(2018-02-24) Be Brave
Be Brave
Summary: While Fionnuala recovers from her ordeal, she is treated to Koga's special style of art.
Date: 2018-02-24
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Billiard Room, Winbarry Estate
Sat Feb 24, 2018

The Billliard Room has no pool tables. Although someone has made some efforts and there's a few board games and a deck of cards with some books on a shelf along the wall. A half finished puzzle with basset house puppies takes up one of the tables.

A few small sofas and wingback chairs make conversational areas, throw rugs decorating those little areas. An entertainment center with a TV, blue ray player and a gaming console system has been set up. A pair of french doors lead to the back patio.

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<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Great Success.

It's been a…. well, a restful couple of days for Fionnuala Reid. Granted she remembers little since Besa carried her to her room and there, she slept. And slept. And slept.

The shifter girl had awoken Saturday morning with the missed two days' worth of homework set dutifully down upon her nightstand and… huh! Her nails painted and her hair brushed out. When did THIS happen? Surely while she slept so deeply… Fee wasn't aware whatsoever when Rain Masters came in to look after her while she recovered. Nonetheless, the girl — feeling much better — had risen, showered, set herself to rights. A couple of hours were set aside to look after homework and then….

… is IS Saturday. Time for Fee to relax some and simply enjoy being alive, since something as stupid and minimal as a gold earring nearly killed her. One shall find the fine-boned girl curled up on one of the sofas in the billiard room, gazing raptly at the television upon which Netflix has been dredged up and Stranger Things season two plays out. One of the earlier episodes, it seems…. more background noise than anything. Fee is clad in cozy pajama pants and a fitted black t-shirt with a pink Care Bear emblazoned upon it. Wings out, hair braided into what she calls the 'Aerith Special' …. top it all off with glowing yellow eyes and solar energy flittering and dancing amidst feathers and you have a rather content-looking girl. It is the early evening, and a lazy one at that.

Koga for his part had been curious, but he wasn't about to go to the girls' wing and ask, not when he wasn't even sure what in the world happened. After all, it's not every day whenever you tell someone you change into a possibly violent other form that someone just turns around and makes you feel better about staying around to control it. That sort of thing is enough to leave an impression on someone like him.

Speaking of control, Koga was currently entering the room dressed in a pair of black sweats and a white shirt with some logo of some sort on the left side. The black slippers on his feet are definitely more for relaxing than whatever he might be up to. He was carrying a rather large notebook, a brush, and a bottle of something. Probably ink or paint or the like. He was moving the brush and leaving a few glowing lines that dissipated harmlessly into the air. Mostly a deep blue, but they tended to shift to green, yellow, or red as he plays with the brush.

Looking around, he makes his way over towards Fee once he spots her. He keeps a respectful distance from her for a moment or two to see if she notices him, stopping the playing with the brush and the odd lines it was drawing. "Um… hi?"

Colors and lights and overall pretty, shiny displays?

You bet your bippy that Fee notices. She looks way from the screen at Koga, just after he arrives and roundabouts when he starts playing with the brush. When the boy looks at the winged girl he may, in-turn, see her looking at him with that pretty, inquisitive gaze. Few will have seen Fee the night she was put to bed, wan and uncomfortable and upset. But here, she is radiant again, comfortable and safe upon the sofa that she has staked out.

"Hi!" She calls out to Koga, no fuss or muss.. just friendliness.

"Whatcha got there?" Asked then with open curiosity, the television a blinking, frantic light in the background as she pays it little to no mind.

Koga smiles, "Just a calligraphy brush." He spins the brush between his fingers, and said brush gives off a bit of purplish light in the spin.

"Ah… um.. well…" Moving the hand holding the brush up to his head leaves an off-white trail of sparkles as he scratches at his hair. "To most it is that. To me, it is a jugu… um… tool for magic?"

The young man looks a bit annoyed at his lack of ability to translate fully, before he sighs. "My apologies. I am still working on translating some terms here and there. English being a second language is harder than it sounds."

Big, glowing, vibrant eyes follow the brush as Koga explains what it is, exactly. The purplish light causes her brows to quirk slightly; when the boy scritches at his hairline in contemplation, causing more sparkles to dance in the air, Fee's lips pull into an honest-to-goodness gleeful smile. "Oooohh.." She exhales. Okay yeah, television is the last thing on her mind now. "Jugu…?" She prompts, having caught the beginnings of the term before Koga digressed into another bit of explanation. "I so love magic. Especially artistic magic. But what would you call it, exactly?" she asks, knitting her small hands into her blanket, head tilted.

Her smile softens at the corners into something kind, "If there's anything I can do to help, let me know… I know two languages: English and rambling. IT can't be easy to come here and figure everything out." She admits…. she knows //nothing/ of this boy and wants to find out. She pats the couch upon which she nestles, "Wanna come sit? There's a coffee table here if you want to keep working your magic." The girl says easily, wings twitching, casting glistening sunlight — as fine and as harmless as gold dust — across the back of the sofa.

<FS3> Koga rolls Mystic Spells: Success.

Smiling, Koga looks considerate, "Thank you?" He moves to carefully sit beside her on the couch. The brush has at least stopped doing sparklings as he places the notebook and the bottle on the coffee table. Flipping the book open to a blank page, it's obvious that the paper is a bit thicker than normal paper.

Thinking over her question, Koga finally answers, "We call them Tamashino Genpou… or 'soul magical techniques'." He smiles as he moves the brush to the bottle, carefully dipping it in before drawing slowly and carefully on the paper. The ink itself changes color along with leaving a few of the lines.

"My ancestors practiced it with others almost before the written word was used. Or so I am told." Koga smiles as he moves the brush along the paper. Precise movements that leave differing images in a rainbow of colors. Greens, blues, yellows, reds… it's obvious that he is enjoying himself a bit.

The odd lines don't seem to form any real reasonable characters at times. They seem to resemble writing, but definitely not in any known language. When he finishes, he carefully moves the brush to draw a circle around it before the writing suddenly folds the paper into an overly large shape like a snake before two horns fold up on top, followed by four small legs that it stands on. The paper finally changes hues to a prismatic rainbow of colors.

Koga's mouth quirks a bit. "… I definitely need more practice. I was trying for one color, not that many."

So. Much. Pretty.

Long story short, Fionnuala is an artist. She may not operate via painting and illustration but she loves colors. Acute vision reveals to her colors as she sees them, and the nuances beyond and between. Basically? She is enjoying what is being revealed to her and in-turn, Koga's enjoyment of the craft. Bonus: if it helps him feel happier and comfortable? All the better!

Plus it's something pretty and restful to observe after a very strange couple of days.

Feeling the boy's weight settling onto the cushions beside her, Fee follows the trajectory of the brush to the paper. "Soul magical techniques." Fee echoes under her breath. Oh my, isn't that beautiful.. the colors widen the shifter's eyes. She leans forth despite herself, head moving with each brush stroke.

"I think it's really nice that you got a bunch of colors… say…" She turns sideward to look at Koga. She looks happy albeit still a bit tired.. brief as her tribulation was, it took a lot out of her. "Can you draw.. a crow?" Because to see herself in magical colors would be the best.

Koga looks over, blinking as he notices her expression and how tired she is. "Oh, that was mostly a bit of an accident. If I do not make the right word for a color, well…" At her question, he looks a bit uneasy. "I can try? Calligraphy is more writing than painting, but… well, the possibilities are endless if you know the words."

He seems to consider as he moves the little dragon off the notebook carefully before he seems to ponder a bit. "… hm… crow… hm… jichou or karasu… perhaps yogarasu…?"

Meaningless looking movements are made with the brush designing out more odd pieces here and there, some even lightly tearing off the pages to make an assortment of things. Small origami looking shapes. Nothing fantastically complicated, but the shapes are somewhat obvious. Mostly small bird shapes at that. One with a bird in flight, another with a foot, then two, then… three feet.

"Ah!" He finally exclaims before setting to work. The ink finally settles firmly into a yellowish hue that drifts off around the edges as he starts to draw again. "Hm… how are you, by the way? I meant to ask before the… um… magic practice."

The girl looks transfixed when listening to a language that she cannot hope to understand. Japanese is such a lovely language. Karasu.." She butchers that word. "Jichow." Yup, deliberate. Try not to cry inside, Koga. "Yogarazzuu?" OH GOD. STAHP. Fionnuala blushes radiantly, sunlight glistening along the feathers of those black wings, seeming to catch her with an inner light. She's rapt.. rapt as Koga works. This is just the best thing ever… it shows, too; Fee shifts from deeply intrigued to utterly amazed.

The origami shapes are noted, too, and she may even reach out with an index finger to try 'poking' one of the small, bird-like bits of paper. Koga's exclamation of 'Ah!' startled her and she pulls her hand back like a shy child, her smile wide and silly.

As the boy draws, and this time Fee does everything she can not to disturb him, she yet entertains his question. "I.. I'm feeling better. It was really a freak accident." She admits, looking down at her cozy blanket. "I have a very unfortunate weakness… but thank you for asking. What about you?" Fee asks, "Are you doing okay? Settling in? I have many questions but I don't want to bowl you over." A pause.. maybe that wouldn't translate well into Koga's first language. "Overwhelm, startle." She clarifies in her sweet, ringing voice.

The little birds aren't sharp at all, but feel a bit… weak? Like the paper's been dipped in water possibly. "Weaknesses are never fun… especially discovering them." Koga smiles a bit, although he does look at the 'crow' he is drawing. He glances sideways at her briefly before making a pair of identical characters or more symbols from the looks on a piece of the drawing. "I am settling mostly… but… I am having some troubles at times." Koga sighs, humming a bit as he works on a few brush strokes on the sides, the ink shifting to an almost pinkish hue as he seems to concentrate for a second.

"Feel free to ask away if you do not mind my asking some as well?" He pauses long enough to give her a smile, then looks back at the paper. A careful bit of movement in a slight green is done near the top.

"Makes us stronger though to discover them.. or at least to not behave in too foolish a fashion." Fee blushes then, explaining her predicament perfectly. "I think it was the worst run-in I've ever had with that… that weakness. I can't sit here being afraid of it though of then it will be a true weakness. It was still scary though." She admits easily. Fionnuala isn't the sort to be all shady and awkward with admitting her shortcomings. It's easier to listen to Koga's answer to her question though, and she smiles warmly at him as he works. "Troubles? Howso? What's giving you trouble?" She thinks to ask, looking from the pinkish ink to the boy as he ponders.

"So.. where did you come from? The exact city? Of course I'm going to assume Japan but there's more to it than that, I bet. Were you sent here?" She asks openly. A pause then, as green comes to pass. Ooooh~ …

"Let's play a game then. You ask a question, I answer truthfully… and vice versa! Easy peasy." She's obviously liking his company.

"Japan is a bit of an easy guess. I was born in the city of Kamakura. It is… umm… near Tokyo. A good deal southwest?" Koga answers the question, then considers. "I was sent here by my parents. They are hoping I can learn more here, and finish training to be an Arigire Gouki… oh… uh…" He pauses in his drawing to get a bit of a scrunched up concentration look on his face.

"'Cloth Brave' is what someone translated it as for me?" Koga's face relaxes as he looks back at the writing he is doing. "What about yourself? Were you sent here, and where were you born?"

Meanwhile, the brush strokes take on a deeper blue around the edges as he seems to be detailing out something. An occasional 'sparkle' shows in the ink as it shifts slightly to white for a second before he traces back over it.

Despite the girl not knowing much in regards to geographical locations in Japan, she is yet interested. "That helps.. I can picture the island, and the general location of Tokyo.." Well that's promising! Though, her smile is apologetic. Suddenly the sounds from the television are invasive and she's picking up the remote control to firstly toggle the program off, and turn the whole thing off altogether. Now all they're left with is the tick-tock'ing on a nearby clock. She won't even so much as insult Koga in repeating his words as she seeks to understand. Then he goes and says it in a way that she can grasp!

"Cloth brave?" Fee headtilts, wings arcing up a bit as she moves to nestle into the crook of the couch arm. Notable, too: to sit beside her is to feel a sort of ambient warmth. She is retaining solar energy, absorbed while resting in bed, and it 'trickles' out and around her person. It is a warm, inoffensive, beautiful light.

"Is that like… an enchanted piece of clothing?" She guesses. Blush. Sorry Koga, she's trying!

Fee answers the boy's own questions, "I was born back east in Maine. My parents came from Scotland byt I was born here, stateside. It became harder to hide my powers in my hometown, Da had connections here… and we came here nearly five years ago. It's really kinda boring." Fee grins. Boring, but stable.

<FS3> Koga rolls Mind+Mystic Spells: Good Success.

Koga's smile turns a bit bitter as he pauses in the writing. "Not exactly." He takes a breath before continuing the writing and drawing, the ink turning towards a violet hue. "It is just a translation… another is remnant instead of cloth. I am not sure on why the two are interchangeable."

Koga's finishing touches look to be around the base before he draws the circle again around it in a lighter blue. The paper crinkles, then raises upwards before folding itself far, far too neatly into the shape of a crow. Slowly, it seems ink dies into it as it takes on the hue similar to her form, then the eyes form in the same coloring as hers when they are topaz. That's followed by the crow's feet. If it wasn't for the slightly visible folds of the paper, it could easily be a statue of her in her crow form.

Setting the brush down, Koga leans back into the couch with a sigh. "My cloth is… inheritance. It is my other form." Koga looks a bit… worried, maybe a bit scared?

He seems to consider before asking, "Have you ever gone to Scotland?"

The girl is transfixed and silent as Koga works, knowing when best to wait and keep quiet and when to pose questions. Still, Fee's mind moves at a rapid clip as she tries to understand, or at least paint it with her own assumption. But not yet.. not yet… the fine-boned girl with her maddened nimbus of black hair observes the magic at hand. The paper—-the paper! Fee's eyes fill her face and still she says nothing, afraid that the noise will disrupt everything. Her lips form a perfect 'O' of astonishment. By now the paper flexes to become a…. a crow…!? Well, she can't help her giddiness then; solar energy flares to light along her wings, across her shoulders, flirting briefly at the corners of her lips. Fee does not work to cast her sunlight away so quickly, tonight, because it still works to heal her. Instead it serves to illuminate her every movement and emotion.

"Oh my goodness…!! Koga!" She remembered his name, she wants to gush but instead she reaches to hold the crow, if she may. "Your other form….? Is the cloth.. is there, maybe, a spirit? In the cloth? What's this other form?" Fee asks with open, innocent curiosity.

"I have never been to Scotland! I hope to go there, when I graduate." She digresses, sunnily.

"Amazing…" Koga's eyes shine a bit seeing the flare from her wings and movement. "Oh, careful… I don't know how tough it is." The crow is at least tough enough to handle her picking it up from the looks.

Koga considers as he rubs his chin. "I… do not have a name for it. My family and those like me call it the Brave. It is… here." He points at his heart. "It will always be here. The cloth is not… physical, but… spiritual. My other form is my true power. It is…"

Koga muses over a few words in what sounds like Japanese to himself. "… true self, enhanced greatly?" He finally says in English.

Amazing.. not the first time people have called her abilities such. But really in the grand scheme of things Fionnuala, at least in her own opinion, feels her skills to be fairly vanilla compared to the earth-rending, century-spanning skills of others'. To each their own. Regardless Koga's proclamation earns a shy smile on the girl's behalf, though she is obviously fighting a yawn. She lifts one hand, the multi-colored, expertly painted nails illuminated by her light. She realizes, too, that she needs to thank Rain for this manicure. Surely her bestie was behind this. Brilliant, glowing eyes flit back to Koga.

"Brave is a perfect name." She declares and nods with approval at the gesture to his heartspace. She listens then, considers. Why he would feel anxious alluding to this other form is beyond Fee, but who is she to even know what Koga has been through prior to coming here.

She holds the crow gently, biting back another yawn. "I'm sorry.. I think I need to lay down again.. I hope one more sleep will have me right as rain. Thanks for giving me this gift." She chimes with a grin. "I will say it again, Koga, you're in the right place. I hope you can let your true self shine, in your time here, and learn that it's not a bad thing." Again, he seemed nervous leading up to this moment. One more kind smile, and with her crow Fee stands carefully.

"Goodnight Koga, ask me anytime if you need help settling, okay?"

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