(2018-02-23) Drunk Talk
Drunk Talk
Summary: Unfortunately no one was actually drunk
Date: 2018-02-23
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Breakfast Nook

For a breakfast nook this room is rather large. Large enough to fit a full sized table with chairs comfortably. What makes it a 'nook' is probably the fact that three walls are all glass, the fourth wall is the one that is part if the kitchen, all brick there. A french door leads to the back patio.


Breakfast is an important meal of the day. Ronan's finally managed to get used to the lack of normal breakfast items in his household and adjusted to bowls of oatmeal. He's having to do without the sausage this morning as it is Lent and he's always hated this time of year. The blond's eating the oatmeal with a wrinkle of his nose every so often. "What the hell is this mush?" He mutters grimacing a bit.

"That would be oatmeal," Theo supplies helpfully, as he enters the breakfast nook himself. He smiles with a bit of a teasing note. "Mind if I sit with you?" He's got a plate in hand, and there's — gasp — a HEALTHY breakfast on it. Well, for a given value of 'health', there's a crapton of cheese in that omlette. And… please say that's not KETCHUP on that omlette! It's Friday, so he's not wearing his uniform — yay for casual Friday! — but instead his usual attire. Even though he's wearing slacks instead of jeans, though, he's still got that denim vest with the silver pins.

"It doesn't taste the same. The grains taste strange and not sure how it was prepared." Ronan says wrinkling his nose a bit,"I don't mind." He adds shrugging a bit. As for Ronan he's dressed casually. His hair is as messy as ever as well. Kind of like he just got out of bed, threw on some clothing and went for breakfast. This is entirely possible for him. "Enjoying your omlette?" He asks curiously.

"Thank you," Theo offers as he sits at the table. He sits to Ronan's side rather than in front of him. He tilts his head at the mention of the grains being different. "'Different', how?" Theo inquires, looking at the oatmeal carefully to see if he can discern anything wrong with it. As for the omlette? "I will be." He winks. And yes, he'll start eating. He does make an effort not to eat like an animal, though — elbows off the table, bites that don't require him to stuff his mouth too full, don't talk with his mouth full, etc.

"The cut of the oats, the overall texture and taste." Ronan says shrugging a bit,"It's easier if ye've had the other kind to explain. The way it's prepared is different. I'll get used ta it. Like not having black and white pudding at breakfast, or the use of the word sausage to describe a banger." He says with a bit of a grin,"Ne'er let it be said I'm anything if not adaptable. Except to heat. I have an excuse. Biology does not agree with heat."

Theo nods in understanding, regarding the oats. "Ah, I see. American oatmeal is different, texture-wise?" he asks. He tilts his head at the rest, though. "I know what 'bangers' are — I've heard the term 'bangers and mash' enough to know that. I don't think I've heard of black and white pudding though." He's actually unsure if those are two different foods or just one! A nod, though, at the mention of the heat. "That might be wise to stay away from, yes," he agrees.

"I'd be surprised if ye had. Most American's ne'er had a good hearty breakfast of real food." Ronan says teasingly and reaching to poke the other lad in the side,"So skinny ye are." He says laughing but not explaining to Theo what they are since he's eating and most Americans react rather poorly to hearing them explained. "Yes. Irish Oatmeal has a different cut to their oats and a yeah. It's just different." He says shrugging indifferently.

Theo emits a squeak when Ronan pokes him in the side, jerking slightly away from the poke. "Genetics, unfortunately. I'm all legs. My mother tells me I got that from my biological father — she's quite short. So is my stepfather. It's very strange being so much taller than one's parents." He chuckles. "But yes. I can understand that. My mother has a cousin who lives in the southern states who swears by shrimp and grits. I have no clue what grits are, but I don't like them. Cream of Wheat however, I will eat. They're similar, but the latter has a smoother consistency. To me, grits feel like eating sand."

"I'm not as tall as m'athair or me ma but they're not short people. Me ma's almost six feet tall and m'athair is over that." Yes. Ronan knows how to do nonmetrics and is being kind enough to convert. Yay! Will wonders never cease!"I tried grits once. Tasted like barely flavored sand… Actually I think sand has tasted better than that stuff." He says with a wrinkle of his nose,"And I cannot picture shrimp and grits."

Theo's eyes widen as Ronan reveals how tall most of his family is. "Gracious," he replies. "Well, you probably do have some growing still to do, yes? So you may end up beating them." He chuckles. The mention of 'barely flavored sand' gets a wrinkle of his nose. "Yes, that. Cream of Wheat has the consistency of coarse applesauce, if that makes sense. So it's quite a bit smoother."

"Aye, well the Irish are a fairly tall group of people. Some grow up and some grow out and then some do both. If ye have ever seen our Rugby or GAA players…" Ronan says with a broad grin as he finishes his oatmeal. "But I've never had of cream of wheat and does not sound at all tempting to eat." He says with a bit of a shudder.

"I haven't, unfortunately," Theo replies. "I'm not much of a sports fan, to be honest. Bit too much of a nerd for sports, apparently. Also a bit too lazy." He chuckles. "I suppose it's an acquired taste. Some just never 'acquire' it"

"I've played some soccer but when ye have a tendency to trip over yer own feet, ye usually don't play much." Ronan says with a cheerful laugh at his own expense. "Don't ask how I can do ballet. We don't know and we ne'er asked god or the gods or whoever has a rather amusing sense of humor why." He says with a big grin.

Theo nods. "I can understand that, yes," he replies, with a chuckle. "With the footwork I've seen some soccer players do on that game that several of the students play, that does not surprise me. It definitely does look as though one could hurt oneself doing that. Though…" He tilts his head, "You dance wonderfully. It's ever so much more sophisticated than what I do."

"I do all kinda dance. Ceili is a common type for me." Ronan says shrugging indifferently,"And sometimes if ye do something slow it looks way more sophisticated than it was. Some of the older boys said that after Billy Elliot came out, the number of boys doin' ballet increased rather dramatically."

Theo notes, "I do mostly vogue and house. The point of vogue, at least, is to look flamboyant and over-the-top. That's a little difficult to do if it's done slowly." He smirks a bit. "Some things ARE better done slowly, yes. Just not vogue dance." Yes, he's teasing now. Though the mention of Billy Elliot gets a tilt of his head. "I don't know, I've never really associated ballet with 'gay'," he remarks. "I suppose it's because I've always known that in the early days of theater, almost without fail, all the women's roles were played by very pretty men. I'm told that Japanese theater still does this, and there's quite a bit of respect for men who play women there."

"Well usually by young men whose voices were still high. Or they were old and ugly and it added a bit of a laugh for them to be playing the woman." Ronan says shrugging a bit,"Well Vogue would look REALLY over the top if done slow. I think it'd seem utterly bizarre and unfathomable." He says with a bit of amusement in his voice,"In olden days I would have been playing Juliet rather than Romeo more than likely. If I was permitted on stage as the English did view us as a lesser race."

Theo nods. "Men who could reasonably pass as female," he confirms. Then a chuckle. "Unless it was a comedy, yes. You saw that old movie Porky's? Not Porky Pig, either. In the second one, the high school students that the movie follows are trying to have a Shakespeare production and this stereotypical southern Baptist preacher is trying to stop them. The character nicknamed 'Meat' by his peers, is cast as a character playing a female character. It's hilarious." Though as for being thought of as 'lesser'? "Actually, I… kind of understand that. A bit, at least," he notes. "I've been to Japan once, when I was a little younger, when my stepfather brought us to meet his family. They didn't speak much to my mother and I, and from the sidelong looks we were being given, I don't think it was solely because none of them could speak English."

"I have heard the Japanese are not very tolerant about outsiders." Ronan says nodding his head a bit,"I believe they teach about An gorta mor in American schools, no? I believe they call it the Great Famine. This is a thing, right?" He's not sure what they're teaching about it these days,"Calling it a Famine is a lie. There was no famine." He says seriously,"The British government just took all the food and left the Irish with a blighted crop."

"Some are, some aren't," Theo replies. "But there are areas that foreigners aren't allowed to go in. And if you have a tattoo, there's even more places you can't go." The mention of the 'Great Famine' gets a nod. He blinks at Ronan's words. "That's not taught in schools, no," he confirms. "Just that 'there was no food'."

"Yes. The Irish is An Gorta Mor, the great hunger. There was no famine though. Which is why you have songs like Fields of Athenrye where a man is being transported to Australia because he stole some corn to feed his starving children. Irish Catholics were banned from actually owning land or even speaking their language." Ronan says shrugging a bit,"Is it any wonder why there was so much anger towards the British? Now the remains of the freedom fighters forgot why and just fight. It's rather sad."

"Oh, I see," Theo says quietly, thoughtfully. "Most of the literature I've read had me convinced that Britain was the absolute worst at pretty much everything back then," he confirms. "It really is sad. What's also sad is that they didn't have monopoly on being the worst, and America later picked up their bad habits."

"I've heard of things the Americans did. When ye consider most of them were English, it's not surprising. During the Civil War, Americans would take advantage of the Famine, and bring them over on ships with no real food and have Army recruiters there promising a loaf of Bread if anyone signed up." Ronan says wrinkling his nose,"Irish have a bad rep for fighting, we only like ta fight when it is good for blowing off a bit of steam. Rather than bottling it all up."

Theo tilts his head first one way and then the other. "That's not a terrible point," he notes, of the Americans having been British. A shake of his head at the mention of how the Famine was used. "That doesn't surprise me." Though when Ronan mentions Irish having a bad reputation for fighting… Theo snerks a little, but covers his mouth. "I'm sorry — I shouldn't laugh, but that reminded me of something I saw on one of those clip shows where comedians watch clips of things and make comments. It was a fight in… I believe a fast food restaurant in Ireland. One of the comedians made a comment that included a… I don't know if you'd consider it racist or not, but it was a 'stereotypical' Irish melody that included the words 'drunkety punchety'."

"Did ye ever see the youtube channel where they have Irish try various things from other countries? It's bloody hilarious. Especially when they try and say polish words and what not. Oh and then there was the time they had them trying poitin. By the way, that is the foulest form of alcohol ever. It's brewed from potatoes." Ronan says shivering to punctuate that. "The stuff smells like paint thinner and I've seen vodka drinkers choke on the stuff."

"No, I haven't seen that," Theo notes. He listens to the explanation, and snickers. But the mention of poitin, and what it's made from, gets a wrinkle of his nose. Though he does nod. "I thought that's what vodka was made from, yes." He's not a drinker at all, so he doesn't know much about it.

"I believe it is the same thing but who knows. I only know poitin since it's Irish." Ronan says laughing a bit,"It's said that you don't want to eve let poitin touch your lips or it will burn them right on off."

Again, Theo wrinkles his nose in disgust. "No thank you very much. I'd like to keep my lips attached. I have lots more things I'd like to do with them before I give them up." He gives a mischievous look.

"Oh I'm sure there are things ye would be likin' to do with those lips of yours." Ronan says playfully back at Theo,"Most of the drinkers I've known have avoided the poitin. All the burn and none of the flavor of other alcohols. Me… I'll avoid both. I don't even want ta think what would happen to those around me if I lost control." Below freezing is not friendly to most people's body parts.

Theo snickers at the playful statement. "I'm still young yet~," he all but sing-songs. But he also remembers Ronan's abilities, and the mention of losing control. "I think that's true for most of us here at the school. I'm not even sure what my spiders would do if I were to end up in an altered state of awareness such as that. Would I even be able to make them show up? Would they start possessing people? Feeding on others' auras again like they used to?"

It isn't often that Rain is this late for breakfast, but today she is, though she doesn't seem flustered by it…but with her it is hard to tell. She doesn't wear her emotions on her sleeve like others. Plate in one hand, steaming mug in the other she wanders into the breakfast nook glancing around its perimeter, he's not Fiona…and he is definitly not Fiona…hopefully her friend was taken off bed rest. Something to check.

"Who knows, but if I lose control, we know that the temperature will be colder. Since I don't like heat, it'll be only natural to reduce it." Ronan says shrugging a bit,"But yes, Ashton could kill himself and probably others if he lost control." He says simply. It's the reality of the situation. It isn't that he's not upset by the idea, so much as worrying does no one any good. When Rain enters, she gets a proper,"Dia dhuit" And a light inclination of his head, his empty oatmeal bowl sitting in front of him.

Theo looks up as Rain walks into the breakfast nook. He smiles, and offers, "Good morning." Ronan's words get a frown, but he doesn't refute them. He doesn't know well enough what could happen. But they do at least share one idea — that there's not much use in worrying. "Well, we'll just have to do our best, won't we?" he suggests.

The topic of conversation has Rain's eyebrows going up "You think losing control and killing people is mutually exclusive to people with powers?" she didn't have to hear the whole conversation to get the gist of the comments that she did hear "Anyone can lose control and have that happen." sadly it happens frequently "Why such a morbid topic in the morning?" not that she is all rainbows and unicorns "And morning."

On the other hand, Whitley is hardly punctual and almost always turns up in breakfast late, if at all. Today, it isn't that bad, though his fluffy locks look especially disheveled. Holding a plate of pancakes, he is trying to tame those white locks with the other hand. It's partially successful, though bedhead looks good on him. "Morning, people."

"No they're not. We were discussing getting drunk actually. That led to the idea of me losing control. But it's hardly the weirdest conversation that's been had at this table." Ronan says shrugging a little bit. Whitley's given a greeting as well before he settles back a bit,"I think it's good ta be aware of how bad things can get so you don't take control for granted." He says absently,"Me friend Ashton is an example. He loses control and he loses a lot." He's seen that struggle first hand and it wasn't pretty.

"What?" Theo blinks at Rain. "Oh no, not at all. I know a normal person can be just as dangerous. With abilities like ours though… it tends to make it easier to cause a lot of damage if it happens, that's all." Whitley's appearance gets a smile, and Theo waves in his direction. "Good morning," he greets. Ronan explains how they got to the current conversation topic, and Theo nods. "Ashton seems very frightened of losing himself," he adds. "I don't know his situation, but it seems particularly dire."

"And getting drunk is something you do often than?" Rain asks dubiously, more in Theo's case than in Ronan's. She is a bit worldly and knows liquor laws are different across the pond, a bit more liberal than here in the states. "Knowing your limits is always a good thing." she nods in agreement as the summarizes it in simplier terms "He's a mage of some sort, he should be worried. The only thing easy about magic is loosing control of it." the arrival of Whitley has her looking toward him when he greets everyone "Give it up Whitley," there is a pointed look to his hair "it's a lost cause."

"Lots of people lose control of their powers. It's pretty common here, especially. It's a weakness, but like any weakness, it can be beaten with training," Whitley sits down. He ruffles his hair once, grinning ruefully at Rain. "Yeah, I keep forgetting to gel it up. That seems to be the only time it doesn't look like an absolute mess."

"Nil ea." Ronan says shaking his head a bit at Rain. "Yes. I'm not entirely sure how his magic works but I've seen him on the verge when Besa healed him and it wasn't good." He says laughing softly,"Back home, I ne'er drank to the point of bein' drunk." He says shaking his head a bit,"Pretty sure if I had me ma would have made sure it was the most miserable experience in me entire blood life."

Theo frowns a bit at Rain's words. "I feel like 'so what you're saying is' should be before that, Rain. No," he answers. "We weren't talking about us getting drunk. But about getting drunk in general. As for Rain's words of Whitley's hair? "I think it looks good that way." Whitley's words of losing control of powers, gets a nod. "I'm sure; we have a lot of people with those sorts of abilities in one place." Ronan's words of Ashton's condition when he needed to be healed is disconcerting. But the incident's passed, and there's nothing he can do about it now. But he snickers a bit at Ronan's words of what his mother would do if he got drunk. "That makes two of us, good sir," he notes.

"No it looks like an absolute mess then too." Rain tells Whitley, her opinion of course. "I heard that the healing of Ashton went a little sideways." she wasn't happy to hear it either…someone almost got skewered with a fork. "Same. We are occasionally allowed wine on special occassions but if we drink more than one glass…" her expression says enough. "That was not what I meant to imply Theo." she tells him in not quite an apology. she continues to stand for a few more moments before finally deciding to sit down or else she won't get the chance to eat before class time.

"Thanks, Theo," Whitley gives a lopsided grin. He shakes his head at Rain. "You're just jealous." He's got no clue who Ashton is, so there's no comment about that or the healing. Must be a new student. "I don't think my dad would've ever cared if I got absolutely shitfaced as long as it wasn't during training or anything. I've seen what it's done to other people, though, soooo…" Shrug.

"It cannot be that bad." Ronan says in his Irish brogue to Whitley,"Well, getting drunk in public is a bit of a thing for my family." He points out with a bit of a slough of his shoulders,"Aye, Besa ended up with a bit of trouble after. I'm not sure what happened but Ashton seemed better and has looked loads better since. He was suffering something fierce before the healing. So it was good but it was a glimpse, I'd soon not see him repeat." He says about Ashton's healing.

Theo smirks a little at Rain. "Contrary to popular belief, not every student is looking for a way to break rules purely for the sake of breaking rules." He's teasing, though; the tone's enough to tell that. And he gives a mischievous smile to Whitley at the thanks. "Some people don't have to do much to their hair to keep it looking good." Ronan's account of what happened to Ashton gets a frown that's at least half thoughtful. Remembering what Koga said about Ashton's abilities… it doesn't surprise him. But does Ashton even know? Damn. ('I should have asked him about it last night, instead of frittering away the time on trifling things…') His thoughts might not be audible, but the displeased frown is visible.

"Maybe, but not of you Whitley…or your hair." hmmm what is Rain jealous of then? "What did Ashton do that he needed healing for anyway?" she asks, she has been curious since she found out but didn't want to bother either Besa and Ashton for the answer. There is a puzzled look given to Theo "Did I say anything about anyone being a troublemaker?" she isn't equating getting drunk with causing trouble, since you can have one without the other.

"Hmph," Whitley just pouts at Rain before looking away. "Besa's hair is pretty much perfect 24/7. He used to talk about shaving it all, but I don't think he'd ever go through with it." He tilts his head at Rain. "Well, if he needed healing, it probably wasn't something he did…more like what somebody did to him." Unless he cuts himself like Besa which could definitely be the case.

"Not sure ta be honest." Ronan says shrugging a bit,"Somethin' ta do with his magic more than likely since he has ta cut himself in order to make it work.." He says shrugging slightly,"In order for Ashton to perform magic, he must cut himself and shed blood and keep it bleeding as he keeps the spell active." He says frowning a bit about that. He remembered that from Valentine's Day. "Maybe Louk will be able to help him a bit better than Besa, since it doesn't involve blood letting…"

Theo looks at Rain flatly. It sounds like prodding for verbal sparring. So he just shakes his head. "Never mind." He's not the type to verbally spar just for the hell of it, so he just drops it. Instead he nods to Ronan's explanation, adding, "Ashton does use his own blood for his magic, yes. He might have tried to do something and used 'too much juice', so to speak." The mention of Loukanos gets a nod. "Hopefully," he replies. "Though if I'm in the area and something happens, I can try to assist."

"Other versions of him did, I think Besa would shave it under the right circumstances." Rain has no idea what those circumstances would be…probably something priest related though. She eats a bit of the food on her plate, listening to possible reason for the healing. She starts to say something but then just shakes her head and settles on something else "Sounds reasonable."

"Seriously? Is blood, like, the only fuel for magic?" Blood and runes, apparently. Whitley grimaces a little. He has had not-so-positive experiences with Besa's brand of healing. "I think anything - or anyone - that stops Besa from cutting himself is a good idea." He pokes at his pancakes. For a moment, it looks like blood talk may have ruined his appetite…but his growing body is hungry and he eats.

"I'm sure there are other things that fuel magic. Louk doesn't have to shed his blood to do things." Ronan points out trying to be helpful,"I don't think I'd enjoy Besa's healing." Everyone's described it as warm. That alone makes it EVIL. "I think Besa does like his hair as it is though. So it would have to be a good reason. Personally I just let my hair do what it will and not worry about it." Which is why his hair looks like stylized chaos.

Theo stays quiet for the time being, listening to the conversation going on around him. He really has nothing to add, but the information might prove useful at some point. Knowledge is power, after all.

"Blood magic is just one kind, blood isn't need for all magic. My mother certainly doesn't use bloof to fuel hers." Rain looks over at Whitley, if she were to have a nemesis the Ares boy would probably be it, but she doesn't have the time or energy for that kind of full time relationship. "I don't agree with you on much Whitley, but Besa not cutting himself, for any reason…I couldn't agree more." progress! As for hair "I'll buy the person who can convince Sky to cut his hair dinner everyday for a week at any place they want." she holds up a pinky "I'll even pinky swear to it."

"I think I might hate magic," Whitley shakes his head. The bloody kind is especially frustrating. "Huh. Last time I checked, Schuyler's hair wasn't that long at all." Last time he checked was a while ago, though, back when the old school existed and they were roommates. "I'll get him to. If he refuses, I'll cut it in his sleep. Either way, you're taking me out to dinner." He hooks his pinky around Rain's. Is he just messing with her? Probably.

"I think that if you cut his hair, you've failed on your end of things." Ronan points out to Whitley,"I hate when magic hurts my friends but I hate me friends getting hurt. Whether it's by their own hand or others." He says absently, although there's a tiny about of temperature drop around him. "Why do ye want yer brother ta cut his hair and how much needs ta be cut?" He asks curiously. Because there are so many things that could be done.

The teen girl wrinkles her nose at Whitley "The sacrifices I make…" Rain doesn't pull away or try to recant despite the Ares taking her up on it. There is a glance to Ronan and then a bit of a shrug "What I don't know…" she will know of course, Sky would tell her, but she can pretend not to know, right. "Because he looks like a Beatle reject." her brother's hair is almost long enough to braid, certainly long enough for the ponytail he puts it in. And Rain does have a thing about appearances, hers and her brothers', both of them.

Opting to eat what little bit of breakfast he grabbed, being an apple and a little bit of honey in a cup, out of the dining hall, Ashton pauses when he sees that he wasn't the only one with the same idea. He offers a bit of a nod, "Private party? Or would you mind if I take one of the chairs?" He has his tattered messenger bag slung over his shoulder.

Whitley grins and gives the pinky a hearty shake. Contentedly, he returns to his deliciously syrup-drenched pancakes. Chew chew chew. "Hey Theo," He glances at the blonde, who's been super quiet recently! "Where's Kleptolegs and the rest of your spider scions?" He hasn't seen them.

For a moment Rain seems get that the lights are on but not ones home expression, then she is sighing and getting up "Speaking of…" she collects her plate and gets to her feet "I'll see you all in class." she is then heading out to deal with something or other.

"Have a seat mo chara." Ronan says looking at Ashton. Yes they were talking about him, but he's not so gauche as to reference it. "I don't see a problem with a Beatle reject. Only problem would be he's British." He says laughing softly. "How are you today?" He asks looking towards Ashton.

Theo looks up as Ashton arrives, and smiles. "Good morning," he greets. "No, as far as I know there's no private party going on." He chuckles at Whitley's comment. "I'm keeping Happy in my pocket. The rest I haven't… summoned, I suppose." Rain suddenly zones for a moment, and then makes to leave. Theo nods. "Take care," he offers. Ronan's words of being British gets a smirk. "I really don't want to say that most typical Americans wouldn't really know the difference except for the accents." Yes, he's teasing. "Mind you, I do."

Ashton reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small knife that snaps open with a flick of his wrist. He smiles to Ronan, as he sits down. He shrugs, "Morning, I'll grant you… I still not sure about the good part yet. So how is everyone this morning?" He looks to the one at the gathering that he has yet to meet, "Hi. I'm Ashton." Having just walked in on the conversation, "What about the Beetles?"

"Yeah, I should probably make another attempt at fixing this mess before classes," Whitley gestures to the white locks atop his head. "Gotta at least try to look presentable. I'll see you guys later. Nice to meet you, Ashton. I've heard some pretty awful things," He grins playfully at the approaching boy as he stands and leaves. Snapping his fingers like he forgot something, he turns back and calls out, "Whitley King, by the way!"

"Not bad. Oatmeal tastes strange here in the Unite States." Ronan says matter of factly,"It's different." He says shrugging a bit about the whole thing,"Rain was saying that her brother Schulyer looks like he belongs to them. I don't know about that personally. Also I guess would depend on the era of Beetles. Usually it's the mop top British Invasion, but she might me the later hippier Beetles."

Theo chuckles. "Well, it is a morning," he agrees. "Let's try to make it good, hm?" Though he blinks at the knife. "Why do you have that out?" he asks. He knows why Ashton has it, just he doesn't know why he's got it out now. Whitley seems to be leaving, too, so Theo waves. "Have a good day," he offers, with a smile. And he nods to Ronan's explanation. "She's offering free dinner to whoever can convince him to cut it, and I believe Whitley has taken up the task," he adds.

"Nice to meet you, Whitley." Ashton responds. Theo gets a couple confused blinks, then chuckles, as he holds up the apple, then slices off a piece of apple, "They do have other uses than that, Theo." He dips the slice in the honey, before popping it into his mouth. "Well, it is his hair. Shouldn't he have the say on when it's time to get a haircut or not?"

"A pleasure to meet you Whitley King." Ronan says smiling weakly before looking at Ashton,"Oh the point is to convince him to cut it. Not actually do it. Just doing it shows a complete lack of skill." Ronan would probably suck at it,"And clearly… ye've never had a sister." He says laughing a bit,"I'll let ye borrow mine for a bit and see how many choices ye have afterwards." Well he's only partially joking.

Theo seems relieved that the knife is for the apple. But he doesn't comment on that. Instead he comments on the hair. "I think so," he agrees. "That's why I didn't offer to try my hand at it. Hair length isn't really incredibly important, not enough that someone should try to get him to change his." Ronan's mention of letting Ashton borrow his sister gets a look. "I think your mother would have something to say about that. Besides, aren't you supposed to introduce them first? Make a big production out of it?" He's teasing now.

Ashton chuckles, "You know, Ronan, there are times, listening to you.. it makes me almost glad that I didn't have siblings. But I think you're still lucky for having them." He nods to Theo, "Better than be yourself than someone else… " He says that, but then he realizes that he probably needs to learn to practice that himself. Well, at least he does here, if not back at home.

"I think ye have the wrong foreigner for him. I think he prefers a different sort. A boy that's a bit of a godling." Ronan says playfully,"Besides, just me sister. Not like I'm trying to marry the two off. I wouldn't do that ta him." He pauses for a moment,"Don't get me wrong. I love me brothers and sister. If anyone messed with them they'd learn how bad an idea it is but they can drive ye crazy pretty easy." He points out casually. "But they're people who ye can fight with and still love. It's complicated."

Theo nods to Ashton's words of being oneself. "That's why I usually find a way to try to wear these," he notes, pointing out the silver pins on either side of the lapels of his vest. One is a heart, bisected by a lightning-bolt shaped groove, to indicate a broken heart. The other is a fanged skull with an open mouth. "It's a minor thing, a very small thing. But it's 'me'." Theo chuckles at Ronan's indications of Ashton's feelings for a 'godling'. "So I've heard," he notes, with a wink. He doesn't say how, though. And a smirk. "I hear that from siblings a lot, actually. On all counts."

Ashton can't help but to blush slightly. "Yeah, well." He smiles over at Theo, "They may seem like little things, but if it is important to you, then it's anything but. At least you really know who you are. I'm not really sure that I do. I know what I can do, but I don't know who I really I am, other than my grandparents' only grandchild and heir. That's really about it." He grins over at Ronan, "Oh I know.. I still think you're lucky though, no matter how much of a pest she can be."

"Bah and balderdash." Ronan says wrinkling his nose,"Ye ain't those things. Those are just what you are ta others. Ye need ta think of WHO you are." He says shrugging a bit,"I'm me. Ain't no one else that can be me. I'm not my powers or the fact I am the ultimate klutz." He says grinning a bit,"And ye do look cute with Louk." He says teasingly,"Well yer welcome to come visit and spend time with them. Ye'll probably want ta run and hide from the noise level."

Theo nods, but then Ronan's words come, sort of dismissing them. "First world problems," he says. "They're important to me, even if they're just little trinkets. I have serious doubts that they're even actual silver." A pause. "When I say they're 'me', I mean they're sort of a trademark. Besides, if one wants to go all the way back… are any of us, 'us'? Not really. Then what makes us, 'us'? That's up to 'us'." And then he's quite happy to move to the subject of Ashton and Loukanos. "I haven't really seen the two of you together, so all I can say is that both of you are cute." He chuckles.

Ashton looks at the two of you, "Wow… you two are awfully phisophical for so early in the morning. " He cuts another slice of apple, dipping it in the honey. "So we are who we are, except when we aren't. But we're just teenagers so I don't suppose we are suppose to actually know who we are yet. " He looks dubious a bit, "With Louk is the only way I look cute." he says dismissingly. He tries to change the subject, "So, did you get any sleep last night, Theo?"

"Oh you're cute as well without but cutest with. Ye two fit together nicely." Ronan says winking back at Ashton,"Oh if ye saw them together they're just about the cutest couple I've ever seen. Ashton goes all blushy." He says teasingly. "Sorta like ye did when Happy was on me knee." He says aiming the teasing towards Theo now. He cannot help it. There's just something about Theo and Ashton that he has to tease them at least a little.

Theo smirks at the mention of being philosophical. "It's only because I had no real argument to refute what he said," he admits. "I'm not a pair of pot-metal pins. I'm a person. The pins are how I express myself. I would hate to lose them, though." But he laughs at Ashton's words of not being cute. "There I beg to differ, good sir," he replies good-naturedly. The question gets a nod. "I did, finally. Not too long after I went to bed." And yes, Theo suddenly looks sheepish when Ronan mentions that time. Though he doesn't quite blush. "As I said, he has not learned not to blurt out things that are best left unsaid."

Oh, it doesn't take a lot to get Ashton to blush. Ronan mentions it and instant blush. He looks at Theo, "I think you may need glasses then…" But as Ronan turns the teasing to Theo, he grins enjoying the screws being turned on someone other than himself. "You know, not long ater you went to bed, could have been a half hour ago… "

"Oh and nothing ventured nothing gained." Ronan says cheerfully as he looks from Theo to Ashton,"Ashton, don't argue with an Irish man. You're bloody cute. So's Theo." He says merrily as he laces his fingers behind his head,"Do ye both get me? Good. Now, moving on. Having trouble sleeping then?" He asks looking from one to the other. Both must have been to have been up late at night.

Theo grins as he sees Ashton blushing. Though he does little to make it worse — there's a line. The slow burn sort of blush can be maintained for hours, but if Ashton gets upset at being teased too much, he'll leave. Though at the mention of the time after he went to bed, Theo notes, "I didn't time it. It wasn't too long after we were finished talking, though." Ronan's words of arguing with him gets a chuckle. "Irish tend to be stubborn," he adds. At being called cute, Theo smiles brightly, raises his hands to his face, and pushes on his own cheeks. "Puni-puni~," he sing-songs. The question of trouble sleeping gets a shake of his head. "Not really. I had something on my mind, that's all. Nothing particularly important, mind you."

Ashton looks at Ronan, "I won't argue with you, as long as you agree with me.. bloody, only part time… so you're half right." He nods to Theo, "Fair enough." He looks at Ronan, "Just had stuff on my mind… " He chuckles as he pretty much says the same thing as Theo. The dark haired boy reaches into into his bag and pulls out a Monster energy drink and a bottle of pills. He drops two into his hand, before tossing it back and chasing it with the drink.

"I shan't agree that you're only cute some of the time. Ye get bloodied but yer always cute." Ronan says smirking a bit and looking from one to the other,"If it were nothing important then ye wouldn't mind sharing what it twas." He says playfully as he looks at the monster and pills that Ashton pulled out,"That's a lot of caffeine there… Not enough sleep or tryin' ta avoid it?" He asks with a bit of concern in his voice.

Theo chuckles when he and Ashton basically say exactly the same thing. "Great minds, yes?" he teases. Though he blinks a little at the pill bottle, even if he doesn't comment. Probably a prescription. Now, Ronan's asking what was on his mind, and Theo… well, congratulations Ronan — you successfully got Theo to blush! "Ah, it's… not something I'd want to talk about. Unimportant yes, but… rather silly." Though he'll be quiet when Ronan asks Ashton that question.

Ashton looks at the Monster, then over at Ronan. "Yes." It's his only response to the question. He grins over at Theo, "Man, we're really screwed, huh?" He drops the bottle of pills, and yes, prescription by the looks of it. He finishes off the last of the apple, before wiping the blade down with an alchohol swab. After all, can't just use it on anything without cleaning it thoroughly.

"If ye be needing to talk to someone, I'll always lend ye an ear." Ronan says, although to which of them it is open to debate as he doesn't look to either. The blush from Theo doesn't go unnoticed. And there was much rejoicing that it finally worked. He made the other teen blush finally. "So how are things going with Louk?" He asks changing away from the topic of the Monster and the pills, and not touching the topic of the knife for now.

Theo snerks at the repeated statement from the previous night. "Yes. And not the fun way, either," he replies, echoing the same words he'd said in response to it then. More seriously then, Theo looks to Ronan. "Thank you. I appreciate that. Though this isn't something I really can ask for advice about besides the old…" Air quotes! "'Listen to your heart' bit." He quiets then, wanting to hear how it's going with Ashton and Loukanos too.

Ashton starts humming a song. He bites his lower lip. "I guess pretty good. I mean.. definitely good." He frowns slightly, "I.. well, I just keep waiting for him to decide that he's made a mistake." He shrugs slightly as he sips on the energy drink. The strange thing is that the longer he sits there, the less energetic he looks.

Theo gives a smile. "Then you enjoy the time you have," he suggests. "If it happens, it will happen, whether you spent the time worrying or enjoying your time with him."

Ashton watches the two boys as his lips linger on the edge of the can. "You're right, Theo." He shrugs slightly. "I guess I need to take my own advice and not over think things." He shakes his head, "So, today is Friday… is anything fun happening tonight? I'm guessing by last weekend, there isn't like a party going on or something… you know what they say about all work and no play…"

"Not that I'm aware," Theo replies. "I've not seen any real parties unless they were student-organized. Even a school for supers doesn't seem to realize that students need fun as well as learning. Burnout is not just someone blowing smoke." Though then he winks at Ashton, and suggests, "You could go on a date with Loukanos."

Ashton smirks, "Or for some.. it's more of burn down than burn out… " He pauses, adding a grin, "But considering that is what got me here, maybe I shouldn't joke too loudly about burning anything down… But there were extenuating circumstances that time." He nods, "We could… but I have a feeling that he's probably going to be busy trying to figure out how to help Besa, which is actually way more important than my boredom."

Theo winces. "I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention to bring up bad memories," he apologizes. "I mean more that… children DO need breaks. Not just summer break. But year after years after year of the same thing, day in and day out, is not good for anyone. Particularly not a developing mind." A tilt of his head. "Why not see if you can help too?" he inquires.

Ashton shakes his head, "Not so much bad memories… I got in a fight with one of the school bullies.. he punched me.. I hit the floor and the next thing I knew the library was on fire. The principal kindly asked my Grandfather to find me another school, and he bought the principal off to kindly never mention the incident again. Next thing I know, I'm being dumped off here." He nods, "Oh, I know.. not to mention the fact that if you keep teenagers under lock and key, then sooner or later, it's in our nature to let ourselves out of our cages." He grins, but then fades as he nods. "I have offered… But I don't think Louk is too keen on me helping out.. He's afraid I'll do something stupid and get myself hurt… or that I'll hurt someone else."

Theo listens quietly to Ashton's story of how he came to be here. "I'm sorry that happened to you," he says quietly. "But I hope you can at least find some peace here." The mention of Loukanos, though, gets a frown. "Have you talked to him about it?" he inquires. "Maybe there's still something you can do." Pause. Suddenly a thought occurs to him. "Say… you need blood for your spells, right…?"

Ashton shrugs slightly, "It is what it is. I mean if it didn't happen, then I wouldn't have met any of you. I wouldn't have had my first kiss, my first boyfriend, friends. So I guess it worked out for the best. " He frowns slightly, "Haven't really had a chance, after he told me that he didn't know what he would do if anything ever happened to me." He cocks his head, "Sometimes… It all depends on what the spell is.. and how powerful it is.. Generally the more powerful, the bigger the sacrifice has to be. Why?"

Theo nods. "That's true," he replies, to Ashton's note of things having worked out. "And I'm certainly glad I met you." He smiles. "Hopefully things will keep working out for the better." The answer to the question gets a thoughtful nod. "Does it have to be yours? Some of the students here… they're connected to powerful entities, or are powerful entities themselves. Might their blood be a more powerful reagent, do you think?"

Ashton grins, "Yeah… glad I met you too." He goes to continue but then the question of the blood's source comes up. There is something in his expression that isn't pretty. He swallows, turning slightly green around the gills. "Technically no.. it doesn't… some of the spells in Grandfather's grimoire actually call specifically for someone else's… but those aren't really nice spells.. " He cocks his head, "Generally when the spell forms in my head.. my blood is the better option.. "

"That might be a way to keep from worrying Loukanos too much," Theo offers. "If you need blood, allow him to volunteer his instead. Perhaps then he will not worry quite so much." Theo is, of course, not privy to the real cause of Loukanos's worry. He didn't see the incident.

Ashton furrows his brow, "I'm not sure how okay I would be having to hurt him, or anyone for that matter, and I am certainly not okay killing animals either." He says that rather emphatically. The incident… which incident is Theo pondering.

Theo nods. "I can understand that," he replies. "But think about this — he wouldn't want you to be hurt either. So if you work together on that, then you each won't be hurt as much as you would without the other's help."

Ashton ponders, "Maybe… I'd need to experiment with combining catalysts. I haven't tried doing that before… That and I'm not really sure that what he has counts as blood… it's more like divine ichor… I think that is how Homer described it in the Iliad." He then cocks his head, "And I guess it depends on whether or not it is a matter fuel or sacrifice… someone that heals nearly instantly, is it as much of a sacrifice as one who bleeds and doesn't heal? But yeah, I can at least think about that.. and mention it.. but something he said the other morning leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth for even thinking about asking… he said something about people seeking his blood before."

Theo nods. "It's… a tricky situation you're in," he admits. "But mitigating the singular cost might be doable. For instance… must the sacrifice be of blood? Or just 'pain'? Or, might it be even more nebulous, like 'energy'? The more nebulous it is, the more you might be able to play with the rules before they break." As for seeking Loukanos's blood? "Likely for a selfish purpose. In this case, he would be giving it to help you. I don't know if he would mind. It could be something to discuss with him later."

Ashton nods. For those who have gotten to know him, which Theo is definitely one of the few, the look in his Ashton's eyes shows that he is working nonstop. "Yeah, I'll give it some thought, and I'll talk to him about it."

Theo smiles. "I wish you well with it," he replies. That's better than 'good luck', which indicates that only if he's lucky will he find the solution. No, that's not what Theo's saying. He's genuinely wishing Ashton well with his efforts to find a way.

Ashton nods, "Using his essence to help me would require him to be there with me when I perform the ritual. If that is the case, then he can just heal me.. That way, I am the only one getting hurt, which I prefer, and he can fix me, which should make him happy to.. well less upset."

Theo nods quickly. "Precisely," he agrees. "It could benefit you both. You would have greater ability to do what you do, and he would have greater ability to assist."

Finishing off the last sip of the Monster, Ashton nods. "Yeah, but that is _if_ he is with me and not having to be of better use elsewhere… " He shrugs, "But when it comes down to it, I haven't died from blood loss yet. Normally the wounds seal shut fairly quickly… I haven't had to have stiches yet." He grins, "Which considering the number of times that I have completely wiped out on a skateboard, I have been extraordinarily lucky on that front… I haven't had a broken bone.. a couple of close calls.."

"Nor have I, but I'm generally not a fan of taking chances," Theo replies, with a bit of a smirk. "Though I have my moments." A paus. "Well, if you do need to be stitched up, and he's not there, come and find me," Theo offers. "I discovered that my spiders can sew wounds together."

Ashton chuckles, "That is a difference between you and me then… I constantly take chances… If you know the outcome all the time, then you're never surprised… and yeah some surprises aren't always good, but sometimes, they are, and well worth it. " He looks at his watch, "Huh.. well, shit. Did you know we just blew past half of our first class?"

Theo blinks at this, and looks at his phone. "Sh…imatta." Yeah, he does that. He winces as he puts his phone away. "Come on. We'd better get to what we can. We'll probably get in some trouble, but… better half the class than none of the class at all, yes?" He stands as he speaks.

Ashton sighs and stands up as well. "Yeah, well, let's go face the firing squad." He grins, "I guess we probably shouldn't just blow off the rest of it, huh?" He shakes his head, "That's the thing that sucks about a boarding school.. you just can't get one of the servants to call the school to say that you are too sick to come in and then go blow off the day at the skate park…"

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