where they're bloody not wanted." He says grumbling irritably, his skin soaked with sweat like he'd run a mile or four.

When Gabby takes the proffered weapon, Kaylee turns and faces the draugs, herself. And then watches as everyone else fairly pummels them into oblivion. And then the ocean gets in on it, too! That was something you didn't see every day! … in fact, Kaylee actually didn't SEE any of it, and probably had a heck of a time figuring out exactly what was happening using her spatial awareness, since photons get all wobbly when passing through water. But, zombies going away is still awesome, regardless of how it happens!

… there's just one thing, though. That doesn't leave any for Kaylee to fight! … which, when Kaylee stops to think about it, really isn't such a bad thing. No, in fact, it's pretty great that she doesn't even have to almost get hit or anything! Yes, this works out wonderfully for her! Yay! She gets to win without even having to really hit anything! … well, except for the one who attacked Gabby. She did hit him. And boy, did she hit him. If he thought he was gonna get back up and hurt HER friend, well, you can bet she would be happy to make him think otherwise!

And while all of this internal dialogue (and no, not monologue, because she most certainly is TALKING to herself in her head), Kaylee is skipping back up the beach towards the bonfire. Literally skipping. "Gosh I'm so glad nobody got hurt this time! We did SUCH a good job, you guys! … you think we should probably maybe not have like, just ONE beer before we head back to school and report what happened? … they could probably tell right away, huh?" she decides, drooping a little as she picks up an unopened can of abandoned alcohol and examines it, forlorn.

Gabrielle quickly follows after Kaylee, keeping her constantly between herself and the armored demon-like form that is Koga. Now that the fight is over her shyness is back in full force adn this whole demon-knight things is making her unease. To Kaylee she mutters, "They won't notice one beer. But I can't have any. Preservatives and all that."

No sooner than Carmichael fired that lightning-sun lightblast, he notices something. THE OCEAN IS MOVING! His eyes go wide, and he quickly takes to the air. though he's still looking down; if anybody seems to need help getting out of the way of that wave of water — including the big scary dragon-thing! — Carmichael will swoop down and try to pick them up. Once he's sure the water's all gone, he'll land again. Kaylee's words get a blink. but then he chuckles. "Be my guest. I'm not a fan of American beer." Pause. "We should probably go pour the rest of it out somewhere," he suggests. "The people who were here are probably not legal to drink, and if they're found with alcohol, they'll probably get in some legal trouble, on top of leaving about five years of their lives on the beach here…"

Koga watches the ocean move… and… suck away the bad zombies? The glowing green gaze sweeps over where all the zombies were before he moves again. Slowly moving up to a stand before moving, almost prowling it seems like despite the sheer confidence in the walk he has now as he approaches the fire. Small metallic sounds clinks come from him as if there is something moving.

Once having approached, he looks to each of the other students before the green glow dims briefly in the firelight. His stance is at least peaceful, even if he is in the different form. It's not until he notices that Gabrielle is using Kaylee like a human shield that he moves his hands slightly to the sides and the glowing ring that transformed him reappears.

Rising up over him, the entire transformation reverses itself a bit slower. Almost like it was sucking up the pieces that weren't human as it leaves Koga exactly like he was before. Once it goes over his head, the ring just bursts into small motes of light that fade quickly. Koga looks to Gabrielle afterwards. "I… um… gomen nasai." A full bow is given towards her.

Kaylee glowers a little as she closes her eyes and scans the area. Then, she sighs and looks rather miffed, her bottom lip jutting out just a tad. "No, I'm sure if I had anything to drink, they'd probably find out. And you're right, we should probably start getting rid of this stuff before we report, otherwise SOMEBODY is gonna get in trouble. I'll go start finding any of the cans and stuff that people dropped so we can make sure we get them all. Do you guys wanna just pour them in the ocean?" she asks as she starts moving around and collecting cans. She creates a tray out of light, which hovers right beside her while she sets cans on it. She stops, though, rather suddenly, and straightens back up as a thought occurs to her. "… can fishies get drunk?" But, she doesn't wait for an answer, instead shrugging it off and going back to picking up cans after just a few seconds of consideration. Yup. Kaylee.

"You!" Ronan says turning towards Koga and radiating an incredible amount of cold,"If ye ever try messin' with me friend I will make sure that it is the last thing ye do. Got it?" The Irish teen's accent is thick enough that it is entirely possible that poor Koga didn't actually understand a word of what he said, but the angry expression should have made that clear. Course it's totally random about all things. So he'll probably be baffled why some random teen is yelling at him. However, when he's done, he just begins striding away from Koga and heading for the school muttering about stupid Zombies, oceans, and stupid ninja boys.

Gabrielle sighs a little bit, relieved that the demon thingy is really Koga. She missed that change in all the chaos and hyper focus combat brings on in her. Just like her combat focus let her take the friggin' ocean swallowing up the marine zombie dohickies in stride as if it happened everyday. The relief is followed by a quick *pop* and flash to the other side of the fire from Ronan as the younger boy startles her with his outburst. Once he's clearly on his way out she plops down on the sand she giggles at Kaylee, "I think all the water would dilute the beer too much fore the fishies to get drunk, honey." Then she looks around the rest of the group, shrinking in on herself a bit, "Thanks for helping the kids. I guess now we're going to have to go researching to see what the heck those things were. Or has someone seen them before?"

Carmichael blinks at Koga's transformation back into a human. "Well. That's… something," he replies. He doesn't seem too terribly upset. Just… very surprised. Then again he's been at Coral Springs for a while, it takes a lot to surprise him. He just nods to Koga. "Thanks for the help. I don't think anyone expected that when they came here today…" Then he moves to start helping Kaylee pour out the beer. "Maybe," Carmichael replies to her question of getting the fish drunk. "Though I think the ocean's big enough to dilute it before—" He pauses then, as he hears Ronan yell. He blinks, looking between Ronan and Koga. He has NO IDEA what's going on here. Gabrielle gets a shake of his head. "No, I've never seen them before. They might be… bollocks, I can't remember what they're called. Sailors that drowned, who rose from the ocean floor. Legend says they generally don't do that unless something disturbs them, or someone raised them on purpose."

Frowning as he rises from the bow towards Gabby to the… well… yelling at him by Ronan? Koga blinks a few times. Then looks to the other two, "Which friend is he talking about?" Koga's not 'threatened' anyone that he can think of so far except one or two that startled him. Sighing, he looks at the fire before plopping down in a lawn chair someone left. Listening to the explaination, Koga frowns a bit.

"I do not know of similar. The closest I am aware of is a… jiangshi from China. These did not have talismans on their forehead, so that was not them." Koga considers, after resting a few moments rises from the chair to begin working on dumping the beer as well. It is not exactly pleasant to do, but he does so to make sure it's all gone. He even grabs a bag or two to toss the cans in. His nose crinkles a bit at the smell. "… I am glad I do not drink. Sake might be better in this case."

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