(2018-02-23) She Can Eat!
She Can Eat!
Summary: Constantine treats Grace to supper. The werewolf doesn't disappoint.
Date: 2018-02-23
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Main Street, Shady Cove
Fri Feb 23, 2018

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.


It was a beautiful day! Despite a mild chill that would require the average person to wear a jacket, the sun was shining, the day was young, and everyone was out and about! It would be a crime for Constantine to -not- go out today to the mainland! If not to just walk around and go have fun, free from the stresses of homework and grades. ugh.

So! Since Constantine really doesn't want to go out alone and he misses a special lady, he texts Grace something along the lines of:

'Hey babe, I was gonna head out to the mainland and likely get something to eat, do some shopping, the usual. Want to come along?


Good morning beautiful. xoxo.'

Yes, his text messages were romantically cheesy and stomach churning. It's how he is! Alas, he is fully dressed: wearing his black trench coat, his white 'Super Mario' beanie that he recently got, a dark blue longsleeve shirt, black jeans, and boots. fingerless gloves on his hands. It was just that kind of day! When she arrived? off they went!

<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Good Success.

What, exactly, did she do to deserve that? Seriously? No no this is asked in a good light: how did she go from being a crestfallen girl with memory holes to a girl worthy of being texted something so… so sweet? Not a boyfriend to be had in all of her years in Seattle and then… well, maybe this was just the Right Time, is all.

Anyway Grace, facing either a day of kitchen work (she's one of those annoying sticklers who gets their homework done, like, immediately) or loitering in a mansion that she is not yet comfortable with… JUMPED at the chance for a day out with her boyfriend. Yes, 'boyfriend'.. it's a new word to her, and a welcome one.

Aren't weekends meant for fun?

So off they went, into the thick of Shady Cove. There is yet a lot of sunlight left to this particular Saturday and the day belongs entirely to the two teens. Grace, too, favors the color black: she wears a surprisingly stylish fitted black peacoat with cream-colored tights (she's brave) and her hair pulled back into a black-and-white checkered ribbon. She sniffs the air delicately as they walk along, recently arrived to town, one arm — egads, she's getting BETTER with affection — hooked into Constantine's crooked elbow. What does Grace smell? EVERYTHING! Her eyes are round and dark in her visage as she looks around, every which way. Sensory overload much?

As always, Con smells good.

Constantine had his arm entangled with Grace's as they just walked about! He looks at her up and down then in a total 'he just checked her out' kind of moment, but he smiles warmly to Gracie. "You look beautiful today." he compliments her appearance before he gives her temple a kiss.

He takes in all the senses too. The spices, the BARBECUE!! the meats…they just walked into the town square of the restaurants. He turns his head to Grace then, looking her in the eyes. "The smells are strong here. Are you alright?" he looks at her widened eyes and how round they are. Wow…she might be high as a kite or just really overwhelmed.

"So…what's your favorite kind of meal?" he asks hr then, gonna use her answer to calculate where they will eat.

The girl definitely looks well-put-together; she wouldn't call herself beautiful but somehow she trusts Constantine when he serves her with such applause. Reddish irises flit sideward to the sweet blonde boy as he presses a kiss to her temple. A slight tightening of her hug to his elbow is Grace's response and if one knows her well, that's a big deal. It's genuine and earnest! A Big Deal! As noted, Constantine is definitely the sweeter, more affectionate, more eloquent of the two. Grace conveys her feelings through words and glances and the look that she gives the boy with those puppy-dog eyes speaks volumes. So, too, does the coy crooking up up her lips into that shy smile. "T-thanks.. it's kinda.. hastily thrown together. I appreciate being out though… nice to blow the cobwebs out.." She says gently.

Another sniff… what are her olfactories telling her? Sound speaks of a great many bodies wandering to and fro, seeing as how it's Saturday and universally the day for most people to be out! She can smell different varieties of cooked meals wafting out of windows, doors, and exhaust fans of various eateries. Con catches her though in this trance, and she looks up and into his eyes.

"Sorry.. things are.. strong. I'm smelling most everything around us.. it's a lot to take in. I //am/ hungry though… I really like steak." Go figure.

Constantine smiles softly then as he looks her up and down, chuckling a moment. "Well, for getting dressed at a moments notice, you look incredible." oh yes, he's gonna be sappy and cheesy about it as he flashes her that charming smile of his. Constantine's smile grows though as he feels her hugging him tightly, and he captures her hand if only to have their fingers intertwine.

Though he looks around then as he smells all the scents. "Jesus, I could eat everywhere…" he smiles then, before Grace says that she likes steak. "Excellent to hear! Though I am sorry the scents are strong…we'll be out of here in a moment." He starts to lead her to one such eatery that carries decent steak!

Once inside, a nice waitress sits them down at a corner booth. It's like the world -wants- them to be romantic.

Holding his hand, Grace allows herself to smile a bit more.. though she blushes a tad. Luckily she's not profoundly fair-of-skin and she's not ridiculously red. "You could.. you're a teenage boy." She observes with a look of amusement. That is: eat everywhere. Mind you though she is a strip of a girl, she can eat an astounding amount herself. Call it, uh… genetics. Will he judge if she picks 'rare' or even 'blue' for her steak, if they—-oh snap they picked one. They so did. Grace is going to wreck the joint.

Seated thusly, Grace removes her coat, revealing a pretty cream-colored blouse. This is so not the outfit for eating steak in but she Does. Not. Care. Menus are left behind and she cracks hers open, blushing. Oh God what if he sees how much she can——ok breathe.

They are settled and Grace peers up over the menu shyly, "Should we split the bill?" She asks.. it feels so deliciously adult.

Constnatine smiles at Grace's Smile! she had the most beautiful smile in the world, or so he thought. But to be honest, next to nothing can get him to change his mind once he's made it up about something. He laughs at her comment on that he probably -could- eat everywhere in this place, a smile in his voice once more. "I probably could, though I would bet money that you secretly have a bigger appetite than me." he winks then, leading into the restaurant!

He lets her sit down first and the whole shebang. A complete gentleman.

Though he really wouldn't care if she ate like a pig or whatever, more interested that she's actually -willing- to eat with him! bah gawd!

When asked to split the bill, Con smiles. "I was just gonna foot it myself, but I don't mind if we go Dutch." a wink then. "Splitting the bill is perfectly fine. Order whatever you want though." he saves up money for stuff like this!

Bet.. wait, wut? No! Oh, nooo.. Grace doesn't have a bigger-if-not-equivalent appetite! Never…! *cough*

The moment Constantine gives the word, and the waitress returns to offer (non-alcoholic!) drinks to these bright-eyed kids, Grace is going about ordering an appetizer: a double order of potato skins. When the time comes to place the proper food order…? The girl get the biggest steak she can hope to request. She got her allowance recently; they're going dutch. So help her god she will order this monster and not feel bad.

The baffled waitress awaits Constantine's order and once give all of the information she needs, she bustles off. These kids better not be trolling her!

Grace clears her throat, leans back with her sophisticated glass of Pepsi, and blushes. "Thanks for suggesting this.. r-really, I mean it. I'd be a hermit otherwise." She offers softly. Could this be called a proper date? It's much more elaborate than their tumble on the beach, which suits her inner-monster just fine. But this wining—er, Pepsi'ing and dining certainly pleases the girl.

While Grace ordered a Pepsi, Constantine ordered a MOUNTAIN DEW!!!! the stuff of legends, really. Fuel that converts into Constantine's blood. Either way, he smiles softly to Grace as she orders appetizers to start them off. What does he order when she arrives? He looks to Grace first like she's the greatest goddess he's ever seen, and he orders the exact same thing.

Just medium rare. He likes that sucker bleedin!

Alas, after the waitress walks off, he looks to Grace with a big smile on his face. "My pleasure, trust me. So I guess I'm not the only one with an appetite huh?" he grins then.

She won't fight Con for his Mountain Dew.. too sweet and potent for Grace's liking!

As Grace waits for them to pretty much carve off the haunch from the beast and deliver it to her red and bleeding (rare, actually.. not quite blue. She'll also pretend it's a pig and not a cow) she watches Constantine redly. How can he stand this? Someone of his ilk should be seated across from a demure, sweet little belle that eats like a bird. Oh God, if only he knew what's coming… the creature in her subconscious snarls with relish, with glee. For there is meat afoot.

"A-as long as my appetite doesn't scare you off…" She blushes then, and slowly… reaches out across the table and rests her slender hand palm up, awaiting his. She watches him levelly. "I keep thinking to myself that I should be looking for weekend work, here in town.. I can't keep expecting Uncle Vee's money every month.." She admits, feeling embarrassed as she looks into her lap.

Constantine loves sweet and potent! He never liked Pepsi because it always felt funny on his teeth. Either way, He smiles softly at the kind of steak Grace ordered…he knew she had many.. wolf-like qualities. Probably having a direct correlation to her powers, but hey, he knew she had a feral side to her. But they had become much closer after that trip to the beach. He really didn't care for her flaws, he thought she was perfect.

He laughs a moment. "Here I was thinking my appetite would scare you off…" he teases softly, reaching across the table to place his hand in yours, fingers intertwining with your own as you look into your lap.

"Alrighty, I'll come with you when you go job hunting. I was actually thinking on getting a job myself..my parents, for all the good they've done me, send me funds monthly. Helps me get by." he smiles softly then. "We'll hunt together….sound good?"

"It feels nice to make your own way." Grace says gently.. though her typical way of speaking is often gentle, in direct contrast to what she feels — deep down — she is capable of becoming. Something terrible. His hand atop hers feels lovely and Grace looks up from her lap, eyes flitting once to the surroundings. As expected she can smell and hear a great majority of the things that are happening around her. As long as she focuses on Constantine it is easy to 'filter' everything out.

"I-I don't scare easily.. trust me." Truth. By then the potato skins arrive with side-plates and Grace very… very gently collects a couple of skins onto her plate. Oh look; she's taking care to use a fork and knife! Very obviously restraining herself as she cleaves into the potato, cheese, chives and bacon. Nom.

"If anything it's a way to show our parents that we can make it." She admits.. the root of her own intention to find work. "What would you like to do, Con? Is there any job in particular that appeals to you?"

Constantine smiles then to Grace as she speaks that it's feels fantastic to go it on your own and make your own path, to succeed with nobody to help you. "Yeah…yeah it really does." he looks her right in the eyes as he sees her take in her surroundings. He looks her in the eyes then. "…you're the best thing that ever happened to me." he tells her with not even an ounce of shame.

Then the potatoes arrive! and Grace is eating politely! "heh, neither do I." he playfully steals a potato slice from her plate and eats it, before chuckling and offering her a potato slice from his plate for her to eat.

Then?! She affirms his statement as she did so splendidly…man he loved her already. Call him a fast-falling leaf, but hey, the heart wants what the heart needs. His eyes on her, he shrugs. "Well…I can kiinnddaaa cook, but I'm not even close to as good as you. I could probably make it as a clerk or do some construction labor. Or I can do some weekend help." a shrug. "I take it you want to cook?" he winks.

It works.. Con is the romantic, heartfelt sort; Grace is a bit slower to warm and trust but when she gets there — oh she's getting there — it is very much worthwhile. He meets her reddish gaze — dark in the lighting of the establishment, full wide pools in her face and says such a profound thing. Big things for their evident age, but then… trauma can age a person quickly. Heaven knows they've both experienced trauma.

But with an answering flutter of butterfly's wings in her belly, Grace looks up, her braid pulled over a shoulder, eyes meeting Constantine's beautiful blues. She'll swim there for a moment before continuing, even the food forgotten. For a wolfish girl, THAT is huge.

"R-really?" Grace asks, never thinking herself to be the best thing to happen to anyone. But things change. She won't even fault him the playful getting of food from her plate: another huge sign of trust.

"I am an.. okay cook. I bake better than I cook. I bet you would be a lovely clerk. You have the charm." She offers, squeezing his hang. A coy look as she leans forward, "Mind you construction.. you could will the supplies to do your bidding."

Constantine did not even regret what he just said. He knew it was fast, he knew it was probably even a bit on the 'too soon' side…but he REALLY didn't care. She was already his number one priority. Even higher than handling his powers. The poor sod was in love. Alas, he smiles then as their eyes just lock on for the longest time. Constantine doesn't shy away, and neither does she. It's like they both spoke to each other on such volumes that words wouldn't even -begin- to cover what they silently told each other.

"Really." he says then in affirmation to her, eyes never leaving hers for a single second as he gave her hand a squeeze, even as he fed her in return. Then she says he'd make a great clerk! which he just laughs at.

"Maybe, maybe, We'll see yeah? but If I go be a clerk, you gotta promise to stop by." he winks at her. Sure, her stopping by was probably a definite given! But alas, he grins at her mischievous look if he went into construction.

"True, true. Wouldn't need any experience really either. Just a strong back and good with my hands." he winks at her then. "But, I'd rather not be in a place where, if I lost control, could do too much damage." he was right though, but what he did do was scoot a little closer to her (it was a corner booth) and he steals a kiss. "Alright, if not cooking, then what would you like to do?" now he was right by her as he looked right into those slightly red orbs.

Well, here's where such a pairing works nicely… if it were two Constantines the level of sweet would be dangerous; two Graces, it would be the lamest and snarliest party ever. Did Grace think of their union as being 'too soon'? Hard to say.. the fact that she is interested and content in it must mean that… well, she doesn't care either! Something clicked, something pivotal.. and here they are. Grace doesn't appear to want to be anywhere else in this moment. Is she in love…? Too early to say, but given their degree of.. *ahem*.. 'closeness' a few days ago, she could be on her way. Slow and steady, is Grace.

"Of course I would stop by." She offers, very nearly swallowing a potato skin whole but chewing politely before talking. The heat of the food didn't even warrant a wince. "It looks like they finally opened up some sort of new shopping center in town… maybe there's something there that could work." She observes, finishing her portion of the appy in a few swift bites. She does not eat like a bird: she eats like a wolf. c.c

He sneaks in a peck to her lips in his sweet way, and Grace blushes as she gulps down the last mouthful of potato. She feels like such a heathen. "That's a good point… maybe clerk to start, then, 'til you figure everything out.. controlling it." She observes, then considers. "L-likely something behind the scenes, for me… a kitchen or mom and pops bakery, if there's one here. I'd be afraid of how I would handle cranky customers.."

Constantine actually doesn't seem to mind that she's a messy eater! Oh my word….is he the one!! Too early to say, but Constantine was head over heels in love with her. After his little kiss to her lips, he chuckles from fully knowing that her mouth was only partially full.

Man, Constantine was the luckiest guy in the world.

When she mentions a new shopping center, his wheels start turning. "Hmmm…good point. I guess I'll just go job hunting, but I'll have to visit you at work too when you get your job."

He ponders then….oh so many ways to mess with people!

How the hell did she get so lucky?! Grace is just short of licking the errant bacon bits from her plate and even then, she catches herself. When and how did she get so hungry? Somehow the smell of food in the air and being around people eating is stirring something inside of her and she peers over a shoulder to see if the server is on their way with the main entrée. She looks to Con then and in the brief spat of silence that punctuates their discussion.. her belly lets loose with a literal roar. Grace blushes again as she flattens her palms against her stomach, but that does nothing to quell the almost inhuman sound coming from her stomach wanting moar.

"I'm so sorry." She says quickly; are her eyes brighter, somehow? Focus, Grace; you'll eat soon. Right now she simply eyes the blonde boy as if HE will be her next meal. Not a terrible look but… given what her stomach just declared…

"I'll let you know what I find. I need to just check out the town as a whole this weekend to see what's around." She finally smiles at him, then, once she is sure that her body won't disobey her. "There is a chocolate shop.. that could be dangerous though——" His ponderous look catches her.

"What's up..?" Grace leans in, head tilting.

Constantine smiles to Grace as she starts to eat like an animal….but it's the sound of her stomach growling that just makes Constantine -laugh-! Shaking his head softly, He grins "no need to apologize just because you're hungry." He winks then as he squeezes her hand, though he also munches on that bacon too…nom nom nom!

Though he chuckles as she lets him know that she will alert him to what she finds… he beams. "Excellent! I'll walk with you. It'll help, trust me." He winks but he clearly still bears a more humorous look when she asks him what's on his mind.

"oh nothing…"

Definitely something!

"just thinking of ways to surprise you." He winks.

The squeeze to her hand brings Grace back, eases her. She exhales slowly, suddenly feeling as if she can relax… that there is no rush. She can contain this thing, she can! Constantine says he will join her on this weekend casing-out of Shady Cove and her lips curve into a shy, earnest smile. "I-I'd like that." For many reasons. Obviously to be with him… and to just feel safer. Speaking of safe… her phone buzzes in her pocket; not a call, but a notification. Grace knows what 'that' is and she should probably warn the boy.

"There are things that I don't want to surprise you with.. I-I meant to tell you about this." Oh God what's she leading up to? Something Bad?! C'mon Grace, just be out with it. She watches Constantine as he winks at her, mentioning his thought process on how to 'surprise' her. She couldn't bear to hurt him.

"S-since coming into my.. ah, abilities.. the moon cycle has affected me. If I seem a bit.. jumpy or off, more than usual today, there's a reason." She admits, irises very red and stomach very loud. "There's a full moon on the 1st of March. I'm going to be behaving… odd. Not changing or even being a danger but…. e-emotionally… odd. Stronger emotions, if that makes sense.. I just didn't want you to be taken off-guard."

Constantine has always had a way with words. So when she visibly relaxes at the hand-squeeze, Constantine just -smiles- at her, moving from his seat just a little until he is side to side with her, his hands in her own so he could comfort her further.

Yes! She agreed to walk with Constantine around town. Yyyeesss!!!

Though her phone buzzes and Constantine can -feel- the shift in the tone of the conversation. Though she starts to explain and some of Constantine's suspicions are proven right. But no matter! "Hey…" he whispered, hand coming up to caress her cheek and comb through her hair.

"don't you worry about a thing. I'll be there with you every step of the way, Alright?" He says with a smile before he leaned in to kiss her.

Oh, he has a way with words.. and a face and earnest manner to back those words. No wonder Grace fell quickly and without warning. Constantine smiles at her — her — and something in the girl just quakes a little. In a good way. He shimmies in closer and she doesn't move away and for all appearances, they appear to be a lovey-dovey pair of teenagers on a rather 'adult' date. There is a sound in her throat then.. not quite a purr and very brief. It is a pleased-sounding exhalation, becoming a snarl that she doesn't a quite catch in time. For once she doesn't even look embarrassed.

He's touching her again and Grace reddens, her heart tripping quickly following the kiss. She returns it easily but sees fit to pull back briefly, brow furrowed. "I-I.. feel things strongly when the moon is close… and full. T-that extends to… I mean…" She's red. "I stub my toe and the annoyance i-is like… BAM.. but if we-" My, his lips are still close. "I won't be able to control myself, is what I'm saying. I don't want to hurt you. O-or compromise you, or—"

.. basically pick him up like a cavewoman and carry him away. How's that for mental imagery. c.c

For as young as they are, they clearly had no care in the world that they were acting -very- adult right now!

he doesn't seem to mind those purrs or snarls of desire/aggression from Grace, keeping her form close to his as they exchanged those sweet kisses. Though when she pulls away, Constantine chases after her until she starts to explain that her emotions are stronger, Constantine smiles softly. "Grace… I have no regrets." He chuckles then, "I suppose I will try hard not to be irksome." A sly grin then.

"Don't worry Grace." He whispers.

Blink? Oh.. oh my.

Well, that 'warning' went as well as she could have expected. Poor Grace has two things at work here: the hormones of a teenage girl and how they're augmented by whatever it is that lurks in her blood. Still, much as she wants to explore more of what it is to be a physical, hotshot adolescent… she takes care. They are still of an age where care must be taken. Though it's hard with Constantine looking and talking the way he does, specifically to her.. being so understanding and kind and, well… Constantine. The sly grin and the reassurance to not egg her on only causes the girl to blush deeply, and she is about to respond. He's close, whispering, and his mouth sure looks——

"Um… so, who is having the 32 ounce t-bone?" Asks a decidedly awkward waitress whose smile looks pasted on. Grace startles and looks to her, and surprised her further when she opts for the monstrous steak. Her heart is still pounding, and her face is red! Red!

Aw, she's flustered. <3

Awww Constantine and Grace look so in love from the perspective of literally everyone else.

The waitress snuck up on him too! Causing him to practically jump in his seat with Grace, though he laughs good naturedly. Not even close to being ashamed of loving Grace.

Constantine smiles softly to the waitress with a chuckle "we both ordered the 32 ounce, though hers was rare and mine was medium rare?" A kind smile for the waitress, even if Constantine's hand was on Grace's thigh for some under the table flirtation.

She really was his whole world, already.

He -definitely- noticed how red she looked and so he kissed her cheek to be loving.

Poor Constantine.. there's the meat and Grace is staring at it. No there's nothing wrong with the steak.. she's just resisting the urge to pick it up and go at it like a girl possessed. What he says beside her, does and represents means a great deal to the girl but the beast, spurned on by the pleasure of touch AND the arrival of food…. well. She cranes her lithe, fair neck over the plate, her plaited hair pulled back over a shoulder, sniffing delicately. She looks like some sort of well-dressed foodie sniffing her meal, trying to surmise the types of spices used, etc etc.

Yeah no. One more shy, apologetic look to the blonde at her side and Grace shakily takes up a fork and knife. Cleaves off a small piece of meat, tries it—-ooooh.

"T-that's good…" She remarks, eyes brighter. Rapt upon the chunk of meat. Another bite. Another.

Soon she's hacking it apart with surgical precision, eating all of it.. gristle, meat… the side-dish? It was some kinda mixed veggie… she inhaled that too. All that's left within 10 minutes is a t-bone, polished whitely.. not a scrap of meat. Grace eases back, looks both satisfied and deeply embarrassed.

Constantine receives his steak and he immediately starts getting to work. Compliments to the bloody chef!!!!! It was one of the best steaks he's ever eaten. Whoever is back there has some god given talent. Within that ten minutes, Constantine seems to have eaten most of it, but he looks over to Grace and he almost goes drop-jaw at how FAST she devoured that perfect piece of meat. Holy geez…..

God must have blessed this woman with the almighty powers of eating -fast-.

But hey, Constantine just kinda chuckles a little bit as he realizes that Grace must have loved every second of eating that. That cow did not die in vain! "No need to look all sorry, Grace. You did good! I'm mighty impressed…plus, it's kinda hot." he teases her softly before he leans forward to steal another kiss from her, eating his steak again soon after. Though to be playful, he feeds her a bite of his own, though he realizes she might not like medium-rare, it was still a really good steak!

Constantine then calls for the check! Assuming they would be finished eating soon. "So, I take it you liked the steak." he winks.

IF only she were blessed with the powers of being able to just eat fast and show nothing for it. No, there's more to it than that sadly.. God 'blessed' (cursed) Grace with something far more and the metabolism and ability to maximize and use everything that she eats is… only a silver lining, really. But eat she does, and she can do it well… nothing wasted.

She could go on, too, because when the sweet boy offers to feed her some of his steak she isn't coy about it. None of this 'I couldn't eat another bite teehee' crap… she plucks the bite off of the prongs of the fork and it's down the hatch in the blink of an eye. Grace eases back redly, "K-keep eating… I'll eat it all if you let me. I can't do that." She says huskily, eyes flitting up at the occupants of a nearby table who watched this strip of a girl pack away a whole entree fit for a trucker and make eyes at the portion of her boyfriend's plate.

"It was delicious." She admits, watching his face in that way she is so good at. "Thank you for picking this place."

Constantine noms on his steak then, though when he notices that she practically Alligator-snapped that food off of his fork, he can't help but laugh and wrap an arm around her shoulders. He never cared that people would give them those looks that made people look almost disgusted with them. But, in Constantine's rather casual demeanor, those people could go and f—..yeah. You get the point.

But he looks at her as she huskily looks over his meal. But he didn't mind it. Truth be told, he didn't have the appetite that she did, so he happily feeds her another piece…then another, before he takes a bite himself, though he probably hoped she didn't try to kiss him to steal the steak piece. The steak was so good T_T

Anyways, the check arrives and Constantine puts down his card, the grateful waiter taking off after the fact.

The girl will take what she is given, and not once opt to steal even a morsel. Her inner monster may be a vicious thing but there are ground rules. No stealing someone else's grub! Grace eats, and eats… and the funny thing is, she isn't even getting much of that little belly 'pooch' that follows a massive dinner scoff! Already her body is having at the belly-full of steak, and she… abruptly.. looks revitalized. Bright eyed. Cripes, were she of the habit (blessedly not) … Grace would need a cigarette after that!

"I'm full, I promise—" LIES. "Please eat more, don't let me eat it all." She pleas again, and blessedly.. Constantine enjoys more of his own meal and stops feeding it to the sinkhole wolf girl at his side. She will instead nestle happily into his encompassing arm, and the moment the card is put down she colors again. Grace has the presence of mind, even in the steak afterglow, to fish around her wallet and at least cover a decent tip! She tips pretty good, for a teenager!

"I think I'm of a mind to.. walk this off." She admits to Constantine, leaning up to press a kiss to his mouth. "Thanks again."

Constantine is very…VERY full! But he's also very very happy. That said, he turns his head to Grace as he can feel her nuzzling and nestling in that crook of his arm.

Fun fact about Constantine! He's always really warm. Guess what they say about boyfriends being portable heaters are true!

Regardless, he seems to smile the Grace covered the tip. After all, these two teens were probably only a mild handful. Regardless! He is easily kissed by grace and he returns it, eyes watching her as she thanks him. "It was my pleasure. I love our dates." Awwww.

"Want me to tag along?" He asks softly.

Seems both of them run hot! Though there's something special about boyfriend warmth which, Grace decides not for the first time, isn't bad at all. She could happily stay here in this booth but suddenly the watchful gazes and attentions from the waitstaff are getting a bit.. tiresome. That and as they approach true supper hour and more patrons are showing up, their snazzy corner booth is being given the evil eye. It basically implies: 'get out and free up space!'

Shrugging into her coat and setting herself to rights, Grace shall happily take Constantine's hand to depart. He just saw her eat like a slob and still.. still.. he's not afraid! Day by day, Grace is getting just that little more comfortable. If she still has some worries about how her behavior at the full moon — heightened anger, reactivity and overall emotions — could pan out… suddenly it's nowhere near as scary.

The waiter who picks up the plates squints at Grace's feeble t-bone remnants after they leave. "Christ, she even gnawed out the marrow. Who does that."

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