(2018-02-24) Reference Material
Reference Material
Summary: Ashton is in the library dong research, while Loukanos makes his own discovery there too.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-24)
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Library - Winbarry Estate Winbarry Estate

The Library is a large room with bookcases lining the walls which are full of books. Most of the textbooks have been salvaged from the school. Only the books that are referenced most are here. Histories and Sciences mostly with a scattering of other subjects. None of the books on magic have made it to this room. None of the books are in any kind of order just yet.

A few computer workstations have been set up so web suring and hopefully school work can be done.

There are rectangular tables and chairs in here, all salvaged from the school library.

Ashton - A thin boy with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.
Loukanos - A bronzed young boy with blonde hair and midnight blue eyes. Poised and ethereal.
Exits: [O] Entry Way

It is late afternoon on a Saturday. Where else would a teenager be than a library? Okay, admittedly, most teenagers would be just about anywhere else, and normally, so would Ashton, but recent conversations have him digging through the library looking for things that might help him. Alas the only books on magic are the couple that Ashton brought with him, but it is ancient Egyptian lore that he is digging around for at this time. He is sitting at one of the tables, piles of books scattered across the book, including a large leather bound tome that is clearly not one of the library's text. There are several pieces of paper in front of Ashton with various scribbles on it. Many of the glyphs look nothing like any language ever spoken by man, but lines up as if it was.

Normal? Most of the students here are anything but. Loukanos wanders into the library dressed in a navy blue polo shirt and form-fitting chinos. Ashton's appearance brings a soft smile to the godling's face, and he moves over to where the Ares is seated with his piles of books. "Evenin'" He greets. "The library in the old school was better stocked than this one." He leans over the dark-haired boy, bright blue eyes scanning over the books laid out. "Hm. If you'd like to know anything, I access knowledge of the ancients." His gaze drifts to the glyphs. "What is that?"

The majority of the books are on ancient Egypt, mostly cultural and religious. There is a copy of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, which has a series of multicolored sticky tabs. On the table, three small red spiders dart. One of them climbs up onto the tallest stack of books, looking quite curiously at the new boy. One takes up a slightly more aggressive posture, while the third one hides behind a book and peeks out around the corner. Ashton looks up, a smile spreading across his lips. "Hey, Louk.. Just doing a little research.. then he looks at what Louk is looking at.. "Oh, those are the magic symbols that appear in my head, when I try to think of a spell that isn't in Grandfather's grimoire."

Running his fingers across the cover of the Book of the Dead, Loukanos nods, "Besa?" He tilts his head. "I wonder if his demon is specific to Egyptian lore. From what I have heard, the being is extra dimensional, so perhaps not. I suppose it doesn't matter now that he's dead." He grins at the spiders and slides an arm over Ashton's shoulder, so his hand hangs in front of the other boy's chest. "So these are the little reasons you've been cutting yourself, huh?" He narrows his eyes at them in faux suspicious. "You sure they're worth it?" His grin returns and he asks, "Which is which? Think they would want a playmate?" He looks over at the glyphs again. "Is it alright if I draw them for research purposes? I've never seen anything like it; it's baffling."

Ashton pulls up his sleeves, showing no recent cut marks. Actually no cut marks to be seen at all. His wrists and forearms are flawless. "That's the thing… I haven't really had to. They seem fine without it. I have been feeding them crickets." He grins and strokes the curious one with his fingertip. The spider almost seems to lean into it. "This is Bardo. He's the most outgoing and friendly." He nods towards the aggressive one, "That's Rai. He is very protective of the other two, well except to me. And the little one over there is Asato. He's really sweet when no one is around, but he's really, really shy." He cocks his head, "Well, Bardo might. He gets along with Theo's pretty well. Asato once he decides it's okay, and Rai just doesn't play well with others. And yeah, I am sure that they are worth it, if I had to bleed every day. I kind of got attached to them." He looks down at the glyphs and shrugs, "Knock yourself out… It's not like it's some big secret… they probably don't mean anything, just my mind making shit up."

Loukanos smiles pleasantly and shuts his eyes. From between those towers of books, white and blue wisps of energy form and flow together. Those faint tendrils shake the books and…promptly dissipate. The godling furrows his brows and opens his eyes. "Hm," He frowns with a little shrug. "They were supposed to turn into spiders. I suppose the gods do not favor me today." He looks a little peeved, but he takes the failure in grace. Holding out a tentative picky to Asato (animal magnetism to the rescue?), he says, "Crickets. Hmmm. These are magic spiders. It is strange that they would feeding off a normal diet," Something comes to him. "Perhaps the crickets are like a sacrifice of sorts. Fueling the magic inadvertently." Studying the symbols, he picks up a pencil with his free hand. "Maybe I can make sense of them for you. They must mean something."

Asato takes a few tentative steps towards Loukanos. He is noticeably the smaller of the three. Bardo on the other hand, the mid-sized spider, quickly moves and hops up on to Loukanos's hand. It waves its front most legs, excitedly, tapping gently on the godling's hand - completely non-aggressive. Ashton watches, cocking his head slightly, "That is the quickest I have ever seen Asato respond to anyone, other than me." He pauses, "I can't communicate with them the way Theo can with his, but they seem to understand English well enough." He grins, "I have thought that myself… about them eating the crickets as a way to keep themselves stable. But I mean, when you think about… gaining sustenance by eating another creature in order to continue living is pretty much 'eating'. " He grins at Louk, bringing his hand to lightly squeeze Louk's hand. "If you think so… Grandfather said that it was nothing to really concern myself with, but you are more than welcome to give it a go."

"That works too," Loukanos says with a goofy grin. He didn't expect that! Setting the pencil down for a moment, he reaches over and -very- lightly pets the tiniest spider, just so he doesn't feel neglected. He bursts into a short fit of giggles when Bardo crawls onto his finger and hand, "Awwww, they're adorable. I can see why you love them." He's smiling, and it's quite genuine. "Oh no, I'm not judging at all. Better they fed off crickets or another creature, then your blood." That is Louk's take on things, anyway. He sets the friendly spider on his shoulder and lifts Ashton's hand to kiss the back of it. "Knowledge is power. I'll let you know of anything I find. Can I borrow a piece of paper?"

Ashton's lips form into a tight and intense smile, framed by slight dimples, as Loukanos kisses the back of his hand. His eyes momentarily close, as a look of absolute contentment can be seen on every inch of his face. He opens that azure and green eyes. "They are.. even Mister Grumpy over there." Mister Grumpy, otherwise named Rai, tenses up as Loukanos lightly touches Asato. He starts combing the fuzz of his body opposite direction of the way it naturally grows, spiking it up. Ashton frowns, "Rai be nice. Louk is not going to hurt any of you, so you might as well get used to seeing him around, because Louk is going to be around a lot… I hope." The bigger spider of the three scrunches down watching Loukanos. He nods and grins impishly, "I don't think so. You can have a piece of paper, but I don't necessarily want it back."

Once the kiss is placed, Louk's fingers slip out of Ashton's hand, and he retrieves the pencil. Settling into a seat next to the dark-haired boy, the godling snatches a clean piece of paper with a grin matching Ashton's…then gets to work. It takes a little to copy the glyphs from Ashton's paper unto the new sheet. After he's finished, though, it's a passable copy. "I wonder where they get their personality traits from," He ponders aloud, folding the sheet of paper and gazing curiously at Rai. Since Louk no longer needs both of his hands to draw the glyphs, he lets Brado have free reign over his hands and fingers again. "I plan on sticking around, yeah."

Bardo seems content to crawl all over Louk, hand, fingers, arm, shoulder, and so on. Asato has retreated back to a "safe place." Rai moves down and stops by Asato. There is a little grooming of each other, before Rai moves to "guard" Asato. Ashton sighs slightly, "I'm not completely sure. I had been trying to summon little spiders like Theo's, but these three are what were created. They shouldn't have personality, other than that of a normal spider. That being said… they were created from my blood, so I imagine they get them from me." He grins, "Good.. because I don't know what I would do if you weren't… " He then obviously teases, "But you know… it's not like I don't have a line of cute boys wanting to be with me."

"Is that so, hotshot?" Loukanos snerks and slides the folded paper into his pocket. "I wasn't aware I was with a wanted man." When Ashton tells him that these spiders are based on himself, the blonde looks between them with a new interest. "Hm," He waggles his brows. "Where's the sexy, seductive one that has to fight to fend off all of Theo's spiders? Do you keep him in your dorm?"

Ashton laughs. "Didn't I say they probably have my personality traits? I think that would way more like you than me… Besides, only one of Theo's has a personality." Ashton grins, "You know if you had any serious competition, it might be HappyLegs… " He suddenly stops and looks over to Loukanos, "So what are you doing in the library, Mister I have access to the knowledge of the immortals?

"You think I'm seductive?" Loukanos grins and lifts a brow, pointing at Bardo. "This one has his legs all over me. Someone should tell him he's laying it on a little too thick." As for why he's here, he shrugs and says, "I was actually looking to get a copy of Homer's Odyssey. It might sound weird, but I have never studied any of them. Of course, I know what's inside of it…or at the very least, the tales Mother regaled me with when I was younger."

Chuckling, "He's just trying to be friendly… and investigating you, I think… " Aston's laughter stops, as he just looks at Loukanos. "Um.. yeah.. seductive, beautiful, sexy.. whatever word you want to use for it, take it's opposite." The idea is kind of funny. "Seriously? I'd have thought that would have been like required reading for you." He grins slightly, "Let mw know if you can't find a copy of it here."

"Well…no," Loukanos smirks a little. "It was made by a man. Nothing is required for a god. Granted, my upbringing was not like most of my Olympian counterparts." It being in secret and all. "I will read it though, and compare it to what Mother has told me." A faint rose colors his cheeks. It's a handsome color that suits him well. "You know, you're very attractive yourself…"

Ashton grins, "I was joking about it being required… " He shrugs slightly, "I think you're just biased." He says it as if he is just joking, but his tone suggest that it is probably closer to how he really feels about himself. He decides to try to side step that conversation. "Why was your upbringing atypical? You haven't really told me about your childhood. I just know the couple little snippets you have mentioned."

"I did not belong in Olympos. Mother wasn't allowed to keep me, but she did and hid me from the other gods. I actually wasn't aware there were other Olympians until I was around six or seven," Loukanos shrugs. "Then again, there really is no typical upbringing for those guys." Talk about one complicated family. "But for a while, it was just me, Mother, a couple of her other kids, and the nymphs that hung around."

Ashton frowns slightly, "It sounds really, really lonely. " He reaches over and takes ahold of Louk's hand. It is his turn to bring the other boy's fingers to his lips. He looks at him, still holding onto Louk's hand. "I'm sorry about that… " Who is Ashton to judge someone's complicated family. The dark haired boy offers Loukanos a tender smile. "What do you say about us packing up and maybe going to go see a movie or something?"

"It wasn't terrible," Loukanos smiles. "I wanted for nothing." He nods though. Loneliness has probably been the biggest struggle in his young life. He grins when Ashton kisses his fingers and lightly squeezes. "Sure. I'll help you put the books away, then we can head out."

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