(2018-02-23) Late Night Gossip
Late Night Gossip
Summary: Theo's still not sure about things, and it's keeping him up at night. Ashton's thinking about a few things too, and they talk. About BOYS. Seems girls aren't the only people who gossip about boys!
Date: IC Date (2018-02-23)
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Night has fallen over the world, and the halls of Winbarry has fallen silent, well mostly silent. The light in the billiard room is own. Ashton is watching the much fought over television, when everyone else is asleep. He is lounging in one of the wingback chairs, one leg draped over the arm, elbow on the opposite. A large leatherbound tome is in his lap, as he is flipping through pages. A notebook is underneath it. Perched on his shoulder are three nice sized scarlet colored spiders. "No.. that's not it… there's got to be something that I can use."

It's anybody's guess why Theo's up. Maybe he couldn't sleep for some reason, so he's walking the halls. Whatever the reason, as he's passing the billiard room (probably on his way to the kitchen, you know boys' metabolisms), he notices the light is on. Or rather, Happylegs does. As the spider turns to look at the light, so does Theo. And he pads quietly into the billiard room, barefoot, in sweatpants and a tank top, with messy hair. For once he's without those silver pins. And when does he EVER show up in front of others with messy hair?! Though as he notes Ashton is busy, he doesn't speak up immediately. He looks at the program on the TV instead. However, Happylegs scuttles across the ceiling, and begins to descend slowly from it, down a glowing blue-white thread. So if Ashton doesn't see, his arachnid companions should.

On the television is a very, very dated anime with a character that is a boy until he's doused with cold water and turns into a red-haired girl. No, Ashton doesn't notice Theo or Happylegs. The three spiders do. One of them seems to notice Theo, lifting up its foremost legs in warning. One sees Happylegs and starts dancing around excitedly, while the third skitters down Ashton's shirt, making him squirm slightly. "What is up with you guys all of a sudden?" It's about that time that he notices the psychic spider descending down. A smile stretches across his lips, "Oh, hey Happy… What you doing? Finally got bored with Theo, huh? I bet he can just be absolutely tedious."

Happylegs's face-spots change to a tongue-stuck out face briefly, and it lifts a foreleg to 'point' towards the door. Theo chuckles. "He's always with me," he says from the door, chuckling. He pads over to the couch and leans against it. "Ranma 1/2? That was a while back. Good anime, though." He smirks. And then there's greetings to make! "Hello there, Ashton. And friends?"

Ashton gives a soft laughs, "Something told me that was probably the case… " He looks at the little spider that is being more aggressive. "Rai, chill.. it's just Theo and Happylegs… they are my friends." The spider practically harumphs and moves to the top of the chair and sulks. Ashton looks a bit surprised, "You actually have heard of it? Wow.. and yeah, I know it's pretty old and not high art quality comparedly, but it's like one of my fallbacks when I want something familiar and comforting." He pauses, "That probably sounds stupid, huh?" He cocks his head, "So what are you doing up? I thought I was the only one still up."

Theo tilts his head a little at the aggressive, soon-to-be-pouting spider on the top of the chair. He smirks. "I can almost hear that one now." He looks to the grumpy spider, indicating it. Then, pitching his voice down, he grumbles in a mock-irritated voice, "'Kono baka kumo'." He chuckles, his voice returning to normal. "They're still quite adorable, even when they're being growly," Theo decides. For its part, Happylegs has been smart and not approached the aggressive one. No, it's approached the one that seemed excited to see them. He approaches the friendly one and raises its front legs to flick them a few times, in greeting. Theo watches this with a fond smile, then looks to the anime again, as Ashton speaks about it. "No, not at all. That doesn't sound stupid in the slightest. Everyone has their comfort zone," he replies. Then he quips, "Mine usually ends up with rather lots of beefcake in it." He smirks — yes, it was just a tease. Though as for why he's up? The smile falls a bit. "I seem to be having a devil of a time getting my brain to switch off tonight."

Ashton chuckles, "I think it's more of him being protective." His voice raises a pitch, as if he was almost asking a question. Meanwhile, Happy's friend starts waving back at Happy. Ashton arches an eyebrow at the beefcake remark, "Well, that's something one normally does not watch in a public place.. " He grins and waggles his eyebrows, "Unless you're just an exhibitionist…" He nods, "Yeah, I can understand that… I get that way at times.. " He cocks his head, "There something on your mind that is keeping it on?" He shrugs, "I have an ear if you want to talk… two actually." From the edge of his sleeve, the third spider peeks out. He looks at the littlest of the three, "Go on and make friends… " He looks up at Theo, "I don't know what they are thinking, and I don't think they know what I am thinking, but they seem to understand English. I am still trying to figure out what exactly I did when I made them."

"That could be," Theo agrees, to the mention of the aggressive spider being protective. Happylegs seems to notice the shy spider then, and points in this one's direction. Then it tilts its body to the side a little, its face-spots forming a question mark. Theo supplies, "Happy would like to know if your friendly spider would like to help introduce him, so he doesn't frighten the shy one." The remark about Theo's 'beefcake' comment gets a chuckle. "Shock value," he reveals. "People will usually listen to you well if they don't know what's going to come out of your mouth next." He smirks. As for what's on Theo's mind? "It's… not really something that will improve with talk. It's something of a personal problem, one that will simply have to work itself out." Though at the invitation, Theo moves to sit down on the couch nearest the chair. Though he is also careful not to spook the shy spider, he waves at the tiny little crimson arachnid. "Hello. My name's Theo," he offers to the shy spider, keeping his voice soft and gentle.

"That's Asato… and the one with Happy is Bardo… " He nods in the direction of the third, "And that's Rai…" Ashton looks at the two non-sulking spiders, "Go and play, just be nice." The little one slowly climbs up. He looks over at Theo, "You don't have to try to shock me to get me to pay attention… " He frowns slightly, "I'm sorry.. I hope whatever it is works itself out soon…"

Those names. Theo cannot help but grin. "Appropriately named, from what I've seen so far," he comments. Happy skitters over slowly to Asato, but it careful to leave enough space so the shy spider doesn't feel trapped. Its face-spots are in a curious expression. But he does look up to Ashton, the spots shifting again, this time to a happy face. He'll be nice, he seems to be saying. Theo chuckles. "I almost feel like we're letting the kids loose in a playground." Though he does address the subject of his 'issue'. "It will work out, I'm certain. Soon? That much I'm not so certain of. I will say it's… an 'affair of the heart', shall we say."

GAME: Save complete.

Ashton chuckles at the kids remark, "I know right? I was thinking the same thing." He smirks, "Well, then, I certainly couldn't be any help then… " A thought crosses his mind, and whatever it was brought a bit of a smile to his face. He closes the old book and sets it on the floor, followed shortly by the notebook. He sits up a bit, "Uncertainty sucks, huh?"

Theo seems quite amused by the names — or possible the source of the names. As though he's sharing a joke. Which, well, he kind of is. but then he sighs a bit, and nods to the question. "It does," he agrees. "Particularly because I try to let logic and reason guide the choices I make. I can't do that here because inherently logic is the wrong tactic to use. But I'm afraid I don't know how to use any other tactics."

Ashton looks over at Theo sympathetically. There is a look of shared understanding. He chews on his lower lip a bit. "The other night, Louk told me that he had feelings for me and that he wanted to be my boyfriend." His cheeks and ears blush slightly. "I still don't understand why… I mean seriously… have you ever looked at him?" He stops, "If you don't want to hear this, just tell me to shut up… Anyway, I don't know why he would ever even look at me twice, much less kiss me, then he did…" He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "I would say that I just let instinct take over, but I think instinct would have had me just stuttering like an idiot…. just sometimes.. you have to not think… and listen to what you tell yourself and not what you think."

Theo goes quiet when Ashton relates to him the situation that he's found himself in. He blinks. "That's quite fast," he observes. Though there's no judgement in his tone, just surprise. Then he smiles. "Congratulations. I hope it works out between the two of you. If you're interested in him in return, that is." He sighs a bit, though. "Well… if there wasn't… let's say more than one path, it wouldn't be quite so difficult…"

Ashton smiles slightly, "I am… I'm pretty sure… I mean I am… My day gets better whenever he is around… And it feels nice to have someone hug and kiss me… even when he just kisses me on the cheek." He says it as if it is not something well experienced at all. And he frowns just for a second as he lets his brain start thinking again and wondering if it might only be puppy love. He shakes his head, "Anyway, not talking about me… " He rolls his eyes, "Okay, fortune cookie time… nothing worthwhile is ever really easy… You just have to figure out what is right for you… "

Theo smiles with genuine happiness when Ashton describes being around Loukanos as he does. The frown gets a confused tilt of Theo's head. "I apologize, I didn't mean to… well, make you spill your guts, so to speak," he offers. Ashton's 'fortune cookie' advice gets… a laugh. Though he puts his hand over his mouth so he's not so loud. Once he gets himself under control, he notes, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh at what you said. You see, I actually gave Besa that same advice earlier, about his own… issues." If Besa's told Ashton, then repeating them wouldn't be necessary; if Besa hasn't told Ashton, then Theo has betrayed no one's confidence, he reasons.

Ashton chuckles slightly. "Well, I guess great minds think alike then." He then pauses and looks very seriously at Theo for a moment, before adding. "I guess that means we are both thoroughly screwed." He grins widely. He shakes his head, "Gods, this place is like a superpowered teen drama around here…Oh wait, it's high school… " He sighs, "But if you ever need to neutral space or just to think about something completely different, all you got to do is say so. But I think I probably need to try to go to sleep. Otherwise, I'm afraid that I might slip up and accidentally burn the house down." He smiles but his tone isn't completely joking. He hits stop and eject on the bluray player.

Theo snerks a bit at the mention of 'thoroughly screwed'. And can't help but to add, "Hopefully in the fun way~." He's not flirting with Ashton, no. Teasing, yes; flirting, no. The mention of high school gets a nod. "Precisely. Super powers or not, we ARE still teenagers. And you know what everyone says about teenagers." Pause. "Not that thing, the other thing." He grins. The mention of neutral space gets a tilt of his head, but he doesn't ask about it this time, since Ashton pleads the need to sleep. Theo nods, and stands from the couch. "I should likely try that as well. With luck it won't be that difficult." He does look a bit worried — for Ashton, to note — at the mention of slipping up with such disastrous consequences. But he doesn't want to bring that up to give Ashton trouble sleeping either. So he nods. "Sleep well. And thank you. I mean that." He smiles, and then heads for bed himself.

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