(2018-02-22) What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?
What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted?
Summary: Besa's tired of running. Grayson steals an apple, but seems to agree. Some talk about fighting back segues nicely into affairs of the heart. Also Theo is there.
Date: IC Date (2018-02-22)
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Great Hall/Dining Room Winbarry Estate
Thu Feb 22, 2018 — Thu Feb 22 22:57:23 2018

The round tables from the original school have been placed in the dining room, the familiar chairs surround them. A few tall hutches line the far wall, and hold the necessary plates, glasses and flatware necessary for meals. On the sidewall a credenza is set and holds various packaged snacks for between meals, there is also a wooden bowl with apples, oranges and other such fruits. The oak paneled walls and wood floor has been polished to a shine so the room looks quite pleasing. A large flat screen TV hangs on the other wall and is usually set to some music station, though the remote is handy should someone want to change the channel.

Exits: [K] Kitchen [O] Entry Way

Besa's been busy today. Practice, meditation, classes, detention. Busy Busy. But now that that is over then teen is wandering back towards the kitchen for a snack. Maybe his appetite is coming back? He looks tired, his tee shirt the purple one Rain got him for Christmas. it has a Unicorn on it and the words, 'The Magic is in me' on it. He's looking over the snacks left out on the table, gravitation towards the fruit bowls this evening.

Looks like Besa isn't the only one with that idea! Theo's coming in from the entryway — though it'll be Happylegs that shows up first, on the ceiling as usual. Theo offers a smile and a wave in Besa's direction. "Hello there," he greets as he heads over to the table as well. He does notice the tired look. But he doesn't comment, because he doesn't want to draw attention to it. Maybe he can manage to lift his spirits a bit, even!

Besa rubs his chest through his purple tee,studying the fruit bowl, but looks up as Theo enters. Not upset with the other teen anymore, he nods softly. He's too tired to stay upset at anyone anymore. "Hello Theodore." A quick glance to see where the spiders are, but then he's reaching for an apple.

Theo smiles as Besa greets him. He doesn't seem to be avoiding him anymore, there's that. But then, yeah, he does look pretty tired. "Long day?" Theo inquires. He'll make for any chips or crunchy, bready things that are left. Unless they're hard biscuits!

Grayson makes his way into the dining hall. He's barefoot, in a pair of school sweats and a wifebeater. "Hey," he says dryly as he walks over to the fruit bowl. He nabs the green apple that's in there. "Mine," he calls.

Besa stops as Grayson steals the apple he was reaching for. The ancient teen pauses, like he's counting to himself before taking the red apple that was in the same bowl. "It has been a long lifetime." While shining the apple on his shirt, he rubs his eyes gently. "I will be glad for the weekend." it's so close.
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Theo looks up as Grayson enters. "Hello there," he greets, with a smile. He frowns a bit at the apple-steal. But he doesn't comment. He's noticed Grayson seems to really like green apples. Also the part of that, er, 'conversation' between him and Oliver indicated he likes apples too. Though he winces a bit as Besa seems a particular kind of 'not happy' that sometimes results in fights. And then a sigh when nothing happens. He replies, "I agree. Myself I'd like to go somewhere to enjoy the weather, before it goes back to being cold again."

Grayson glances at Besa, "What?" He shrugs, and then offers, "Big weekend plans, B?" He takes a giant, loud crunchy bite of that apple, chewing it loudly with his mouth open. With a glance at Theodore, he nods, "Hey," and then resumes his apple eating. Just kind of standing there with them now.

Besa's eyes narrow as well, "Yes. My plans are to not be murdered." Very big plans. He sighs taking a polite bite of his apple before looking at Theo. "I am going to train. I think the twins and Callisto are going to Thunder Bay. I believe it's an open invite, if you'd like to go.'

Theo seems oddly at peace with Grayson's presence, for whatever reason. Though Besa's answer draws a blink. And then a worried look. "Are they back?" he doesn't say who. Mind, he's not super well-versed in the situation to begin with, but he knows a little bit. He's also going to answer the mention of going to Thunder Bay. "I'm not absolutely sure Rain and Schuyler know me well enough to be letting me tag along on weekend trips."

Grayson swallows and makes a little ugh face. "Dude. You JUST died. Is it already time? I thought you got to wait a few years between sacrifices or some shit?" He shakes his head, "That sucks, B." He glances at Theodore, "Thunder Bay's a public space. If you don't want to go WITH them, find someone to go with you and just happen to run into them there." He shrugs, "Problem solved." And he takes another crunchy bite.

Besa unconsciously touches his stomach where he was stabbed, "Yes. They are back." He leans against the table, taking another bite before elaborating. "We believe that they are the ones that attacked me last year and took the piece of my heart." poor broken hearted Besa! Figurtivly and literally! Grayson is given a slightly confused face, "I defeated Alraxmargoth'ha . These are different priests. Thery are not looking to sacrifice me. They wish to murder me and take my heart. I do not think I would come back from that." It does indeed suck, even with Hell being taken out of the equation. He gives the smallest of shrugs to Theo, "It is a day trip." But he doesn't push it beyond that.

Theo tilts his head to Grayson's suggestion of going to Thunder Bay. "You have a point," he agrees. Though when Besa begins to explain, he quiets. A hand goes to his mouth to cover it in dismay when Besa mentions 'different' priests. "I'd say they were 'different'. No order I want to be a part of, thank you very much." He's teasing a little, trying to cheer Besa up, even if just a little. He smiles at the mention of it being a day trip. "I'll ask them, if I happen to run into them before they go," he promises.

Grayson sighs, looking with a bit of concern at Besa. "Do they know that you're the only one keeping Axel Mothra from eating our universe? Why would they want to stop you from doing that?" He sniffs, "Fuck it. Maybe we should go hunt THEM. Get them before they get us." He looks at Theo, "Arachnokid here would help. Prolly could get Tumor Boy to."

Besa tilts his head and tells Theo, "I appreciate that.' He'd rather their numbers not increase. A frown forms, "Alraxmargoth'ha is dead. I killed him." Does no one listen to him when he tells them things? "I am not needed for that, so they wish to use me for their own gain now." He studies Grayson for a long moment, "Before when I told you of being stabbed, you did not seem to wish to help." Back on the patio, when they ran into Grace and Constantine. But then he takes a deep breath, rubbing his chest like it hurts, "I am going to hunt them. I will not be prey again." He has no idea who he is talking about so he looks to Theo for an explanation.

Theo can't help but snicker a little at 'Axel Mothra'. Truth be told, he can't pronounce the actual name, either. So that works for one. He also nods in agreement with Grayson, on at least one point. "I'd do what I could. Though…" He looks between the two. "Besa's seen me in a crisis situation; I'm rather unmitigatedly bad at it. And I'm no match for a sword, unfortunately. My abilities are best suited for when I can think ahead of an opponent's arrival and leave 'presents'. But I will do what I can." And he nods once, firmly, at Besa's words of not being prey. "That's good to hear." Though he blinks at Grayson's mention of 'Tumor Boy'. He doesn't know either. Unless… "…Oliver?" Those scales, or whatever they are, could look like tumors if one was being incredibly uncharitable…

Grayson shakes his head at Theodore, "Ariel. Like, he's literally a tumor." He returns his gaze to Besa. "You had an army of other students last time. You don't seem to this time." He shrugs, "Besides, better they kill me than you. Saves me from figuring out what to do after graduation, right?" He smirks, and bites the apple again.

Besa frowns, perfect hair swaying softly, "It is the same situation, Grayson. I just know more information." But he sighs, rubbing an eye tiredly, "I will take any help i can get, as long as it does not endanger anyone." No crazy plans, please! He glances at Grayson, eyes narrowing again as he talks about Ariel. "Ariel is a good person." He snorts, although there's no amesment, "I will not be your get out of decisions card, Grayson. You do not get to die." There's two new scars on his left arm, one from last night.

"Oh," Theo replies, in confirmation. "I don't believe I've met him, actually." Of Ariel. As for not having an army? "Then we'll raise an army," Theo decides. "The faculty don't need to know about any of this — it has become apparent based on by knowledge of what's been perpetrated against Besa versus what's been done about it that Besa's long-term safety is not a priority for the faculty. And why should it be? He's just one student. I think they're of the opinion that the way this should be dealt with is that Besa should stay in his room like a good little knot-on-a-log and wait for… armageddon, I suppose." His tone is sharp and wry, the sort one has when trying to maintain composure. And there's a little flash of panic when Grayson talks about dying. Happylegs, on the ceiling, turns completely a lemon yellow for a moment, before the color passes. "Do Stop that," Theo intones, perhaps a little more sharply than he meant to, not noticing the spider's momentary color change. He pauses, takes a breath. "Besa's right — no dying," he replies, calmer now.

Grayson rolls his eyes, "We're all gonna die some die." He sniffs, examining his apple as he talks. "Well, lemme know what you need, B. It's your deal. You lead. I'll help, but I don't understand this stuff enough to take any kind of point." He sighs, then asks, "Hey, did you guys notice how salty the chili was at dinner? What was with that?" And back to Besa, "So, how goes hookin' up with Rain? You two official yet?"

Besa shifts against the table, eyes on the apple in his hand. He's not sure how he feels about raising an army. Good? People care, but bad, because they can get hurt over him. It's a weird sensation, to know people care that much. "Yes, everyone dies. But I am the only one with the possibility of coming back. i would rather not have any more deaths on my conscious." But he nods, "I will let you know, Grayson." The change of tops has him looking up confused, "Why are you insisting we are trying to date. She is my best friend, like my sister." Ut oh, Besa's freindzoned her! "She was feeding me sweets because i was sad." He considers throwing the apple at Grayson, but decides it will be just as effective as the cookie. Not effective at all.

"That's true," Theo replies, regarding death. "But that doesn't mean we should hurry it along. Besides, I'm sure there would be SOMEONE that would miss you, even if you can't think of anyone." But yes… he does nod at the mention of not being well-versed enough in what's going on. "Nor am I. It's probably best that I don't take point, however." He blinks at the mention of the chili. That was a bit random. "I put too much extra chili powder in it to notice." But he seems surprised, looking between Besa and Grayson at the mention of Besa and Rain 'being official'. He hadn't known Besa swung that way, honestly. Not with everything he'd been hearing regarding him and Whitley (which he of course doesn't mention here). Though he does think to tease Grayson a little, "Aww, poor thing… do you want somebody to feed you chocolates when you get sad?" Pause. Blink. Then he admits, "Actually, I don't know who wouldn't want someone to feed him or her chocolate when feeling sad, so… well, I can't tease you too much there."

Grayson laughs at Besa, "You friend zoned her? Ouch." He looks at Theodore, "Dude, no one would miss me. But whatever." He grins again, "Damn. I'd get fat from all the chocolate if I got it when I was sad." He returns to Besa, "Relax. Date whoever you want. I don't care." He tilts his head then at Theo. "You date whoever you want too." He explains to Besa then, "Mr. Cavatica here is figuring his preferences out."

Besa frowns, "No. She and I are family." Friend zoning would imply she wanted to date him! And she doesn't…..right? "Maybe you would be happier if you ate chocolate and were fat." He huh, "I am not dating anyone, but thank you for the permission." He glances to theo, to make sure Grayson isn't teasing him. "Not everyone just knows, Grayson. it took me a long time to know what I was feeling."

Theo frowns a bit at Grayson saying no one would miss him, but then he snickers a bit at the mention of getting fat eating chocolate when sad. "I can imagine," he notes quietly. The mention of dating gets a tilted head. "I think I can wait on that whole 'dating' thing, to be truthful," he notes. But no, there's no blushing or any look that he's being teased. In fact, Theo nods to that comment of him still figuring things out. "I'm still rather young for all that, I think." He also agrees with Besa, "For some it's a little more complicated. I haven't even had the 'birds and bees' talk. Not that I really needed it, mind you. I can read."

"When a man loves a woman, they do a special hug. Then a baby gets born." Grayson smirks, having explained those birds and bees thoroughly. To Besa, he shrugs, "I knew I was gay the first time I kissed a boy. It was like lightning. Boom. All doubt gone." He sniffs, and takes the last bite of the apple. "Anyway. You two have fun. I'mma go surf some porn." He winks at them, and tosses the apple core to Theo as he turns and heads for the door.

Besa's frown turns a little more sad. His voice is soft, "Dating is very complicated. I do not know if it is worth the heart pain it causes." Besa often wonders if his priests were right about that. He makes a confused face, "Birds and bees? What do they have to do with dating?" Is this some modern dating ritual? no wonder the environment is in so much trouble! His look gets even more baffled at Grayson's explanation. The apple at Theo gets under Besa's skin. He throws his own apple at the Ares, in defense of his Team mate. "Be nice, Grayson!" That's an order, darn it! A long beat and then he'll tell Theo, "And I have always just known I liked both boys and girls. It was just right, in my head and heart."

Theo smirks at Grayson's 'explanation'. "That does me little good," he points out. Grayson will know why, most likely. "Things are… a little clearer now." Pointed look at Grayson. Yes, that's his fault. He facepalms a bit at Grayson's reason for leaving. "Be careful, if you get caught—" Suddenly apple core! Fortunately Grayson didn't throw it to HIT him, but more so that Theo would catch it. He does, though quickly bumps it into a trash receptacle. "It's all right, Besa." Though he smirks. "I believe he thinks I'm his 'apple bitch'. He does that a lot." The mention of 'birds and bees' gets a chuckle. "No. That's merely what they call it when parents explain to their children how babies are made. Many parents tend to… shall we say, exaggerate, or grossly oversimplify the process." He sighs a bit at Besa's confidence. "I'm sure that I'm not the only one who has issues figuring things out. Perhaps I'm merely too young yet."

That apple knocks Grayson right in the back of the head. "Ow!" He looks back at Besa, scowling. Then he looks at the apple on the floor, and back to Besa. As he rubs his head, he just says, "I ain't pickin' that up…" And he heads off.

Besa doesn't get a lot of modern day stuff, but he knows that look when he sees one. Ugh. "That is a terrible way to explain sex. No wonder everyone is confused." he pointedly waits till Grayson has left before sighing and pushing off the table where he's leaning to get the apple. It was a good throw though, he's happy about that. "I did not mean to imply you should know. I nearly meant it is different for everyone."

Theo snickers at the apple whacking Grayson in the back of the head. He knew by the sound of the voice that it hadn't been enough to hurt Grayson. He'd have been worried if it had. Despite what had just happened, Theo offers to the departing Ares, "Take care!" Besa's words of that being a terrible explanation gets a nod. "It really is," he agrees. "Though mine never got around to that, so I had no biases going into this." He sighs, thinking about the statement of being different for everyone. "It seems so," he admits. It's hard to tell if he's sad about that, or just thoughtful.

Besa was just trying to make a point, not hurt Gray. The apple is throw into the waste basket, next to Theo. "I learned from the priests and watching the temple pets." He hears the tone and looks up at the taller boy, "Everyone is different. That is a good thing. You will find it when it is right. Pushing yourself into labels is just….stupid."

Theo nods. "People were a bit more… logical and practical then, from all accounts," he notes. As for the other thing? He crosses his arms, but it's not a defensive gesture or an angry gesture. It's a thoughtful one. On the ceiling Happylegs walks around in a slow circle. Theo looks up at the spider. "Yeah. About like that," he murmurs, losing that formality for just a moment. "I'm… not sure. But I might have already 'found it'. I just don't know if I have."

Besa's not going to point put his account. Instead, "Simple is always better." An eyebrow raises, sometimes talking with Theo is like talking to the twins. there's a whole other conversation going on that he's not part of. "Then kiss another boy." Yeah, he's not blind. "Or find a girl that will let you hold their hand and see if that is nice. Or if it is nice."

Theo nods. "It is. Would that things could always be simple." And then… is that a blush? It looks like it. A little, anyway. "Well… I don't know if I'm quite ready to go that far just yet. Besides, randomly finding people to kiss, boys or girls, would be a bit… what's the word? Silly? Creepy? Illegal?" There's a wry note as he says the last.

Besa's head tilts, "I…do not believe that is illegal." unless someone hasn't told him of a very important change in society. "If you are not ready, then do not fret over it. It will happen when it happens." He sighs tiredly, the half apple not having really filled him, but nothing sounds good. Oh stress, you are such an appetite killer. Thankfully he's not started to lose weight yet, Rian will force feed him if he does that again. "I think you are wise to not date." He a lot of times wishes he hadn't.

"Perhaps not illegal, but… rather creepy," Theo notes. "People generally don't like random violations of their personal space by random people." This gets a smirk. Though it falls then, as Besa says he's wise for not dating. He tilts his head. "Why do you say that?" he asks.

Besa can relate to that after the chocolate snafu with Taka. Not that it was bad, but….definitly a surprise. "I did not mean to ninja kiss someone." His lower lip is bitten as he suddenly wishes he'd not have said that. "I do not know that the good out weighs the heart pain. At least in my one experience." Which si still up in the air. Sorta. Ugh. Besa's so confused. "It complicates things. And I have much already to worry about."

Theo blinks. "Ninja kiss?" he echoes. And he goes a little red in the face again, remembering a thing that happened to him! "W-well. I'm sure whoever it was that you ninja kissed didn't mind it too terribly much," he assures him. "Unless whoever it was slapped you. Did you get slapped?" As for complications? That… gets a smirk. "There's a song that comes to mind — 'I love you a bushel and a peck / A bushel and a peck though you make my heart a wreck / Make my heart a wreck and you make my life a mess / Make my life a mess, yes a mess of happiness'." He doesn't sing it, no, merely recites the lyrics in their proper timing. "Anytime one deals with caring about someone — in any capacity, from friend to 'one true love', there's going to be some sort of mess. That, I have learned, is part of life."

Besa blinks, now he's blushing, "i did not ninja kiss anyone!" He was ninja kissed! Gah! At leafs Besa blushes nice, the dark skinned boy's coloring suites it well. "No, I have not been slapped." The ancient boy looks down at the new scars on his arm as the song is receited. He can agree with most of that. Although he doesn't feel a mess of happiness currently. "Life is more painful than I imagined then." To be fair, he only started really having friends in this lifetime. it's very confusing. He sighs, "I need to get some sleep. I hope you rest well." A small nod and he heads towards the door. Tired as he is, he doubts he'll get much sleep tonight.

Theo snickers quietly at Besa blushing. "That's quite cute, you know," he comments. There's no flirty tone there as he says it. Though the smile softens at the mention of life being painful. "Nothing worth having is easy to get. A bit of video game logic — if you encounter enemies, you know that you're going the right way. Though… I can say that all I want, it doesn't make things easier. But I will do what I can to help you. I don't know if I can help you much… but I will do everything I can. You need only ask. And don't worry about keeping me out of danger — I will make a concerted effort to remain out of danger, for my own sake." He chuckles, and as the other boy bids him goodnight, he nods. "You as well. Good night, Besa."

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