(2018-02-22) Breaking Rules
Breaking Rules
Summary: Even rule-abiding Oliver sees fit to do this, to help Fionnuala get well.
Date: 2018-02-22
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Back Patio, Winbarry Estates
Thur Feb 22nd, 2018

The large back patio has recently been rebricked, the earthy red showing little wear. There are a few chairs and benches here and there to sit and relax while watching the view across the large greensward of grass to the ocean. To the left of the patio is a large swimming pool that is empty of water and a large canvas tarp covering it.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Body: Success.
<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.

One would think, just after a traumatic event such as near-death, that any person who was aware of exactly what happened — and awake — would be in for a fitful sleep. Meaning, when Fee had been brought up to her room on the night of the 21st (that's a Weds~) that she would be in for a night of writhing! Sweats! Agony and nightmares..!

… not the case. Fionnuala slept. like. a. rock.

As those involved in aiding her had hoped, the dawning of Thursday is promising to be clear, sunny… perhaps with hints of that unseasonable warmth that has passed through and perhaps still does. It is roundabouts eleven in the morning on this particular Thursday and most students are either finishing up their classes leading into the lunch hour, or doing what has to be done if they have a spare of any sorts.

But Fionnuala sleeps, resting on her right side in bed, facing the sunny window that is fairly brimming with sunlight. Her wings are out but draped, lax, over the side of the bed. Sunbeams slant themselves across the black feathers, twinkling and glistening.. it's as if the sun is wishing the girl well. Though still a bit wan, she looks much better already.

<FS3> Oliver rolls Shapechanging: Great Success.

Oliver began fretting as soon as he heard what happened, but it wasn't until this time that he was able to get free to go find her. There is a quick shift to a female form right before Ollie skids into the Girls Hallway and she barely stops before knocking on the door to the room that Fee is sharing. "It's Ollie," is said from the other side, concern in her voice still. "Can I come in?"

The girl is drifting between awakeness and slumber, and that familiar (female version) voice can be heard off to the side somewhere. The long crescent of Fee's black lashes shiver once above her cheeks and her head moves, hair a black tangle. A deep breath as she gets her senses and in-turn appreciates that she can breathe. "It's open, Ollie," She calls out… or tries to. Her voice is still a bit too drawn for comfort but she doesn't sound upset. When the shapeshifter tries the door she will indeed note that it's unlocked, and she can easily go in. She is the only one here, what is assumedly a single roommate gone for classes or other teenage obligations for most of the morning and afternoon.

Fee lifts her head from the pillow and smiles weakly, though her eyes — thankfully — are a golden color, a sign of the sun doing it's job.

Ollie almost doesn't wait for a response before she tries the door and opens it. She then rushes in and over to Fee's bed, blue-green eyes looking over her before she crouches down at the side of the bed and reaches for the other girl's hands, "I'm sorry I couldn't come earlier. I just heard and they wouldn't let me out of class…are you ok? What happened? Can I get you anything?"

Poor Ollie.. what a thing to have to sit with for the morning. IT's perhaps a good thing her boyfriend hadn't been informed immediately (ie. that night) lest the poor thing really be given cause to fret. It wouldn't have been as easy, then, for Ollie to come see her. But now, it's just the two of them on a quiet, sunny morning and Fee looks fairly comfortable. Ollie is to her side in an instant, crouching to take up her hands and the girl smiles at the shapeshifter a tiny bit sadly. She hates to be a cause for worry. She looks ok, just a bit pale and tired. She's wearing a new nightgown, with intention to keep her afflicted leg free of constriction for the first day or so. Her hands are small and warm as one might expect.

"It's ok.. they didn't really get the word out til' this morning. I'm.. I'm okay now, Ollie." Fee rests her cheek into the pillow, "It was really scary though. Remember what happens to me when I touch gold?" She asks softly, "I was up in the attic, and ended up accidentally having a gold earring stud driven into my foot." Her features fall into a look of sad reflection.

"Stupid, stupid of me being up there barefoot."

She isn't going to disagree with her for being up there barefoot but neither is she going to chastise her. A hand reaches out to brush some hair away from Fee's cheek, "I remember. I'm just glad they were able to help you but you still look all pale. Can I take you outside? Would that help more? Can I get you some shoes? They said you almost…" Ollie's eyes start to well up but she takes in a deep breath in hopes that they won't spill over.

"I was originally going to be sitting up there to practice my magic.." Fee explains, keeping it brief. "But I saw Besa up there all sad, and wanted to cheer him up… long story short I tried to find a costume in one of those musty old boxes and some old lady jewelry nearly did me in." An attempt to be funny, but then Ollie's eyes welling up just breaks her heart. She squeezes her hand, "Hey, hey," The crow shifter near-whispers. "I'm okay. If anything it's more awareness, right..? I promise to be careful.. more careful… it was Besa who saved me." She admits, holding Ollie's wet gaze.

"I would love to go outside, even just to walk the grounds a bit. Being out in the sun is better than just laying here… I wonder if they'll let me?" She ponders out loud, brow furrowing. "I'm so sorry to have scared you, Ollie.."

Ollie nods and does her best to regain her composure. There are a couple of sniffles as she listens, but when Fee mentions going outside being better, she immediately shifts back into her base form and reaches out to scoop the winged girl in his arms. "I don't care if they'll let you," the deeper-voiced alien offers, "If it means you'll heal faster then we're going to do it." He doesn't usually break any rules so this obviously touched him deeply. "I've never been so scared before…" he admits quietly, "All I could think of how could I go on if I lost you." With that, he'll just carry her right outside, any faculty or student protest be damned.

"Maybe if we—-" Oh! Lovely girl!Ollie is now replaced by wonderful alien!Ollie! Fee is just getting her bearings when she is scooped up! Were she not already so addled, she would swoon! But then there is this rebellious action that simultaneously surprises the winged girl and intrigues her. Then, that touch of sadness again: her experience scared Ollie bad. She opens her mouth to speak, her pale shell-pink nightie hanging in a sheaf, contrasting directly with the pitch black of her wings. She isn't about to try dissuading the boy.. and isn't it just romantic being carried out into the sunlight? That and to sit outside in the warmth is… she could get behind that. Especially if it's with Ollie.

He speaks of having never before been that scared and Fee's lithe arm moves to wrap around one of Ollie's as he holds her, just to touch him. They're leaving the girls' wing now and just imagine the looks, if there's anyone there to catch them! Fee just watches his face. She will not be so insensitive or as cruel as to reassure him that he would, perhaps, heal eventually were she to be gone. She cannot know that. "I'll heal quick, just you see, and you'll be stuck with me. I promise."

Oliver looks quite determined as he carries Fee out to one of the lounge chairs at the back patio. He then carefully sets her down on the one that seems to be getting the most sun before sitting down right beside it. "You better make good on that promise," is offered with a little smile but he's still very serious. "Can I get you anything? Food or something to drink?" He might just stay with her through lunch and the rest of the afternoon…whatever it takes! Unless she pulls a hand away, he's not going to let her go quite yet.

The girl is easy to carry.. it's the nature of her alternate (avian) form. That makes for lighter bones and lesser mass. Oliver shall have no difficulty whatsoever breaking Fionnuala out of the slammer to go soak up some sun. Anyone moving to perhaps tell the alien boy to stop or ask what is happening here need only take one look at Ollie's expression before all words are squashed. Anyone who looks that worried — and knowing of Ollie's caring nature — should be left well enough alone to do as they must. Though the sight of Fionnuala in a flimsy nightie, wings hanging like a big black blanket, may quirk a couple of brows. They reach the patio and Fee is set down first, her eyes turning to simply gaze at him for a moment or two.

Wings unfurl, almost of their own volition, to literally soak up the rays. Her body, too, responds: the girl's skin glistens at the payload of light, the toes on her bandaged foot quivering once. Ollie settles beside her and Fee considers..

"I'm not too hungry.. maybe some tea? Even iced tea is good.. then you can catch me up on everything that's happened with you." She says softly, voice still a bit off.. her hand squeezing his clawed one. "I'm really happy to see you." Says the girl who nearly croaked!

"Iced tea I can get. Don't move, ok?" Ollie's a little hesitant to leave her out there alone, but she's asked for tea and she'll get some. He gives her hand a brief squeeze before standing and moving back inside to get the requested drink. It will also give him a few more moments to compose himself. When he finally returns, two glasses of iced tea in hand, he drags over a little side-table to set the teas down before sitting back in the spot next to the lounge chair. "I'm sorry if I was overbearing. I just…you know I don't have family and I tend to fall pretty hard when I do fall, and…I've never been that scared for myself or anyone else before. I didn't mean to be pushy."

Poor, poor Ollie… Fee does not feel overwhelmed persay, just bad. What hurt will she have inflicted were she to have been killed? Ollie's responses are indicative of just how hard it would have been, and she watches him leave to get the drinks and she is certain of this too: to recollect himself. She knows him well. In the few minutes that he is gone the girl leans back in her seat, looking toward the sky and just about into the sun. Another boon to her skillset: looking into the sun doesn't hurt her eyes. Everything about the sun means goodness to Fionnuala and for her. She closes her eyes contemplatively, letting the warmth wash over her face. She hears Ollie's returning footsteps and she turns to watch him as she always seems to be doing, smiling sweetly. "Thanks." Is offered as she accepts the drink, and listens to his words. "Don't apologize… you've a right to feel this way. I can understand where you're coming from, knowing you as I do…"

She sips her drink, continues, "I'm really very touched. I don't see it as being pushy, I just see it as being loving… because that's what you are, Ollie." She remarks easily, wings quivering in the light. "Has everything else been okay with you, before my mess-up?"

Oliver leans back a little against the table, his knees drawing up some for balance. In contrast to Fee's shimmer, his dark scales just seem to glint a little as the sun hits them, as an oil slick would in such light. "Ok, good. I don't want to be pushy or overbearing. I was just scared…" and unlike others, perfectly willing to talk about his feelings. He has no 'fragile masculinity' to protect. "Everything's fine with me…nothing exciting, nothing bad. I signed up for driving lessons, figuring that might help me in getting a job later. There's a new vegan restaurant opening in town…I thought I might apply for a job there for the summer, maybe. I haven't talked to Felicia or Daxton about staying here for a little bit yet…" he's still trying to decide what to do in regards to post-graduation. But that can all wait.

The girl goes on watching him, brilliant eyes rapt over the rim of her glass as she sips away. She can never get enough of those scales in the light! One hand, not holding the glass, reaches out to trace a finger along some of the scales at his cheekbone. He says the word 'scared' and that small warm hand will unfurl to simply cup that side of his face. "I know.. and you're allowed to be." She reaffirms, "It's so good to have someone care so much, but I don't ever want to give you a reason to be that scared again. Everytime I have trouble with gold, I learn a bit more on how to handle it… or to avoid it. IT's always a freak accident. I promise, promise to be careful." Speaking of careful…

"Oh, the driving lessons! I'm going to sign up. I can't rely on flying everywhere if I want to blend in better… and wouldn't it just be cool to drive a car? What vehicle would you drive, Ollie?" She asks.. then startles under a great realization. "Your birthday is coming up.. the 5th is almost here! Did you want to try out that new vegan restaurant for your birthday?" She asks pleasantly.

Oliver leans in a little to the touch on his cheek; even though the scales are there, he can still feel through them. Or on them. Maybe they're like little pressure plates? Is there anything beneath the scales? When Fee promises to be careful he nods, "I know you do. I know you don't just go out and try to get hurt. It's just so dangerous…the gold…" his own 'allergy' just prevents him from shifting. It won't kill him.

As she mentions driving lessons and signing up as well, he's able to get a little smile going, "I guess it would be? I'll probably end up with a bicycle though, if anything. I don't think I'll ever be able to afford a car. But it's good for ID and stuff like that…" although he'll be stuck using one form for the ID. The mention of his birthday causes his eyes to widen a little and his smile to fade, "Oh, right. I almost forgot. I should call my case worker and see what needs to be done before then. Uhm. If the restaurant is open, sure, otherwise, it doesn't need to be a big thing."

"It's funny, gold.." Fee observes, her cheeks gaining some color. "I love how it looks. I love the jewelry.. but it's such a foolish weakness… it's tied to something in my family. Bird shifters… i-it's like the other side of the coin. Sunlight is so plentiful and easy to get.. but gold…" Fee shrugs then, never one to feel sorry for herself for long. "Usually the reaction isn't that bad. If gold touches me it just hurts. If it sticks to me, it keeps me in one form and immobile.. it's because it got into my body that it went REALLY bad. That's the first time it's ever happened." She admits to Ollie, watching him. "So I kinda have to not go out and get impaled by it anytime soon."

A sad little smile, only to have it gain strength when Ollie smiles a little bit at the talk of 'lighter' things. A breeze comes in off the water, causing the hem of the girl's nightgown to tremble. "I hope they lend us the cars to practice with.. I can't see Ma and Da letting me rough up their other baby." She tilts her head, "It doesn't have to be a big thing.. but it's worth recognizing in some way. I was going to make you something." She outs herself, but doesn't say what.. she sure misses the claywork. "I picked up those extra hours with Ruthie the day you came to get me. I have a bit put aside for one dinner if you'll let me take you out." A silly little smile as the sunlight dances along the length of her neck.

"I never really thought about it, really. Gold was what people got for expensive jewelry…or it was a color or a first place medal. Guess you can't ever win first place in an Olympic event," is offered with a little smile again but it fades as she describes the different levels of severity. "I think that's a good plan…to not be impaled by anything gold."

Switching the subject is a little easier, "I think they have cars for us to learn on. But then you're supposed to get practice on your own with a licensed driver so that would be with your parents." He'll have to figure that one out too. Back to his birthday, "You don't need to get me anything or do anything for me. I'm not really used to big birthday things. But if you really want to take me out to dinner, thank you." He'll just have to reciprocate sometime.

"Silver is so much prettier, and colored glass… gold is overrated." Fee grins, clearly not bothered about the aesthetic aspect of pretty jewelry. Gold is often seen as the pinnacle of gifting but at least to the girl, that isn't the case. Talk of winning an Olympic event finally loosens a staccato of laughter from Fee's throat, and it carries toward the lawn. "Oh man, have you seen me in gym class? The day I win a medal for any sort of sporty activity is the day the world is sent through a portal into an alternate universe. See? It's all for the best." She giggles softly, finishing her drink and leaning back into the full brunt of the sunlight.

"I want to do something for you, though," She admits, looking sideward to the alien boy. "I know we talked about not going the whole hog on spending, which is fine.. but birthdays are different. Beyond Christmas and Easter and all those other days that people binge on. Ma and Da always did something for me.. it was never much. But no matter how busy life was or how stressful things got," Imagine that, stress in the Reid household? It was possible. "I was always given my favorite meal, whatever I loved best that year, and a cake. Because a birthday is an important day, the most important of all."

Oliver has already been looking at jewelry alternatives that aren't gold…just in case. "Titanium is interesting…and there's platinum, but that's very expensive." Her commentary on gym class gets anything smile, "I doubt you're really that clumsy. You're very graceful in the air…I should get flying lessons from you." He can fly as a bird, but not as a human with wings.

He'd blush if he could in this form as Fee mentions wanting to do something for him. "That's really nice of you." He won't tell her no and he won't tell her not to, but, "You just don't need to go through any trouble." He's used to it being pretty much another day. "I guess it's important? I mean, for some, I get -why- it is."

"Titanium is neat, and platinum is beautiful, but it costs an arm, a leg, and sometimes your firstborn." Fee giggles, though neither of them have any concerns regarding trading a baby for a ring. "Really? Jewelry doesn't have to be the highest end stuff to be pretty… I was in looking at that new jewelry shop for ideas, for when I get my own supplies back… so many beautiful things! But out of everything that was in there, the prettiest thing was this one small ring made out of silver with a tiny pink stone. It was like the color you would see inside of a conch, brought out of the ocean, and.. oh! Kinda like this gown." She indicates the flowy thing that covers her form. "IT's really how you look at things, I guess… I'm a bit weird to begin with. I can see how many people would overlook such a little ring in favor of the real bling that they were selling."

Talk of her grace in the air warrants an easy blush, "I can boast that… it's a bit trickier to fly as a humanoid. You have these gangly limbs to account for. But I can show you sometime, when we have privacy." A cheeky grin.. more color is returning to her skin. Then, one more nod to the birthday idea..

"It is important." She insists. "It's the day where you came to be. It's a precious day. So we're going to see who sells the best vegan cake, if that's a thing, and we're going to give you a really, really good Oliver day." Fee chimes. Gotta hand it to her, near-death experiences don't dampen her spirits.

Silver ring with a pale pink stone. Ollie is going to remember that! He may have to go check that out the next time he's in town. "I can see you making your own jewelry and finding a great place to sell it. What supplies do you need?" Maybe he can help with that? Not that he's flush with money, but sometimes it's a good thing to help others like that.

"Sort of like swimming as a mer-person, I suppose, but the limbs can also help. But yes, I'd like to get practice with that." Although he'll need to figure out a form to fly in.

The birthday is still a weird conversation. "I don't know that it's really my birthday though. It's the day I was found so it's become my birthday. And any day with you is a good 'Oliver' day…"

Was she dropping a hint? Honestly, truly not! Fee just so loves to observe colors and their nuances and how they mingle! To really show that this aversion to gold truly does not bother her! Fionnuala looks down toward the foot that had taken on the earring, considering the toes as they wiggle in the sunlight. Slowly she sits up and eases forward to work at the bandage that circles most of the upper portion of said foot. "I loved making jewelry.. 'course it wasn't fancy seeing as how I'm a kid with a kid's budget," A mischievous look, "But I like to think my eye for color made for some neat things. I have some tools at home but my REALLY good set went with the school." Ah, the original school. There in her expression is a pained look, but it's fleeting. "Maybe when we get back into a new place, whenever that is… I can get it going again." She pauses, "I lost my really good assortment of pliers, tubes of adhesives.. all of the pieces of glass and tumbled rocks and wires…" Gah.. gaaah.

Back to the birthday. "Well, that is perfectly suitable as a birthday. IF anything you're EVERY bit the Pisces! It's almost as if March 5th was meant to be yours." A sweet smile.

Oliver is listening and taking mental notes. "Maybe we can go walking along the beach sometime and see if we can start collecting some new glass?" Better than buying it anyhow, right? "Or neat pebbles…" and maybe he'll see about researching jewelry sets. Maybe he'll ask her parents about it. "Do you ever get to put things together at your shop? Outfits and the like? I bet that could draw people in, too." As she shifts, he looks over at her with some concern, "Need any help?" Not that he knows much about medicine.

The comment about being a Pisces has him tilting his head? Am I? How so? I never really thought about it much."

The bandage is removed and where one would expect something ghastly, there are no signs of an entry wound or any sort of skin abrasion. It looks as if the sole of Fee's pretty foot has been bruised.. and that's the extent. No scars or other signs of there having been a tiny peg of death jammed into the flesh. Satisfied to see the healing of her injury, Fee pulls up the bottom hem of the nightgown to just above the knee and lets the leg and foot bask in the light. "It's okay Ollie, just really wanna make sure this is looked after. Only the light can do it, from here." A smile at him, then; her eyes are still aglow with excitement at the mention of beachcombing. "I would love to go. I used to all the time, back in Orono. Wouldn't you know I haven't done it much here, even in the few years we've lived here already… you can find some real treasure by the water." Said confidently, before she answers the alien boy's question. "I've been told to assemble some outfits… I may dress myself kinda weird but I do have some style, especially after meeting Rain." A giggle, "If it were up to Ruthie to prep outfits, everyone would look just as angry as she does."

Finally, astrology. Fee glows, "Pisces are said to be very well-spoken, sociable and sensitive. Feelings are a big deal and always revealed. That's you to a T and I love you for it." Said easily. "I'm an Aquarius, and every bit of one too."

Oliver also looks at the foot as it's exposed to the healing rays of the sun. "Feeling better?" is asked before he looks back at her for a moment. He then moves to sit on the lounge with her…if they work it right, they can both sit there together, even with the wings. He just seems to want to hold her. "Let's do that then. When you're feeling better…we'll go to the beach and see what we can find. I think that sounds like a great day." In regards to outfits, he shrugs, "I like how you dress. It shows your personality. And you've seen how -I- dress, so…I'm not very stylish. Even though most of his clothes are actually a pair of gym shorts. They just -look- like clothes.

The description of the astrological sign gets a couple of chuckles until the L-word is used. Did she really mean that? "What's Aquarius?"

The thing with Fee is she drops the L-word so earnestly and easily that one would be hard-pressed to doubt her meaning behind it. Spend one day with the Reids, nutty as they are, and one shall see just how easily Fee has come into understanding and expressing love. She segues easily into further conversation even after saying such a thing to Ollie, and will readjust herself upon the lounge chair to allow him to join her. The wings rise and arch like a black halo and settle just so, behind the both of them, sparkling with solar energy. Fee tilts slightly onto her side, curving into and toward Ollie, nestling just so. Cuddling is just so easy and so right. She pushes her hair back over a shoulder so as to not tangle in it, rests the side of her face against the shapeshifter's shoulder, and simply smiles. "I'm going to be waiting for that day like Christmas. The weather is turning, too, so we'll be lucky with that."

Talk of her manner of dress pulls that soft smile into a silly grin, "I like what you outfit yourself in.. it suits you. Like what you were to work.. it's just so casual and approachable and free, I should say. You're probably the luckiest to be able to manifest what you want to wear."

If Fee is aware of how her easy use of the L-word boggles Ollie briefly, she doesn't let on. "Aquarius, huh…? Deep thinking, eccentric, humanitarian. Open-minded, too. From what I read anyway."

Oliver hasn't really heard it in regards to him…he and Liam never quite got there, and certainly he and Grayson never did. Maybe it was a fluke? Maybe it means something different to Fee? Oliver will mull on it some later as it's not something easily said from him. But he will happily wrap his arms around her and hold her as she cuddles in. A scaly cheek will brush against her wing, "Even if it's cold, it'll be wonderful to walk with you on the beach." There's a little smile then, "It is pretty easy…I just see what I like in stores or on television or on people. It was more fun when I was a girl though, to be honest. There was a lot more variety."

He also listens to her description of her zodiac sign, "Sounds like that fits you pretty well too. I don't know that I've met anyone as humanitarian and open-minded as you…"

If asked, Fee's response to how she construes love will be exactly what it's supposed to be. She just knows not to be too overwhelming with it! Somehow the girl just knows that it's a… Oliver will need the time to figure it out. She is of course happy to give it! For now, she will remain close, her form now warmed significantly by the light and how her very skin seems to just sponge it in. Wisps of light flicker and 'peek' out from between and around the toes of her healing foot. Upon nestling into a wing, however the heat translates into sensation against his scales, Oliver may find it warm and hopefully comfortable. "Girls tend to have more variety.. colors, styles. You should've seen the stuff that Ma crammed me into when I was a baby… and then a little girl. When I had no choice in the matter." Said fondly though, she giggles.

"But as far as I'm concerned if a guy wants to wear girly things, all power to them." Added as a side-thought. She's Seen Things, working at the thrift store.

"Awww.. you're sweet." She leans forward to press a kiss to the feather-warmed scales of his cheek. "I'm sure there are plenty more just like me out there. We should meet, have a convention, and save the world."

"You would totally save the world," Oliver offers, fine with the warmth emanating from Fee. "And I do like wearing skirts. Longer ones. They feel nice on your legs and they're awfully breezy. I guess like this, it really doesn't matter what I wear…" considering that he's neither one or the other in his original form. "They'd probably be ok with it at the coffee shop seeing as they're a bunch of hippie hipsters there…" but he hasn't tried it yet. He just holds her closely and maybe a little tightly as if continuing to reassure himself that she's really going to be ok.

She.. wishes it could be that easy. To take a crack at saving the world and doing so on the first go, what could be better? It's a dream to hold close, to do just that little bit of good in the tiny bit of space that she takes up in this existence. Fee nestles close, listening to and feeling Ollie's voice resonating as he speaks. "You could wear whatever you want, in whatever form you want, and I'd just be happy as a lark. Though," She looks into his alien eyes, "Just.. no clowns. No clown costumes. That's a no fly zone." She snickers, hair taking on the barest indigo hue at the very edges as the sun catches it, illuminating the crown of her head.

The warm, the sunlight, the presence of Ollie in all of her senses… is there anything more comforting? The awful memory of the night prior is like a weak blip on her mental radar, though the tiredness arises in waves. The girl yawns, presses a palm to her mouth as it deepens. "Ahhh~" … blush. "Sorry. This is just so nice. I feel so much better already."

She is now more than okay, with the only reminder of her ordeal being noticeable in a slightly sleepier gaze.

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